Thedor 3, 229: Avi Rendann Arrives

Avi Rendann Arrives
Summary: Avi Rendann, Ambassador from the Finger Islands, arrives in Darfield.
OOC Date: 1/4/2014
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Great Hall
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
Thedor 3, 229

Tyrel is sitting in the great hall with Ciarrah. A meal is being served. Word arrived a few hours ago that Avi will be arriving shortly with Lord Vuk in tow. A hasty recount of the events caused Tyrel to order the meal prepared for Avi's arrival. Caedmon has been sent for as well, as the voice of the king and the recent guest of Avi.

"Then I should talk to her about how she carries herself in front of royalty." Ciarrah states quietly, attempting to keep their conversation among themselves despite the nearness of her handmaid Serah Temple, from House Temple a vassal of Aberdeen. Sipping her wine for now, her meal has yet to be served since her arrival was a touch later than her husbands.

Tyrel makes a dismissive gesture, "Had she maintained composure she would have shown herself to be considerably more skilled than Roslin, I would have been concerned if that were the case. I imagine in normal company most would not notice." He sips his drink and samples the snacks that are set out. "I've word that Prince Avi will be joining us along with Lord Vuk who seems to have caused some stir while on the water."

While Ciarrah is speaking, the door opens slightly enough for one of the guards outside to announce the arrival of Caedmon. Because the prince sent for Voice, the guard, opens the door widely enough for the lord to step through easily, before closing it again. Caedmon stays near the door and bows deeply to the prince and princess. "Your highnesses," he greets. "The page who came for me also informed me that we are expecting a guest, Lord Avi Rendann of the Finger Isle."

Tyrel rises nodding to Caedmon, "That is correct, though I was under the impression that he was brother to the King. Do the Finger Island not refer to him as a Prince?"

Ciarrah straightens her already straight posture as the Voice walks in accompanied by his guard. "Your Grace," she dips her head politely, though that is the extent of her greeting for the moment, as to allow Caedmon and Tyrel to deal with their pleasantries before the arrival of the foreigner and the captive.

Avi was not surprised that an escort awaited him at the docks. He wouldn't have done it differently if the situation was reversed. Vuk was brought up from the lower levels of the ship, not restrained in any way, but then he would have two armed men on him at all times. Avi simply followed the escort, with only himself, two men and Vuk leaving the ship. This meeting could go a way that Avi doesn't expect and he may have to make a swift retreat… always be prepared. When he is escorted to the room he nods to his men, instructing them to stay outside before he enters, not bothering to see if Vuk does or not. Once he enters he drops a bow, "Young Majesties, Thank you for taking the time to see me." He then swings his gaze to Caedmon, giving the man a smile, "Lord Caedmon, How are Lady Wenna and Lady Gwenyth?"

Vuk will offer proper greetings to the Mobrin nobility and then flickers his eyes towards Caedmon. Eoin is not present, slightly problematic. It ultimately matters little, the new information uncovered concerning the Laniveer and Finger Isles is beyond the scope of the sea. A second front, he'll clear his throat slightly. "My Liege, I succeeded in ascertaining the nature of their defensive fleet, the capabilities of their vessels, and their intention to join the war with the Laniveer." Vuk has -nothing- to lose any longer, his ship was gone. His house will only slip further as it loses it's ability to operate in a war time capacity beyond the armsman it can pledge. It can not afford to pledge many of them. Kick in the door and keep people from overly examining the loss of his warship. He's trying to keep that loss out of his mind.

Tyrel flickers his eyes towards Vuk, "Lord Vuk, hold such reports as you wish to make until the proper venue." He then turns his attention back to Avi, "Lord Avi, welcome, and you will excuse me if I have you honorific incorrect. I was just inquiring with Caedmon regarding your preferred title." He gestures towards seats at the table, "Take a seat, the food should be arriving shortly, there is wine, mead and a dark beer that I'm told is quite good, though it is not to my taste."

Caedmon straightens from the bow and focuses his attention on Tyrel. "If they do, your highness, he did not stand on the ceremony of titles." He turns when the door opens again and Avi steps through it. After the guest has bowed to the prince and princess, he assumes the role of herald, and announces, "Your highness, Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour, Heir to the throne of Mobrin, and your highness, princess Ciarrah Kilgour, princess of Mobrin, I have the honor of introducing his highness, Prince Avi Rendann, brother of the current sovereign of the Finger Isle." He bows again to complete the introduction. When Vuk enters, Caedmon levels his gaze on the man for a moment, quickly assessing the situation in his mind while the mariner speaks. When Tyrel invites them to the table, he takes a slow breath and nods. He looks to Avi and answers, "Both ladies are well, your highness. My wife the baroness sends her regards and good wishes. I am sure that Lady Gwenyth would as well, if she were able."

Avi arches his brows at Vuk's words, amusement clear on his face, "Really? I was unaware of that fact. Huh, I suppose then I should not have had the Laniveer representatives escorted off the Islands a few months ago. That is problematic. I shall have to inform Lucan where our loyalties lie… I believe he is unaware as well… as is the Council." He claps his hands together, "I shall have to have my man draft a letter immediately to my brother and the Council so they can know this turn of events. Lord Caedmon, do try and remind me… and please never call me Prince… ever. Lord is fine if you must." He looks to Tyrel, "It is an honor to meet you Young Majesty. My brother Lucan, ruler of the Isles sends his regards and has officially named me as Ambassador on his behalf." He does move to take a seat, "I do thank you for offering your fare. We have fine meals at sea all things considered, but nothing is better than freshly cooked food on land. It is one of the things that can definitely tempt me off my vessel… otherwise my Lady Wife says… used to say that I was just as married to it as to her."

Vuk doesn't look hungry, nor overly thirsty. Being a Prisoner is not some thing he enjoys, nor being made a fool. "I will await till my report can be received then." He also has -never- shown much interest in these affairs. He's either forgotten..or in just this one case, shoved into the light, and it makes him uncomfortable. He'd rather be staring at ledgers and telling Bennet stories of the sea. He does incline his head to Tyrel at his words though. "The Prince willing."

Tyrel retakes his seat, "You're welcome, Lord Avi, I had intended a welcome of a much more formal sort when you arrived, however word reached me shortly before your arrival that my righteous wrath regarding the treatment of my people should be tempered with consideration for the recent behavior of my people." He picks up a glass of mead and drinks as he sets it down he continues, "I imagine if you were taking the side of the Laniveer against us you would not have come, unless you are quite remarkably polite. If that is the case I applaud your manners if not your decision." He sets his cup back down, "In the more likely event that you are here to discuss such matters. Caedmon, I believe you had laid some groundwork for an arrangement."

Caedmon takes another deep breath and frowns. He waits until Avi and Tyrel are sitting, and then takes a seat at the table. "Before you draft that letter, Lord Avi, you should learn more of the facts, so that you might give a complete answer to your brother," he urges. Then he glances to Tyrel before he continues, "Our king did not order, or authorize, reconnoissance against your island." Returning his attention to Tyrel, he explains, "Lord Avi and I did not discuss alliances or other diplomatic matters directly, your highness, but I believed that did establish some cordiality upon which to build. However, I fear now that the lord captain might have jeopardized that foundation by proceeding on an investigation before securing approval from his majesty."

Avi looks to Caedmon, "Forgive my sarcasm Lord Caedmon. It pops out at random times. I will assure you both now, that as of this moment, the Finger Isles has no intention of joining in the current war…. on either side. I don't know if either of you know much about our structure, but it is not like yours. Each of the 5 houses rules for 50 years. House Rendann is currently entering the 21st year of its 50 year rule. As such, the remaining 4 houses are bit more independant than your structure. While each house has its own ships, our nation itself does not have a standing navy. That does not mean, if attacked, we could not pull together and do what needed to be done, but it also means we are not necessarily in a position to go interfering in the conflicts of others. That does not mean that someone could not… sweeten the pot enough to causes us to change our minds and lend ships to one side of the cause… or the other… But at present we are not looking to join a war. Of course trade, on the other hand, can always be arranged." War would be good for business. Avi and his people would have no issue with selling stuff to both sides. He pauses a moment, "As for the unfortunate handling of things regarding Lady Wenna and Lord Caedmon… they were never at risk. My people misunderstood a few things, perhaps in my desperation I was not clear. I hope you never have to come to understand such desperation Young Majesty. Lady Wenna and Lord Caedmon were treated with the utmost care and respect in my company and I doubt they have much complaint about their stay after the initial incident. I never wished anyone harm and a quite hefty restitution was already paid and accepted by your Lord Voice for the unfortunate deaths of your knights. Lord Caedmon and Lady Wenna came out of the arrangement better for going in and I hear congratulations are in order for the birth of your two, no doubt handsome, sons."

Tyrel nods at the explanation, "I can understand your brother's position, Lord Avi. As we respect your kingdom's right to see to your own disagreements we appreciate your respecting ours. We can discuss the details of such trade arrangements at a later time when I've heard explanation from Lord Vuk as to what happened at sea. Would you do me the favor of allowing me to interview him before hearing your recounting of the unfortunate handling of the meeting of a vessel of your kingdom and one from mine?"

Avi inclines his head, "Of course Young Majesty. Please speak with him. As you are aware his crew and his passanger, a young Mistress named Victoria were all brought back to Mobrin without incident. I am not sure how your nation works, but we do not hold crews or passengers accountable for following the commands of their Captain. They were all fed well and treated well while in our care, including the Captain, as you can see. My brother Lucan and I, after much reflection, decided that this appeared to be a miscommunication the likes of which we were well familiar… after our last dealing with Mobrin. Based on that, my brother Lucan has authorized me to tell you that the Finger Isles will abide by whatever you choose in the way of punishment for Captain Alesky… even if it is no punishment at all beyond the loss of his one ship." Not that they will be overly happy if no punishment is given, but it is the risk they take when the decision was made.

Caedmon bows his head to Avi. "We thank you and your brother, lord, for your fair treatment of this captain and his crew," he answers. He looks to Tyrel and adds, "My goal for any negotiations was trade, your highness, and not military alliance. Trade is usually a good first step for any two groups that seek alliance. As for our treatment, Lord Avi and his people were most agreeable given the nature of their situation, which my wife and I fully understand." He returns his attention to Avi and suggests, "Please, enjoy our hospitality and consider yourself our guest."

Tyrel finishes his meal and rises, "You will all excuse me, Lord Vuk and I have matters to discuss. Lord Vuk, you will accompany me." He moves to leave the hall, his guards falling in alongside Vuk to escort him.

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