Nar 04, 228: An Impromptu Wedding

An Impromptu Wedding
Summary: An unplanned wedding, the start of a war.
OOC Date: 07/July/2013 (OOC)
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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similar to a throne, at the head.
Sunday, Nar 04, 228

Within the Council chambers the Queen sits, hands on the table, her back straight and head held high, nostrils flared just a smidgen that hints at the anger broiling underneath her otherwise calm exterior that is usually as calm as the waters of a pond. Her hands are set at shoulders width as she waits for everyone to assemble, servants scrambling to bring in wine for those within to drink, the Queen offering silent looks to all who enter, "As you all know, things have been tenuous as of late, despite our efforts to quell the worries of the populace and ensure them otherwise." The same voice she used in the Ballroom rises from her throat, the Queen nodding to Prince Tyrel, "Laniveer has invaded Ruxton." She allows a moment, only a breath, for this to sink in, "Westgate has fallen. They have sent a request for aid."

Tyrel steps quickly into the council chambers, only a few steps behind his mother. He carries the note in his hand, as he approaches the table in the center of the room. He tosses the note onto the table angrily, "They are trying to reclaim the empire!" He shouts with a gravely growl in his throat, moving to face the windows on the north end of the room, gazing across the sea and into the rain. He still wears the wet robe of Thedor, but his mask is probably being melted down by a peasant at this very moment. After several moments, he turns back toward the table, watching the others assemble, "Where is Lord Robben? I am sure he would like to know that Weston has been invaded." His voice is snappy, aggravated.

Eyes of the young Princess widen at the words, which are said. Though, she does not let any sound. Girl sits straight in her chair and glances from one person to another, waiting what will be said, what will be ordered. However, her fingers nervously dance on the table.

s soon as she enters the council chambers, the woman in white realizes she was wearing her mask and removes the feline like costume piece, revealing herself to be Ciarrah Aberdeen. As soon as she hears the words, she shivers, either from the news or her bare shoulders in the white and gold sleeveless, corset style dress. Upon hearing the remainder of the words, her formerly enchanted expression turns grim. "I will request soldiers from my father as well, he will send them. With our new pending alliance, he will do so as a gesture of good will."

Cedric sits at his seat in the Council room, his mask having already been removed after leaving ball room he looks to the Queen and then Tyrel and nods. "I can have my forces ready to move soon. They were getting ready for Darifield anyway to prepare for the wargames we'd spoken about but it seems they'll get to do the real thing instead. Though I must admit I'd hoped on the war games, My prince.. My Queen the new calvary are still fairly untested and there are sure sure to be mistakes made. They are highly motivated and a raw but they'll do you proud." he says fiercly and with a smile filled with Genuine pride.

Solara enters the room very shortly after the Aberdeen Princess, pausing. She curtseys to the royalty, and then says, "Robben is with his wife. Lady Aemy was not feeling well, or they would have been at the ball, your highness," to Tyrel, though her words are loud enough to be heard by all. As is the look of sheer worry and fear on her face for her family. "They - Westgate - My father?" she asks, first, her hands clasping in front of her. "I will be sure to tell Robben, immediately we complete this meeting."

Caedmon, who escorted the princess Caillin to the chamber, stops to direct a servant, "Prepare goblets of wine for the Queen and crown prince. See that the hallways are cleared so that all members of the council will have free passage." He strides toward the door and orders the nearest guard, "Place the royal sentries on highest alert. All non-essential staff are to return to their quarters. I want constant patrols throughout the castle." He inclines his head to Solara when she arrives. "Is he aware that we are convening, lady vice-chancellor?" he questions.

"We have to offer aid we will be next." Terrwyn says calmly as she places her mask down on the table as she takes her seat next to the Duke. She casts a look at the servant going to get wine and she shakes her head. The servant nods as a silent request is given she then looks from her Aunt the Queen to her Cousin the Prince. "Now we have to play the game of how quickly can we gather allies to us and how quickly can we amass troops." Her hand moves to her stomach. "I know that we just recently spoke of those war games my husband spoke of. Do you think there might be a way we can slow their advancement?"

With the fur disposed off somewhere along the way the Aberdeen Prince Conall does wear leather still, along with the bottom being the same. Most likely not wishing to sit in a meeting dressed in fur. Perhaps letting some poor servant deal with all of that. Moving behind Solara into the room, raising a brow as he hear the words. Nodding a bit, "Since our kingdoms are to help one another with the receent agreements I can assure of soldiers coming soon." He offers, nodding to his sister as she offered much the same.

Laetitia follows her sons movements as he turns, the Queens expression stoic though it's evident there is real anger in her by the tenseness of her jaw, the taut cords in her neck and the tilt of her chin upwards. Only she does not shout, no. She looks back to the other members at the table, fingers having curled into her palms where nails dig into the flesh of her palm, the woman remaining otherwise composed. But she says nothing. Allowing the minds to come together and speak, green gaze soon returning to her son.

Tyrel glances toward Cedric, giving the man a nod, "Very good, Duke Crawford. I am sure your men are ready." He looks to Caedmon at this point, "Send word to the houses of Mobrin that we are at war. Call forth the sons of Mobrin. We will defend Weston and reclaim Westgate. These invaders will be pushed from our lands, and we will prevail, as Sess has surely willed it." He looks to Ciarrah as she speaks, a brow raising at her words, "Yes. Pending." He looks quickly to his mother, "I will be off to war mother, no doubt within the next two days." He looks to Ciarrah and Conall for a moment, then back to the Queen, "Perhaps we should seal the alliance before I march off to war?" His words are deliberate, and there shouldn't be a soul in the room who doesn't understand.

Princess Caillin still sits not saying any word, just frightened by all the shouts and lost in all the matters of war. However, she listens carfully, just waiting if the Priests or Healers will be mentions, if she will be in need of assist. She peeks at the people from the island, when they are mntioned, however, her glance quickly finds her mother and remains there.

Cedric keeps his eyes on Tyrel but then also on his Queen and nods "They'll be moving as soon as were done here and I can send word by the fastest courier we have. " he looks to his wife and smiles, giving her hand a squeeze. "If you will allow my My prince I should be the one to deliver this message as I'll be leading my men, as its only right."

"I have made certain to send a messenger to my brother," Solara says, when there is an opening. "So I am certain he will be here as soon as is possible." Though given the nature of things, this short meeting will doubtless be over before he makes it. "You may be assured that Weston will fight," she says, though there is only a bit of humor in her words. She still needs to know about her father, but she will hold off, however much she is worrying. Weston will defend their own lands, and keep the rest of Mobrin safe, if they at all can.

After having issued orders to secure the castle itself, Caedmon settles into the chair beside Caillin and listens to the prince. He inclines his head when orders come to him. "It will be done, your highness," he confirms. Then he turns his head and nods slightly to the princess. "You did well to spread the word when you did," He murmurs to her. Then he looks from Tyrel to Ciarrah, and finally to the Queen who has a strong voice in the decision about the alliance.

Conall rolls his eyes a bit at the words from Tyrel, although knowing him to most likely be right. But he doubt his reason for it. "I would normally be opposed, especially after recent events." Giving some of them looks to assure them all that he will be talking to them before he nods, "But it does seem that crown prince Kilgour is right. I mean, if you wish for our help. Technically we should retreat as it doesn't affect us." Grinning a bit though. Perhaps drawing at something, or just showing that he is willing to help. Who knows, he's weird. Listening to them all.

"It won't be the celebration it should be. We will have to make time for that later." The Queen rises from her seat, hands smoothing over her hips as she steps around the table then to the window, gesturing for Ciarrah to stand and come towards her, "It is also my intention to extend invitations to those we have not yet met with, but for now - come my dear." Waving over Ciarrah with a gentle wave of her hand, looking to her son and nodding, "You are all to bear witness to the marriage bonds that are being erected between my son Prince Tyrel Kilgour and Princess Ciarrah of Aberdeen, sealing the alliance between the Kingdom of Mobrin and the Kingdom of Aberdeen." She reaches out her hands, palms up, pressing them together and nodding to each her son and the Princess, "Both your left hands, please." This is going to be a rush job, and a pity too. The Queen will repeat the words of marriage bonding, not about to wax poetic in a moment such as this; she'll save that for later and make up for it at a proper ceremony. But as Queen her word is Law and if she wanted to marry a cat to a bird today she could. Once each of them has said their words of bonding the Queen will pull off a gold ring from her right hand, a lovely deeply purple stone surrounded by white jewels, handing it to Tyrel to ring his newly betrothed. And if/when he does she nods firmly, "It is done." Unless it's not and people freaked out. And then the Queen will repeat, "IT IS DONE." Let's hope she doesn't have to because the Queen is scary when enraged.

When the Prince speaks, Ciarrah listens, expecting the words of the war and the men. Though when he only draws out two of the words she had spoken, she looks at him as he finishes. Two days? Meeting her brothers eyes, she looks confused, but even moreso when the Queen rises and beckons her. Had the contracts even been signed? With alarm in her eyes, she does stand and moves to the Queen, eyes wide. Now? The thought races through her mind. Automatically, she obeys when asked for her left hand, giving it to the Queen. And… just like that… it is done. She is no longer Princess Ciarrah Aberdeen.

Conall offers a bow of his head. Seeing as this is a marriage between kingdoms and not within he does need to offer his acceptance as well. "Indeed. It is done." He echoes, not wanting the queen to get too high and mighty. Since Ciarrah is not of her kingdom, yet.

Caillin slightly grins at the words from her cousin. However, after a few more thoughts are said, young Princess starts whirling in her chair uncomfortably. She slides to one side of her seat and runs with her fingers on kees as she would love to run away from the room. She sighs at the brief ceremony of the wedding, but manages to force a smile in her face for her brother's wishes, which finally became true, even if the conditions were not so bright. However, she even more retreats near the edge of her chair, peeking if nobody sees her and she is able to run away from the room, because she is not necessary in all the deals about wars.

"It is done and it is witnessed by the gods and those of peerage." Terrwyn says loudly. She holds on to her husband's hand tightly. She takes a deep breath and she slowly lets it out as she waits for the next round.

Solara witnesses, and she inclines her head, merely saying softly, "It is done." That's all that the Vice Chancellor needs to say, really. Isn't it? Certainly, she doesn't freak out at all. She merely stays in her spot and watches to see what the next topic is.

Tyrel raises both brows at the Queen, "Now?" He speaks the words Ciarrah is thinking. He looks stunned as his gaze turns toward Ciarrah, "I had thought…" His voice trails off as the Queen continues the hasty ceremony. He offers out his left hand, the look on his face is one of surrealism. He speaks the words of the oath plainly, without question. When the ring is offered, he places it on Ciarrah's ring finger, his eyes still in shock. After only a moment, he bends to kiss her on the lips as is custom. He breaks the kiss quickly, and now smiles, "It is done." He had only meant to goad his mother into having the ceremony before the drums of war began. He didn't expect her to start making declarations and calling for oaths. Yet, it is done.

Conall sighs then, "Seems I'll fill the shoes left by my sister then." He says and grins. Always remaining as stoic as usual. The leather that protects his neck sliding but a bit against his chin as he shrugs. Looking to the Queen as well. Perhaps in a friendly kind of power wager. "I shall see to that that ships are sent. And send news to my father." He offers.

When the young Princess makes sure, that she is unseen, she slips from her chair and springs near the wall, which casts shadow. She drags the long skirt of her gown to the direction of an exit in order to leave the noisy council room.

That is why you do not tempt a Queen, she will do as she wills and this was her will. Her son does not dictate the schedule she holds in her mind, he may suggest but the Queen is a fickle creature. When she wants something done, it better get done, "Brilliant." Leaning forwards she will kiss Ciarrahs forehead after her son gets his in, then turns to clasp her sons cheeks and offer to him a loving kiss on his nose. Turning around to face everyone once more she will offer a gracious bow of her head to Conall, "Thank you, Prince Conall Aberdeen. With all due haste, all of you. We have preparations to make. I will take my leave of you all, please continue. I have my own missives to write." Nodding to her maidens and guards she will make her way out of the council chambers to retire to her own chambers to send word to her Husband. And sexy love notes.

Caedmon watches the extraordinarily brief ceremony, and then bows his head at his conclusion. "It is done," he intones solemnly. When Caillin stirs in her chair, he glances at her, but does not say anything, instead keeping his attention on the prince and queen.

Tyrel turns back toward the council, looking from one to the other, "Dark days lie ahead, I am certain. We must all be strong, for our people, for our land, we must be strong." He looks to Solara, "Your father is well. He is the one who sent the note. The City has not fallen, it would take the Laniveer army a week to get to the city. When they arrive, we will be waiting." His words are sharp, "Many of the men who make decisions for my father will be gone." He glances to Caedmon, "I will expect you to stay and help my mother keep things in order. The rest of the noble ladies in this room will help you with their many talents. We will return victorious, then we will celebrate!"

Still surprised at the way the evening had ended.. from dancing incognito to being a wife, Ciarrah does not protect when the Queen kisses her, nor does she protest when Tyrel gathers himself and speaks to his council… not does she say anything else for the moment, too stunned to.

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