Sess 13, 229: Another Day at the House of Repute

Another Day at the House of Repute
Summary: A bit of dance and fun at the House of Repute
OOC Date: 28/02/2014 (OOC)
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House of Repute, City of Stormvale
This building has fallen into disrepair, but seldom are there complaints as it houses a tavern on the docks and something more. Something more secretive and less known. A brothel. The women who wait on the tables, who perform by singing or dancing on the stage, are all for hire. All except the proprietor. No one talks about it, it's the best kept secret in Mobrin, for if word got out, surely it would be closed down. Hush hush.

For all intents and purposes, it's a tavern on the docks with rooms for weary sailors to rest a few hours, paid for by the hour.

A bar lines the back wall with bottles of liquor stashed along the back of it, the surface scarred by time and fights and patrons, the air cloudy with smoke on a permanent basis. Tables dot the room, but most of the business is at the bar. The stools are worn with age, sometimes a little wobbly, the floor long planks of wood that is equally scarred. A piano like instrument is near a stage where a woman is always singing or dancing, in costume. A few large men act as bouncers at ALL times and no one is allowed to harass the waitstaff or performers.

13th of Sess, 229

The House of Repute is not all empty on this evening, it is outwardly a respectable inn, where one can get something to eat and drink. The real entertainment however has started as it is already a bit later during the day, when a number of attractive females present their diverse talents on a stage in the middle of the room. At the moment there is a musical performance of two barely clad and very comely girls.

A rather exotic beauty leans against the bar with her back, her slender curvy physique clad in a red dress with a quite revealing decollete - more than would be usually proper. Layla's eyes are half closed, either she is just bored or very tired from the night before, beside her a tankard with some apple cider that is still half full. Her dark hair falls openly about her shoulders, and one of her bare feet taps idly on the floor. Despite the season it is quite warm in here, with a fire burning in the hearth.

Dandy and Uffern both enter the house. Uffern ears splay back as he's not really happy to be here as the smells bother his young nose as Dandy leans down to pet him. "Easy boy.. this is much closer and Im too bloody tired to head to the bards.. " Dandy then looks and finds a seat and flops down in a chair. Uffern slpping under his chair as he keeps his eye alert for trouble.

Layla's head will turn just in time when Dandy enters, her hazel brown eyes flickering a little as she notices the dog that accompanies the sailor. Her lips will curve into a smile. Still, she is very lazy today, and thirsty too. Another swig from the tankard is taken, and her gaze will drift towards the stage, to watch the performance for a moment.

Despite the warmth, Kierne is huddled in over himself in his big red winter tunic, arms wrapped around and hands tucked into the armsleeves. He may be dressed in commoners' clothing, but he's been drinking steadily since before dark, paying drink by drink, and now that the entertainment's begun in earnest he's sort of staring dazed-eyed at it, as you might expect from a fellow of such youth. One might imagine he's never seen quite such a show before. Not to say he's minding it at all.

Dandy calls for something to drink, then reaches his hand down under his seat to pet Uffern, "I'll see if they got any treats for ya boy.." as he grins while he feels Ufferns head pressing into his hand while he's being petted.

Layla's lips curve into an amused smile as she overhears Dandy's remark to his dog. She will grab her tankard to walk over to the man, pausing for a moment at Kierne's table, her fingers - maybe accidentally - brushing his neck. "I'll be next," she will whisper into the young man's ear, and offer him a smile when he will grace her with his attention. Then proceeding to the next table where Dandy sits. "Thirsty?" The exotic beauty will bite her lip, her gaze flitting towards the bar to wave for a serving girl to bring what Dandy has ordered. "You've been here before?" The question is uttered in a soft tone, not inquisitive, as she lowers herself onto a seat beside the table. "That's a cute dog of yours," Layla will add, smiling. Her words not showing any accent one might expect from a olive-skinned woman such as her.

Dandy chuckles, "Aye, lass Im thirsty.. and its a might closer here than to the bards. " he grins as he watches you, Uffern shifts his head and peeks out from under the table to get a sniff of the lady who sits down beside his master, His hears cant'd forward as his tail wags, as he knows when he's being spoken about. " aye he's mind and a magnet for attracting attention. " as he grins more. "Though its my third time in the place, though its a first for seeing it this full or lively. "

Kierne shrugs up his shoulder when something touches his neck, not shy of being touched, by a long shot, but it rather does tickle, and he reacts accordingly, a brief, "Uh?" tugged from his lips when he's addressed, having been somewhat lost in watching the show and thus taking a moment to process the words, turning his eyes toward Layla and finally putting the comment in context, biting at his lower lip and giving her a shy sort of boyish smile.

Layla smiles at Dandy's reply. "Third time? And you keep coming back? That means, you've enjoyed your previous stays, I'd wager." A wink is offered in the sailor's direction. The squire's surprise at her touch causes Layla to giggle with delight at what she presumes is the innocence of the young and inexperienced. She holds his gaze for a moment when he looks at her, noting the cute biting of the lower lip, before she smiles warmly back at him and lets her gaze drift towards the stage, where the musical performance finally seems to come to an end.

"Excuse me," she says to both as she rises from her seat, revealing a certain grace in her movements as she walks towards the stage at a not very hurried pace, the jingling of her bracelets matching the rhythm of the fading music.

Kierne doesn't know whether he ought to clap or not for the barely-clad lasses who betake themselves from the stage, but his hands are cozy inside of his tunic, and so he's content to keep them there, letting the girls go off whither they will with only an impressed and lingering stare. He quietly makes an order of another drink and cups it in his tunic-sleeve draped hands, nursing the strong liquor as many might watch someone nursing a warm cup of tea, smiling over the brim of the cup to Layla when she goes to take the stage.

As soon as Layla reaches the stage and climbs onto it, the two female musicians bring their tune to an end. There is a short pause, when the exotic beauty in her red dress leans over to the two, probably to request a certain melody to be played. There is a mischevious grin on her face as she turns and freezes in a graceful pose, one arm raised upwards, her cheek against it, waiting for the music to begin. Catching that smile Kierne offers her over his cup, and rewarding it with a wink, just meant for him.

A strange melody ripples through the room now, probably a tune presented in true Kundari style. Some of the guests raise their heads and many of the muffled conversations in the room cease for a moment. Soon some of the people join in, knocking their mugs against the tables, in a rhythm matching the wild exotic melody, that is presented with a lyre and a pair of hand drums.

The smile on Layla's face deepens, and she launches into a dance, slow at first as she moves seductively to the music, but when the song picks up, she twirls and exercises some wild dance steps, that have her red skirts whirl about her, and her bracelets jingle as she moves her arms.

Dandy watches as the woman moves from his table to that of the stage and performs. His gaze upon her every move as she dances so. His drink all but forgotten, as its only when Uffern nudges him that he blinks and claims his cider and takes a sip before once more locked on the dancing beauty.

Kierne doesn't join in the stomping, content to keep his drink up close to his lower lip, sipping from it infrequently. His eyes narrow in a cheerful squint of recognition for the wink, but his eyes are drawn swiftly elsewhither than to her eyes, loitering easily on the gesticulations of her hips as they express the beat in a way far more interesting than the pounding of mugs.

Oh yes, her hips. Layla jerks them from one side to the other, matching the rhythm of the music, while her arms make much more fluid movements, almost imitating the way snakes move. That cheerful smile remains on her face, her gaze making contact with Kierne's now and Dandy's next. After a while she will twirl again until she turns her back towards the audience, both arms moving upwards, then slowly she will arch her back further and further, her arms coming slowly down as they point towards the audience, her head falling back as she faces the room with her head upside down, a wealth of her dark hair spilling down from her head - and her comely curves almost escaping that deeply cut out red dress of hers. Bending backwards as far as she can, this certainly is one of the more advanced and difficult moves of the dance.

Dandy is jarred from his definate staring as layla dances more so when she bends over like that and nearly spills his cider down his front. The first bits of the cool liquid catching his attention before he empties the rest he hastily sets the mug down and wipes the front of his shirt of the liquid before it soaks in.. Then casts a rueful glance in the dancers way.

Kierne forgets to drink from his mug entirely, leaving it propped up in both hands, drawing his lower lip over the brim of the cup in a long, slow stroke. Who knows what he might be thinking, but given the limits of the average seventeen-year-old boy's imagination, the mind truly boggles to think.

And with that very advanced move the music comes to an end, culminating in a loud whirl of the drums. Layla will take her time to get out of that unnatural posture, slowly straightening from her lower back upwards, and then turn towards the cheering crowd to offer a curtsey - a stark contrast in its civilized Mobrin way to the Kundari dance she has just performed. Looking a little relieved she has not blundered during the performance - and maybe that her dress managed to hold her cleavage in check, at least sort of - the olive-skinned beauty returns to Dandy's table, where her tankard of cider still awaits.

Wow, yeah. Kierne sort of taps the side of his mug with his fingers, the gesture nearly lost in the great sea of applause riled up by the provicative dancing. For his part his eyes seem to be encouraging the neckline of Layla's dress to give up its struggles against the cleavage it means to control, but when she steps down off of the stage he manages to find her eyes again and lift his cup to her in a silent gesture of congratulations for pulling that stunt off without falling on her butt.

Dandy is all smiles when layla returns and takes a sip of his cider. "That was… Amazing. Was half wondering if you'd be popping out of yer outfit with some of them moves. " as he is still clapping as she arrives. Uffern moves over to the womans seat and props his head on her lap.. "Hey now.. you've been taught better than that." and Uffern just cocks his ears , while continuing to rest his head on her lap. Dandy just signs. " Hell now even my pup betrays me to a lovely lady. "

Layla is used to be stared at like that. If she has noticed Kierne's gaze during her performance, especially the latter part, she seems not at all uncomfortable about it. She will notice that toast of course and smile, nibbling on her lower lip in a slightly sensual way as her brown eyes find the squire's gaze. On her way to the table her fingers will once again brush the neck of the young Kincaid, this time deliberately, probably. But then she is already resuming her seat from before, giggling at Dandy's remark. "You know, stuff like that has happened before. It's a little embarrassing, when it happens /here/." She stresses that word a bit awkwardly. The dog is not shooed away, but patted gently. "Aww, cute little dog."

Dandy grins and nods. "and I bet the patrons love it even more on those rare occasions when that happens. " he sayss. Uffern's waggin' his tail now, his eyes half closed as he's petted. " His name is Uffern and he's being a bit naughty, mostly as he taking my spot. " he chuckles. "How long have you been here, if you dont mind my asking, as While I've been here a few times, this is the first I've seen of ya."

Kierne is far less taken by surprise by the second brush of fingers over his neck, tilting his head along with the direction of the brush with a big drunken grin and a shy turning aside of his gaze before it follows her legs over to where she's sitting. He doesn't know whether that was an invitation or not, but he finds himself standing and following the legs over there any old how. Then the legs are obscured by a dog, and this doesn't seem to discourage him in the least, though his gaze goes from mildly lecherous to wide-eyed and charmed. "Awww. Puppy," he coos at the animal sweetly, setting his drink down. "Is he OK to pet?" he wonders at Dandy.

"Three years," Layla replies, blinking innocently. At least attempting to do so despite the scandalous truth of her reply. "I don't know, why you haven't seen me around. Well yeah, on some nights it gets /really late/ and some of us get the next day off?" Very busy nights, most certainly. Her brown eyes will raise their gaze when Kierne joins them, her lips curling as she eyes him in all his drunken grandeur, that can be so cute when it is found within someone so young. Her gaze flitting to the dog that still has its head on her lap, before it returns to Kierne, one brow slightly arched.

Dandy looks to the man and shrugs, "thats up to him… Though he's typically mellow enough especially when he's being pampered as he is.. " he nods to layla and grins. "Makes sense. I spend a lot of my time up at the bard, but with my place so close by and I really wasn't in the mood to walking all that way I knew the house here had decent drinks and was much warmer. " as he grins impishly.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.

Kierne leans in, then, resting one hand on the back of Layla's chair and easing the other hand in for Uffern to turn his head and smell before he proceeds to scritch up behind the dog's ear and then down the side of his neck, hitting just every little sweet spot along the way, even leaning in to give the dog a smooch on the snout. Surely it's only by coincidence that at the same time he rubs his cheek and jawline along the inside of Layla's thigh. "Who's a good boy? You're a good boy, aren't you? Yes, you are. Oh, yes, you are."

Layla nods to Dandy's remark, giggling a little. "Yeah, decent drinks,…and it's quite cozy over here… You know," she leans a little closer to the sailor now, "we have even nicer rooms upstairs… But those are only for those who pay." For what exactly remains unsaid, as it already must be obvious. She leans back again, to allow the squire room for his affectionate treatment of the dog, her hazel brown eyes following the Kincaid's actions with curiosity. She will hardly flinch at the unexpected contact though, but acknowledge it with a low pleased giggle. "Yes,… you are." Echoing Kierne's words as she straightens a little in her seat. "I bet you're not as inexperienced as I thought, young man." She will leave it at that, as she is certain he has overheard her praise of the accomodations upstairs.

Dandy rolls his eyes a bit as he hears the words from the man, while Uffern leans into the scritching but when kissed he licks his nose, twice and then promptly sneezes, before licking his nose again. perhaps not used to the scent of the booze he got when kissed. Though in the background there is a steady twap-twap-twap.. as his tail brush's against the table leg. Dandy on the other hand grins and nods. "Aye…" as he takes a sip then downs the rest of his cider. "I would assume such for a place such as this. Guess it also depends on such prices to determined later hmm?" as he gives a quick snap of his finger and UFfern slips off layla's lap, and gives himself a good shaking.. "well if you wish we could check out a room…" as he leaves the rest unsaid.

Kierne draws himself up, slouching easily and leaning with an elbow onto the back of Layla's chair, staring dolefully down her cleavage and then lifting his wine-glistening eyes to hers. "I'm not… un… inexperienced," he tangles himself up in his litotes, grinning crookedly. "I had a girlfriend for two days, and then she left me!" he flails up his free arm into the air as if to say, 'what's up with that?' "She'll be back. 'Til then I'll look for girlfriend number two," he sighs. "But you should probably see to this fine fellow," he defers to Dandy as Dandy expresses interest. "You're too beautiful for me. I have kind of a thing for really really ugly women," he confides with a drunken smirk, possibly joking, possibly oversharing his unusual preferences in earnest.

Layla's attention shifts towards Dandy again, and she smiles. "Aye, the price will depend on the room, and the services you'd want." This information offered matter-of-factly rather. "Don't get me wrong though. I /may/ find you cute and all, but in the end it has to be /you/ who decides to take a room, and… who he wants for company." And to pay the fare. Her hand reaches for Dandy's and she squeezes it gently - a gesture to show she hopes she will be his choice? The glance she shoots Kierne is likewise warm. "Girlfriend number two?" Layla giggles in disbelief. "And you think this the right place for looking?" Charmed by his drunken innocence, despite his expressed experience with women, she cannot help but smile at him. "Thanks for the compliment. If you prefer other types of women, fine. But if you should remember this evening sometime, and feel the /desire/ to see me again, please come by. I would be glad to service you, M'lord. Anytime." With this sensual promise offered her attention will return to Dandy. She will rise and lead the way should he feel inclined to follow her - for those special services she has so far only hinted at.

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