Heather Graham
Heather Graham as Airysse Grafton
Full Name: Airysse Grafton
Age: 19
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: None
Position: Handmaiden and assistant to Lady Senga Kincaid
Place of Birth: Grafton in the Duchy of Sutherland
Father: Unknown
Mother: A woman of questionable repute
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None


Handmaiden to Lady Senga and assistant in coordinating meals and other matters.

Current Situation:

A lucky chain of events had Airysse join the Kincaid Household. She had come across Lord Arlen Kincaid, the Commander of the Royal Fleet, twice while still in service of Lord Vuk. The third time she mentioned Lord Vuk's departure in the near future, which had Arlen ask her to come and visit Kincaid Manor later that day, to speak with his wife Lady Senga.

Equipped with a brief letter of recommendation by the Aleksy Lord, Airysse followed the invitation and presented herself to the Kincaid Lady. She was asked to come again when she would be free to enter service with the Kincaids.

The position was still to be decided on, however. A week later when Vuk had sailed off, Airysse was accepted into the Kincaid household, as a handmaiden to Lady Senga and her assistant, to coordinate meals and other matters. A few hours later she was already on her way with the Kincaids, on a sea voyage to Sutherland - to the wedding of Duke Ronan and Princess Roslin.

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