Alasair 4, 228: A Trip to-in the Library

A Trip to-in the Library
Summary: Logen discourses about his favorite book, then Solara and Caitlyn have a chat before a wandering bookworm Logen is tripped by Solara and sent crashing into Caitlyn. Chaos, awkwardness, and eventually… a kiss.
OOC Date: 22 August 2013 (OOC)
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4th day of Alasair, 228

The outside isn't conducive to long walks along the beach, through the gardens, even just outdoor activities. The warmth combined with the rain is both odd and unsettling for most, as well as uncomfortable after just a short while. Inside activities, such as reading, studying, needlework, and etcetera, are all the rage right now. The library is rather full, almost all the chairs and tables on both floors are taken. The bookshelves aren't completely empty, but here and there one or two are barren.

Logen has retired for the evening to the library, his newly appointed trio of guards making way for him and finding him a seat far enough from others to dissuade conversation if not alltogether deny it. They take up standing around him, watching each person who passes intently until the next comes by. For his part, Logen seems to ignore the guards entirely. He'd given his last guards some freedoms when it came to fraternizing with him, however, he's not going to do so with these three. He's got his nose in a book, one of his favorite author's newest printed.

Caitlyn has been absent from the court for nearly a week and has not made any appearances at any functions since the last Tourney. One can hear the entourage that enters the library, well before the door opens to admit them. Two armed guards, followed my a duo of handmaids that almost look like twins, pretty little brunettes with luminous, dark eyes. Finally Cait comes through the door, hands folded in front of her and her head bowed in thought. Straightaway she makes for the anatomy books, taking a large tome from the shelf before heading towards a table. Not looking up, she fails to see any other occupants.

Solara has been around, as usual. She's currently sitting doing some embroidery with a bunch of new thread, including some novel colors. Or rather, she has her basket and she's come to the library looking for that seat. Maid and guards with her, as they always are. She pauses at the door, brows rising at the crowded state of the room, and then slips in anyway. Surely there's a little spot for a Solara to sit quietly for a bit. Right?

"Deekes, water." Logen orders flatly, where once he might have asked as if they were equals, he now simply commands. The guard to his left flank shifts and produces a flask for the prince. Taking, opening, drinking from, then handing back the flask… Logen turns a page in his book. Neither of the other two guards even seem to look at him. After a long silent moment, Logen's bright laughter echos vibrantly through the hushed room causing all sorts of shushing from other guests wishing for quiet. His laughter subsides to humored chuckles. Even as a large plush chair near him frees of its original occupant.

Caitlyn knows that laugh. Her head snaps up as she hears Logen, her view of him blocked by the rows upon rows of shelving teeming with a vast array of reading material. She looks much like a doe in a wolf-filled forest, glancing at the door like she is about to bolt, She manages to calm herself, taking a deep breath and, lo and behold, She spies Solara sitting a short distance away. Closing her medical tome, she stands and closes the distance between them, noting her embroidery basket. To her chattering handmaids, she holds up a hand to forestall them following her the short distance. She curtseys to Solara and says softly, "Good evening, my Lady Solara. I hope the evening finds you well?"

Solara even knows that laugh by now. So when Caitlyn comes over, she is looking up, trying to see where the laugh is coming from. "Lady Caitlyn," she says with a smile. "We've not had much chance to follow up, since that interrupted dinner. How are you doing?" There is actually a gentle warmth in her voice, as she speaks. Her maid looks up, and then makes room for Caitlyn's maids to join her, if they so choose. "Are you looking to relax for the evening? It's rather nice in here, even with the crowd."

A man comes and sits down in the chair near Logen, he has the book prior to the one Logen is reading and the prince notices it. He looks up at the man and offers a slight smile. "You enjoy his work too?" He asks the man softly, to which he gets a nod of the head. "Have you heard the rumors though? That it's actually a woman writing them? That the man is collaborating, and using his name for their publishing?" The other scoffs at that, "Just silly rumors you highness, if that were true the publisher would recall all the books." Logen nods, "Yes, and how truly sad that would be, but I am intrigued that it could very well be a woman author. Quite the risk they take if that's the case." He muses for a moment, "How far in are you?"
"I've gotten to the point where Kass and Caram are sent back in time to stop Caram's older brother from killing the queen of shadows." The man replies, and Logen smiles, "Ah yes that is a truly wicked part, do enjoy it… I'll not spoil anything, but we should chat after you've finish reading it."

Caitlyn joins Solara, though her gaze darts often towards the rows where the sound of Logen's laughter came from. Her smile is a bit stilted, but her eyes seem grateful to Solara for her gracious greeting. "No, we haven't had the chance to continue our debate," Once again she glances towards the stacks before looking back at the lovely redheaded Ruxton Lady. "I am…well." She laughs drily then and shakes her head. "Who am I kidding? I am miserable and I only have myself to blame. You are brave indeed for being seen talking to me." again a small pause before she nods to Solara's hands holding her embroidery. "I love your work, my Lady, its quite lovely and very well sewn."

Solara pauses for a moment, and then she inclines her head. She reaches a hand out to touch Caitlyn's if the other will let her. "I think my reputation can certainly handle far worse" she says dryly. "It - I have to admit that I was somewhat upset by events, especially at first, but - then, I think you were probably the most upset person who wasn't actually in - " she hesitates and then says. "I am sure that great emotions are somewhat difficult to control, and yet it is important to at least seem to follow the rules." She pauses and then says "And I do know that your betrothal has been announced, so that should take some of the wagging tongues away." There is a confidence to Solara that is always there, quiet, unassuming, but there nonetheless. "And thank you - you will not see me do too much of it as it is one of the hobbies I rarely indulge in. Do you do such embroidery yourself?"

For a long time the two men read is silence, Logen obviously the faster reader. He's done with his book about three chapters ahead of the other. He waves at Deekes, who brings out the flask again for Logen who drinks silently from it before handing it back. The other man finally finishes his book and turns in his chair to face the prince more comfortably. "Well then… I think I'll need to politely borrow that book from you, your highness." the man comments softly, voice filled with awe and amusment. "Also, isn't Kass great? Woopaka seem like wonderful walking tools, and I love his sense of adventure. Stern, however, is my absolute favorite character. His stoic adherence to the knighthood's code is admirable."

Logen nods in agreement, "Yes, Stern is a great character, but I like Fuzbat the best. His whole yelling at trees and whacking them with a stick… and what is with him and his hat?" the prince's eyes alight with amusement. "Or how about Riverswift and Moonsong? They are an amazing couple, he unfit for her based on his class… and yet their love over comes the obstacles between them." The man nods, "Indeed that is such a wonderful love story, Caram and Tifa are a great couple too. All passion and fire, but just the right hints of love and togetherness in the makings. Razlan is also a great character, even as evil hearted as he is…" the two continue to talk in their hushed tones about their seemingly favorite books.

Caitlyn takes the moment to squeeze Solara's hand as she touches it, her smile warming and the tension draining from her shoulders. "Thank you, my Lady Solara. I never thought to say this, but I am actually glad for having two Kilgour guards and two handmaids around. My lack of control when it comes to my betrothed…" she lets the thought trail off for a moment before continuing "I'm really a levelheaded person, normally. Oh and yes! I adore doing embroidered pieces. I've had quite a bit of time to practice recently." She smiles then and arches a brow. "How is the Aberdeen Prince, my Lady?" The sound of Logen's conversation gets a quick, furtive glance that way, her hands curling into fists on her lap…

Solara's cheeks go a bit pink. "I still should like to kick his father in the shins," she murmurs, a very mutinous look on her face. Ahem. "But so far, we have heard no more of anything. Which I suppose is all to the good. As for Prince Conall, he seems to be quite an interesting fellow." She glances over towards Logen but only briefly. And then she gives Caitlyn a half smile. "He said, the prince that is, that he was not expecting his father to arrive as he did, nor to - call me out in such a fashion. But I do not believe he would choose me, had he the option to choose whoever he wishes." That's frank, at the least.

After the two men have spoken, the still unnamed man who'd taken up the empty chair politely rises and bows to Logen before taking up the book the prince had just finished reading and then leaves for the desk at the front to write down his name and the title so that those who keep track of such things will know when they take their inventory. As for Logen, he's now without a book, and as such stands. He looks to Deekes again, the other two guards remaining where they are as the prince and his singular guard begin to roam the aisles of books seeking for another to read. Logen heads into the military section, of course, and finally selects a small tome bound with chord. He paces the library, now thinning as those who're finished or heading for dinner leave. He's murmuring to himself as he walks, skillfully avoiding chairs and tables as he weaves his way around the library. "Truth, a skilled commander knows how to take council of the gods before making plans. Truth, the commander who prepares most will succeed the best. Truth, one cart of the enemy's food captured is worth three of your own." he continues his pacing, taking him right passed Caitlyn and Solara, but without even a shift of his eyes in their direction as he's fastidiously murmur reciting what his eyes seem glued to.

Caitlyn's eyes crinkle at the corners in mirth as she laughs, the sound carrying before she raises a hand to her lips to stifle it. She continues to chuckle softly. "Forgive me, my Lady. I am highly amused by the thought of his majesty hopping about on one leg while he dances about in pain. You may think me cruel, but in my mind her deserves it after the way he treated you. I was silently cheering you on. And I think you are wrong about…" She stops as Logen passes by them, furrowing her brow at him before looking questioningly back at Solara, her train of thought now broken.

Solara's grin is a touch roguish as Caitlyn laughs at her comment. A half shrug as Caitlyn gets sidetracked and doesn't finish her sentence, but that only brings a brief frown to Solara's face. And the vice chancellor does occasionally make hasty decisions. A wicked glance to Caitlyn is followed by a schooling of her face to sweet innocence. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - that sort of saccharine sweet. She follows Cait's gaze to Logen and then quite deliberately sticks a foot out in his path.

<FS3> Logen rolls Perception -3: Failure.

And down goes one unlucky bookworm. Logen doesn't fall straight out flat though, no. You see, the prince is one of those that has rather good reflexes… and super poor timing. So in his effort to save himself from tripping over the completely missed foot, his hand grasps onto Solara's head, and steers his body into Caitlyn, head landing heavily into her chest while the rest of him causes the poor chair to creak under the weight. "Ermph!" He groans in slight pain into poor Caitlyn's dress covered bodice. His guard has a quick reaction and moves to pull the prince from his betrothed. Her handmaids slapping hands to mouths to stifle the sudden shocked cries. What is forgotten by those not Solara, with her possibly forgetting, is that Logen's grip is rather iron tight and is still tangled in the Vice Chancellor's hair… so when his whole body fell… she was daintily dragged along with him.

Caitlyn gasps as Logen starts to fall, unaware of the guilty culprit being Solara's foot. That gasp suddenly becomes a breath caught in her throat, held as her eyes widen into large blue pools of shock. All she can do is look stricken as her hands are held out to the sides, grasping at nothing and unsure of where to go. She blinks down at Logen's face buried in her decolletage, her face suffusing with color. The 'twins', her handmaids gasp and immediately her Kilgour guard move towards her, but they look supremely confused at what to do. Do they separate them? Do the help their Prince or do they whisk Cailyn away? They just stare for the moment.

Solara's pulled by hands in her hair, which is firstly painful, and secondly pulls the pins out so that the mass of redgold tresses starts to fall out of the up-swept do. She ends up out of her chair, her embroidery going flying, and smacking against the table, as Logen's death grip starts to leave bruises. Her handmaid is on her feet in an instant, and the Ruxton guards move in. "Your Highness," says one, "Do let go of Lady Ruxton, please." That's it, that's all and they're quiet about it, not making any loud noise to draw attention to the incident. Solara's eyes water with the pain, but she actually does not scream. She does however say, "Let go of me, you oaf." Even if he is the prince.

Logen does let go, just as he realizes his face is buried in Caitlyn's chest… there's that single moment's breath as everyone stays perfectly still to let their brains figure out what to do… then the chaos happens. Everyone starts to move at once, Logen's hand lets go of Solara's hair, his guard Deekes is pulling on him to get him off Caitlyn, Solara's guards are moving to protect their ward, her handmaid is attempting to comfort. Caitlyn's handmaids are likewise attempting to provide a modicum of comfort for their Lady, and her guards are attempting to provide Deekes help with righting the tripped prince and also place themselves between him and Caitlyn. All of this takes minutes but it all seems like a slap stick comedy act by three sibling, one of whom always gets his nose pinched and his face slapped. As such, when the prince is recovered to his feet, his book retrieved by a handmaiden, and his clothing settled, Logen first turns to look at Solara, "Lady Solara, I am terribly sorry I pulled on your hair like that… Caitlyn knows how strong my grip can be when I'm startled. Please forgive me, it was merely instinct." Then to Caitlyn, "Lady Caitlyn, please forgive my abrupt disturbance of your personal space." he then bows slightly to them both, takes the offered out book, quickly dips down to snatch up the needlepoint and give it to one of Solara's guards before "Again, my apologies to both of you." before he's gone back to his other two guards to submerse himself in his book.

Rarely at a loss for words, Caitlyn blinks as the chaos ensues, guards and handmaidens everywhere, setting things aright. She looks with concern at Solara, noting the tumble of red-gold tresses around her shoulders. "Lady Solara! Are you alright?" She asks as they separate Logen from her. She glances at him, swallowing in a dry throat, her eyes suddenly filled with pain and dismay. Tearing her gaze away she moves to assist Solara back to her seat, sending the twins, Veruca and Violet for some water as she takes the initiative to help fix Solara's hair. As she does so, she looks at Logen as ge retreats, stopping him with a raised hand and a soft "Please…Your Highness…won't you join us?" It is a hopeful face that she presents, eyes begging him not to go.

Solara's hair is very long, though it's only partly down. But her handmaid certainly lets Caitlyn help, if she so chooses. Solara stops them both for a moment, so she can rub at her scalp. "Ow," she says, making a face. "That was unexpected." She does turn her own gaze to the retreating prince, and then she says, "Yes, I agree. Please do feel free to join us, Your Highness. I promise not to bite." Though she does grin at Caitlyn. "Might I make a suggestion for you, My Lady?" She even waits for the answer, before saying anything further.

It is Logen's guard who hears the offers to join the ladies, though Logen's eyes meet Caitlyn's for a moment before he buries his slight blush into his book. Deekes leans over and relays the messages from the other nobles. There might have been a response as Deekes now walks back to Caitlyn and Solara, "His highness sends his deepest apologies, but feels that with the current situation regarding himself and his betrothed, it may be best if he keeps a distance." the guard bows and heads back to the ward, after waiting for a reply from both of them.

Caitlyn smooths the silken mass of curls, massaging Solara's scalp to alleviate the pain from the roots, even taking a quick once over to make sure there is no bleeding. She busies her hands with sweeping up Solara's 'do, taking a few hairpins from her handmaiden while the twins return with a pitcher and some goblets. To Solara she nods and says "Please do, my Lady. I would appreciate any advice you have…" When Deekes relays his message, Her eyes drop, covering the pain and disappointment. "Master Deekes, will you tell his Highness that, with the Lady Solara as chaperone, no one could make insinuations or accusations that are unfounded. Her honor is unimpeachable."

Solara arches a brow at Caitlyn's comments, shaking her head. "It is well guarded, yes, but that requires a fairly constant watch. I think it is safe to say that nobody is immune from gossip. Though if his Highness would like to join us, I can chaperone for a bit, so long as he does not mind being kicked in the shins if he gets too close." Tongue in cheek, that, but there in good natured teasing. She then looks over to Caitlym, with a smile. "You've two handmaids. Only one needed to go get the water." That's said softly, but clearly. "Although in this case, it matters not, as I am here, and my maid, in another situation, it could be the difference between rumor and a solid reputation. And it is easier if it is made a habit."

Deekes bows and returns to Logen with their message. It is a rather long wait for Logen to get up from his chair. He moves slowly, that heavily ingrained princely composure exuding an almost chilling effect as he takes a seat set for him at a more than appropriate distance from both ladies. His gaze is detached, one similar to what he had when he watched the lashings of his guards and then Lavona prior to jousting his brother. In a tone that is polite, but lacking his characteristic… character, Logen greets both of them. "Lady Solara Ruxton, Lady Caitlyn Crawford. A pleasure to join you both." he says in that royal calm his entire family possesses, the one they use when they are holding court so as to not betray themselves with emotion or opinion, an objective approach to people in general.

Caitlyn smiles gratefully at Solara, her shoulders easing their tenseness as she nods softly, cheeks coloring as she keeps her hands busy. "You are right, of course, my Lady, and I do not want to take advantage of your good nature. I would be grateful for your presence as someone I have come to trust in matters of judgment. I do not wish to imply that you would only be here to keep his Highness and I apart." She too keeps to the formal, using her betrothed's title rather than his given name. She is as tight as a drum head, trying hard to keep her gaze from Logen, but she fails more often than she succeeds. "It has been nearly a week since last we spoke…I…miss you." she admits softly before looking back at Solara.
<FS3> Solara rolls Perception: Good Success.

Solara chuckles softly. "You are betrothed now, officially. It's perfectly allowable to converse. Expected, even." She does tease lightly though, "And your Highness, I see that the passions of the only true love lead down interesting roads. Perhaps a slower growing love might not be such a bad thing." She knows that calm that Logen's putting on, having seen it more than a time or two in his relatives. She gives Logen a long look. A very long look, and then she nods to the both of them. "If you find this is the only way to get you through public meetings then do go with it. It is acceptable, after all, and should not stir up any more gossip, something you can ill afford, truthfully." She looks for her embroidery, and her maid promptly passes it back. "Oh, and thank you for your help, Caitlyn. My scalp is not bleeding, is it? How badly will the bruise darken?"

There is a singular moment, as Caitlyn's eyes meet Logen's and she whispers softly towards him, should Solara have been paying attention she'd have seen that cold detached gaze and icy front sublimates twice. The first heartbeat is an almost inferno of love as he looks at Caitlyn, the second is an apology as he once more cools into his composure. "We've been officially betrothed for over two weeks, Lady Solara. My parents signed the papers with Duke Cedric less then a week after, our relationship was discovered." With all those in attendance, Logen's courtly glacial demeanor doesn't seem to change at all. "I am terribly sorry, Lady Solara, I did not mean to cause you such physical pains or bruising. I'll have to have my guard walk in front of me from now on, perhaps one in front one following…" left more rhetorical than anything else. "How have your respective days been?" he asks politely.

Caitlyn smiles down over Solara's shoulder at her as she puts the last of the pins in place, avoiding any tender spots. "Luckily there is no bleeding and there looks to be minimal bruising. I do not envy the soreness you will feel for a day, but really no more than that…" she smiles warmly as she retakes her seat. She regards Logen as he speaks, her hands gripping her armrests like she were holding on for dear life. Logen's demeanor brings a loving look of concern to her eyes, her composure less studied than his and definitely weaker. Her voice is soft as she answers his polite question, a certain huskiness in her tone. "The day has been long and…isolated. I find myself pacing the Sutherland suites. If it were not for my trips into the city to minister to the poor, I'd have little to distract me. How…how have you been, my…highness" The last question said with a pinkening of her cheeks.

"Yes, technically. But it wasn't well known previously." Solara says softly. "And it does make a difference, however slight." She smiles though, at the two. Logen gets a soft, "I shall be just fine, Your Highness, no need to apologize. And thank you again, Lady Caitlyn." She listens to Caitlyn's words and waits to see what Logen's are in response. A quiet regard on her face now.

"I am sorry that I've kept this distance between us, my Caitlyn." Logen just can't watch that look in her eyes, it kills him to see the desire squelched by disappointment. He doesn't outwardly relax, but his eyes regain some of their light and his tone becomes its normal full rich sound. "After… after the suddenty of the accusations, and severity of the rumors that are flying around you." he pauses, "I love you far too much, and for you alone I am trying my absolute best to maintain a modicum of composure in public and to keep our meetings more public. We'll speak with my parents, perhaps… I know my mother won't agree, but perhaps with all this they'll consider a short order wedding for us. Something like what Tyrel had with Ciarrah. Then, in several months time they can have their overstuffed wedding for us… but until then you'd still be my wife and we'd be free of this." he waves slightly to indicate all the guards and maids.

Upon closer look into Caitlyn's face, Logen can see the darkened circles under her eyes, evidence of her emotional, or could it be physical as well, state, He knows how diligently she must guard her health. Her eyes can't help but reflect the love she feels and the pain of their seperation. Normally she has enough composure to maintain some modicum of self-control, but this day, her eyes brim with tears that she wipes away before speaking. "I am so sorry, Logen. You have bared the weight of our…indiscretions. You alone have had to fight and maintain your composure, protecting me as ever you have, and my heart.." her voice breaks…"…my heart aches for you. Not only with the desire I feel, but with the need to protect you, to fight away everything that besets your heart. I know you long to be with me as much as I do you." She pauses to wipe her eyes again, her brow furrowing as she nods…"I..I think it would be best to do as you suggest and go to their Majesties and ask them to let us be married immediately. I think we -need- to do that as soon as we can."

"They have been rather busy of late, I'll send them a letter with my suggestion of marrying us quickly, stating that we're welcome to discuss it with them, but we'll obviously both need to be present should they agree." Logen pauses, and looks around at the others standing or sitting as they. Inside him, as her tears fall they are each a thin blade to etch deeply into his soul… it is so difficult for him to watch, but as he did with his guards' lashings, he doesn't shame her by also tearing up. The life of a prince can be so cruel at times, "My love, you speak for both our hearts when you say this." then, Logen decides to alter the topic, "I spoke with my sister this morning, Caillin would love to meet you. She's rather jealous of you actually, she's longed for what we have… and that we're able to marry as well has really caused her such jealousy it's adorable to see. Lord Ruthgar is a great man, and she's already beginning to swoon for him… it's only a matter of time really." he chuckles for a moment, leaving Roslin out entirely. He might //love his even younger sister as any brother would love a sibling, but she's certainly not part of his life right now. "So, have you heard from Cedric at all?"

Caitlyn's hands maintain a tightness, balled into fists as they lay on the armrest of her chair. The need to comfort him is overpowering, but she refuses to move and make things worse with her weakness. All she can do is convey through her eyes the love she feels, the need to be with him in more than just a physical way. Logen's strength bolsters her own and she nods to him. "I pray that your mother and father say yes. You have no idea…how much I want that." She takes a breath and lets him steer their conversation away from the more painful subject of their separation, finally a small, weak smile coming to her lips. "I would love to meet your sisters, both of them." it occurs to her that Roslin hasn't been mentioned. "Have you not had the chance to speak with your younger sister yet? And please tell Caillin she has no need for jealousy. She is so beautiful that his Lordship can only fall for her deeply and completely. I envy her loveliness and graciousness,"

The mention of Roslin brings that glacier right back, Logen's features set into a stone caste and grow cold. "I have indeed brandied words with the younger princess. She, is not a topic I'll discuss in mixed company." A glance to Solara, who's quietly sitting, intent on her embroidery. Then, he allows his features to soften again to the composed but warm he'll allow for this meeting, "Caillin will find this out in time, you and I are in agreement of this but that is because we've already both found it." a gentle nod, "You didn't answer if you've had word from your brother in Sutherland. I do hope he and his wife are doing well, and that the house is profiting with plenty enough to not have our marriage be a burden on them."

Caitlyn blinks softly in surprise as Logen's demeanor cools on the subject of the younger princess. Her empathy for her betrothed leads her not to press him on the matter, but it wars with her natural curiosity. She squirms a little in her chair, having obviously hoped to pass over the subject of her brother and she seems hesitant to speak. "I think…I think word has gotten to him about what happiness…" she looks down at her lap. "My letters have been returned unopened. I know Cedric, and I know he loves me, but he is hurt right now and it is my fault he feels so betrayed. We were always so close growing up and he feels responsible in a way, like he didn't protect me enough. My brother Ronan tells me to give him time. He has never been able to stay mad at me for long."

Logen just barely frowns when he hears her letters are returned unopened. "Ronan may be right, then. Time can certainly help… I would send him a letter, for it felt like he was slowly beginning to take a liking to me… but I don't wish to upset him further. I feel terrible that my brother's words drove him from Darfield castle as they did. I know Tyrel, and he wasn't trying to shame Cedric, he was speaking his mind to make a point and offer a suggestion. To Tyrel's mind, Cedric didn't do enough for a sister he proclaims to love so much. Tyrel would sell half of Mobrin for my happiness, for Caillin's, for any of his siblings' happiness. " Logen pauses for a moment, and Deekes just hands over the flask of water, from which Logen drinks. It's surprising how clear a mind can be when not a drop of wine or anything alcoholic has been touched in weeks.

Just how much Cait wants to be in Logen's arms is readily apparent in her eyes and just his nearness has been a boost to her fragile ego. She nods softly and looks at Veruca and Violet as they clear their throats in unison, pointing out the lateness of the hour. She sighs and nods, standing before facing Logen. "I have hope, my love. I still have hope."

Rising as well, a furtive glance given to those with them… Solara is still in attendance, and as such there can be no misconceptions about his next movement. Logen takes the quick step to Caitlyn, and sweeps her quickly into a deep kiss that can only last a minute according to her brother. It does so, but lingers as close to the mark as Logen is willing to push it. Then, he's stepped back from her, "I love you, I'll go now and write that letter. It'll be on my father's plate before his morning meal is ready." with that, a final farewell is given then a slight bowing to Solara and also a pleasant farewell before the prince precedes his intended out of the library.

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