Hrithik Roshan (with grey eyes)
Hrithik Roshan (with grey eyes) as Araltaidan Dubhwyr
Full Name: Araltaidan Dubhwyr
Age: 29
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kilgour
Position: Royal Ranger
Place of Birth: Sky Forest
Father: Lleweylan Dubhwyr
Mother: Briana Fletcher
Siblings: Several!
Spouse: None yet.
Children: None yet.


Araltaidan was born of the Dubhwyr family in the deep woods of Sky Forest. Second eldest son Lleweylan and Briana of several children, he took naturally to the training of a woodsman as easily as drawing breath. A vibrant, active lad, reasonably sharp witted, he excelled with bow, sword and hunting.

When Aralt was of age he began working as a ranger and tracker for House Forrester where he served well. So well that he took the attention of one of the King's Royal Rangers who wished to recruit him to serve House Kilgour. Late in the year 220, at the age of 21, Aralt swore his service to the King.

Since that time he has worked hard and proven his worth. Many times he has successfully tracked bandits over the countryside, or Laniveer spies and scouts. In 228 at the age of 29, Araltaiden lead the rescue of the ransomed Lady Nimue Forrester and returned her alive. Shortly after he also saved the life of the Baroness Caillin Ruxton nea Kilgour, one of the King's daughters. For these acts, Aralt was promoted to Master Ranger by the Crown Prince, Tyrel Kilgour.

In Inouv, 228 he tracked those who dared abduct the King's Voice, the Baron of Albion, Caedmon Kilgour and his wife, the Baroness Wenna, Master Healer of Mobrin. Aralt, with Victoria found four slain Rioga and he himself tracked their stolen armour south. Sell swords were located and lured back to Stormvale to be taken by the King's Rioga to the Crown Prince for questioning.

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