Inouv 23, 228 : A trail of snowmen

A trail of snowmen
Summary: Heading out a day or so after her borther and his wife have left, the Lady Nylie starts out towards Albion. Several factors cause her party to be held up allowing for Count Aldren and Lord Admiral Eoin to catch up to her.
OOC Date: 11/12/2013 (OOC)
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The Road to Albion
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Inouv 23, 228

East of Darfield the snow has not been cleared like it has within the city. The deep hoof prints and the building of shoulders upon the wayward snowman proves that. Along with two rangers from Greenshire and a few men-at-arms the Count rides along side a red-headed healer. He makes idle conversation. "What is with all these snowman? Is that a custom in Darfield, for the poor to craft things outside the city in there free time?" He is not unkind but confused as to the customs of snowfall. After another hour or so he speaks up again. "I am glad to have found you…." He makes no comment on his reason for his order but says in way of deense. "My sister…she said she would be taking a trip. The weahter." Yes, the weather, "has grown vicious and I just…WEll, I decide to take her up on her offer." The ride continues, slow and painfully as the sun comes up. The ride did start at an ungodly hour and it continues.

After some time they will come to spot around the foothills of the pine mountains. The road itself seems easily passable ussually but this is not usual. There is alarge snow drift blocking the natural way and it only builds. Being some 8 or 9 hours from Darfield it is not so simple to just turn around. Aldren looks on incredulosly and frowns. His tired horse appreciating the first breather allowed as he pulls the cloak aron his head. Turning to Eli and the others he has now words, just dissapoinment and confusion at this wintery weahte he is not used to.. A feint yell is heard….Heads look around for its origin..

Eliylw, after the appropriate notice is given and leaving a note for Araltaidan to let him know she'll be away from the castle so he won't worry, has been riding along the Count while trying to keep comfortably warm under her layers of fur-lined clothing and heavy cloak. "I think they do that…" The building of snowmen, that is, "… to make the cold seem a little more cheery." A quick smile is given although that's a smile that won't be found upon her face once she realizes how bad things are going to get.

By the time the weather starts to drift about she finds herself wishing they didn't have to be out here. The yell is missed by her but when she notices the others starting to look around she does as well, her brow furrowed in concern. "What is it?"

Another yell comes, stronger this time speaking of an approach and soon there is that blurry shadow appearing within the wintery weather. Eventually becoming clear enough to recognize the man as a guard of House Kilgour, rather than a road bandit. "There's no easy way around," calls the man as he draws nearer. Sighting back the direction the man had come would allow one to make out the small party that had been stimied by the snow drift in their travel as well. A slight glow hints at a fire. But perhaps more intriguing is the dozen or so snowmen that seem to have spring up around the makeshift stop. And there is a voice, a female one even, that flits upon the wind,"What is one more, Alexyia?" This only seems to make the guard sigh.

The count seems little worried about cheer at this time but in no way is unkind to the girl he yoked for the infirmary. "I can..understand that." He says quietly. Still, the shouts make priority and he sees the man now. Making him out slowly in the low visability he screams, "Arms! Show your arms!" But then they are apparent. Aldren's face lights up at the sight of purple and he smiles. Turning to Eliylw he shouts "Come!" He races foreward to the fire and the group hoping to see his sister and good-brother. No sign. He frowns and a few more men from his own group make there way. He remebers himslef and helps the red-head down before searching for who is in charge. Seeing Nylie he does smile and rush to her. A loving hug and kiss to both cheeks before he says impatiently while holding her hands, "Your brother, my sister? Tell me theyr are close." The look in his eye can only be known as worry and grief as the snow still builds around them adding inches to her snow-men by the minute.

"Is everyone alright," comes the concerned question from the apprentice healer. The question from the woman she can't see yet has her blinking, however, and Eliylw looks at Aldren. "What do we do," she whispers. Is this am ambush? A plan to rob and kill anyone who might have the misfortune of happening upon them.

At least Aldren knows those here or at least of them enough to make him feel safe so once the order is given she hurries after him. A hand is already on her pouch of herbs, salves and bandages, already set to get to work even as she moves.

Arrival to the small makeshift camp that has been sprung up shows a handful more of Kilgour guards, a few attendants and that charge which they have been charged to look after, the Lady Nylie…the oft forgotten sister to Caedmon. The making of that 'one more' seems to be forgotten by Nylie when others are seen joining their stopped party. There is a bit of a blink as the Count rushes her, the hug is returned even if her hand maiden makes a sound of disapproval. Nylie gives a shake of her head,"They were ahead, I thought you with them in truth. I did not leave til after they had started."

The snowmen do at least seem to serve some purpose other than 'guarding' the camp, or having provided amusement to the woman, the build up of snow around the camp does help reflect some of the fires warmth back towards the group. Nylie looks over towards the healer woman,"We are all fine, if but a bit chilly. The way is blocked and the guards tell me they can find no easy way around. And with the weather as it has become, that the better option was to make camp rather than try to return."

Nylie is not forgotten in any way by Aldren and in this foreign fucked weather scenario he seems less th man he usually is. After the embrace is released he pulls h is cloak tighter and shouts over the wind and its noise. "No! I left some six hours ago." That does not sound accurate by his tone, but not far off. "I'd thought," A cold gust casuses a pause as he shivers, "You were with them!" His shouts barely make it over the weather and in the dying visability he looks abut now. His men seem to be settling in and Eli doing exactly what wenna would want. He acknowledges Nylie's word and says, "Mistress, Eli. Come hither. Until someone falls or freezes, best to keep on your feet I would think." If she comes near he will make proper introductins. "The Lady nylie Kilgour, sister to the voice. Mistress Eliylw. My sisters apprentice. And more than that." He confirms of the girl indebted to Nylies own hose. "Well…." He starts to pace and says. "What in oblivion do we do!!!!" He is no doubt very upset at being stopped and something else tugs at him. Dissallowing relaxation as much as the weather.

Eliylw is happy to hear no one is injured or feeling the ill-effects of the cold and she moves closer to the fire, remaining on her feet as Aldren suggests. "We will need someone to stay awake and tend to the fire," she eventually says as she holds her gloved hands out, trying to get some warmth back into them. "Perhaps in shifts that coincides with the watch, if there is one?" Never having had to worry about this sort of thing before, Eli is kind of floundering, not sure what to suggest. Turning to regard everyone, she pauses only to then address Nylie herself, now. "Where were you trying to go?"

A shake of Nylie's head some, giving a small tug to her fur lined coat as the wind threatens to tug it open. "The left before me, there were some matters I had to yet attend to and it seems they were anxious to get started as there was a note from Wenna when I returned about how they had set off." Her voice is raised and somehow manages to cut through the wind, perhaps the years of practice and performances. There is also a brief glance to the snowmen, but Nylie does not voice comment on just what else cause her groups progress to lag. A incline of Nylie's head occurs at the introductions made.

"The guards have set up some rotation, I am told," comes Nylie's words to address the healers concern. "They have also spent some time gathering what wood they could before the weather took off as it has." A motion made to the pile, it was a fair size at that. The Kilgour guards were not unfamiliar with these snowy conditions. "I was following after Caedmon and Wenna, we were all to spend some time out at his manor," castle, keep…whatever it is. Looking to the pacing Aldren,"There is not much that can be done in the moment, Count. The way is blocked…and with the weather, the guards speak of it being a greater chance of getting lost then returning safely. I have come to trust them in these matters."

Still pacing Aldren does listen to the healer. Wenna no doubt instilling the importance of one in him. Otherwise he would have simply brandished steel and flew out. *A wise choice that would have been.* "Yes, wise words." He listens now to his good-and missing-brothers sister as she elaborates. Why is she oft-forgot. Things seem to run well under her for the time. "He stops his pacing now and scowls. "Damned snow…" He seems as though he would smite someone but the gods are not present. He does his best to stop now and says, begrudingly, "Your guards would know better than me." Clearly it pains him to say so. "Would," He looks to Nylie as the wind and snow sweeps across his summer blooded face, "you any provisions to share with me and the lady. My men may have alos been…..forced to follow." He hates to admit it but is dutiful and it seems tey would die out herenow if they had nor found the snowmen makers. He offers asmile to Nylie but it sis laced with shame and worry. hopefull the weather hides it. Though a tsunami could not the pain in his voice as he worries for his twin.

The pain is something Eliylw has heard before in others' voices and knows not to comment upon it although she does reach out to touch his arm as if to lend a little comfort. "If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know, My Lord and Lady." She's not a hunter or much of a gatherer beyond medicinal herbs and some greenery but this is the wrong time of year for plants to flourish much, if at all, and she wouldn't be much help. Hopefully they'll find something else for her to do if it's needed.

Oft forgotten for many a reason, but it seems lacking some ability to retain her senses in times like this is not one of them. Nylie does watch the Count continue his pacing and his obvious impatience with the snow. "It has its moments, the snow, even if they are few and this is not one of those moments. I have wondered sometimes why I could not have waited to return til spring." Oh to be off in the care of Aberdeen yet!

There is a pause, a consideration being made as Nylie looks to where the groups horses have been tethered for the time before looking back,"Aye, there are provisions to share, though only enough for a few days with our group as it is. Some extra was brought, but the trip was not supposed to be a long one. And there is a pan to melt the snow for water. It is the horses that shall likely lack with all the snow covered ground."

The tone and look do not go unnoticed by Nylie, and she doesn't know the Count well… all. "They left well enough ahead, they have surely reached safety, Count Aldren. And would have those with them that know how to manage in this weather if that is not so and have had to pause as we have. " Perhaps not displaying the emotions as he, but then she has spent her life time being separated from her family time and again.

Her little touch is acknowledged and it does bring a small smile. He will lends agloved hand to hers and say, "Thank you, Mistress. My sister is lucky to have you." The words sincere and heartfelt before he starts his pacing again. "Just remain vigilant." He paces more and stops for a moment to answer Nylie, "They have been deprived of proper time alone. So….I can understand their want to leave." He does not seem happy but understanding all the same. As he listens to her assurance he smiles but the look is contrived and something in his features reveals he does not quite believe that. Another look at the impasse and a shrug follows.

From back along the road to Stormvale there is a thunder of hooves. Well, perhaps not a thunder, that might be pushing it a little far given the weather conditions and the fact that there are only two horses, but that pair are being riden hard and no mistake. Given the muffling effects of snow, it's reall not that long at all before the new arrivals come within sight of the small gathering ahead and are revealed to be a pair of riders, both in Haravean green and wrapped well against the cold. Despite the conditions of the road, the horses are both quickly brought to a stop without mishap and the lead rider quickly dismounts. Handing the reins to his companion he strides straight towards the Count, a definite sense of urgency in his movement as he says when close, "what news cousin? Are they found?" Then, and only then does he seem to notice that Aldren is not actually alone and offer a brief nod in greeting to the others.

Eoin is greeted with a bob of Eli's head, that being as much of a polite show of respect she can manage. One of those already here murmurs to her and she nods, agreeing to whatever was asked of her. It becomes apparent when she starts to help get things situtated so their stay here can be made as comfortable as possible, stopping once or twice to give Nylie or Aldren a smile.

Perhaps something more might have been said by Nylie to Aldren but there is a minor current amongst her guards that draws her attention to them and then to the approaching riders that have cause the stirring. The Kilgour guards relaxing a fraction in seeing the Haravean green. Friend not bandit. Nor snowmen come to life. Giving a small tug to the hood of her cloak when it threatens to slip away, working the motion somehow into a polite incline of her head to the new comer.

A smile is offered Eliylw's way as the woman assists with the makeshift camp. One of Nylie's attendents stepping to give the apprentice healer a brief on what supplies are had and what is what. Some comment about one of the guards being a stubborn oaf about warming up on his rotation and occasionally needing a prodding as he keeps risking frostbite.

The Count watches while Eli lends herself quickly and quietly. He smiles back to her and is proud and thankful that he brought her. His men from Greenshire stand around with their hands in their pants trying to keep warm as the red-head proves to be the most valueable at this time. He sees the group and looks to his coz. Not noticing him till he gets down. He strides forward and clasps the man saying, "No." the words flat and pointed He now turns and makes proper introductions for his couisin, Lord Admiral, and the Lady Kilgour.

"My Lady," Eoin offers, along with another, nod of his head once introductions are made. Nicities out of the way though his attetnion is immediately back on Aldren. "I rode as soon as I heard, but I think I only got part of the tale. Wenna is missing?" He glances momentarilly back to Nylie for confirmation on that also, but he's suspecting from her presense that maybe it's not just his cousin that's being sought. "Tell me all of it cousin, what has happened?" Then, still keeping his cloak close about him he turns a slow circle to take in the camp and surrounds, brow deep in a frown as he does so.

A deeper bow of her head some, a faint curtsey though had to tell with how the wind moves her cloak as it is,"Lord Admiral." There is a small glance between the men. Though Nylie's attention is briefly drawn to her handmaiden and some inquiry that is made. What exactly is not quite load enough to be heard, though Nylie's answer perhaps is,"Settle it between Fredrick and Marcus," a mild motion of her hand in the direction of tow of the…snowmen. The motion is followed before the handmaiden simply carries on.

The camp itself is somewhat of an impromptu makeshift thing, the group stopped by the loaming snow drifts ahead. About a dozen or so snowmen surround the area, someone being whismical or perhaps also an edge of something more as they do help to retain more of the heat to the area that comes from the fire at the center. A pile of wood does exist off to the side to feed the fire over time. There are a small number of Kilgour guards and a few attendants for Nylie present. "My brother and Wenna departed before me, and had planned to make for the barony. I had not caught up to them by the time there was need to stop," Nylie giving a slight motion of her hand towards the snow blocked road. "And thus is when Count Aldren came upon me, in hopes he'd caught up to them himself."

Aldren looks to his couisin and says little. He only frowns and stares at the snow as it collects around his boots. He has no answer for his couisin and seems shamed by that as well. He now confirms Nylie's words with a nod. To his coz he says, "We are stopped. there is no…" He turns and a slight moan is heard though it mixes with the wind. He quickly starts to pace again, looking to each impassable path. Scowls and curses fill the Count but there is little he can do. He does stop every so often to look to Eli and give her an approving look, and to Eoin, a miserable and worried one. He does not allow Nylie to see these thing but does smile comfortably to her given the chance.

Eoin completes his brief visual inspection just as Nylie gives her explaination. TUrning to give her his full attention he listens in silence, nodding slowly at a couple of points and glancing to the bank of snow when it's indicated. "Ah," he then states, as if things make a little more sense in his head, "well that makes a lot more sense than the garbled message I recieved." Looking a little more relaxed about the whole situation now he glances back to the man who rode with him and gestures for him to see to the horses and then make himself useful about camp before turning back to his cousin, clapping him on the shoulder as he passes by. "Aldren. Pause for a moment and think. You know your sister well, better than any of us. Do you really think she'd let a little bit of weather inconvenience her?" He notes the look though, and makes a mental note to discuss things further when they have a bit more privacy. Letting his Cousin go he turns back to the Kilgour and asks conversationally, as he nods towards the two snowmen indicated previously, "you've been here a while then my Lady, if you've had time to make that lot."

It doesn't take long for those working on getting everything ready and soon what work there was to do is finished, leaving Eliylw free to return to the other group although she does pause to give a stern talk to the guard she was warned about. Seems he is not too keen on the idea of losing toes or having to subcum to such unpleasant treatments as leeches and blood letting as he's suddenly nodding and promising to keep warm. Grinning a little impishly once he agrees to comply, she is very obviously proud of herself.

If one thing can be said it is that Nylie's encounters with the Count do always seem to be…..interesting. Curses are always educational as well for a Lady's ear and there is certainly one attendant that sends a look the Count's way, even if nothing is said outright. Least not that any of the nobles might hear. Not knowing the pacing man to offer much more than she already has, Nylie does not outright try any such overtures though smokey eyes dance between a few of her guards before settling upon one and a flip of her hand seems to send him into motion. A path that sends him to Aldren and soon offering the man a flask without a word.

Though Nylie comes drawn from the exchange by Eoin's comments, and it has her looking to her snowmen. There is a faint cough and a hint of sheepishness that comes to her features. "Aye, the snow across the road had use stopping. It was something to pass the time while the guards looked to see if there was passage around. But then the weather started coming in and they had found now way to continue. It was decided it best to stay put for the time being, til the weather cleared a bit. And with all the snow…" She gives another sheepish smile before she shrugs a little. Not exactly the person one might expect to go on a snowman making spree. A smile is offered to Eliylw when the woman comes to rejoin them. The poor guard! He's going to have nightmares about leeches eating his toes now!

The Count looks to his coz, and while he says nothing, his eyes betray that weather is not his worry. "We will talk." Is all he says with a nod. Anotherr glance to look at his sisters apprentice reveals slight pride but that is quickly replaced with worry again. He only nods to her as she does her duty and apporaches. "Mistress." He says in way of comfort, though more to himself and very obviously now he is happy he ordered her to come. Aldren seems out of place now in this element but does his best to hide it. The flask now comes and Aldren drinks deep. He easily passes it to Eoin without thought. He watches now as the two nobles conversate and decides to let them go on their own. A faint smile crosses until he remebers hi sister. Now more pacing. Hard to talk to the man as he examines every impassable trail and the creek that stops them. The snow still piles up and the Count still paces, a man of summer lost in this foreign weather.

Eoin gives Eliylw a brief nod as she rejoins then, the healer is recognised, but he doesn't really know her wel enough to spark up a casual conversation. Replying to Nylie instead he gives her a faint smile, although one that doens't entirely shift the concern that is still evident on his features as his eyes flick occasionally to Aldren as the count paces. "Do they all have names?" he asks, on the basis that if they're going to be here a while then he may as well make conversation. The something obviously occurs to him and he asks, "and the ones along the road?" He's not imaging the party stopping every so often to make those, nor that they went that far back wile the guards were searching for passable routes, hopefully she can spread light on that mystery though. The hipflask is taken, sniffed, and then drunk from, before he passes it back to the guard with a quiet murmur of thanks.

"I was of an impression that it was villagers who made them," Eli comments casually as if she was asked for her opinion on the subject of the snowmen. "But I guess that was silly of me to think so, out here. We are so far from anywhere anyone would live…" Smiling bashfully, she falls quiet quickly and also reaches up, her fingers finding something at the hollow of her throat that's hidden under all her clothing.

Once the flask is taken up the guard gives a brief nod before returning back to his post. Nylie's own glance briefly strays on occasion to the Count as he yet paces about. Oh no….he just had to ask /that/ and there comes that sheepish hint back to her expression. " Well…..actually….aye….they do." There is a small clearing of her throat before Nylie goes about the 'introductions',"That is Fredrick and Marcus over there by the packs, and you have Dedrick and Garis over there by the trees, Kendell, Pyris, Bartlian, and Vortiz are the four over there and the last group there are Darius, Nethanual, Cornallic, and Eamric." Her hand lightly motioning to each in turn. Nylie gives a small cough at Eluyw's comment, yes, it would seem something more for the common folk to do. But out here, who would have thunk she'd be caught at it. "Aye, I fear they were my doing as well. My guards humoured me far more than perhaps they should have, as perhaps we would have had the option to turn back if I had not made them stop quite so often. " Trying to give some explanation even if it likely does little to help what ever impression the woman has made already,"I haven't had chance to make them in years, I think I may have gone a little…overboard in making up for it."

The Count makes no notice of anyones glare as his own is lost in the snow he tramples back and forth. Words on snow-men are heard but he pays little attention as he mumbles to himself. The random glance here and there to the camp as it is settled and folks begin to accept the posistiion. No going back now. Eli is heard as well and the topic of snowmen does not help rouse any conversation. He does nod to the girl though. Truly, he is curious of the snowman battalion but not enough to speak on it. Looks to the creek and the trails again, no go.

While he paces he ignore the names of the common men. While he listens to the now knosn culprit he looks to her incredulously. He can't help himself. "So…You…made all these while…" He stops now and the pace becomes a march. Solidly through snow he is not used to. Turning he says, though just the weather is not enough to warrant his wrath, "You have been /playing/ along the road? Well, we would not have found you other wise….." He hakes his head again and looks to the Kilgour. His anger is gone but dissapointment rings true in his features.

Eoin tilts his head slightly towards Eliylw as she speaks, then offers a short nod, "I may not spend a great deal of my time one land Mistress, but I've tended to find that where there is a road there are people." Then of course, Nyie confesses and makes the point moot. He looks faintly amused though, as he looks to each snowman in turn as they're named, before offering a polite, "that's quite a collection." There's a faint hint of a grin as she uses the term 'overboard' before he adds, conversationally. "Knowing the dangers of going overboard, I would say that you have nothing to worry about with these Lady Nylie. Unless of course they are suddenly going to melt and make us swim for it." A faint eyebrow is raised as Aldren jumps back into the conversation and he gives Nylie a brief apologetic look before he turns and covers the few paces to his cousin. Moving to place a hand on the other man's shoulder he states quietly, "as you said cousin, if shehad not, you might never have caught up with her and she might be stranded a few miles along the road and you here. There are forces that move in mysterious ways, and today, they have brought us to where Caedmon's sister needs us. I know you worry about Wenna, I can read it in your every movement, but this is the situation we must deal with now. Save any recrminations until we are back infront of a roaring fireplace, with your sister and her husband beside us."

"They were a blessing, truly. They led us close enough to hear the yelling," Eli says, nodding. She then shakes her head and chuckles. "Lord High Admiral has the right idea of it. We need to focus on getting out of here and then worry about everything else." As if saying that reminds her of how cold it is, the healer draws her cloak tighter about her just before a slight shiver takes hold.

Nylie gives a small nod,"There was a bit of time, and since the snow is good at keeping the warmth in. Once it seemed we would not be progressing in either direction, a few more seemed like a fair enough idea. " A light smile flickers,"And they are more entertaining to make then to simply pile snow for such a purpose." Her head cants a little at his notation about the more common meaning to the words,"I do not think we are in danger of that. Though come spring, we may have need for a bit of worry." Glancing towards the healer as the cloak gets drawn tighter, lightly noting,"There are a few extra blankets, if you would wish for one of them?"

An even look goes Aldren's way when he re-joins the conversation. Nylie simply studies him a few moments after his outburst. She may be only a silly musician (who likes making snowmen by alrights), but she is still a Kilgour. "/Count/ Aldren, I have been enjoying a return home after having been away for to long yet again. " There seems something else upon the tip of her tongue about to come out but she pauses and simply looks at the Count before the Admiral, allowing his words to stand more than anything that she could perhaps have said. "The storm will not last, and way can be made again. As you seem to have no wish to speak in front of me save to condone my actions, perhaps I should just go /play/ some more. For surely you are the only one who can worry about their family, Count Aldren."

Aldren is only slightly fuming as his couisin nears him. His words and touch do help to curb the man and his misplaced frusteration though. A straight look to Eoins face and he says, "You are right." Flat, pointed, and relenting words. A look to Nylie reveals he is sorry. Truly. "I am sorry my Lady of Kilgour." A low bow in the frigid cold and another look to her eyes with empathy proves he is. "We all have much to worry about." He lets that trail off and continues to pace again. Usually he might turn to the common girl, Eli and chastise her for speaking but he only has remorse and worry at this point. "True words, m'lady." Is all he offers to her with a knowing half grin. There is only understanding in his look and features now as he moves forward into the growing blizzard. After another pace back forth he stops again to speak to Caedmon's sister. "Please, allow me some forgiveness m'lady." Another bow. "I am worried and have little experience, " A look to the sky and hands to the falling snow, "with this." He tries to smirk at herr but it is contrived and wanting. Eyes betraying sham and worry as he hopes she will forgive him in his confusion.

Eoin stays silent a while, watching Aldren as he reacts to both his words and those of the womenfolk. As his cousin moves he remains stood where he is, still watching, ready perhaps to draw the man off for a more private conversation if it seems that his mood does not lift. There's a slight lessening of the concern in his features as the Count makes to apologise though, and he lets his gaze drift a little out into the beyond as he waits to hear if Nylie is satisfied.

For all her words, Nylie does not seem to be quite storming mad as is perhaps her right, or might occur with others amongst her family. Her eyes perhaps give way that more is felt and simply not shown for the calmness that has settled within them. The low bow is acknowledged with a bow of her head, a soft murmur,"Aye, we all do." A glance goes Eoin's way before returning to Aldren as the Count picks up pacing. Surrounded by strangers in the snow.

A small breathe is drawn when Aldren stops tin order to speak to her again. "The forgiveness you ask for is so given," Nylie's head giving another bow to him. "Worry, emotion….they are powerful things that can sweep the mind and senses. " Eyes drift up to the sky and falling snow,"Allowing them to rule, does little good in the end." Her eyes drop back to him and briefly does the calmness drop…worry, concern…fear…a glimpse offered in turn it would seem.

Eli having drifted off to do her duty and Eoin grabbing the sidelines Aldren does squirm as he feels most innappropriate. His pacing now ended he is face first with the Kilgour. Her forgiveness makes his lip quiver now and thoughts of his twin enter his mind again. Words on emotion and falling snow do not help. Emostions? Yes, they caught. Hopefully they are not caught by others when the Count tears up and unbiddingly goes to hug his good-sister. Assuming she does not push him away he will bury a face in her shouldr and mutter while he attempts to hide tears.

Aldren mutters to Nylie, "… hate to…"

Eoin seems content enough for the moment to watch the pair converse from his place a few paces away. There's apparently no need for intervention so he doesn't interupt, allowing his cousin to make ammends by himself. That doesn't mean he isn't still concerned though, and the lines on his forehead that are visible under the hood of his cloak make that clear. The move to hug though, that gets him moving, although not to intercept, more to turn to gaze into the woods along the road, giving the pair what privacy he can for their concerns. It also of course, gives him time to mull over his own thoughts, but Aldren doesn't need everyone witnessing his tears.

The calmness is bid to settle once more to her eyes, Nylie had lived a life that demanded control. There is a bit of a blink when that hug comes, it is not exactly something Nylie is quite used to. But Caedmon has told her time and again Wenna and her family…are well family now too. There is some hesitation and perhaps some awkwardness to the returning of the hug. Well and there is a rather stern look from Nylie's trusty handmaiden, who probably certain it's all somehow just a ploy for the Count to try….something.

The Count is allowed to hide his face to her shoulder for a time, there is even that little attempt to comfort in some way. Though his murmur has her blinking again, and pulling back a little to look at him,"Why do you…think that something is wrong?"

His tears being wiped away and half frozen on her cloak and half frozen on his face, Aldren sniffles. "Damn cold….making my nose run.." He says to no one in particular. It surely pains him to look at her now and despite her maid (which he has taken no notice of) he offers a hand to her shoulder and says, "I do not think we should head anywhere besides your brothers barony when the chanc arises." He i somber and allthough the tears have subsided he does frown. Quickly now he turns to his couisin. "Tell me you have brought some drink your self." He moves away twoward the horses now, arms attempting to fix his cloak as sleeves move back to his face.

With the moment apparently over, Eoin turns back to the gathering. "Of course," he offers with a faint smile, before reaching into the folds of his cloak to retrieve a hipflask which he then tosses towards his cousin. "Brandy," he explains briefly, watching Aldren's progress towards the horses for a few moments before he glances back to Nylie, tilting his head slightly towards her to check silently that she is alright too.

"The cold does have a way of doing that, even makes the eyes water sometime," softly comments Nylie. The maid is vigilant, one has to give her that, keeping a watchful eye upon the Count…much like a guard dog daring a fox to set foot in the hen house….least til he steps away. For her part, Nylie gives a small nod to him," Then that is where we will go." Only after he turns does she tug and resettle her cloak. Looking towards the Admiral and giving an incline of her head to address his silent inquiry. "I can see that something is prepared, we traveled with enough provisions to share. And I will see that once there is chance, that we are made ready to travel."

Aldren just catches the flask on his way to the horses and uncaps it quickly. He drinks deeply as he nears the mounts. His back remained turned he pets the closest steed as he drinks again. Turning he fling it back to his couisin and nods. He now takes his time to dry his eyes and admire the horses, allowing the two to talk if they would….

Eoin catches the flask as it's lobbed back and takes a sip himself before moving to offer some to Nylie as well. Glancing up at the clouds his expression is thoughtful for a few moments before he shakes his head and remarks, "you know. At sea I can generally tel you well enough what the weather is going to do, but those clouds? They're landsman clouds, I can't decide if they're going to blow over shortly or dump more snow on us for hours yet." Half an eye is kept on Aldren as he talks though, just in case.

Aldren is given his peace to compose himself again. The flask is accepted by Nylie and a sip of the brandy is drawn. The flask is offered back after she recaps it. Nylie's eye goes up towards the clouds at Eoin's comments. "At sea, upon land, clouds are all similar. There are differences, aye. Even depending where upon land you may be there are differences to be found. Though…I do not think I have seen nor much heard of snow at sea…So that is perhaps the difference that vexes you with these clouds." A hand rises and gives motions as she speaks to explain,"There is perhaps a half hour, maybe an hour more of it. If you look there you can see how the clouds start to thin and are not heavy with snow, unlike those that have passed along, dumping their burden upon us so they might travel more quickly. And cause us not to travel so quickly in turn. "

Aldren still pets the horses and stomachs the sailors drink. Another glance will show his coz being a Haravean and speaking with the woman. That half eye is caught and a quick nod will show he maintains, he is the Count and he starts to act it. HEad held high. Eyes dry. No more cry. He smiles now as the Woman converses with his couisin and he leaves the beasts to converse with a few men finishing the st up of camp.

"You have things such as mountains in the way on land," Eoin replies with a smile, "they complicate things unduely by disrupting the winds." He shakes his head slowly at the comment about snow at sea though. "We have it Lady Nylie, turst me on that. THe sea air protects us somewhat and it has to be colder than on land, but we have it, although ice is more the killer. Slippery decks and frozen ropes do not a comfortable sail make I can tell you." He follows her hand though as she makes her points, nodding slightly as she speaks, "I shall take your word for it then, and hope that we might get relief soon enough." A glance is given back to Aldren, no, he doesn't relish being stuck here with the Count so obviously worried as he knows his cousin well enough to know that he'll not settle until he's reuinted with his twin.

The is a slight smile as Nylie offers in way of counter,"And there such things as islands at sea. Not as high as mountains, I will grant you, but…there are similarities." A small shake of her head comes, though more to the thought of dealing with the icy decks," The decks seem slippery enough from rain, I could not imagine them iced over as well. Sometimes a frozen puddle is enough to contend with, I could not imagine having to deal crossing it while being pitched about by the sea as well." There is a slight glance sent Aldren's way, never know…he might have decided to rush off on a horse. Men are known for doing foolish things sometimes. But Nylie nods with a light smile to Eoin,"You have my word upon it, the snow will fall no more before the hour is up. "

Aldren still converses with the men at arms and the few guards he has brought. A distant look will reveal him sharing a drink with some of the men and watching as the fire is kept lit. He will afford the other two nobles alook here and there but tnothing more as he drowns his sorrows and impatience.

"We do," Eoin conceeds with a slight nod, "some of them even have mountians on them in fact, but for the most part the wind is free to blow uninterupted. The lag time between it picking up and the sea's reaction can tell you a lot about how the next day or so will pan out." He could go on about such things for much longer, but is aware that he's surrounded by landsmen and so leaves it there. "Rain is no so bad," he offers then, with a faint shrug. "Ice though? Well, theres a reason we generaly try and find ourselves a bearth somewhere either in dock or at anchor, when the weather's at it's worst." There's another glance to Aldren, then the question, "and how long after that until we can make headway do you suppose?"

Perhaps it is her up bringing, or perhaps Nylie does not actually mind the talk about the weather and how it can be read, for she does show interest and there isn't even a hint of boredom,"It is more important as well at sea, to be able to tell what is coming. Here we can pause, such is not an option out there. " A nod comes,"Aye, I can see why that would be. " A glance goes skyward a moment, a faint hmm. But any forthcoming comment is simply held in check. The question does have Nylie drawing her gaze back,"That will depend more upon how the wind has blown the snow about. Before Count Aldren came upon us, there was talk of heading back once the weather cleared, but he speaks of a need to press on. A way around will need to be managed that might cause some further delay in reaching the end. "

"He'll not want to turn back without at least trying to push on," Eoin answers, turning to watch his cousin again, "not without news of his twin. They've always been close." SHifting his cloak a little to unsettle some of the snow that seems to have decided his shoulders are a good place to be he glances skywards again. "When this stops he'll want to be push on, make an effort to get through. The soone rit stops, the harder it'll be to change his mind, if that is your intention."

"It should be possible, perhaps not quick or easy," Nylie adds with a faint smile,"And my guards will attempt to see that I turn back. " Being female…and noble….and all that. Glancing back toward Aldren's direction,"I have been getting to see that. Their closeness." Nylie shakes her head,"It was not my intention, even if it was, I have the impression I would have little success. He thinks something is wrong. "

"And no blame should be attached to them for doing so," Eoin replies with a quick glance towards her guards, "let us hope that that the wind is kind and a way cleared." That'd be just great wouldn't it. Chances of it happening? Slim to none, be he can hope. Then his gaze draw back to the Count. "Aye, they have been so for as long as I can recall. A twin thing I suppose. But yes, he seems troubled beyond just this weather, but I suspect I'll not get the cause out of him until later."

"I do agree, they are simply doing their duty," concede Nylie easily enough. Nodding a bit,"Let us so hope," even if she knows well enough that rarely is it so easy when it comes to snow and travel. "I have heard such about twins. Though true as well, I have heard of siblings that have grown close in growing up together. It was not something I was given time to discover myself." A thing she does not offer further comment upon. Simply nodding,"I asked him why he thought that, but only said he thought we should continue on…when possible."

Eoin watches Aldren silently as Nylie speaks, giving a brief nod as she indicates the Count's reluctance to share what's on his mind. After a moment he takes a deep breath and turns back to the Kilgour, "If you'll excuse me Lady Nylie. He's had a bit to fortify himself now and if I can get a quiet word or two with him I may be able to fathom out a little more about what has him so on edge." That said, he offers a slight inclination of his head in parting, then moves to approach his cousin.

Nylie gives a small bow of her head,"Of course, he is more likely to speak with you as it is. He knows me barely more than you do." A faint smile given after those words. "I will see about some provisions for everyone while we await the clearing of the weather. Best to eat while there is time." Giving a small incline of her head as well before he departs and she moves to see about getting the group fed before there is chance to press onwards again.

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