Thedor 22, 229 : An unexpected visit and view

An unexpected visit and view
Summary: Lady Nylie pays an unexpected visit to the the Kinciad Manor, finding Duke Aidan unprepared to host but trying anyways. The visit ends up becoming rather interesting and a fine reason on way one does not drop by unexpectedly.
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Kincaid Manor - City of Stormvale
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
It is day 22 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

Hour had simply blended into one another and some measure of escape or fresh air had been needed from the castle, the never ending appearance of people giving their respects and nevermind those asking how she was. Escape had been made, a walk out into the flurrying weather. Passing the castle walls had seen more guards accompanying, the Lady Nylie, six in total, all in the colors of House Kilgour. Her normal handmaiden, Alyxia, at her side, just that half step beside her. The shops had brought no true distraction, and it was evenutally the manor of House Kincaid that she found herself. It was the foyer the Kilgour woman was left to wait after having rung inquiring after not a Kincaid specifically but one of the vassels, Baron Wuold. There she waited with her guards, and maid until the servant could go find out the man's avaliabltiy.

Aidan doesn't actually look that well as he comes out of his rooms, some servant or another telling him that there had been a visitor with royal guards inquiring for Baron Wuold. That got the Duke's attention. There's no reason the royals should be after the Baron unless… No, he will not even consider that outcome. Instead, he was quickly dressed and despite the servants telling him of his dishelved appearance, with a tunic and trousers on, socked feet carried him down to see what the manner of the call was about. He frowns at once when he sees Lady Nylie and almost retreats in his steps. Yet, she would see him and there was no escape. He hasn't slept much at all since the Queen's visit and the days after her passing. He's neither been seen in the castle and there are vague rumours starting about an illness… "Lady Nylie," he addresses, "I'm afraid to say that the Baron is not available at the moment. But it is otherwise good to see you."

The Lady herself was perhaps not in the best shape, but there was much expected of her. Even if she would push through, a break of sorts had been needed. A faint puffiness about her eyes, her hair for once was not let free but pulled back and secured within a simple pliat that hung down her back. While her dressed tended towards simple, the black she worn now was truyl simple with no embellishment or triming, even if finely tailored, least what could be glimpsed under the cloak worn over it. There is only a blink that shows of any surprise that Nylie might experience in seeing the Duke in such a state. Simply moving into the graceful curtsy befitting the man,"Duke Aidan, for give me. I had not meant to disturb you. It is good to again see you." A small nod of her head comes at the news the Baron is not available. "It is a matter than can wait. I can call after him another time, I was simply out for a walk and foundmyself here."

Aidan doesn't even care really, other than to tug on his tunic and make sure double quick that nothing was flying in the wind. He's been wearing black since he found the Queen, though with the scramble of putting something on, the pants were more of a shade of grey than blank, simple, but just off colour in the light. There are certainly tired lines under his eyes, stretching to the crows feet at the sides, and the redness in the whites of his eyes suggest a lot of restless and sleepless nights - if not more tears himself. He's sure by now there had to have been some rumour of him walking the beach with the Queen in his arms, but it all seemed unreal. It seemed all a cruel dream that he couldn't wake from and that Laetitia would walk in and… Blink. He drifted off in thoughts, that was apparent. His reaction is not timed and is fussed, "I'm sorry Lady Nylie, I've not been well," he apologizes first hand, "I am hardly presentable, though if you wanted to stay for tea… or whatever you like, you may join me in the sitting room." As for the Baron, he nods, "He's working on a few projects… I'll have him made aware of your visit and that he should advise you when he is available to meet." A slight waiver in his step that causes one servant to perk up before he waves them off and gestures with an arm wave toward the sitting room.

While Nylie surely noticed that the Duke's thoughts take to drifting off, she is well enough bred to not call attention to them directly. But then, perhaps it is simply forgiven, the Queen had just died, most were to be forgiven for minor lapses in these days. Surely. "We all have not been well these past days, Your Grace, you do not need to apologize." Nylie hesitates a moment,"I would not mind the distraction and a touch of tea, if you would wih for the company. If you would rather not and simpley out of requirement, please, there is not need." The Lady being mildly open in the offering, she can see he was not exactly planning to entertain. "If you would not mind, though it is not urgent. The Baron had requested my assitence in a matter, and being out, I had thought to simply let him know it would take longer to provide what he wished." Death in the family and all.

Aidan has just come down from his suite, not really dressed appropriately to entertain a Kilgour, in a tunic that was rushed into drawing over his form and in pants that don't quite match, and socked feet rather than slippers, though - a servant is hanging by with them as it seems the man will keep from his bed now. He had been claiming to be ill earlier after all. His face was pale still and his eyes showed his exhaustion. He's standing in the foyer greeting Lady Nylie, with her escort of six guards and haidmaiden. His arm is held aside and he's inviting her in for tea. "I would be pleased for the company," he notes, but his tone obviously suggestions he's in need of the distraction more so than not. He turns to the servants, "Please find the ladies of the house and inform them if they'd like to join us," he notes, to make it not so much about him, so he didn't have to carry a conversation and could certainly rely on his family to do that for him when and if he stumbles. "I'd not be put out to take tea with you," he reassures again, nodding about the matter of the Baron, "I'll see that Abe is made aware." Oops, slipped with the title and the whole thing. He's used to calling those of his house informally. "Come in please," he encourages again and will show her to the sitting room. As many times as the player has described the sitting room, it should be built, but it's not, and so, the sitting room has a love seat, a long couch, some tables with high backed chairs, window bench seats, and a fire place, with carpting and such to make it comfortable and show off the wealth of the estate. Servants and what have you are on typical stand by to get things ready, already some are going through the routines to bring cakes and cookies with the tea.

As it was a distraction she had sought as well, it still seems to work as Aidan assures her that he is not put out. Giving an incline of her head as Nylie does step towards the siting room as he invites her to,"Thank you, Your Grace. I am sure the Baron will understand as well." Oh, if he only heard what she called her brother and cousin when people weren't around, and they were the two most powerful men in the kingdom. Her maid stepping to follow along with only one of the guards, to yet provide the proper watch over their maiden charge. Smokey eyes drift to take in the sitting room that is revealed, a light pause allowing the Duke as host to take which seat his his favoured, her chaperoning pair drifting to the side in their usual way.

Aidan does take a seat… not on the couch. It's to a single cushioned seat, so that none can join him, like they would be able to on the couch or love seat. In that way he's setting himself a part from his guest, likely on purpose, for many different reasons. The obvious, is that not being so well prepared for a visit, he doesn't want to break any more etiquette rules than he has done so already by asking the unexpected guest to tea, dressed as he is. As the servants go about preparing the tea cups for use and present platters of finger foods, including cakes and crackers. Aidan runs his hand through his scruffy beard, eyes skimming quickly over at Nylie, tone sincere, "I'm… agrieved for your family and your loss." He looks away for a moment, not sure what to say and is thankful that the one manservant comes forward and asks if they would like earl grey tea or some such manner, to which Aidan asks Nylie, "Is there anything you would prefer? I'm sure we can get much of anything you require."

Hearing among the servants that Aidan has taken company in the form of a Kilgour, Senga has left the company of her husband for a temporary moment on the murmurs. Attired for a simple day at the manor, the idea of outings far from her mind. Instead, minding the house as it were is what she intended until hearing… well, she's heard a number of things which finds the woman on errand. The presence of a robe hangs carefully over one arm while she descends down the stairs, hearing the invitation as passed along by one such serving girl. "I thought that the servants were mistaken," she remarks, voice pleasant as she looks to Nylie with a curtsey given to the other royal and her entourage on entering the sitting room. Only then does she regard the Duke with both question and a tilt of her head, "How are you feeling, Duke Aidan?"

Once the Duke has taken his seat, Nylie settles to a place upon the couch allowing the distance to exist. Not seeming to take offence at the Duke's disheveled apperance. Not entirely having expected to be entertained exactly either, least not by the Duke. The Kilgour is dressed within a simple dress of black, her hair ususally left down has been drawn back into a pliat that hangs down her back. "It is a loss felt keenly by many, and it shall not fade quickly for those of us who knew her well." The words are soft, inclusive. Her eyes flicker towards the servant with the inquirey,"The earl grey would be fine."

Nylie attention drawn from both the ervant and the Duke when another appears to the sitting room. A smile working to her lips to offer Senga, ther eis that hint of puffiness to the Kilgour's eyes, perhaps expected. "They were not," obviously. Offering a bow of her head from the place she sits as the woman curtsys. "A good evening to you, Lady Senga."

Oxley bursts into the room from the hall leading to the lesser rooms. He's pulling a rather billowy beige shirt on over his arms, shirking his shoulders to straighten it as he clomps down the hall, shouting back at the servant that was in his room, "Relax! Mud is good for clothing!" He looks up then, shirt fully unbuttoned, loose around his collar, his hirsute chest and stomach open for the world to see. "It builds…" And he pauses, discovering there are people here. He finishes his thought, quietly, "…character…" His eyes move first to Aidan, a bit of a 'oh shit' to them, and then he turns his back to the room, quickly beginning to button his shirt.

Indeed, the tunic he's wearing is more of a night shift tunic than an actual… sit with a royal tunic. It was unexpected though. The whole visit thing, while he could've turned her away, was needed. His eyes turned up over toward Senga and at once he notes the robe over her arm, feeling a warmth to his cheeks that he hasn't felt in ages, not since his mother scolded him in front of the Royal house when he met them for the first time, with grass in between his teeth and dirt on his knees. He clears his throat, "I'm … okay Lady Senga, a little better now that I'm out of bed," as if he hadn't had the whole house concerned for his physical health just hours ago. He's glad that Nylie seems to know Lady Senga and announces as such before he has a chance to introduce them, settling back with a bit of a nod to the servant who pours the tea and sets the appropriate places for each of them. But his face doesn't lose that touch of colour, which he hopes to hide behind a cup of tea. Not his favourite, but it'll do. Chocola would've done better, or a strong wine. That's when his attention slides oh so easily, by Oxley's entrance, to the unbuttoned presence of the squire. Mortified, not only suddenly recalling his own rumpled appearance, but by the effective show of skin and disorder from Oxley, makes Aidan's hand slide figners over his brows and cover his eyes.

A dishelved, night shirt wearing, stocking footed Duke…and now there is this apperance of the squire and…in mid process of dressing by alrights. The skin! Even if she had not been already trying to find way on how to extract her lady from this house of debauchery, Nylie's maid is surely doing so now by the deep scowl on her face. Even if Nylie is 'older' she remains very much unwed, and the sight of the squire does cause her eyes to widen a touch before she very much becomes interested in the cup of tea that she had accepted. Oh, the lovely swirly patterns of the cream, the drift of the steam. So very interesting. Perhaps she'd noticed the coloring of the Duke, but now it's rather forgotten as her own cheeks color. A distractoin had been needed, but for the love of the Gods. Thank God there was that case of ice wine from the Skingaardians back at the castle. There is a mild clearing of her throat, she will remember herself, even if the tea still looks so interesting. Grace, diplomacy, yes… "Perhaps, Your Grace, you could aid me in the task Baron Wuold has asked my help with?" Tea interesting, no squire still dressing himself over there. Nope.

Lynette had been one that was rather worried about her father seeing how he had spent a good amount of time not leaving his room after everything that had happened. She is making her way down the hall, and the first thing she catches sight of is Oxley getting dressed? A brow lifts and she pointedly eyes him. "Really?" Is questioned with a half teasing tone before she is moving on past the squire and towards the voices of others. She has on a pale blue dress, silver across the bodice and down across the sleeves and skirts of the dress. Her hair is pulled back in a lose braid with a few hair pins keeping the lose locks out from her face. A warm smile is sent to her father, aunt and Nylie as well. She offers a slight bow. "Evening everyone." Is said with a friendly tone while doing her best to ignore Oxley.

Oxley scowls playfully at Lynette as he frantically buttons his shirt up, "Whatever. You like it," he mumbles to her teasingly. He finally gets it buttoned up, "No one was here five minutes ago…" Straightening the shirt, he once again turns and steps into the room. He bows to the ladies, then to the Duke. "Your Grace," he offers, hoping maybe he wasn't noticed, even though he is certain that he was. "I was just heading to the stables to tend the horses, sir…"

"Good evening, Lady Nylie," Senga replies gently, trying to figure out what more to say before the shouts down the hall forestall any such thought. The robe remains hanging over one arm, inviting but lacking any sort of lecture before sparing the Duke a look filled with any myriad of questions. Ranging from his wellness to that squire of his. Regarding the noisily arrived over one shoulder in states of anything but proper dress, Lynette passes. The young lad? Does not. It may be more than a look however, given the cooling remark that she gives him, querying instead with mild interest, "The stables? I thought that I heard differently from the hallway." It's the closest to admonishment that she'll get in current company.

Aidan's fingers drag down his face a little, enough that once he's got just two left near his nose, hazel eyes are so intense with glaring anger at the squire, it's lucky that the tea in his hand doesn't go flying at the boy. But what good would that do but to scare Nylie off further from his family. And there's Senga, whose trying to make it all seem proper. Bless her for being there. As the Duke is just about as mad as a person can get, his neck colouring from the humiliation of the boy flashing the unwed Lady Nylie. "Squire," his tone tight, seething with the rage kept just under his lid, hearing the words from Senga seems to keep him from any further, other than, "You will apologize to our guests." So tired. He actually coughs a little, putting aside the tea, trying hard to pull his attention back on the women. "Dear sister," he says, hand extending for the robe, "how good of you to know I was feeling cold." Ultimately, another distraction. There's something about a disobediant squire that sets him in a foul mood. His eyes keep wandering back to Oxley, fingers flexing against the arm of the couch. No doubt there's another lesson pending for the Squire. Eventually, attention revolves back to Nylie, "What has he asked for you to help with?" His tone is different, like he was really trying to forget about Oxley and really trying not to want to throw things. This is Aidan, unprepared mentally for the day at hand, cracks appearing in his mask of a resolute stern leader. He spots Lynette, having heard only a murmur between Oxley and her, but not precisely what they say. Aidan offers her a tip of his chin, "My dear, you look pleasant." And wasn't this how it was supposed to be, back to the daily task of living and moving on? What a lie.

"Good evening, Lady Lynette," comes the soft greeting from Nylie to the young woman entering. At least managing to finally lift her gray eyes from that lovely cup of tea, a sip even taken of it finally. Squire? What squire? Her guard already formulating the report in his head, unable to even recall the last time he actually had to 'report' anything on the Kilgour. Yes, sip on the tea. Fine beverage. And Nylie thought her family was…interesting. Her eyes do look to the Duke when the conversation comes back around,"He sought aid in finding a match while he was here in the city, though he was not very forthcoming in just what he might be looking for. As you would know him better, perhaps you could offer some guidelines on what might suite him?" The pink having managed to fade from her cheeks, the woman able to recover from the scandelou shock with some measure of grace. Unprepared for the shock that seems to come with visiting the Kinciads, Nylie manages a clam little sip of the tea again like it was a perfectly normal day in the world.

Lynette lifts a brow as she hears Oxley and eyes him faintly without offering a comment back it seems. A soft cough is all that escapes her. She offers her father a warm smile, the change of his attitude is taken into consideration and she knows that it is because of Oxley. Poor boy just can't seem to learn it seems. She moves to give her father's shoulder a light squeeze. "Thank you father, I'm glad that you're up and about." This said with a soft smile before she looks back to Nylie and smiles to her once more, though doesn't go about commenting as the conversation is going on after all. Instead she moves to settle down upon a seat near her father.

"I um…" Oxley clears his throat, "Yessir," and he looks at Nylie, lowering his gaze, "Lady Kilgour, I apologize. I um…" He sniffs, "I am terribly sorry for embarrassing His Grace and disrespecting you. I was mistaken in thinking the manor was empty, and I'm quite sorry." He swipes a bit of his hair out of his eyes. "I'm a disappointment to the Duke, sir, My Lady, as you've seen." He bows a little, and then quietly shrivels up to sit on the floor beside the chair Aidan sits in, curling up a bit, wrapping his arms around his knees and leaning his chin on them.

"Are you certain? I had the brief thought of giving this one to your squire as it might be more in need of it," Senga replies, voice sweet and not quite of the pleasant sort as she relents and relinquishes the robe to Aidan after all with a few steps taken towards the duke. "Should you need anything else, do say something." Being the last to know doesn't suit her well, choosing to sit near Nylie and her company before speaking to a servant who lingers too close. Choosing tea for herself as well, she catches something of the conversation. "Has he given any indications as to what he desired in a match?"

"A match…" the Duke gives a slightly sad smile of his lips, knowing that he's in the same boat, old and lonely, like the good Baron, "I assume you mean a wife, suitable for the Baron?" He does try to consider that and the possibilities of why Nylie would be asking him, the head of house, about his Baron's interests. "A woman who is interested in sciences, no doubt, and one who doesn't mind marrying an older husband." He tilts his head, "Do you have someone in mind?" He nods to Senga as he reaches out for the robe, standing long enough to slip it over his shoulders and neatly around him, the warmth immediately appreciated, "I will try to keep that in my good sister." He looks over toward Lynette then, "I'm still pretty tired and might retire here shortly, but it is good to be out." There's a look to Oxley, watching as the boy goes through the proper routines to apologize to Nylie for his disrespect. Hazel eyes watch Oxley's every move, from the way he clears his throat, to the sniff, to the swipe of hair out of his eyes. There's something studious and critizing behind Aidan's look. There's no correction given to the youth when he sits on the floor, something habitual about wanting to sit on the floor that Aidan isn't going to fix this moment. Instead, Aidan shifts in his own chair so his arm extends and his hand reaches out to land with a thump open palmed on top of Oxley's head, murmuring something down at the squire.

Oh hey, there is the squire, when did he show up? Nylie offers a rather faint smile to Oxley,"Your apology is accepted, young Squire. " SImply leaving the matter at that. Not wanting to dwell up it in the least. Her attention going back to Aidan and Senga in turn concerning the topic she provided in way of distraction. "Aye, a wife suitable for him." There is a small nod to Senga,"He spoke only of desiring someone yet able to provide children, and who would leave him to his work." She shakes her head as she looks back to Aidan,"I did not have any in mind for him, his requirements did not quite aid in calling any to mind." Pausing before noting, perhaps more for Aidan then the others,"I had thought to inquire of my sister-in-law for her aid once I had a better idea of what might suit him, she does seem more inclined to these matter." taking a polite ip of the tea, oh now she's not missed the scowl of her maid who is still trying to find some way that wouldn't be obvious to get the Lady out of this place. "I should not linger much longer myself, I had not planned to stay so long. "

Lynette curiously looks over to Oxley, watching him a moment but that is all for the moment. She will have to try and talk to him later but now is not that time for certain. Onwards though to the conversation of someone looking for a wife. A brow is lifted at the bit one the husband to be only wanting a wife to give children and leave him be. She bites her tongue slightly but that is about it for the topic of hand.

Oxley straightens just a little when the hand lands on his head. He gets muttered to, and he nods, "Yes, Your Grace. Of course." He sighs, and then just sits there in silence.

"Indeed… he's in need of a wife to give him an heir, otherwise the line will end," he does note, eyes flickering toward Senga as a thought occurs to him, "Your daughter, Lady Senga, might be an option-" if they were willing to part her to a man who was older than her father! Awkward!! Even so, that's the way it was at times, was it not? The head of the house can ultimately decide which way the wind blows for those of his house, but he knew his nieces thoughts on marriage and while she hated the idea, Abe was likely an arrangement that could benefit all. When it does seem that Nylie means to wrap up her visit, at least warning them, he nods, "I should go rest. It was a pleasure to see you again my Lady. I'm terribly sorry it wasn't under happier circumstances… and I'm not in shape to be a better host for it." Satisfied with the submissiveness of his Squire, he's getting back to the conversation at hand.

A faint glance drifts between Aidan and Senga when the Duke has such a suggestion, making it more a matter for within the House, not one for her to meddle within. "Perhaps then you might speak with him, if you have options to provide him without need of me to do so." There is a mild pause before she adds, with a look towards Aidan,"Might I suggest he could also use…conversation on what sort of manners are expected at court." Oh yes, this isn't the only time someone associated to House Kinciad has been….disrespectful. Setting the cup of tea to the side as the visit does push towards an end,"It was a pleasure to see you again as well, Your Grace, even if the circumstances are not happier." There is a flicker of a smile,"The tea was lovely, Your Grace." A drift to her feet to offer a curtsy, before looking to the others,"It has been a pleasure, a good evening to you all." Before, much to the relief of her chaperones, she take her leave of the Kinciads.

Lynette lets her gaze flicks to her father, a brow lifting at the idea before she sends a curious glance over to Senga and then over to Nylie. Well this is turning out to be a rather interesting night… Interesting conversation. She stands though as it seems her father is needing to go, clearing her throat just a bit as she hears Nylie's comment about the manners of one in court. She smiles and nods to the other. "It was a dear pleasure to have you with us for conversation and tea. Perhaps next time it can be a bit longer."

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