Sess 2, 229 : An Enraged Voice

An Enraged Voice
Summary: Upon returning from Sutherland, Nylie seeks out her brother in the first possible moment to bring him up on what has happened and tell him of the good news, news he does not greet well at all.
OOC Date: 16/2/2014 (OOC)
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Caedmon Nylie 
Grand Foyer - Darfield Castle
The Main Foyer of Darfield Castle is an impressive room, purple and grey marble columns stretching along the walls to the high vaulted ceiling above. Between the monumental columns are padded marble benches for the comfort of those who would socialize here. The marble floors shine gently in the illumination from everburning tapers that provide a flickering light. The recesses of the immense entryway are still, however, shrowded in shadows.
To the west lies the impressive set of double doors leading into the throne room, and at either side of them are stairs leading up to the foyer balcony. The east end of the roomis dominated by a large gateway leading out of the castle. To the north lies the library, and the north wing. South, an archway leads into the banquet hall, another hallway goes down to the general quarters.
It is day 2 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

People continue to arrive from the docks. Lords and ladies are chattering amiably while guards and handmaidens stand nearby, in some cases talking among themselves while they wait for their charges to conclude the conversations. Servants are straining to haul heavy trunks up the grand staircase. Amid the bustle, Caedmon enters the hall from outside, having ensured that his mare is groomed and now enjoying food and water in the stable. He stops when his own attendant, Merreck, offers a cup to him. He quaffs the contents of the cup quickly, and then hands it to the young man. "That should be enough," he says. "I am going to see my sister. Please tell Wenna that I might be there for some time." Merreck bows silently, and then disappears into the crowd, heading for the western passage that leads the the infirmary and the chambers that the baron now occupies there.

That Nylie had found Caedmon waiting at the docks to greet her and surprised Nylie, but she had genuinely been happy and delighted to see her brother again. If he'd not minded, there would have been quite the hug when she greeted him. His sister had been exceedingly quick to agree that they had need to speak, there was almost reluctance to wait. But the docks certianly was not a place to talk and she had been at sea for three days. It was likely to make a record for being the quickest freshing of a female, especially a noble, for she was already hurrying down the stairs, her dress changes, and hair let free again, save the two combs that kept it from her face.

The lords and ladies, and even their attendants, are wearing lavish finery, as if they expect the king himself to stop and speak to them. Such is the excitement about their return to the castle. For that reason, Caedmon easily spots his sister, now looking quite plain in a modest gown, and wearing her hair in the simplest of styles. He peers upward and waves to her. Then he climbs the staircase and hurries to take his sister's hands in his. "You did not need to trouble yourself, dear sister. I was on my way." He glances around them at the servants and nobles. "Come! Let us go to your chambers, where we will be free to talk."

It was ever her preffered 'style' simple, it was such a contrast to many of the nobles, especially in being a Kilgour. But she has spent so much of her life traveling, and learned or was it was taught early on not to stand out in the flashy, look at me I'm important sort of way. it was a thing that had stuck with her, even in being at court. The white hair and wave do quickly draw her attention, meeting him and her hands squeezing his have taken them up. "I know…but there is just so much to speak of." A nod of agreement comes,"Of course. I was worried some as well, I had hoped to see you in Sutherland and then worried I would not return in time to find you before you travelled to Greenshire. It was quite something, the wedding. Everything our cousin could have hoped for. " Which is saying something. It is a idle recounting of the event that comes as they make way back to her chambers. And surely not what she wishes to speak of, a thing her brother of people could tell, but it was what would be expected to be heard by those about the castle, some actually wanting to hear.

Royal Suite Four - Darfield Castle
Nylie's personal suite and chambers in Darfield.
It is day 2 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

They stroll quickly, although not quickly enough to draw attention, through the hallways until they arrive at the door. Two of the guards post themselves outside, and Caedmon dismisses the others before holding the door for his sister and her handmaid to enter. Then he follows them into the chambers and closes the door behind them. He exhales a weary sigh. "Dear sister," he begins even before Nylie has decided where she wants them to sit. "As you probably know, the guards have kept me … somewhat aware of events surrounding the wedding. Their report is not as complete as some would prefer, but I do not fault them for that."

It is Nylie that partially dismisses her handmaid in sending her for refreshment as the chambers are entered. The motion towards the chairs near the fireplace ends up pausing mid stream when Caedmon is already talking the moment the door seems to close. There is a slight nod,"I am not surprised that you have been kept somewhat aware." There were those he'd assigned to her, but even if not, he surely had access to what reports would go to Callem. And with his station and roles, titles, easy enough for him to get his hands upon. So no, she was not surprised. "Come and sit, dear brother. Much has happened, as it seems you know some of, ask me what worries and questions you have, so I may try to clear them away and unburden the worry that I see. "

Caedmon inclines his head and follows Nylie to the hearth where he settles after she has claimed a chair for herself. "I will not trust in guards or reports as much as I will rely on your own words, dear sister," he begins. "Tell me what you wish. Tell me of anything that weighs heavily on your heart, because your heart is what concerns me more at this time than any matters that his majesty our cousin will need to attend." He glances toward the kitchen where the handmaid has disappeared. Then, he suggests an initial topic. "Tell me first why you returned on one of the duke's ships, when the king left with many that would have born you as surely."

A seat is settled to by Nylie, the fire having been set upon her initial return. Spring was starting but there was yet that chill to stave off. "I do not think they would know the full truth of it either. Or of my heart, it is a thing few are aware of, you know that, brother." She had always been one to keep things close, it was only in her music that emotion truly flowed, it was why she often out right refused to sing except to family. "It worries me you think he does not have concern for my heart and happiness, Caedmon. " There is a pause as Alyxia returns serving up the refreshments, mulled cidar yet though wine is easily poured if Caedmon would prefer. A faint nod from Nylie goes to the maid after all is served, sending the woman off, leaving them to talk in peace again. it gives her time to consider a response, there is so much to tell, so much that led to her returning upon that ship. But each lead to the same truth and so that is what she answers with,"I returned upon upon his ship, because I am going to marry Aidan. " There are surely explanations that go with it, but she does not yet go into them, firt allowing him to absorb the bombshell she drops. For in truth, it was something she was still absorbing herself, things had happened quickly.

Caedmon sits. He waits calmly while Nylie speaks. When she comes to that news, the crux of the matter, his calm shatters and he launches from the chair like a flaming ball of tar from a trebuchet. He takes a few steps from his sister. Then he turns, glaring. "Why?" he snaps. As zoo as he demands the explanation, he waves his hand in a dismissive gesture. "On second thought, don't bother. I'm sure that the reason is heartless, politics. I've had enough of that. If Callem and you want to live in that world of scheming and deceit, so be it! Have your life, and the pox that I wish on that conniving, treacherous toad, sister!" He storms toward the door, his face red with fury.

Nylie is soon springing after her brother as the fury that comes over him has him saying such words, and storming toward the door. She knew the match looked horridly political, yet that was so far from the reason for it. Her hand reaching to try and capture his arm, to turn him back. There are so many explanations that she could attempt, but none of them matter, the only one that would matter to him, that mattered to Callem as well. "Because he makes me happy, brother."

Caedmon's hand closes around the handle in the same instant when Nylie reaches him. He is trembling with rage, but the touch of her hand on his arm is enough to stop him. He turns toward Nylie and his fiery eyes bore into her for a long moment. Then he shakes his head. "He makes you happy? How do you know? That scheming, arrogant, power-hungry pretender who took your hand without asking permission, and dragged you away from your guards and handmaiden into a maze makes you happy?" He wrenches his arm free from Nylie's hand. "My sister would have more sense. /My/ sister would not be that shameless!" he growls. "If that is what you want, you are welcome to it, and to him!" Again, he grabs the handle of the door and flings it open. "Good evening!" he hisses.

" Because I am happy when I am with him…because he makes me feel ike I need not pretend, that I can be myself…that I do not have to worry if I sing." Her eyes implore him to listen, to believe her. "Did they tell you what we were doing before that…before we acted like foolish children? That he actually crawled through the snow to make a snowman with me, under bushes to find stones for it. " Confused for even Wenna had tried to set her up with that man. It startles her when he wrenches his arm from her hand, the pain clear in Nylie's eyes that his words bring. Her voice drops to a whisper as that which she tries to explain seems without point now,"He wished a moment, he asked me to trust him… he could give me the song he wrote for me…to ask me to marry him. " It had only been moment they were out of sight. She actually steps back when he growls, the fury drawing fear into her expression. A faint whisper,"I thought you wished for me to be happy…."

Again, Caedmon hesitates. He bites his bottom lip and turns toward Nylie. He closes the door, but the fire is still in his eyes. "I wish you to be happy, but I do not trust him as far as I can throw this castle. He talks of songs and singing because you love music. He helped you with your snowman because he knows that it would please you and win you to his bed. I heard reports of him dallying with other ladies. If /that/ brings you happiness, then be happy, but do not ask me to be part of it, and do not cry to me when he has trampled your heart into the dust and left you for another."

There is that pain and fear that linger in her eyes when he turns back to her, some half expectation of…something. More words to impale her heart, to be striked in some fashion. The words that come do not strike deep, but they are not any easier to hear. Nylie's eyes do widen though when he speaks of being won to a bed,"He has not won me to his bed, no one can win me to their bed that way. My honor is intact and shall be til I have a wedding day." A small breathe is drawn,"You have said you wished me happy, that you believe my word over that of reports received. You speak of hearing reports of him, is this why you do not trust him? Or is there something more you do not tell me?" There is another mall breathe as Nylie tries not to fall to pieces, the storm the night before…the approaching one, do not aid her nerves. Thunder….had always gotten to her. "Callem allows me to marry, what has changed, I do not know, he makes it my choice of whom. Please do not make it so that my choice will come to be that I must choose between you and if I should marry. "

Caedmon shakes his head. "I do not say that he already has dishonored you, Nylie," he objects. "I say that seduction is his intent and you are his target. As for the reports, I said that I would believe you over them. You have not presented evidence to disprove that he took you from your handmaid and your guards for whatever vile purpose he planned. You told me that he professes to have written songs to win you." He sighs. "What proof do you have? He might have hired some wandering minstrel to concoct this … song for you." He steps closer to Nylie and he reaches to touch her arm. "I do not doubt you. I doubt him."

"He cares for music as much as I, Caedmon, that is why Wenna wished for me to play that night she had us both to dinner," the first of Wenna's meddling attempts. "I knew it seeing him there, the last minute request form her…the purpose to it all. He is known amongst us for being unkind to those who do not play well, appreciative of those who play well." Nylie draws a little breathe and trie to make it all make sense. "It is not like those I have een form others, but is much like the letters he has sent me.." there is a brief hesitation before she continues on to explain,"we had been writing since days after Laetitia's death. I had stopped at the Kincaid manner to discuss a matter with Baron Wuold, but he was not there and it was Aidan who answer…he was such a mess. I sent some tea to help him sleep, I know not why I was driven to do so. But it was done and I could not undo it…but then he wrote…and we continued to write. There came a connection in the letters that made little sense. " Her eyes drop as he steps closer,"He went to Callem, Caedmon…to ask for me. I did not know it then…not til that day..with the maze. Callem did not tell him no, but he did not tell him aye either….HE told him my happiness was the only thing that matters. My happiness, nothing else. It is all you and Callem wish for me. " There is a small breathe and Nylie looks up, this had not gone as she'd thought. Sure, it wouldn't be easy..but this…and the storm, there were cringes when the thunder rumbled. "There is only permission now, the contract is not yet done…started even. Will you at least give pause to see how he is with me, to see his intentions and not just hear of them? Be the one to handle the contract even, to find this. Or to prove my foolish hope to be misplaced. Or tell me how you knew Wenna was the one to make you happy so I would know that Aidan is or not such for me?"

Caedmon squeezes Nylie's hands in his own when she speaks of some inexplicable connection. "Nylie, my sweet sister, although we share the name of Kilgour with Callem and the others, you are the only family that I have by blood," he reminds her. "Mother lives, if you can call it living." He bites his bottom lip. He nods. "I was angry because I do not want anyone to harm you, most of all not someone who has coaxed such feelings from you when you hide them from all but a few," he confides. "If Callem wishes that I should overseeee this betrothal, I shall. If you wish that I should watch for your well-being, and whether this man treats you as he should, I shall. I do not trust him, but for your sake, I am willing to wait and see."

The squeeze is returned by Nylie,"I know, my dear brother, that is why it hurts so to see you so angry, the fury I have seen in you…today, at me…about me. I do not wish to you lose you. " There is a sigh, a sadness that comes when their mother is spoken of, murmuring softly,"I am not sure it is." Nylie nods a little,"I know you do not wish to see me harmed, but you know me well enough, dear brother, doe it not speak for something that he is even able to coax from me what I can hide from so many? That I felt of something to even allow it?" Her hand gives a light squeeze,"Callem will wish of it, for I wish of it. I know you have been frustrated in this all in wishing to protect me. As I have been to not know what my fate could be, to hold tight to my heart. Everything came so quickly, and there was not time to see you before the ship left…I could not put such things in a simple letter…it was why I wished so to speak with you when I returned, why I would not wait for Roslin to return. " Nylie's other arm comes up and she seeks to give him a hug,"Thank you, Caedmon, it is all I can ask, for you to give him a chance. " There is a faint smile as she attempt a faint tease,"Though, I have to come to wonder if you would find any worthy enough for me, dearest brother. Except perhaps some chicken farmer in a far hidden meadow deep within Sky Forest."

Caedmon steps closer and hugs Nylie. "I would not be angry except that I care, and that what I knew suggested that he did not act as decently as a duke should," he explains. "Most of all, I would have you happy, and that is why want to be sure that the man who claims your love, whether it is this one or another, treasures you." He releases his sister and steps backward, but continues to hold her arm gently. "My role in this will depend on Callem, but you can be sure that I will attempt to guide you toward what is best for you. I only wish that you could have told me that Callem had given you permission to follow your heart. Then, at least, I might have guessed the rest. As it is, I will travel to Greenshire soon for the planting festival, I would delay the betrothal until I return, so that I will be aware of all that happens. If he wishes to accompany you to the festival, both of you would be welcome."

"I know, it is only because you care." Nylie says softly,"I do believe he treasures me, Caedmon. For who I am, not because of my name. " Nylie nod a little bit,"I did not know til that day, and only for his word, I could not get confirmation from Callem until he came to Sutherland as well. I dare not to speak of it or allow my heart to feel more than it had already til I knew, heard from him to know it was true. I worried that perhaps it had been a ploy of his own, another test of some kind." Callem, seemed fond of them this winter, and Aidan was known to be friend to Callem, least at some point in their history. "He had wished to make an announcement with the tournament, but I will ask him to delay making such. I do not know if there will be time, for he i hosting the tournament." There is hesitation before she adds,"I would wish to go, if only so that we would have the time together and you might see, but I do not know if Count Aldren would be pleased about having Aidan in Greenshire."

"I do not ask him to delay the announcement, Nylie," Caedmon explains. "Only that if you wish for me to guide you, I should be here, and I already have agreed to attend the festival with Wenna. All of that hinges on Callem. I would not hinder you if you wish to begin the betrothal sooner. I trust you to uphold your own honor in this. Speak or write to the duke. See what he advises. That might tell you more than you think."

"I would wish you there, brother. And the announcement is planned simply because to time it with the tournament seems a good idea." Nylie nods,"I know you have, and would not ask you to delay in going. If I had not agreed to compete with Elisabeth in a duet for the bard competition, I would happily go with you. I do enjoy the festivals there." There is a faint smile,"I shall speak with him, he knows I was insistent upon talking to you and he will wish to know how it has gone. And I know it shall be telling, I have not lost all my senses, brother…even if at times I have come to feel like a girl just introduced to Court. " Oh yes, she will admit to feeling like a foolish smitten girl at times. "I shall uphold my honor, and should you wish of it, write you in Greenshire of what transpire, so you have my word as well as your guards. For I assume you would wish your chosen ones to yet be amongst my detail."

"Letters from you would be most welcome, dear sister," Caedmon answers. "Please tell his grace about our agreement that I should oversee the betrothal, but assure him fiat I intend to treat him fairly, and to give him credit for every good turn that he takes. I shall trust you to be vigilant, and I expect to see a trophy in your hand for the competition." He smiles.

"I shall tell him and assure him so, and surely a delay of but a few weeks shall not be of bother to him to give announcement. For we would have need to wait anyways to be wed," his daughter already betrothed, and potentially seeing Logan properly wed, some sort of order protocol or something. Maybe. Nylie smiles,"I will be vigilant, brother and be certain to greet you with a hug and trophy in hand when you and Wenna return. I shall be sure to give you a telling of how all our fair Knights perform, and you must tell me of all of the songs and happenings of the festival when you return."

Caedmon chuckles. "It will not be as good as you being there, but I will tell you," he assures. "I will ask the bards there if they would send the notes and words of their songs to you, so that you might learn them. Lady Elisabeth should help with that as well, being herself from Greenshire. Then we shall not need to travel so far to enjoy the fine songs."

"Aye, I agree, but I would not wish to break my promise to Elisabeth, we have become something of friends in our time together." Nylie smiles a touch,""It would be welcome, though I am not poorly versed in song of Greenshire, brother. Sometime I think perhaps I need to detail for you just all where I have been and whom I have come to study under." There is a slight pause before Nylie proposes,"Perhaps to once you and Wenna have returned, we might try another dinner with the four of us?"

Caedmon bows slightly. "I think that we should plan for that dinner to follow our return," he agrees. "We will return with some of their fine wine as well, so that we might raise a toast to your happiness." Now, he looks at his sitter with warmth and tenderness. "I am glad that we spoke so soon about this development. Both of you will be in our prayers."

There is a turn of a curtsy to answer his bow,"AS I am I, I only wish I could have spoken with you sooner." Silly trip to Sutherland! Nylie looking much relieved now, especially to see the look from her brother, a warmth and fondness for him. And of course, he does not escape without another hug though from her,"As shall you both be in mine, for your safe travels and return."

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