Count Aldren Haravean
Jonas Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong as Count Aldren Haravean
Full Name: Count Aldren Haravean
Age: 29
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Haravean
Position: Count of Greenshire
Place of Birth: Greenshire
Father: Aldric Haravean (deceased)
Mother: Bedwyn Haravean (deceased)
Siblings: Wenna, Brendolyn, Rorey, Braedon, Jaimilyn
Spouse: None
Children: None


Count of Greenshire

Immediate Family

Lady Elisabeth Mowbray - Cousin
Lord Eoin Fergal Haravean - Cousin
Lady Wenna Kilgour - Sister
Lady Jaimilyn Haravean - Sister
Lady Brendolyn Haravean - Sister
Lady Rorey Haravean - Sister
Lord Braedon Haravean - Brother

Character Features

Aldren and Family Photos

Physical Features


On the Grid

Known Associates

Eoin Lord Eoin Fergal Haravean : Cousin
Rorey Lady Rorey Haravean : Sister
Brendolyn Lady Brendolyn Haravean : Sister
NAME Stuff : Yep

Recent Memoirs


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