Cri 07, 229: At Sunrise

At Sunrise
Summary: The night after the spar with Oxley, Kierne helps train his new Auntie N in the use of a knife for personal defense.
OOC Date: 07/04/2014
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Practice Field
It's a field. For practicing.
Cri 07, 229

It's as likely as not that Kierne hasn't yet slept since the spar. He'd gone straightaway to the pub, drained more than his fair share of extremely cheap wine, singing dirty songs with the locals until the wee hours, whereupon he'd gone to beach and wept on his own to the stars in the sky while other men slept, holding his head in despair until the stars showed that Sheat was to return in a few hours. Then he drained enough water to put him in mood enough to meet the commoners on the training grounds, teaching them the basics of shooting with bows and running some simple drills until the day's light begins. Anyone who asks about the shiner gets a grin and a funny and completely made-up story, not all of which are devoid of wrathful prostitutes.

Time at the practice fields was usually spent watching others at practice, or as in the night before men dualling over some matter or another. But this day it does seem that Nylie has another purpose with the long bow had, an equisitly made weapon, and just as elegent is the knife that has been belted ot her hip. And by alrights, both could have only been gotten from the royal armory itself. The King seeing fit to arm more than the common folk it would seem. There is a maid, and no doubt a fair manner of Kinciad guards that accompanied her down to the field. "Lord Squire Kierne, a fine day to you. Now do tell me, what skill have you with knives, or more so the ability in teaching the use of them. I have been told it should be a fair thing to pick up." Straight on to the business at hand. Mostly for she adds softer,"He had something to prove, and is jealous, put it past you and continue on."

"Auntie N," Kierne looks glad to see her and her bow, stepping closer to her to greet her with a boyish kiss to her cheek, the way a proper nephew might. At least that's how he greets Auntie Senga. "With knives, more skill in skinning a kill after the hunt than using one in combat." He smiles rather bashfully at that last, shaking his head. "It's fine, you know, he needed to get all that out of his system. Though I fear he has more hate in him than he could express properly without killing me outright," he laughs.

There is a smile after a touch of a blink, having a nephew sort properly like is a bit new to Nylie, her brother is after all just starting on having a family himself. "I would hope never to actually need to use it in combat," though with her luck, staying out of combat might be the bigger issue. "I am sure I can find someone," not Hadrian," who has some skill to pass on to me. I least know how to hold a bow, even if what marginal skill I have is beyond rusty." She was a musician for Cri's sake! Nylie nods,"Aye, I saw of that, even before we left the manor. He became quite the snarling beast when I dared even raise your name. I think he places to much of his worth in comparing himself to others, then finding his own place." A failing they all probably have really.

Kierne looks to the longbow, brows raised as he listens. "That's a lot of bow to get back on the horse with… as it were," he adds, to make the metaphor there clear. "You sure you don't want to start with a light bow and train up? You're going to wreak havok on your back and shoulder using that beast if you just right in," he advises. "If you want I can show you a couple decent defensive postures for a knife. The best way to hold them if you're trying to defend against a bigger weapon and stuff."

Nylie turns her eyes to the bow,"It is a lot of a bow, though I imagine I shall be wreaking havoc on more than my back and shoulder which ever I use. Though I may consider starting up with a ligher bow. I've had a few suggestions on whom to seek some additional guidance for getting back to something passable." How that goes, or any true training may just depend on what the Duke thinks of this all…..once he finds out. Nylie nods,"That would be a helpful start, as I do imagine more often than not, anyone I come to face would have a larger weapon," and be far more skilled.

"As far as I'm concerned, defending yourself should be your first priority in any engagement that you come across. You won't be using a bow except at a distance… so this knife will be your main defensive weapon when you're in close quarters. You just focus on protecting yourself, and soon your attacker will wear himself down or leave you an opening to take advantage of. But if you go after him and leave yourself open, it can be over before it even starts. Do you have your knife, here?" he wonders.

There is a faint and slight strained smile, Nylie has been in to many 'engagements' these days. "I would hope to not need the skills in truth, but hopes do seem to be fleeting. And practicallity…brings me here." That and she can't let Tyrel's lovely gifts just gather dust. Right? Nylie nods and brushes aside her cloak to pull the knife from the belt she wears with the dress. It is a lovely blade, meant for use, but still well made with some flourish to it, markings of House Kilgour and what not.

Kierne holds his hand out, but doesn't take Auntie N's blade, only dips his chin deferently and asks, "May I?"

Nylie nods at the request, offering the blade,"Aye, you may." Least seeming to know the proper way to offer a blade, but then one does learn that at the dinner table.

Kierne takes the blade gingerly and hefts it a few times, getting used to its weight. He's not much of a connoiseur, as far as the smaller blades go, and while it's certainly pretty he has no real notion of how 'good' it is, as a blade. So he doesn't comment, only nods his head. "So one thing you can do sort of feeds on your own natural reactions. Your body sees things happening before you can even process them mentally. It's a natural instinct to raise an arm overhead to protect yourself. So if you flip the blade about so that the flat lies against the bottom of your lower arm, thus," he flips the blade about and holds up his arm, wrist just slightly angled such that the broad part of the knife is functioning almost as a piece of armor against his lower arm. "You see an incoming blow and," he grunts once to emphasize the motion with which he angles his arm to deflect an imaginary attack. "You do that right, he might have to take a second to get his sword back in position to strike again, especially if you give his blade a little," another grunt, and a forward thrust of his arm, "Push. Then it's just a flick of your wrist," he demonstrates, sending the sharp edge of the blade out perpendicular to the side of his arm, "And while he's regrouping, give him a quick pop to the throat, then back up and get back on the defensive. Don't press your luck."

To one used to swords, a knife is certainly going ot be a lighter weapon to handle. ANd far to short. Nylie does watch on as he hefts the small blade, listening attenitively to what he speaks. Slightly mimicing the motions and positions of his hands and arms, an imaginary knife at play. Though there is certainly no grunting from her. "I think just trying to defend would be pressing my luck, as most attackers are likely to have more strength then I as well."

"And with any luck there'll be someone around that can help you. If you can hold out even for just a little while, screaming your lungs out for help, someone should come running," Kierne advises with a dour twist of his lips. Then, turning the blade to offer it in both hands, handle-first, to its owner, "Show me?"

Eyes flicker towards her guards, having people around is usually a given. Nylie out on the practice field with Kierne getting a lesson in how to utalize a combat. "That is usually what I try for, but being able to defend and not just hope," Nylie gives a small shrug. Incidents have been high of late. Giving a small nod as she takes the knife back up. Then moving through to motions he had shown her, some turn against an imaginary attack, though without the grunts he'd used. That's just truly be unLady-like.

Allyn comes running into the practice field just as Kierne says something about shouting until someone comes running to the rescue, though he didn't hear any of that. He is running because he is a little late to join the rest of Nylie's guards, well, he hasn't been doing this long and while he doesn't usually sleep much, or for very long he ended up sleeping a little longer than he planned to. He straightens up and nods to the other guards, hoping the Lady doesn't realize he hasn't been there the whole time.. maybe he was out making sure no brigands were around?

Kierne draws the practice blade he'd been holding in his scabbard, lifting it into an easy salute to his Auntie N. No, she's not just going to go through the motions by herself, here. "You ready? Just keep an eye on my blade, get your blade into place to block it." It's not really a blade so much as a training blunt, so Auntie Nylie is in no real danger.

It is possible, Nylie simply thought he had been sent otherwise or put to further training himself by one of the more senior guards. But Allyn certainly did have good timing. A few of the others bringing him up to speed on the current 'situation' and one or two just might be fretting about the woman getting injured during this practice. No doubt the Duke would be displeased about the Duchess showing up with….injuries. Nylie gives a nod as Kierne pulls out his practice knife, she not seeming to have the same worry as her guards. "Aye, I am…or as ready as I can be." Moving the knife into the blocking position as Kierne had shown her.

It's not a practice knife. It's a practice longsword. Nylie's going to find herself going up against larger weapons, to be sure, so why not start now? That and Kierne doesn't even have a practice knife. He holds the blade straight up and down before him with a gentlemanly nod, then steps toward her, keeping it light, bringing the blade across at an angle toward her uplifted arm. Slower than he might, normally, giving Nylie a chance to get a few easy deflections in and get used to it.

Allyn nods to the other guards as they fill him in on what is going on. He turns to watch the practicing trying to judge if it is something that might get the Lady hurt. Though he wont step in unless it looks that way. He watches the practice carefully though since he's not as skilled with a blade as some might be even if he did do well in the tournament. He thinks he got lucky and most of that because of his stamina and sturdiness to take a beating and not know when to quit.

Nylie does draw a little breathe, she did ask for this, but still. She gives a small nod, a minor salute of sorts with the knife prior to that defensive position being taken, seeming to have some knowledge on the ettiquite of things. Working through the motions to deflect the practice sword, it is a new motion for her and thus it is a bit awkwars It a good thing Kierne does take it easy upon her with the slower motions, as even still, Nylie does just barely manage to meet the sword to deflect a time or two. Her attempts make anything Allyn would do look stunningly brillant. Currently the biggest danger is likely smashed fingers, which well…could actually be a true danger of sorts for a musician. But those in the know….are aware she's not been playing lately.

"OK… OK good," Kierne is encouraging of his Auntie whenever she makes the deflection. Even if she doesn't make it he's moving so slowly it barely feels like more than a prod. "Now, see, the key is to anticipate the major sort of attacks that might come your way, and have a move ready for any of those basics that you practice fifty times a day until you get it right into muscle memory. OK? So let's start with a basic move. I'm going to impale you on my sword, Auntie N," he grins at her boyishly. "Sword straight ahead, I'm going to push forward and try to get the tip into your gut. And what you're going to do is start at that basic pose I showed you, then swing your arm down hard in a circle to knock my blade aside so it goes beside your hip, instead. Then when I lunge forward you're going to stab UP toward my chest. Get in position," he waits for her to do so, getting into position, himself, lowering his blade toward her, "And nice and slow." He begins to step toward her, the blunt tip of the sword approaching lazily.

Allyn shakes his head a little as he continues to watch the practice and then he eyes the archery targets. Well that's one place he really is no good at. He's even shot a friend in the butt with an arrow and that person was standing behind him. No one knows exactly how he managed to do that, when he wasn't even aiming at the person who got shot. Well, back to watching, making sure Nylie stays safe.

Nylie gives a light nod to the explaination,"Makes sense." A flicker of a smile comes at the mention fo practicing and muscle memory, that is a thing she knows well. Hours, days….years spent practicing with instruments. There are things she could play in her sleep….and none could tell a difference. The grin and the talk of him impaling her does cause eyebrows to rise just a little. But she does give a nod as she follows along, a slight motion with her hand of what is to be expected. Breathe and she does set to that initial basic pose. With the blunted tip of the sword coming at her ever so slowly, well slowly for a trained solider, Nylie does turn her arm down in that swing to try and knock it aside. And definitly going to have to get archery lessons from Allyn to learn those trick shots.

Kierne follows through, letting his blunt slide alongside Nylie's waist and coming close to her. He's in his squirely armor, so, "See, now I'm in a vulnerable position, right up close to you with my blade neutralized by my position. So you're just going to turn your wrist to angle your blade away from your arm, and thrust up and out into my chest."

Nylie does seem slightly pleased she got the motion right, sure for any seasons guard they could do it in their sleep. But she is a seasoned musician, not a guard, so she's pleased to have managed it. "Aye, I see. It opens you up, epecially since I have the shorter blade and would have more ability to move about in the closer quarters." Working to angle her knife blade around as he'd instructed and bringing it up to tap the tip lightly against his armor just so. Not quite a proper thrust, but the motion is there.

Allyn keeps watch over Nylie, making sure that she doesn't accidently hurt herself somehow, well never know when someone is going to trip, or lose their balance or something like that. He's a good guard though and if it looks like she is about to trip he'll be there to catch her, well, he will try anyway. He'll have to do some practicing of his own sometime soon.

"Exactly," Kierne smiles even as he gets 'stabbed' in the chest. He angles his blade away from Nylie's hip where it'd almost been resting, then steps back. "Let's do it again, from the top. Keep one eye on the leg opposite my sword arm; that'll be the first clue I'm about to thrust, and you'll be able to time your parry accordingly." He points his blunt tip back at Nylie, noding his head, waiting a beat and then pushing into the dirt with that leg to thrust forward.

Nylie does seem to manage to keep to her feet, graceful enough and the moves aren't taxing in that way. Giving a nod as he calls for going through the motions once more, Nylie stepping back into that basic pose and repositioning the knife accordingly. Her eyes keeping a flickering gaze to the leg as instructed. Taking in the movements and wakring to time the swing of her arm to knock the blade aside once again as that leg does give clue to when he'll be thrust the practice blade to try for an impale through the stomach once again. Once the knife has pushed the larger blade along, Nylie makes to turn her wrist to perform that upwards thrust, though seeking only to make that tap.

Allyn smiles some and nods as Nylie shows off what she can do and chuckles a little to himself,well, everyone should learn how to defend themselves, He remembers when he was first training with a sword, he probably did worse than she is doing right now. Well, sword fighting just isn't his style, but give him an opponent and bare hands, well then you'd see something.

Oxley wanders quietly to the practice field. He's carrying a leather tome and is wearing dark slacks with a light colored button up shirt, the top couple buttons left undone, covered by a brown vest. He makes his way to one of the benches at the side of the field and sits in the grass in front of it, leaning his back against the bench. He looks at the folks in the field for a moment, and then opens the book, beginning to read

"I've got armor on, Auntie Nylie, you can hit me harder than that," Kierne grins at her in encouragement as she taps him, swinging the blade aside once more and backing up into position, waiting for her to return to her home posture. No verbal warning, this time, but he lets the visual cues speak for him, lunging at Nylie's midsection.

"I do suppose," not that she thinks she cna actually punch through his armor. But Nylie just isn't used to actually sending blades, of any size, at a person! Drawing back as he starts moving back to the start position as well, the excersise being repeated along. With her focus there, not quite giving much attention to whom is watching or has joined the practice field. The movement of the leg as pointed out before noted, sending Nylie's arm in that swing to knock Kierne's blade to the side again before twisting her wrist around and thrusting the knife up at him, even if it does hit him harder this time around. It's still likely a mild tap at best compared to the sort of hits he would normally recieve on the practice fields. Giving a mild incline of her head as she steps back,"Thank you Lord Squire, this has been helpful. Though I fear I should be heading back before it is wondered if something has become of me. I shall have to work on this some more as time allows, though I hope I would not have need to actually put it to use." Giving a bow of her head before she moves to withdraw from the field. Noticing Oxley then, Nylie does offer a respecful bow of her head to him in the passing to collect her guards and maid.

Allyn bows to Nylie as she approaches and he falls in line with the other guards as they are collected. He bows to the other two as well before departing as well. He doesn't know them, but well, he's a guard after all. The former watchman keeps an eye on the surroundings as they walk Nylie back home.

Oxley nods at Nylie as she passes, but then returns to his book. He furrows his brow a little as he reads, and then looks up once more. It seems everyone is leaving. He sighs, tilting his head a bit and watching the fleet break up.

Kierne has put in his two hours on the training fields, and then some, and as he realizes how late in the morning it's getting he realizes he really needs to get about his chores. "No problem, Auntie N. Glad to help," he sheathes his practice blunt, and makes his way briskly from the field.

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