House Aberdeen
Heraldry for House House Aberdeen
House: House Aberdeen
Kingdom: Tanara
Seat: Fairisle
Fortification: Carrick Halls
Motto: Valiant by sea and land!
Colors: Silver, black and gold
Liege: None
Vassals: Temple, Reshin, Ifere, Toltec
Rank: King
Head of House: Lord Sir Isaac Aberdeen
Predecessor: Lord Sir Aslan Aberdeen
Heir: Conall Isiah Aberdeen

“We shall defend our island

whatever the cost may be

we shall fight on the beaches

we shall fight on the landing grounds

we shall fight in the fields and in the streets

we shall fight in the hills

we shall never surrender.”

Winston Churchill

The Past, Present and Future

Having ran the islands of Aberdeen since before the Hammerfell revolt against the empire, the Aberdeens are their own entity and prefer to remain separate from the mainland, desiring to keep their own independence. The family are all strong and passionate for their way of life, and Carrick Halls are a steadfast and sturdy fortification. Religion is given a nod of acknowledgement though most of the Royal family and islanders do not openly practice any religion at all. Contracts are continuously made for the exports of boats, fish and other items such as vegetation and fruits. Deals are struck through marriages and the children of the royal line know their place is to wed for the sake of the family. They bow to the no one, considering themselves the superior house, though they have bonded together in marriage first Lord Sir Isaac Aberdeen to the Princess Annalysse Stewert of Laniveer. The Kingdoms have done well together, and the joining has proven mutually beneficial to both. King Isaac is best friends with King Callem Kilgour. They hold great respect of the Kilgours, seeing them as equals, though it was not until Princess Ciarrah Aberdeen wed Prince Tyrel Kilgour that a marriage match was made.

After Mikeal Donovall Aberdeen married Briana Rendann from the Finger Isles they remained on the island continuing his profession of ship building. Uncle of the present ruling King, Mikeal is known as the best ship builder alive and his ships are in high demand, having to be ordered a year in advance. He is very protective of his designs and the plans are always locked protectively in the Castle in an undisclosed location. Each ship he builds he makes original and has gained certain fame for not only his seaworthy craft, but the sheer beauty of his designs.

The Aberdeen are known as experts on the sea, training continuously on land and sea for any further invasion whether real or imagined. Unerring in their navigation using the location of the sun or the moon, as well as the innovation of the dry compass, they are able to give precise locations of enemy ships. Whether sailors, farmers, fishermen, boat builders or otherwise working on the docks, the islanders are a happy and hardworking people, content with the current rule, and ready to fiercely defend their homes should foreigners threaten them.

Carrick Halls


Carrick Halls, named for the rock of the castle, built painstakingly on the Island of the very same mountain that takes up part of the island that the castle was built upon. Aberdeen Island is for the location at the mouth of the river and the fact that the castle is on the rocks, the castle is called Carrick Castle Halls, though over time has been shortened to Carrick Halls. The walls are high and impenetrable on the northern side with the sheer drop to the sea below and on the other sides protected by walls and clear coastline. It would be difficult to plan or execute a sneak attack with the existing defenses.



Crown of King Aberdeen

The styles of the Aberdeen consists mostly of light, gauzy materials, dresses of whimsy edged in shells and pearl seeded buttons or layers overlapping. Sheathes over one shoulder, wrapped around toga style in varieties of materials. The men in fine tunics of beige, white, black, tan, more earthy tones, some with sandals upon their feet, perhaps something of a culture shock, yet each casual and elegant in their own way.

Current Members

Conall Isiah Aberdeen, Heir to House Aberdeen, eldest son
Princess Ciarrah Annabella Aberdeen, Ambassador to The Kingdom of Mobrin
Prince Cayden Aslan Aberdeen Prince of Aberdeen, Sea Ranger


Isaac Aberdeen, King of Aberdeen

Aunts, Uncles, cousins

Sea Rangers (Strictly Aberdeen)

The Sea Rangers are a tradition unique to the Kingdom of Tanara and House Aberdeen. These bold men are considered the most elite of the Eastern Isles sailors, and are particularly well trained in boarding actions, counter-boarding, and the seizing of ports and beachheads. They are exclusively men, as many sailors still hold the superstition that a woman aboard can cause bad luck.

Most Sea Rangers are recruited from among the common sailors of Aberdeen, specifically those that have shown mettle and courage in real combat. Ship Captains of the Royal Navy can recommend any of their sailors for consideration, and candidates are then evaluated by a serving Sea Ranger. If they show promise, they are taken for two to three years of extensive training aboard a Sea Ranger vessel. Provided they survive and meet the challenges presented to him, they are then inducted as a full Sea Ranger.

Sea Ranger officers are another matter entirely, and are exclusively members of the nobility. Most of these men are trained from a young age much as Knights or more traditional rangers would be, and are quite well-versed in combat, seamanship, navigation and naval tactics. They only receive their full Sea Ranger title, however, upon successfully leading men in shipboard battle at least three times. A noble son attaining the title of Sea Ranger in Tanara is equal in prestige to Knighthood, and while their roles differ considerably, they are expected to carry themselves with honor and uphold the ideals of chivalry, albeit somewhat more loosely than the Knighthood, as the realities of shipboard combat are quite different from battle on the open field.

Traditionally, Sea Ranger vessels are among the fastest and most maneuverable that the Royal Navy of House Aberdeen has available to them. In peacetime, Sea Rangers are relentless hunters of pirates and smugglers in the seas surrounding the Eastern Isles, their speedy vessels often able to close with their enemies swiftly, and their maneuverability helps them to avoid attacks until they can board the enemy vessel. In wartime, Sea Ranger vessels serve both as forward scouts, and support the larger warships of the fleet in full engagements by either boarding enemy vessels while they are occupied with larger warships, or by boarding friendly vessels to help them repel boarders. Additionally, Sea Rangers often serve as forward elements when it comes to attempts at seizing ports and beachheads, using their sleek and swift vessels to try to slip into striking distance unnoticed and neutralize some of the enemys defenses before the larger invasion force arrives.

While Sea Rangers spend much of their career assigned to vessels specifically noted as Sea Ranger vessels, they are occasionally sent to serve on voyages aboard other vessels, sharing some of their expertise with their fellow sailors and keeping an eye out for prospects to join the Sea Rangers from among them. Some Sea Rangers choose to rejoin the regular Royal Navy after several years of service in the Sea Rangers, and such individuals often attain positions of respect and authority aboard the ships they serve (most often the Ships Master-at-Arms).

Sea Ranger Officers
The Nobles that make up the Sea Ranger Officers spend several years commanding one or more Sea Ranger vessels. After that, many of them go on to command larger warships within the Royal Navy. Experience as a Sea Ranger Officer is not strictly necessary to attain high rank (including joining the Admiralty) in the Royal Navy, but it is often a pathway to swift promotion, and for several generations it has been virtually unheard of for the Lord High Admiral to not have served as a Sea Ranger himself.

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