18 Alisair 229 E: Arrows at Dusk

Arrows at Dusk
Summary: Aldren is joined at the practice field by Nerissa, Trevian, Lothar and later Rorey. They share sky herb and wine as they shoot arrows. The conversation takes a short turn for the worse.
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Practice Fields City of Stormvale
A barn of sorts stands at one side of this barren field. There is a fence haphazardly built and marking the edges of the fence. The barn is large enough to be used during inclement weather, though it limits the practice to only one event at a time and certainly jousting is not possible. Usually, the barn is used to store wooden archery butts, a couple tables, a few benches, and practice equipment. Weather permitting, this is the area where the town guard and those who cannot afford better practice areas come to practice arts martial - melee, unarmed, archery or some combination therein.
18 Alisair, 229 E

This early evening finds the practice yard a bit empty. Though not completly so. Some are here and there about in the warm and fair weather as Cri hangs in the western sky, her new and dark figure ominously imposing itself above them. Sword play is at work with some of the common soldiers and it seems some are practicing archery as well. Now crossing the yard is the Count, dressed painly today and resembling the few rangers he has with him. "Marick." He says in a commanding tone with a nod towards the barn. The man returns the nod and begins to pull an archery butte out for the Haravean and his men to destroy. Aldren is first handed a small flagon which he drinks from deep, the liquid bringing a look of relief to his face before his bow is then handed over. A finely crafted Granarian item at that. Taking a deep breath he knocks an arrow and pulls to his chin…….SWOOSH…..It flies across the yard with a high pitched sound.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Good Success.

The arrow lands near the center but the look on Aldrens face implies he is not impressed.

Out onto the practice field, Trevian walks with Nerissa not far off. "So, this is the practice field. I'm sure you knew it already." he offers to the Horizon woman as he gives a wave to Aldren. "Count Aldren!" he says, to his future brother in law. Grinning he approaches- Trevian, of course, is wearing those same clothes he seems always to be found in- simple, well made. Noble, in their own way. He's got his bow- a typical Sky Forest recurve. His pipe hangs from his mouth, the scent of that high quality sky herb he enjoys like a cloud around him. "I heard you might be out this way, and thought you might want some company."

With her own bow across her back, and a quiver at her hip, Lady Nerissa is dressed in the more acceptable court hunting attire. The burnished copper tresses coil intricately at the nape of her neck, the navy blue of her habit bringing out the blue of her eyes. Her steps slow slightly as she notes the Haravean they are approaching, but she doesn't quite summon the usual severe lines that usually appear when Granarian men are present. She simply pauses for the proper curtsy when they are close enough, "Good eve, Count Haravean," she intones quite civilly.

Shaking his head Aldren holds out his hand for another arrow. Another deep breath is had and before he begins his mechanics he catches sight of Trevian and his wave. With both his hands occupied he gives a nod of the head and a broad smile. "Lord Trevian. Good to see you! And I see that lovely aroma still follows you." OF course he refers to the Skyy Herb that so shames his own sub-par smokeables. "Yes. Company would be appreciated." Nerissa now grabs his attention and he raises a brow. Her looking familiar but him unable to place who she might be, though her attire deems she is not common born. A slight nod is given and he says, "Lady." Turning he brings the feather of his arrow to his chin once again and sights in the target, one eye closing and his chest ceasing to rise or fall.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Great Success.

This time the arrow lands closer to the middle but still not to his liking.

Trevian unslings his bow, and bends it with easy practice to string it. He nods, "Not a bad shot, Count Aldren." he says, as he offers the pipe over to the Count. "Ah, yes, my manners. This is Lady Nerissa Horizon." he offers of the woman who's traveling with him. He noks an arrow, and looks towards a target that's not being used. He draws back and fires- assuming Aldren takes the pipe, first.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Great Success.

The guard, ranger, and maid also following the Lady Nerissa at discreet distance also mark her as not a commoner, and an upraised eyebrow is all that responds to his shortened greeting. At least he has not drawn her into conversation, and this leaves her free to step to the side, string her own bow and take an arrow from her quiver. She closes her eyes for a brief moment, then smoothly draws and releases.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Archery: Great Success.

Aldren holds the bow out now. Instinctively for one of his men to take it. He is farrrrrr/ too good for holding it right about now! After it is taken fom his hands he takes the pipe, of course. Puffing away on it he nods, "Yes. Lady Nerissa. A pleasure to see you again." She gets a little grin now as he watches Trev shoot. "Well done." He adds sincerley after the shot. He will turn now to watch the Horizon girl and he gives a small nod of approval when she is finished. And much to her dissmy she will be addressed. "Tis' shots like that which remind me all Skyy Foresters carry Granarian blood." A wry grin comes over his face now as his short conversation with her and his cousin comes to mind. Handing the pipe back over if the Forrester will take it he says, "Rorey seems quite taken with you. Has your brother expressed any interest in moving forward?"

Trevian laughs a touch at Aldren's words, grinning over to the man as he reminds the pair that once, a while ago, the houses of Sky Forest left Greenshire. "Well, we've honed our skills in Sky Forest. Shooting on a field is quite a bit easier than shooting in the forest." he teases back, smiling to Aldren. "My brother is difficult to get to do anything, really. I would like to see it move forward. Rorey is.. Well." he just smiles to Aldren. "I'm happy to have her in my life." he admits, as he draws another arrow from his own quiver and fires again. He looks to whomever it is has the drinks, after the arrow flies- not even caring to see where its struck. "A drink, please." he says.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Great Success.

*Tunk!* Trev's arrow landing right next to the one he fired before. High precision, so far. PRetty good accuracy, too.

With that cozy little Sky Herb buzz going, Nerissa refuses to rise Aldren's bait, letting Trevian answer on the skills. However, as the discussion turns towards betrothals and wedded bliss, she shifts, drawing her bow with the opposite hand. This subtly puts her back to the two men and their marital discussion.

Lothar heads into the practice gounds and starts to head over towards the archery targets but spots a group of nobles… Recognizing at least one of the folks around there is a Sky Forest Ranger he continues to head towards the group pausing outside of the group and offering a bow, "M'lords and m'lady there's not too many spots to be practicin my archery around here would it be too much of a problem if I shot at one of the unused targets?" He's got a recurve strapped to his quiver on his back and is in battered leathers and travel gear having road stains from all his travels but everything is well maintained.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Archery: Great Success.

"Yes, well, when you are so often smoking that stuff you must hone your skills even further." Grinning he adds, "Trust me." With a wink. He turns now to the ranger with him and the motion of his hand gets the wine sent Trev's way. "A fine blend, Blackberry and Sutherland red." After some brief contemplation and noticing the girl and her seemingly common cold demeanour he says, "I will speak with him. The sooner our houses are joined the better it would seem." He shrugs at the Forrester now with a grin and watches Nerissa loose another well placed shot. With Lothars arrival Aldrenmiles and nods, "Of course. Do join us. We have drink as well." His hand is held out again and he takes his bow back. Slow and steady are his measurments now as he takes into account the little breeze and pulls back for another shot.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Good Success.

And the Counts arrow lands outside the Skyy Forresters. His pride certainly stinging.

"Very true." Trevian offers simply, as he takes back his pipe and the wine when its brought. He empties the ashes, refills the thing and gives a nod to Lothar. "Lothar, isn't it? One of our rangers?" The long time Lord Ranger Trevian says, with a smile. He's known among the Rangers of Sky Forest as perhaps the best map maker in the country- and very respectful and open to the common people. It helps, of course, that many of those common people trained him in the arts of being a ranger. "A taper, if you'd please." he says to some servant- if they're there, make use of them. It would be brought, quickly, and Trevian relights his pipe. He puffs a few times. He takes a long drink of wine, nodding to Aldren at the taste- before offering the pipe back over to Nerissa.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Good Success.

Lothar nods and smiles as he's invited in with the archers… "Aye m'lord Lothar." He removes his bow from his quiver and starts to string it and glances at the distance to the target… His bow is well cared for but very worn, same with the arrow he removes from his quiver as he knocks it before he draws down and sights in on the target releasing the arrow with the *twang* of the bowstring… And the thud of it hitting the target, "Hmm appears I'm a bit rusty."

A more gracious nod is directed towards Lothar, although it is for the men to nay or yea his presence. As the men seem to have concluded their conversation of unions, she turns back, having fired an arrow with each hand equally well, there is a certain satisfaction to her small grin. "Thank you, my Lord," accompanies the grateful acceptance of the offer of herb, and she takes a couple of contented puffs, trying her hand at a smoke ring or two while she watches the Ranger.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Perception: Great Success.

Aldren simply watches now as Trev addresses the ranger. A little shake of the head gets some more of the mixed vintages sent his way and a second flagon seems just what they need. Taking a deep drink in his own style now he seems to still be holding his bow. Must be catching a buzz. Smiling to Lothar he says , "Well placed. Seems every man woman and child from Sky Forrest is here to outdo me this day!" The words are good natured and saturated in drink and merriment as he readies his next shot. Once released he looks to the Horizon girl, "Are your eyes as ambidextrious as your hands? My dominant one is my left, hence shooting 'south' as we call it in Greenshire." If anyone had noticed he would /seem/ left-handed.

Trevian chuckles to Aldren. "We use the bow to feed ourselves. Little in the way of farmland in Sky Forest." he notes. "When you and your family's next meal counts on a single shot, you learn to be accurate and precise. He puts the wine down a moment, pulling out his next arrow- pulling back the bow and firing.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Great Success.

If none of the men are ready to take by the pipe, which Nerissa offers first to the Count, then to its owner, then to the Ranger, she will motion her maid forward to hold it. "I have never thought of my eyes being ambidextrous, I always thought that they both see the same, my lord," she responds. "I've never really tested it, but I have found being able to use either hand equally well an advantage. When one hand becomes tired, I simply switch to the other one." With the pipe in safe hands, she nocks and draws another arrow.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Archery: Success.

Lothar grins and shakes his head, "Thank you m'lord you are too kind." He watches the Count shoot again and smiles, "It looks like you're a well accomplished archer m'lord that was an extremely well placed arrow." He draws an arrow knocks pulls shoots with minimal time aiming and lowers his bow as he watches the arrow thunk closer to his point of aim.

To Trevian Aldren says, "Oh, I am well aware. Do not forget who holds Umbras favor." Well, perhaps not her favor but certainly her relic, the golden arrow. No small feat. "We place a high value on such things as well. I am sure my sister would tell you." Seeing how Aldren is surely one of few lords who would condone a woman using weapons or riding a horse in common fashion and not simply side saddle. Lothars form and mechanics are observed now and the Count nods, "Another fine shot on your part as well. As rangers often produce." He will place an arrow as near the mark as he can now quickly before taking the pipe from Nerissa, "Thank you M'lady," His speech growing rougher and more near its real mark as the wine sets in. "I would say you have been blessed with two exceptional eyes then." His own look perhaps lingering too long before looking up to the sky and keeping their herb cherried.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Great Success.

Trevian smiles over to Aldren. "And I've got the best sky herb." he brags back, with a wink as he takes that pipe from Nerissa when its offered. Smoking and puffing away on his pipe as he draws back on his bow and fires again. "Will Rorey be coming out this evening?" he wonders of Aldren, curiously. "I'd rather like tos ee her again." Even if he spends as much time as possible with her already.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Good Success.

The Sky Herb gives a delightful buzz, but there are some things that the buzz can't completely push away. The compliment, so polished and smooth, and the lingering look draw a scowl from the young Horizon woman, and once again, she chooses the side that will subtly turn her back to the count as she takes another arrow. "You do, at that," she agrees to Trevian as he brags on his herb. "I've not smoked any better, and wish it wouldn't be rude to ask you where you harvest." Taking a moment and a breath, she draws and looses her arrow.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Good Success.

Lothar glances over at the noblewoman and then at her target and nods, "Aye m'lord she's been blessed with some good eyes and skill with the bow…. And good taste in herb. If I didn't think it'd cost me my skin I'd offer to take 'er on as a 'prentice…" Then he blinks realizes what he's saying and who all he's saying it to and he quickly shoots off another arrow which is hitting all around the same area great grouping but not that bullseye he's looking for.

Speak, and she appears! Or perhaps it's just good timing. Lady Rorey joins the practice party, her bow slung over one shoulder, grabbing a full quiver as she comes closer, delighted to see family (and almost-family)…. and then, she gives a delicate sniff, and her eyes glitter. Yes, glitter. Sky Herb! She makes a bee-line for Trevian, her strides bringing her next to him in short time, and she greets him and her brother with a grin, "Brother! Lord Trevian," don't ask her why she's being so formal, "Good to see you both had the same idea I did!"

"Oh, I am sure she will be along." The Count says to Trevian. The scowl from the young girl only gains a snort. "While that is a look you have surely put long hours into perfecting it does not befit you or your station." He says to her back before turning his own in time to see his sister. "Rorey" He exclaims happily now and offers her a hug.

Trevian grins a little as Rorey appears, giving a nod of his head to his betrothed. "Good to see you again, my dearheart." he offers to Rorey- passing the pipe off to the young woman before he renoks his bow and takes careful aim. Then.. Fires.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Great Success.

"No practice is needed, your Excellency, when empty flattery encourages it to appear so naturally," Nerissa replies sweetly without looking around. "Good day to you, Lady Rorey," she adds as another arrow is drawn from her quiver and placed in string. Straightening her head, she fires once more.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Archery: Great Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Good Success.

Lothar just takes another shot letting the nobles talk it out amongst themselves he's just here for that *twang* of a bowstring and the *thud* of an arrow hitting a target… Which he does again although it's still not near enough to the center for his liking…

Naturally, Rorey embraces her brother, and *happily* takes the pipe from Trevian, looking for all the world like she partakes of the delightful smokey Sky Herb every day…. which is almost true, actually. "And good day to you!" she greets the woman….. not quite remembering who she is. A similar greeting she gives to Lothar, who she vaguely remembers; polite, respectful, as always. Her maid brings drinks around, ever on-the-spot with that sort of thing; Rorey partakes a sip or two of mead, her favorite alcoholic drink of all time!

"Twas no empty flattery. In Greenshire it is polite to make observations and allow noble ladies due compliments. I see that your upbringing has shielded you from such things though. For that I am sorry." His voice has a bit of an edge now. "Just as it is polite to look someone in the eyes when you speak to them. Another courtesy I see you have been denied the pleasure of learning. You should polish your manners. Srely your house would benefit from it." Heshrugs now, not overly concerned with the young girls antics nor one to call etiquette overly into question. Instead he turns back to his sweet sister. "The good Lord was just inquiring of you. I am glad you are so taken with each other." He means it. Sip, sip.

"Please, excuse the Horizon lady." Lord Trevian states simply, "Things can be difficult in Sky Forest, and we are often far from others. We speak straightly to each other. Still, I apologize for her harshness." Trevian looks to Nerissa, head cocked to the side a bit. "You do understand, my friend, that you're speaking to a Count, yes? And my future Brother in Law?" he continues, as he just gives her a look. He then looks back to the target, far in the distance and fires again with his bow.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Good Success.

Nerissa turns and looks Aldren squarely in the eyes as she unstrings her bow. "Is it also polite in Greenshire to forge your father's signature on a bethrothal when you are already betrothed, completely ignoring the insult offered to the family of the first betrothed, your Excellency?" she asks, matching edge for edge and proving that she is aware to whom she is speaking. "Your vassals could benefit from some manners themselves, as my house as already suffered from their lack." Her buzz completely worn off, now, she bows her head to the lesser nobles, and very properly curtsies to the Count. "Good day your excellency, my lords and lady." The bow is stowed away and she turns to leave.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Success.

Lothar launches another arrow at the target because commoner and not fit to judge his… betters. His arrow flies fairly true but still just outside of what he's wanting to hit…

Shining blue eyes narrow, especially when the haughty woman continues her diatribe. She gives Trevian a wave, "No need to apologize for someone else's faults, dearheart." And that's all she says on the matter; the woman is leaving, and to Rorey's mind, all the better for it. She wonders *who* the woman is, and where she thought it polite to drudge up things of that nature, in *any* company…. and so, Rorey does what she always does: ignores her promptly, and moves along. Bowstring taut, Rorey approaches the firing line and slings the quiver over her shoulder. She takes a breath, and the next bit happens all in a flash — the young noblewoman draws an arrow, noks it, aims, draws the string back taut, and fires. The string would have bitten against her forearm, but she's been doing this a while and is wearing a snug leather gauntlet.

<FS3> Rorey rolls Archery: Great Success.

Aldren holds a hand to Trevian, "No need, Lord Trevian. I am vaguely familiar with the happenings." Turning to her now he says, "No, though I have hardly done that myself. In fact never, perhaps your anger would be better directed towards someone else. And, if your father would have approached me I would have righted this wrong, or surely seen that they suffered for the insult." He shrugs again, this sort of thing usually comes to his attention quicker. "But you should not leave, lady. No one here means to cause you further insult." He finishes off the flagon and hands it back to his ranger, definetly in need of another drink now! Looking on at his sister he says, "Fine shot sister. As always." He winks at her now.

Trevian laughs with a grin, "Haha! A wonderful shot, Rorey!" He drops some of the title there- but, its not a huge breach. The two are to be married before too long. "I'd ask you to go hunting with me, but I know you'd rather not see it." he says, as he leans back to take a long sip of his flagon of wine. He lines up another shot with the bow, after the drink and shoots- the others have said to put it out of his mind, so he does just that. Nerissa is left to do as she will.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Great Success.

Rorey cheers heartily, "And you, my Lord! Look at that!" she points enthusiastically down-field. "Thank you, dear Brother mine," she grins at Aldren, returning his wink — and taking up her cup of mead, drinks deeply. Her maid returns the smouldering pipe to her, and she puffs a little more before handing it off to Trevian again, watching the rest of those at practice.

There's a pause as the Lady Nerissa turns back, and there's a glitter in her eyes along with a trumphant smirk. "It is fine, your excellency. I appreciate the offer, but I have won some satisfaction on my own part." Perhaps the tales of her chasing him out of her family's home with his own sword are true after all. "I appreciate, also, your excellency's invitation to stay, but I have promised someone the favor of staying alive in the hunt, and there other skills I must study in order to do so." Once more she curtsies, and her guard and ranger fall in behind the lady and her maid.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Archery: Good Success.

Lothar is still just casually shooting although he's getting a bit low on his arrows and still has almost a perfect circle around the one spot he wants to hit. He lowers his bow and shakes his head, "Surprised I'm having such a hard time hitting that bullseye…"

Trevian leans back and finds his pipe- wherever its gone to. He quietly smokes a long moment, drinking some more as Aldren is taken by business and Rorey seems rather interested in it. Nerissa is on her way wherever it is- so he looks to Lothar and gives the man a nod. "You shoot well."

Ahh, yes, there we go.. a slight buzz from the mead, and a little softness around the edges from the Sky Herb…. Yep, the Greenshire folk and Sky Forresters might be a bunch of stoners, but who wouldn't want to be, with highs like this? Rorey sets herself at the line, again, and takes another shot — draw, nok, aim, fire!

<FS3> Rorey rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Failure.

The business at hand must have raised the count’s ire. For he turns from it and takes his bow, mechanics gone to shit as he draws quickly and fires. the arrow utterly misses the target and he sends the weapon flying like a nine iron into the pond.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Archery: Good Success.

Trevian looks over as Aldren misses his shot. He passes the pipe over to the count, and takes his own shot in quiet. He says nothing- no need.

A few deep breaths are had and Aldren realizes he is acting the fool. He brushes out the wrinkles in the plain brown gharb he sports and takes the pipe. Yes, no words needed right now. Just a good long drag.

Rorey rolls her eyes as her brother gets a little dramatic, shaking her head a little as she sips her mead and looks to where he threw his bow. She clucks her tongue a little, noks another arrow, and hopes she doesn't suddenly come down with whatever bit Aldren as she takes a shot!

<FS3> Rorey rolls Archery: Good Success.

Aldren takes another long drag and offers it to his sister. "Good shooting." He mumbles before looking over to Trevian. "That map, I'd meant to thank you for it. Truley outstanding. Some of the best work I've seen. Are you working on any others at the time?" He inquires of the future brother-in-law.

Rorey whisks the proffered pipe out of her brother's hands, almost greedily puffing on it…. Letting the smoke flow out of her mouth with a relaxed-all-over sigh. "What can I say, dear Brother? I learned from the best!" Her turn to wink at her brother. She still isn't really better than he is… but she won't tell him that; it's a Haravean Lady thing.

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