Nar 42, 228: Arrival of a King

Arrival of a King
Summary: King Isaac Aberdeen arrives for a State Visit and is greeted in the Throne Room. He has a somewhat unusual and unexpected request before the meeting breaks off for a feast.
OOC Date: 13/08/2013 (OOC)
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Throne Room - Darfield Castle
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A rug of purple softens the path across the white marble floor, swirling patterns picked out in glinting silver thread. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped, shimmering with a scattering of silver glitter. More glitter is dusted across the marble floor, and over the soft petals of the flowers.
Nar 42, 228

Knights of Rioga are deployed by the sides of the Throne and personally guarding the entrance and every corner of the place. Though, the best ones, most skilled and known for their heroic deeds in battle, are formed by the sides of the path that leads to the royal seat, personally showing their respect to the guests and being a shield for them against anything that may come. Decorations are everywhere, in a majestic show of welcome and joy. Nobles and small folk have gathered to witness it, and no detail has been spared for the upcoming celebration. The best bards in Mobrin get ready, still watching in silence for the formality of the occasion. And still, the faces of excitement are everywhere in the crowd. One of them seems even happier than most, watching under the bright of the Crown of the Realm. Callem Kilgour is expectant, exchanging anxious looks with the Queen, in the wait for his old friend, soon to arrive.

Given there's rumours flying, Conall and Solara head for the throne room. With due haste. Solara and her maid, one guard dispatched with a bow and arrows to put away, the other keeping up with Solara and her escort. Though, Solara does have a leather arm brace on, protecting the inner part of her forearm from any string mishaps. She steps into the throne room, taking a look around, and then moves gracefully out of the doorway to allow others to enter. Most likely, Conall moves with her, since the two are walking together. Solara offers a graceful curtsey towards the throne, before she moves off to the side, meaning to get out of the way.

Having arrived a little earlier and now on the dias with her husband Tyrel beside her, Ciarrah is seated and speaking quietly to him in hushed tones. They had heard the news of her father's arrival and there is practically a glow from her as she eagerly awaits his entrance. Hands are clasped together as she looks between Tyrel and the entrance, just waiting.

Laetitia is here beside the King, pale blue eyes full of contained excitement, the old friend of the King a friend of hers as well, though for propriety sake, not nearly as good as the two Kings. She is dressed in the house colors of purple and grey in a voluminous gown, hair having been allowed to fall down gracefully down, brushed to a shine, most of the pink from the wine the other night out, only a faint twinge of color clinging to the locks. The look of the King is returned though her smile is more jovial and teasing as she leans in to murmur but a word to her husband before sitting back.

Conall does indeed move with Solara. Having run into her it would be rude not to escort her along. So thus he leads her into the throne room and to the side. Offering a bow to the throne as he does. Turning to wait for his father's arrival.

Arriving amid quite an extensive entourage consisting of advisors, guards, the Captain of the ship he arrived on and several others who do his bidding, write his missives and tend his needs, the acclaimed King Isaac of Aberdeen wears crisply tailored clothing, a black collarless shirt that forms to his broad shoulders with detailed designs in gold thread along the buttons and cuffs of his sleeves. Black trousers are tucked into shining black boots. A cloak over his shoulders is black trimmed with gold and sports the sigil of House Aberdeen and a lighter weight 'traveling' crown is worn on his brow, quite understated yet formal.

With no doubt of his acceptance, his stride is confident, his bearing regal as he approaches the dias towards King Callem, his old friend. Except, then he notices Ciarrah and Conall, and the pride brimming in his expression is barely contained. He gives the two a smile of fatherly love, but his duties come first. His voice is a strong baritone as he crosses his right arm over his chest, hand closed in a fist as he addresses the King. "My brother, it is good to see you again, and looking so hale. Thank you for your welcome."

Caedmon stops just outside of the doorway to the throne room not long after Solara and Conall have arrived. He stops at the door and hands a sheet of parchment to a gray-haired older woman of matronly appearance. "Be sure that you check everything on that list twice. I want everything to be perfect for our guests." The plump woman takes the parchment and curtsey deeply before hurrying off. Then the man turns toward the thrones. "Your majesties," he greets formally. Then he bows to the thrones. When he straightens, he offers cordial bows to everyone whom he recognizes before taking his place near the thrones but in an inobtrusive location.

Having made his way into the thronee room as well, Robben is keeping a bit to the side, out of the way for the moment now. Watching the crowds at the moment, he turns to look over as the King of Aberdeen appears, bowing as is proper to the man. Staying out of the way and quiet for now.

Logen arrived not far behind his mother, dressed in kind with the royal purples and grays befitting a prince. He follows the other family members in their motions of acceptance, remaining quiet for all but the appropriate polite welcome given to the King of Aberdeen. He also affords others who've offered their hello's to him, a smoft smile or a nod perhaps even a whispered greeting in return, but for the majority of his presence he remains quiet. There are a lot of people here, it is only his deeply ingrained composure that keeps the look of an animal of flight from his eyes, and stays his natural instinct to bolt for sanctuary solitude.

Standing nearer the flush purple carpet and the famed knights are the twins of house Haravean. The King of Aberdeen moves along towards the dias with a regal ease as he passes them. Allowing for the proper bow, Aldren assists his sister as they do so when he passes by. The Count is dressed richly in a dark green doublet and he has what seem to be newer boots, surely not broken in. When Isaac is past he whispers something to his sister.

Dressed in grey and black and leaning on her cane Wenna hides in the back with the other nobles. Her long brown hair has been braided and bound up with pins. Attached to her hair is a gauzy black silk veil. She casts a look at her brother before she looks over at the other nobles.

Solara drops into a deep curtsey as the King of Aberdeen goes by. She catches his expression as he looks at Conall, and she smiles over at her newfound friend. Her gaze gets caught by her brother, and she raises a hand in a bit of a wave, before she inches forward, just glancing over towards the throne to see what is happening. Even if it is only a discussion between old friends.

Conall smiles and bows his head back to his father. Keeping his posture and just standing as is expected of him. Close enough to be summoned if needed but not close enough to be in the way. Letting eyes glance over those here although the main focus is on the two kings.

The King of Mobrin raises from his Throne to echo the gesture of the Aberdeen monarch, crossing his right arm with hand closed in a fist over his chest and answering in his usual strong voice, tinted in evident happiness. "My brother. It is good to see you, as well. Be welcome to my Kingdom and my lands, though you will feel as your own, I am sure." his right hand is then relaxed from the salute and offered for the Queen to take hers, if so she allows, of course. "We haven't met in so much, that I think it is proper to present you my family." his fingers brush the ones of his wife as he speaks. "My Queen, Laetitia Kilgour, my right hand and life companion. My children, Prince Tyrel, who is as well your son in law," a friendly smile is drawn, "Prince Logen, Princess Caillin, and of course, our little Prince Mikhal." his dark glance, which contrast with his light hair, glances around his family as the instructions are made. "There will be feast and celebration, for your arrival has filled our Realm with happiness and light. Welcome again, my brother."

When the king of Aberdeen and his swarm of attendants arrives, Caedmon has barely arrived at his place. He waits until the appropriate moment, and then bows deeply to the visiting monarch. Once he straightens, his eyes begin to study the group that is with him, knowing that in some cases, people can deduce a king's intent by the kinds of attendants that he brings.

Laetitia raises up from her seat, hands crossing over her abdomen lightly as she dips down into a deep curtsey for the King, "Your Majesty, as always, it is a pleasure to see you again." Rising up from the curtsey she will easily take her husbands hand, holding it firmly, lips curved into a warm smile then as she casts a glance towards Callem and then her children, woman glowing with pride.

When her father arrives, Ciarrah rises, looking more radiant than even before. Though she knows he is terribly busy meeting others, she cannot keep her eyes from him, she had missed him dearly. As Tyrel is introduced, she looks at him instead, glad he would finally be meeting her father as well.

Isaac follows the Kings gaze toward each of the family members. However, when his gaze falls on Tyrel - it stops. A brow is raised, and the Aberdeen King looks to the top of the dais to 'inspect' Tyrel. After several moments, he gives a nod as if saying 'he will do.' He then turns toward Laetitia, and smiles, offering a quick informal bow, "Your highness. You are every bit as lovely as my daughter said in her letters." He then turns back to Callem, "My friend. I look forward to the wine. It has been a long journey on the sea. I will enjoy joining you in drink and food." He inclines his head gently, before his gaze turns to inspect the throne room and the nobles gathered.

Balancing on her cane Wenna offers a deep stiff curtsy as the king passes. Rising from her position she casts a look at Cademon and a slight nod of her head in his direction. Then her moss green eyes peer out at the court. Shifting her position moves to lean against her brother. As she murmurs something under her breath to him that he and he alone can hear.

Aldren takes her weight semmlessly. He leans in to listen to her words and a soft smile overtakes him when he does. He looks to her and continues to smirk as nods a bit.

Conall's attention on his father gives Solara a chance to watch Conall for a moment or two, not even aware she is doing so. She then turns back to watch the king of Aberdeen, as curious as everyone else is about the fellow. As she watches, she folds har arms in front of her, one hand rubbing agaisnt that leather brace absently.

Caedmon's eyes are still roving around the growing group of people, but they pause momentarily on a few familiar faces. When he sees Solara crossing her arms, and spots the brace, he and nods his approval to her. The he spots Ciarrah and grins when she bursts into radiance on seeing her father. That is a pleasing sight to him. Then his gaze comes to Aldren and Wenna. He bows slightly to them and his eyes linger on the twins for a moment before he returns his attention to the visiting king to watch how the monarch conducts his part of this long anticipated meeting.

With a face of satisfaction, Callem smiles to his wife at the words of the Aberdeen King, and he gives a nod to Ciarrah for having been the author of such a good description. The mention of wine makes him smile, perhaps a smile full of memories from years past. "There is wine for you, of course. Wine and the biggest feast you have ever seen. The best drink and food from Mobrin, we couldn't do less." a nod of salute, very belated, yes, goes to Caedmon. "Fell free, as soon as you wish to proceed. Everything is ready and waiting."

Caitlyn enters as inobtrusively as possible, her giantess of a habdmaiden not far behind her. Lavona slips into the shadows while her charge slowly makes her way through the throngs of people, heading in thw direction of the Royal Dais. She stops only close enough to observe though, her eyes focused on Logen giving him a warm smile tinged with concern.

Robben still keeps quiet and out of the way for now, staying there as he watches the proceedings. Studying the Aberdeen King a bit carefully for the moment.

Isaac nods to Callem's words, then smiles across to Ciarrah, and offering her a wink. Another serious look is given to Tyrel, then back to Callem goes the Kings gaze. He scratches idly at his chin as Callem speaks of wine and feasting, laughing from his throat as the King mentions a feast, "You know how I like to eat!" He then turns once more toward the nobles, scanning the crowd as if he were looking for someone. Finally, he takes liberty in this foreign throne room, as his voice rises above the nobles, "Lady Solara Ruxton!" His gaze sweeps left to right, "Step forward." He stands before the dais expectantly waiting.

It doesn't take long for Logen to feel her gaze on him, and his eyes seem to know exactly where to look. When he does see his intended, there an almost imperceptible shift about him. He seems to relax more, his composure no longer straining against a need to find a less crowded room. He smiles to Caitlyn, before turning his attention back to the proceedings with the Aberdeen king. Logen is now able to be present, as the person who's hand he can feel in his even with her across the room from him is here.

Solara's head rises with a startled look all over her face. "Wait, what?" she mutters very softly. And then she glances at Conall to see if he has a clue, but she doesn't wait there. She knows that there is a distant family connection, though why not Robben? or Ruth- never mind. She steps forward, glad at least that she is presentable. Except for that leather bracer on her left - maybe he won't notice. She walks forward, and dips into an elegant and graceful curtsey. "Your Majesty, I am Lady Solara Ruxton."

Laetitia won't blush but she will drop her gaze as is appropriate to King Aberdeens kind words to her as she steps back then to look towards her husband. And then she's looking back out to the general gathering itself, watching and waiting.

When Caitlyn tries to slip into the room, Caedmon shakes his head, not at the lady, but at the Gargantuan handmaiden. He frowns. When Isaac calls Solara out of the crowd, Caedmon's eyes shift toward the monarch and he watches with slightly raised eyebrows, wondering what is afoot.

Robben raises an eyebrow as he hears Isaac's words, moving forward a little bit past a few people to get a better view of the happenings now. Offering a smile to his sister should she look in his direction at some point.

Conall raises a brow as Solara is called out. Looking to her and not seeming to know. Though he tries to piece things together. He studies his father with a narrowed gaze though.

As Caedmon looks at her and smiles, Ciarrah returns ot as well, remaining at her husbands side even as her father also smiles and winks at her. She blows him a quick kiss, trying to give him her love without making it obvious. With a look of pride, she presses her cheek briefly to the shoulder of her husband, though lifts her head once more when her father calls out Solara.

Isaac's head snaps toward Solara as she moves, his eyes narrowing and slowly turning toward Conall who was standing beside her. He studies him for a brief moment before he turns back to Solara, watching her approach. He then looks to Ciarrah, motioning with his hand in a regal manner, "This is her?" Ciarrah promptly nods her head toward her father, and Isaac turns back to Solara, looking her over slowly in an 'inspecting' manner, much the same he did for Tyrel, but doing a much more thorough of a job this time. He takes several steps moving around the Lady, circling her before he comes back to her, face to face.

That inspection, like she was a horse, brings a flare of emotion to Solara's eyes, a hint of anger, though her posture does not change, and she doesn't move. She meets the king's gaze, expression going tight. As he speaks, she glances over at Ciarrah, her eyes widening with an almost betrayed look for a moment. Fleeting, before she turns her attention back to the king, with a determination that straightens her back and brings a pride to her own posture. Quietly, she stands now, waiting to see just what is coming next. As she ends up face to face with the king, that flash in her eyes and slight glow to her cheeks cannot be missed.

Robben raises an eyebrow as he listens, and watches, moving to the front line of the crowd. He doesn't say anything yet, glancing first to Ciarrah, and then to Conall, before his gaze goes back to his sister now.

Conall raises a brow at his father. Stepping closer and his face is neutral. Not giving away a lot. Taking a look around the area before fixing his gaze on his father. Solara getting a brief look over. Though he offers a look to Robben as well.

Of course Ciarrah had nodded to her father when he had asked if Solara was the one she had written about how wonderful she was! As her father inspects the Ruxton though, heat flames into her cheeks. Feeling the eyes of Solara, she gives a helpless look, then Robben, an innocent shrug.. As Conall does not look at her, she sighs and looks to Tyrel, giving him a tentative smile.

Caitlyn stands apart from the majority of the crowd as she watches the proceedings with a curious interest, the sole representative of Sutherland in attendance. Though attentive to the goings on, she inevitibly shifts her gaze to the younger Prince.

As the king inspects the /breeding stock/, Aldren looks on curiously. He notices Robben moving forward and nudges his sister. Whispering to her he has a devilish grin about him now. When Solara flashes her look to Ciarrah he does not fail to notice and the grin fades to a confused look. Connal's raised brow and looks to Robben bring a bit of understanding to his face though as he continues to watch. Wenna, raises a brow as well as things get nice an interesting.

Conall does finally look to Ciarrah as well, if only briefly. He doesn't show much other than just looking to her. Then at his father again. Glances to him being noticed but not looking back to the people.

Attentive as is customary, Logen simply watches the goings on between the Aberdeen king and Solara. There is a sympathy for being put so on the spot, and for being so seemingly unkindly 'inspected' for his friend. However, Logen has too little information to work off of and deems it tactically unsound to speak up at this time. His gaze often shifts to a spot in the crowd, his fingers playing over his palm to remember the softness of her fingers where they should rightfully be.

Caedmon shifts from his spot near the thrones for a better view, and he watches the king eyeing Solara. He also sees that proud, slightly defiant look in the young lady's eyes. He frowns slightly, and takes a couple of steps closer to the king and Solara.

The moment is certainly awkward. The glances of confusion between Aberdeens, Ruxtons, nobles, and even the guards is evident. Yes, even the Knights of Riga seem to be uncertain of what to do. But Callem trusts no blood will flow, at least not yet, and adds in hushed voice, "I see you heard only good things about her." perhaps with a little bit of sarcasm, or maybe it is true confusion, but he remains a witness afterwards to see what will happen.

Isaac narrows his eyes at her… defiance, and his lips tug into a slight grin, though he fights it. A glance is given over Solara's shoulder, toward Robben, as he steps forward. He raises a brow, before looking once more to Solara. Again, he steps to the side, taking in her frame from the side. He then moves back to look her in the eyes, crossing his arms casually in front of himself, "So." A slight pause is given, "How are you?" Really? Small talk? His question is as curious as the tone in his voice.

Robben's movement to the front catches Solara's attention and her brother gets a glance. And then incredulously, she turns to look at Isaac, as he asks his totally unexpected question. Blink. She stares at him. And then she says, her voice calm and neutral, though not quite placid. "I am doing well, thank you, your Majesty. Welcome to Mobrin. I understand you had a long trip? Perhaps some wine?" Well, heck, she is the vice chancellor. So, there's the grace of a hostess under pressure, but it's there, and fairly reasonable, only a hint of wariness in her voice. (Yes, yes, there are those who'd say she's repressed, I know. But look at what all that practice has done for her.)

Stopping where he is at the moment, Robben looks a bit unsure of what to do now. A look is offered to Solara as if asking if she's okay, but aside from that, he doesn't move now.

Conall rolls his eyes at his father. Watching them with another glance to his sister before looking at the two under the spotlight. Keeping his own posture and just staying where he is. Patiently.

Oh, so sorry to cut the tension like a knife, but there's a commotion at the main door of the throne room. First a murmer among the guards, then the guests. There is some shuffling as a few people step away to make way for a woman taking a confidant stride down the center of the room, as if she knew every brick and step of it. And she likely does. For she is Princess Roslin, the youngest daughter of King Callem at the tender age of 16. The murmers are, no doubt, those of surprise. The girl has been, for nearly the last year, a guest at Lakeshire. And here she is now, pale red hair left pulled up in an elegant dance of braids, slender body adorned in a fine silver gown embroidered subtly with purple leaves, that ruffles and rustles around her as she walks. Her head is held high in a casual confidence, and the smile across her face is bright. As she nears the throne, she presents herself before the throne, dropping into a curtsey before her parents. "Why dear father," she says lightly, a tone of playfullness to her words. "Is all this for me? You really shoudn't have." That playfullness makes it clear that she does not in any way think or expect this to be 'all for her', but she is playful all the same.

Isaac raises both brows toward Solara at her response. He then gives her a wide smile, glancing once more toward Conall. He looks at his son for several moments, then back to Solara, in deep thought. He then turns toward the dais and murmurs to Callem under his breath - then is so rudely interrupted and nearly begins to protest, before he realizes that the new arrival is of the royal house. He then folds his hands together in front of himself, and steps to the side for the parents to greet their daughter.

Ciarrah returns the look from her brother, her own is challenging now, daring him to say anything. Lips curve into a smile though, for Solara, in an attempt to be reassuring. At the moment though, she says nothing, only reaches for Tyrel's hand and holds it gently. As the youngest Princess arrives, she smiles to her, but her attention remains on her father.

As the commotion commences Aldren assists his sister in moving a few steps back. While he helps maintain her weight-as if he'd been doing it for years- The gracefully move away (surely they would win any three-legged race!). As the princess enters the Count is taken aback. The look of awe on his face is evident as he whispers once more to his twin. His eyes follow as the fiery woman makes her way to the dias. A look of amusement flashes as he sees the king step aside for more royalty.
Isaac mutters to Callem, "I… strengthen the… believe she… father…"
Aldren mutters to Wenna, "… could… be… next!"

Wenna looks up at her brother once they are moved and she frowns. She then pokes him gently in the ribs as she murmurs a response back.
Wenna mutters to Aldren, "I… she…"

Conall notices his sister's look. Turning to their father. Though not saying much. Especially not as Roslin comes in. Looking to her with a raised brow before looking to his father. Perhaps already having figured on it all but he doesn't offer any kind of emotion about it.

Solara catches the smile on Ciarrah's face, and she relaxes a little bit. That brings a little less tension to her own smile, which perhaps her brother will catch, as she glances his way. Conall gets a glance, though the neutral look on his face - that's not much help. Though then there's an arrival of the youngest princess, and Solara takes the opportunity to step back, leaving her to her glorious entrance. Though she doesn't go too far back, pausing instead to enjoy her moment of solitude as all eyes go to Roslin. There is a thoughtful look on her face now.

The King of Mobrin looks to the Queen with uncertainty. He doesn't rise his voice, but his eyes ask for suggestions or probably he is asking the Gods to interrupt it in any way. Still standing, fairly close to the pair who are starting their strange talk, he maintains his regal composure and avoids interrupting them. But a new look goes to the Ruxtons, to Conall and Ciarrah. A look that extends the calm they must have, at least until this progress a little further. But if he was silently praying for something to tear down the tension, it seems Sess has heard him - bringing a big surprise in the process.

"My child." the sovereign greets, his voice thunderous but warm. "How long have you been here? How could you—" but after a blink there is only a smile in his lips. Not a smile as bright and outstanding as those of the Queen, now even more radiant at the presence of the lady. "King Isaac, let me introduce you to Roslin, Princess of Mobrin." the introduction is made and the whisper is heard. His hand raises enough to touch the King of Aberdeen's shoulder and he nods his head. "I think it is better to proceed inside. There are many you should meet, Your Majesty."

At his sister's entrance and then her words, Logen's nerves finally loosen a chuckle. The light noise of the prince's laughter fills the hall for just a moment. He smiles warmly at Roslin, "Roslin! I haven't seen you in so long, how are you?" They might not have been anywhere quite as emotionally close as Logen and Caillin are, but she's his sister. So that means he'll love her till the sun stops shining.

Caedmon turns at the new commotion, and after a moment, he understands what the reason is. He bows deeply and starts forward toward the princess. "Your highness!" he calls to Roslin. "No one informed me that you were returning, but welcome!"

For a moment, Roslin turns her attention toward her mother. The smile there is loving and intimate and broad. But there is only a moment to give, and then other moments must be seen to. To Logen, the Princess nods her head once, deeply, and gives him a smile. "Brother," She says to him in greeting, but in truth she has little time to offer more to him. The same treatment is given to Caedmon, polite and sweet but expeditious. Per her father's introduction, the girl is already turning toward Issac, lowering herself respectfully toward him as she addresses him. "Your majesty," she says, speaking clearly but reverntly. "It is an honor. I was prepared to greet only one King, but now I find that my home holds two. An auspicious homecomming, I must say. Please do forgive my intrusion - my desire to see my family was too great and I am afraid I bent to it."

Letting out a bit of a breath now, Robben looks thoughtful as he glances around the room for a few moments now.

Isaac offers a polite bow of his head to the newly arrived Princess, giving her a smile, "It is nice to meet you, Princess Roslin." He nods once, then nods to Callem with a grin, "Lets drink!" He laughs, then looks back to Solara once more, then to Conall, a brow raised. He then moves to follow the King of Mobrin.

Conall does look to Solara and not sure what to offer to her. Then looking to his father and studying him a bit. But as the others seem to be moving to get drunk he moves to Solara. "Apologies." He offers in his usual tone and studies her a bit.

Caedmon bows once more to the young princess and explains, "With your sudden arrival, I'm sure that we'll need to be sure that your chambers are in order. I'll inform the head chambermaid after I tend to one small matter. Having assured Roslin that things will be in order once she is ready to retire for the night, Caedmon wades through the crowd and approaches Wenna and Aldren. "Count, baroness, I'm very glad to see you on this evening. I must take my leave, but I wanted to speak to both of you first."

Solara pauses as the king glances her way, and then over at Conall. Her gaze flattens as she looks at Conall, taking a moment to glare at him. Cause it's all his fault. Somehow. She's sure of it. She takes a breath, and since they are quite definitely in public, she inclines her head. "Your Highness, it seems your father is - quite a charmer." She doesn't look to be following the Aberdeen king any time soon. Though that would be rude, so she'll probably change her mind shortly. After having made her point.

Wenna looks at Caedmon when he approaches. "Would you care for us or me to walk with you?" She asks him as she offers him a small curtsy. She looks to brother then to Caedmon, but she looks like she is ready to walk with him if he allows it.

Aldren nods to Caedmon and answers, "Mayhaps somewhere private?" He raises an eyebrow and motions towards the door. "We were just considering leaving as well." When Wenna speaks he seemingly ignores her.

"Apologies, my Lord," Roslin says quietly to Caedmon. Now that she is no longer center-stage, her softer, more natural voice rains - even though she still seems quite pleased. "I hope I haven't made your evening too much more complicated with my surprise." She nods her head again as the man disengages, allowing her at last to look around and take stock, eyes seeking out her other great interest - her eldest brother.

"Of course." Callem answers, stepping back to let the looks to Solara and Conall to go without interception, and taking that moment to take his new arrived daughter by the shoulders and give her a big smile. "Welcome home, Roslin." he says before turning to meet the whole of the gathered crowd.

"There is so much to celebrate. My brother, King Isaac, is in our castle. My youngest daughter has arrived as well. Tonight we will show how Mobrin celebrates. There will be feast and wine. There will be music and dance. Tonight the ground will tremble from here to Laniveer." his tone is powerful and jovial. His hand is now offered, as in a dance invitation, to the Queen, before moving inside of the castle for the upcoming party.

Caedmon bows to the count and baroness again. "I would be glad for the company," he agrees. "Lord Aldren, I beg your forgiveness, but I would like to speak to your sister privately for a short time. She has been most helpful in my task of preparing healers throughout the city so that they will be ready to hand significant emergencies should they arise."

Conall rolls his eyes about his father, "I suppose he is." He doesn't seem to be going to follow along though. "I am not really sure what has happened past what happened just now." He tells her and keeps his same tone. Turning to head out of there. Perhaps for a breather or so on. Since he will probably have to keep around in case his dad wish to speak to him.

Look between Caedmon and Aldren, Wenna nods her head and begins walking to the door. "Come now." She motions to them both. "The quicker we are the better." She tells them both. She turns quickly enough to offers a stiff curtsy to the kings and queen and then goes to slips out of the throne room.

For her own part, Princess Roslin takes her father's embrace and returns it - a quick show of paternal affection, and then life must go one. Still, she seems entirely satisfied by it, and takes a moment to watch her father move about the room, beaming with pride. After that, she is pulled aside by another guest, arm in arm with a woman, and smiling as she marches her way toward the party.

Solara look towards the kings as they head for booze, and she then gives her brother a brief smile. It's good, she's fine. So far. Then without another word, she turns to follow Conall. Of course her maid and guards come along with, since they are still there keeping watch.

Aldren looks incredulously to his sister as she presumes to start without him. He just shakes his head and follows though chuckling a bit now as she makes her way. Still, he does hurry to help her.

Caedmon follows the twins to the door, and stops as well to turn and bow before slipping out amid the growing chaos.

Disappearing for a long moment, Logen returns and moves into the crowd to find Caitlyn. When he does he smiles, and the light in his eyes could remind one of the dawn after a week long storm. "My Caitlyn, I am so happy to see you. I've arranged a moonlight picnic for us in the gardens, some of the feast's selections will be brought in a basket along with a mug of hot chocola and a couple blankets. I am sorry your brother could not be here, but word from him via letter gave permission for one night a week I could indeed still hold you and I choose tonight to be this week's." he looks into her eyes, hoping she'll agree to this.

Robben looks around at the people present now, looking a bit thoughtful. Staying until it seems safe to go somewhere else, it would seem.

Caitlyn's demeanor changes when she sees Logen approach. She stands straighter, her smile warming comsiderably from the proper maxk she is forced to wear. She places a hand on his arm in a courtly manner as he speaks, her eyes crinkling with pleasure at his invitation. "Thank you, your highness, " she murmers softly, a hint of a furrow appearing on her brow as Cedric is mentioned. "His absemce is…unfortunate, but I am…honored to join you." such an understatement. Her pleasure at the thoght is plainly written on her open features.

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