Thedor 5, 229: Asserting Ones Place Pt. 1

The Queen asserts her place as ruler when Ronan doubts the King.

Asserting Ones Place
Summary: The Queen asserts her place as ruler when Ronan doubts the King.
OOC Date: 05/01/2014 (OOC)
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Ronan Laetitia 
Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
Thedor 5, 229

"Illuminate me, Duke Crawford, and choose your words carefully." The Queen will state when only servants and guards are left, her ladies having been forbidden in coming to this meeting by the Queen. She will lean up from the table, hands folding again across her smushed belly by the corset holding it in, slow strides taking her towards the table where she may find wine, her one handmaiden, Rosie, the only she allowed with her, gesturing to the wine for the girl to drink. The girl does so, and in not dying, gives the Queen the comfort so that she may pour herself a goblet, turning to drink from it so that she may eye Ronan over the rim.


Ronan waits until the others are departed, a faint grateful nod to Aidan being courteous enough to see to the maimed Rioga, the Baron Eldan. He waits quietly otherwise, his gaze coming back around to meet Laetitia's without flinching as they both wait.

"To what, specifically, do you wish to attempt to answer, Your Majesty?" He has not refilled his own cup of wine that stands empty back halfway up the table. "If you mean my outburst at Council this evening, Your Majesty, I was speaking what is upon the thoughts of many in this room tonight. After being called to a Council meeting that discussed one matter, made no decission upon it whatsoever, and then dismissed all of us without so much as asking if any of us had concerns we wished to discuss?" His voice is very low, no more anger.


"Likely because all of you talked circled Around things, leaving naught else room to find." Laetitia will state, taking another drink from her wine, "So you speak for all then? Treason for all? I should call back everyone into this room to lay into them all, or are you going to claim the whole lot for yourself to spare them the bleed." Council meetings, like crappy board meetings, nothing gets done and everyone leaves angry and hungry, "Two days isn't enough then for you to wait? You cannot coalesce your issues into more coherent matter?" Disgust is there, "I understand your impatience, but your conduct tonight-" Pure frustration, her goblet gripped tightly as she envisions it to be his neck, "And your conduct towards /me/." She's a Queen! A bloody Queen!
"Incomprehensible. Especially with the news I had delivered and now—" Oh, a rueful shake of her head as she begins pacing round the table, "I cannot see how to make the marriage go forth with your treasonous words, Duke Crawford, you have put me in a position I do not enjoy being in." The Queen will state as she comes to stand near the man, still gripping her goblet oh so tight, "What would you have me do now, reward you for your words and stance? Tell me, Duke Crawford, how you will recompense for this. Because I must go back to the King now and no doubt word has reached his ear already, of your words."


"No, Your Majesty. Ask anyone who attended. The Voice had the Priestess Luna speak, a few comments were made, and then he moved to adjourn the meeting and suggested we meet again in a few days. He would not even answer the question of what the topics were to be discussed." Ronan shakes his head no, "I do not speak treason. There is nothing treasonous if the Houses want answers and our King to lead us, bidding him stop hiding away from us. Others would have spoken but they were not given a chance." Yes, gods bedamed crappy board meetings and is frustrates him and others that things are /not/ getting done. That's Ronan's point. "If we could at least be given the time of day to be informed what the topics would be for the next meeting, yes, we could prepare. But no, we are to be put off without even that being answered, Your Majesty."

Ronan moves to stand at the Queen goes on and he looks her in the eye, "I hope word /does/ reach the King, Your Majesty. Because I do give a damn about about this Kingdom, not /just/ Sutherland. If I must suffer personally for speaking my mind, then so be it. I will return to Sutherland and I will stay there or be dismissed. You will decide. But the King must come out of hiding and lead his people, Your Majesty. Those are not the words of treason, that is his people wanting their King to return to us."


"I did not bid you stand, Duke Crawford, sit your bee-hind down." The Queen will state coldly, "And dare not again to meet my eye in that manner lest you wish for me to cane you myself." Hard to sound cold though when she says bee-hind. He may be a Duke, but she's a Queen, and there is certain propriety that must be met. She will wait then for him to do so with a cold glare, not continuing until he does.

"I am trying to work with you here, though your pride clouds your judgement. Sit and /listen/ now. I am working hard to get my husband out and leading again, I am …bleeding for my people to get this done, but you must work /with/ me. Bring to me concerns, as I've his ear while he hides it away." The Queen is trying her best! Not that it matters, the King is still not out, "I can not address that which only waits for him to hear. If one is to wait upon him, as I did, we all suffer equally." The rumor that she had kicked the King from her bed was thankfully stifled before it got past the walls of their rooms, but the Queen is suffering as well, "You need to help me, for me to help you." The Queen will state firmly, though her voice never raises beyond conversational.


Ronan stands his ground, "Then cane my back, Your Majesty. Do it if you think that's best. I ask to be treated like a man, an honorable man, a knight and a Duke who wishes to serve his King and Queen, not for myself and the other Houses to be pushed around and treated like errant children while our King is never accessable. We are not children, Your Majesty. We would go to war and many of us die for this kingdom. What more loyalty can a man prove than that?"

The rest of what she says he listens to, and as she speaks Ronan finally bows his head and takes his seat as he was then asked to. "I will listen and help if I can, Your Majesty." Unless she'd rather have him stripped and beaten, that's fine too.


The Queens lips will thin at his defiance — "And I am your Queen, Duke Crawford and you will heed my words as I deliver them, and listen when I tell you." See, she can't let him get away with that, "Gerald-" The handsome Guard she normally dotes upon but who has earned her ire as of late is spoken to cooly, "Fetch me a switch. The Duke has forgotten his place and must be taught that I am no mere woman that he can stand so defiantly to without repercussion."
The Guard will bow deeply, a glance given to Ronan, the guard having tasted the switch in question, man hurrying out. "I am treating you as an adult, an honorable man who defies his Queen. Were we in public I'd have you caned before the others before addressing you. You are rude, imprudent, angry, sour and I am your Queen. I am due respect, and your humility."

Said in the same tone as before, "I am to step into my husbands crown to do as needed. Now. Your dominant hand on the table, palm up." Gliding to his side she will wait, the other guards looking on, "I have taken up my husbands stead in the past, I will do so again. Things will not wither and die away. Am I clear? Where his voice is absent, mine will rise up. Where he fails to lead, I will grab the reins and steer us to glory. But you will /never/ address me in that manner again, like a mere woman to bow beneath that smoldering gaze of yours. For you will find that your fire is no match for the venom that I carry within my claws, nor the fire that lies within my throat, or the cutting cold that is harbored within my gaze. You wish to talk to me as an adult, and have you treated as such, you will adhere to my words."

Where is the man with that switch. She can go on with the words, but good lord, she'd like to get to some work, "Once I have whipped the child out of you, we can talk as adults. Not equals, but adults. You will tell me your concerns. The concerns of others. And I will address them quickly, and I will ensure that all is addressed in two days times, along with answers of my own. And no doubt questions."


When the switch is ordered, Ronan moves to stand once more and without the slighest complaint, he starts to undo and strip off his doublet, to cast it away, leaving his thin, sleeveless under tunic on. He unbuckles his sword as well with dagger and tosses it to the chair to freely disarm himself.

His face has gone unreadable, aloof as he kneels on the floor before her, head lowered slightly. He then looks up at the strange part about his putting his hand on the table, and looks at her, confused about that order. No, Ronan's not saying a word now but he's not offering his hand either.


Ah, there's the switch. The Queen waits expectantly before Gerald comes rushing back in, the man bowling and then kneeling to present the switch to the Queen who will take it up, gently slapping it against her palm, turning to see Ronan down without his doublet on. Men. Not rolling her eyes, since that is a most unlady like thing to do she will instead move behind him, a few steps back, nodding to Gerald and another guard, "Hold him." The two guards will move to hold the man by his arms, the Queen not taking her time in this - no, when they have Ronan held she will raise up the switch and bring it down across the mans back, snap, snap, snap. Three times firmly, though not wantonly, the Queen sniffing lightly.

"Now." Welts are there no doubt, the sting likely felt keenly, woman moving to sit down, "I am thinking it may be best to gather the house heads to speak with me in the morning first thing. What say you?" Switch is handed off, the Queen not speaking of what just occured now, not about to rub it in - nada. It's done, he's an adult now in her eyes and they can speak, "Get it all out, I'll listen. And hold my questions till the end. Then we can prepare for the meeting in two days time."


What he is expecting comes only in part. Ronan says nothing as her guards come to hold his arms - that is expected. He has seen men caned or ordered it to be done so none of this is a surprise. Quietly, he waits as he looks off at the far wall and when the first blow lands, his body tenses, the muscles in his held arms tigthen beneath skin. No sound from him, teeth gritting. The second blow lands across his back and still he grits his teeth, held fast by her guards. The third blow gets a faint grunt out of him, breath hissed but no cry for she's not striking him as hard as a powerful man would - and then the Queen stops.

Nothing is said. Ronan is expecting many more blows and frankly, is surprised Laetitia herself delivered them. Usually a man is at least beaten senseless until he can't stand or walk without help so none of this makes much sense to him. Her guards release him and after a moment, Ronan simply stands.

A return to the chair to pick up his doublet and shrug it on, "Yes, Your Majesty."


There is a purpose in the Queen doing it herself; it's a promise that she will follow through on her words with actions, not merely being coquettish to try and win favor. No. They want the King, they will get the female King Laetitia who brokers no bullshit and expects respect. No doubt people will be keening for the King to return soon.

"Good, then I will put out the call via messengers for the heads to gather in the royal dining room and we will all break fast together." No sugary sweet tones from the Queen, no great big smiles, no. All business, the woman looking to Ronan as he puts his doublet back on, "Now, you've time to discuss the potential marriage between yourself and my daughter? As I said, she has agreed to it, but now there are things you need to do for me to ensure your loyalty in my eyes." Oh, a faint smile there, the Queen sitting primly in her seat again, waving for another goblet of wine to be brought, "If you've a mind to hear it out."


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