Thedor 26, 229: A Royal Visitor

A Royal Visitor
Summary: Prince Tyrel visits Aleksy Manor and speaks with Airysse, as Vuk seems to be unavailable.
OOC Date: 26/01/2014 (OOC)
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Tyrel Airysse 
Aleksy Manor, City of Stormvale
The entry is smaller than one might expect with the hall leading to a parlor, a dining room, a parlor, and stairs to the upstairs. Rooms for guests and occupants are on the second floor.
The Parlor has dark stained hardwood floors with a beautiful rug from far off lands warming the room up. On the mantel is a wooden ship model of the Mystical Mote - a famous Aleksy boat from a few generations ago. Exotic pillows are piled near the great hearth, the light scent of perfume staining them and making a comfortable perch to study a large scale map drawn on vellum and framed on the wall. A small desk is set up under it with traditional tools to make navigation possible. Sailing nicknacks are set up on tables and a sidebar houses alcohol when company is visiting. A chaise lounge and a padded couch upholstered in faded red fabrics are available for guests but the captain's chair is distinguished. There is no mistaking it as anything other than the master of the houses' chair.
The dining room is large enough for guests but appears barely used. More exotic red pillows decorate the wooden chairs. China is displayed proudly with a shining silver tea set for company. The kitchen is not often viewable to guests, nor the small cellar and larder.
26th of Thedor, 229

Tyrel arrives at the house with only minimal announcement, some short fifteen minutes of warning. Word is given that it will be the prince and his guards come to review the household.

It is still very early morning. A good thing Airysse is already up. Many tasks need to be seen to these days. There are the usual ones, of cooking and cleaning, of course. Dusting off the various souvenirs from sea voyages of her master. Alas, most of those items have vanished, one after the other. Even the china is already gone, leaving a couple of clay cups and plates for the breakfast she prepares.

The caretaker of Aleksy Manor is about to prepare a bath for her master, a huge pot with warm water is heated above the fire in the hearth, when the news about the surprise visit reaches her. She will hurry to the chamber of her lord, frowning when she sees him sprawled all over the bed, snoring, an empty flagon of wine the witness of a long drunken night. She will try to rouse him from his sleep for a few moments in vain, before he will stir, mumbling something before he turns to his other side, pulling the blanket over his head. That will be the moment when Airysse will pale a touch, and the panic begins to claim her. Servants! Yes, the servants. Few are left. She runs to the kitchens and the servants' quarters, announcing the unsettling news. "The Crown Prince will be here in a moment, make sure to make everything look as good as possible!"

She will walk hurriedly through the various rooms of the manor, briefly checking if they are presentable, fix a thing here and remove an empty decanter there, before she will return to her lord. "Vuk!!! He's almost at the door! The Crown Prince himself!!! By the gods, come to your senses." Then there's that knock. And time stands still. Airysse hurries to the door, her fingers brushing swiftly over her hair, checking she is presentable as well, before she opens it, her gaze lowered.

The guards standing before the door look Airysse over then step apart so the crown prince can be seen behind them. He gives Airysse a quick looking over then says, "Mistress, I will be visiting the household. Is Lord Vuk available to receive me?" Tyrel is wearing a suit of light plates with his Tabard over it and a cloak for warmth. His horse and those of his men can be seen farther back.

Airysse will look at the guards, before her gaze shifts to the Crown Prince. She offers the best curtsey she can manage, her head lowered. "Your highness, M'lord Vuk will receive you in a moment. Please come inside." Her gaze will shift to the horses momentarily, then back to Tyrel. "Maybe you would like some…" she pauses, searching for the right word. "…some refreshments, your highness?" She will step to the side now, to admit the royal and his entourage to the house, hoping it will not be too many. The attire she wears is luckily one of her better dresses, light grey and modest albeit of good quality, while her red hair is arranged into a bun at the back of her head. Her cheeks are a bit rosy at the moment, probably due to the excitement. "Pray follow me," she will say to the Crown Prince, leading him to the parlor. "Please make yourself comfortable, while I get you some food and drink." There, a smile brushes over her face, a trait becoming a serving girl more probably than a housekeeper.

Tyrel looks around the room and selects the grandest chair and sits in it, his plate making it a touch awkward but he manages it with appropriate decorum. "Do not bother with the refreshments, Mistress, we will not be staying long. Lord Vuk has been acting under my instructions and I wished to see how he was progressing. Much of that which I sought to know I've seen already." He directs his attention back to her. "You are not the young woman who greeted me on my previous visit, are you recently employed or is she simply away from the house?"

Airysse will wave for one the few servants that are left, passing an order to him in a hushed tone, before she will shift her attention back on Tyrel. Her brows will twitch slightly upwards at his choice of chair, but then… he is the Royal heir. How could she refuse him to sit in the captain's chair? "No refreshments?", she echoes, her blue eyes following the servant she has just send off. But then she just shrugs, shifting her weight a little as she realizes Tyrel is speaking to her of all. "Um… no, your highness. That must have been Miss Anais. She is no longer in Lord Vuk's employ," Airysse explains, her cheeks colouring a touch. "I'm Airysse, and I entered service here a few days before M'lord Vuk left for the sea." That last sea voyage, where her lord lost his ship, and supposedly risked a war.

Tyrel considers for a few moments, "Mistress Airysse, do you stand as head of Lord Vuk's household staff or was another promoted to that position?" He rests his elbows on the arms of the chair steepling his fingers before himself. The armor creaks a little and tings as chain is pinched then released by the shifting of his arms. "I believe Mistress Anais served in that position for Lord Vuk."

"Yes, your highness. I was hired to fill Miss Anais' spot. As the caretaker of this manor, the housekeeper, so to speak." Airysse smiles, as she admits that. Her blue eyes are mostly lowered - it would not befit a commoner to stare at a crown prince, probably - still she shoots him a glance now and then, a hint of curious fascination visible in her mien. One does not meet a royal every day, especially when one is a commoner that used to be serving girl not so long ago.

Tyrel nods at the explanations and says, "I see. You will likely have noticed that a good deal of House Aleksy's trinkets have been put away or found new places. As the caretaker I imagine you are aware of where they are being stored." He taps his fingers one against another in a repeating pattern. "If you should be required to store such relics as House Aleksy would be devastated to lose then send word to the castle for Jasper. He is my man and will see that they are stored and given such security as is required for their return. I have some hope that Lord Vuk's is able to judge a caretaker's skill as well as her beauty when hiring, and you need not inform Lord Vuk should you take advantage of this."

Airysse inclines her head. "Yes, M'lord. I am aware, certainly." A slight raising of her brows at that question. Gaze lowered again, after she offers that reply, although a smile passes her features when Tyrel mentions the possibility to have some of those trinkets stowed away in 'Royal Care'. "Not inform him, M'lord?" Her blue gaze jumping up to meet his again. "You mean like… he would be too proud to accept your gesture, your highness?" Her eyes widen in astonishment.

There are noises from the hall, and Airysse's gaze shifts to the servant who enters with two plates of appetizers, ham and bits of cheese as well as some fruit. Another man brings a flagon of wine, one of the better ones. The red-haired housekeeper waves him over to mutter some whispered words into his ear, her eyes turning towards the door to the hall for a moment. The man nods and hurries off again after a deep bow towards the prince.

Tyrel says, "I mean, Mistress Airysse, that I leave it to your discretion whether Lord Vuk would be better served to be aware that you have that option available to you, or not. If he gives you leave to see to the arrangements on your own, then that is your business, if he wishes to know the disposition of any storage, then it is his." He looks towards the refreshments being brought and gives a small nod towards the man who moves away again. "You have my compliments on the speed with which your staff reacts, Mistress Airysse. Though I am not so impressed by the speed at which Lord Vuk attends. Do you expect him shortly or shall I return at a later time?"

The presence of the man who will be the next king of Mobrin certainly has an effect on Airysse. It is his confident air, his deserved pride, that advises her to act cautiously. That way his compliment about beauty from earlier has elicited a smile, yet nothing more. No flirting with a crown prince! To his clarification she will nod. "Oh, certainly your highness," the blush is something she will not be able to hide. "I will… do so." Her gaze flits downwards again, her hands folding before her - they feel so sweaty suddenly. "Thank you, your highness," she replies to his praise of her staff's swiftness, her lips finally curving into a relieved smile - even if it is only for a short moment. "M'lord Vuk… shall be around in a minute. He… " Her voice trails off, and she falls silent, as more impatient glances are shot towards where she expects the Aleksy lord to appear any moment. "Maybe… I better see to it myself, your highness. If you would excuse me…?" Her blue eyes shift their gaze once again to the Crown Prince. "That is, if you don't have any more questions, your highness?"

Tyrel rises from his chair, "I've no further questions, Mistress Airysse. I do have a suggestion that you invest in a small amount of powder for your face. You are lovely as you are but it will assist you in keeping the blush from your cheeks save from when you will it to be shown, further when you are awaiting your lord do not ever look impatient or go to fetch him a second time save on request of your guest." He runs his hand down his armor smoothing the tabard then resettles his cloak on his shoulders. "It indicates either that he lacks in servants to see to him properly, or that he is being delayed for reasons beyond your or his control. Whichever it is I do not wish to wait for it to be resolved. I've answered my curiousity and give what aid I wished through you."

Airysse will lower her gaze and bite her lip at Tyrel's remark about the advantages of using powder. Oh, this horrible blushing! "Very well, your highness," she will mutter, after listening to his speech. She will shoot him another glance though at his remark. There certainly are less servants around than usually. And she cannot do anything about it! "Is there a message you wish me to convey to Lord Vuk, apart from that offer of yours, your highness?", she will inquire lowering herself into another of those curtseys, glancing up at him with a raised brow - perhaps a lapse in etiquette but how is she supposed to know?

Tyrel shakes his head, "I will send word when he can attend the castle to make a report, Mistress Airysse, what other message should be conveyed will be simply by informing him of my departure." He begins moving towards the door, "Good day, Mistress Airysse."

Airysse will wait before she straightens again, following the royal guest out of the parlor towards the door. "A good day to you as well, your highness," she will say as he departs, her mien slightly pensive, as her blue eyes follow him, lingering on him now for much longer. Leaning against the doorframe her arms will cross before her as she watches Tyrel mount his horse and ride off with his retinue, and it will take another moment until she will close that door and vanish inside of the manor - possibly to check why by Inouv's foul breath Vuk hasn't made it out of bed in time.

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