22 Alisair, 229 E: Apology Accepted

Apology Accepted
Summary: Nerissa's ride doesn't do enough to clear her head, but talking with Brennart helps.
OOC Date: 09/08/2014
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Royal Stables
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22 Alisair, 229 E

The rain is starting in earnest as the Sky Forest party trots across the courtyard and dismounts. Her hood having fallen down her back, Nerissa's hair is plastered to her temples and down one cheek. She pauses to make sure her servants are inside, first, their horses collected by stable boys, before she rides in herself. Dismounting, she takes off her cloak and hangs it on a peg before she untacks her gray mare, handing the saddle over to another stable boy who approaches, but tells him she'll brush her own mare. She asks the ranger to send a new maid down when he goes up to change, so that Chassidy can go dry off and warm up.

Brennart figures with the nasty change in weather he should check on the horses… Yes the horses although for some reason his gaze is more towards the gatehouse and outside of the castle than it is into the stables and when he spots the lady with that very unique cloak his body relaxes in relief. He does head over into the stables, "Welcome back m'lady hope you had a pleasant ride?"

Nerissa jumps more than the horse as she hears Brennart's voice behind her. She pauses in grooming the mare, one hand still braced flat against her flank, the other with the brush pressing the back of her hand to her forehead. "Thank you, my lord," she replies. "It was pleasant enough." Not long enough or fast enough, but pleasant enough.

Brennart nods, "I understand." He pauses a bit, "I wanted to apologize for my actions the other day. I was very much in the wrong with how that was handled. I've been too focused on trying to help you get trained up and to keep your emotions under control that I didn't think how the news would have hit you. I should have gone about it completely different."

A little bit more composed, now, Nerissa returns to grooming the wet hide in front of her. She nods an acceptance of the apology, but takes a deep breath, and finally expels it. "It was not the news itself, my lord," she replies. "As I've said, I knew that my family would have to find someone else sooner or later." She glances over to him. "It was that you didn't seem to think I could react rationally to the news." Shaking her head, she looks down to the horse again, then stops, turning to lean back against the warm flank for support, her habit is already wet through, she doesn't notice the damp of the horse. "It seems that everyone thinks because I don't trust a man to be honest… that I must be some screeching harpie that is just looking for an excuse to light into a man." She pauses and shakes her head. "It's not so… in fact, I was polite enough to Count Haravean until he started ogling me. Then when I took exception, he lectured me on manners and everyone gave me the stink-eye." She clenches her teeth together for a moment. "Because Eight above knows, he couldn't possibly have done anything rude. He's a man, and the Count."

Brennart nods as he steps over and grabs a brush, "Mind if I help? Gives me something to do besides hang my head in shame… I know I was rude, and I assumed the worst of you. I know I've deeply wronged you. Your family didn't have to find you somebody else. I requested for the negotiations to start. I knew if there was one woman that could keep me grounded and humble and make me be a better person it was you."

Nerissa gestures towards the basket as he grabs one and nods. She switches out her brush for a comb, and sets to work on the mane, combing the twigs from it. "Why is that?" she finally has to ask. "Men don't worry about being humble, or being a better person. Usually they're all already perfect beings that know all because they are in charge of everything." She pauses to look over the animal that separates them. "So, why do you?"

Brennart shakes his head as he starts brushing the areas that she hadn't gotten to, "Because I can't be a proper leader for my people if I'm not humble. If I'm not the best person I can be then I've failed in my duties." He shrugs, "It's not something I can live with. It also helps that even though you may dislike men with good reason I've grown quite fond of you."

"You are an odd one," Nerissa informs Brennart. "Outside of my father, it's been my experience that men consider being humble a weakness. And weakness can't be allowed in a man, much less a leader." She tucks the comb into the mane and works out a tangle with her fingers, breaking of the twig bit by bit as she frees it. "That's… I haven't really given you much reason to become fond of me," she admits at his assertion.

Brennart shrugs, "Maybe I like stubborn strong willed put up with no crap women? Or else it's your cute little button nose… Or more likely it's all of that with those eyes that look right past my bull shit." He points towards the hooves, "Already taken the hoof pick to them?"

Nerissa stares at Brennart, shaking her head slightly as he asks about the hoof pick. Finally she goes back to work. "You know you're not supposed to use that language around a lady?" she asks, although there's a smug amusement to her words rather than an actual rebuke.

Brennart shrugs, "I don't see any ladies in here…" He grins as he puts the brush back and gathers out the hoof pick and heads over towards the horses clicking a bit at 'em as he lifts up each hoof cleaning out the mud one hoof at a time. "But honestly I'm not supposed to be teaching a proper lady how to fight with a blade nor is she even supposed to desire to learn how to fight." He looks her over once, "Nor am I supposed to even consider getting some maile in her size…"

At the claim that he doesn't see any ladies, Nerissa raises one eyebrow and reaches back to give a little scratch to the mare's flank. Sure enough, the mare whips her tail about as he bends over to pick up the rear hoof. By the time he can look up, she's combing the mane again, oblvious to anything that is happening towards the rear end of the horse. However, at the mention of considering some mail, she actually drops the comb. "Getting… what?"

Brennart hmmms as he looks up and smack goes the tail and he just shakes his head as he looks over at Nerissa, "Maile… It's little links of metal strung together into armor." Yup sarcastic response. "I mean how much do you expect leather to protect you? Not that you don't look good in it I plan on hedging the chances of my betrothed surviving this hunt. It is a bit heavier than what you're used to I'd suggest practicing with it on to get used to it though."

"Beast," Nerissa mutters as he responds sarcastically. She reaches down to pick up the comb and finishes the mane before moving on to the tail. The mention of hedging bets for his betrothed to survive brings her more serious demeanor back again. "Might not want to get too fond of me," she murmurs. "These creatures… they have some kind of magic. I mean, only two of them attacked the armies, and look how many of you it took to bring them down. We'll be… it will be hordes of them. Hordes." That horror that's been lurking in the back of her eyes since she saw the unseen returns.

Brennart finishes up with the cleaning out of the mud and tosses the hoof pick back into the bucket, "Maybe it'll actually be hunting something… Instead of being the hunted?" He reaches over to give her shoulder a gentle squeeze, "I have faith in the gods and in you."

Nerissa has already finished with the combing, and she nods numbly as he speaks. "One hopes," she says quietly at his suggestion that she will be hunting. The squeeze on her shoulder stirs her, and she glances first to his arm, then to the patiently waiting mare. "I should…" she gestures towards the cross ties that would release the horse so she can lead her to her stall. She doesn't move, yet.

Brennart gives one last gentle squeeze before he nods, "And you need to get out of those wet clothes and dry off…" Lets not mention that it looks like Brenn had been going back and forth out in that same rain for a while now as well because he's just as soaked.

Nerissa looks down to her clothes, as if noting for the first time, and nods. "I do. It would not do for me to get sick before having to go on the Hunt." She looks up to Brennart, "so do you… why are you all wet?" Then she's turning around to go release the horse and lead her by her halter towards her stall.

Brennart shrugs to her question… "I was worried. And it's raining outside tends to get stuff outside wet."

"You were worried?" Nerissa pushes the stall door shut, and pulls a carrot out of her pocket to feed the horse. "About me?" She looks over to him, looking him straight in the eyes as she guages his response, watching him carefully.

Brennart nods, "I know I have no reason to be. I've seen you take care of yourself… Even if you did break your bow saving one of my horses."

Watching his response, something in her usual guarded expression seems to relax slightly. Nerissa gives a slight curtsy, and then plucks her cloak from the peg as she straightens. "Good day, Sir Huntingdon," she bids him quietly, and then pulls on her cloak to hurry across the courtyard.

Brennart offers a bow of his head, "Good day and good night Lady Nerissa." Then he gathers up his things as he pulls the hood up on his cloak as he heads off towards the castle.

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