Nar 23, 228: A Warm Reception

A Warm Reception
Summary: While Cedric and Terrwyn are having juice and conversation with his recently arrived sister Caitlyn in their chambers, they receive yet another guest.
OOC Date: 26/07/2013 (OOC)
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Sutherland Suite, Darfield Castle
The Apartments that have been assigned to the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland smells faintly of mint and roses, and the windows are kept open, allowing in natural light and fresh air into the apartments. The rooms are decent-sized and there are finely woven tapestries that have been hung from the stone walls. Exotic carpets sit on the stone floor instead of rushes there are carpets which offer warmth and a splash of color.

One room is a finely and ornately decorated sitting room. The room has been decorated with hard wood and heavy furniture that has brocade upholstery and comfortable cushions. There is also a loom that sits in the corner next to a large fireplace; there is a sitting area round a small table where meals can be taken.

Nar 23rd, 228

The Apartments that have been assigned to the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland smells faintly of mint and roses, and the windows are kept open, allowing in natural light and fresh air into the apartments. The rooms are decent-sized and there are finely woven tapestries that have been hung from the stone walls. Exotic carpets sit on the stone floor instead of rushes there are carpets which offer warmth and a splash of color.

One room is a finely and ornately decorated sitting room. The room has been decorated with hard wood and heavy furniture that has brocade upholstery and comfortable cushions. There is also a loom that sits in the corner next to a large fireplace; there is a sitting area round a small table where meals can be taken"Blessings never cease to amaze me, they are lucky they had none down there and another vein. We are lucky." With her laces done she turns and embraces him before seeking another cold compress. "I am about to sleep on the floor again." She slips from their bedroom and back into the main part of the appartment. Her long blonde hair has been braided and bound up. She is dressed in a loose fitting pale blue silk gown. She moves to take a seat and place the compress on the back of her neck again. Using the fan she fans herself. Her other hand goes to her stomach. "How are we doing on the mustering of troops?"

The late afternoon sunlight pours through the open windows and into the main part of the Suterland suits. A soft breeze heady with the incense of ripening fruit and summer flowers drifts through the open windows dancing and swirling about the apartment leaving a scented trail in its wake.

Cedric smiles, "Oh they are comming along, thankfully were always training our people and so in a few weeks at best the replacesments will be up to speed to join their units. The academy's have never been fuller with fresh recruits many of whom wish to partake. " he takes the time to change into something more comfortable himself before heading out to the main room. " Yes well the mine works say it'll take at least two or three days to clear out the rubble before they can reshore up the timbers and continue mining."

There is a knock at the door, a young servant stepping in and aside to let the young woman behind him pass. He does so in a hurry as the rustle of Caitlyn's dress marks her hasty entrance. She is all smiles from ear to ear, her silver-blonde hair mussed charmingly. In an instant she is hugging Cedric, laughing before fairly pushing him aside to do the same to Terrwyn. "Cedric! Terrwyn! I've missed you terribly!"

Her hand remains on her stomach as Terrwyn talks to Cedric. "I would say you no longer are making me hot by looking at you." She teases. "The question is how green are they going to be and is there enough time to season them before they meet their first battle nothing is worse than having them run at the first sight of blood." She then nods. "It will not put too big of a dent in production. Did they say how large that vein was?" She then motions for him to come over to her.

The knock at the door has her turning her head towards the door. Then her smile get bright as the firey sun in the sky. "My dear when did you arrive?" She moves to retun the hug. "We have miss you and your sisters."

is about to reply when the door is opened and he's just as fast huged as he's pushed aside and he's grinning. "Well! I see who the favorite is in this family. " he teases his sister, then looks to his wife. "well the good thing is that we had many who were ready to join ranks now but with Tyrel's keeping us at low numbers they were just recycled as aids and teachers. They will be fairly well seasoned as I've instructed them all to go on war games for the whole trip north, and that way the'll have some combat experiance prior to actual combat. " He looks to Caitlyn and smiles. "so did you ditch your brothers and sisters back home to come here and join in on the politcal intrique.?"

Cedric is about to reply when the door is opened and he's just as fast huged as he's pushed aside

Caitlyn stands with Terrwyn, beaming at her as she reaches up to unclasp her travelling cloak, tossing it into a nearby chair before absently running a hand over her rumpled skirt, blowing a huff of air to push aside some errant lock of hair "I have only just arrived. I hope I haven't interrupted anything?" She squeezes Terri's hand before turning a bright smile on her brother, her open face glowing with the adoration she obviously feels for him. "I certainly have ;eft them behind! I'm almost 20 for the gods' sake and I've yet to see the world!"

"The question is husband do you think we will be ready and do you think they will try and march on this particular city. If they did would they be able to get past the other provinces that lay in there wake. Honestly they should try to sharpen their teeth on slaughter castle over in Greenshire." She shakes her head. When Caitlyn squeeze her hand she places her hand on her stomach. Ther is a slight bump of one who is four months along. "It is good to have you hear and you will have to all that has happened, and we need to find you a husband before they think you are too old." She points out..

The hand at Terrwyn's stomach stills as Cait's eyes widen slightly. Her hand stays, moving with familiarity that might seem rude were she not a well-trained healer. Her smile widens as she looks up into her sister-in-law's eyes. "When were you going to tell me?! I could have gotten here sooner had I but known! You have felt the flutterings, yes?" She asks before a blush suffuses her cheeks with color at the latter statement. She clears her throat as she glances furtively at her brother.

"Flutters yes but it is like when one is swimming and another swims past it is light and fleeting. Nothing that I can share and nothing that is definite." Terrwyn blushes. "I wanted to make sure it is true and I wanted to tell Cedric first and then my Aunt and Uncle. But, you know how hard and desperately I have wanted this child. I was worried that perhaps it was not true or that I would miscarry because it has taken us so long." She tells her. "That is why I waited so long, I was actually working on drafting you a letter but there is no need for me to send it now."

Looking over at her husband Terrwyn smiles brightly and the looks she gives him is a loving one.

Cedric shakes hise had. "No I dont think they'll march on this peticular city and yes I do believe our forces will be ready. " he smiles at his sister and moves to hug her again. "well its good to see you, Im sure princess Caillin would love to employ your services dear one." He does chuckles at Cait's question. "well since you only arrived here, how about … oh now!" he

Cait sends Cedric a scathing look, one eyebrow arching gently. "You, dear Cedric, make an awful jester." She drily remaeks. Ah, but she is unable to stay critical for long, especially at the brother she adores to a fault. She looks between Terrwyn and her husband, hands coming to her hips. "I am goig to be the one that brings my neice or nephew into this world and I'll not hear differently, is that clear?" She waits before nodding once "I'd sooner trust a shephard than these city 'doctors' that think drilling holes into your skull had medicinal value."

"You shall my dear sister and the queen has offered the help of one of her Ladies in Waiting as well. I do declare that this child will be well cared for when it comes into the world." Terrwyn smiles brightly. "My husband you have nothing to worry about and I will not have you trouble my poor Aunt over me." She tells him and then she laughs. "Sister do you have an appitite. I need to eat, will you join us?"

Cedric can't help but smile as his sister and wife talk and slips his arms around both of them and gives them a gentle squeezing hug. Then says. "noble men lock your doors my sister is in town. "as he starts to chuckle richly.

"I am absolutely starved as a matter of fact!" Caitlyn beams at Terrwyn before another scathing look is cast at Cedric, this time though, her smile never fades. "Do not tease me so. I didn't come here looking for a husband." She blushes pinkly, saying so as if to try and convince herself. "We better get Terrwyn some food before she becomes 'testy'"

With a laugh Terrwyn calls for a servant. "Juice, wine and mint tea for me. We will need a light supper; if there are melons I would like some. If not I will settle for berries." She says to a servant who comes into that part of the apartment. The servant offers her a curtsy.

She then looks to her husband and her sister. "We shall have food and we have much to catch up on." She says to them.

Cedric catches the servant and makes sure to get a plate or two of thinly sliced meat and bread and a mild chedder brought up as well. Knowing that he at least could use a bit of meat in his diet and Darfield has some of the best roasted beef he's tasted.

Caitlyn makes use of the time to tidy up her travel-rumpled appearance best she can. Her hair however, remains unruly and she sighs, giving up the fight. She takes a seat at the small table provided, pouring a glass of wine for herself and one for Cedric as well. Its water for Terrwyn though! "I'm sorry to interrupt your talk of battle readiness, but you know I detest violence Cedric. I understand the necessity but…." she lets the statement fade away into silence.

There is a determined manly knock on the door, and the door to the Sutherland Suite opens. After a guard in Moniwid colours enters the Mist of the Island, the skirts of her darkgreen dress making a swishing sound on the floor. The dress is plain, yet of a quality becoming her station, the belt with the silver buckle in the shape of a snake's head a little exotic perhaps. The young maiden smiles as her moss green eyes brush over those present, and her head with that ocean of fiery red locks inclines in a nod of greeting as she lowers herself into a curtsey. "You grace, Duke Cedric. Duchess, I am so grateful for your invitation," Emerit says, her pale cheeks a little rosy. A glance to the other two guards outside, and they will remain where they are, as her other guard shuts the door. "I do not plan to flood your wonderful place with my guards, I am sure one shall be enough." she adds in explanation, before her eyes come to linger on the new arrival, sparkling with hardly contained curiosity.

"No more talk of war for a moment." The drinks are brought and Terrwyn gets her mint tea. "Husband tell your sister the good news about the vein and the mine." She smiles brightly. As the sound of a knock on the door and the door opening she turns to see who will enter. Seeing Moniwind colors she moves to rise from where she was seated and she offers a curtsy. "Your highness, we are honored to have you here. Please come and join us would you like tea, juice or wine or wine watered down with juice?"

Cedric smiles and nods. "of course dear. " Cedric looks to Caitlyn and smiles. "Well due to an shifting of a support beam in our Iron mine it seem that it caused a collapes but thankfuly it was when nobody was in the mines and They cleared enough out to notice what might be a start of a new and richer vain of Iron ore. They say it'll take two to three days to clear ou the rubble and shore up the supports but that should greatly improve our Iron supplys. " he spots the princess and smiles as he stands up "Please join us your Highness It was so kind of you to come. Let me introduce you to my sister the lady Caitlyn, healer and only one of my sisters to manage to escape sutherland to explore. " the last bit was as he teased his sister.

Caitlyn, appearing like a pale, silver swan next to the golden godess, Terrwyn and the exotic beauty, Emerit, rises immediately, even before the title 'highness' is mentioned (though she does give a start at hearing it). Dropping into a deep curtsey with head bowed, murmering a soft "Your Highness, forgive my appearance. You do us great honor." She blushes a deep pink as Cedric teases her and the look she casts his way bodes ill for his health, though it is clear she adores him. "I'm pleased to hear no one was injured. You've done it again Cedric, your luck is amazing.

Upon hearing Terrwyn's friendly words of greeting, a warm smile conquers the mien of the Moniwid Princess. "Wine with juice will be fine, thank you." Then her moss green gaze turns to Cedric, looking at him attentively as he introduces the unknown lady. "Lady Caitlyn, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Princess Emerit Moniwid, half-sister," she pauses, her eyes flicking downward momentarily, "to the Grand Duke of Rustles Island. A healer, you say? I am so pleased to meet you. We know a lot about the arts of healing back home. And any one of that profession is regarded by us with the utmost respect." She takes a step towards Caitlyn, extending a hand to draw her from her curtsey, and looks almost alarmed at her deference. "No need for excuses, nor formalities. It is I that must feel honoured, my lady."

"Then join us, and enjoy our company. We are not speaking of war this night but we will speak of other news. We will see." She smiles. "We welcome and be at ease." Juice is poured and offered to her. Then she goes and takes her seat again. Her hand rests on her stomach again. She motions for the others to sit. She offers her husband a soft smile.

Cedric grins at Caitlyn, "lucky me.. I wasn't the one who found the new vain. I am greatful that no workers were harmed " (in the making of this film) "and will be able to fully exploit the new vain once they've got it reopened. Also Im sure in a the upcomming week sir symon and prince Tyrel will get their mounts for the jousting competition as they were winner and runner up. " he smiles softly to Emerit and makes sure she's well seated before he reclaims his seat. Then he looks to caitlyn again. "see with Emerit Im just drop in the bucket but you.. Dear sister are the true prize, being a skilled healer is worth its weight in gold Im sure. " his tone soft and affectionate, with just a hint of teasing.

Caitlyn smiles warmly upon hearing Emerit's praise of her calling, tilting her head up to look into her face. The smile is genuine, open and friendly, quite a change from the fake and fawning courtiers that seem to abound. Rising at Emerit's request and with her help, she returns to her seat and waits for her to join before continuing (this time much more relaxed). Cedric gets an adoring look. "Let us hope my skills will be unneeded beyond the occasional scrape and the birthing of children." Her smile switches to Terrwyn and softens. The young healer obviously loves her family deeply.

Emerit accepts the cup with a grateful smile, her moss green eyes lingering for a moment on Terrwyn. While she does not directly react to the interaction between Caitlyn and Cedric about the mine, the mention of Sir Symon and Prince Tyrel catches her attention. After lowering herself into a seat, the Mist of the Island turns her gaze towards the Duke, looking bewildered and excited at the same time. "What do you mean, Your Grace? That there will be another joust? So soon after the other? Or do you refer to… them getting the gear and horses from the knights they have defeated?", she inquires, one hand moving towards a fiery red strand of hair to push it out of her view. The Moniwid is a stranger after all and she still has to learn a lot about the local customs - and the special dialect of Daereni that is spoken in the Capital.

Caitlyn's smile is returned with a similar measure of kindness - and pleasantly surprised delight. "I know a little about the healing arts as well," she remarks, "there are herbs and… other useful resources on our island." And snakes, in great variety. Turning to Terrwyn, Emerit pauses for a moment, a thought crossing her mind, before she adds: "My dear Duchess, I forgot to excuse my brother, His Royal Highness. He… had to leave very suddenly, urgent matters at home require his presence."

Cedric turns to face Emerit and shakes his head. Not at all Highness, Im refering to the sutherland mounts the two of them won as my gift, they should be arriving within the week. Although I'm not sure if Tyrel will actually use his or not as he favors that heavy destrier of his. " he grins softly. "I dont think I could afford to gift such a mount on anyone for a while they are quite costly to raise and train."

Caitlyn takes a sip of wine before popping a few berries into her mouth, relishing them before she nods at Cedric. "Indeed a kingly gift, brother. There are few hat do not recognize the value of a Sutherland mount." She turns to Emerit and asks excitedly "Do you ride, Highness? I would adore visiting your Island and seeing it for myself! You must tell me more about the herbs and plantlife, their uses and…" She blushes and chuckles softly.."I ramble highness. I do that sometimes, especially when it comes to the arts."

"A generous gift, your grace.", Emerit replies, her moss green eyes widening a touch as she hears Cedric's explanation. "Sir Symon can put it to good use, I suppose. Newly knighted, and less than a week ago… I believe he will be most grateful." Turning to Caitlyn, she is easily smitten with the Sutherland lady's enthusiasm. "I do ride, I used to go hunting with my father, when I was younger. Alas, I have to get used to the way of riding here. Those strange saddles for females. And you must visit the Island, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. As for the plants and herbs…" Her mien takes on a hint of wariness suddenly. "You must come and see for yourself, my lady."

Cedric smiles to both ladies "Well, it is the least I could do as I didn't compete myself as I never really got the hang of the lance and the whole jousting part. A bit silly to me, but they have their uses and The gods know our light lancers are some of the feirsest in the lands. I figured a good mount was a just prize for such skilled knights. " he grabs some sliced bread and meat and combines it with cheese and dependinng the fruit present he adds a bit of that too before he pops it into his mouth. After chewing it he looks to Emerit " is something the matter your Highness?" as he did catch the note of wariness about her.

Caitlyn is apparently perceptive enough to have caught the look as well, pausing a succulant berry before her lips. A small pause before it meets its demise. She glances at Cedric before looking back at Emerit, her eyes echoing her brother's question. "I look forward to seeing your island someday soon. The way you speak about it…it is clear you have a great love for your land." She does not repeat Cedric's question but it's clear she is intrigued.

Emerit blushes a touch at Cedric's inquiry, one hand moves to the snake pendant of her necklace in an unconscious gesture. "Oh, certainly not, your grace. It is just… speaking about my home reminds me of how wonderful it is there, and how much I miss it." Especially now, that her beloved half-brother is gone, and has left her here. She nods to Caitlyn, a warm smile spreading over her face. "Yes, I do. But… that doesn't mean I don't enjoy being here. It expands my horizon, and this Court is certainly very grand and… different from what I am used to."

Cedric nods his head and smiles. "I understand princess I do.. " he stiffles a yawn and stands. "Dear ladies I beg your grace and pardon but the day's long and the nights seem too short I must sadly retire. " he leaves his juice untouched as he moves past the princess from Moniwid and if allowed he'll grace her with a gentle kiss on the cheek. " Thank you for attending Princess your presence here is always a delight and a blessing."
Cedric them moves to his beloved sister as he wraps his arms about her and hugs her while tickling her cheek with his beard before she too is graced with a brotherly kiss on the cheek. "you .. are a most amazing delight I am pleased that you were able to arrive safe and sound. " he then moves to his beloved wife and bends over to kiss her sweetly on the lips, while gently caressing her stomache. " Good night my love, I'll be waiting should you grace our bed with your presence. " he says affectionately before making for Their bed chambers.

Caitlyn looks up at Cedric as he enfolds her in his arms, her smile softening as her eyes close. She feels safe there, that much is apparent "Dear Cedric, I have missed you." she murmers softly. She watches him leave before turning to the ladies at the table. She moves to Terrwyn and much like Cedric had done with her, she wraps her arms around her sister and holds her close. "You have made me so happy this day. If I had someone who only felt a fraction of the love my brother bears you, I would be a happy woman indeed." Finally she turns to Emerit and smiles warmly. "It was an honor to meet such a gracious and beautiful lady. I do hope we meet again, Highness. My day has been long and bumpy and I fear I need rest just as much as my brother. Be well."

Her husband is offered a warm smile and Terrwyn returns the kiss in a loving manner. When she is embraced against she hugs her Sister Caitlyn tightly. "It is good that you are here my sweet sister. And it takes time for love to grow." She tells her. "Rest well and we will speak more on the morrow." She releases her and then she turns to look at Emerit. "Your highness, you are welcome at anytime to join us for dinner." she offers her. "You company would always be welcomed."

Emerit turns her cheek a little to the side as Cedric offers his unexpected kiss, her face twisting a touch as she feels the stubbly hair of his beard brushing against her pale skin. She suppresses a giggle at the tickling sensation, then inclines her head to the man. "A good night to you, your grace. It is already late and I won't stay much longer anyway." Still… The Mist of the Island does seem a little relieved after that awkward moment, her demeanour lightening up when Caitlyn addresses her. "The honour was all mine, my lady. I understand you have had a long journey and are in need of rest. Even I will retire to my chambers now." Says a sixteen year old maiden with the regal bearing of a princess, regardless of the fact that the other people present are much older than herself. "I thank you for your hospitality and I will take you up on that offer, Duchess Terrwyn. Most certainly. Rest well." Emerit rises and offers a last curtsey and motions for her guard to follow her, the door soon closing behind them.

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