41st of Alasair, 229 2E: A Sailor's Nightmare

A Sailor's Nightmare
Summary: Dreams and nightmares are revealed.
OOC Date: 27/Sep/2014
Related: Eoin/Nylie in general, references to The Siren's Song
Nylie Eoin 
Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
41st of Alasair, 229 2E

While most business was able to be managed at the manor, some Nylie made effort to handle at the castle properly. Thus as the day had started to make way into evening, she was heading back towards said manor. Though it was a trip that was required to happen in small bursts, the gardens proving to be a fine enouguh place to pause for a rest. Settled quietly to a bench with those of her guard not far away as she took in the changes the cooler turn of fall was bringing about to the area.

Eoin has, in all honesty, been avoiding having to speak to as many people as possible today. Having buried himself in his work since early morning he's finally coming to the realisation that he needs to go home, or perhaps to his ship, he isn't entirely sure. That uncertainty has left him sat on one of the garden benches, figuring there is as good a place as any to ponder the pros and cons of each option before he makes up his mind. Or of course, decides to go find an inn instead.

It would seem more than the changing foliage can be found as Nylie's gaze slowly sweeps the garden and finds the Admiral also having taken to a bench. The gaze of her smokey eyes settle upon him for a few minutes. It is moments beyond that which finally have her rising up from where she had taken to sitting and making way towards his bench. Her steps still come with a gentle turn of grace, though just a touch slower. It would be some time before she would be able to shake that tired edge that had settled in upon her. In truth, she should likely yet be tucked away in a room in Lakeshire for some time to come, but duty required otherwise. There is a slight clearing of her throat as she drew near, least she startle him by just appearing out of no where. A bow of her head comes,"High Admiral Lord Eoin, a good day to you." There is a slight pause, one might even call it a hesitation, before she adds,"It looked like there was something weighing upon your thoughts, I thought to offer the ear of a friend if you wished. Though if you had sought the peace of the gardens, I shall not intrude."

Eoin is off with his own thoughts somewhere else as Nylie appraoches, but the clearing of her throat brings him back to there here and now. Glancing up there's a momentary look of relief on his face before he rises quickly to his feet to offer the bow that etiquette demands of him. "Duchess," he replies quickly, "please, sit, you look tired." As soon as he's aid it he realises it's a dumb thing to say, but it's too late by then and he offers a breifly apologetic expression. "There are, as usual, many things that need consideration," he replies with after a long exhale that can't quite be called a sigh, "all of which are vital and pressing and can not be put off. As such things always are."

There is a slight turn of a smile when he says she looks tired, Nylie seeming to not find offence for the obvious being stated. "I imagine it shall be a common look for me for some time, Admiral. And thank you," even if twas just a small walk over, Nylie is thankful to bee off her feet. A hand smoothing her skirts as she settles to one side of the offered bench. "I think that does sum up much of the past year and the matters that have decided to all come at once within it. If it would help to speak them to aid in considering what must be done, I do offer my ear. And if it is wished, a promise for silence upon what is spoken. " For all that some think, everything does not get repeated on to the Duke. "Though I do admit a worry that you word of warning to me has caused you issue. I am thankful for your warning and truly, and in all honesty, so should your cousin. The response would have been….different, had I not been able to intervene."

"Things were briefly.. difficult between us," Eoin replies, meaning himself and the Count. "He'll get over it though, has shown signs of doing so already in fact, give it time though and it will settle." He believes anyway, so long as theres no other provocations. Only then apparently noticing that he's still on his feet he sits back down, clasping his hands in his lap as he does so. "No, it is not my relationship with Aldren that is bothersome at the moment, so please, fear not on that account." He pauses there, reluctant yet to divulge futher until he's had the chance to have a good look round to see who else is about. Only when he's confident that they're as alone as they're ever going to be does he confess, "I fear instead that it is the Lord Voice who currently vexes me."

"I am glad to hear that it is perhaps only a momentary difficulty between you two," Nylie…well she and Aldren seem to have a go at each other in cycles. Time will tell if this is just another cycle…or not. But did they really want Aidan having been the one to respond? Ships would have been burning! "It does ease my worries to hear so, though I shall pray it does continue to have been only a small blip." The only others about seem to be those of her….guard and they are familair faces who do well to keep out of ear shot. This causes a mild rise of her brows, her brother. Not that he hasn't vexed her oft enough. "My brother? To what has he gone and done this time around?"

"Aye, your brother," Eoin confirms, dropping his head a little to look at the ground infront of his feet as he does so. He can't quite shake the feeling that he's telling tales like a child, but well, she did ask, and he did bring it up. A deep breath and then he answers, "sadly, it would seem that he has lost trust in me. Rumours have been whispered in his ear, and instead of coming and talking to me he instead wrote straight to Aldren. Which, as I'm aure you can imagine, hasn't helped matters at the manor. I fear our.. discussion, of the matter was loud enough to worry Bren that something might be seriously amiss."

This does cause her brows to raise a touch,"My brother has actually opted to take stock in rumors and gossip? My brother who is so often to tell me when I inquire after rumors about him how gossip should not be listened to?" There is some measure of surprised disbelief that touches her tone. Nylie giving a shake of her head a bit. "That he would not only take stock in them but not approach you directly, /is/ vexing. That seems not at all like my brother, in truth. And I can certainly see how that would not help matters any. " Not directly asking about the rumors, cause well she's heard some of whathas been floating about…it is enough to guess. And well…she's had some intereting conversations with Kierne. "Have you tried to speak with my brother alone to see what has caused him to lose faith?"

"So it would seem," Eoin notes, leaning forward a little so he can massage his temples with one hand, "apparently he heard something about it from one of Baron Ewing's secretaries or somesuch." A faint shrug at that, as he's still not sure exactly what was said, or indeed written, merely the gist of it. A shake of his head then as he continues, "not alone no, but when I asked him he said he'd written to Aldren as he had been family to me longer or somesuch, and because he is my liege." Straightening once more, then going the whole hog and leaning back against the bench he lets his hands fall back to his lap once more. "After we spoke he reiterated that he thought his actions correct, and so I fear I may have told him I wished not to speak with him more until he could understand what I was trying to convery. Of course it didn't help that my cousin, Wenna that is this time, was accusing me of being both overly harsh and overly sensitive on this issue."

Nylie quirks a brow,"Baron Ewing is taking to mere gossip as well these days? I dare say he is slipping himself then." Musing faintly,"Perhaps time for him to be replaced." But she soon enough gives a shake of her head before trapsing down that line of thought to far. "That sounds…horridly…political and proper of him to say. " A frown does come, since well..Caedmon was the one to often overly senstive. There was still only a budding relationship between her and her brother, generally as long as she left her marriage unmentioned. Difficult at times. "Perhaps to say you didn't wish to speak to him may have been harsh, but understandable if said during a time of emotion. Given the things my brother has said that were far harsher when he was…upset. He may understand if you seek him alone to talk now that time has passed and some cooling had." Those Haravean tempers! "It would least be telling, if something is trully off with him should he not see why you were so troubled with how he handled the situation. For truly, if he was your friend, I would have thought him to seek you out rather then seek to perpetuate gossip."

Eoin can only shake his head slowly. "I know not what words passed between the barons," a club he's now throw out just about any chance of ever joining, "only an indication of it from what Aldren fired at me before your brother arrived on the scene. Buy yes, it does sound very political and not at all like the friend I took him for." A long, slow breath, an exhale, and then he turning away slightly again. "I am not sure if there will be time for such a conversation, what with the peace talks upon us. Perhaps it might be an idea, but part of me wishes to give him time, to see if can come to realise for himself." Shaking his head once more he adds, "still, at least I'll be sailing again tomorrow, for Crosswynds. The Grace might not be the Aoife, but she feels more like home than aught else right now and in truth, I fear for a peace when I will be forced ashore more and can not escape so oft to sea."

There is just a faint smile that flickers to Nylie's lips,"Sometimes with conversations, it is about timing, and the timing for that may be after time to give him to think. Though I will admit, with the peace talks looming, my brother likely does have a lot upon his mind. While I should hope that it would not cause his to act so unlike himself, for I know he is not one to give friendship easily, it may have played a factor into it all. " Nodding a little,"I know it will be a relief for you to be at sea again, even if headed to such. I know having to be near so many Laniveeer will not be easy for you and many others, I suspect the same is true for them in turn. " There is a quiet sigh. How could she hope peace possible for Laniveer when she couldn't even get her own brother to be at peace with Lakeshire? "Even if peace, there is need for patrols from pirates. With less war, I could see them raising up again to take advantage of less crowded seas."

"He has time to drop everything and ride after my cousin," Eoin notes, still looking away rather than at Nylie, "I fear he is one to protest he is too busy for anything, only to drop it all at a moment when it suits him to." His head drops still further for the briefest of moments, "no, that is too harsh, he means well I sure." Squaring his shoulders after a deep breath he turns partway back and attempts to put a brighter face on things. "Aye, there'll be call for anti-piracy actions I'm sure, they've had it easy of late what with the fleets concentrating elsewhere. With luck it'll be a gentle winter and we'll be able to sail through most of it."

There is a small frown of thought,"It may be harsh, but it may be true and.." Nylie hesitates a little bit," there may be more to it then either of us would know." She takes a small breathe and looks around, her turn to ensure there are none within hear shot,"my brother is fiercly private, and I know he would not forgive me for speaking about him, especially as he has only recently trusted this to me…..yet I know you would understand…For what you have shared with me before. He is…given visions at times, they come when they will…there may have been true cause for him to drop all. And the true reason why they rode to remain unknown to us." Noding as her voice returns that notch to normal again,"I am not sure they would claim it to be easier times, with so many ships and the fleet manuevierng about on both sides, they have likely had to take their own care about it. " Nevermind krakens to avoid.

Eoin takes a while to mull that over, brow furrowed in throught for much of it. "Visions?" he eventually asks, "more so than dreams?" He 'hmmms' then tilts his head slightly and ask, "since the visitation in the temple that whitened his hair?" At that point, and it's quite obvious, another thought occurs and he adds quickly, "oh! On that matter. I had an interesting conversation yesterday, with someone who thinks they can get a read of those scrolls."

Her gaze takes in Eoin for a short time after she imparts that news, dropping for a moment ot her hands where they have folded upon her lap. Oh, such a delight to actually see her lap and be able to fold her hands within it agian! "Aye, more than dreams. " Nylie look sback up,"I….believe that is when it started. But he did not say for certain. And I believe he only spoke as much as he did with me…because of the dream I told him about that I had…in which I was told that my brother the seer had been awakened…and it was the time the siren did so, for she was daughter of the Autumn and of the Fae." This all imparted rather….quietly. The quick news he adds does cause eyebrows to raise,"Someone who can read the scrolls? Has it not taken the Temple ages to just transcipe them because of being written in such an old language? "

Turning on the bench so he's facing Nylie a fraction, Eoin listens closely to what is said of Caedmon's gifts, nodding along slowly as she speaks. "I see," he replies as he digests it. Then, as she continues, he turns his head to face her fully, struggling somewhat to keep up with the implcations of that, or what he thinks are the implications at least. In fact, he buys extra time by replying to the question of the scrolls first. "I'm not sure," he replies, quite obviously distracted, "we didn't get a chance to discuss further before Prince Conall walked in." Then back to her previous comments, "the siren? The one who took the old Queen?" The idea does not seem to please him, unsettled is likely a better descripter for it. "I had thought the seas safer with the demise of the Kraken, but if I must now ward againt sirens and their songs.. " It's not a pleasnt prospect and he then asks quickly, earnestly, "did the dream say where they would awake? Charts may have to be altered to ensure ships sail well clear. Oh Gods…"

"It may be benefitial to find out further, as the scrolls were not written in a common language…Even though, notes could be read for surely the Temple has written notes of their translations. " The devil is always in the details, isn't it? Nylie blinks just a touch when Eoin speaks of the…creature that took the Queen. A small breathe is taken,"No, not the same….not the Siren of Darfield, but if given time…abilities could be similar they said. " With how unsettled and distressed Eoin seems to become, Nylie's gaze drops to her hands again,"They did not speak of many, just the one." Fingers shift a little where they lay in her lap,"She was awoken that night…" Her smokey eyes pull up as she says softly,"They awoke me that night….the siren, sister to the seer."

Eoin gives but a brief nod to the comments about being sure on the scrolls, acknowledging what has been said but not wisihing to divert brainpower from dealing with the rest of what has been said. There's quite a battle going on inside him as he turns to look, no, stare at her, his expression both uncertain and incredulous at the same time as the old tales battle it out in his mind against what he knows of Nylie. It's almost a sort of parallasys really, as his every fibre fights for comprehension. Eventually though, he receits softly the words of warning passed down to all sailors who will hear them, "Their song takes effect at midday, in the windless calm. The end of that song is death." He stares a few moments longer, although it's not a harsh stare, more that he just can't drag his eyes away as he continues, still speaking softly, "some tales speak of two, some of three, some of five, some of countless. Beware of sandbanks and small islands, that is where they abide, and will lure any who hear their song to shipwreck and ruin." Oh the tales he's been told, he just can't get them to line up with.. well, with Nylie. He flounders with untter incomprehension for a few moments longer, then shifts to lock eyes with her, "tell me," he starts flateringly, and, in truth, somewhat fearfully, "tell me it is different. Tell me the tales were wrong, or that your gift is something different. Tell me. Please." Although, it must be said, the stories of winning a sailors heart through music and beauty, before leading him to ruin… oh how they resinate.

There is some fear, some expectation that he will up and flee, that he will turn to hate her upon the spot. Nylie has not doubt he knows the tales of such creatures, what sailor would not? There is a nervous edge as she faintly chews at the corner of her lip, waiting as the news is turned over by him…watching his reactions. Her gaze staying with him, even if she wishes to look away when he stares at her. "It is different….I am different then them." She manages a weak smile,"After all, I do not abide on a small island or sandbank." She does draw a small breathe, her eyes staying locked with im as she explains,"They said…if it was my wish, I could in time cause such ends. That it would…be possible. That it was my choice how to use that which power has been awoken. The path before e was my choice to make. The song is a part of me, to bring peace and calm to people, to get them to feel as I do. My gift….is different, Eoin…For it is of me, how it is used, or not…is Up to me. My song….can come when I wish it, or not at all. My music can be as it has always been, or be filled with something more….to calm, to inspire…to lead to death. But it does not have to. " She adds softly,"Just like…you can bring enoguh wind to fill a sail, or to thrash a ship upon the rocks."

Eoin is not about to flee, nor hate. Pace and fear possibly, but not flee and hate. He manages to stay sat down, although it's definitely a struggle to do so. To be so close to a siren. The hand that had grasped the back of the bench is now gripping so hard that his knuckles are whitening, and the muscles in the arm trembling slightly. "You are different," he repeats back, half in acknowledgement, and half to try and convince and steady himself a little. "It is not your wish," he then adds, his inflection making it in part a question, "to cause such ends?" Half his brain already has a good idea on what the answer will be, but the other half is still drowning in the old stories and terrifiedly flalling around for any branch it can find to help haul itself out. The comment abotu her living arrangements does break through somewhat, and gains a faint smile before he ducks his head away, still trying to make sense of it all. "I've never taken it that far," he notes of his own gift, "Gods willing never will." Looking back up to her, and in dead earnest he then asks of her, "please, never take a ship that way. A Kraken we can fight…" Again, he's not exactly expecting her too, but any reassurance is good right now.

There is just a blind blink when he has to actually ask that, but Nylie shakes her head,"No, Eoin, it is to my wish to cause such ends. It has never been a wish of mine to bring about such ends, that has not changed in…having an ability to do so." Nylie's own hands hold tight in her lap, likely keeping some trembling from occuring to be discussing what she does with him….she did not even speak much at length with Caedmon about it. And….well…she's not otherwise spoken with anyone else about it. It isn't exactly…a topic that can just easily come up. "Of course you have never taken it that far, I would never think you to take it that far, not purposely. That is not who you are. " There is a turn of sadness that comes when he asks her as he does,"I would never take a ship that way. Or any man or woman, for that matter. " There is a hesitation that comes, a faint hitch in her voice,"Do you really so quickly think so ill of me….for what has been awoken of me? "

The reassurances help, but it's the catch in her voice that really does the work of snapping Eoin out of his state. A blink, then another and he's looking back to Nylie again, offering her a reassuring hand if she wishes it. "No," he states simply, "not of you, never of you." A breath then, "please, forgive me, it came as something of a shock is all. Sirens are, I confess, a thing of nightmares, and I had not expected to ever.. " his other hand gestures briefly as he tries to form words before he's forced to resort to repeating, "it was a shock."

The hand is accepted, her own freeing from the other to accept the simple and yet powerful gesture. Nylie manages a faint smile,"Do you not think it has been a shock for me? To have such a dream that spoke of the gift? To be told about my brother, to be told I am a child of Fae?" She does give a nod of understanding, her hand seeking to give his a squeeze,"I am no nightmare," least not that sort of one. "I promise….I have no desire to be like those that are spoken of in legends. To use what given in..that way. " There is a faint smile,"It seems a gift that is useful for making a fire thrive as well. I do not think I have ever heard that made mention within the tales, aye? " It is no doubt, however very handy in getting babies to be soothed to sleep!

Eoin draws in a deep breath and squares his shoulders, "of course it has, and it can not have been easy, what with everything else. I suspect I have forgotten most of what it it was like to come to terms with my own.. dream." Returning the squeeze with a gentle one of his own he's momentariily torn about withdrawing his hand for proprieties sake, then figures he'll leave it for her to break conteact when she's good and ready given it's a silent gesture of support as well. A shake of his head at the comment about fire and he agrees, "I've never heard it mentioned no." And thats good, every difference between her gift and the abilities of those monsters or yore is a blessing so far as he is concerned. "Your Sky Forest side?" he then asks, with regards to the Fae remark, "and was it Leutrim again?"

"It has not been….and with the nature of it, as it was described, it is not a thing I risk to exactly…practice and toy around with. " Meaning to just randomly toy about with people. Fire, is entirely different. With the vain the conversation has taken, Nylie's voice has continued to be a touch quieter,"It was odd…to find that it, fire, could react…to song…to lower or leap higher with song, what turn of emotion was given to it. To see a visual of the music itself." There is some awe in her voice to speak of it. Though Nylie does blink before giving a nod,"I think it is the Sky Forest side….for within the dream, they….it was a group of people…they were making for Sky Forest to winter over…there were others within it that had gifts…." she frowns just a moment,"I think my brother' squirell was in it…or one of it's relatives maybe. But it was many wagons and people, so much color. "

"Mine similarly," Eoin remarks with a faint smile, "as I think I may have said before." He listens to the remarks about fire and then offers lightly, "I suspect that might be an area where our gifts cross, for I suspect that handled correctly I could also grow a fire." And spread it, but he pushes that thought down as quickly as it rises in his mind. "It sounds though as if your's speaks more to it's soul, as it were, where as mine merely controls the body. In so much as a flame can have either of course. I think though, if I go any further down that line of thought then I might stray dangerously close to philosophy," a hint of amusement, "perhaps I have been spending too much time with Kierne." There's a briefly questioning frown at the mention of the squirel but then he dismisses it with the a shake of his head before he asks, "you said they spoke of you, and your bother. Did they speak of any others?"

There is a gentle squeeze of her hands before it slips away to settle back to her lap at some point while he speaks. A nod coming,"It would make sense that you would be able to work with fire similarly, since fire does need wind and air to live and grow." Nylie considers before nodding again,"Aye, it sounds like that is so. For…I think that is why I am different to the legends, I have to feel for myself what is to be in the song, and thus to cause impact. " And Nylie was not exactly….a killer. There is a smile,"Aye, you may have been, it is oft best to leave the philosophizing to young Kierne, he does enough for us all I do think. " There is a faint glance to see the questioning frown, opps, perhaps Eoin hasn't met that dire squirrel. "None directly," Nylie says with a shake of her head,"but with so many there within the dream itself, talk of their own movements….I could not help but wonder if they themselves were dreaming as I was. The dream a meeting place of its own in ways. But no…there was not hint of others, least not that seemed known to me."

Eoin leaves his hand where it is for a few moment after Nylie witdraws hers, then lets it drift back to his lap. "Perhaps I shall have to try next time I get the chance, possibly a fire the hearth though, I don't think I have the fine control for a candle or smaller flame." Definitely something for work on when he gets in, and in fact the settles the question of if he'll be heading back to the manor or his ship. As for Kierne he nods faintly, "good lad," he notes, "lives in his head too much though, but getting better I think." The idea of all those in her dream being dreamers too, is an interesting one and he ponders outloud, "could they all be kin to the fae in some way? And do you think there's a difference between those with fae gifts and divine ones? Or are they ultimately from the same source?"

A gentle turn of a tease come,"Or out on a big sandy beach perhaps, for practice." Though Nylie does easily turn back to being serious,"i dared not try anything big when I first did. Still I do not, it took some time to get my mind about it all before I could even bring myself to give it a try. " nylie smiles gently,"Aye, he is a good lad. " Could have chosen a better name for his horse though. "I think having chance to be about more and see more of life on his own, since beng Knighted has helped with that. " Nylie does consider what he says before giving a slow now,"I think it is possible, it seem implied that they were….and in awakening, I was joining them, like a family reunion in ways. It had that feeling to it. " A small frown of thought comes as she considers,"I….am not certain in truth. But the Gods of Old were thought to be over the Fae themselves. It could be they are of the same source….just different paths. But I think to travel those thoughts risks us philosophizing once again. And speaking of our young Kierne, I best get on again and make sure he's not gone and gotten hiself in trouble," with the nannies. Her hand briefly flitting to touch his arm as she moves to stand,"I am glad we had time to talk, if I do not see you again before you depart for the talks, be well and sail safely."

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