36 Alasair, 228: A Right Noble Stitch Up

A Right Noble Stitch Up
Summary: Aldren's family discuss ways to increase his presence at Court, pausing only when he arrives himself
OOC Date: 23/Sep/2013
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Greenshire Suite - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartments for the Greenshire family is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft sun-kissed yellow. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. In this room there is a long walnut bench; its back has been carved to show a farming scene. The bench also has comfortable cushions covered in a woven fabric with four ground colors: white, light blue, yellow-green, and pink, each print including red roses and blue flowers. It makes a lovely focal point for the room as it is sitting in front of the fire place at a comfortable distance, allowing room for more chairs near the fire. The large stone fireplace is flanked by two comfortable wooden chairs. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. Above the fireplace hang two bearded axes. They have an elaborate silver inlay, thus showing the status of the owner. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a likeness in favor to each of the gods and goddesses of light. Sitting on the mantel are two silver candelabras holding bees wax candles. Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom. On the opposite side of the room near the two large windows overlooking the courtyard is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers. On the wall near the table there is a large shield with the coat of arms of the Count's family and two ornate yew longbows inlaid with silver and gold rest beside it.
36 Alasair, 228

The morning is warm and the windows in the suite have been opened. The air is clean and sweet and day promises to be beautiful. Sunlight pours in through the open window and standing before it in dressed in a silk night shift and light weight linen surcoat is Wenna, she is leaning on crutches. Her long hair falls down her back and past her waist and not far from her are two chair and table sits between them. The small table has a tray that contains two bowls of porridge and fresh fruits, crock of butter and honey. A small pot of herbal tea and two cup are also on the try. The main table is being set up by the servants. Sitting in one on of the chair is Caedmon and leaning against him pretending he is the best lap dog in the history of kingdom is Cricket the half mastiff half wolf hound mutt. His tails is wagging a million miles an hour and he is soulfully begging for food from them.

Eoin emerges from the guest room that he's taken to inhabiting with the air of someone who enjoyed themselves the night before, to the extent that they hae likely not had half as much sleep as they should have. He also looks perhaps slightly delicate, but has managed to dress himself decently atleast. "Morning cousin," he offers warmly to Wenna, then a very gentle nod to Caedmon, "morning." Checking in his pockets he finds he has nothing he cantoss to the dog, so he passes to the table and takes a grape, before tossing it in the direction of the hound. "I was thinking of going shooting for a bit later, would either of you care to join me?"

Caedmon vigorously scratches Cricket between the ears while he laughs. "I knew at ounce, of cousre, that she and he shared something. It was plain in their faces. Still, I had forgotten about that fight outside that inn." He picks up one of the small link sausages on the plate, breaks it in half, and offers one half to Cricket, who promptly inhales it in a couple of quick bites without missing a beat. "And to think that you were right there, and deprived me of the opportunity to meet you properly!" He grins and shakes his head. "I suppose that it's for the best. Still …" His attention shifts from Wenna to Eoin when the seafarer emerges from his room. He glances to the window before answering, "If the weather will hold, I think that some archery would be fine." Then he looks back to Wenna, who is clearly the primarry object of his devotion. "What do you say, Wenna? We could take Master Cricket for his exercise at the same time. I know that one of the pages who works at the range would like very much to play with him."

"That is the thing Caedmon, I am not certain. He has been smitten with her since he laid eye on her many years ago he was about seventeen years of age. He first laid eyes on her when we had gone on progress to her father keep." She explains to him and she looks down at Cricket as she turns and makes her way back to her chair, settling herself down on to it. She grins when her cousin enters the main part of the apartment and greets them both warmly. "Cousin, good morning, did you sleep well?" Wenna stifles a yawn but her voice is warm and cheerful. "My question to you my sweet cousin is do you mean hunting or target practice?" She adds.

Eoin takes a seat at the table, pouring himself a glass of water from a leather flagon. Taking a few tentative sips at first he then downs the lot and reaches for a refil as he listens to the conversation around him. "I think, perchance, that I might have missed something last night," he states, looking mostly at Wenna given as he's closer to her. "But to answer you questions dear cousin, I believe I could have slept through a maelstrom. I was intending on some work at the range though, but I would not be adverse to a hunt if you find that preferable." A pause, as he downs his second glass too and rubs a hand down his face, "now, who has been smitten with whom since a progress to which keep?"

Caedmon inclines his head when Eoin joins them, and he chuckles when the man speaks of such a profound slumber. "I'm sure that Aldren will be glad to know that the dinner did not disturb you, sir," he answers with a smile. "It did run rather late." Then he, too, looks to Wenna. "I would like to know more about this lady and her family as well, if you can tell us. I know that their pride is in farming apples. That is a fine thing. She said something about two brothers, and apparently her father, at least, still lives. But what more can you tell us?" He takes a strawberry and offers it to Cricket. The canine gourmand greedily devours the piece of the fruit. He might be spoiled, but at least he'll have a healthier diet than some humans if Caedmon has his way about it.

"He is smitten with Lady Moira and the archery range will be grand." Wenna says to him as she moves to pick up her tea cup and take a sip. "Perhaps hunting later if the weather holds and I can stay away from the castle for a bit." She then looks at Cricket. "You are incorrigible! Caedmon do you think we could also take him hunting with us, and I agree with you about the archery range." She smiles brightly. The dog has gone back to begging but his attention is divided between Caedmon and Eoin. Wenna looks thoughtful for a bit. "I have not seen her in a long time. Not since I was married to Fallon. She is a raven haired beauty whom I do believe my brother is smitten with but he seeks a higher match and she is of a smaller house. She is also a very sweet girl and loves to garden and enjoys roses. Her brother took offense to how he was eyeing her when they met again in Darfield in the winter."

Eoin flashes Caedmon a slightly knowing grin, "oh but you have me wrong sir," he states, with no obvious signs of annoyance at that at all, "I was not here to be distrubed or I would surely have attended would I not?" Of course, he dtill doesn't know what it is he would have attended, but thats besides the point. Reaching for a second refill he eyes the food on offer for a moment before deciding that it mightbe safer to leave that til later and looks over to Wenna as she enlightens him further. It takes him only a fraction of a moment to place her and he smiles briefly as his memory produces a mental image of said beauty. "Ah yes," he states, still grinning a little, "I remember her, but then, what warm blooded man could forget such a face?" A sip of water and then a more conversational, "so Aldren hasn't managed to shake that crush yet has he not? Shame, I think she would make him very happy but you are right, he needs to look outwards. She is in Darfield?" He ponders that briefly before he shrugs slightly, "will she be here long do you know?"

Now, thinking that he might win by playing the role of the good dog, Cricket sits and gazes with big, watery eyes at the potential sources of food while his tail continues to swish on the floor. Caedmon reaches for his own cup of tea and sips it before he nods to Eoin. "She certainly is a fetching beauty," he admits. "She said that she came with her brothers, and that they have some business here. However, she was not sure, or perhaps unwilling to tell, what that business is. If it is business with the court, then she might be here for a while. His majesty has a full docket, as usual." He nods and selects antoher different piece of fruit to offer to Cricket before he eats the other bite-sized half of that link of sausage that he broke in order to share it with the pup. He looks to Wenna and assures her, "I think that we should take him on a hunt. If nothing else, the exercise will serve him well. Around here, he might grow fat. Deer, boar, and small game are likely to be active at this time of year. So we should have good prospects if we go before the weather becomes much colder."

"She is older than I and him, she is not married. I think she is here to find a husband." Wenna points out. "Her brothers do guard her closely but considering the recent Scandals that have rocked the court I am not surprised by that." She moves to rub her leg unconsciously. "Now Eion, I would say that you do have a chance to court her and to win her over but I would tread carefully and speak with my brother first." She adds. "Now that we have that settle there comes the question of what to do about my brother he needs an heir and child will do. The only thing I can think of is that he is trying to make it so our younger brother appears to be a good match."

With no interest in eating himself, Eoin tosses Cricket a whole sausage, the reaches over to give the mutt a scratch between the ears as he listens to Caedmon talk. There are several nods in various places and then he agrees, "it would seem that His Majesty is indeed a busy man. I've seen neithber sight nor sound of him since I arrived, although that son of his, Prince Logen?, He's been around the training grounds a lot from what I've seen." Back to the topic at hand though he states simply, "let us hope that however long she stays, that her business concludes successfully and the Aldren can think straight in the mean time." Pausing to think for a moment he then nods to Wenna, "I think we are all very much of an age, the four of us, but I think you are right that she has us beaten ever so slightly." He does smile in amusement at the comment that he could court her though, "cousin, dear, sweet cousin. What use have I in a wife? I couldn't marry only to leave her alone to worry while I plogh the ocean wave. No, if ever I leave the sea then maybe, if I still have it in me, but for now I would do that to no lady." Besides, and perhaps more importantly, wives tend to get upset when stories of voyages include tales of drunken conquests in exotic and foreign ports. Moving the conversation back to Aldren though he nods, "he needs an heir that is correct. Perhaps we need to raise his status somewhat, being a Count is certainly a point in his favour, but if he were to be on the King's Council then more optionsmight open up as he spends more time with the other heads of the great houses."

Caedmon nods to Wenna and her assessment of Moira. "I think that if anyone courts her, he should speak to those brothers to ease their tempers. Such sailing is easier of the winds cooperate, and they seem to be the winds if she followed them here," he counsels. Then, with a look to Eoin, he adds, "I think that Aldren would be a fine addition to the council. As for giving a good impression, that is as much the person's responsibility as his family's. Consider Prince Logen. He spends a great deal of time on the training grounds, and that is good. However, certain events dim that brightness in the eyes of some. Both he and Prince Tyrel have served in battles, but matters other than war deserve attention as well. There is trade, for example. Your cousin is a good negotiator in that field. I think that the king should consider that avenue as well, in case peace comes between us and Laniveer. As for your own place, as a sailor, both Aberdeen and Moniwid boast of fine navies, and might welcome a mariner like you."

"Cousin he needs to get married, we all do. I think we are the one family where every child that caries their father's seed is unmarried, which is surprising considering our family's history. There is also we are we are like the poor famer relation of noble families here." Wenna points out with a laugh. "Dear gods above and below we are turning into a family of Matron Aunts and Uncles, the only issue is we do not have a child to share between us all." She looks shrugs her shoulders. "May Prince Logan never inherit the crown," she shakes her head. "Indeed they would, I would not say no completely Cousin. Now Caedmon, how do you propose we allow my poor brother to shine, he is a diamond in the rough." She puts her cup down and she reaches for her bowl of porridge.

Eoin studies Caedmon as the man speaks, then asks curiously, "tell us then, in your experience as Voice, how do we get dear Aldren a seat at that table and, of course, what seat are currently vacent?" He seems to have had his fill of straight water now so he reaches for the small beer instead. "I suppose I should also ask what eligable ladies there are at court at the moment? I have no particular compulsion about stitching him up something rotten here, so it's useful to know who I should be dropping hints to him about." There's a faint eyebrow raised at the idea of Aberdeen or Moniwid but before he can say anything more he finds himself raising his free hand in surrender to Wenna. "I know he must Cousin, and you yourself seem to be putting the rest of us to shame so far," he flashes a look to Caedmon to make it clear that that's what he's talking about, not the past eight years. "I think, in terms of matromony though, we need to be focusing our efforts on Aldren though, before he leaves it too long and is no longer able." A while yet atleast, but he is Count.

The synchronicity that Wenna and Aldren share must be contagious, because when she reaches for her bowl of porridge, Caedmon reaches for his as well and begins to stir it with the spoon. While he glances between the two, he answers Wenna's question. "As I have mentioned, I think that Aldren would be a fine addition to the council. At the moment, the crown prince is serving as the Royal Marshal, and Prince Logen is his deputy. Many of the current members of the council are nearing the age at which they might leave through retirement or … misfortune. The Steward, Castellan, Master of Coin, Master of Laws, and even the Master of Spies have advised that we should weatch for suitable successors to their positions. At the moment, I continue to serve as Chancellor, although in time the king might wish for another to fill that role." He looks between Eoin and Wenna, and then invites, "I am learning him, but you already know him. In what role might he serve best?"

"What you do not know about my brother is that he would make good steward, the issue is that most who serve on the council do not have their own lands. Nor do they have to worry about the growing seasons. I would also suggest Master of Spies, despite what many would think he has a cunning mind and knows how to use it for." She takes a thoughtful bite of porridge; once she has chewed and swallowed she looks to her Cousin. "We will have to see what we can do. We might be able to attract the right dowry for him as well." She catches the look that is given to Caedmon and she nods her head. "I would not say that, what I would say Cousin is that I am very lucky for a one and half legged woman, who is possibly barren."

"I trust you will believe me when I state, with no disrespect to Aldren, that I do not see him as one cut out for the web of secrets that the Master of Spies must handle," Eoin answers with a slow nod, "I think though, that I could see him settling well into the others." Another sip of beer and another sausage tossed to the dog he considers the options a little more as Wenna answers. He looks faintly surprised at she mentions the spy master role too but tilts his head to indicate that he'll defer to her opinion on this as she doubtless knows him better. Then back to Caedmon, "Steward I think would be a good match, yes." A sip more of his small beer and he shakes his head towards Wenna, "imposible my dear, you are of the shire, the most fertile land in all our find kingdom. No, think no more of such thoughts, it was the late Baron at fault, not your fair self."

Caedmon takes several spoons of the porridge in succession while he listens to the other two debating where Aldren might fit well on the council. He has considered this question as well, not as a favor to the family of which he soon will be a part, but because years of service in the castle have trained him to spot potential in men and women. Finally, after swallowing a bite, he notes, "The master of laws usually spends years of study, poring over legal records from childhood and practically memorizing books of precedence, before accepting the role. For my part, I had considered him as a prime candidate for the Stewardship, although the final decision on that would rest with his majesty. Aldren couples two qualities that a good steward needs. He must understand the trafficking in goods and services, and he must deal well with both nobles and commoners. Unless I have missed something that should be very obvious, I believe that he has both qualities. When we were discussing certain arrangements recently, he was quite careful to ensure that shipments should be timely and appropriate. However, again, I would urge that he should not take such responsibility if he is not ready for it." Turning to Wenna, he adds, "As for the affairs of Greenshire, my sweet lady, if he needs to leave briefly to attend to the business of his county, I am sure that he would be able to do so. I began my service as Secretary to the Steward. From there, I rose to Steward before becoming Vice-chancellor. I still keep a keen watch on the Steward's work so that if necessary, I am ready to assist with that. I could continue to do so if Aldren were to ascend to that position."

"Please Cousin there is no disrespect taken, I know my brother one way and you know him another. We are giving our opinions and I have been isolated from the family for a long time. There are many things that you know that I do not." Wenna points out with a sweet smile. "You really should eat one of those, to keep your strength, Cricket is not wasting away." That smile turns to grin as she says this. "Also thank you Cousin, it makes me feel better to hear you say that. He is not a knight Father made sure that he was groomed to take over the role of steward and master of Greenshire, he would be a good a match for the position. In order to have him take on the extra responsibility the king would have to ask it of him." She responds back thoughtfully.

Eoin smiles back to Wenna briefly and pats his own gut briefly, "neither am I cousin, do not fear for me, I shall eat later and be no worse off for it." Reaching to give the mutt another scratch betweem the ears eh then asks the pair of them, "do we want to break this plan to Aldren first, to gauge his feelings on the matter?" Then he turns to Caedmon and gives a appreciative nod at the comments about keeping an eye on thigs should Aldren be called back to Greenshire. "It seems we have a solid plan we can move forward with in this regard, but it does bring us back to the question of finding him a match."

"I think that we should have some idea of the response before I trouble his majesty with the idea," Caedmon answers Eoin. He grins while Cricket receives more attention from the sailor. Then he glances to Wenna and adds. "I do not think that the other matter will resolve itself as quickly as this, but I do not believe that it is intractable."

"I think that we should have some idea of the response before I trouble his majesty with the idea," Caedmon answers Eoin. He grins while Cricket receives more attention from the sailor. Then he glances to Wenna and adds. "I do not think that the other matter will resolve itself as quickly as this, but I do not believe that it is intractable." Caedmon he is sitting at a small table by the window with Wenna and Eoin. Cricket is trying to mooch for each of them while they feaset on a breakfast of fresh fruits, sausages, and porridge.

"I would say surprise him dear Cousin and let the king ask it of him." Wenna points out with an impish smile. "With that said, Caedmon I need to fit you again for another surcoat and those breeches." She says to him. "Please let me know when will work for you. Now as for Hunting do you think we could do it today or could we do it later like to tomorrow?"

"If we can guarentee that he'd be happy with the role then I'm all for surprising him with it, give him no time to try an wiggle his way out of it," Eoin replies with a grin to Caedmon, not entirely seriously, "but I think you are right, we need to be clearer on how he'll respond if asked before making such a move." Then, downing the last of his drink he turns to Wenna once more, "I must admit that my schedule is rather empty, so I could fit in it today, tomorrow, the day after, whenever is best for you cousin."

The door to the suite is opened and the Count of Greenshire strolls in. He has seemingly been in the yard again as he wears only brown leathers and an old green and white tunic that has clearly taken it's share of damage. He smiles to the party's in the room and the young dog comes bounding forth. Kneeling he scratches the dog behind the ear a moment before approaching the wine and making pleasantries. "Sister, any of that tea lying around?" Though he is pouring wine to currently aid in his affliction. "Chancellor, couisin. How faire you today?" The question is for both men. He drinks now and slides himself into a seat. He looks about curiously now when he has slunk into his chair, the room quiet now as he awaits some responses.

Caedmon nods to Wenna and then to Eoin while he ruminates on his latest spoonful of porridge. When Aldren arrives in the room and asks about tea, the chancellor turns to eye the man carefully. He swallows, and then he takes an easy guess. "Did you have a round of early sparring, Aldren?" he questions. "If you mean the willow bark tea, I'm sure that she would have some." Then he gestures to indicate the others at the table, and he notes, "I am well, count," Caedmon answers. "Before your cousin arrived, your sister was telling me about that charming young lady whom you introduced at last evening's dinner, and the history of your two families. Then your cousin arrived to join in the discussion, along with other matters such as the constituency of the king's council. Perhaps the most enjoyable topic is your sister's request for a small hunt to serve both as practice and as diversion."

"I am doing well brother and yes I do have some of that bitter brew." Reaching for her crutches she rises and to go into her room and when she returns she has a small satchel of the herb in question. Next she goes to get a cup and she moves towards the fire place. She has the balancing while holding objects when using crutches now down to an art form. Leaning once crutch against the stone hearth she pulls the a kettle towards her that is hanging on a hook from the fire. She then goes through the ritual of making the tea. When it is complete she manages to make her way back to where he is. "I was thinking that the hunt would be a delight and a much needed distraction I also do not mind going for target practice in the yard."

"Cousin," Eoin greets with a smile as he twists in his chair a little so he can see the new arrival as well as the others already present. "I'm remarkably well all things regarding, I faired well last night," he explains with a knowing smile, then continues, "and found my own bed too apparently. Eventually at least." Reaching for another scrap to toss to the dog he just drops it onto his plate as the beast goes racing over to Aldren instead and offers, "I hear I missed quite the dinner here though." As Wenna stands to go make the requested tea he nods to Caedmon, "aye, we were thinking later in the day, or possibly tomorrow. You are of course invited cousin," he offers to Aldren, "do you have a preference as to when?"

The count nods along and sips his wine. The tea most likely forgotten. When Caedmon brings up the Kerrigan woman aldren smiles a bit, "Yes quite lovely is she not? As for history, there is a bit." He looks to hissister now and offers a darkened look, not scorful, just curious and alarmed. "Wan what preay-tell did you tell him sweet sister?" He shakes his head now as if to dismiss the question. To Eoin he says, "You seek a position on the council?" The thought seems to confuse the count but he shakes that off as well.

Wenna returning with the tea is is accepted gratefully, allthough one sip is all that is need to return him to his wine, a sour look on his face. "I would like that, " he says on the issue of the hunting. "I am most open with my scheduling. A welcome diversion to be sure." He turns back to Eoin to say, "YEs it was quite the affair, I should hope you could join next time."

When Aldren asks Eoin whether the sailor wants a seat on the council, Caedmon :chuckles and shakes his head. "The mariner is not ready to drop anchor in one port yet, Aldren," he answers. "He was asking in general terms, to acquaint himself with matters at court. Such information can be useful even at sea, if he knows, for example, who holds the stewardship, that knowledge might help him in matters of trade and dealing with other captains." He watches while Wenna moves to fetch the tea, and his expression shifts to a mixture of tenderness and admiration for the woman. "I think that hunting, some practice with the bow, and fresh air would serve all of us well."

"Brother your wine please, if you would like I can put honey in it but you need to give the tea chance to work." She tells Aldren. "Caedmon and Eoin will agree." She then looks at the two men. She is still in her nightgown and surcoat. She looks at the men. "Before we do anything, I need to go get changed and I need to put a leg on." She laughs at that one. She is too comfortable with her family. She leans over and kisses her brother on the forhead. "It never hurts to know who is on the council and who is doing what and who is about to retire. The world is full of possibilities."

"I hope so too cousin," Eoin replies with a warm smile to Aldren, "unfortunately I was, otherwise engaged yestereve." As the reply comes about the hunting he turns to Caedmon, "I think then that it may be a case of your schedule being the one we must work around." As for the matter of the Council he nods to Caedmon's explaination and then adds, "well, that and I was enquiring about the office of Lord High Admiral but apparently there's no such council seat." He smiles again, "can you believe that? You landlubbers are unbelievable sometimes in your discrimination against us hard working sailors." Chuckling to himself he takes some more small beer before nodding his agreement to Wenna's words. "We shall await your return with baited breath cousin" he states with a smile, "though do try not to take too long or we may run into difficulties on that score."

Aldren nods to Caedmon and Eoins explanation. He smiles mischieviously to his couisins comment on being busy last night. "I am sure." He says. When his sister says something about his wine he frowns. Now he finishes it in one gulp and smiles offering the empty cup if she would so like to have it. With a deep breath he picks up the tea and disposes it just as quickly. A bitter form takes shape on his face and he adds, "no more of that. Tastes like horse piss." Now he stands and crosses the room to inspect the table for breakfast remnants, Cricket close upon his heels. When he has chosen something he turns and says, "We should have a high admiral. I would like to speak with him of the naval forces that are suppose to supplement the troops that I have delivered." He looks to Caedmon now to see if he has any comment on that subject.

"Things are relatively quiet due to everyone wanting to celebrate the Equinox," Caedmon assures Eoin. "As for that position, I know that seats on the council are not edicts from the temple that must remain for all time. Now that Aberdeen has allied with us through the marriage of our crown prince, I personally would expect Mobrin to become more involved with ships and trade. I know that most people in my own small barony earn their living from their ships." He sips his own tea. Then he emphasizes, "Prince Tyrel is a fine leader on land, but Laniveer attests that we should concern ourselves with the seas as well. Further, I agree that we should strengthen our fleets not only for war, but for trade. If you wish, Aldren, I would advise the king to meet with you to discuss the problem further."

Her laughter follows rings out as she moves towards her bedroom. Then she enters her room and leaves the men to their talk for a bit.

With Cricket returning, Eoin moves to cememt himself in the dog's affections by tossing him a further half a sausage as the conversation moves around him. "Does the Crown Prince have any naval experince," he asks Caedmon, "and if not, who amongst the Kilgours does? It might be useful to start talking to them about things with this Laniveer fleet appraoching."

"Yes, and the sooner the better. I am not one to remind the King that I have fufilled my end of the bargain and he has yet to do the same." He pauses before he says, "Though he has not." Looking to Eoin he adds, "Keep your eye on them coz." The words are jovial as he does not consider Caedmon to take offense at the quip. He sits, slowly, though wincing less and returns to listening to the men. "I would think you may well be the most qualified in the realm for the job." Nodding to Eoin he allows him the compliment.

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