23 of Alasair, 229 2E: A Voice Found

A Voice Found
Summary: The seal of the Voice of the King reappears.
OOC Date: 09/Sep/2014
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Dining Hall - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Stone floors, a vaulted ceiling and a large stone hearth at the far end of room greets guest. Natural light is let in through high windows, which are at least 8 feet up from the floor and stretch towards the ceiling. A formal old dark and mahogany table graces the room, along with red velvet cushioned high back chairs that sit sternly around it. Tall silver candelabras stand spaced at intervals along the table. Soft yellow bee wax candles from a local beekeeper rest in place on it of the great silver pieces. Between each of the candelabras are fresh cut flowers from the garden. Theses flowers fill the room with their rich scent. The stone floor is padded with colorful hand woven rug and the walls are covered with tapestries featuring hunts.
23 of Alasair, 229 2E

Now that evening has arrived, all of the official visitors, people asking favors of the count, have gone. The guards who are still at work. Two of them escort the count's sister and good-brother through the manor to the dining hall, under the assumption that they would be welcome to visit the count's table and his family. The couple walk arm in arm, at their usual slow pace. "I don't know what words you had with Eoin, love, but if the two of you are at odds, I believe that you should reconcile," Caedmon urges his wife. "The kingdom has enough turmoil within and without. We should strive for harmony within our own houses when possible." Caedmon is wearing a simple riding habit, and might pass as a commoner to someone who does not recognize him.

Eoin has managed to found quiet refuge from the the maddening world and is currently sat at the far end of the table, mopping up the remains of a bowl of stew with a crust. At the sound of voices he glances towards the door, leaning back in his chair as he does so. So much for piece and quiet, still, at least it's family, not petitioners.

<FS3> Wenna rolls Body: Embarassing Failure.
"We were talking politics, I have been in mood for the past few days." Wenna points out as they continue that slow pace. "Petitioners had been hounding him, driving me mad and add our normal duties to the mix. It is not my fault the youth these days cannot stomach or fathom art or beauty that is sarcasm." When come further into the hall and she sees Eoin sitting there in a chair. She offers him a nod of her head. "Good evening, sweet cousin, we have come to speak where the walls do not have ears, if you are game. If not then I am here to smoke my brothers leaf and drink his wine until I am in a stupor."

"Then she will be my charge for the evening," Caedmon adds after hearing Wenna's words. He bows to Eoin and smiles. "I do hope that we are not imposing overly on your rest, although I imagine that with Winter near, you will have more of that while you take refuge from the stormy seas." He leads Wenna toward chairs near the fireplace. Returning his attention to Wenna, he comments, "If you speak of the young, love, then that lack of appreciation for a sharp wit is understandable. Too often, they care more about themselves and their amusements than about the grander things of the world." He kisses her on the cheek and offers, "Would you care for some tea or wine? I will leave you here to rest while I fetch it for you."

Aldren is hot on the heels of the Baron and Baroness. Well, not so hot as he is limping quite badly. "Sister, Cousin. Caedmon." He nods to them all and heads over to the table. A cup poured before he eases into a chair. "Ahhh." He winces as he settles in. "Whats this of walls and ears." He asks as he takes a sip of his drink. Seems quiet, no servants, no kids. Surely it was more quiet before the arrival of the nobles but Eoin will have to deal.

Eoin gestures vaguely towards the multitude of empty chairs as the others arrive, trusting that they'll be able to sort themselves out as they please. As Wenna mentions wine and leaf he replies, mouthful of soaked bread, "your brother has kept his wine cellar well stocked despite the war, and if his leaf if low then I can help with that atleast." As for talking, well, he doesn't seem overly keen, but nor does he actively refuse to, more quietly ignore it and hope it'll go away. Keeping the topic else where he keeps half an ear on Caedmon's words, then replies with a slight nod, "I suspect this winter I'll be at sea more than most. I'd be there now were it not for, other duties." There's a faint stress on those last two words, meant to indicate the mess the King's progress has left behind. Finally Aldren gets a nod and he asks, "the young Captain get a few good connetions? Or have you been out fighting since cousin?"

Settled before the fire she stretches her legs out before her. "No, they have not." She moves to massages her upper right leg as she talks. Her cane has been set aside. She is dressed in a mauve wool riding habit and her hair is covered with a white veil. "I know I am caustic most of the time or people think that I am." She shrugs her shoulders.
She turns head towards her brother. "My dear count, my darling brother the walls of the castle always have ears. Especially if you are speaking about politics and the kings progress, there are many whisperings as of late."
She looks up at Caedmon again. "Wine, please and I thank you very much."
"Eoin how many hunted you down today?" she asks her cousin.

Caedmon nods to Wenna and squeezes her shoulder before leaving her so that he can fulfill her request. On the way, he looks to Eoin and frowns. "What other duties do you have? I imagine that resupplying the fleet would be enough to occupy your hours." Then he peers at Aldren and questions, "Is that leg continuing to trouble you, Aldren? I'm sure that we have some liniments in our satchel that would help."

Aldren raises a brow. "The young captain? Oh! Lord Moray you mean? Well, no, no fighting for me." He shrus and empties his cup in true Aldren fashion. "And yes, the war has only strenghthened the need for good drink." He reaches across the table and grabs the bottle so he can keep on with it. After he pours he nods to his sister. "This is true. We may be safe here though." Turning now to Caedmon he says, "Yes. Though liniments do not help…." He briefly looks to his sister and adds, "It is just the weather they tell me. It will be fine."

"Enough," Eoin replies to Wenna, as he finishes wiping the bowl and pushes it away from himself. He's not sure on exact numbers in truth, but it certainly felt like more than enough. Without moving from his seat he reaches for the wine infront of him and takes a draft before answering Caedmon with a simple, "council ones. The King left us in charge while he is gone, with no chair, nor Voice, nor regent. It is, quite frankly, a horrendus mess and we can only hope that the Laniveer do not notice and capitalise." Another swig of wine and he attempts a lighter tone in reply to Aldren, "not getting old on us are you cousin?"

Wenna looks sheepish she blushes and lowers her gaze. "Aye it is the weather to be certain." Then she is back to her herself. "Aye, I do not think even they would want to touch this mess. The thing is though the more discontent." She stops and looks at the servants. "You are dismissed from the room, we can serve ourselves. Thank you." She hastily adds the thank you on there and she will wait to speak again once they are out of the room.

Caedmon glances along with Wenna toward the servants. He nods. "Enjoy the pleasant weather while it is here," he suggests to them. "Winter will be upon us soon. Then only the brave and the foolish will want to venture outside, and more often than not, people will have trouble with knowing which is which." He chuckles while he returns to the chair with a large cup of wine and a plate of assorted snacks for Wenna. "I understand that he was eager to begin this 'progress. He and the queen seemed to think of it more as a holiday than a duty. That might explain why he left so quickly, and without offering proper guidance as Callem did in the past." He looks to Aldren and recommends, "Warm blankets or skins of hot water might help with such aches. As for the weather, the skies seemed to be clearing when we arrived. The storms and chill might stay away for a while."

The Count flashes a look to Eoin as the screams of the twins reign down othe slightly peacefull solitude now. Closing his eyes and rubbing his temple with his free hand he says, "Of course I am." His tone is almost defeated. Listening to his sister elaborate on Eoin's words on the king and the council does noterve to lighten his mood. Only more head shaking ensues. Looking to her he tries to crack a little joke, "Discontent is my horse." He sort of grins and sips again from his fresh cup. "Caedmon, what is all this 'progress' you speak of? I see none." Sour mood fully returned it seems as he rubs his leg again before flashing a look to Wenna with a soft smile. Back to the old voice he adds, "I will try that." He sounds sincere.

"Given His Majesty was practically glued to the throne before he left you must forgive me if I find that hard to reconcile," Eoin replies with a faint shrug to Caedmon. "Whatever else you might wish to say of our King, he has not been one to shirk his duties." Taking his wine he pushes himself to his feet and moves to stand by the window overlooking the garden, letting either Wenna or Caedmon answer Aldren's query.

With them being left alone Wenna nods her head. "There has been no progress in a sense when it comes to the management of the kingdom, since he left. We who are on the council are not able to govern ourselves apparently. But, what the king should worry about is someone getting the bright idea to be a usurper." There is a bit of sarcasm to her words. "Cousin, I agree with you, that no matter his faults our king was more dutiful than his father had been in many years. We will work through this. The kings is doing what needs to be done and is touring his lands." She wraps her arms around her chest when she hears the babes crying. "They are hungry as soon as they fed they will be in better humor brother."
"Caedmon love, thank you." She takes the wine form him and leaves one arm on her chest as she sips it. "Perhaps you should explain more, as you know more about this than we do."
There is a knock on the door. A servant steps in and bows. "There is a messenger here for Baron Kilgour."

After delivering the wine to Wenna, Caedmon is ready to settle into a chair within easy reach of his wife when the servant arrives. He tosses an apologetic look to her, and then starts across the room toward the door. "You have found the baron," he acknowledges when he recognizes the courier's livery. The man is holding a parchment and a small box, and he appears to have been riding at a fast pace. Persperation beads on the stranger's forehead. Caedmon motions to him. "Wait here. Then he goes to the sideboard and fills a cup with wine. He returns to the courier. "Take this, and wait outside," Caedmon instructs. He offers the cup with one hand and reaches for the parchment and box with the other. "If I do not summon you before you have finished the wine, you are dismissed and free to enjoy your evening." The courier exchanges his parcel for the cup, bows, and leaves the room quickly, closing the door behind him. Caedmon does not unseal the parchment, but carries it and the small box to that chair that he meant to claim. "Progress refers to a king's tour of his kingdom, to inspect the lands under his dominion," he explains while he settles at last into the chair beside Wenna. "It can be a formality, or it can be an earnest business with dire consequences for those who are found wanting in his eyes, depending on the king."

Aldren only takes in his cousin opinion, a slight nod given in agreeance it would seem. He snorts now at Wenna, "Yes. Touring the lands. I am sure." He does not sound it as he has another drink. Her last words are met with indiference. "Moira sould see to that. Or perhaps Kayla." Does not seem that he will. To Caedmon now he says, "Well, a fine time for it. He should 'tour' the northern borders with great haste." Aldren seems in low spirits this night. Drowning in his cup.

Eoin glances over his shoulder as the servant enters, but since they're not looking for him he leaves Caedmon too it, silently wishing him well and that it isn't something new to complicate matters. Draining the rest of his wine he watches the breeze blow the leaves on the trees for a few moments then moves to excuse himself. "Cousins, Caedmon. If you'll excuse me, I might still have an hour or so to work in before the light fails." Nods of acknowledgement go to all three as he strides towards teh door, leaving his glass on the table as he passes.

Caedmon shrugs at Aldren's cynical comment about the king. "He did not tell me where he would visit first, but I would guess that the northern borders might be first on his trip because they are closer to us than the southern lands. Beside that, our border to the north will succumb first to the winter. If he holds to logic, he should check that first." While he speaks, Caedmon sets the box on the floor at his feat and removes a small dagger from his belt and breaks the seal on the parchment. Once he has finished his comments on the topic, he unrolls the parchment and carefully reads. A frown grows on his face. He looks to Wenna and hands the parchment to her, allowing her to read its words as well. He opens the box, peers into it, and closes it quickly. Then he looks to Aldren. "I seem to have new duties," he concludes simply.

Taking the parchment she reads it and a frown appears on her lips. She then holds the parchment back to him. "Hrm…so much for retirement." She does not elaborate, instead she drinks and when the cup is drained she looks at the bottle sitting comfortably in front of Aldren.

The Count nods to Eoin as he excuses himself. "Take care, cousin." He says before watching curiously. "Wel what is in the damn box?" He asks now in his rougher buzzed speech. The comment on retirement gets a brow lifting from him now and he looks to his sister with questioning in his eyes.

Caedmon looks to Wenna and nods. He keeps the box in his lap, with one hand on it while he takes the parchment with the other. "Indeed, I refuse to divert my attention completely from Albion, but with this, I will need to rely on my steward's good judgement more than I have." He looks to Aldren again. "His majesty has decreed that I must shoulder the weight that his father entrusted to me." He, too, eyes the bottle of wine for a moment before shaking his head. "The box contains the seal of Mobrin and the seal of the Voice of the King."

Taking her cane and setting that empty cup down Wenna uses her cane to rise. She walks over to her brother and takes his bottle. As payment she kisses his cheek and refreshes his cup. She then limps back over to her seat. She fills her cup, then sets the bottle down. She places her cane down beside her. Holding the cup in her hand she takes a drink and then passes it to Caedmon. "You are going to need this."

"Hymm." aldren says, "That is sore news for you but good on the whole I hate to admit." Aldren says to Caedmon. The kiss now delievered brins a small smile to his face though and he drinks from the cup when she is done filling it. "Yes, she may be right." He says on the wine before sipping his own again. "Well, I assume you will be calling a meeting soon then." He does not seem to excited.

"I will need more of my tea than ever, love," Caedmon grumbles. He accepts the cup and takes a long drink from it. Then he helps himself to some of the finger foods that he brought on the tray. When Aldren asks about a meeting, he nods. "I will need to begin the preparations, but I will not leave immediately," he explains. "I should speak with that courier, however, and send him to the castle with a message for the Castellan to see that the various suites are ready for their occupants." He takes another smaller sip from the cup before returning it to Wenna, and then kissing her on the cheek. "I shall return soon, love." With that, he leaves to find that courier.

When Caedmon and now that they are alone she looks pained and tired. "Have you been sleeping at all Aldren?" She asks him. Her tone is gentle and there is kindness and love in it. "I am sorry about the leg, I can see what can be done to help you my sweet brother."

"Oh, do not worry about the leg." He says naught on sleping though. She would surely know he has not been much. "But what of you? Will you retake your place on council to ease the pain upon your poor husband?" He asks before returning to his much needed wine.

"I never left the council Aldren, the king told me to work by-proxy for the sake of Caedmon. I will be there for his sake and yours. I just ask that you do not allow Hadrian to try and eat me alive again, like he did last time." She studies him for a long time. "Let us go and find a place to stretch out and sleep after we drink and smoke ourselves into oblivion." She tells him. She downs the last of her drink and she slowly rises from where she was seated. She holds a hand out to him and in her other hand she clings to her cane.

Aldren grins, "Ahh, proxy. A wonderful idea. I shall make use of this." He shakes his head. "Why had I not thought of that?" He wonders aloud now. Now he frowns though. "I called for his removal immediately." He reminds her, "Well, I seconded your motion the moment it was made." Another amount of distaste enters his mouth though at the mere mention of the Kincaid. "Do not worry. He will be eating through a straw anyways if I've anything to say about it." He stands now though. "Let us go then." He agrees.

"Good, where are we headed?" Wenna grins and she goes to take his arm so between the two of them they can balance. "I miss our late night talks as watch the stars. You are right, you did. I appreciate it. I think there are times I need an advocate and then I realize that I have two. One is you and one is Caedmon." Her smile turns to a grin. "So my brother, tell me how is your wife doing?"

"Hymm, to the garden then. Seems the rain is gone." He begins the slow pace now so that they may leave the hall. As they walk he says, "Yes, you have me. Certanly." Moira brings a confused look to his face. "I do not know. She has become an old spinster with little children. We talk no longer." He just shrugs. Showing no sings of concern over the matter openly. Though she would feel the wall building up to imprision any real feelings on the matter. A large stone wall. Impenatrable.

Leaning over she kisses her brother's cheek. "I will not press but you have my heart and mind." She tells him. "I am always here and I will not go away again, and distant will only bring us closer now that I understand. Then to the garden we will go. We will get a few pillows and blankets and stretch out. We will watch the stars and we will drink and sleep. Caedmon understands and will not worry if we do."

"Yes, that sounds good." Aldren calls out now and a servant appears. He requests said items and moves on to helping his sister out the doors to the back. "I know you are here, and while there may be physical distance between us in the future there will never be a great emotional one." Solid words considering he just shut her off on the Moira topic! "No, he will not worry. And I have the feeling he will be steeped in work the rest of the night. I do not envy him. Though I am glad my post has been mostly quiet. Besides that clergy business, though that is still unsorted."

"Are you planning on leaving brother?" Wenna asks him. When they get out to the garden the a straw mat and blankets have been set out. There is a small fire burning in barazer near it and there is leaf and wine. When they reach the blanket she slowly lowers herself down onto the matt and the pile of blankets. Only when the servants leave does she speak again. "Brother, if you shut me out even when we speak of your lady, then you may break the bond between us." She points out. She sets her cane aside and she takes her heave realistic looking leg off.

Aldren helps her down now before taking a seat beside her and reaches for the wine. Foregoing the cups and drinking from the bottle. Growing more distant he says, "Pfft. Really? Can I keep nothing for myself?" He asks almost bitterly before a deep drink is had. "I do not wish to speak of it. Some things do not need bonds or mystical methods to see.Some things are right in front of all of our faces." He shakes his head and lays back, to take in the stars. "Damn rain." He mutters as there are but a few open spots to see the sky.

"Yes you can." Wenna tells him. "You can keep it to yourself, do not be bitter or angry with me, bitterness I know too well." She reminds him as she takes the bottle from him and sips it. I know Aldren. You are right." She lies back too and cuddles against him. She has grows quiet and she holds the bottle in her hand. "Damn the cold this winter is going to be hard."

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