Alisair 20, 228 2E:An Afternoon of Chocola

Music and chocola in the afternoon
Date:Alisair 20, 228 2E:Afternoon:An Afternoon of Chocola

An Afternoon of Chocola
Summary: Daelina visits the Chocola Emporium to make a deal to garner pastries for the Inn's anniversary and gets a musical afternoon with strangers
OOC Date: 09/06/2013 (OOC)
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Chocola Emporium
The front of this shop opens up on lovely days, but can be closed and barred at night or when closed. It has a small cafe area at the front, with six or seven small tables set up for customers to buy a drink of chocola and maybe a cookie, slice of cake or pastry. There are decorations of sea shells and driftwood, giving the area a beach front Eastern Isles feeling. To the back of the store, there are several rows of goods for sale, low cost textiles and food stuff from exotic locales. There are paintings on the walls, also for sale, so they change regularly.

At the very back, there are two doors. One leads to the personal apartments of the proprietor, and the other to the secure area, where the higher cost goods are kept safe.


The sun stands high, extending its warm embrace upon the capital city of Mobrin. People walking, running, rushing against each other, is the common landscape in the commercial sectors of the town, and today is not a exception. Words are spoken, shouted, and whispered, joining in the cacophony that composes the constant melody of Stormvale. But there are three shadows who walk down the sun, through the crowd, and finally entering the Chocola Emporium. Three shadows with no name, two of them following the leading one.

Bright dark eyes shine from his shadowed gaze, carefully covered by the hood of his gray rusted cloak. It only takes him a few steps to sit in an empty chair, facing an empty table, with an empty conversation dying in his lips. Tall and seemly muscular, which can be noticed even in his plain attire.

The two remaining shadows, after a long stare full of silence, turn back to wait outside of the place.

With her perpetual smile and cheery good nature, Daelina enters into the Emporium. The warm sugary smell fills her nose, already tickling her tastebuds. But, important things first, her reason for being here. The Emporium needed some more honey, and Daelina just /happens/ to be able to provide that particular commodity. A few hushed words are exhanged, a largish container of honey is passed to the proprietor and monies exchanged and hidden away, carefully and quietly, in her basket. She begins to turn away then turns back to speak in hushed tones for a moment, mention heard of obtaining some of their pastries for something on Satuday. Smiles ensue, eyes twinkle, and when asked by the proprietor, of course, she'd enjoy a cup of chocola. So, she goes to take a seat, giving the man in the grey cloak, an absent smile one gives a stranger before taking a seat at an empty table herself, to wait for the offered cup of chocola.

A new man enters the place. A man that resembles nothing close to a shadow, dressed in vivid colors and carrying a long flute in his hand. The instrument is clean, vibrant, painted bright red with decorations that resemble Kuldari paintings, or at least some kind of foreign ones. And with it, he wears a wide smile, as well.

"Ladies and lords," he says loudly, catching the attention of many of the guests in the Emporium, "My name is Jarve, the Voice of the Streams of Blackforge." a long name, indeed, but a name that many may know. A musician of good renown, who is introducing himself with a melodic and soft voice. Though, little comes after his introduction. The sound of a coin hits a wooden table. A sound the bards knows too well.

The man in the cloak, still quiet, moves his hand back, very slowly releasing the gold, in a clear offer for the newcomer. And, in his motion, the woman who has taken seat is noticed and a nod of acknowledgment is offered.

Daelina rests the basket she had carried on the floor, near her feet, moving it aside with the faint scratch of straw on wood. About to thank the baerer of chocola when her ears catch the sound of a melodic voice, she turns turning to watch and listen.

Warm brown eyes begin to glimmer….will there now be music to brighten an afternoon, that is already pleasant? Fortunate happenstance, as she shifts her chair to watch with interst, eyes catching sight of the disc of gold faintly glinting as it hits the floor. A surreptitous glance in the direction it came from and another nod, before taking a sip of the cup before her.

It seems today is not a day of much conversation, for the artist rushes to get his flute ready - even before taking the coin. From the distance, and for some reason still unknown, the man doesn't seem to doubt on the legitimacy of the money. And even a hint of fear is betrayed by the thin smile he casts before starting his performance.

From the beginning, the song that emerges is pleasant, fluid, showing virtue and skill, with a strong feeling of celebration and joy. It is not an improvisation, but the passages that flow are complex and ever-changing. A song not too many bards would perform, with a difficulty only matched by its inner beauty. A story is being told, a story full of cadences, warmth, with moments in which the sounds clash, struggle, fight against each other, only to resolve in a path leading to only more soft tones and many smiles of the crowd that is listening.

"Fire in the Sea." the man in the gray cloak says, perhaps to himself, escaping him and letting a shy smile emerge. The song, which narrates a battle that happened many years ago, gives him memories he can't contain. But the song, sadly, is not known for its length, and some heartbeats after the smile has faded, the melody does as well.

A strong applause is given, afterwards, and the bard now asks an unspoken question to Daelina, bowing a little in gratitude to the audience.

Daelina's hands go together, palm to palm, watching curiously as the bard takes the coin from the unknown man. And, at the bard's seemng fear at excepting the coin, her eyes narrow in thought for a moment, but are drawn back to the performance that commences

Daelina's chocola goes cold during the performance, eyes and ears entranced and engaged, throughout; a toe starts to tap in time, without thought or notice, starting a moment at the sound of a voice speaking when the song ends, so engulfed in the music for a time she'd forgotten someone was seated nerby her.

A moemntary gaze goes to the grey cloaked man before shifting back towards the bard and his unspoken question. "Oh, good bard, I have no particular favorites. But, play something that calls to mind the sun in a forest glade filled with flowers and clear blue skies on a summers day." She glances down to her basket, picking it up for a moment, to rifle through the cloth that is there.

Jarve nods quickly. Very quickly. He is swift and silent when he wants. Proof of that is the fact that the coin is no longer in the table, catching even the man in the gray cloak in surprise. A loud laugh is heard as he notices, but the hood still covers his face.

"Of course, m'lady." the bard answers, raising his flute and taking a deep breath before proceeding once more. His eyes are green and big, but narrowed as he starts. And, with the light and closer proximity, the little drawings on the instrument may be more evident, depicting people dancing in a very rustic and simple way, yet filled in strong colors that add to its beauty.

The new song is drawn slowly. The sun, perhaps, is told by low tones that move soft and slow, gaining intensity as it progresses. Little details irrupt, mimicking the tweets of birds that fly bye, lowering in volume in a try to make them disappear from the picture he paints in the invisible canvas of his melody.

It lasts longer than the previous one, and at the notice of the search in the basket, and after it is properly finished, the musician shakes his head slowly. "It is not needed." he says, with still a thin smile that shows more fear than enjoyment.

The bard is given a look, an unasked question offered with her eyes; but, by the same token, inclines her head in response. Settling her bask, she claps, offering her thanks in that manner and with a brilliant smile. "Now, Iknow with my ears why my thoughts told me a summers day was like. Thank you."

She reaches to take a sip of chocola, long grown cold; but good chocola is good whether hot or cold, and after only the briefest of faces at the change in temperature, she sips. Her enjoyment of the music perhaps kept her from noticing the supposed frisson of fear the bard wears as she continues to relax.

Laetitia is here in cloaked form, the woman wearing very tight leather pants as well as a tight leather deep red corsetted top with a lovely fine shirt beneath that, sleeves winsomely gathered about her wrists in delicate lace. Riding boots are worn that go up just past her knees, deep blue cloak worn about her shoulders. The hood is drawn forwards so as to disguise the Queens face though a flash of a berry smile may be able to be caught when that grey cloaked figure is noticed. With a saucy sway of her hips the vagabond will ease her way through to head to the grey cloaked figures table, "Fancy a bit of company?" A look towards Daelina at her words to the bard, smile growing wider as pale green gaze shifts back to the grey cloak, one leather gloved hand pressed to a hip as she waits to be invited.

"Then my work is done." the bard says with a new bow, smiling to her but without moving from his place. His green eyes slide a little at the notice of yet a new hooded person, and a new sigh escapes him. With little more choice, he speaks a little more. "I am one of His Majesties' personal musicians, m'lady. Would a simple artist be worth of knowing your name? In exchange, of course, I can offer a new song. Some have said I have played songs no one else has ever had." the smile turns sharper, and he contains his urge to look again at the disguised couple.

Meanwhile, in his table, the unknown man grins under his hood and rises very swiftly, pulling an empty chair by his side, getting it ready for the new arrival. "Please," he says as his hand gestures towards it, and a whispered couple of words, or perhaps a little more, is offered to her before she can take seat.

"I think it is her." the voice of the mysterious man says a bit louder, covering himself a little more as he does, if that is still possible.

A sideways glance at the new arrival and words given to the man in grey. Puzzlement fills Dae's eyes, a visit by one of the personal musicians of the…eyes darting in the direction of the castle.

Well stranger things have happened, one supposes. In point of fact, lately, rather a few of them. But, shaking her head, "The name is Daelina, Daelina Galbraith, good bard. But a simple enough name, not truly worth of a song. Unless you insist then one of your choosing will be good enough for me." Her eyes continue to watch him, a hint of concern fills her eyes. Something is bothering the man, and she cannot seem to puzzle it out for herself, although her gaze does now dart to where the bard does not wish to look any longer.

Laetitia moves around the table to sit at the offered seat, the woman tilting her head down to listen to the whisper, lips parting in a wide smile beneath her hood before she's returning a whisper herself, head turning then to take in the room. Where she looks, the hood does not reveal, but the vagabond will nod her head faintly, "Indeed, I do believe you are right." Her accent is a bit muddied, so as not to reveal her true identity, but it rings sweetly all the same, smooth as honey and just as warm.

"Daelina." the bard repeats. "Not as simple as you could think." his voice is warm and gentle, "And it is well worth of a song. But, this time, it will be a song of my own composition." he steps back, more than a few steps, and rises the flute once more.

If the previous songs were jovial, this one is melancholic, but lacking of the usual tint of sadness. There is emotion in there, but somehow a mix not easy to describe. It holds the beauty of the last couple, but with an interpretative focus clearly higher than before.

In the table, the hooded man smiles, taking the hand of the undercover Queen and kissing it happily. His eyes glaze and he caresses it, and more whispered words are said.

When the song ends, the King says in a voice loud enough to be heard by Daelina. "Galbraith. Is Ross Galbraith a name you recognize?" the question doesn't come with pressure, but with enough gentleness and with a disguised accent that is not as good as the one performed by Laetitia.

The song is listened too, with the same attenion and admiration as the ones before it. Although, this time, like the music, her face gets a pensive look, in keeping with the tone and feel the music portrays.

"Again, good bard, and excellent song. I wonder if that is how you and others hear my name"

At the words formt eh man int he cloak, and searching glance in that direction, her hands going to her lap. Eyes narrowing as she regards the two of them, watching them carefully. "It is. It is a name I recognize as well as my own, good sir. It is the name of my father, who owns the Riverview Inn.

Laetitia's accent is terrible! TERRIBLE! Laughing softly at the kiss she will incline her head back towards Callem, murmuring back to him and caressing his hand oh so lovingly. These two are total weirdos.
Looking back up when the King tosses out the name, Lae will turn her head to murmur loudly, "Looks like it is her, how fortunate." She will reach into her cloak with her free hand not in Lems and rummage about, apparently trying to find something.

"Good." the King says plainly, still covered by his hood, at the words from Daelina. A little chuckle is heard, flowing through the new passages that Jarve is drawing with his flute, now a song in the background, describing the situation with an improvisation that has replaced the fear with pure enjoyment and entertainment. "She is." the sovereign continues, glancing at the hand of the Queen as it is looking for… something.

"Your father is a good man. A good man that has served well and with honor." Callem recites over the growing melody.

The doors to the Emporium swing open and Blian enters. He has a small tin-whisle in hand and is holding at his side as if he were thumbing the hilt of a sword. He seems pleasurably enough with his brady soaked expression and he does not even notice the cloaked figures or the rival minstrel as he strides forth to Daelina, "May I-" He is cut short by the flute and a look of envy washes over his face as he has been beat to the punch. However, he does smile a bit as the melody takes shape nicely. Lifting his whistle he uses but one hand, te good one, as he picks up on the tune with his natural ear. The song grows and Blian begins to take over, his three-fingered hand improvising solos over the solid melody brought forth by the unknown. He adds a little foot stomp to give some back beat as he now seemlessly blends his wild crescendos back into the standard progression of the song, allowing for the other who started to shine himself.

Daelina is now clearly more than puzzled, her sunny good nature almost being brushed away the querying of the man and the woman in the grey cloaks."A daughter's pride, as she says "OF cousre he does. He is my father." She shakes her head a moment, eyes going back to the bard playing. A happier tune, and that usually restores good humor, which it does, her smile returning, even as she keeps casting puzzled looks over at the other two.

And, another minstrel? And moremusic? This afternoon has truly been an wonderous surprise. Oh, yes, a toe starts tapping, tis hard not to let it be so.

Laetitia is in a blue cloak! She'd never wear something so drag as grey. Laetita will erupt into delighted effort as she leans in and whispers a few teasing words to Callem. Gripping his arm she will snuggle up next to him, enjoying listening to the bard and allowing Lem to continue the eyeing of Daelina.

War! The green eyes of The Voice of the Streams seem to scream, as his own tune develops as a raging storm, forcing resolutions to the progression that aren't easy to foresee, but turning the passing chaos and eventual dissonance into surprising new moments of the melody that are beautiful and as exotic as the little paintings on the flute.

To Daelina, he smiles. Probably with a little hint of cruelty, but mostly it is the smile he casts at a good performance, or a good game. A little note is taken from /Laetitia's/ pocket and left in the table - in the side of the table pointing to the innkeeper's daughter. A little gesture confirms it is for her. But it is sealed. "For when you leave." he clarifies.

The murmured words are returned, with some a little longer, and his hand closes tightly on that of the Queen.

Daelina listens to the music as it plays, clearly as entranced and in full enjoyment of it as before. ANd when the music finishes, it is a it sad, as it always is when good music ends.

But the note taking and placing on the table, is watched. For when she leaves, hmm? Maybe. And maybe it will just sit there.Maybe fingers with sureptitiusly twitch in that direction. But she hasn't. So the midn could change, as it probably will, her curiousity ever bright.

But for nwo, note leaving aside, she casts sideways glances at the one who mentioned her father.

Blian finishes the song beautifully with the unknown musician. The existing minstrel takes his course and Blian man-handeles his way for the ending. A lovely minor scale is introduced before he slowly builds it up and ends blowing the chord progression louder thatn the man himself. It sounds as if he wrote the tune himself. A small glance afterwards is given the seemingly poor folks with their own travelling entertainment and he bows. "Excuse me." He says more to Daelina, than the /disguised/ royalty. Taking this chance to ignore them and acknowledge the young girl he adds, "Mayhaps next time I may start the tune." A knowing glance is givin' to the royalty he has seen before and a incredibly mocking bow for the other man who stands.

Laetitia's note totally has a doodle of Lem and his doodle. Its a terribly crass drawing, no more than stick figured with 'Lae loves Lem' in terrible scrawl. Not the Queens own perfect handwriting, but something she got her son to write before she drew the picture. SHE'S TERRIBLE. But she's also totally into Lem right now, pressing kisses beneath his hooded face with only her cheeks bared as she pulls her own back near her jawline to give the kisses. Smoochie smoochie. And then she's rising up, giving Lem a little nudge with her hip in a seductive manner as she strolls out. Catwalk.

Laetitia's note totally has a doodle of Lem and his noodle. Its a terribly crass drawing, no more than stick figured with 'Lae loves Lem' in terrible scrawl. Not the Queens own perfect handwriting, but something she got her son to write before she drew the picture. SHE'S TERRIBLE. But she's also totally into Lem right now, pressing kisses beneath his hooded face with only her cheeks bared as she pulls her own back near her jawline to give the kisses. Smoochie smoochie. And then she's rising up, giving Lem a little nudge with her hip in a seductive manner as she strolls out. Catwalk

Jarve holds his flute very tight, preparing himself to storm on the other musician, but is stopped by a little, almost unnoticeable hand sign from the King. Being always present in the court, the man knows full well the identity of the couple. And he might know full well what may happen next, so to avoid any further uncomfortable moment, he turns back to stare at Blian and Daelina - and after a second thought, he turns again to stare at the rest of the crowd, moving in the hope to find new clients that are willing to pay enough for a good song.

Callem laughs a bit, but the laugh is eclipsed by the Queen. He caresses her cheek, his finger slowly melting into the shadow casted over her face. And when she stands, and only after her nudge, he rises as well, offering farewell nods to Daelina and the couple of bards, and makes his way out.

Oh Botheration! AFter that odd couple, move away, she'll take the note now and hold it before her on the table. No, she won't open it yet, she won't, she won't, she won't. *sighs* She will. fingers deftly start to unfold thenote, it is later,r ight? No one said how much later.

Or even leaving. She didn't leave, they did. Maybe she's getting ready to leave

When the other has departed, and Blian has assumed to remain ignorant of his true company, he takes this oppurtunity to ignore his regal company as he could not ususally do. Moving forth to a table of familiar common folks he picks out a young lass, though it is no coincidence. "Milly!" He says happily to the young auburn haired girl with far to many freckles, " I've finish ed that song. Would you care to hear it?" He whispers to her and she giggles. Standing she departs with the comely bard as they make way for the door, no doubt to do much the same as the king and the queen. A last look behind the newest trophy is given to Daelina along with a wink.

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