Inouv 15, 228: A New Member of the Family

A New Member of the Family
Summary: On the afternoon after her return to the Dellhaven quarters, Baroness Caillin receives a pleasant surprise.
OOC Date: 04/12/2013 and 05/12/2013 (OOC)
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Ruthgar Caillin 
Baronial Room, Darfield Castle
The huge bed that dominates the chamber is made of dark red cherry wood and stands more or less in the middle of the room, with one shorter side directly at the wall. It can be reached from both sides and is broad enough to allow for two people to lie there side by side. Cushions and sheets have been orderly arranged, with a blanket in deep red on top. In one corner of the room, at the far side by the window, are three chairs and a small table, carved from that same cherry wood as the bed – and the huge wardrobe in the opposite corner. During the day the light enters through the window, with a smaller one of stained-glass, representing the white and purple of the Kilgour crest slightly above it. At night the room is lit by torches or candles that have been placed in the sconces at the walls, and sometimes even by the flickering light of a fire in the hearth.
15th day of Inouv, in the year 228

It is already afternoon, the rays of the winter sun tell a tale of the cold chill outside, but they manage to fill the baronial room with a most impressive light. A light that might be echoed in the demeanour of the young baron who enters through the door at this very moment, wearing his usual attire of red and black tunic and breeches. In his wake follows a servant, carrying a tray with some refreshments, cheese, smoked ham on a plate, a small bowl of fresh grapes. A flagon of wine and two cups are brought by a second servant.

Pale grey eyes scan the room until they have glimpsed Caillin in their bed, and Ruthgar walks over to her, his hand patting her cheek while his lips gently touch her forehead. "My love. Have you rested? How are you feeling?", he inquires, concern and affection for his wife clearly visible in his mien. He had been absent since he left her in the morning, as some tedious business needed to be tended to.

When the door of the bedroom is opened, entering people can sneak up on the moment, when the young baroness is just waking up. Her hands are raised above her head, while the girl is trying to stretch. She yawns so widely and honestly, with a sound of pleasure coming from her throat.

However, when her slightly closed eyes catches the sight of her husband, Caillin tries quickly and mannerly cover her yawning lips with pale fingers, but she is late to do that, so just giggles, sparkling some amusement with her grey gaze.

The girl sighs in some kind of relieve, when she feels baron's lips on her forehead, "Your majesty, King of my heart, how I could be rested, when all I can do is to be joyful of finally being beside you again? I do not have time to rest…" The girl starts laughing and healthy bright blush visits her cheeks as some mischief sneaks into her eyes.

Such a teasing shows that the young baroness does not care about presence of servants, even if she should. However, she fixes the sleeve of her nightgown, raising it to cover her shoulder. The nightgown is as white as snow and has some embroidery made by the golden thread. The gown is light and slightly lucent.

The girl glances at the food and drinks, she beams and clasps her hands around Ruthgar, giving a long kiss to his lips, before she chuckles, "You brought whole kitchen to our bedroom!"

"Oh yes you do," Ruthgar replies, his smile broadening. "You have plenty of time. But you look already much better, my love. Much better than yesterday. It seems your return to our quarters is working magic on your health." And disposition

Behind his back the two servants exchange a glance, a little startled perhaps because of the good spirits of the baroness. They deposit the wine and food onto the small table in the corner and leave after offering deep bows towards their masters.

Ruthgar meanwhile moves over to the table and pours wine into the cups, taking his time as he does so. "No, it wasn't all of what they had in the kitchens. I had to leave something for the rest of the court, my flower." Yes, he seems as well to be in the best of spirits today, which is quite unusual for this rather brooding and somber fellow. He offers Caillin one of the cups, before he takes a sip from his own. "You must be quite hungry, my love. After all this rest." A smirk plays around the corners of his mouth.

"My return to our quarters?" chuckles the young girl, interrupting her husband, while he is pouring the wine, "My return to you, my love, is working magic on my health. When I see your eyes and when you kiss my forehead… I just can't be sad!"

The young baroness is following Ruthgar with her excited gaze, when he is coming closer again, with the goblet of wine. She takes that goblet into the pale hands and raises the edge of the goblet near her lips, taking a long and slow sip. At first she keeps her eyes closed, but when the baron mentions food, she quickly opens her eyes and grey look is stabbed to the man for a few moments. The look, which basically says, that the girl could eat baron for the breakfast and that would be something special.

She grins widely, leaving just one drop of wine to rest on her lip, when Caillin announces, "Of course, I feel starving… I hope you brought the most tasty things for us, leaving something just very simple to others," she giggles and the drop of wine ripples across her chin, falling on the bed, but leaving and awkward, rosy line on the girl's skin.

There is a flicker in those pale grey eyes, when Ruthgar notices Caillin's look, the smirk on his face deepens and he lowers his gaze. No, there will be no baron for breakfast, when she already had one. And after all, It is afternoon already. "Certainly," he replies with a gesture towards the table. "What would you like? Some fruit? A bit of cheese? There will be a real meal brought to you later, these are merely appetizers, to give you a little strength. For the visitors I am expecting." His gaze is raised towards her as the baron studies her with an enigmatic smile.

The girl starts whirling her flaxen curls and curious gaze studies the table. She looks like a child, who can't decide if he wants a muffin with strawberries or cherries. She would like to eat everything. Finally, after long moment of considerations, Caillin beams, "I want fruits!" And she extends her hand to take one.

Though, Ruthgar's state forces her to find his gaze once more and the girl freezes in that "reaching for food" position. She whispers, "But you know, that for now I do not want any visitors…"

Ruthgar reaches for the bowl on the table and hands it over to Caillin when she freezes in her movement, and that enigmatic smile is still present on his features when he lets out a low chuckle. "You don't? Believe me, you do want to receive these, I assure you." He walks over to the door that had been closed by the servants and opens it, gesturing for someone in the entrance hall of the Dellhaven quarters to step forward.

A young woman appears, clad in the robes of a priestess of the Light. She is followed by a slightly older woman, in her forties she may be, a commoner obviously but with a kind and rosy face, her form not exactly slender but rather a bit plump, with broad hips and a gait that is not exactly graceful but appears rather clumsy. This woman carries a bundle on her arm, something that has been wrapped into a white cloth, and something in the way she carries it suggests this may not be a sack of potatoes.

Caillin takes that bowl carefully, but her eyes are still cautiously fixed on Ruthgar. She follows the man to the door, and just when two other women enter, the young baroness leaves her husband in peace, slipping with her gaze at these women. At first, Caillin frowns and it looks like that she would like to run away from the room, as she is thinking, that the priestess is here to check on her mental stance or something. However, quickly she sees that /something/ in the other woman's hands and grey eyes widen.

The surprised and incredibly bright smile appears in the girl's features, while her hands forget holding the bowl. The bowl falls on the ground and fruits roll all over the room, when the girl shouts in excitement, "My love is it what I think it is?!!!"

Ruthgar notices the sceptical glare of his wife when he turns to her, perhaps intending to say a few words of introduction, but then staying silent for a bit, as he does not want to spoil the surprise. And so it is not him who reveals what the plump woman carries but the little infant on her arm that lets out a loud displeased squeal at the sound of the bowl that falls to the ground and shatters into many pieces.

"Tis the boy, my love. The infant you saved. This is Mother Eireene, Priestess of the Light. And this is the wetnurse, Reanne" the baron finally remarks, his gaze shifting momentarily to the servants who rush in to clean up the mess of shards and grapes on the floor.

The priestess approaches Caillin, a benign smile on her features, and gestures for the wetnurse to follow. Reanne seems to be a little nervous. She lowers her gaze and attempts a clumsy curtsey, while she cradles the infant boy on her arm at the same time. "M'lady the baroness." she greets with a shy smile, before she shifts her attention to the child on her arm. "Shush you little scoundrel" she mutters, with a warm and affectionate voice.

The girl's features become sooo soft, that it looks like she is melting in her bed, when she hears the sound of the baby. The young baroness starts gesturing with her arms for both women to hurry, to hurry to come closer. Caillin smile at both of them, before turning the gaze at Ruthgar, "You are the best husband in the whole world. You are the image of something perfect!"

But then the young baroness fixes her gaze on the baby in other woman's hands. The grey eyes are watching the boy with so much love, so much affection and so much softness, that everybody could believe, that Caillin gave birth for that infant and she is he true mother of the boy.

"Please, could I hold this little angel…?" She whispers and extends her hands.

Ruthgar follows the two women, keeping a little distance though as he wants to observe Caillin's reaction. When he hears her praise he lowers his gaze with a low chuckle. The servants have already finished their task of cleaning the floor from the baroness's misshap, their endeavours are acknowledged by a nod of the Ruxton as the two pass him on their way out.

Mother Eireene smiles, her eyes study Caillin intently, their expression soon softening when she beholds the warmth towards the child within her. "Reanne," she remarks, "Go on… Follow the baroness's bidding." The plump woman meanwhile has raised her common gaze towards the former princess, a bright smile on her face, because she has noticed the change in Lin's demeanour. "Ah, there you go, M'lady the baroness. He's as light as a feather, but such an adorable boy, M'lady." And she extends her arms as she hands the little infant boy that seems still a little displeased to Caillin, placing him gently in the baroness's arms.

Caillin takes that child in her arms, as if that child would be the precious crystal, which may turn to dusts from the slightest touch. When her grey eyes meet his pure blue ones, the young baroness starts crying. However, the cry is not from sadness, it is full of admiration, happiness and some kind of warmth. She very gently raises her one hand to tap the little boy's nose very very carefully, while her other hand cuddles him to her chest, that the infant could hear how wildly her madly loving heart is beating. A soft voice of the girl whispers, "My little angel, my little child… I promise, I will keep you safe, you will have everything you need in your life, I will love you with all my heart. Her lips place a kiss on the child's forehead, "I am your mother, and you have the most wonderful and the most perfect father. You are our angel, you are our precious son…" And she raises her little finger, to touch his tiny hands. The tears of joy still ripple across her cheeks, "My King…" drawls the girl as she would be inviting her husband to come and sit closer.

The little infant boy stares at Caillin with blue eyes, and the wailing stops as he is distracted by her flaxen tresses that brush over his face - a magical moment of peace and quiet. The little one gives a little sound when her lips touch his forehead and his tiny arms twitch a little. It is now that Ruthgar finally moves to join his wife, especially since the surprise seems to please her. "He is a strong and healthy boy, my love. All he needs is a name." He reaches his hand towards the child, one of his fingers brushing gently against the tiny hand of the infant. Pale grey eyes come to linger on Caillin's. "I suppose you should pick one, my love."

Caillin beams widely and leans to kiss Ruthgar's cheek. Then she quickly concentrates her loving gaze back on the boy, "Our son, the Light has granted us with honour to have you with us, as you were granted to live in the loving and caring family. She slightly raises the boy, that his little adorable blue eyes could see the young baron, "See, little boy, he is your father, he is my light. You both are my lights…"

Then the young baroness extends little child to Ruthgar, "Take him… He is so warm… Just feel him, my love!" And then she lowers her gaze again on the infant. "When you told me about possibility… I was always thinking… I don't know. At first I thought he could be Joshua, later Ethan, more later Connor… But Brandon would be great too! But… Maybe you should pick the name?" Her grey eyes find's Ruthgar's. Then a sudden question leaves her throat, "Will you take him as your squire? I want him to grow as strong, as kind, as loving, as caring, as amazing as you are!"

Ruthgar cannot help but smile when he receives that kiss to his cheek, his gaze shifts from Caillin to the boy as she holds the infant out to him, his hands moving to take him after the tiniest moment of hesitation, as a slightly bewildered expression sneaks into his eyes. The little boy comes to lie on his lower right arm, its tiny head resting in his armpit, while the baron's left hand gently rests on the infant's stomach, securing the little one in that position. The awkwardness quickly fades from his mien, and Ruthgar shifts his gaze from the child towards Caillin, when she offers a variety of names for the boy.

"Brandon," the Ruxton declares after a short pause. "His name shall be Brandon then." His smile deepens as his grey eyes lock with those innocent blue ones of the infant on his arm. "Aye, a fitting name for you, little one." To Caillin’s last question he lowers his gaze. “Certainly. I can train him, and make sure he learns how to be a knight someday.” Someday far in the future, given the little one won’t start squiring in the next fourteen years.

Caillin watches her two beloved men with so much admiration. Those, who would see the girl now, in this moment, would understand that there is no a happier person than the young baroness. At least at this moment, when her husband keeps that infant in his arms. And infant of one of the commoners, who her husband does not trust and does not like so much. Isn't that adorable?

The girl slips closer. To feel her husband beside and rest her gaze on the infant, "Our little Bran," she beams and turns to Ruthgar, "You make me so happy. You are so wonderful. How you can be so wonderful?" Her hand rises to brush Ruthgar's curls, "You are…" and she is lack of words to express. Words are too weak to describe Ruthgar, but the girl's gaze says everything.

It may be a commoner child, but does it matter when if it manages to give his wife her light back? Ruthgar's gaze lingers on little Brandon, but there is nothing but innocence to be found within those blue eyes.

"No need to thank me, Caillin. We are responsible for him. It was you who saved him. In your greatest peril, you decided to help him live." His gaze is lowered, the smile slightly dimmed for a short moment.

It is Mother Eireene who steps closer now, clearing her throat. Her demeanour is filled with almost as much light as Caillin's, which is to be expected of someone in service of the Gods and Goddesses, of course. "The Light approves of your decision, Lord Baron and Lady Baroness. If you allow me, I would like to apply their blessing, before we name the child officially." Her voice is soft and friendly. Reanna has moved a little to the side, lingering as she has not been dismissed.

Caillin just nods for the woman. The girl is not able to speak now. All she wants is just to be close near these two wonders.

Mother Eireene extends her hand and places it gently on the infant's head. "Receive the blessing, little one. May Sess watch over your steps, may Sheat give you wisdom, may Nar give you strength, may Alasair provide you with love. May Umbra be gentle with you, that you may not lose your way in the shadows, may Inouv spare you from the darkness. May Cri spare you from times of need, as Thedor may grant you the time to be valiant and virtuous, and remembered for generations to come." She pauses and closes her eyes as her fingers start trembling a little on the infant's forehead.

"You shall henceforth be known as Brandon Vale, to remind you for the rest of your life of the grace the Gods have bestowed upon you. A child born in the poorest parts of Stormvale, saved from an almost certain death in the streets and now welcomed into one of the most noble families."

Eireene raises her gaze to Caillin and Ruthgar. "Will you swear by the Light to take care of Brandon as if he were your own child, and raise him to respect the rules of the Light?"

The girl watches the infant for the whole ceremony. She is a bit scared, or worried, that the boy may be afraid, or something. She watches his each move, each blink and weave. The love continues radiating from her grey eyes.

Then a question is given, the young baroness beams widely. "I do, I do, I do!" Caillin whispers many many times, raising her hand and gently touching the tiny hand of the baby with her little finger, "Brandon Vale is my son, my little Bran, my light…" And then the girl glances at Ruthgar.

Ruthgar's gaze is lowered, perhaps he is watching that hand of the priestess on little Brandon's forehead, and a smile brushes his mien when he hears Caillin's reply. His pale grey eyes are raised to meet the gaze of the priestess and he nods. "I swear. I will raise him as if he were my own son." His voice is soft, yet firm, his enthusiasm perhaps not as overwhelming as that of his wife - But that seems only natural, given their differing tempers.

The priestess nods then and removes her hand from the infant's forehead. "The Temple leaves Bran to your care, Lord Baron and Lady Baroness." An unobtrusive glance is shot towards Ruthgar. "We shall see to get the paperwork done in a moment, I suppose?"

"Aye, of course, Holy Mother.", the baron replies. "In a moment." He hands little Brandon carefully back to his wife - the infant is surprisingly still as it looks at the ceiling with big blue eyes.

Caillin moves to settle back in the bed, under the blankets. The child is gently hold in her arms, when she speaks with him, "Well, little Bran, you have wonderful blue eyes as the bright sky! I bet you will be one of these, who love running outside. We shall get a walk. Soon. When there are less people outside, my little angel," the girl leans to place a peck on the tip of the children’s nose. She extends her little finger and the infant clenches it in his tiny palm. Caillin giggles, "Yes, yes! You are strong! Oh! And you need some new clothes! I already have you a very warm little cloak. You will be so adorable!.."

And the young mother remains in the bed with her son, speaking, giggling and singing, while her husband will deal with some papers.

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