27 Alasair, 228: Archery Practice

Archery Practice
Summary: The Haraveans are joined by various others at the archery butts.
OOC Date: 14/Sep/2013
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Practice Fields - City of Stormvale
A barn of sorts stands at one side of this barren field. There is a fence haphazardly built and marking the edges of the fence. The barn is large enough to be used during inclement weather, though it limits the practice to only one event at a time and certainly jousting is not possible. Usually, the barn is used to store wooden archery butts, a couple tables, a few benches, and practice equipment. Weather permitting, this is the area where the town guard and those who cannot afford better practice areas come to practice arts martial - melee, unarmed, archery or some combination therein.
27 Alasair, 228

Aldren can afford better practice grounds but this is more familiar. Pulling out the archery butts he calls to his couisin. "Been some time Eoin!" The words are jovial and japish.

Eoin leans easily on his bow as he watches Aldren prepare the butts. "Well if you will keep insisting that you want the shipping routes clear cousin," he calls back, tone equally jovial. "I swear to the Gods I was startng to think you were trying to avoid me deliberately. I mean, keeping me busy was one thing, but moving to Stormvale?" His features still sporting an amused smile he shifts his balance slightly so he doesn't have to rely on his bow for balance, then starts to roll his shoulders a little, warming the muscles up a little in preperation for the upcoming shoot.

This morning brings with it a prince prepped to shoot something. Dressed in dappled gray leather armor, Logen has his quiver tied to his belt and thigh and his stained wood recurve ready to go. It's the type of bow used from horseback, but for today the prince is dismounted. He heads out onto the field and spying Eoin and Aldren makes his way over to them. Three guards silently take up watch of their ward as he gets close to Eoin, "Hello there, mind if I join in? I'm not very good with a bow, but I should practice when I can."

"Yes well, Greenshire can become boring." Aldren smirks a bit as he heads away from the target and allows someone to shoot, perhaps the prince… A slight bow is offered for the randy noble as the Count says,"Aye, join us. We will learn you good ser." Once again a good japish rousing is thrown at the recently married /man/ and his couisin as well."

Eoin doesn't recognise the approaching man, but given his bearing and the guards he offers a bow in the same form as his cousin. Eyeing the man's bow with a practiced eye he then gestures broadly towards the prepared butt. "Please, let us see how you loose. You are right though, the secret is practice." Tilting his head a little towards Aldren then he raises an eyebrow slightly, although his expression still tells that he's amused, "so you've fled to Court for entertainment then? And here was me thinking you had your eye on some Lady."

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
Knocking, drawing, aiming, fireing, follow though. Logen does all these in order like he's been trained to do, but it shows that he's practiced them one after the other. There is little flow or grace to the movements. The arrow flies through the air just fine and hits the target off center. Logen smiles, proud of himself for making the hit.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Great Success.
When his couisin speaks of the fairer sex Aldren smiles. "My eye is on many young ladies." When the prince looses the Count follows the arrow with his eye. "Well done." Now he readies himself, looking to Logen he fires. The arrow takes the target just inches inside the Kilgour's.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Archery: Great Success.
Eoin moves round to where he can watch Logen's form and it's several moments after the arrow has been loosed before he turns to se where it struck. A turn of his head to Aldren and he states with a smile, "I can see why we send so many of our own to the royal armies cousin." Then back to Logen, "you think you can put three more in a grouping with it?" Moving to a firing position of his own he uses the tip of his first arrow to make a mark in the ground by the toe of his front foot, then takes aim at the target. "See that tuft of straw sticking out near the top?" He doesn't want for a reply before he looses, holding still for a second or two as the arrow impaces less than an inch away from teh called spot. Only then does he relax his stance again and turn back to the others. "Many young ladies is it Cousin?" he asks with a wry smile," why, I never thought you had it in you."

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Failure.
"I'll give it a try at least." Logen states as he readies the next arrow, aiming, firing, follow through. Such a practiced rudimentary form, the first arrow flys nicely and sinks into the target a couple inches from his first one, the white fletching being his tell tale arrow. He repeats the form, knocking, drawing, aiming, firing, follow through… but the arrow goes wide and lands some distance behind the butt. The prince hrms, and looks to the others to see what they are doing when firing.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Good Success.
Aldren laughs when his couisin compliments his shot and when he pokes fun at him. "Do not worry, they have it in them." He now reaches behind his surcoat and beneath his belt. A flagon is produced and he drinks deeply. Tossing it to Eoin he says, "Brushberry, from our homeland. I keep it on hand usually. Share with Logen when you are done so we can toast his recent marriage." The Kilgour now losses an arrow and it strikes true. A respectable nod is shown to the other Haravean before the second flies wildly. Then an audible laugh. When Logen looks to them he says, "Like this." Drawing his string near the tip of his ear he gracefully releases. The arrow splits the princes. Humbly he says, "Don't think. It is the downfall of many a great man."

Eoin watches Logen again as he looses again, once more focusing on the form of the shot rather than the destination of the arrow. "As he says, don't over think it. Concentrate on the feel of the shot and don't rush your release, you're beter off leaving you hand up at your cheek for a moment or two than dropping it stright off. You can somes move to early and disrupt the shot itself." Catching the drink he glances down range and eyes the arrow placement as he takes a swig. "Your second one there was okay, but you need to focus on trying to get all your arrows that close to each other every time you shoot. Once you can do then, then you can start to worry about moving you aim into the gold. To do that though, you need to work on making each release the same as the last. Consistency, that is the key." Another swig of the drink before it's passed across to Logen, although if the name mean she's now placed the prince for who he is it doesn't immeditely show. "That and not tensing up, never tense up."

The flask is taken, held for a long moment before closed and handed to Aldren. "I thank you for the toast, but… as a pact with my lady wife, I will no longer drink alcohols." he turns to Eoin, "That is what the instructors were teaching me, however… this is a much harder task for me than blade work." he pulls his next arrow and practices his form a bit, drawing to his cheek, then slowly letting it back without firing. He practices dryfire several times before looking to them again.

Aldren nods as his couisin gives his advice. "He tells it true." He offers to the prince when Eoin is finished. When the Kilgour sasys he has sworn off liquor on his better half's request the Count cannnot contain his laugh. "Really Sir?" He takes the drink back and goes all Greenshire on it ;) He passes it back to his kin if he will accept. "Surely she is a happier woman for it." The japish tone he often carries rings loudly in the words and he nods to the prince afterwards as if that will excuse the slight if that is how it was taken…

Eoin raises an eyebrow at the details of said pact, then breaks out into a broad grin and tilts his head towards Aldren. "You now, I knew there was a reason I had avoided marrage," then to Logen, "I wish you luck with that." Watching the test draws he moves his head a little as required, checking on various parts of the action before he reaches with his own bow to tap the tip of it against the Prince's draw arm albow. "Keep that steasdy, andmake sure you arm is inline with the arrow, not sticking out at any old angle, also," he gestures with the bow tip again towards the other elbow, "don't over stretch and get that in the way, you'll end up with an archer's glory and I doubt your lady wife would find that pleasing to view." Accepting the flask once more he takes another swig before capping it and passing it back again.

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
Working to take their advice into account, Logen fires. The first arrow barely misses the top of the target and lands a couple feet behind it. The second one grazes one of the arrows already in the target and bounces away. The third one flies amazingly true and sinks almost center. There's a small hard won pride with the result of the last shot. The young prince turns to look again at the two standing with him. He doesn't seem to talk much.

The Count joins in with the shared grin at the man's sobriety. Taking the Flagon back he drinks again and says, "Happy wife, happy life." A mock toast is offered before he drinks, yet again. The wine has taken a bit of effect, and it is obvious as his next words come out a bit more loud than may be proper."Well done!" he says to the prince when he makes the proper adjustments.

Eoin spots the look on Logan's face as the third arrow hits, deciding to be nice and not burst the younger man's bubble by point out that while the arrow might be good and centre, it's a long way from his others. Shaking his head slightly at the state of the grouping he shifts his weight so he's leaning partically on his own bow and looks at the stave in the prince's hand. "You considered a heavier riser? That and maybe try tweeking your poundage a little, it'll help keep your arm steadier."

Arriving at the practice field is a knight in training leathers, the purple cloak marking him as one of the famed knights of Rioga. Ruthgar lets his pale grey gaze wander about the area and swiftly notices the small gathering by the archery targets. With one brow curiously raised he approaches, offering the nobles and the prince a bow in greeting. "Your highness. Count Aldren." His gaze flits to Eoin whom he is not yet acquainted with, and so he introduces himself to the man. "Ruthgar Ruxton. Baron of Dellhaven." That latter part added a bit belatedly, as he still needs to get used to that title.

There's a small not to Aldren's 'toast' of his wife, and Logen then turns to look at Eoin as he speaks. "I'm no real archer, so I've not considered really anything different than the bow that was given to me as a gift." he looks at his stained wood recurve, the type used from horseback. The prince dryfires again, working his back muscles, then switching sides to work the opposite muscles. At least he isn't favoring just one arm. His dappled gray leather armor creaks slightly as he changes sides. This also gives him a chance to see Ruthgar and nods to him. "Hello Baron, nice to see you again."

A visit to the castle eaerlier to deliver candles and honey to the Castle let word pass to Daelina's ears that there was some sort of practice of sorts going on at the practice fields. It does not seem to be a closed off event as Daelina makes her way along the periphery of the field, finding the right spot from which to watch and observe. How could she not enjoy watching such feats and tests of skill when and if given the opportunity - especialy when such a rarity for her.

Eoin notes the approach of the knight but is seemingly more intersted in Loren's form than the new arrival. The words 'Your Highness' get his attention though and he turns his head to look between the knight and prince for a moment. It seems that Logen and Aldren had been keeping that particualr facet of identity from him. Stil, he's not about to start making a fuss of it now, not since he's been passin gon instruction for the past while, so he merely returns Ruthgar's introduction with his own credentials, "Eoin Haravean." There's a nod to Logen's comments about not having though of using another bow and he's about to reply when the an switches arm. "Ah, no, you don't want to be doing that. You work out what handed you are, and that can be different than writing and swordplay, and you stick to it, or you'll confuse all your muscles. I'm sure your instructors will have told you which to use?" Or he'll recommend firing them on the spot and hiring some more, likely from Greenshire. He's too busy concentrating on that for the moment though, and so has not as of yet spotted that they now have an audience.

Wenna who is a tall dressed in a plain dark grey linen grown. Walking stiffly enters onto the practice field; she walks with hitch on her right side. Her long chestnut brown has been braided and bound up. There is a smile gracing her lips and her eyes though surround with dark circles are bright with her smile. Over her shoulder she is carring and unstrung bow and a quiver a guard follows her not far behind. Her guard is dressed in the colors of Greenshire.

"The pleasure is all mine, your highness," comes Ruthgar's swift and polite reply to Logen's greeting, as he inclines his head to the Prince. "Well met, Lord Eoin", he adds towards the new acquiantance with a slightly friendlier tone. "May I inquire in what way you are related to the Count here?" Then he glimpses Wenna, and his pale grey gaze flits downward as he offers her another bow. "Baroness."

A nod is given to the Ruxton when he approaches and Aldren quickly prepares his next shot. Before he can loose his sister appears though and it sets him off. "Wenna," He rushes forth to embrace her and a loving hug is given. After, he escorts her the resto the way and adds, "Show the prince here what every five year old in Greenshire can do." After he throws a playfull elbow to the Kilgour to show he was just japing. He spies the common girl Daelina now and flashes his unruly wink. "Do you shoot as well?" The words are kind and inviting.

Well, whatever the case, depending on whatever part of any conversation, Daelina might overhear, she wouldn't know a bow string from a fishing line, save that for the moment, she can see on the various bows present, waht a bow string is. Aswel, she'd have no earthly idea what peroper procedures would even be for using a bow. She does spy, however, a few familiar faces that have been seen about the city and other places. So, it is with great interest that she settles in, once her observation spot is found, to regard the proceedings. The day is pleasant, the surroundings pleasant (for all that they are), and the proceedings quite interesting.

Eoin is still leaning a little on his bow as he nods in reply to the young knight, "well met indeed Baron." Is he getting old, or are Barons just getting younger and younger? Noting the man's previous slight hesitation before using the title he takes a guess and adds, "comisserations on your loss," assuming that the newness is due to the loss of his father. Aldren then gets a glance and he answers, "we're cousins, in the first degree." The bow to Wenna draws his attention over to her and he smiles warmly at the sight, offing his arms for another embrace once Aldren is done with her. "Good day Cousin, I trust it finds you well?"

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
As the prince listens, he decides to fire again. Looking down the range, Logen starts up his rudimentary rather practiced form. Knocking, drawing, aiming, firing, follow through. Each arrow is fired at a different target though. The first one sinking into the packed straw just left of center, the second one striking center stright down range, the third striking center but angled to the right. Logen's torso twists with the motion of firing as he practices a standing version of horseback archery.

"Baron," Wenna offers Ruthgar a small curtsy that is interrupted by her brother. She throws her arms around her brother and she hugs him tightly. "Aye I can do that brother, though I am not certain how good I will be. It has been a while since I have handled a bow, but let us see how good I am since I am out of practice." She grins as she looks to her Cousin. "Still melting cousin and wondering when autumn will come." She offers Daelina a bow of her head when she sees her brothers gaze and hears his request. Stepping away from her brother she goes to take her place in the archery range. Her guard hangs back as her brother and her cousin are there. Once she finds her place she moves to string her unstrung bow. Her gaze goes to where the Duke is and she nods her head and she offers him a curtsy as is proper. But she remains quiet so as not to harm his concentration.

Ruthgar observes the shooting rather half-heartedly as archery never really has managed to arouse his ambition to excell in it. "No loss, my lord," the Ruxton corrects Eoin's remark. "I was awarded the title just recently. My father, the Duke of Weston is still well enough, as you might have heard." His pale grey gaze rests on Logen for a moment while the prince places those shots, but then he shrugs and moves on to do some sword practice as that is what he came for. "My lords. Your highness. Baroness." Off he goes.

Daelina dips hastily, in the proper respects to one and all, once she realizes that she's been noticed. So much for casual observation it seems. "Alas, no, m'milord" she offers when it's a convenient time (i.e., when they're not firing). "But it is interesting to watch."

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Good Success.
When the Kilgour is finished and greetings have commenced the Count moves forward. Standing to the side of his sister he knotches two arrows. Relasing they land mere inches away from each other and within the third ring. He looks now to the auburn haired innkeepers daughter. "It is easy, let me show you." A hasty flirtatious smirk is flashed to her as he insist with the motion of his hand that she come closer.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Archery: Good Success.
Eoin notes Daelina's presence now, although he offers her no more than a polite smile before he's turning back to those closer. Ruthgar gets nod of acknowledgement at the correction then a further nod as he departs, after that the Baron is left to do his own practice. Logen's shots are watched, carefully, but the action seems smoother so he makes no comment on the form this time. Aldren on the other hand, he gets a wide grin as he proclaims his cousin a "show off!" Only one way to answer that of course, and so he approaches the line again, looking for the mark he's made last time. Once he's settled in position he nocks an arrow and looses it down range in one swift motion, not moving his bow arm until he's heard the thump of the impact square between Aldren's two shafts.

Daelina casts wary eyes about, surrounded on all sides but, as always, her ever cheerful nature, that bouyant sense of adventure and general ability to jsut be around people comes to the fore, wary though she may be. What could it hurt right? Hopefully. She makes her way towards Lord Aldren, with only the faintest of trepidation showing, this was not her intent. Observation was what she'd intended, after all.

<FS3> Wenna rolls Archery: Success.
With a laugh Wenna shakes her head. "Mistress you can use my bow as his has a stronger pull." She shakes her head and looks to her brother "You are incorrigible flirt." With that said she strings her bow. She then adjusts the laces of her bracers. Once this is done she tests the pull of the bow. She smiles brightly and there is an ecstatic look on her face. Relaxing for a moment she watches the others before she goes to take an arrow from her quiver. The arrow is properly placed and she is in the zone as she draws the bow and takes aim at the target and lets the arrow fly. The familiar long missed sound of arrows backside humming have her beaming as the arrow hits the target firmly.

There's a long moment of serious whispering between the prince and an attendant who'd come to take his time. Logen frowns deeply but returns to the field to watch for now. At this point is when he notices Daelina and nods to her, "Hello again, Miss Daelina. Good to see you out and about. My wife loved the honey you'd brought, we'll probably stop by together sometime to purchase more of it from you, and candles, scented ones if you make them."

Daelina watches, much can be learned or picked up by observation. Basics, perhaps, if not skills and actual usage. But, generalities and ideas. Perhaps,a t this moment, watching Lady Wenna for the moment, as that good Lady had offered the use of her bow, being more in line, of course, for a female's use.
And, with a start, turns back to offer another hasty, deeper curtsy as Prince Logen speaks. "You're most welcome, Your Highnes. My congratulations, and that of my father, on your nuptials. We will most honored to be able to offer more."

Eoin seems content enough with his shot and relinquishes his place on the line once more. It does not appear that this particualr Haravean feels he needs to prove himself here. Except occasionally when Aldren tries something flash perhaps. No no, it seems that he's far more interested in resting on his bow and watching to see how much useful instruction his cousin is going to give, and how much outright flirting.

As Daelina approaches reluctantly the Count smiles. "It is easy." He knotches another arrow and looses easily and it takes the target dead-center. He looks to his cousin now with that prideful glare he is so fond of. "Top that." He pulls the wine back out and sips, when he is done it is flung behind his back and his sister creepily catches it without even looking… And Aldren offers no tips but much flirting as he looks back to Daelina, "Try mys sisters, I insist." He winks to her again and signals to his twin to share the alcholic delights!

Another arrow is gotten from her quiver and Wenna sends it flying again. Joyously she looks up at the sky. Without looking she reaches out to capture the libation her brother is throwing towards her. She then holds her bow out to the Mistress. She looks to Cousin and then then Prince. "Did I mention he is the best shot in the Shire? Mistress take my bow and he will instruct you. Cousin care to share the Count's drink? Prince you are welcome to a drink as well if you would wish." She grins and limps to get out of the way incase arrows go astray.

"Lets see you do that from a rolling deck!" Eoin calls over to Aldren, although he's still making no sign of returning to the line himself yet. Turning to Wenna as she offers the drink he holds his hand out to accept the flask again and takes a good swip before passing it back. Bypassing the Prince entirely.

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
Taking back his spot on the line, Logen starts up his practice. Knocking, drawing, aiming, firing, follow through. He repeats this three times as he twists at the torso, firing the shots into their mark. The first one clusters with the first arrow he'd shot into it, the second one finding its mark in the center with the first one of that target, the third falls just a couple inches shy of the first arrow for that target. Logen takes a moment, one of his guards stepping close to hand him something to drink from, he drinks, a little water drips onto his leather armor.

Daelina takes the proferred bow, when it is offered to her, holding it with an obviously unskilled hand. Watching as Lady Wenna goes off to one side, then back to Lord Aldren and the others, more than certain in her mind, that she's going to do something disastrous - like shoot someone in the foot or worse. SO, she has no doubts as to why Wenna is making a subtle retreat. Yes, eyeing the bow in her hand, jsut waht do we do with this thing? Eyes go back to watching the Prince's arrows, then a sideways glance towards Aldren. Eoin's words capture her attention and she looks that way. There….are two of them!!! Eyes darting back towards Aldren now.

When his sister lets her arrow fly the Count smiles, "Well done, well done." The words are not contrived in the least. Eoin's remark is met with a scoff as he says, "No, no. You may guard the shores for me cousin. I will be content drowning in the wine." He laughs a bit now and waits for Daelina to come nearer so he may help her in advancing past the princes skills with a bow. Assuming she does not flinch or take offense he stands behind her, offering his left hand to hers to assist in the elegant motion that is used in drawing the string backwards. His right arm would move around to make sure the subtle yew bow is held firm and taut.

With the flask back in her hand Wenna takes a drink since the prince is now truly ignoring them. She has her attention on her brother, the Mistress and her Cousin. "Brother if you do not give her instruction I shall, though you and Eoin are much better at it than I. I am good at teaching healing." Wenna comments to both men as she takes another swing and hands it back to her Cousin the Captain. "Brother well met." She comments to him. Then to the Mistress she says. "It is an important skill to know, archery that and a few other skills."

OH, this was most definately not what she had planned this day, no, not at all, it was not! Daelina allows, of course, the instruction; it was offered, to run in the face of challenge would not suit her adventurous nature. It may, perhaps - no, of a certainty, make her nervous, glancing a wary eye about for a moment. No, no signs of laughter nor imminent embarassment - yet.

Eoin keeps half an eye on Logen and his form, nodding in silent appreciation at that particular grouping. "That's what you want to be aiming for, now you just need to practice for three or fours hours a day for the next ten years or so and we might just finda place for you in our lines." His tone is light, jovial, and he accepts the flask back again once more before turning to watch just what Aldren is doing, not making any comment yet, but definitely seeming at least vaguely amused by proceedings.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Great Success.
Assuming the Count has not scared the young delightful Daelina away yet he continues to assist her in her new found talent. He perhaps moves a bit closer than is necesary as he helps her release the arrow. It strikes mere inches from the center and he says, "See, easy." He now looks for the wine from his couisin so he may celebrate his tutorial skills and take in the visual wonder that in the inn keepers daughter.

Realizing, of course, that 99.9% of the arrow's success in striking the target was more due to the 'instruction' of Aldren taht any skill on her own part, Daelina still wears a smile, as she nods to Aldren. "I see, it doesn't seem that difficult, perhaps at all. Thank you, m'lord."

Taking time to just practice his form, Logen stays quiet and to himself. A royal trainer happened to walk by and notice the prince, walking over to assist him with his form and fire. Off to the side they go as the prince takes his instructions.

Eoin takes another swig of the wine before tossing the rapidly emptying flask back towards Aldren, careful not to brain Daelina with it as he does so. He watches the prince and his trainer from a distance fo a bit before turning to Wenna and stating with an amused shrug, "we should get them to hire one of our instructors. Prince or not I've seen boys shoot better than him. As I was saying to Aldren earlier, it's no wonder we supply such a high percentage of the army's archers if this is what the rest of the kingdom can manage."

"Not at all," the count offers back to the young girl. "Try again," He moves back closer now to she if she will allow him to assist again. He is not incertive, but he is in that gray area… The wine is flung back to Eoin and he says, "Watch now cousin, you may learn something." That prideful confident smirk that he is famous for comes before he presses the common girl a bit more for her instruction. He laughs loudly when the Haravean speaks of the prince shooting like a princess and chooses not to elaborate. Instead he shares a silent laugh with his sister as they look to each other simultaneously. A nod is given from one to the other after and a knowing smile. Then, he chooses to pursue his own endeavours as he continues to attempt in Daelina's learning of the bow, Greenshire status ;)

With that look given to her Brother and the silent laugh shared, Wenna attention is then drawn back to her cousin so she can respond. "Cousin our Prince was not given a bow as soon as he was out of the womb like we were. It just is not their tradition. He cannot help it as when they were born they were given a sword instead of a bow." She explains to him. She moves to shift her weight so she is more comfortable. She shifts her weight again as she grows uncomfortable.

For Delina's part, she will again, allow the proper /intruction/ as it were. Far be it for her to be any less than someone named Lila, perhaps, in allowing herself a chance to perhaps learn someting she might not have at any other time. Grateful, flashing a demure smile at the 'good' Haravean for not bashing her on the head with a wine skin, a slightly aghast look at what that one said about the Prince; she then glances aside to Aldren, as she lets her fingers take the proper position with proper guidance.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Archery: Good Success.
"Learn something? From you?" Eoin replies almost incredulously, grinning to his cousin as he moves back to his mark again. "Keep kidding youself if you must Aldren, but I know better." Loosing a couple of arrows down range he nods contently as they thump into the target almost ontop of each other, then reaches into his quiver for a third, only to find it empty. Turning back to the others he notes, "we should probably go collect when you're done there Cousin," meaning with Delina. Wenna's words just get a nod, although he's still firmly of the opinion that works needs to be done.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Archery: Amazing Success.
Aldren ignores his cousin and his wellplaced shots. He does however assist Daelina in the proper grip as he intertwines his fingers to hers, to guide them properly of course. He helps her loose another arrow and it strikes inside Eoin's group. "You shoot better than Eoin there." The Count says happily as he steps back and offers a little mock bow to the girl. "My lady, are you from the county? You should help the prince." The words are loud and japish as he looks to Logen and laughs a bit good-heartedly.

The castle becomes a prison at times, even for those whose days are filled with the king's business. To escape briefly, Caedmon is wandering along the road at a leisurely stroll. On such occasions, he usually carries arms, including a bow, a quiver full of arrows, and a sword, for protection and as additional weight so that his walks provide more exercise than they might to an unarmed man. When he nears the training ground, the voices draw his attention and he veers from his path to investigate. When he sees several people shooting at targets, he calls "Good day to you!" He waves, signaling without a word that he does not want the formalities that some might be tempted to offer. He draws closer and eyes the targets. "Whowever had this idea deserves congratulations! Do you mind another?" While he asks, he pulls at the leather strap on his quiver.

"Be certain to gather the arrows before you go." She tells both her bother and cousin. "That includes mine. I am done walking for the day." She announces to them both. "Long night," she explains.
Turning her attention to Dea she grins. "You are doing very well Mistress, very well indeed. You should come and practice with myself and Mistress Eloise." She says to her. "In fact I should bother the good mistress and see if she will join us." She then looks at her Brother and in a gentle tone she says to her Brother. "Brother I will not have you dueling. Please, careful with your words." Then there is Caedmon who appears. "Baron and the Voice!" She turns when she hears his voice and she offers him a deep curtsy that is stiff.

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
Three more shots fired from the prince's bow, the first one thunks solidly into the target, the second one hits the target but the power is lacking and it falls free, the third one sticks and is only about an inch from the first one. Logen's practice with the royal instructor seems to be helping his aim at least, it would appear the man is giving Logen instruction now on power of the draw.

Daelina says, "You jest, my lord, surely. All my apparent skill is only due to your most kind instruction. It is your your aim than mine that guides the arrow. But again, my thanks and no, I am not from the country, no." as she turns to look at Aldren, her usual smile on her face. To Wenna's words, "My lady that would be an honor I owuld not have ever thought of…". Of course, when Wenna greets Caedmon, her eyes go there and she offers a curtsey as well, even if she glances towards Aldren at the same time,"

Eoin snorts briefly at Aldren's remark, then draws back from teh line again given his lack of arrows. The call from the road has him turning that way and he gives Caedmon a friendly wave in greeting once he recognises the man. "Feel free, we're just showing the locals how it's done," he quips, offering over the flask of wine as he does so. 'We' being the Haraveans and 'the locals' being anywone else it would seem.

Caitlyn's twin handmaidens, Veruca and Violet follow Caitlyn as she approaches the practice field, carrying a well made, carefully maintained hardwood bow with a well polished gleam. She looks around for Logen and smiles as she sees him off to the side with the rpyal instructor. She approaches but does not interrupt the lesson.

Aldren ignore his sister when she protests to his quippery! He sees Caedmon and waves, "Baron, do join us. My sister is growing tiresome." He looks to her and smiles. Just ribbing of course. To Daelina he says, "Nonsense. though I yearn to show you again, " the wine soaked flirtation obvious, "try on your own." He sees Logen's better half now and offers a polite bow, "M'lady."

Eoin is as ignorant of Caitlyn's name as he had been of Logen's earlier, but if Aldren is bowing then it's a good indication that he should too. "My Lady," he offers, with an easy, relaxed smile, but once it becomes apparent that she's heading for the Prince he leaves the pair of them to it, turning back ot his own family instead and mouthing to Aldren, 'she the one who said no drinky-drinky?'

Caedmon bows to Daelina, and finally to Wenna, when they greet him with their curtsies. "Good day to you, mistress and baroness," he greets. Then he nods to Eoin. "I'm very glad to see that, Captain!" he calls, knowing as yet no other title for the man except cousin. "I urged Count Aldren not long ago that I would like to see improvement in the archery here," he observes. He looks again at the row of targets, then he looks to Wenna. "Tiresome? Then I should take her away so that she will not distract you further, Lord count," he offers with a smile full of warmth and fondness for her.

Daelina, barely, avoids rolling her eyes at Aldren's words to take a shot on her own. Daelina is not inept, or unintelligent. "I'm afraid not, my lord. My skill, obviously is far lacking than any of yours, with out any sort of further instruction. And, I, of course, would not deign to bother you for more, for fear it would be beneath your obvious skills to tutor me further." Awash in a sea of nobles, what an interesting turn of events on an afternoon when she only thought to watch.

<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Failure.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Logen rolls Archery: Success.
This time, three arrows go flying from the prince's bow. Each time he follows the same rudimentary form, knocking, drawing, aiming, firing, follow through. The first arrow flys just high and grazes through the straw, after he resets and fires again his aim is much better sinking into the target with the other arrows clustered around the center. The third one thunks into the straw just off from the cluster. The instructor notices Caitlyn and alerts Logen, he turns and smiles at her, "My love, so good to see you out here. How are you feeling? Have you come to show up your husband in this skill?" a hint of teasing at the end.

"Do not make me box your ears Count!" Wenna comments in jest to her brother. She shakes her head. When she sees Caityln and she offers her a curtsy. "Your grace," she offers in greeting. She then she looks to Caedmon and she laughs. Her eyes look tired but she is grinning. "Not until I get my bow back, I will not be parted from it. Cousin!" She continues to laugh. She shifts her weight again. "Come brother lend me your arm or leg." She teases him. Then she looks to Dae. "I am from Greenshire if you have the desire to learn this skill we shall teach it. Archery is something we truly hold in high honor."

Caitlyn nods to Aldren with a warm smile, offering the same greeting to the others gathered for the day of fun "Good day to you, my Lords, my Ladies. I hope the day finds you well?" She turns to Logen and her smile brightens, her hand taking his as she leans up on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. "I am feeling much better, my love. How could I pass up the opportunity to beat you in something. I certainly cant best you with a sword or beat you at chess, as much as I;ve tried. Perhaps we can wager on the outcome?" she arches a brow at the prince.

Eoin smiles back to Caedmon, although Wenna gets a brief grin too. "Now, when I mentioned that, I get told off for not taking into account that it's swords you hand children here rather than bows," he bemoans, without any real degree of agrievment in his tone. His title would simply be Lord, but he doesn't seem to object to the mode of address used in his instance.

Caedmon turns and bows to Caitlyn when she arrives. "Your grace," he greets. However, Wenna's comment about her bow and arrows arrests his attention and he offers, "I'll fetch them for you if you're leaving, baroness, and accompany you and your guards to the castle if you like." He smiles to Eoin, and inclines his head. "Then consider it official, sir. If you are willing to train people here in use of the bow, by all means, avail yourself of the grounds under my authority. I want as many people as possible to learn archery here, if they are willing to learn. Why rely only on blades if you can strike from afar?"

"What sort of wager did you have in mind?" Logen asks, looking at Caitlyn. "I'm not sure what to bet when I've got everything in the world I could possibly want, and nothing to lose." Leaning down to brush a light kiss over her cheek. Polite for present company, the royal instructor smiles at the prince and waits for him to return to lessons or not. A squire retrieves arrows between firings, refilling the prince's belt quiver with his trademark white fletched arrows.

"I would say that they might be born with a sword in had Cousin but they still need to run at you with it. It is wonderful what a well-placed good bowman can do." Wenna grins at Caedmon. "Aye I can use whoever would like to come with me back to the castle with me, I think that it is time for lunch and I am done walking for the day or at least for a little bit. I have but one guard with me today. If my good brother and cousin do not mind," She says formally to her brother and her cousin. "Then I do believe it shall be grand." She looks to the Caitland and Logen and she offers both a smile. Her eyes got Dea again. "Mistress you are doing well and shall we say if yours duties and my duties permit we can meet in the evening thrice a week."

"I would suggest a kiss for a reward, but then there would be no loser in such a proposition" Caitlyn teases Logen with a grin. "Perhaps a wager of a more personal nature?" she teases before looking at Wenna "Baroness, I hear you could use help in the infirmary and I'd like to offer you my help. Please let me know what I can do to help?"

With the brief lull in shots, Eoin excuses himself for a moment to go retrieve his arrows, grabbing Wenna's as well when he's down here. Aldren it seems though is left to fend for himself, although he does give the Count a good humoured smile as he passes back up to where he left Caedmon and Wenna. "While I'm here," he starts to the Voice, "I'll be practicing daily. Anyone who wishes to join me is more than welcome to and I shall impart what I can." A glance back to Aldren though and he suggests with an easy smile, "I suspect though, your best bet is to convince my cousin to send you a couple of our trainers though, so thye can work with yours." Wenna's mention of lunch seems to cut through the buiness talk though and he ponders for a moment before evidnetly deciding that that seems like a splendid idea. Offering her first her arrows back, then his arm for escort he states simply to Caedmon, "you should stay and shoot a few ends, regular practice is the only way to keep your skills honed."

Logen mutters to Caitlyn, "A more… my… we agree… discuss who… they win,… we're… with…"

Wenna's words pass into Daelina's ears, and with a hurried look at Aldren, she moves to her with a curtsey and greetings, "My Lords, My ladies, if you are wishing to leave, Lady Wenna, I must of course, return these to you with thanks. And with thanks towards your kind offer of instruction as well." with an inexplicable look in her eyes.

"Then perhaps you should post a general notice," Caedmon suggests to Eoin. "One at the castle and one at the tavern should do. I truly believe that we need more skilled archers. As I noted, if we can strike an enemy from afar, we have advantage." He offers his arm to Wenna, and includes his head to her. "Baroness, when you are ready, we should go. Perhaps the three of us should have lunch to plan on these drills."

Caitlyn nods to Logen and smiles…"Of course, my love. For now I say we shoot and leave the winnings to be decided later." she smiles and offers an arches brow.."Best of three rounds?"

Taking arrows and then her bow Wenna grins at Dea. "Mistress I will bring you another to use we have three bows with a good pull but one that is more to yours and mine liking. I will also see if my sisters will join us."
Her cousin is the offered a smile and she takes the arrows and she and puts them back into her quiver and then Wenna takes her Cousin's arm and then she takes Caedmon's arm. " Brother family dinner!" She calls out to the count to remind him. Then she looks between the Captain and Caedmon. "My Baron Caedmon and My lord Cousin I would be honored if you both would escort me and then we can have pea salad and ham." She offers them. Then she answers Caitlyn, "Duchess we will speak of it later, meet me in my office tonight if you are able I want to talk to you about a few concerns I have then you can decide." When they are ready she will walk with them.

<FS3> Caitlyn rolls Archery: Success.
Without even a warmup, Caitlyn fires a shot, her aim true, but not perfect. Lowering her bow she nods to Wenna and offers a smile…"I will meet you later then." she nods before smiling at Logen "Your shot, my love."

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