Inouv 38, 228: A Revolving Door

A Revolving Door
Summary: The Duke of Lakeshire sets up camp in the castle Salon. Notable figures, including the Queen of Mobrin, Duke of Sutherland, Lord Ruxton, and Count Haravean revolve through the doors.
OOC Date: 28/12/2013 (OOC)
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Salon - Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
It is day 38 of the month of Inouv, 228 2E

The salon for now is rather quiet compared to most nights. This is likely because of the festival, which in itself has been going for several days straight now. A particular head of a Household is not interested in lighting fires to smite the god of Inouv and call to the gods of warmth and summer. Aidan arrived the other day and has much to do in the short time that he's in Stormvale, especially with hints of War biting at their heels. He was waiting for someone, so each person that was coming in, his eyes flash up at once. Most are greeted even if for a short while, while he goes back to sipping Chocola and reading pages of import to his Household.

Quiet is a good thing, at least in Robben's mind. So now he opens the door a bit slowly, before he steps into the salon, steps a bit heavy, and he's looking a bit tired at the moment. He hasn't seen Aidan yet, as he makes his way further into the room now.

While Robben hasn't seen him, Aidan is keeping his attention alert toward the door. There was an important figure to greet and he had hoped to earn a manner of her time, considering they had once been childhood friends. Instead, he sees his son-in-law. The Duke gestures with his hand upwards, "Lord Ruxton." His eyes instinctively flick to see if anyone else is following behind, though seeing his daughter not, he still stands from his seat, putting aside his reading notes and his drink, "Good to see you."

Robben comes to a stop as he hears the greeting, turning to look in Aidan's direction now. Unable to hold back a smile, he steps over in the man's direction. "Your Grace," he greets his father-in-law, bowing his head politely. "I hope you are doing well?" A brief moments of ause, before he adds, "And it's good to see you as well."

Aidan can't help but extend his hand to the other, which should Robben take it, there will be a quick clap on the back from such a gesture. "I would have come by a lot sooner my boy, though these times are trying. Nevertheless, congratulations are in order." He nods his head at the ask of his well being, "Much relieved to hear the news of my daughter's success and that of your House. I should like to see her. How are you both fairing?" He asks, quite pleased to see his son-in-law, a pairing that has worked out in favour of both houses it would seem. "Come, sit, we should have an impromptu celebration. A toast to my grandchildren's good health on this festive eve."

Taking the offered hand, and does the similar gesture as the older man. "Thank you. And we are all doing well, although your grandson was a bit loud last night, and kept us both up for a long while. His sister somehow managed to sleep through that, though." Moving over to the offered seats, he waits for his father-in-law to seat himself before sitting now.

"What are you having tonight Robben?" the formalities shucked off for now, since he's basically talking to family, son by marriage or not, "Not everyone is up for Chocola at this hour-" though evidently that is what the Duke is drinking. He signals over a servant who will stand by with what Robben wishes. As that's in progress, Aidan moves as if not to be bothered by it, "Oooh yes, the long nights of bawling infants. Your staff should see to them, or is Aemy's like her mother? Unable to bear the thought of them away from her breast?" The nursemaids alone should be the ones getting up at night, though he knew Isys always harped on him on that matter, wanting to do it herself. "Tell her I will come by in the next day or two. I shouldn't be much longer than that."

"Some wine will be good, thank you," Robben replies to Aidan, before he smiles, "She's like her mother, I believe." A nod as he hears that last part. "I will let her know. I'm sure she will be delighted to know you're here."

The door opens and in steps a man speaking with two others coming in behind him. Ronan himself is dressed entirely in black but for the most part so are Kierne, his squire, and Rosley his man servant. The Duke is listening as Kierne goes over a list he's carrying in hand, "And we need to remember to see the folios I stacked on the desk are not forgotten, and copies brought back with us or sent later, Sir."

Ronan nods to this, "Very well, Kierne." The Duke pauses to look over who has gathered in the Salon this evening before he looks to the young Kincaid, "Go and see to the packing. I'll send Rosley along shortly to help you finish. I wish to depart at first light in the morning so let us not be delayed."

The squire lays fist to his heart and turns to step back out of the chamber. The Crawford and Rosley come on into the room. Ronan's attention returns to the others and he offers something of a slight bow to the room, "Your Grace, and Lord, good evening. I trust you are finding suitable hospitality here at Darfield castle, Duke Kincaid?"

Aidan and Robben are sitting near one another by the fire place, the evidence that Aidan was biding his time here waiting for someone in the form of notes on the table in front of him and half a cup of Chocola already consumed. The salon is relatively quiet right now, as the festivities continue outside in the city below. And if Houses are having their own celebrations, people are certain to wander into their own suites and manors rather than risking embarrassment in such a public place. Tonight in the Salon then, is rather subdued and not a grand place for socializing. Yet, Aidan has a purpose, his eyes constantly flickering back toward the doors, waiting for someone to come through them. Or perhaps he is using the Salon as his own office today and expects the arrival of his kin to start flowing through the doors. Agendas are what they are, the Duke of Lakeshire is not often in Darfield himself. He acknowledges the words from Robben with a quirk of his lips, "Ahh, not a bad thing at all. Isys was a strong woman, good for our house. Aemy's will be the same—" though he no longer has to sell her features, it's more a natural fatherly pride coming out.

Aidan's attention turns to those entering, namely, when he's addressed. Though Aidan does not get up this time, "Evening," he nods his head, "Entirely suitable, as always, your Grace." He gestures a hand toward the seats around the fire, "Join us if you have a moment." The servants don't have to be asked this time, they'll wait to see if Crawford Duke is needing anything in particular

Laetitia enters in, babe in her arms, with her ladies fanning about, just three in all this evening, guards waiting inside and outside the door, as the Queen pauses just a moment to look about the room to see whom is where as she moves in gown rustling with each step she takes, fashioned in deep purple and in the proper fashion of this time and age. Lined with grey and silver she strikes her usual regal figure, feet bare beneath the dress, toes poking out with every step, her hair pulled back and a slender circlet upon her brow.

The child in her arms is being held with her back against her mothers breast, wearing a sleep sack of sorts, only incredibly regal looking in ..white. Not truly regal, but comfortable and warm enough for the castles coolness in this winter. The child is nice and fat, chubby cheeks and soft green eyes that have started to show through those baby blues all children are born with, soft wisps of blonde hair atop her head. Drool settles upon her chin as she sucks on a fist, feet kicking as she lets out a suddenly loud coo of sound, sucking noisily on her fist then with a burble.

Laughingly the Queen will press her lips atop the childs head, looking behind her for the young Princess she brought with her, the two having enjoyed a bit of sup before traversing to the salon.

Draventa is next to the Queen, nodding softly, "The painting should be done soon. But it can take up to a year to dry fully. But it can be hanged when ever you would like." Her dress is heavy and fancy, and her hair has been piled onto of her head, begin held by jeweled pins. She's stepping lightly, her hands folded in front of her as she walks.

"She has already shown herself to be a strong woman," Robben replies to the words about his wife, smiling a little bit. There's a polite nod as he hears Ronan's greeting, offering him a smile. "Duke Crawford. I hope you are doing well?" A brief pause follows, as the Queen and her retinue enters, offering a polite bow to her now."

"I will, thank you. I have a little time and hoped I might see you. I aim to depart Darfield in the morning to return to Sutherland." Those who hope to serve Ronan something to drink or eat need not bother. Rosley has brought wine with him as well as a cup, which he prepares for his lord. This way he doesn't have to bother with that poison tasting risk if they have brought Sutherland Red with them. You know, that whole murdered family thing, Ronan's taking it seriously.

Cup now in hand and having taken a seat by the fire, the Rioga is about to get comfortable when the Queen enters. He moves at once to stand once more and bow unto her, "Good evening, Your Majesty. You and the babe look well, tonight." Ah, and there is Draventa as well, "And good evening to you as well, Your Highness. You are welcome to have our seats by the fire, if it pleases you."
Ronan moves to take another chair so that Laetitilia and Draventa may have the best seats and be warm enough, especially with the baby. A nod to Robben, "I do well enough. I do not recall if we have been properly introduced?"

Aidan parts his gaze toward the door once again away from present company, considering the entourage that ambles in is quite impressive and eye catching in all manners. It could also be that she was precisely the person he was hoping to see, since his gaze remains fixed toward her as he rises from his seat. He'll offer a hand to chest in respect as she enters and onec she has it in mind to consider those present around her. "Your Majesty," he pops in, "I was quite wondering when I would see you again." As if it had been a while. Perhaps it had been.

To Crawford once the Queen has been formally addressed, "It would seem the ways of our lands. The ill timing of our coming and goings does not give us much time to catch up my friend," addressing Ronan as friend, a distinction that could be useful to note. He will sit only if and when the Queen joins, and after them, ensuring the servants are seeing to them as well with a quick double glance, as some are in his livery here as well. At the ask for introductions, Aidan steps in, "Duke Ronan Crawford, this is my son-in-law, Lord Robben Ruxton." Introductions, yes, "My daughter, your cousin, has just helped him welcome in two children to his House." Selling feature in present company.

Attention back to the Queen, "And who are you carrying in your arms, Your Majesty?"

Yeaaaaaah, you best be moving, Ronan, hitting on her daughter and thinking you can just wander about like a proud cock?! Mmmmmnmmm. Not today. Unless things work out the way the Queen wishes, and then he may do so. Briefly. So that the Queen doesn't have to smack him about to act proper, "Oh, my dear, don't worry so much about when it will be done. I am simply excited at the prospect of seeing your imagination at work. Though-" She muses softly to Draventa, "Hanging it will be done as soon as it is completed. I don't want it sitting off to the side, I've already picked a spot for it, near the beautiful roses that will grow from the gift from Lady Moira." Keeping her arm about little Laela who continues to drool just …beautifully, and even gets out a toot that frrts out just sweetly, the Queen will reach a hand out to squeeze the shoulder of Draventa, "Duke Crawford, I thank you for your kindness, words and all." Everyone who bows to her gets a nod, Robben et al, as the Queen gently guides Draventa forwards for her to lead the way to the seats Ronan just evacuated.

"Aiden — ah-" Perhaps a tad overly familiar within this clime, the Queen allowing for an amused smile, "Sorry, Duke Kincaid, indeed, I had heard you were hear, I'm quite displeased you did not come straight away to join me in a meal." Oh, see a pinched look comes upon her features, as if she is truly insulted, though her light green eyes harbor only affection for the man, "This sweet little tooting beast is Princess Laela, I only had her. ..oh." God, she looks for Winifred to provide the answer, the elderly woman gliding in to a seat, "Just over a month ago, your Majesty." She offers smoothly, smiling. The Queen will ahh, and nod, "A month, so much has been happening, it feels as if it must have been longer."

Draventa gives a soft smile to everyone in the room and will nod to the Queen. "Oh course," Drav steps towards the seats, "I just wanted you to know it's begin worked on." The princess will wait to make sure the Queen is settled before sitting down, a small look of relief for begin able to sit. Her hands smooth out her skirt gentle, her pale eyes taking in everyone that is there. She'll stay quiet observing for now.

Robben smiles as he listens to the others for now. A brief smile as he hears the Queen's words about how that month feels as if it must have been longer. "That is the nature of such things, Your Majesty. It feels like the twins have been alive far longer than they have as well."

Ronan looks surprised, "Aemy or Lynette?!" Wait, did he miss the memo on that wedding? The Sutherland Duke lifts a hand to rub at his beard, not yet having taken a new seat at the introductions, "Aemy… I think I remember hearing about her being wed. My deepest apologies I could not make the wedding. I have oft been posted to the northern borders until … well, Trueborn Keep was sacked some months ago. I hope you and she make a happy union, Lord Ruxton." Obviously a fruitful one, already. Man, Ronan needs such a wife who can push out two at a time. That would be handy for his ailing House.

A faint smile for the Queen, "I endeavor to serve, Your Majesty." But not suck up. The Rioga finds a new seat and takes it, settling in with his glass of wine which he now tastes. Rosley offers a warmer smile for Lady Winifred and takes up a position to remain standing along the wall until he's wanted. Ronan muses, "If I recall, for I have not seen either of them in a few years… Amey favours my aunt Isys and Lynette and my late sister Caitlyn looked a pair, as if they were twins."

Ronan falls silent, looking off at nothing in particular and mindful of those who are now lost. All of his close family. While he might have commented on Draventa's paintings and still not having seen any of her work, he instead says nothing further. One might imagine he's a rather lonely man these days.

Aidan smiles a touch at the over familiar tone, quick to retort to the displeasure of his Queen, "It was quite my intent to see you as soon as I could. I arrived just last night, in the dark of evening and I hadn't assumed to interrupt your household of my coming. I had heard you had been in the Salon most of the day and I came to see if it was true." The notes of his household sprawled out on the table to show evidence of his wait. "I would also never presume to your table, without your ask," he decides to find a place to sit now, considering the shuffling about and having likely given his up for one of the ladies to have. The paperwork is nothing more than notes of current manifests, in relation to the manor here in Stormvale. No secrets, wide open to anyone glancing.

"Princess Laela," his eyes look toward the healthy chubby looking child, "Congratulations, belatedly. She looks a good weight." A beat, "It would seem I have more than a dinner to make up for." Affection returned in those hazel eyes as he settles, taking his Chocola in hand again. "Consider that debt owed, Your Majesty, until you deem it squared off," he peers at Ronan's sudden surprise, filling in quickly, "Aemy. You are not the only one to miss out on the tidings of this land." Clearly, empathetic to Ronan surprise. And didn't he make his pitch earlier about his daughter pushing out two and his wife having given Aidan four? Lynette is being brought up now and that's a hook he cannot go without baiting, "Lynette will be as strong and fierce as her mother. For that I can guarantee." A mirthful knowing smile there, dangling his own hook, "As it happens, I hope to locate some potentials for her while in Stormvale, she's of age now." Just slide that out there.

Winifred will avert her gaze as Rosley parts for her such a warm smile, a very faint blush upon her cheeks as she tries not to smile back so warmly— No indeed, she's the image of perfection and proper form, hands folded upon one thigh, sneaking a glance his way with the briefest of smiles for him before her blush deepens just a little. She may, or may not, have been seeking out his company since the last they were introduced when time permitted. Whether she was successful or not is up in the air, at least to the Queen who will find herself watching Winifred. Question in her eyes.

But Winifred, despite the Queen being the Queen, has been coy. Which likely means she has not been able to, or she HAS been able to and is teasing the Queen. The thought is maddening, though the Queen in a split is looking back to those in the room, "Thank you, Duke Kincaid, you are too kind, she is indeed quite healthy, growing bigger by the day, and though I was in here for the larger part of the day today I had to take a moment to go and feed my sweet Laela here so that she would not scream bloody murder across the castle."

A smile then, more warm and wide, "Oh, there are plenty of potentials, Duke Kincaid, one only has to look." A glance then to Draventa, "Duke Kincaid, have you met the lovely Princess Draventa Moniwid?" Reaching out with her free hand as she continues to clutch to Laela with one arm around her belly, to extend her hand out to the young woman.

Draventa lets her eyes land on the babe, a soft smile. She likes the littlest princess, but is still a touch nervous around her. As she takes in the conversation, that knot that always forms in her stomach when the haggling for marriages starts. She'll blink and look up as the Queen introduced her, studying him with her faded eyes, "Hello Duke Kincaid. It's a pleasure to meet you." She'll dip her head in her seat, not rising.

Aidan's remarks warrant a lifted brow. Ronan holds up his wine glass, "To strong willed, intelligent women. May the Gods never grow tired of them for we need them to keep us on our toes." Whether the others will drink to his toast or not, the Sutherland Duke tastes of his wine after. Ronan smiles thinly, "I am an unmarried man but no point in trying to foist my lovely cousin on me. I am negotiating for a marriage alliance with a Princess." For a heartbeat, Ronan does look at Draventa, and then back to Aidan. "I will keep it in mind, should a good match come to me that you might try for, Uncle."
Ah, the Queen realizes that Aiden is no longer a wed man and despite the Kincaid Duke's years, gets right on with it. Ronan might be faintly amused as he sips his wine. So helpfully, the Crawford adds, "The Princess Draventa Moniwid makes paintings." An well, the Rioga doesn't really know anything else about her to add.

"I'm as kind as you are ever beautiful," the older Duke can totally get away with that, because of his history with the Queen, showing the confidence behind the quirk in his lips. It is not a matter of sucking up as some would say, just a matter of history and the ties that bind. The intrigue will ever remain though, yet would not dare tred on the King's turf, as you will, enough to steal away that pinch of insult he received earlier and turn it to his favour. He does not get or understand the interplay between Winifred or Rosley, seeing it not and had he, he would not connect the dots or question it as the Queen does. Thus, he continues with his reestablishment of rapport with the Queen, since it had been at least two years if not longer since he had been in Darfield, prior to Isys passing of course. He at least gives a light sound of approval, "Indeed. I had heard I had been missing out. I blame the trade down south, stealing my attention when I should've ridden North with a swifter stead, to ensure some greater look." As winter turns and comes closer to spring, men need to be bound by the blade and women to them before any marching was to begin.

His attention pivots to Draventa at the unexpected introduction, "I most certainly have not met the Princess," his lips tug into an kinder smile, though in no way does it make his gaze less pensive, brows giving him a perma schemer look. "While I had heard the stories of such foreign dignitaries present in Darfield, I have certainly not been blessed to meet one as fair, until now. It is a pleasure, Your Highness."

As for Ronan, he does laugh, "There is no world without them my good man," he'll lift his cup in appreciation of the sentiment. The Kincaids seek intelligent women and often make them. Troublemakers to the rest of the world, spirited to some, but just as useful as a pathetic son. A glance then to Ronan for his fortunes, "Like I said earlier, Nephew, the Crawfords have blood in my kin as well. Though nothing to the likes of a Princess, for that match sounds full of prospective futures." A bit of a quirk of his lips, "An eye for me as well?" That said in light jest, drawing his glass upward to sip. Ironically, just before Ronan adds that Draventa paints. His eyes wander back toward her, "You are a student of the fine arts, your Highness?"

Oh no, Ronan is wrong in his thoughts. See, Laetitia is angling for Draventa to be with /her/ son, not her old coot of a friend Aiden. If she knew the thoughts going about she'd immediately hug Draventa into her and the small infant, claiming her as a 'MINE'. As it is, it's his other comment that has her nodding her head firmly, "Indeed you are, Duke Crawford, indeed you are, quite the process though, of course, for a Princess." Nodding slightly the Queen will lift up wee Laela, turning her about to press the child down to her chest.

Ooooh, Aiden. You sweet talker. The Queen will allow for a twinkling look to be given to Aiden, "Indeed, Duke, indeed …And so with that said you must be very, very kind, for I am told that I am ever beautiful." Oh, a bit of flirting back, but of course it's because they've known each other for what seems like EONS, "Princess Draventa is a most accomplished painter." The Queen says proudly, as if /she/ had anything to do with the young womans talent, though with as much time as the Queen has been spending with the young Princess, it would perhaps surprise none that she's taking a bit of pride in the girl. Look at her. SO PRETTY. So ACCOMPLISHED! Umph. And then she realizes …no wine! Where is her wine? Gesturing to a serving boy she will make a gesture for as much, shifting in her seat as she gets somewhat overly warm by the fire, and with a small little bundle of joy on her chest, woo, warm.

Draventa offer another small smile at both men, "I try….Art seems trival in these times, but it may be one of our only common bond with all of humanity." She'll dip her head again at the Duke, "There are many of us here, I am sure it is just that you have not met many of us yet." A faint pink rises in Drav's cheeks at the Queens words. She's unsure if the Queen has even ever actually seen any of her work. Noticing that everyone else is drinking, she'll look over to her own hand maid who snuck in with the queen's ladies.

"Aye, quite the process." Ronan rumbles to agree. He's otherwise the dull stick in the mud with this party because he offers nothing else. Whatever his thoughts might be that distract him, this Duke is keeping them to himself and drinking his wine. If nothing else, he's relaxed.

Aidan gives a good natured chuckle at the Queen's response to his compliments, "Ever and ever," he adds with a raise of his glass as if to toast such truths and make them valid before the Eight. As the subject turns back to the Princess, who he is sure the Queen has designs for already, he is simply interested in her response and the indication of her work, "Would I be at all privileged to see some of the work you've painted, Your Highness?" This directly to Draventa. The old coot has two sons to think of too, after all. His response to her, "Some of the greatest accomplishments of the world have come from a basis in art," this from the house who honours such things as art and science, feeding on knowledge of both. "I imagine I've met quite a few diginitaries from other lands in my time, sometimes not personally, but by a letter upon a swift wing. Trade is our speciality, after all Princess. We limit ourselves not from where we find resources." His eyes travel toward the other two men who seem to have grown considerably quiet. Ahh yes, age before youth, elder respect. "Ronan-" he asks, to get the attention of the other man, "You said you were back to Sutherland in the morning. Perhaps I could ride out with you a way, if you wish it." A look to Robben includes his son-in-law in that invitation, but where is the son-in-law… snuck out in all the interplay between the ladies, still, Aidan offers, "Maybe Robben can as well. I assume he needs a break from his new fatherly responsbilities."

Of course the Queen hasn't! But she has /confidence/ in spades when it comes to Draventa, so of course anything she does is just utterly delightful and perfect. Though little Laela begins suddenly to scream, little lusty wails that rouse out from her throat, the Queen blinking down, not even having had time for her wine which sits on the table beside her before she's rising up, the child trying to root into the chest of her dress, "Everyone is leaving-" She says with dismay, a particular look given to Ronan - she knew it was happening, but oh. Sadness. Bouncing little Laela she'll nod to Winifred, "If you all wouldn't mind, I should depart to feed this little beastling, though perhaps if you are around later on, Duke Kincaid, we can catch up more properly."

"Everyone? Hrm, I seem to recall I just got here-" the last to arrive? The last to know about what's going on? Or did he constantly delay getting here? It's hard to say but Aidan does rise when the Queen does, nodding to her remark, "Of course. I'm sure there are important things left to be said." A tilt of his chin and a hand to his chest, "Have a good evening Your Majesty, your Highness-" to Draventa, assuming she would go with.

Draventa says, "If that would please you, Duke Aidan. I have only a finished pieces here, but I hope to complete more over the winter." Drav smiles again, "I agree with you whole heartedly. If we can find a common eye, then shirely peace can be made." Drav's young, and while not stupid, has been sheltered from a lot. On the flip side, rumor has it her father was torn into pieces by pirates, so… "I know Elisen Stewart of Laniveer told me that they have one of my paintings in one of their sitting rooms. It is a universal language." Drav inhales sharply as the baby starts wailing, her eyes widening in surprise. How is something so little making that much noise?!?! She'll rise, with a touch of difficultly and bow to the Queen and Princess, "Thank you for allowing me to sup with you, your majesty.""

"I would be most pleased to have your company on my ride out in the morning, Uncle. Your Grace and whomever you may wish to accompany us. Anyone who may wish to visit Sutherland would indeed be welcome." Ronan is tired. He finishes off his glass even now, handing it back to Rosley. The Crawford gets himself up from his chair, "My apologies for my departure in the morning, Your Majesty. I can not abide waiting, stuck in the castle here too far away from where things need doing at home, while I await the King's pleasure to see me. Whenever King Callem deems it appropriate to unlock himself and come out of his reclusion so we may get on with business…" Yes, the Crawford is not pleased with this crap, "Then he may summon me. Meanwhile, I have troops to prepare, squires to knight, mines to inspect, horses to breed, a keep to rebuild, and thousands of other matters that require my attention."

Yes, for now, his patience has run out. Ronan bows to Laetitila and offers his respects to each of the others, Draventa and Aidan, "So, I bid you a good night and most excellent health. I will remain in contact via messenger birds as concerns the Kundari developments, Your Majesty."

Laetitia nods to all, "Indeed, Duke Crawford -" Trying to raise her voice above the screaming child as she pats Laela's back softly, doing a gliding bounce as she moves to take her way out of the room, "Safe travels, and of course, dear Princess Draventa, any time, any time." Oh, woe. Winifred is up, the two other ladies rising, to follow the Queen out, guards falling in line with them. And she's out! OUT!

And realizing that Draventa is not departing with the Queen, he recovers by a swift, "I would like that, Princess." His smile is quieter, not so lavish as in the Queen's presence, a bit of buttering up there no doubt, or true affection. Either way, it seems he reverts to a more subdued nature, expected and polite, with a hint of no nonsense behind him, "Trading in ideas as well as resources is the key to prosperity I'm sure, though, we cannot help the deviants that would as easily rip a tapestry down as an entire system of order and justice." He regards her, seemingly interested in her further opinions it would seem. Yet, his nephew by marriage is leaving.

Unto Ronan: "I shall accompany you. We are border landers, we must know of what one another is doing in these times to come, as it has always been. Little has been said and a lot more needs to be, before the spring melts arrive." For the rest of the intrigue, between what the King is doing, hiding away, and all the rest, he merely allows that intrigue to settle in the back of his thoughts. "Good night Your Grace. I shall see you as the sun rises," Aidan gives a good measured nod, left now in the company of the Princess, unless she too, departs.

"Aye, too little said of actual content and much to do. Time is passing. Indeed, I shall see you at first light, Your Grace." Ronan is a military man, a Rioga, first and formost before he unexpectedly became Duke upon his brother's recent death. Gruff he is. A slight bow to Draventa and with Rosley upon his spurred heals, the Crawford likewise heads on out to retire for the evening.

Draventa looks slightly terrified as the Queen leaves wight eh howling banshee. It's clear she's not been around many babies. After a beat, she'll sit back down in the chair, her hand absently rubbing her thigh. Bowing her head to Ronan as he leaves, she'll turn back to the Duke, finally reaching for the wine her maid had set down next to her. Drav's new to political banter, and is still not quite sure when it's happening, so her answer is slightly guarded, "I think we are all interested in peace, but for peace to happen, we must believe that is what we are all here for." She'll shrug slightly, moving to smooth out her skirts again, "Trading in ideas only works when we are open to those ideas."

This is where the cunning shines in Aidan now. The Queen, she gets to see what she needs to see. The man in whom she remembers him to be, fit with smiles and kind words. But underneath it all, those eyes of Aidan bestow a certain level of intelligence to them, which now switch back toward the Princess. "Forgive me Princess, where did you say you hailed from? Moniwid?" He is not stupid, he's just recounting an important detail missed from earlier needs to converse with four important nobles all at the same time. Here he picks up the mug of chocola and hands it off to a servant as it's lifted, shaking his head and gesturing for wine instead. Taste testers? No. The Crawford Duke does that. Showing trust and faith in the Royal House by such a gesture to sip without at tester. "Hmmm," he says after a said sip, "Our ships hail to the Rustles Islands for trade." He lets his finger tap on the edge of his glass, considering the woman across from him, "And what if we are open to ideas? Like I said, great things can start on the page, the canvas, or by other means. My House is best known in Mobrin for being… receptive to other ideals and philosophies. Art and science are valued a mark above the sword, which is why my House lacks an order of distinctive knighthood."

Draventa nods, watching him. "Yes, The Rustles Island. The Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid is my brother." It's no surprise he trades with them, many do. "If one is open to ideas, then they will come. I find the gods do not forsake those with open minds." She'll smile softly, "The arts and sciences are what keep us sane in times where knights are truly needed."

The name. It strikes recongition in his eyes. "I see, then I am truly honoured," he bobs his head again, offering a quiet smile, "You, like us, must be here for reasons benefiting your House prior to any outbreak, pray there is none and we've all become careless to show our fears openly." The preparation for war alone is a sign of anticipation for it, such word quickly leaves the land and finds the enemies ear. "Spoken like a true idealist, hrm." He sits forward, "So tell me then, what is it that you paint?"

Draventa glances down at her wine, and pauses before answering. "I am her at request of my brother." Her tone is rather neutral. She'll the nod, agreeing. "I do not know if I am idealist, it just….seems the most logical. Fear and battle talk…it can do no good, only add to the tension." She's not completely blinded, she can feel the pressure around the castle. onto better topics, "I try to paint life….It is a broad statement, I know, but true. I love colors…" Her eyes unfocus for a moment, like she's seeing what she's speaking of. "Places I've seen, or read about, what it must be like. Even a flower can tell a story. One that should be heard." Coming back to herself, she'll swallow,cheeks turning slightly pink again, "I…I'm sorry. I must sound like a foolish girl to you."

The neutral tone is afforded a matter of respect, the Duke not necessarily going to pry into that one just yet. Second day in Stormvale, offending the Moniwod would out of style for him. "Alliances," he says in a heartbeat, "are needed in times like these." And that, is perhaps all he is to say on the matter. His own agenda having flied its colours earlier. His daughter being amongst the reasons of his appearance - a late comer to the scramble to see houses aligned and relationships secured. Though the art seems the safer topic, not as much tension and fear behind the strokes of a brush. Studious hazel eyes do not lower from her as she speaks of the passion behind such stories in the art, lifting his glass to sip quietly as not to recall her from the distance, where the real world doesn't matter as much. The apology is given a quiet shake of his head, "It is not foolish to record the history of what you've seen."

Draventa looks to the fire a moment, almost like she's trying to find something in the flames. She'll just nod and quietly repeat, "Alliances." She'll chuckle softly, shaking herself, "No, it is foolish to imply that the whispers of a flower could be of importance to anyone…" She leaves off the rest of her sentence, instead taking another sip of wine. "I have seen so vary little, compared to most here at the castle."

"No," he corrects her without a moment's hesitation, "It is foolish to believe that something has little importance so easily to dismiss it so. Everything has a manner of importance to it. An artist's rendition of a flower may bloom in the mind of an apothecary and may end up saving a life or creating something astounding. That is what I mean and that is why it is not foolish." He sits back now to watch her reaction to that.

The Duke is sitting across from the Princess Draventa, by the hearth. It would seem their conversation varies from heavy to something lighter and humours, with Draventa's own soft chuckle. Aidan himself has been in the Salon for the better part of the evening, as if it was his revolving door to the social introductions or in some cases, re-introductions. Servants are present, in Royal house colours as well as Kincaid livery. Draventa's maids are present as well. Propriety has been observed.

Draventa seems to relax a hair when the Duke defends what she said earlier. Her smile is more genuine now and she'll nod, "Yes…That is true." She'll shift some in her seat, again her hand smoothing her skirt in her lap as she takes another sip of wine.

"Our lives are also set on different courses, if you don't mind me saying your Highness," he taps the bands on his fingers against the glass of wine he's holding, metal clinking against glass, "Comparing one to the next will not make it any less fair. Should you wish to travel, all you must do is convince your brother to lend his alliances to houses with fleets at their call-" Aidan says casually, "-should that be the context of your stay here, of course. I could be completely misguided, for I have been years away from Darfield and often left the contracts of such bonds to my late wif

The door opens and a very tall woman who stands about six feet in height with nut brown hair steps into the Solon. The woman moves slowly and stiffly and she walks with an ornately carved mahogany cane. The woman is handsome and her features strong. Wenna's nut brown hair has been braided and bound up in a gold net that is studded with pearls. Her eyes are as green as moss and any who may know the Count of Greenshire would say she is related to him. Her regal figure is adorned in a pink silk gown that is the height of fashion and though fabric is rich there is only a little ornamentation on it. Some intricate embroidery can be seen along the neckline if and there mixed with the embroidery is fresh water pearls. Along the forearm of her tight fitting sleeves pearl buttons can be seen. She pauses just inside of the doorway to see who is there and she leans against her cane.

It is with no lack of care that Moira walks about with her soon-to-be sister-in-law. Walking sedately at the woman's side, in her usual measured pace, which matches Wenna's own, without seeming to make it appear she is doing so. Not only because of the cane, but also because she enjoys being in the woman's company. Her own gown is a brilliant blue trimmed in red, with flecks of silver here and there. Her hair is worked into an intricat series of braids which are then worked into a single one that falls down her back, almost to the floor. Behind her trails the ever faithful Kayla. With no lack of excitement, her quiet voice utters "I was so glad you had a chance to meet my Lord Father today. Later perhaps, you will have a chance to better reacquaint yourself with im. And, I know that he will enjoy meeting your Lord Husb…." trailing off, as they enter the room and she realizes they're perhaps intruding on a conversation.

Draventa tilts her head, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips, "I hold no sway over my brother's decisions on who he does trade with or not." That may not be entirely true. "But eiterh way, the Rustles ISlands are known for our ships. If i were to travel, I would only feel it right to travel my a Rustles ISland ship." She'll politely ignore the implication she's here for anything else. When the door opens, Drav will turn to look at the two new ladies entering, a small smile is offered, but she'll not say anything at first.

Laetitia is back, yet again, having breast fed Laela, now sorely in need of even a few minutes away. She is now dressed in a simple gown of light green that off-sets her eyes, her hair down, loose, brushed out, the Queen in a state where she could slip into bed easily. Feet are bare and a woolen blanket is wound about her shoulders, lined with soft furs, the Queen padding in with guards, and one lady, Lady Winifred who was here early, both of them looking absolutely tuckered out. It's been a long, long, busy day for both. She will come in a few minutes after the last ladies, glancing about to see whom is still here and whom is new.

There has been a steady flow of people in and out of the Salon. Has it been because the Queen was the first to stake out such a position, replaced shortly by the Duke of Lakeshire, gathering an assortment of company along the way, paths of those who come and go as time does. Aidan reaches into his pocket, pulling out a chess piece that he rolls absently against the palm of his hand. His gaze floats toward the door which opens once more to admit further nobility into the refined space, curious to watch for a brief moment the lady with her cane. He has not been long enough in Darfield to hear of the stories which have plagued the house of Haravean, nor has he spoken to any of the since arriving the previous night. Such things will come in time and for now, as the ladies seem to pause at the doorway, his immediate focus returns to that of the Princess.

"As is must seem to be on the surface, I'm sure," as it is with his own House. There is a smile at the implication that any other ship but that of a Rustles Island ship is worth its weight in wood, "Perhaps, should you get time and leave to do so, I can show you the port of Lakeshire. The greatest trade fleet of Mobrin rises and sets on our shorelines," he sits forward, "Invite your brother if he is here as well. I would see the opinion the Rustle Island ilk would have for Mobrin wood." An invitation bold as any Kincaid can be, a challenge laying under foot.

"I was formal then and I am formal now. I am not certain what I would say to him." Wenna says to the beautiful Moira. "But, I am glad he will hold true to the tradition of the kidnapping of the bride. I also can and will introduce him to my lord husband." She says this in a gentle loving tone. "I fear we might be intruding." Her words are laced with a gentle accent that would place her from Greenshire.

Awkwardly Wenna offers them both a stiff and deep curtsy as she balances herself with her cane. "Forgive the intrusion." Her mannerisms are formal as is the tone of her voice. She is about to turn and leave when she sees Laetitia and a warm smile touches her lips. "Your majesty." Forgetting herself, Wenna dips into another curtsy. "I pray you are well and how is the child? I have not seen both of you in sometime."

Like Wenna, Moira begins to curtsy to those present, offering her own apolgoies, before turning at the arrival of Her Majesty. And, like Wenna, another curtsy is given, her voice echoing Wenna's in "Your Majesty". She then waits patiently for any otehr words or speech, or even introductions.

"/Wenna/." Admonishes the Queen, woman quickly moving to stoop down to scoop her arms out to help lift Wenna out, "Are you /mad/, what have I told you?" Chided softly, Winifred standing back with an amused, but tired smile, watching the interaction, "Oh how I missed you, I thought I'd have to go out myself, babe strapped to my back, to go and fetch you back myself." Oh, look at those eyes of the Queen, broiling over with tears, the Queen truly having been worried for the woman, "It pleases me to no end to see you." To Moira, "Beautiful Lady Moira, good eve to you, good eve." Oh but she can't take her eyes off Wenna, "Who must I strike down for the injustices against you and my cousin?"

Draventa blinks, raising an eyebrow slightly at the Duke, "I will let my brother know of your invitation." She'll set her heal glass of wine back down on the table, "I can let the High Admiral know as well. I am sure he'd be particularly interested in seeing the greatest trade fleet of Mobrin." While Drav's new to ploitics, she's not knew to word play. She's the youngest(Sorta) sibling, she has to to be aware! Seeing that it's not only two ladies, but the Queen as well, Draventa struggles to her feet as well. "Please, come join us." Drav's maid who has been watching, steps up next to her and whispers something softly into the princesses ear. As she does so, her arm gentle comes out to give Drav something to steady herself on. She'll sigh, giving the maid a look, but then she nods. "I fear I must be going…You Majesty." With her handmaid's help, Drav bows to the Queen again, before dipping her head to the Duke and the other two unknown ladies.

Apparently close on the heels of the rose and the baroness is Aldren. He is still dressed quite finely for the day though his collar is loosened and wine and brandy could be detected in the form of an odor. Still, he carries himself well and approaches the two ladys. Kiss for Wenna and alook that betrays he would do the same to Moira if in a different place. "Lady's. I did not know there would be a late night rendevous. Thank the gods for Rosey, or I may have been left out." The little wink shows he figures that was the plan but cares little. Cricket's company grows tiresome and Eoin is allmost as drunk as he was yesterday. Now he sees the queen and hastily bows and offers the hand to the chest and such. "My Queen. Your ever present relaxed nature hid the existence of you and your guards." He smiles to ehr now and nods at anyone else about. (or posed in ;)

Aidan looks over at Wenna, seeing her attempt to curtsey, standing immediately, "Lady, there is no need for your attempt while in such condition," he tells her, "You are not intruding. The space is available to all of those of the Royal estate. Nor is it—" and the Queen is back. He grins at seeing her return, unable to keep from saying, "In two hours time I have seen more of you than I have in the last two years. Welcome back your Majesty," he grows quiet though, pensive as he picks up on who exactly the Queen is greeting with such a relief to her features. He'll send a quiet smile over toward Draventa however, knowing what lay between them has been spoken and his appreciation for the talk simple in his features. "As it pleases you Princess Draventa," is all that he can offer. As he sees her needing to leave, he bows his head some, "It has been a pleasure Your Highness. I bid you a good evening." Then he waits, turning toward those arriving.

Wenna moves to embrace the queen tightly and she kisses her cheek. "I have missed you your Majesty and I will bring by my charge for you to meet. It is long story and it tells of the bloody weeping pox (hemorrhagic small pox), an infant, child and a desperate man. I think that perhaps I will bring my Lord husband to you as well and perhaps we can speak over tea." She looks over at Winifred next. "Lady Winifred it is a delight to see you again." Her tone is warm towards the older lady. She lets the queen free from her embrace.

Her gaze the goes to the stranger and she offers a bow of her head to the woman as she helped by her maid to leave. There is a sense that Wenna is analyzing her. "Your highness." She offers another curtsy as the woman departs.

The kiss from Aldren has her smiling. "Brother, I see you have been enjoying some libation." She laughs and moves to kiss his cheek.

Looking back over at Adian she smiles. "It is kind of you, but it is a condition I am very familiar with and one that has been aggravated as I tried to dance today."

Looking over at Moira she grins. "It would appear we are not intruding, shall we, my sister?"

A few new people came with Duke Aidan the night before, one being Lynette, the Duke's youngest daughter, and she has been keeping to herself for most of the day, along with behaving as well. After all they are at Darfield Castle, one must act and look their best. It is a short bit of time before the door for the room opens once more and another two new forms make their way into the room. One is most certainly Lynette, her pale hair pulled back in a lose braid, bright blue gaze quickly drift around the room to take in whom all may be found within. Her dress is a simple really nothing to fancy at the moment. Her maid Anne following at her side, the older woman keeping a firm look upon her charge even while taking in the others within the room. Lynette's gaze settles upon her father first though mostly to others like the Queen, the Princess and Count as they are /fairly/ important people to go about greeting, even if they seem to be a touch busy at the moment. She offers a polite bow along with a most pleasing smile. "You're Majesty, Princess, Count" A polite nod and soft smile is offered to the few others as well though she is quick to slip quiet not wishing to interfere with the conversation at hand while she moves onwards towards where her father is.

Moira watches as Wenna and the Queen embrace, dippng in another curtsy again, quietly saying her good evenings to the Queen herself. But, it would not do to interrupt their conversaation, so it is with a happy smile for her betrothed when she turns to him. "My lord. Your Lady Sister and I did not seek you out as we thought you were busy." And now, moving well out of the way of the entry into the room, her gaze goes to take in yet /another/ arrival.

Laetitia releases Wenna from the hug and nods her head slowly, "I wish to hear of every detail, I will be available for tea no matter the time." Yes, this is said firmly, the cheek kiss returned, Laetitia stepping back with a little shivering sigh, "I know, Duke Kincaid, it's so strange how circumstances can bring us back together so neatly in such a short amount of time, and yet I still feel as if I have barely seen you enough to make up for lost time." Winifred will offer a gracious nod to Wenna, "Baronesss, it is quite pleasing to my eyes and heart that you are back in good spirits." And more people! Oh, the Queen in her sleepy state is starting to feel quickly overwhelmed, so she will move off to the side, intending to make her exit out fairly soon, "Princess Draventa, do have a good evening." Getting that greeting out, Aldren given a faint smile as well, "Count Aldren, yes, well, you know me." A faintly larger smile then, "I may be making my escape here however, I was hoping for quiet climes and this seems a right gathering."

"Moira. Why would you think I'd be too busy for the company of my sweet sister and the famed beauty of Greenshire? I would be quite remiss in character if I were to act that the case." He grins at her wickedly. Good thing they are not married yet or he would certainly just drag her off to take a page from the king and queen's book ;) Alas, she and spare rooms and hallways are currently safe. Lynette is seen ndow and he nods to her. Having met her once before but not very familiar with her he has little to offer except for a polite hello. Which in turn gets a nod to the Duke at his realiztion he is there as well. And the queen now, "Escape? No. do not do us the injustice!" He smiles at her as he can tell that everyone and their mother will be trying to say hello and bow and kiss her ass. He does look to see if she has any shoes on though.

The Duke moves back toward his seat he had occupied for pretty well the entire later half of the evening, putting that lucky charm back into his pocket before reaching for his papers. Still standing he rolls them up and puts a tie on them, lifting them up to indicate to one of his livery pages to take it. Such a matter is taken care of, settling next for his wine as the party by the door acquaints themselves with the newest news. His rings bounce off the glass in pensive taps, thoughtful hums just murmurs over the tip of his rim, eyes a study on the Haraveans. Until he spots a Kincaid come through the door. Her test, it would seem, is to navigate the etiquette it will require before she can freely move to him. "Daughter," his tenor tone cutting above the heads of the others, so it reaches her. To the Queen, he nods, "In time Your Majesty. I should request an afternoon so we can sup through to evening on matters which are most… pressing." He watches the Queen for a time, though his arm does extend for Lynette, "Your Majesty," he interjects, "Have you met my daughter, Lady Lynette Kincaid?" Attention over here. Yes. Exactly

Wenna embraces the queen one more time before she slips away and she goes to seek a place to rest her herself. Once she has lowered herself down into a chair she stretches both her legs out before her. She looks amused when Aiden tries to draw the queen's attention to Lynette his daughter. Yet she does not say anything she just watches her. But soon her attention is drawn back to the count and her soon to be sister. "Now my dear sister and brother, here is a question for you both, when is the wedding? I have been longing to see this wedding between you both for some time."

Moira walks with Wenna to where she takes a seat when their conversation ends and the Duke begins to introduce his daughter. In a quiet tones, so as not to intrude on the introductions taking place elsewhere, Moira offers "Now that Father is here, the only decision, and we were discussing this today, is actually where to hold it. Father has his own ideas for how the traditional kidnaping will go, " then lowering her voice even further to murmur something to Wenna.
Moira mutters to Wenna, "… not quite… to that,… don't think…. I… will… this"

Noooo, she wanted to leave and now she has to do proper introductions. It never fails with Aidan, "Oh, what a beauty. Hello, Lady Kincaid." The Queen will murmur, curving a welcoming smile that's infused with nothing but warmth. And quite a bit of tiredness, the Queen is not in the mood for such a large crowd! Not when she's spent all day with them! She just wanted some of those sweets. Without having to send a servant off to bring her some. A very, very …sad look is given to the table which is so far away, over there, not within her reach, the Queen looking quite morose. So. Close. And she is indeed barefoot, in fact she's down right plain in dress, definitely ready for bed, "Oh Count Aldren ..I must I really .." She can't help herself so she will tip toe to the snack table to pluck up a sweet of some sort, quickly dashing to where she came from with an impish smile, "I just came for this."

the Count gets a stupid little grin when he sees the queen is in her regal shoeless manner. "Your majesty, I only jest. Surely, get your rest….It would be best?" He smiles at the lame attempt and will turn to his sister. "Well. Soon." He basically agrees with Moira. Then they start their little whisperings and he frowns. "I am right here." He says. Then he just shrugs and the closest servant will suffer his anger as he says, "Do you see me with anything to drink?" A cold look will send the man or woman off quite quickly to fetch for him a cup of wine. Looking back to the two he just tries to smile…

Lynette would like to think she passed that test somewhat well, perhaps very well. There is a slight pause as she sends a glance to her father as he goes about drawing attention to herself. While any other night she might relish in the attention, now though is not such a night. She does put on a brave face as it were and stands straight while doing her best to look neat and proper. Her blue gaze does settle upon Wenna and there is a slight pause and she recalls the last meeting which makes her flushes a touch with embarrassment. There will have to come a time where she speaks with this one, and attempt to make up past mistakes. Though her gaze is quick to flick back towards the Queen seeing how her father was ever so nice to try and go on grabbing her attention there. A polite bow is offered once more. "It is a great pleasure to have a chance to meet with you, your Majesty. Thank your greatly for allowing us to stay within your lovely castle."

Aidan's eyes slide toward the women that move by to speak of wedding bliss. He will acknowledge them with a tip of his chin and the same to Aldren. Official business first though. His lips curl quietly at the introduction forced on the Queen, short and sweet as it is. Then with his hand on Lynette's shoulder, to still her from excess babble other than the proper greeting. It is too that he acknowledges the attempt for the Queen to leave - maybe his ploy all along to help remove her from present company: "A second good evening to you, Your Majesty.

Whatever was whispered to Wenna has her giving the Count a long look that includes a raised eyebrow. She simply says to him. "My sweet twin why not, he is an old man and dare I say a friend to our father, it is his wish to see this tradition come to fruition. That is all I will say on the matter." She then looks to Moira and her smile turns to an impish grin.

That green eyed gaze of hers goes to rest on Lynette, "It is good to see you again Lady Lynette, I will tell my lord husband that you are well and it is grand to see you have proper manners when you are with your father. Good Duke it is a pleasure to meet you, I hope you are settling in well?"

Laetitia gives a rather impish smile as she takes a bite out of the tart she managed to grab, green eyes dancing as she steps back, "Mmm, I apologize for the ..informality. Within this moment." But, she is the Queen, and this does happen every so often. A hand, her free one, will lift, as she bites into the tart again, turning out, Winifred following her, the Queen asking on the way out, "Winifred, you sweet minx, what ever have you been chatting with that Rosley about, and dear, I've never seen you blush so—-" Out they go, guards following, the Queen pressing Winifred for information, and when she gets some, even way down the hall, her voice can be heard to ring out, "THEY DID WHAT?!" Cough, oh, tart in her airway, "That MAN is LUCKY he's leaving tomorrow!!!" And then silence. Because another cooridor has been turned about in, and stairs ascended.

Aldren receives his wine and looks to his sister. Frusteration and anger surely plain. Shunning formal words he says, "WEnna, you make the mistake of thinking that I know what you two are speaking of. If you wish to whisper with each other do not expect me to elaborate on your secret words. For I know not what you speak." Well, he didn't at first but he could guess now! He hears the queen now though and a brow raises. To anyone he asks, "Who is leaving?"

Once the Queen has surrendered to her exhaustion and has fled the company of simpering nobles wishing to gain her favour, there is a gentle squeeze to Lynette's shoulder from the Duke, turning her to face the Haraveans. He steps along side her toward the group speaking happily and plotting all matters of a wedding to set forth before the kingdom. His eyes first find Wenna, nodding to her, "Forgive the lack of introduction. It would seem between the departure of a foreign Princess, the arrival of the Queen, and that of my own daughter, the moment was lost. A pleasure, regardless." He stands there, with the abrupt implication of his daughter's ill manners outside of his company has Aidan looking curiously at Lynette, giving an encouraging smile back to the Haraveans, "I'm sure I'm not the first father to hear such." Implied. He leaves it that. Letting their minds do the work for him. "Yes indeed, the Kincaid Manor is bursting to life again. It is as pleasant as always." A beat, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, my Lady." His gaze follow suit to both Moira and Aldren, answering Aldren casually, as if it should be common knowledge, "The Duke of Sutherland. I will be escorting him on his ride out at first light." There is a thin smile, "Congratulations is in order for you Count, is it not? I could not help over hearing talk of a wedding."

Moira looks up when the Duke starts over to make his introductions to them, and then theirs to him. She gives a shy look to Aldren, and then a frown. Sometimes, the man is so….testy about things. With a sigh, she then looks over to Wenna "I fear my betrothed is upset. I was only trying to keep our conversation from intruding up on the others."

The subject is simply dropped as Wenna looks at Aldren and then she nods her head. She takes a deep breath and she slowly lets it out. "Forgive me my lord brother." She then looks at back Duke Aidan.

"It is good that you are in town, and no you will not be the first father to hear that nor will you be the last to hear that. My husband and I were very amused to say the least. I would like to speak with you concerning another of your family. When you have the time please send word and I will see if I am able to. Forgive my manners; I am Wenna Kilgour, the royal physician and as you heard a Baroness." A nod of her head is given to Lynnette.

Her attention is then drawn to Moira. "Do you need more silver thread?" She asks her and she moves to rise from where she was seated. "It is my fault my sweet sister."

Lynette lets her gaze shift back to Wenna, there is a slight pause as her faults are tossed about in the open at this very moment and she swallows just a touch while holding onto her cool and collective self. A soft smile is seen along with a slight nod of her head. "Baroness, it is indeed lovely too see you again." Though her words do at least seem to ring true. "As For our past meeting I would truly like to offer you an apology." Yes she just apologized to someone for something she did. "I can only promise you that my manners shall stay proper from here on out." The other may take the apology or not, though it is freely and honestly given, which her father may not fully enjoy hearing. Though Wenna and her husband are amused from the last time they met? Hopfully that is a good thing! A glance is sent towards her father just slightly seeming to try and gage his reaction before the sudden shout from the Queen is caught and she is looking towards the door curiously. Though her attention is quick to turn back to the few that are still within the room, a curious glance is sent between Moira and Aldren, a soft smile is all that is offered though.

Yes, testy may describe the way he feels when women choose to whisper about him in public. And where he can see and half hear as well. Wenna does not receive any audible forgiveness and Moira not even a look. Afterall she just talks to Wenna anyways. He instead turns to the Kincaids. "I remember the LAdy Lynette. She has a fair hand with a bow as I recall. And thank you." He nods to the man and sips his wine abit as he listens to Lynette. A curious glance comes to him and a roll of the eyes when Wenna performs her /everything is my fault/ routine.

"As long as it was amusement and nothing long lasting," Aidan hopes to assure that it wasn't too much of a faux pas, his gaze turning to watch Lynette's reaction. The apology seems to earn a relaxed expression to his features, proven that Kincaids aren't fools. On day two, another fix is made. Time ticks. He taps his rings against the wine glass still in his hand, intrigued by the ask to speak to him about another member of his house, half amused that Kincaids left to their own devices can make so much in roads or trouble, as it were. The corner of his lips pull up, "Lady Wenna Kilgour, officially Aidan Kincaid," he nods, "It should be no problem to arrange a moment to have a word." Though the Duke doesn't specifically outline when that would be. As for the whispering bit and the embarrassment or testiness that it causes the Count, Aidan seems to ignore it all, as is only proper to do. "Yes," is his response, blithe, "If you excuse us, it was a pleasure."

Wenna moves to offer them all a proper and formal curtsy that is just as awkward as before. "Your grace and your excellency, I pray you both have a lovely evening." She then looks to Moira. "Perhaps we will speak later in my apartments." Her gaze then goes to Lynette. "There is no need to apologize but it is accepted, I will let my husband know." She then then nods her head to towards the Dukes direction. "I will look forward to speaking to you." Using her cane as she walks she moves past her brother and she places a hand lightly upon his arm before she leaves the room.

Lynette can't help herself and grins just a touch at the part where Aldren recalls she does well with a bow. That to her at the moment is a good thing to have remembered. A nod is seen as she hears Wenna, a sof smile seen as the apology is indeed accepted. "Thank you for accepting it." Though she knows her father will think otherwise, along with her maid Anne whom is only shaking her head at the mere thought of a woman, and a lady at that using, or even touching a bow. TO the point that Anne is leaning over whispering to her charge thinking it is /more/ then time for her to retire for the night. Any other time and Lyn would perhaps toss up a slight fuss though at the moment she takes his as an escape so to speak and there is a faint clearing of her throat. "It was a pleasure to meet you all. Count, Baroness, ma'am." This is said with polite tone, a bow before she turns to follow after Anne, and her father if he is indeed taking his leave.

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