Sess 9, 229 - A Painful Talk Between Future Sisters

Lady Elisabeth Haravean attempts to bridge a gap with Lady Emma Mowbray only to be met with a wall.

A painful talk between future sisters
Summary: Lady Elisabeth Haravean attempts to bridge a gap with Lady Emma Mowbray only to be met with a wall.
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Mowbray Manor - Grand Foyer
The exterior of the villa may be simple but the interior is a bit more lavish. The layout of the downstairs is very wide open, with wide entrances to each of the rooms. A large, circular staircase leads upstairs to the rooms found there. Downstairs there is a large, open dining room able to seat 20-30 in comfort. A doorway from the dining room leads into the cooking area with a kitchen, pantries and other storage areas. There is also a large sitting area with comfortable seating, including a chaise lounge. A doorway leads from the sitting room into a modest library, which also includes comfortable seating and a work desk. There appear to be two interconnected bedrooms on the first floor, connected by a bathing room.
Sess 9, 229

After bringing in Kieryn the night before, Elisabeth saw him to bed with the aid of some house staff and made for him some herbal remedies to help with the fever and headache. It is looking to be no more than a cold exascerbated by exhaustion but Elisabeth fretted enough that she sat down in the parlor to wait for any news, only to fall asleep given the excitement of the day and then be escorted to a guest room. Once the day dawned she was up once again to check on Kieryn. Injury she has not too much skill for yet, but illness and remedies she seems at least somewhat confident with. Now she comes down from the room quietly.

Emma is seated down eating a snack, the young woman leaned over a book as she reads, idly eating a muffin by plucking at it with fingertips. She has been evasive, truly, of both Kieryn and Elisabeth, but with the tournament, her duties at the infirmary and the like she has quite the real answer for things as to /why/ she's not been around. Reaching out she'll grab a glass of water, lifting it and sipping on it after dusting off her fingers, glancing up as Elisabeth comes down, "Morning."

Elisabeth looks up from her thoughts as she sees Emma at the table and offers her a smile though she looks tired. She may have slept but it was not restful. "Good morning Emma." She says as she enters into the dining room. "Your brother is much improved, though another day or two of rest will serve him well." She says and motions to the chair. "Might I join you?"

Emma will part a slight smile, "Of course." In reply to the question of the chair, Emma straightening up slightly, bare toes curling into the floorboards as she takes another drink of her water, setting it down once more, "I am glad to hear he is doing better."

Elisabeth settles into the seat next to Emma and glances to the younger woman, "How did Sir Jarvice go in the fighting? You seemed to be enjoying yourself. I thank you for taking care of him in my stead." She offers to Emma before smoothing down her skirts for a moment. "There is a certain excitement to watching the tournaments, though I had yet to see one so grand as this one before."

"He had done well, I think, I'm not sure. I've never been to these events before." Emma will admit, grabbing remnants of her breakfast as she sits back, plucking at the dried fruit within, bringing morsels to her lips and chewing, "It was all very violent, I left after I assisted him after his fight. He asked for my favour for the joust today." She says softly, lips pulling to the side, "I do not think I will go, however, today."

"The joust I find it much harder to watch and may well miss myself. The swords they fight with in tourney's likely to do little more than give great bruises. I have heard of many a death in the joust and not just of the Knights." Elisabeth says with a shake of her head before she looks over to Emma, "I hope that we can get to know one another Emma. You seem a lovely person and well devoted to your family." She says gently to the younger Lady.

"There was blood, it was unsettling." Emma will murmur, still looking down to her muffin, "I can not understand why we call it sport, Duchess Roslin stated because it shows who will endure in war, does it mean then that those who lost will be cast off?" The words of the joust rankle the young woman and she will frown, nodding slowly, "Then I will not go for sure now. I have Sir Jarvice a ribbon from my hair for his favor, I hope it does him well today." Glancing up with her sea stormed eyes she will look to Elisabeth, parting a polite smile, "It is fact that you will nevertheless, yes? You will be a part of this family. It is hard not to get to know someone when you are such."

Elisabeth crinkles her nose at the mention of blood. What a healer she will make! There is a slight shake of her head, "Not always, but I hear it is good practice for war though there are men who do not do well in tourney but when it comes to the heart of the battle find their true heart and thusly men who are brave in the safety of the tourney field but on the battle field lose all heart. It is a game of skill and good practice of warfare, but it is not the complete story of a man." She offers in her opinion. Then there is the question and Elisabeth nods. "I hope to become part of your family Emma and a family that includes you. I understand the feelings when an older sibling gets married. I felt the same for my brothers and sisters that they will be lost to me. Instead my family grew and I have nieces and nephews back home who I adore."

Emma listens, nodding her head slowly as Elisabeth gives her account of things in tourneys and wars, "I would hope not, for if it were all that were writ of a man that man would be lacking entirely." The young woman states as she sets down her muffin remnants, licking a fingertip as she reaches with her other hand for a napkin, wiping her hands slowly, "I do not think you understand my feelings at all, Lady Haravean, for all that you suddenly fell into throes for my brother. A true love takes time, it grows like a seed planted in early spring when the frost still bites at the earth." Emma will state as she pushes her napkin into the table, fingertips lightly flicking it away, a blush rising up in her cheeks as she settles Elisabeth with a plain look with those blue-greens of hers, unable to stop her words but clearly uncomfortable speaking them, "You may marry into my family, Lady Haravean, but you are not my family. You have not experienced our losses. Our pains. You have done naught but steal a heart." A breath will get sucked in, Emma glancing away, hands having lifted and pressed to her lap where she clings to the fabric of her pale green dress, "If you would excuse me, Lady Haravean. I wish to continue my study in my room."

Elisabeth listens quietly to the words of Emma, taking them well for now. No doubt she has heard such before. "In truth I think we did steal each other's heart Emma. I know it seems quick to you, such we have marked upon our selves and yet it does not lessen the affection we feel for one another. I would rather we had met this way than how our families had planned as tokens in negotiations, hands passed each the other on our wedding day." She nods to the last, "I have not experienced your losses it is true, no one who enters your family will have, but I have experienced enough loss to have my own understanding of it. I will have no mother to see me become a bride and such I feel all the more painful now. Such Kieryn does help ease the pains of those loss somewhat." She says softly truely in love with the man. The last words are met with a nod and she rises from the table. "I promised my brother I would return after I checked in on him. I left some herbs in the kitchen for the head aches and fever should they return."

Emma listens to Elisabeths words, shaking her head a little as she turns away, flipping a page in her book with a flick of her pinky, "You have much in the way of words that should assuage, but they are words. Do not think we share a bond because of losses that could be perceived as shared by both." Words softly stated, Emma not moved, indeed, she is rather unmoved, disliking Elisabeth even more now. It's perhaps not rational, but she's 17, "Of course, Lady Haravean. Do have a safe trip back to /your/ family." Awkwardly the young and very tall lady will gather her book up and pluck her glass of water in her hand, moving with long coltish strides to head to the stairs, and once ascending them, to her room.

Elisabeth pauses in her movements at Emma's words, almost looking as if she was struck by them. "My feelings for your brother are real, they are more than words can express. I hope that one day you will be able to trust them." She says softly and gives a look up towards Kieryn's room, "The instructions for the herbs are writ next to the packets." She says softly and leaves the young girl to her hurt and disdain, tears pricking her own eyes. Her maid meets her at the door with her herb box and she heads out to the short walk to the Haravean estate.

SLAM! The door to the young Emma's room is slammed heavily and the girl will hide her way within, and her handmaiden will come rushing up, hearing the words about the packets since Emma dashed her way up angrily, followed by the first set of Elisabeths words before that slam echoed and shook, "I will ensure that Lord Kieryn receives the herbs." The handmaiden assures before she converges up the rest of the stairs to knock at the door of Emma's, softly asking to come in and receiving something that's slammed against the door, the handmaiden gasping as she leans back in shock. There will be several more attempts to get the young Lady Emma out of her room, all to no avail.

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