Alasair 13, 228: A Not So Subtle Reminder

A Not So Subtle Reminder
Summary: Ruthgar and Caillin are experiencing some differences at a picnic in the forest, and the arrival of the bard Blian complicates the situation even more.
OOC Date: 31/08/2013 and 01/09/2013 (OOC)
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South Woods, Darfield
The South Woods extend from the east side of the castle, for many miles toward the south. The trees are varied, from pine trees to tall oak trees. There are many paths in the woods, mostly from small game and deer. There are several known campsites, as well as some hiding places. The canopy of the forest is thick, causing the sun to hardly peek through. As a result, there is little grass, if any, on the floor of this forest. Vegetation and wildlife is abundant.
13th day of Alasair, 228

Ruthgar sits on the blanket beside his wife now, leaning on one hand while he brings the goblet to his lips. His grey eyes sparkle a little, a modest shadow of Caillin's own brilliance, but he seems to enjoy himself at the moment, a smile sneaking into those usually so thoughtful features. "On this day then," he replies, joining her toast, before he takes a sip from the wine and shifts his weight a little to move closer to the baroness. "May many days like this follow," the Ruxton mutters into her ear as he draws her closer to him for a kiss, the goblet still held safely in his other hand. His eyes are half closed, when he shoots a glance towards Gaela and then the two guards. They are married now, still he would feel much more comfortable if they were alone at this very moment.

Girl sighs joyfully, when her husband leans to kiss her. Caillin closes her eyes and carefully places the goblet on the ground, making sure, that it won't fall. When her hands are free, young girl twines them around broad shoulders of the baron. She is way more free and not caring about the people around. Does it matter others, when she is with her beloved husband?
However, she sees Ruthgar's glance at the Gaela and guards. Likely for this reason Caillin moves even more closer near her husband. Soft voice whispers to his ear: "I do believe, that Gaela could take the guards for a walk? Sometimes they should rest too. The weather is just perfect. I am sure you will let them to enjoy the day, while we will enjoy each other's company, food and drinks, my love?" and while her one hand rests somewhere between the dark hair of Ruthgar, loving grey gaze mischievously stares at the eyes of the young baron. Another hand is extended to take the goblet once more and rosebud lips taste some more wine.

Ruthgar cannot help but chuckle at Caillin's proposition. "Have Gaela go for a walk? With the guards? You come up with the strangest ideas, my flower." Although he seems to contemplate it for a moment when he watches her drink another sip of the wine, his pale grey eyes lingering on those lips of hers. But then a sigh leaves his lips and he shakes his head with a look of regret. "We are here in the woods, I could not send them away, especially as I would be too distracted by your presence to protect you. Anything could happen. There might be bandits about. And how should I explain this to your father, the King?" His gaze flits downward as he takes another sip from his goblet. "No, they have to stay here with us, I fear. We shall have every privacy we need when we return to our quarters at the Castle." Tempting as her words have been, his sense seems to prevail over his desire to be alone with her. The Ruxton's gaze is raised once again to meet Caillin's. "We can continue to enjoy each other's company while they are here."

Reaching for a stuffed pastry he lets his grey gaze wander over the clearing which does seem very peaceful indeed. "If I am not mistaken, Mistress Victoria's place must be somewhere not too far away from here. To think that all of this happened less than a month ago, you here in the rain - alone and drenched." Ruthgar gives a low chuckle and shakes his head at the memory. "That day feels to be so far in the past, though. And here I sit beside you. My wife."

"That is not so strange idea, my love," objects Caillin, when her husband finishes his thoughts. She runs with her fingers through man's arm with a lot of admiration and respect "You are very strong. If there are bandits, they would be afraid to stand in front of you! Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised, if I would know them. I know even some of the bandits. At least I saw them or heared about them. As they heared about me. I don't think they would wish me and people, who I love - harm…" Caillin becomes a bit thoughtful: "You know, sometimes people steal, not because they are bad, but because they do not have another choice. That bread or pear, which we have so many, can save the life of the bandit's child…"

Speech about spending some time alone in the quarters brings some mischief into Caillin's eyes. Girl chuckles and changes her position, extending the legs and placing her flaxen curls on the knees of Ruthgar. Now, she lies comfortably and is able to stare at her husband easily. Caillin takes the free hand of Ruthgar and starts playing with his fingers. "You know, I would love to lock ourselves into the room for like a month. Or more. That the world wouldn't disturb us!" A chuckle leaves the girl's throat, before she drowns into the memories too.

"Oh, yes, my love. It was so long ago. When I saw you, chasing my Snowflake, I was thinking on asking my father to make you my personal guard. As my father would have known, he granted my wish with some additions. Now you are everything for me, not just the guard!"

"You know… bandits?" Ruthgar stares incredulously at his wife. "Who tells you they would not catch you for a large ransom, if they had the chance? Poor people can't afford a conscience. They don't have any principles they live by. And no honour at all. They will bite the hand that feeds them as soon as they get the chance to do so." The words come out of of his mouth without much thinking, as it is his conviction that speaks through him here. "They would be wise to fear me, though, alas, if I am caught off guard and there are more of them… who knows what will happen? I could not stand to have something bad happen to you. I could never forgive myself for being careless and endanger your safety, my love."

Her remark about wanting to spend a whole month with him in a locked room has him smile again, and he nods, smirking at her. "We will have plenty of time for ourselves at Dellhaven, I am sure. We should think about visiting the place soon. The castle, and our new home." To her last remark about that incident in the rain the Ruxton replies: "Funny, that your cousin seemed to see some impropriety there, when he and the Duke of Sutherland reached us. Well, either way, the matter wasn't addressed by the King afterwards." His gaze flits to Caillin once again, and he smiles at her affectionately. "Any impropriety was so far from what I would have done back then. Whereas your offer of sending Gaela off with the guards just now had me tempted indeed for a moment."

Caillin's smile fades at all the words, which are said by Ruthgar. She shakes her head, which still rests on man's knees. However, girl speaks in a more loudly, maybe even a bit angry tone. "My love, how dare you to say such words? Poor people can't afford conscience? They do not have honour? Principles? You know what, all these nobles, who dare to start a war have no conscience and honour!" girl gasps a few times before continuing "These poor people sometimes have even much more bigger hearts than nobles. Nobles are greedy and easily can stab each other in the back, while pretending some kind of alliance. While poor people… If you will lost in their villige, and you will ask a gulp of water, they will give you their last bite of bread too!"

Girl shakes her head again and turns her grey look away, but remains lieing on the man's knees. Also, she clasps Ruthgar's hand that it would hug the girl through her shoulders, while her both hands are still playing with the man's fingers. It takes some time, before young baroness looses her angriness and starts speaking again. Again a wide smile appears and she sits, cuddling her nose near her husband's "You say it tempted you? So, why not to try to have a small adventure? Nothing will happen! Guards and Gaela won't go anywhere too far. If something will happen, what is impossible, they will catch us in time. But you need to learn to be not so tense, my love…" and girl gives a long passioned kiss, immersing her fingers to man's curls.

On a clearing in the forest a knight and his wife have decided to enjoy the nature with a picnic. Sitting on a blanket with a handmaiden and two guards lingering close by, the pair has a bit of wine and some resfreshments, while they are engaged in a slightly heated discussion.

His wife's angry reaction takes Ruthgar a little by surprise. "I see we have different opinions there," he remarks, a certain coldness entering his tone while his gaze flits downwards. The coldness remains in his gaze when he raises it again, lasting almost as long as her anger. "And the answer is no. No adventures." He obviously cannot let go of his concerns about their safety, that much is clear. And even her long passionate kiss does not convince him to think differently about the matter.

Caillin just sighs and places her flaxen curls back on the man's knees. "As you wish, my love… Then I will have to wait our journey to our new home…" Girl extands her hand to take a grape and tosses it to her mouth. She chews the grape very slowly, staring at her husband with a wide smile again, trying not to continue the discussion about commoners or adventures.
Sadly, girl just loses her ability to speak at all. She peeks at the sky, at Ruthgar's eyes, back at the sky. However, the silence is not awkward. Conversly, it lets the young baroness to enjoy the moment. To enjoy the possibility to cuddle near her beloved man. Wide smile just freezes in her features.

<FS3> Blian rolls Adaptable: Good Success.

Strolling through from a nearby game pathe is Blian, the bard. He is toting some new pice of oak not seen before, it is in the shape of a guitarra but pear shaped. He hears as little of loud words as he sees of kisses, but he does hum softly as his three remaining figers move deftly over the roseboard frets. A soft repeated chorus can be heard as he approaches,

My lady, my lady, my laaaaaaady,
Would you maaaaaaybe?
My lady, my lady, my laaaaaaady,
Might that you would saaaaaaave me

As he is walking some sess-forsaken tree branch trips him up and ends the song. He does not fall however, with a graceful motion hespins and lands on his feet only some yards away from the nobility. As he is allready bent down he offers, "Ma' lord, Ma' lady."

Ruthgar seems to share his wife's preference for silence, he casts her a glance and then looks somewhere else, towards the trees, as there are so many of them. His mouth no longer smiling but a thin line of displeasure. His arms cross before him, the goblet of wine in his hand is almost forgotten. Still, when he feels Caillin beside him and sees that smile on her face, a bewildered fondness reenters his mien.

Then the Ruxton turns as he hears music from the trees. No, from the path rather, and his pale grey eyes watch that minstrel with hardly concealed curiosity as he approaches, flinching emphatically as he sees the man trip and almost fall. "Are you alright, Master minstrel?", he inquires politely, "Where are you heading, if I may ask?"

Hearing a song, Caillin quickly raises and takes her goblet. Curious glance is following the man, while she takes prolonged sip. Then young baroness glazes at her husband, then back at the bard "Some music! I would love to hear a song! Whole song!" chuckles young girl and straightens her skirts, spruces her curls with the free hand and curiously stares at the stranger, letting two men to speak for now..

<FS3> Blian rolls Romantic: Great Success.

As the lakeshire-born man receives what seems to be friendly affections he relaxes. Still bowing he says, "Yes, fine m' lord." When the princess speaks he smiles to her and sits down. Making some show of tuning the instrument he then inverses it so his full fingered hand can attack the neck. When he is satisfied he looks to the princess and begins to sing,

Whoa, I'm not long for this world
So won't you walk a while girl,
I may not seem right,
But won't you just stay then night,

Oh theres wind and theres rain,
O' some people complain,Himh' theres wind and theres rain,
Oh' won't you share some of that pain?

I may not be rich
But I will live in a ditch
If it means all the same
If you would speak my name!

Oh' theres wind and theres rain
Some people love to complain
O' theres wind and theres rain
Won't you share some of your pain

He continues to stare at te princess as he sings, oblivious to the man on her side. His fingers begin to blaze across the frets as he takes some liberties. By the look of the way he is playing it and the sly smiles he is flashing Caillin that guitarra better be 18!

Ruthgar does grace his wife with a glance as she requests a song from the minstrel, her chuckling enthusaism already softening his features a bit. And so a smile sneaks back onto his face, as he turns his attention to the bard again, putting one arm around Caillin in a mollified gesture. Recognizing the slight Lakeshire accent, as he has spent many a year of his squiring days there, makes him feel positively inclined towards the man. As does the capable delivery of the song. What is it then that makes this knight frown suddenly and shoot a most irritated glare at the bard? The obtrusive way in which the minstrel stares at his wife? The choice of song? No, it is the smile and the way that man carresses his instrument, in a unmistakable immitation of handling a woman. It is what brings him to jump to his feet when the man has ended, and yes, the Ruxton is certainly angry now. The anger is of the coldblooded sort, his demeanour composed, with some irritation clearly boiling underneath. His hand moves swiftly - too swiftly perhaps to avoid the blow, when he slaps the man with the back of his right hand. There is not much force in the slap, as it is intended to remind the man of his place rather than injure him, but still sufficient to make the man's head flip to the side. "What is your purpose, man? To insult my wife? Or to insult me by courting her in my presence?", he inquires coldly.

Caillin dreamily sways, listening for the music. Innocent, a little bit childish smile dances on her lips. Girl does see the smile of the bard, which is just a simple friendly smile for her, not a sly. She watches how the man is playing with his instrument and there is nothing wrong in there. He is an artist and he knows how to play with his instrument like Caillin knows how to press the keys of the piano. There is no any immitations for the girl's eyes!

For this reason, when Ruthgar frowns and jumps on his feet, it is totally not understandable for the young baroness. She does, what her husband. Girl jumps on her feet, but just to grab her husband around the waist and drag away from the bard. Caillin does not give a glance for the bard, she just fixes her gaze on Ruthgar's. And these grey eyes of the young baroness now are full of flames. "My love…" she slowly pronounces "What are you doing? This man is an artist. All these bards are lovely and their tongues are honeyed. But I am sure he did not tried to insult you or me! Never… Never punch the commoner in my eyes. Would be great if you wouldn't do that and when I will not be around…"

She turns her look to the bard and her voice softens "I am sorry. He didn't mean to do so. The song was really beautiful. Is this a song about two people, who can't be together, because one is very rich and another poor? So romantic… And you handle your instrument just perfectly. The music is so smooth…"

Young baroness turns back to Ruthgar and frowns again "Don't be so hard on the artist, please, my love…" and she embraces the man, trying to calm him down. Her warm smile gets back. "Please, take a seat and drink some wine. That pears' pie should give you some sweet!" a peck to the cheek is given. Though, girl does not take a seat, still being afraid of the actions of her husband.

The smack across Blian's face catches the man off-guard. He is taken aback for a moment before he remembers his place. He just casts his eyes downward away from the beautiful princess. He says nothing as she tries her best to discourage her man from further aggression. When she defends him so plainly for what she obviously did not notice, yet the two men surely did, a smirk to the ground etches his lips for a moment. Surely he did not believe the girl to be this naieve! Or she was simply caught in the tune as the melody dripped from him.

Ruthgar resists the pull of his wife at first, his cold stare lingering for a bit longer on the minstrel, but then he turns to the side, offering her a slightly impatient glance. "Oh yes, he tried, believe me. I know that stare he gave you, my dear. You were polite enough to overlook it." Her prohibting him to punch a commoner is met with a dry chuckle and a shrug of his shoulders. "But, why, love, when he asked for it?" The Ruxton then gives an irritated snort and returns to the blanket, lowering himself onto it with deliberate slowness, his pale grey eyes staring once again at Blian in an outwardly indifferent manner, a twitch of his brows indicating that he has indeed noticed that smirk of the bard.

When Ruthgar calms down, Caillin sighs in relieve and takes a seat besides him. She cuddles up to her husband, clasping her hands around him. Soft voice whispers a few words for the man chuckling, before young girl turns to Blian "So, how should we call you, bard?" she takes a slice of pears' pie, puts it into plate and stands up. She comes closer near the bard and extands the plate for the minstrel "Taste this," warmly smiles young baroness, putting the plate besides man. When she gets back near her husband, taking the same position as before. Her flaxen curls rests on the man's shoulder.

Caillin mutters to Ruthgar, "Were… at… What matters… will stare… at… my love."

Blian quickly stands when the have seated. Bowing his eyes enter nothing save the dirt. "Please forgive me." he mumbles. Then he turns to leave. When the princess offers him the fruit he politely says, "No thank you. I must be getting on." He dares not look at her nor the knight. He justs makes way for the game path that lead him here.

One corner of his mouth moves a touch upwards when Ruthgar hears Callin's whispered words, although his pale grey gaze stays fixed on the minstrel. When she gets up to offer the commoner a piece of the pears' pie, he tries to stop her, but he is too slow and she is already out of his reach. "Don't!", the Ruxton squeezes out between clenched teeth, but his wife is already approaching the shady bard with her offering. His decline, has Ruthgar relax a bit, and he inclines his head in response to Blian's apology. That does not keep him from adding: "You haven't answered my wife's question yet. You haven't told her your name, Master minstrel." A name he would like to know as well, obviously.

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