Sess 8, 229: Awakening

Summary: A nightmare leads to Ruthgar's awakening from his unconscious state.
OOC Date: 26/02/2014 (OOC)
Related: Happens after Worries and Prayers, also includes references to Ruthgar's and Caillin's wedding ceremony.
Ruthgar Aemy Caillin Robben 
Ruxton tent by the Tourney Field, City of Stormvale
Two beds with battered Ruxtons, a worried Ruxton lady
8th day of Sess, 229

He floats.

Somewhere high above the skies, he drifts through clouds, tiny white puffed ones, feeling incredibly light and far removed from his usual concerns.

The pain in his body, especially his head and some of his limbs too, has slowly subsided. What a relief. He tries to move his hand, and it does so effortlessly. Then he tilts his head a little, turning to face the ground that floats somewhere deep beneath him. He is flying! This must be some dream, indeed.

He closes his pale grey eyes, for once at ease with himself. Peace. Finally.

Then his feet twitch a little, as they nudge against something. He feels being whirled about and suddenly realizes he is standing, on solid ground. Slowly, he opens his eyes again to have a look at his surroundings - and gasps in surprise.

He is at the Temple of Stormvale. As his gaze flits downwards he notices that he wears that green garment of sacrifice. A glance to his side, and he sees Caillin standing there, her cheeks all flushed, her mien excited, in her wedding attire. Before them, two piglets. One spotted, and one all rosy. Both alive. As of yet.

His gaze drops to his right hand, and he isn't surprised to find the dagger there, the one needed to complete the ritual of the sacrifice.

"Let go… of all sins," Ruthgar mutters in his sleep, his slightly slurred words probably being overheard by Aemy, who possibly still is there by his side, in that Ruxton tent by the tourney field.

Having promised to watch him, Aemy is spending every moment at her brother in laws side, standing there, holding his hand, desperately waiting for each breath, each rise and fall of his chest that reassured her he was still with her, he was still breathing, he was alive. Every pause that took longer was like a lifetime, ripping the patience from her until his chest rose again. How long she stood there, she does not know. How much longer? She does not care. Here for the long haul, every new movement from him an accomplishment in itself.

So when she hears him speak, Aemy literally jumps, her hand holding his tightening. "Ruthgar, you have no sins.." The words are meant to be encouraging, but the come out more desperate.. "Please, please wake up."

He extends his arm in Caillin's direction, to hand her the dagger. She is to go first, isn't she? Her long blonde tresses drift a little in the breeze and she giggles, evading him in a whirling move as she circles him. Stupid! I can't do it! Her voice, he can hear it clearly in his head. They chose me, remember? To save the child. To save lives and help where they cannot. Save lives. Not take them.

He shrugs, his gaze a little dazed as his pale grey eyes try to follow her, but she vanishes from his direct view, managing to keep somewhere in the corner of his eye. You must do it!

"Caillin… Stay with me! Do… What?" The words leave his lips, his voice slightly raised, his pronunciation less slurred than before. Eyes opening just a touch, but not seeing really, where he is, as his gaze is still caught in his dream.

Hearing him say Caillin's name, Aemy is encouraged, though she does not remove her hand. He seemed.. dismayed? No.. what was wrong with him? "Ruthgar," she murmurs softly. "I am not going anywhere. We will send for her if you would like, we will bring her to you, but until then you are stuck with me."

"Help me… let go of my sins, Ruthgar!" Caillin's voice rings in his head. She indicates the rosy piglet, he can see her hand from the corner of his eye, but not her face, as she still keeps out of his view. And he obeys, the dagger moving swiftly forward to cut the poor animal's throat. Blood spurting out of the cut, as the piglet twitches, until it finally lies there, all still and dead in a pool of red.

A frown appears on Ruthgar's face, and a low sound escapes him, like a moan… Maybe he is feeling sick??

Unable to see the images he has in his mind, Aemy is left guessing. Was he trying to communicate? If he got sick, he could die.. she runs her fingers through his hair, the pads of her fingers gentle as she tries to rouse him. Then she hears the soft sound and she worries for him even more, if possible. She tries to turn him on his side, but he is larger than her, so both arms go around him in an embrace as she tries to use her body to turn him on his side in case he was going to get sick.

Ruthgar certainly is heavy, but Aemy manages to roll him over to his side. His grey eyes will remain open for a moment, no indication within them that he recognizes or even notices her, before they will close again.

"Now let go of your sins!" Caillin mutters into his ear, giggling softly, as her slender fingered hand comes to rest on his forearm, guiding it gently towards the spotted piglet. The cut is swift, with hardly a squeal coming from the poor animal, he can feel that warm spray of blood on his face, and see it on his attire.

The spotted piglet lets out a gargle as it collapses onto the ground. "My… sins…" A sudden wave of dizziness comes over him, and he shakes his head, as if to get rid of it. His gaze finally drifting to his side where he knows she will stand.

But the woman who stands there is not Caillin.

It is his brother's wife. Her lips curved into a loving smile, her blue eyes sparkling with affection, Aemy extends her arms for a tender hug - not caring about the bloodied mess he must look like. "I am so proud of you!", she smiles.

"Aemy,… I don't… understand…", Ruthgar mutters, brows furrowing, but his eyes still closed.

Once he is on his side, Aemy moves her arms from the embrace, but she takes his hand in hers, gently cradling it, kneeling so that she can look at his face, count his breaths again. Hearing her name from his lips does these strange things to her inside, feeling as if her heart is twisting, her own breath catches. He knew she was there. Somehow, that was important to her. "Yes, Ruthgar, I am so proud of you." Unknowingly echoing the words of his dream. "Wake up.. please?" A desperate plea. "For me?"

He is already about to accept her embrace, when his pale grey eyes flit towards where the piglets should be. And flinches, when he sees two human forms lying there.

"No…" Ruthgar flinches, his eyes suddenly wide open, but not really focused as he pushes himself slightly upwards, leaning on one of his elbows as he already lies on his side, while he pulls his hand from Aemy's grasp and raises it to cover his mouth. "No…!"

Whoa he was moving.. Aemy feels him pull his hand back and watches as he covers his mouth. Confused, she tries to bring him back to her again. "Ruthgar.. whatever you see is not real. Focus on me. It is Aemy.. look at me, please. I am here for you, talk to me." Wishing she could take whatever nightmare he seemed to be having away. "I will not leave you. Please.."

He should probably know better than to go over there and have a closer look at those forms - but he cannot keep from doing it. Where the spotted piglet was… now is the familiar form of his wife Caillin, her golden tresses drenched in blood, her eyes open, her gaze broken. Her throat… a bloody mess he cannot bear to look at, so he averts his eyes.

Ruthgar inhales sharply, struggling to return to the here and now, his pale grey eyes blinking to drive that horrible vision from his mind. Oblivious for now to Aemy's presence, it seems.

The rosy piglet is gone as well, replaced with another dead body, its limbs twisted into an impossible angle - his brother. Robben. The face is contorted into a horrible grimace, stained with his own blood, as is his attire.

It is now that Ruthgar's pale grey gaze regains some of its clarity, when he leans forward and a sudden wave of sickness conquers him, his eyes flickering as he finally notices where he is - the tent,… and is that Aemy there beside him? On that other bed… his brother… Unmoving,… dead??? No longer able to contain himself, he starts to retch, whatever little food he had eaten today forcing its way up through his throat.

What is it he sees? Aemy asks herself, but cannot even guess what is behind his closed lids. She studies him, the sweep of his lashes on his cheeks, the way he still, even in sleep, does not look relaxed. She hurts for him and all she can do is be there for him when he needs her. Unable to repair the damage done to him by the past, losing his child, she once more settles beside him, intending to stay as long as he allows.

Hearing the sharp inhale, her eyes move to his chest, and she reaches for his wrist, intent on checking the speed of his heart. Only then he opens his eyes and sees her, really sees her. "Rut…" the name dies on her tongue and she rushes for the pail nearby, holding it for him, while he is sick. Gods, did this mean he was getting worse? She was a healer herself, but.. how could she remain neutral here? "Ruthgar," she finally manages to choke out thickly. "Please, be okay.."

Ruthgar has for a long moment other problems to worry about. It is a good thing after all that the pail is offered, as it keeps him from throwing all up over his sister-in-law. When there is nothing left in his revolting stomach, the Ruxton will slowly raise his gaze, his eyes for once focusing on Aemy, the blur slowly fading, while a slight nausea still remains. The expression on his face still very disturbed, he will calm down, his breath slowly returning to normal. "Aemy… I am… better now. I hope." His voice is rather hoarse, his throat still sore from the recent retching. At least he recognizes her now. Ruthgar shoots a glance over to where Robben is sleeping. "What about him? Is he…alright?" Already calmed a touch by the sound of low snoring coming from that direction. Then a flinch. "Ouch. My head…" He lowers himself onto the bed again, one hand going to his forehead.

Holding the bucket does not bother her.. Aemy is a mother now and has cleaned vile messes before, so once he finishes, she calmly sets it aside and walks to the basin to wet a cloth. She returns and gently wipes his face with it, if he allows her to. She attempts to dismiss the disturbed look on his face, not aware of what he had been thinking or dreaming. "You gave us all a scare, Ruthgar," she says gently. "Robben has broken his leg and is resting, but otherwise he is alive and well. You are the patient of the day now and all we want you to do is get better." Blue eyes flicker over a figure at the door. "Go and get the healer now that he was woken." Looking back at Ruthgar tenderly, she assures. "I am sure he can find something for your head."

The disturbed look will remain on Ruthgar's face for a moment, but he will allow Aemy to clean his face - even if he feels slightly awkward about it. His pale grey eyes blinking as he hears the news about himself giving everyone a scare. Air will leave his nose at the information about Robben. "Good." A hint of a smile conquering his mien, as he looks up into Aemy's face. "I… thank you. Where's Solara." Then, after a moment, he will add: "I feel… horrible." He will roll to his side again when Aemy moves towards the exit, resting but not sleeping, his face even paler than usual, as he waits for the healer. His gaze will flit to Robben and linger there for a long moment, and his smile will fade. The image of his dream still too vivid in his memory.

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