Thedor 17, 229 : A new task, a new worry

A new task, a new worry
Summary: Princess Karissa finds herself joining a bit of family time between King Callem and Lady Nylie which leads to a new tasking for Nylie. And before the evening is over, a new worry as well.
OOC Date: 17/Jan/2014 (OOC)
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Royal Suite Four
Upon entering the room, it is quickly clear that the focus of the resident is upon a musical bent. Near the windows are several finely carved music stands, each with different musical scores upon them. Resting on the far side of the window is a series of shelves holdings various instruments and cases along with a number of folders and books filled with scores and compositions.

A pair of plush chairs rest before the fireplace. Beside each chair is a small table, one of which holds several small journals and a few pieces of sheet music that a closer look would show a composition in progress.

Thedor 17, 229

The evening hours oft had people returning to their residences for meals or family time, or to the salon and game rooms for socialization and relaxation. Usually to such a place Nylie would have gone, usually to provide some sort of music to those who had gathered, and to listen. Tonight though, it seemed she was taking a night off from such. It had a draining quality to it at times, always having to put her best foot forward, all the new people to boot. Tonight, she had opted to take to her room, though playing she was yet doing for the strains of some self composed melody thread their way out form under her door and into the halls. A slow and dreamy piece that was being drawn from her flute this night.

"It sounds beautiful, Nylie. Is it one of your most recent compositions? Such show of virtuosity and talent could only be yours, I can not be mistaken." From his seat, sitting in the most relaxed of positions - even for himself - Callem Kilgour, King of Mobrin and self-proclaimed rightful King of Laniveer, enjoys a cup of red wine, now suspended between his fingers and crossing the line from his eye to the playing musician. The cup is mostly empty, but the bottle from Sutherland is close by his side.

The gaze of the King tells a tale of its own. Not too much bright, nor too much vibrant, but not as opaque as it could be. Eyes permanently narrowed, though only a bit, and perhaps only perceptible for those who know him well. His lips, occasionally met by the glass, doesn't let too much words leave, but all of them have showed the deepest of delights and gratitude for the performance of his cousin. Beyond that, his royal attire of purple and grey and gold is present, clean and fairly sober.

"I am curious. What is this song about? For every song, I have heard, is meant to tell a dream. And every dream is a story waiting to be told."

The music is what Karissa hears first then the sound of the king's voice reaches her ears. Chocola colored eyes peer into the room as she clears her throat and waits patiently for soem kind of acknowledgement, since you can not exactly walk in on a king and expect to make a good impression. Summoned or not, she is here and bright eyes look to the musician with a small smile on the Skingaardian's lips. She is still dressed as she would at home, though a cloak is draped over her shoulders to ward off the unusual, to her, chill of Mobrin.

As the last of the notes are left to linger and fade, Nylie lowers the flute to her lap. A smile easily coming to her lips,"Thank you, Callem. And aye, you are not mistaken. It is of my own making, I finished it the other week. So none have really had chance to hear it," save the servants who flutter about when she practices. They do seem to increase when those times occur. "It has been to long since I have gotten to play for you," a light tease coming,"and allow you to hear all the fine results from my trips away."

A quiet study is made of her counsin at times, she had not gotten to see him much since her return to Darfield. An absent smoothing of a wrinkle from the skirts of her dress, wearing the colors of her House as well. The purple and grey, the details of gold. "Every song does tell a dream, a tale. Many do not see that. Or realize…though you have always appreciated the details, the perception beyond that many miss. This was the dream of a dream, that of a quiet journey to the future upon clouds, to dance in joy and peace with family, those close. "

Nylie's eyes lifting up as there is another who appears ito the sitting area of her suite. A warm smile is offered to the women from where she sits as well as a deep bow of her head. Having met most of the other foriegn arrivals, Nylie makes an educated guess to the young woman's identiy,"Princess Karissa, it is a pleasure to meet you."

The King of Mobrin offers a nod as he listens. Always attentively, with so much concentration that the cup is sipped no more for the time being. But still, it remains suspended as a third observer, and a third admirer of the art Nylie produces. "It has been a while, indeed." He admits with a smile that shows a bit of regret. "But I have come in the right moment. Just in time to listen, for first time, to your most recent work. A work of dreams, when dreams are what I need. Perhaps the Eight themselves guided me today here - perhaps it was it, and not just the music that flew through all the castle, marrying the souls of all its occupants. To be fair," his head is titled to the front, "I should thank you for that. I should always do."

Callem leans back, resting the tiredness of a long day or two. "But I am not so observant, and I tend to lose what is precious. Sometimes a detail. Sometimes more." His cousin was raised with him. Nylie is more of a sister than many of his own siblings. Such conversations are usual, and needed, between the two of them. At least until a new face emerges through the door. A face of foreign features, followed by an introduction to clarify the identity of the lady. "Your Highness, were you summoned by the melody as well? I think we have not yet been introduced. My name is Callem Kilgour. It is a pleasure."

"It is the right moment, we are always where we are ment to be in our moments. For as you say, the Eight perhaps guided you here to day. They guide us as we need to be, if we but listen. To them, to the music. It can be difficult to listen and not get lost within the noise, this is true. " Nylie smiles softly, gently setting aside her flute for the moment,"You are welcome, for you always are. I have missed being this, I always do, Callem."

There was more ease to Nylie as she sat in his precense, he was more a brother to her than her own in many ways. Easier to play the songs that held more of her in them. "It is hard to catch every detail, that is why you have others to help you. You know, I will always help in what ever you need of me." She always had. Always would. Even if just to intrudce the new arrival. Offering up not long after Callems,"Nylie Kilgour, Your Highness. Should you like to join us for abit? A glass of wine or cup of tea?"

A small smile forms further on the young woman's lips as she inclines her head to the musician then gives the king a well practiced curtsy, "Your Majesty, it is a pleasure to be welcomed so well so far away from home." Not like Skingaard isn't just a boat ride away. She folds her hand in front of her and then and steps more into the room. Her words have a slight foreign accent (italian) as she smiles to the king then the musician again, "It was truly lovely my lady, a work of art I am eternally grateful to such producer of it." She pauses again and watches the relationship between the two with a watchful eye before she replies to Nylie, "Wine I would be thankful for." She offers before a servant apparently will scurry off perhaps.

Behind the young princess a well dressed, like a lady, woman enters behind her with a sword though seen strapped down the middle of her back.

"I always need help. You might regret your own words, Nylie." Callem laughs soundly, looking with curiosity in the foreigner's direction. "I am glad you feel welcomed, for you certainly are. Our government has tried to open as many relations to many nations, transforming Darfield into a place friendly to newcomers and ready to please you in everything they need. Not only political ones, no," His words stop to let the scarlet wine be taken in a drink, "But you will find words, paintings, music," A nod is given to his cousin, "And the best food in Daeren. Everything, anything you want, is always at your disposal. And if you happen to need something, you only have to ask." His hand gestures towards both the Princess and the handmaiden, inviting them to take seat inside. Then, the blade is noticed, with more amusement than fear. "Every place has its metals. We have gold and silver, Laniveer has steel. Skingaard, on the other hand, I must admit I have not witnessed the craft of your people. Would you mind if I take a closer look? Is it as good as that Ice Wine that has become so popular in the Court?" He jests and laughs, this time softly, examining the pair of foreigners a bit closer.

"Words to you, Callem, I would never regret. Nor to take up whatever task you need of me. Besides, where left is there to send me? Especially now that you have left me to linger at Court to long." Nylie had managed to gain some attention with the months she had now lingered here at the Castle. The acceptence of the offerig of wine does have Nylie giving nod to her own maid, who to her credit is already on the move to see more glasses brought, a fresh bottle of the Sutherland wine. Fresh glasses poured for the women, Callem's topped off if he would so wish. The woman that accompanies Karissa is offered refreshment as well, if she would have it.

"And thank you, Princess. A song of my own making, muic is a thing I dable a little in," Nylie giving a light smile, a hint of huour to it perhaps. She did downplay her own skills far to often. A hint of curiosity coming to take not of the blade the haidmaiden seems to sport, noting lightly,"I recall having heard of the custom, but my travels, I fear have not allowed me to visit your home personally. "

The lezza turns down the wine with courtly skills while Karissa accepts it with her own. She smiles to the king and the musician again, a friendly smile if one has ever seen one. She looks to her handmaiden with an amused look and her eyebrow raised, "It is entirely up to Lezza Marion if she is willing to give up her sword Your Majesty. However I think giving the company we have no worry." The last part is said to the lezza with a nod of her head who draws the blade with skill and offers it to the foreign (to her) royal with a bow of her head, Marion seems the rather silent type for sure.

The sword issues dealt with Karissa inclines to her to Callem, "We do appreciate continued good relations with your country, and continued trade. I do hope our gift saw it's way to you well"

The King gladly accepts the refill of his cup. Too gladly, most could say. The monarch, the knight, the hero of many battles of times past, seems to need a good amount of wine. "As always, I must say you are right." He admits to Nylie, "I have already asked too much of you. You have travelled too much, always for the benefit of our Realm. But Court is always a long travel, even when only walls meet you at all sides. From room to room, from the gardens to the kitchens, the fate and life and death of many people is always being decided. What will we buy? What will we sell? Who are we going to marry our daughters to?" A dry laugh comes in, "A travel like no other." A travel and a long sip of liquor. "You have said you have not had the opportunity to visit the land of Princess Karissa. Perhaps her stories might enlighten you about it." He has asked many things of her, yes.

Only after the blade is received does he shake his head.

"Do not mistake me. It is pure curiosity, not any worry to be had. Truth be told, this is one of the few place in which I am not personally accompanied by my Knights of Rioga. If you wish, you could kill me at any moment. Before or after I can contemplate this sword. But, if that was the case, I would only wish you the best of lucks. Leaving Darfield would prove a little, let's say, complicated." He teases and proceeds to examine the weapon. "I do appreciate future good relations, as well. In my name and the name of my Kingdom. And the name of all who will enjoy Ice Cider and Ice Wine beside their warm dinner."

The realm was ina bit of a spot, many needed a fair bit of wine of late. Truly. "Perhaps you have, Callem, but never have you heard me complain of it. I have travelled much, but with purpose. And it had need to be done." There is a light sigh slips after Nylie drinks of her own wine, music cast aside for the moment in favour of the conversation that now comes. Some of which perhaps a little relaxed for the company now kept. "You are quite right, Court is a travel like no other. It tires and tries one in a way the road does not. " Giving a nod with a touch of a smile,"If she would be willing to share stories, I would enjoy to hear them. To learn what is different from there and here, of the other places I have been." Inclining her head to Karissa,"That is if you would not mind to share them with me sometime?"

Grey eyes drift to watch as Callem takes int eh sword, some curiosity of her own, though perhaps more of the combination of sword and woman, it was not a common sight in their fair kingdom, or most others she had visited. Simply drinking of her wine, perhaps all KIlgours just needed more of it these days, when he spoke of how he could be killed with ease in this area. "I think complicated might be an understatement, Callem. " Especially right now, after the rescent spat of…kidnappings. "I do think many do enjoy the Ice wine and cider that come to us from our shores. Have you come then to seek additin or renewed agreements of trade, Your Highness?"

Karissa's eyes widen as her cheeks flush a touch before she says firmly, "We would never mean you harm Your Majesty." Her lilted tone reassuring in it's resolve as Marion eyes him with a polite smile on her lips. "There is more to our small Kingdom then just Ice Wine and Cider Your majesty, but I do appreciate your liking of our essential goods." She inclines her head again before chocola eyes fall on the musician, "Stories I would love to tell you about our small but I do hope delightful Skingaard. And if you do ever wish to visit and his majesty can spare such a talent, I am sure you would be more then welcomed."

Karissa's soft voice continues but more of a diplomats tone now, "We only wish to show our desire for continued good relations. It is a seemingly not such a advantages time for our arrival but if you do desire or need any help. The Galley that brought me and my ladies is still here in port until you wish it otherwise." The poor merchant.

Callem handles back the sword to its owner with a smile. "Interesting. Your offering is most interesting." Ships. Oh, ships. But he shakes his head, smiles more widely, and leans forward on his seat. "But we will have time to discuss it all in a formal way. Parchments will be signed, negotiations will occur. I would only designate, right now, Nylie to be the official person in charge of the relations with Skigaard. You two seem to have liked each other." His eyes are lightened with a hint of satisfaction, and a challenging look goes to the foreigner royal. "Your Highness, would you like to join us and drink to the name of both of our Kingdoms? I must warn you; our Sutherland wine is not to be taken lightly. But you have come with steel, and those who wear it, well," he shrugs, "are not to be taken lightly, either." Raising his own cup, he finally adds, "You came here guided by the music, so joy is what you should receive. Everything has its moment and its place, and it is unwise to talk of politics in a night of wine. Sutherland wine."

A dip of her head goes to Karissa,"I do think I would enjoy to pay visit to Skingaard sometime, even if now ight not be the best. Perhaps not long in the future, it would be a possiblity to see to." Pending war, probably not a good time to travel. Nylie's eyebrow raise just a touch at the words that come from Callem, a drink is need. Court is to be her home for a change, Caedmon will be pleased. Surprised perhaps. "Of course, Callem, I should be happy to get to know Princess Karissa better, and see that the relationship between our Kingdoms does flourish and grow, as well as the trade between." He did indeed ask much of her, but it was not in her nature to ever tell him no. Simply taking another drink of that wine herself as he lays that friendly challenge before Karissa. Her glass though raising with Callems words in that bit of a toast he give.

A slightly raised eyebrow and Karissa takes a sip of the wine in her hand, no sign of distress at the alcohol level from this Princess. She also can not feel a pea under her mattress either. She dips her head to Callem and gives a small smile before she takes another small sip and then says, "To wine, fine music, Mobrin and Skingaard your majesty." Her glass lifts slightly as she inclines her head to him again and then smiles to Nylie, "Oh wonderful, it will be a pleasure to have such wonderful company for such boring talks as trade routes and taxes." She even offers the older woman a small wink.

Approvingly, Callem nods and takes the cup closer, stopping just before his lips, "It is settled, then. Lady Nylie is officially in charge of the diplomatic relation between Princess Karissa of Skingaard and Mobrin, for as long as we can enjoy her company in Darfield. May it be prosper and long." Satisfied, his challenging gaze moves from a face to the other and then to the wine bottle.

Who put peas under the matress? It would attract mice and things, and who wants that? Nylie offers Karissa a smile after taking a drink of the wine,"I promise, I shall endevour to make them not entirely dull. " After all they are girls and what is a bit of gossip over talk of trade routes? "And I am certain we can find ways and paths that will better the relationship between our people, and bring greater benefits then what we already enjoy." Giving rise ot he glass again,"May it and our people proser." And may she sleep in tomorrow.

Karissa seems to be drinking her wine a touch slower then the other two and she opens her mouth to say something but it quickly shuts again as she thinks better of it. The young woman watches the two foreigners with interest as she sips slowly again. "Is there a way to make trade routes not boring? I am sure his majesty here can not even say they delight him." She jokes before smiling to Callem again, "And I do hope to stay for some time, or as long as needed your majesty." She looks to the door as a man who obviously look Skingaardian approaches and the princess excuses herself for a moment.

The King laughs with the cup in his hand. "If there was a secret, and I am not saying there is, do you think I would ever tell it?" Tilting it with a smirk on his lips, he nods as the Princess excuses herself.

"Nylie, thank you for a wonderful evening. I needed it. Majestic music, perfectly performed. I must say you never cease to impress me with your skill. Not to say that the wine and the company are the best. The Princess looks charming, with a foreign charm. I trust you two will enjoy each other's company greatly."

The family has had a few….issues of late…any one of which might drive a person to drink a bit more than usual. Even if Nylie takes those few drinks more quickly to start, she slows down as the conversation continues,"I do not think the full boredom can be waved away, but there are some ways to make them not put one to sleep entirely." There is a soft laugh though to Callem's comment upon it all,"You keep your secrets well, Callem." Giving a bow of her head to the Princess when she excuses herself.

Nylie bows her head to Callem,"You are welcome, it is a evening I have needed for a long time. I do not have such eves often enough." A warm smile comes,"I enjoy my playing, and my skill is my gift from the Eight to us all." There is a glance towards the direction the Princess departed. "She does seem charming, I do look forward ot learning further of her lands. And I am sure we shall, Callem. "

Somehow, almost unexpectedly, a shadow is casted on Callem's expression. Only for the beat of a heart, for no apparent reason. But for that moment, during that painful moment, the suspended cup returns to a nearby table. The wine perceptively untouched, and a smile only hinted but not pleased. A moment of memory. And that is all it takes.

"I think I must excuse myself as well, cousin. There are nights that must not be taken by bad dreams." Without saying more, it may be clear for her what he is referring. But a few more words, guided by their own will, cannot be restrained. "I lost her, cousin. I lost her." With that, Callem rises to his feet, offering the most gentle and warm of bows of farewell. "We will meet soon again, I promise. Keep writing songs to relieve hears and songs of tales of dreams that deserve to be dreamt. Have the best of nights, Nylie."

The wine has not dulled Nylie's sense so much that the brief shadow could be missed. The placing of the cup, the movements, the hints all taken in. Though no comment comes, there were times to speak, and times to simply take note for the time.

"As you need, cousin. I am only glad to have had this much of an eve with you once again." Nylie was more then aware of the demands upon his time. The additional words do bring a faint frown, worry to her eyes. Rising to her feet but moments after,"I will look forward to thos times, Callem. And I shall keep writing songs of dreams that are dream and yet deserve to be dreamt." While he may bow, it is no curtsy that she offers to him. But those steps taken to give him the warm embrace of a hug. "My night is already of the best, whenyou are a part of it my adored cousin, Callem. May yours yet hold to dreams."

The embrace is welcomed and Nylie is hugged tightly. "Play songs about those who will never leave. Keep playing, cousin, and return the hope to the spirit of those who have long abandoned it all. Some of us are fared to be forgotten. Some of us are meant to be left behind. But your music, Nylie, the music will always live in our hearts." Leaning back and taking her shoulder, the King offers a final smile, trembling, forced, a smile that fights against his own feel. However, it is a smile, and the last smile of his night. Callem might have been broken inside, but the King - the King that Mobrin needs, will still live.

"I shall keep playing cousin, and hope it it will return hope, to raise spirits. There are always those who are thought to be left behind, to one day be forgotten. Yet in muic they are yet held and remembered, made so by those who make the music. Sometimes we know not what it is we remember, but as the music lives, so shall the memories and dreams." There is a quiet smile for him, when he leans back and takes Nylie's shoulders,"And I would never forget of you, Callem. " He was her King, but he was also her cousin, near brother. The world asked to much of him, and perhaps he in turn of her. A price each paid. But yet they served as they were needed and asked to.

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