Arthur Jaegar
Alex O'Loughlin
Alex O'Loughlin as Arthur Jaegar
Full Name: Arthur Jaegar
Age: 31 (Aug 23)
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Weston
Father: Deceased
Mother: Still alive
Siblings: A few
Spouse: None
Children: None


Commoner Knight to House Ruxton

Some people feel that war is like the underworld. The underworld is oblivion, war is war. Of the two, war is a lot worse. There are no innocents in the underworld. War is chock full of them: children, Ladies, cripples. In fact, most people who suffer and die in war are innocent. I watched my father fight and die for Mobrin. My mother and I ran to his body and defended it until we could pull his body away for a proper burial. My father's last words to me, "Believe in ordinary acts of bravery, and in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. " That was the knight I wanted to be. Someone who had a courage to stand up for those that couldn't stand up for themselves.

That is what I dedicated my life to. To be the man my father never really got a chance to be. I decide being a knight was the most important thing I could accomplish in my life. I learned to work with blade, bows and arrows, ride horses, heck I even learned how to swim. The whole time I was a squire I soaked in everything the knight told me. Each little piece of information that he said. You know when you've found what you are meant to do when each morning you wake up, stretch your arms and legs, feel that tingle through your body and then you leap up and run to work. There was never a day I didn't want to be there. There is no day where I slept in or was lax in my duties.

Five years ago, that all stopped. It was a bloody battle and I remember the kiss of a blade down my back and the knife that followed, digging into my chest. I landed on my back and looked up to the sky. It was blue that day. The sun was shining. It was warm out. The birds were probably singing somewhere but all I heard were the cries of men falling to the ground and the sound of steel against steel. Someone blocked my sun though and I didn't recognize him. I saw him yelling to someone yet I didn't hear him. I must have fallen asleep but it was when I woke that I realized…the blue sky had turned into wood planks and wetness. Chains were around my wrists. The rocking was making me sick and I felt it weeks after I was dragged from the boat to be on enemy land.

The next five years were a blur of pain and questions that never got answered. The Laniveer wanted information about Mobrin and I didn't want to give it to them. I don't know why they didn't kill me. I think they enjoyed what they did in that dungeon. A few weeks ago, I was put on a ship to clean the boards. That was the only chance I ever got and I took it. I didn't care how far out we were…I jumped and kept swimming. I wanted to go home…or die. These were my only two options.

Character Features

Physical Features

The man is around 6'2" tall, weighing in at just over 14 stones. His skin is slightly tanned with a few freckles. His eyes are a deep blue with flecks of grey. His eyelids are slightly hooded making his eyes appear slanted. His hair is dark brown with natural lighter pieces from sun exposure. Just over his ears the hairs are slightly salt and pepper in look. His hair is short with curls and cowlicks. His face is thinner but not at the sharp point. His nose is neither upturned nor down turned. His lips are average. His jaw-line is generally covered by a consistent five o'clock shadow.



Arthur tends to be very quiet when it comes to others. He doesn't easily trust people and tends to be wary of them. He is honor bound to the land of Weston and the Ruxtons. He does not fear death or torture which shows in how he fights. He is a man who is lost when it comes to life outside of battle. His mind keeps bringing him back to the sound of swords clashing and people dying. Many times, he finds himself lost in an empty room having just experienced the past. He's haunted by the what-if's.


Brave ~ While he does fear certain things, he looks them dead in the eye and he keeps pushing forward. He can smile in trouble, can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.'

Code of Honor ~ It's more than guilt or a simple pledge. This is part of his core. It is what kept him going through the whole time he was a prisoner. He needed to remain firm for Ruxton, for Mobrin. He does not attack those that cannot attack him back. He will put his lift on the line for his liege. He will not intentionally put others in danger. He will never be a traitor.

Flashbacks ~ It's a living nightmare. He will see a mirror and not recognize the man that's in it and then remember the youth destroyed. He will flashback to hearing the sounds of screaming and feeling the lash biting at his skin. These flashbacks can happen anytime and can take him completely out of the situation he's in. They also happen when he sleeps. The nightmares are a consistent thing. Even now, he wakes covered in sweat with his heart racing.

Passionate ~ Arthur has a passion for many things. He loves the piano though he rarely has the ability to play one since they are rare. He loves reading books and spending time alone. Most of all, he hides his most damaging passion. (This can be found out in RP)


On the Grid

Known Associates

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