Alasair 24, 228: A Threatening Affection

A Threatening Affection
Summary: Ruthgar returns to the Dellhaven Suite to speak with his wife Caillin - and to digest his conversation with Logen.
OOC Date: 14/09/2013 (OOC)
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Caillin Ruthgar 
Baronial Room, Dellhaven Suite, Darfield Castle
The huge bed that dominates the chamber is made of dark red cherry wood and stands more or less in the middle of the room, with one shorter side directly at the wall. It can be reached from both sides and is broad enough to allow for two people to lie there side by side. Cushions and sheets have been orderly arranged, with a blanket in deep red on top.
In one corner of the room, at the far side by the window, are three chairs and a small table, carved from that same cherry wood as the bed - and the huge wardrobe in the opposite corner.
During the day the light enters through the window, with a smaller one of stained-glass, representing the white and purple of the Kilgour crest slightly above it. At night the room is lit by torches or candles that have been placed in the sconces at the walls, and sometimes even by the flickering light of a fire in the hearth.
24th day of Alasair, in the year 228

The trembling lights of the candles are dancing on the dark red cherry wood. The evening is very calm and silent. There is not even a sound of a flying fly. Just sometimes a crisp of the book pages disturbs the peace.
These are the pale fingers of the young girl, which tickle an old caramel paper, full of wreathing letters. Girl's flaxen curls cast a shadow on the words, while her a bit tired eyes try to indulge into a story.
Soft blanket covers her legs, while night-dress hides the silver pendant, which tries to peek through the patterns of the nigt-gown.

The door opens without a knock preceding it, and her husband enters, his boots already left outside to muffle his steps even more. "Caillin, my love," Ruthgar greets, his pale grey eyes coming to linger on her in that nightgown, the concern in his mien disspating as soon as he sees she is awake and reading. "Are you feeling better?" He crosses the distance to the bed and lowers himself to sit down. His hand moves to stroke the back of her head, his fingers running through her blonde tresses. "Is it already that late? I didn't notice the time."

When girl hears the sound of the door, her grey eyes already brighten, even not seeing the person, who came inside! Likely, knowing, who that person may be.
She raises her gaze a bit and closes the book, putting it besides. "My love…" she whispers and as shiny as sun smile apears in her features "I am always better, when I see you! You heal my soul very quickly and easy!"
The look briefly slips to the darker sky, seen through the window, but decides to rest on Ruthgar, after a chuckle "Oh, yes! It is already /that/ late. You have been quite busy, weren't you? Will you tell me what business you had to deal?"

A warm smile brushes over Ruthgar's features as he gets such a nice welcome, and he leans over to her for a brief kiss. "Not that much business, no. I just thought you'd need a bit of rest, after you returned to our quarters. I have spoken with your sister, my flower, before Gaela brought you back here. And then I just went out, supposing you'd need a bit of tranquility. At the Salon I came upon your brother Logen, and we talked for a bit." A slight frown enters his mien when he mentions the prince. "I shall convey his greetings to you, of course, and his best wishes that you will get better…"

After another moment of hesitation Ruthgar adds: "He also invited you and me for dinner in the course of the next days. A dinner with him and his wife."

Girl starts laughing silently, but lively "And of course, Roslin came to you inform about… my thoughts and… what happened. She always reports everything for someone…" Baroness rolls her eyes and remains a bit thoughtful.
"Oooh… My dearest brother," sighs Caillin "I didn't see him for like… I don't know… ages! After his wedding… I even was not around on his wedding!" a bit sadly or angrily chuckles the girl. "Thank you. I missed him so much! We definitely should meet them someday. He and his wife," announces the young baroness, glancing at her husband warmly. Of course, she catches that frown, what makes her eyebrow to jump up "Something is wrong?" and her hand is slowered to rest on his.

Ruthgar's gaze flits downward for a moment as he hesitates to reply to his wife's question right away. "I fear I do not like your brother, Caillin." The words leave his lips without thinking, in all candidness that he seems to regret as soon as he has offered them. "Forgive me. I shouldn't have said that." A sigh. "But it's true. The way he has treated his wife before they were wed… Him disgracing her. He does not show any remorse at all about it. Rather brags about…" The Ruxton's voice trails off, before he picks up again. "…about not being able to leave the bedroom after their wedding night. Well, I can understand that, of course," - he winks at Caillin - "but in the next moment, just after I told him about you not being well, he brags about Lady Caitlyn feeling sick, too. So soon after the marriage, that it must be clear her pregnancy must have resulted from their… previous endeavours. He can not mean to brag about that, as it puts his wife and her pregnancy into a most improper light. His disregard for any… reserve or even insults his wife will be confronted with leaves me speechless."

Caillin listens for her husband intently, but the smile all the time remains there in her bright face. It would be hard to say, if she really was listening for him, or she was just admiring him. However, when the last word leaves her husband's throat, the young baroness moves a bit closer and clasps her hands around him, placing a kiss on his cheek "Not everyone is sooo kind, caring, honourable and always thinking about the rules and… Well, not everyone is so perfect as you…"
Girl offers a wide smile "You and my brother are like night and day. I understand, that you may not like him. Just a few people still like him…" Caillin leans back in the bed, still holding the hand of Ruthgar "Though, why do people blame just my brother? I think, his wife has as much fault or maybe even more. For example, if i would have been in her place, I would never allow him to do like that. He would have to take me by force or I would suggest him to ask an official courtship. But it was she, who decided to visit my brother, alone. It was a sign from her, that she is ready to break some rules…" drawls young girl and chuckles "Sorry, for what I will say, but men are always weaker, when they see a beautiful lady in front of them, who is ready to…" girl blushes "… give herself… Well, if you see a pear on the table, which just asks to bea eaten, how you could not eat it?" chuckles girl once more.
"I understand… If you don't want to spend much time with him, we could do that less. After all, I have you, I don't need to meet my family each day now. You are my family!"

One corner of Ruthgar's mouth twists upwards when he feels his wife's kiss on his cheek, yet his gaze remains thoughtful. "Well, it may be true, that she is to blame in part as well," he muses. "But to be so disregarding of the opinion here at court, baffles me. I would have expected him at least to show some sense, to acknowldege that what they have done is wrong. Yet, he doesn't." His arm is put around Caillin to draw her nearer to him, that she may feel his breath in her face. "I don't like him. Maybe it is the way as well, in which he always wants to stress how close you two are. As if he were not giving up on that claim on you… I admit, he succeeds in making me jealous, that prince. I can hardly keep myself in check and try to remain polite towards him, when all I want to do is deal him a lesson he will never forget." His hand starts playing with her flaxen strands of hair again, the threat in his pale grey eyes mingling with affection for his wife.

Being so close to her husband, Caillin can't do anything but blush brightly, especially, when he speaks like that. The threat remains unseen or just dwarfed by the affection.
"My love… You are jealous?.. For my brother?" she chuckles, glancing at his fingers, which are playing with her curls, but grey eyes quickly are fixed on Ruthgar's. "I see no reasons… But if he makes you so angry about everything… Angry and jealous…" Girl unwraps from the blanket and places her legs on Ruthgar's, this way moving even more closer to him. The night-gown is sliped a bit closer near her thigh, baring knees like that. "… I fear about the life of the boy, who may accidently become affectionate of me as well…" chuckles the girl and a little bit afraid she adds quickly "But there is no such a boy right now. I just thought, what if…" She lowers her gaze, starting to dance with her fingers on the chest of Ruthgar. "I remember our first conversations…. I could never believe that you will ever tell me you are jealous, that my brother has still some kind of claims on me… That… I may be egoistic, but it makes me happy!" giggles Caillin.
She raises her grey eyes and the pale fingers now are immersed in Ruthgar's hair "But you do not have to be jealous. My brother loves to brag a lot. Speak about himself and how awesome he is or our relationship are. After all, I am the only one who does not judge him. But… He doesn't know, that right now, my whole heart belongs to you and just to you, my love. We will definetely try to see him less. At least while he is so excited about his new wife. But remember, that you are the King of my heart and nobody else have a place there now… Until the…" and girl lowers her look again, putting Ruthgars hand on her belly "Our baby will see the world… When you will have to share my heart with him," giggle Caillin.

The threat in Ruthgar's eyes fades slowly when his full attention focuses on Caillin, her reply, her tresses in his fingers, her being this close to him, that night gown that has slipped high enough to bare her knees, so after her admission that his state of jealousy makes her happy his arm around her tightens pulling her even closer to him while his lips find hers, clearly claiming her for himself in that very telling and passionate kiss. "Any such man who would dare to stand between us will be a dead man.", he mutters when he lets go of her. The cold expression in his eyes emphasizing he does mean every word he has just said.

While the Baron of Dellhaven listens to Caillin's words about Logen, he seems to be focused on slipping out of his tunic and breeches, obviously not too worried that his nakedness might bother his wife. He gives a low snort before he replies: "True. He brags a lot. Yet he is your brother. I fear we can't avoid paying them that visit. But then, we will be off soon, to Dellhaven. I think I will manage to hold myself back when dealing with him, this time." He glances towards Caillin questioningly as his hand reaches for his own night shirt that lies on his side of the bed and will grab it if he hears no objections.

"Oh yes! We will be in Dellhaven soon. I can't wait for our journey. To run away from everyone. To a new place. To our home! I want to meet all these new people! To see our new bedroom, our castle, our… new world!" she sighs dreamily and just falls on the bed, letting her falxen curls to overspread the pillow.
Loving grey eyes follow Ruthgar, not giving even a slight worried grain about his cold words. Likely, because girl's heart is just blinded by these madly blind feelings for her husband, for the young baron…
"My King…" she just whispers, extending her arms as she would like to hug the man.

Ruthgar's eyes follow Caillin as she lets herself fall back onto the bed, his gaze lingering on those flaxen tresses then wandering downwards to her bared knees. "Aye, my love.", he replies a bit hoarsely, as he leaves that shirt and moves over her as he is, accepting that embrace of her arms that is so readily offered. And her royal greeting finds a most adequate reply. "My queen," Ruthgar mutters into her ear before he engages in another passionate kiss. Which might indeed lead to more, than both would have expected.

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