Sess 36, 229: Arming the Guards

Arming the Guards
Summary: The Kundari and a little Mowbray Lady go shopping for Weapons.
OOC Date: 23/March/2014 (OOC)
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Kilpatrick Arms
The shop itself is small yet neatly organized with all the various bows, arrows and other weapons put on display without any waste of space. Bows, swords and daggers, among other bladed weapons, hang from the walls, showing of their crafters' talents, while bows sit tidily in baskets for inspection and, hopefully purchase. Tucked along the back wall is a long table meant for use as work space with the various tools of the trade set out upon it, close at hand, and a tall, backless stool set before it.
From the main room one can find a door that leads towards the back, where the forge and a small stables can be found, and a narrow staircase that leads to the small living space on the second floor.
Sess 36, 229

Amid a bustle of activity, a couple of Kundari royals enter the shop. Holding the hand of the female of the two is a little blonde haired girl on her best behavior. The girl wears an impish smile and is dressed identical to the Princess she holds hands with, both in a somber black saree with gold edging and up to the golden tiara with aquamarine colored stones. A handmaid and a few guards follow along with the group. "We will go see your father today, if he is feeling up to it." The princess speaks to the young girl. The younger girl responds by beaming a bright smile and bounces towards the counter, toting the Princess along.

Altair follows after his sister and the girl now, unable to hold back a smile as he watches the two of them. He doesn't say much at the moment, just looking around the shop now.

Cillian Kilpatrick moves up from the back of the shop. There's a flicker of surprise as he sort-of recognizes the Kundari contingent, but he bows from the waist while leaning on his cane and speaks up. "Welcome to Kilpatrick Arms, Highnesses and Lady. I'm Master Cillian Kilpatrick. My wife and I run the shop. Something in particular I can help you all with?" He's a big man, as befits a smith, with long hair pulled into a ponytail and a full beard. He's definitely dressed for work, too.

And there's Cillian's wife, coming in from their modest living area upstairs. In her hand is a plate of tidbits for dinner, bringing it to him instead of making him stop work for the evening. Imagine her surprise when she notices they are not the only ones here. Looking between Cill and the others, her face faintly flushed.

"Thank you for the kind welcome, Master Kilpatrick. Mistress Kilpatrick," Nima adds after his wife joins as well. At her side, Elly does a cute little curtsy. "Thank you for the lovely welcome." Trying to imitate the princess while Nima smiles proudly down at her. "I am Nima al-Milan and this little princess is Elly Mowbray. My brother is Altair al-Milan. We were coming by to see about a few weapons. I will leave the ones for our guards to my brother, he is more trained in that sort of thing. However, I would like a small bow and a quiver of arrows for my little friend here." Just then Elly pipes up. "I want pink! Pink ummm.." Lifting vivid blue eyes to Nima for assistance. "Fletching," she whispers with a soft chuckle, for the girl, gazing down at her with genuine affection as Elly finishes. "Oh yes, I want pink fletching for my arrows."

Altair nods a little as he hears the greetings from Cillian, offering him a polite nod, before he offers the same to the man's wife as well. "A pleasure to meet you both," he offers to them. Unable to hold back a bit of laughter as he hears Elly, he offers a grin to the girl. It doesn't last too long, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "With the current troubled state of events, we will need to upgrade our guards' weapons. So far we has only had relatively simple, yet heavy blades, but we might need something light so they can be wielded a bit faster, yet still strong."

Cillian holds out a hand to beckon Gwen more fully into the room, a glimmer of a smile turned in her direction, "I think we can arrange all that easily enough, depending on the number of blades yer lookin' for, Highness." It's an odd thing, but Cillian finds himself more at ease amongst the Kundari nobility than he might most nobles of Mobrin. After all, no Kundari ever locked him up and turned him into slave labor for years. "Sounds as though ye may just need better steel. You have a sample of what yer guards are used to wieldin'?" He does take the plate from Gwen if she approaches, leaning over to peck her on the cheek before setting it safely aside for the moment. He then hobbles over to where he keeps his slate and chalk to start making a few notations. "I think my lovely wife can see tl the young Lady's order." He adds towards Altair with a smile, giving Elly a wink after a moment.

Gwenifer purses her lips and dips into as much of a curtsey as she can, it perhaps not as deep, and therefore perhaps not seen as being as respectful as she means for it to be, thanks to the plate full of food she holds in hand. Supper is set where it'll hopefully stay warm while the little girl's regarded, Gwen's brow creased in thought. "I can do pink fletching easy enough," she muses out loud, "but I've never made a bow for a child before. It might take a bit of time for me to get the pull just right." Elly is regarded with a light smile. "You are planning on learning archery, yes? This isn't just for play?"

"Princess Nima is gonna teach me. She said I needa learn how now that I'm this big. Her daddy taught her when she was this big." Elly replies easily, brimming with enthusiasm. She smiles back to Altair and closes both eyes in an attempt at a return wink to Cillian. Nima watches Elly indulgently, holding her hand still, just to keep certain where the active little girl is at all times. While the men speak about the blades, she speaks to the woman about the bow. "I understand." She does speak the native tongue of Mobrin, but her accent is as unmistakable as the olive of her skin tone and darkness of her hair. Quite contrary to the others, her brother even, her eyes are the lightest of blue while the others of her people are dark. "Yes, Mistress. I would like to teach her archery. I recently found out how important my own learning had been."

Nodding towards one of the guards that came with them, Altair offers another smile to the weaponsmith. "These," he replies, as the guard moves to place his weapon on the counter for the moment. This particular weapon is clearly a blade meant for using in open spaces, a bit heavy. "The weapons we brought with us from home are more suited for the desert and other outdoor places."

Cillian nods as he studies the blade, making sure it's all right before he picks it up, getting a feel for the heft and balance of it, before setting it back down, "Do ye want something t' -replace- these, or somethin' they can carry along with?" The smith queries, reaching up to rub at his beard in thought, "Sailors like the Cutlass because it's light and good for in-close use. Longswords would be a bit heavier, but still likely light enough. Makes for an easier time when using a shield, too." He chuckles, "Unless you want me to try to experiment."

"I will make her some blunt arrows first," is said easily by Gwenifer, her response directed to Nima although she looks between both the woman and her young charge, "that way she can get used to drawing the bow, aiming and shooting without risk of injury to herself or others. Once she gets the hang of such then she can take to using arrows with heads upon them." There's a smile before Gwen moves to where a small board and a piece of burnt wood can be found on a table and she starts to write down a few notes.

"I think that would be best, Mistress. Thank you for the offer in doing so." Nima looks to Elly who wears an expression of debate. Finally the young girl nods decisively. "Thank you for the offer in doing so." Echoing the words of the Princess exactly. "Me an' Nima gotta go, Prince Altair. She promised me I can see daddy today." She tips her head back, fully expecting a kiss to her cheek.

A brief grin is offered to Cillian now, before he adds, "How good might you be at experimenting, Master Kilpatrick. I would like to hear what you have in mind, at least." A brief pause as he hears Elly's words now, smiling as he leans down to lift the girl for a few moments, before he kisses her cheek. "Of course, Elly. Say hello to your daddy from me." A brief pause, before he adds, "And make sure you look after my sister for me, yes?"

"Well…" Cillian rubs at his chin some more, "I've had some ideas. I'm as fine a smith as any I've met, and I don't say that t' idly boast." He rubs at his beard a bit more, "Single edge…give it a bit of a curve so it'll be less inclined to hang on armor when it cuts. Should be good for tighter quarters and while mounted." Cillian considers, "Weight it right and it should have plenty of cutting power." He considers, "I can make you a sample if y' like, and then ya can decide." Cillian notes, "If ya don't like it, I'm sure someone will purchase it as a novelty or somesuch eventually. It'll be distinctive too…stand out from other guards out there."

"Do take care," Gwen offers those about to depart before she finishes writing her notes, giving the two a wave as well. Now able to get her mind more into work, the bowyer listens to Cillian speak with Altair while she goes to look through a selection of small branches and limbs she has saved for making arrows out of. Thankfully a springy one's found out of those and she goes about getting it bent.

"Oh I will!" Elly assures importantly to Altair, slipping her hand back into that of the Princess. Nima bows her head to the wife of the blacksmith, offering a gracious and grateful smile. "Thank you, Mistress. It was lovely meeting with you both." She smiles to the smith as well before looking at her brother. "And you also, be careful.. you know of the threats given us." Her voice is soft spoken, concern and worry though is there. "Just be.. safe, please." Before she makes her way out.

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