Nar 08, 228: A pig in the field

A pig in the field
Summary: Where two beautiful women and a handsome man appears, giggles, laugh and some sneezing may be heared, even if there should be a deadly silence, where old books tries to rest.
OOC Date: 10/07/2013(OOC)
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Laetitia Mantilo Terrwyn 
Your footsteps are muffled by the thick, dark blue carpeting of the library. This room has been furnished to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and learning: Several large, comfortably cushioned mahogany chairs invite you to sit and read for hours. A few tables and desks of the same deep red wood are provided for more serious studies. The room is well lit with chandeliers.
Heavy doors to the north lead out to the hallway, and cut off any sound from that direction. To the east, ornate windows let in the indirect sunlight, and a door leads into the royal gardens. An alcove contains a message area, and an archway leads into the Library Collections proper. Stairs lead up to the second level of the library.
Nar 8th, 228

The last of the evening's sunlight is pouring through the library windows creating pools of golden shifting light on the blue rugs of the library. Gold flecks of dust drift in the in the rays of light. Sitting the deserted library dressed in a silk blue and white gown it is the same gown she was wearing when her husband rode off is Terrwyn. Her long hair that is the color of ripen wheat has been braided and pinned up. She has heavy books sit before her and a quill and ink. Picking up the quill she dips it in the black ink and then she blots it before she begins to write in the books. She sniffs a little as she writes.

Slowly, taking one careful step after another, young man comes down from upstairs. There is a huge book with as red as wine covers in his hands. Dark eyes are stabed to the grey pages, where words are weaving into the sentences and lines are forming strange drawings. Silence in the library lets to hear how pages are rustling, while strong hand turns another page.
The man is wearing loose shirt with a deep collar that is open to allow a glimpse of his broad, muscular chest, and sleeves that billow like the sails of a great ship. Golden lavariel with a snake on it, rests on his chest, glinting as a sun in the sky. Over the shirt he wears a padded dark brown leather vest that provides the first layer of armor to protect him in a fight. He wears pants of a sturdy cloth in color to match the vest. Around his waist is a stout belt with a scabbard for a sword and a large leather pouch in which he carries his jingling coin.
When finally man gets down, still not turining his eyes away from the book, man approaches the seat and slowly takes a seat, putting the book on the table. He lordly leans back and while whirling a ring on his finger, continues reading the book.

Laetitia is a bit under the weather due to the hotness, the coldness, the wetness, the dryness, and so has stayed mostly to her rooms though she's gone a little stir crazy as she's sent her ladies away from her. In this state she hardly has the will or want to talk to really anyone. And with them hanging outside her doors and knocking and checking in on her she took an opportunity to sneak out another entranceway and drift down to the library where her ladies hardly take up time; their place it the games room or the court to be as winsome as possible with the men of the court. Information gathering, and no doubt dalliances in corridors and other dark areas in the night. Wearing deep silks of red she's dressed but again not as well as she could be, her hair down and all loose, waves gently hitting down her shoulders and a cup of hot tea brewed by the apothecary in hand as she sweeps in and notices the empty library is not so empty. A gentle cough rises from her throat, chest rattling a bit, a silken handkerchief held to her lips as she eases in, "More than I'd thought would be in here at this hour."

Movement causes Terrwyn to look up from what she is doing. She eyes the stranger and she clears her throat. "Good evening." She says her quill is paused and hovering over the ledgers. Her eyes gaze hungrily over the book the man holds.

When the queen enters she moves to rise from where she was seated. She offers the queen a graceful deep respectful curtsy. "Your majesty and my lady aunt, I pray you are well. Please come and join us? I am here working on ledgers." She explains. "I normally come here this time of the night because it is deserted. My husband would join me." She looks a little teary eyed when she says this. She does not cry but she sniffs.

When a woman breaks the mysterious silence, which usually covers all the libraries, man raises his a little bit irritated dark gaze. His lips are formed to give a sign, that people inside wants to have an atmosphere of peace and concentration, but the sound remains unheared.
Man pushes away his chair, standing in his full tallness. His face is tanned, like that of a sailor or hunter, with a frame of curly brown hair that falls just below his collar in the back. In this tanned face polite smile flashes and the man bows even through his waist, mannerly gesturing with his one hand, and keeping another behind his back. The bow is not the one from a man in a lower position, but the one, which must usually be given by the man for an incredibly beautiful woman. Together with the bow silently, but firmly soft and low voice whispers "Your Highness…"
Just after another woman starts speaking with the Queen, the man's attention falls on her. At first, because of indulge into the book he did not heared the greeting, but now he bows to another woman too speaking in the same politine tone "My lady…" and the man remains standing, waiting both noble women to take their seats first. His curious gaze slips from one to another, examening both for a bit.

"Oh my sweet, come. In my state you hardly need to curtsey so deep or give so much formality." A touch of hoarseness touches the Queens tone and she will break protocol, as usual, doing as she wishes to push forwards and lean over the curtseying Terrwyn to gently kiss her head, "I am unwell, but I am to be better soon my dearest niece, please, sit, sit. Let us both relax. I can keep silent company while you work away."
Creasing a serene smile the Queen will then turn to the man, brain quickly doing a few little jumps to recall his face. She has seen it, she knows it. Where. But his bow would be enough to make any woman blush and the Queen will offer her best response in kind, hankied hand going to her bosom gently as she nods her head graciously at him, "I pray you forgive me, I know we should have met previous and under more official circumstances, your Highness, but with everything as of late and my fevered state I am afraid it has been stolen by the Gods to assure I do not tax myself so heavily so that I may recover more swiftly." She will step to him and gently press the hand that was at her bosom to his forearm softly, "But now is better than none, yes? Please, join us."

"Aunty, I will not be so formal." Her eyes seem to well up more with tears at the kiss that was placed on her head. Once she has risen from her curtsy. She takes a few deep breaths and regains control of herself and she smiles slightly.
Her gaze moves towards the man when the queen addresses him and then shadows. She frowns a little as she looks at the snake and the colors. "Your highness, you are from Rustles Island correct?" Her gaze moves to the shadows. Forgive me I have not been in court. I pray you are well and forgive me for not giving you a better reception." Her manner is formal and polite.

"Ladies…" whispers the Grand Duke in understanding what is going on "I understand…" though he doesn't mention what he understands, hoping that everyone will get, what he meant, but his unclear words will not bring tears from ones, who are worring about their men. Mantilo is trying to adjust near the air, which is fluttering around. Smilling too widely would be impolite, though being near such ladies any men couldn't be without grin. So, Mantilo just keeps his corners of the lips politely rised, but not too much. His fingers clench the back of the chair for a moment.

Of course, first of all dark gaze slips to the hand of the Queen, which touches his forearm. Man nods slightly "Of course, Your Highness. The health of the Queen is the most important," he states seriously and glances at another woman "Yes, my lady, I am the Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid from the Grand Duchy of Rustles Island."

When both women take their seats, man slips to his chair too. Mantilo sits straight and proudly, at the same time gently palming his golden lavalier on the a little bit bared firm chest. "I could ask my healer to bring you, Your Highness, just an amazing tea. Usually, when my sisters are caught by coolness, they are forced to drink it. The taste is not good. Nah…" he shakes his head sighing "But the next day you can feel even better before you get sick," he offers for the Queen, now brushing with his fingers through the dark hair.

Laetitia flushes deeply from a sudden flash of heat that captures her as a uptick of her fever hits her, pale flesh pinkening in a most obvious way, "Oh my word, why did I get hot tea." Not that she had a choice with the way the apothecary was hovering over her kicking up a fuss, finally she had to relent with something and tea it was. She'll begin to fan herself lightly, still regally seated in her chair but direly wishing she had chosen a light shift for this library visit rather than the heavy dress she's worn all day. Her mug is set down and she will nod towards Mantilo with utmost graciousness, "Oh please, I would be more than happy to have another set of eyes working with me on this." Of course the Queen is upset that the king is not here, BUT, at the same she's used to it, same day as any other, maids harassing her, apothecary bothering her one way or the, and court to hold.
"And thank you my lovely niece, today is not the day to fan me with titles and all that pish posh. I mean -" A hand raises to Mantilo, "Please, continue showing this handsome Grand Duke, but ..truly. I feel like a pig in a field." Oh, just so …proper. She will apologize again to Mantilo, "My dearest Highness, again .." Fan fan, "This is ..not a formal meeting, I do hope you will humor me on that."

"Aunty no more apologies the cat is out of the bag." Terrwyn says with a smile and a wink. She moves to put her quill down. She leans against the back of her chair and places her hand on her stomach as she gets more comfortable. "Do you need me to have a cool cloth brought for you?" She asks her as she starts to rise and go and fetch it herself for have another do it for her.
She looks at the Mantilio. "What is the price of your tea your highness." She asks him. "I am Terrwyn Crawford, would you care for anything while I am up, tea or Ale?" She asks him.

Mantilo waves with his finger slightly and from some kind of the shadows of the library man in his armour appears. He bows his head for both women and then leans near the Grand Duke. The blue cloak of the guard is dancing near the ground. The blazon of house of Moniwid is framed in black. There is a piece of green and a peace of blue background in which black snake waves from the golden goblet to the keyhole, just to reach outside world. The grand duke whispers something to the guard and the man quickly leaves library.
Dark gaze finds the Queen once more "Your Highness, the tea will reach your chambers very soon. Please, drink just one cup before your sleep and I will be happy to see you laughing tomorrow," the glance is given for another woman once more. Man just listens conversation between relitives, letting his fingers to slip on the covers of his book. Golden ring with the massive azure gem glints playfully on his finger.
Though, when Queen addresses him once more, man can't keep his laugh hidden "Your Highness, maybe you feel like a pig in a field, but you look like a flower before the night, who is just in need of some rest," his low voice utters a compliment, but it is nothing like flirting, just politiness, which must be shown for the Queen or the person who is sick, in order to make him feel better.
Terrwyn's questions make Mantilo's eyebrow spring up and he just elegantly shakes his head "Price? Please, consider it as a gift… How you could… I have a massive resourses of these herbs, which are used for the tea and our Healers Guild…" it looks like the question slightly offended the man, cause it sounded like he can't afford just to give some tea for the Queen. Though, it takes just a one deep breath to forget the first question and he shakes his head once more at another "No, thank you, my lady…" though he still looks surprised, why the lady wants to take a job from servant.

Laetitia looks incredibly relieved, her eyes closing as her lips delicately part, another flash running through her before the next moment claims to freeze her nearly to death, or so it seems, "Brilliant, just brilliant, I will drink it with nary a grimace or a frown, I promise you that, your Highness." Of course she never offers to pay for it; it's a gift! And Terrwyn will get an amused glance from the green eyed Queen who will lightly chuckle to herself, hankie held against her bosom now as she is freezing. Ah, fevers, you bastards.
But Mantilo's compliment just tickles her so, and her laugh will rise up to reflect that, "Ah, Grand Duke, why we haven't sat in repose prior to this I do not know, but you would bring a smile to a pigs face as it wallowed in the fields as you have to mine." No flirting back either, just graciousness as she finally leans back and allows her body to rest slightly - just enough to make her feel like she's not going to faint in her chair, "No no, you sit Terrwyn, let one of the ladies get it. A cold cloth would be adored."

"You take offense where this is no offense it is but a jest with me. I am the infamous Duchess of Sutherland and the Castellan of this castle. I am known for being shrewd with numbers and trade; I was jesting not at you, your highness but at myself." Terrwyn says to Mantilo. "It was a poorly executed gest. I could say that I am in a fragile state, but I am not, it is my usual humor. Forgive me, I did not think before I spoke."
"Aunty you mean those beautiful butterflies whom are not here with us at this moment?" She moves to poke her head out of the library to get the attention of a servant instead she sees the butterflies. "Cool cloth for her majesty, please knock before you enter then leave once you have given it." She orders them much to their dismay. Closing the door she goes to take her seat.

Mantilo laughs together with the Queen, when she tosses a compliment back. The Grand Duke is flattered, but he hides it behind his cavalier stance. Now the Grand Duke crosses his arms on abdomen and shakes his head at Terrwyn "My lady, this is me, who should be sorry," his voice is warm and soft, keeps its politiness "As my beloved half-ssiter likes to say - You lost your humor somehwere in the Great Lake, when you were seated on the throne," man grins, withholding the giggle "But I try my best to find it!" once more his muscular arm raises to immerse fingers in his dark hair, tossing some tiny locks back. His gaze elegantly paces from one women to another, once more considering them both.

Laetitia laughs faintly, a wry smile given to Terrwyn, "You mean the beautiful butterflies who hover at my elbows always." Yes, those women. A rueful shake of her head is given as Terrwyn is able to locate them so easily, the Queen never truly able to hide from them as they know all of her haunts. Which is their job of course, but woe. But a moment she'd love for herself, "Once the cloth arrives I may retire for the evening if it would not harm either of you too much to be in my absence." She is indeed starting to wan down in energy, the walk through the halls and every which way likely didn't do her as much good as a walk out to the garden would have.

"Your highness, humor is never lost is just merely misplaced. My father was not one to smile, but one day he had join us in the garden and has fallen asleep under a tree while watching us play. Well the very imp of the perverse was driving us that day. We had him dressed in ribbons fair. It was then he found his humor. He woke from his slumber and his laugher rang out through the garden." Her eyes are bright with memory as she tells the Duke this. "Your half-sister would be a delight to speak with, is she with you here."
A smile is given to her Aunt and Terrwyn rises from where she was seated. She then embraces her warmly as she whispers into her ear. There is a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She then steps back and she goes to take her place back at the table with her legers and ink.
"May sweet Aunt be well and rest we would not know what to do without you so heal."

Likely, Mantilo starts laughing as loudly and lively as laughed Terrwyn's father, when he hears the story. However, he does not make a coment about it, just nods. Though, the mentioning of his half-sister makes the Grand Duke straighten even more in his seat. Voice full of pride utters "Of course! I can't leave her behind. So, she always travels with me everywhere. Even if I have to listen a huge lecture of her tutors about how the girl misses her lessons…" man laugh once more and thoughtfully adds "Though, I believe life will teach her even more… But of course Princess Emerit must read her books while we are travelling!"
Quickly the Queen gets man's attention again. "Of course, Your Highness, you need to rest," nods Mantilo and a little bit fatherly reminds "One cup before your sleep! I believe the tea is already waiting for you in the room," the Grand Duke smiles politely "And we will meet tomorrom, when Your Highness will be in a much more better shape."

The ladies rush in with cold towels and a blanket, rushing in to the Queen though they hold back as Terrwyn is bent down in a hug with the Queen at this very moment. The embrace is most welcome and the Queen will hug Terrwyn tightly though the whisper has her face flushing not only with the flu but with delight as she is soon rising up, a little shakily, to move forwards and press another kiss to the woman's head, "Oh, such good news, my lovely darling. Such, such good news." Oh, delight. And then she nearly swoons down, a hand steadying on the table before her ladies are rushing in to grab her elbows and her waist to try and hustle her out, "Good sweet toes of the all mighty Sess, what in the world - you women. Give me a moment - please." Digging in her heels she will manage to look over at the Grand Duke, "Yes, of course your Highness, one cup, and tomorrow I will be right as rain." And then she's literally dragged out, though she would like to think she floats out on the arms of angels bred from little demons from the pits of hells. Off — onwards — to her bed, with cold clothes and a terrible concoction that she forces down before falling into a deep sleep while her ladies undress her. She does not make it easy for them.

Terrwyn would rush to help but the butterflies are already there and are indeed dragging the queen out of the room. She then goes to take her seat again and she looks to the Duke. "Please tell me about your half-sister the princess. What is she like? She would appear to be the apple of your eye." She says warmly. "Also I did not inquire how your evening is going?" She says to him. "Now I also am curious, would you be agreeable to having tea with me sometime? Perhaps we could speak of trade between my lands and yours?"

When the Queen raises to leave, Mantilo jumps on his feet to offer the same bow, which was offered when she entered the room. Just when the door are closed, he slips back to his chair and turns the page of the book he was reading before women took his attention. Though even if the book is opened, Mantilo still follows Terrwyn with his dark gaze. Her interest to his half-sister surprises the man "My half-sister? She is incredibly clever young girl… I would say, though, sometimes as wild as her curls. Very interested in healing," man chuckles slightly "Though, we all are interested in healing, in our lands, my lady… But why are you so interested in my little Emerit?" He leaves some time for a silence after his question, looking around the library. Examening some covers of the books. It takes some time for him to answer in the second question "Indeed. We need to sit near the negotiation table and tea is always welcomed there…" polite smile remains in his face, while eyes are resting on the woman in front of him.

"I will expect you for tea on in three days." She says to him with a smile. "As for your sister, I like to those that are more than just a pretty face. Too many of my fair sex are nothing more than little birds or butterflies. They have been taught to fear their own voice and do not seek to learn or see the world outside of their gilded bowers." Terrwyn voice has an almost quiet quality to it. "By law we are the property of our father, brothers and husbands if we have none of those then we are ward of another. But many of us are very capable, of doing more than what we have been bred and trained to do."

Mantilo listens what is told, nodding slightly. Some of the men may become offended at such boldness of the women, but not the Grand Duke. He just smiles more widely than before "You would love my half-sister, then. If I may say, my lady, you would love my Grand Duchy of Rustles Island. Women usually are in a quite high positions in the court. For example, my aunt Danarja is one of the high priestess and works on charity in our lands, while another one, Inna is a Steward. Princess Benigne, my oldest sister is a Master too, who helps me rule my Grand Duchy. Finally my younger sister is incredibly good artist. Some of her works already travels around the world. Oh, and our Healers guild are fulfilled with very talented women," suddenly his voice becomes even more proud "I hope that my dear Emerit will become an adviser or even an ambasador, some day," a sigh follows this "Sadly, I know that some of the Kingdoms forgets about their women and how perfectly they could help in ruling."

"That they do, there are woman here who hold positions in court, and are on the counsel. For the moment I am one the counsel. But that may change because of the war and because of many other factors which will be presenting themselves. Too many variables," Terrwyn offers him a brilliant smile that lights up her face and makes her look even more radiant, like she is almost glowing with health. "I am very lucky my husband understands and knows that that have talents he does not. He is not offended and allows me to run things while he acts as the Lord Marshall. He is more geared for warn. Myself I am more geared towards other aspects." She pauses. "I would adore visiting your lands and I think that would be like a hog presented with good slop." She laughs and places her hand on her stomach. "Or in my case it would be a horse presented with a lush pasture. I will be hoarse by the time I am done with my visit, but I also have a feeling I would be learning a lot."

The man smiles delighted with such sudden outburst of joy from the lady. He just nods, listening for her. When she finishes her speach, man stands up on his feet and bows for the woman "My lady, I am pleased to meet you and I hope, as you said, we will speak in three days about some business. After that, I hope you will get a chance to visit my lands, someday…" he sighs glancing at the book on the table, but quickly turns his eyes back to Terrwyn "But if I may, my lady, I would like to rest my minds now. As I see today is not for reading… " The Grand Duke of Rustles Island bows once more for the lady and waves with his finger, making the guard get out of his shadow and they both leave the library. Though, before doors are closed, Mantilo once more offers a polite smile for the lady.

"Oh I know that we shall, there are very few who can resist the siren call of the sweet mistress that we call trade." Terrwyn laughs. "Someday I shall, even if I have to bug my poor husband and uncle to make it happen." She grins. "May you find rest; I have legers and books to work on." She rises from where she was seated and she offers him a deep curtsy.

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