Heraldry for House Aleksy
House: Aleksy
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Aleksy Island
Fortification: Aleksy Manor
Motto: Death Before Dishonor
Colors: Black and Red
Liege: House Kilgour of Albion
Vassals: Commoner tenants
Rank: Lord
Head of House: Vuk Aleksy
Predecessor: TBA
Heir: None


House Aleksy is a minor vassal to the Barony of Albion headed by Vuk Aleksy. It composes a medium sized island with a few not so habitable smaller islands, and a small strip of coastal peninsula.. The coastal land is used for agriculture and light timber management while the island incomes are fishing and a distillery. It is a House noted to be down on it's luck and plagued by hard times, barely surviving.


House Aleksy has stood since the last few hundred years of the Empire and was once far more prosperous then it is today. The landbound holdings were once rich with forest that has become mostly cleared and windswept barrens. Those who remain on these lands are a hard working people in an increasingly unforgiving land.

House Aleksy has in the last few generations suffered many set backs. Storms ravaged it's fishing fleets and farming lands along the coast though the islands have faired better. There is limited hunting and farming along the small coastal portion including sugar beats and grains.

This is a house whose blood it self is rumored to be failing, each generation showing difficulties with begetting children. With the death of his parents, Vuk Aleksy is the last direct line male living.


House Aleksy has almost always had an affinity for the commoner, for the Nobility of House Aleksy considers them in their schemes, as they were never great in number. They genuinely care for their people, and whilst a man might in other lands warrant an execution, House Aleksy would offer a chance before the mast. It serves to both punish a criminal for an offense, and keep their fleets floating.

Infact, there is a story that at one point, a man was caught poaching in the Lord's personal forest, and when the Lord went to judge the man, he was told he had killed a pheasent at four hundred paces, with naught but a bow made of brittle wood. So impressed was the lord, he allowed the man to not only live, but become a drill master. House Aleksy values what it has, and does not wantonly throw it aside.


Primary revenues are fishing, sugar from sugar beats, and a distillery that makes a well favoured rum type liquor called Kilrin. Formerly the House used to export timber and grain though the now it has to import these goods. While they used to have a few ships of war, storms have decimated the ships. Yet, House Aleksy can still boast some shipwrights of reasonable skill, capable of building war ships if they can get the contracts and the timber to do so.

Kilrin is described as having a unique flavour, subtle, explosive on the tongue on the finish; akin to smelling the sweetest flowers and then tasting the rain as it caresses fresh tilled earth, with hints of exotic spices beyond, and some claim, of divine waters.

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