Duke Aidan Romyn Kincaid III
Billy Zane
Billy Zane as Aidan Romyn Kincaid III
Full Name: Aidan Romyn Kincaid III
Age: 46
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kincaid
Position: Duke of Lakeshire, Master of Laws
Place of Birth: Lakeshire
Father: Daemon Kincaid (deceased)
Mother: Asrella Kincaid nee Forrester
Siblings: Arlen (brother), Desmond (brother - deceased), Donnal (brother), Danallia (sister), Rayosia (sister), Malakai (brother)
Spouse: Lady Isys Kincaid nee Crawford (deceased 226 2E)
Lady Nylie Kincaid nee Kilgour (229 2E)
Children: By Isys: Hadrian, Aemy, Bowen, Lynette,


Duke Aidan Romyn Kincaid III of Lakeshire


Character Features

"You are a man of strong feelings, sir. You don't develop feelings easily or often, but when you DO feel, you feel with the intensity of a Kundari sandstorm. You feel hard. Fast. Dominant. But… those feelings are hard to see through. The sand gets in your eyes, sir."
- Oxley Crawford


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