So, as of right now, there are no stats allowed at all above 12.

Under No Circumstances can someone take a quirk (or skill) with the intention of controlling another character in mind, body, or any other way. You cannot read people, predict their future, tell if they are lying. No one is a fortune teller here.


  • Body: Physical fitness - Strength, Constitution and Agility
  • Mind: Mental fitness - Intelligence and Creativity
  • Presence: Personality - Charisma and Will
  • Reaction: Reflexes - Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination and Wits

Attribute Ratings

Rating Level Description
1 Poor Sub-par, deficient by human standards.
2 Average The common human level of competency.
3 Good Above average, excels in this area.
4 Exceptional A prime example of human ability.

Attributes reflect a character’s natural talents. Attributes influence related skills, giving advantage or disadvantage in exercising the skill. They also come into play when no particular skill applies to a given situation. Barring extreme events, Attributes do not change.

Attributes are rated on a 1-4 scale.

Action Skills

  • Apothecary: The art of mixing of potions, counter poisons, and basic herbology.
  • Archery: The art of using bows and cross-bows in hunting or combat.
  • Blades: Fighting with swords, knifes, or any other kind of blade.
  • Bludgeons: Fighting with weapons such as axes and hammers.
  • Defense: The ability to defend in combat.
  • Healer: Healing and doctor skills, including surgery.
  • Horsemanship: The art of controlling a horse.
  • Melee: Fighting with fists.
  • Perception: The ability of perceiving the events around you. Very useful in spotting lies, forged documents, etc.
  • Polearms: The art of using spears, lances, pikes, etc. Used in jousting tournaments.
  • Stealth: Being sneaky.
  • Stewardship: The art of running a keep, managing lands, business, etc.
  • Throwing: Caltrops, Liquid Fire, Grappling Hooks, Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Javelins, Snowballs, Rocks, Etc.

Background Skills and Quirks

(Freeform, meaning you can make up anything you want. The lists below are just some ideas.)

Sample Background Skills
Science - astronomy, biology, alchemy, geology, mathematics, etc.
Humanity - history, literature, philosophy, poetry, etc.
A profession or trade - cook, servant, barkeep, steward, carpenter, brewer, blacksmith, etc.
Entertainment - chess, cards, etc.
Artforms - sculpting, painting, sketching, etc.
Expression - singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.
Crafts or hobbies - gardening, basketweaving, knitting, etc.
Outdoorsman - Survival, Tracking, Hunting, Falconry, etc.
Leadership - Command, Tactics, etc.

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