7th Thedor, 229: A Moment of Peace Before the Gloom

A Moment of Peace Before the Gloom
Summary: A breath of fresh air before a meeting of the King's Council
OOC Date: 07/Jan/2014
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Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
7th Thedor, 229

It is coly and snow is still coming down but that does nothing to keep Eliylw and a few young ladies about her age from going outside, they followed by a guard. The former all are healers or somehow otherwise employed in the castle's infirmary as is pointed to by their gray dresses and white caps that can be seen in glimpses under their cloaks. Eliylw is speaking to her friends who all are, in turn, giggling and chatting back.

Eoin has been back and forth to the docks for the last few days and that of course entails crossing the courtyard twice each trip. This time he's heading back through the gatehouse towards the main keep, cloak wrapped close about him to keep out the wind and snow. The gaggle of healers is spotted and given a brief nod, never hurts to keep friendly with the skilled after all, but his main focus, for now at least, appears to be inside and warmth.

Eoin isn't recognized by Eli at first but she pauses to look at the man she mistakenly takes for a stranger at first but, after a moment she realizes who he is she pauses to curtsey. "It is cold out, isn't it," she asks him. Thanks to it having been awhile, she can not remember his name or the title by which to properly adress him. Here's for hoping he is easy going.

Eoin doesn't seem to miss the irony of being stopped from heading into the warmth by a comment about how cold it is. He does stop though, giving the healer a brief nod in agreemet as he does so. "Mistress Cadwalader," he offers, "you are quite correct, but thankfully we're at least sheltered a little out of the wind within the walls."

It takes a moment but then Eliylw finally remembers what the proper form of address is for the man, leaving her a little relieved once she realizes she does so. "Do not let us keep you from getting inside and in the warmth, My Lord. I'd hate to have you come down ill from the chill." There's a whisper from one of the other girls who gets nodded to. "Go ahead. I'll catch up with you at the shop." The guard will go with them, meaning she'll have to ask another to join her.

"I'd hate for that too," Eoin replies with a faint nod, "I have far too much to be getting on with for that sort of thing." Including an second council meeting in three days, lucky him. She might have mentioned the word 'shop' but he says anyway, "if you were heading for the temple then you're likely better off staying by the fire I'm afraid. The doors are barred and the clergy about the streets."

Having been forced to miss out on taking advantage of the fresh snow last evening, Nylie finally has a spot of free time and it is snowing again. Thusly the woman, dressed in a warm woolen dress of dark puple coveredup by a fur lined cloak is making her way out of the castle, followed by her handmaid and a pair of guards. Her steps somewhat energetic as she makes her way out. But..wait…there are people. Or more so, people he knows, who knows her. There is a mild sigh and her steps slow to a proper pace and a more nonchalant 'I was just going out for a walk' posture is made, rather than the 'squee, time to make snowmen' gait and aura that had been there. Giving a bit of a curtsy to Eoin as she draw nears the pair, a faint drift of her hands keeping the cloak from dropping to much into the snow. "Good day, Lord Admiral," a faint touch of an incline of her head to Eliylw,"Miss Eliylw." An eyebrow rising just a little at the words she caught in walking up. "The temple is closed?"

That was something she heard about, a bit, but even then it still seems to surprise Eliylw who takes to gawking once the situation is made mention of. "I never thought I'd see a time where that'd happen," she eventually comments while the rest of the shopping party heads off. "Makes it a very good thing that our plans did not involve going there to pray. How long do you think they'll have the doors barred?" Hopefully not spring, that being when the wedding will hopefully take place, but if it is still closed they'll surely figure something out.
Nylie's greeting has her smiling and she curtsey's again. "Lady Kilgour. I do hope you've been well."

"I am afraid I do not know Mistress," Eoin answers, before Nylie makes her presence known as well. Turning a little so he's facing the Kilgour a little more he offers a polite bow in return of her curtsy and a "good day Lady Nylie." A nod is given at the mention of the temple and he states simply, "I was walkingback up through town just now and saw it so, but the clergy are out in the streets so I must wonderif perhaps it is a problem with the building itself. With the weather we've been having there might be structural problems."

A soft smile is given to the Admiral at his greeting before Nylie gives a nod to Eliylw,"Aye, I have been well. " Drifting some to make conversation easy for the three, a faint glance silent given to ensure she is not intruding to greatly. "With the weather it is possible as you suggest, Lord Admiral. Especially if the clergy has taken to the streets to yet see to the people. Hopefully it is not something that shall keep them closed for long and can be swiftly fixed."

Eliylw dips her head politely to Nylie upon hearing her answer. "I am very glad to hear that, My Lady…" Greetings concluded with that, Eliylw listens at first, her expression slowly becoming concerned. "I do hope it is nothing that serious." There is very little she has heard so she doesn't know any facts, or rumors for that fact, meaning she really has nothing to add to the conversation, leaving her to listen attentively for the moment.

Eoin has heard various things from people who should know, but not directly realted to the barring of the doors, so he merely speculates for now. "I am sure that every effort is being put towards a situation where it can be re-openned," he offers after a moment's consideration. Then turning to Nylie he asks, "you weren't heading that way yourself were you my Lady? As I said, I could show you where I saw the a couple of the priestesses if you have the need?"

"I would imagine every effort would be offered and made," having spent most of her day in practice til now, as is far to often the case. Nylie gives a small shake of her head, looking slighltly sheepish for a moment as she recalls where she had been heading,"No, I had not been. I was to go later today. But it seems I shall have to adjust my plans accordingly." Not having a great need, like…say Roslin. "Though surely if the doors are closed more than a day or so, some word will be made that explains the situation."

Eoin hasn't been either, so gives Nylie an understanding smile at her confession. "I suspect that you are not the only one who will be caught out by this," he replies, shifting ever so slightly as he makes a valient, but ultimately vain attempt to make himself less of a target for the snow. "I was condisering a walk in the gardens later," he says almost conversationally, "if you are heading that way now though I would be honoured were you to allow me to join you."

"Aye, I would imagine that to be the case," comes Nylie's agreement as she stands with Eoin and Eliylw as the trio conversate. Nylie's maid and guard not far away. There is a brief hesitation upon Nylie's part before she admits,"It i where I had been heading in truth, few seem to quite spend time there in this weather. With the snow, it take on a different sort of beauty then in the spring." Unspoiled snow, less chance of being caught being….er. She does smile though at the offer,"I would be delighted to have the company, Lord Eoin."

Given his own free reign of the castle means that sometimes, he arrives in odd places, peace knot or not tied to his blade, the large looming figure is likely not one that is easily welcomed within the Court here, or anywhere for that matter. Still the battle worn knight does seem to bear some dignity in how he presents himself. Clean, even if he is bearded and ragged in his long hair would give opposite opinion. He is dressed down in martial leathers and some armor-though it is merely ornamental, and likely would only help keep him from being skewered for about a minute. A dark blue cloak is worn over his shoulders, adding a bit of color, from his otherwise spartan appearance.

Bowden pauses as he comes into the courtyard and across a party of Morbin's finest. His eyes clearly watching, before he is looking for a means to skirt across. No need to raise any tensions here in the castle. Further.

"While snow is indeed pretty I can not hope but to wish for the thaw so the greenery and herbs can bloom again." That probably is not surprising, seeing as how so much of the healers' work relies on herbs for medicine. Eliylw tugs her cloak around her more and she actually shivers a little. "And there is something special being planned for spring that I can not wait for."

"I have another council meeting to attend in a few hours," Eoin confesses, "I have found that a walk or ride before hand can do wonders to clear my mind before such discussions." He hasn't spotted Bowden yet, but then his focus is mostly on the lady infront of him, and Eliylw of course. "I must confess that I too wish for the turn of the weather, but so that the seas will be kinder again. This is not weather to be out on the deep, but I find myself missing the salt-spray and the feel of the wind in my face."

"I suppose I do not much miss that near as much, with all the plants that Wenna keeps about. " And Nylie manages to spend a fair amount of time in her brother's suite these days. "It is always nice to have something to look forward to," notes Nylie. A quiet little 'ah' slips from Nylie at what Eoin mentions,"I imagine it does help to make sure your mind is clear before attending one of those meetings. " A soft smile comes,"I do imagine you miss the sea by now, the weather has not made much oppurtunity to put out. While I do find way to enjoy this weather, I do look for the weather to break as well. I have hope that by then my next place has been decided." There is a slight raise of an eyebrow, a gentle nod of her head in the direction of the large, looming figure, perhaps simply to draw Eoin's attention to the presence.

Eliylw catches sight of Bowden but she also begins to excuse herself, dipping into a cursey that is graceful. "I do hate to leave but the others wait for me at the shop and I do not wish to keep them waiting." She waits until she is given permission to leave before doing so.

Eyes slide to Eliylw, before he is looking back towards Nylie and then the Morbin Lord that she is speaking to. So far his back and side have been at the knight's disposal. All the same, when the lass courtesies and the other nods, he dips his head in his own recognition of greeting. Not quite a bow, but then it is not discourteous either. It's then as he simply starts to move without calling out to either noble, so as to head back in towards the keep.
Bowden, does though move to allow Eliylw passage without hinderance. Cause he is a gentleman, and such things.

Eoin gives Eliylw a brief, understanding nod, then raises an eyebrow as some of Nylie's words catch his attention. "Next place Lady Nylie? You will not be staying here at the castle into the spring?" The idea seems to surprise him somewhat but any follow up is cut short by her indication of the other presence which he turns a little to look for. At 6'4 the man is easy enough to spot, but his face apparently means nothing to the Haravean who simply turns back to Nylie and tilts his head in silent question. Clear she had been trying to tel him something, but he's not entirely sure what and why.

There is a incline of her head to Eliylw as the woman makes her departure. Though Eoin is soon has her attention again. There is a hint of hesitation before she nods,"Aye, next place. In truth, I do not know. But I would be surprised if I am kept here long. I never am. " There is a slight smile,"You likely see your home more than I, my Lord. The past two years I have been in Aberdeen, before that I was home briefly. But it may be I travel near as oft as you, even if mostly upon land, not the sea. " The light explaination given as he takes in th efigure noted. "Caedmon wishes me here, so perhaps it will be different this time, and I will not be sent along the moment there is a break in the weather." She adds softly when he looks back with the silent question, it not perhaps so much she knows the figure personally,"Laniveer."

Offering his elbow, so that they might walk, Eoin nods slowly as Nylie explains her travels, then one more a little more solidly as her brother is mentioned. "I will pray to the Eight that that is so then," he replies in all seriousness, "I know what it is like to be away from ones home and family for a long time, and I would not wish it upon those who would not welcome it." He's fine with it for a few months tops, but two years? Nope, not his thing at all. Once Bowden's origins are explained he glances back to the retreating form and nods once, saving what he remembers of the face should he require the information at a later time. "I see," he states with a nod, "one of the retinue I take it?" He almsot says 'princess' retinue' but what with the Stewart line being declared usrpers by the King he takes care to avoid the title in the presence of other Kilgours.

As Nylie's hand lightly slips to take the offered elbow, the maid and guard move to follow after with this indication to walk. "I am not sure if I welcome it or not, or simply have gotten used to it. It is simply how it has always been for me. " As if to try to explain in some way, Nylie notes,"The first time was when I was five. Though most were usually more for six to eight months, and within Morbin." Thus allowing visits home. Aberdeen. A touch harder. "I admit, I would not mind a break to it all, to get to know Caedmon better again, and I have enjoyed getting to know you and the others that are of his family now. " Confessing a bit softly,"Even if I could do without all this time at court." All the eyes! There i a small nod as they start to walk and he understands of the retreating Bowden. "Aye, one of them. I have not met him personally, but I believe he is a knight, on of those sent as escort." To the noblity, of course.

Eoin finds it perfectly reasonable that a visitng lady, royal or not, would bring a knight for protection, so he simply nods once and lets that matter drop. "And I could do without these council meetings," he confesses in a smiliar tone. "We're supposed to be the greatest minds of the kingdom meeting to advise the King, but from my experience so far it is usually dominated by those who wish to air grievences or try and gain political prowess over others." He stops short of suggesting that the heads of houses are kicked off, but it's at least in part what he's thinking. "I must admit, I have found it far more useful in getting things done to just appraoch your brother and the Crown Prince directly." He stops himself there though, and offers an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, I should not bore you with such things. Did your travels ever take you to Greenshire? Tell me, what did you make of our fair county?"

Nylie gives a small nod,"I have heard such of them, more a stage where performances are made for the benefits of politics, then something truly being done as the intention would seem to be." Her voice kept low enough, her shadows lagging far enough behind to allow their conversation to be somewhat private as they walk. "I can see it having use though, even if the time could perhaps be better use otherwise. It gives insight to who is perhaps trying to reach, or over reach. Insight in many other ways, but what is said as much as what is unsaid. " She offers a soft smile,"I imagine it is easier in simply approaching them. And also less time consuming then trying to gather so many together." She shakes her head a little,"You do not bore me, my Lord. While I may not be home oft, I am not without understanding. " It does seem she has understanding beyond that regarding music. A small nod of her head comes,"They have, I have traveled most of the kingdom. But Greenshire, it is amongst my favorites. There is much of it that had a feeling of home for me, just without so many tree" she notes to explain,"I was actually raised at first amongst my mother' family in Sky Forest." Smiling at the memories of it,"I have traveled there several times actually, for music is why I am ent to travel. And being close to home, it was easier to send me. And where better with such musicians that grace your lands? I fear to that end, I always adored being able to be in residence when the festivals at harvest time when a foot."

"The politics I leave to Aldren," Eoin states with a faint nod, "he is head of House Haravean and such manouverins are his issue and not mine. I am there to do a job and I suppose I should be greatful that as such I can leave a lot of it be." Ah the joy of being of an offshoot line. He smles more easily once the talk turns to Greenshire again though and he listens attentitively. "I must confess to only really knowing the coast of the Sky Forrest," he states simply, "one day I should rectify that I suppose but I fear that may not be for some time yet." His smile broadens again at the mention of the harvest festivities, "they are quite something are they not? I do try and ensure that I can attend," although it doesn't always work out like that. "You must have missed the last few being in Aberdeen? You should come to the next, I know it is months off yet but I can ensure arrangements are made if you so wish."

A joy Nylie knows herself, to a degree. "Ah, aye, I have heard how he can be at handling certain political matters." Managing to leave the matter there, politic certainly not the most pleasant of matters to go over prior to a council meeting. And the other topic has drawn a smile from him. Nylie gives a small nod,"I think many still do not care to travel to deeply into Sky Forest. But you should, when you have oppurtunity. " A warm smile comes,"Aye, they are. I have always delighted in them. And I have had to miss them, with being away," the location perhaps giving insight into why she has displayed some gleam of understanding on sea matters. There i a soft laugh,"Some months off, for certain since the crops to harvest are not yet able to be planted. But I would be delighted to come to the next, I have missed partaking of them. There is just something carefee in it all. If it would not be to much trouble for such arrangements, I would like that."

With Nylie's hand on his elbow, and her guard and hand maiden following just far enough back that their conversationis private, Eoin is heading out of the courtyard under the gatehouse. The eventual destination is the gardens, but for now that is likely unclear. A smile is offered across to the Lady and he remarks, "it would be no trouble at all My Lady and I will see it done." There are defnite advantages to being a noble after all. "It may be some months off as you say, but I would imagine that plans are being laid already by many. Do you think your brother would come as well? I am sure Lady Wenna would, but if we could prise him away from his books for that long…"

"Then I shall look forward to it, my Lord." Nylie gives a small nods,"I do imagine there are. It seemed an event some did start to plan for when the event itself was but days past. " Nylie smiles,"I do think it would be possible, Caedmon does enjoy a good ride. And I know he and Wenna have wished to go to the Barony for a break. But he has spoken before of going to Greenshire and his preference for the offerings there. What better time to take them in then the harvet festival." There is moment of tohught before Nylie adds,"And perhaps since you are kind to arrange this, then I can offer to add to the music of it?"

The great door opens enough to allow someone to step out of the castle without releasing too much of warmth that resides in it. Contrary to popular supposition, Caedmon does escape from his office, although less often than he would like. On this occasion, he stops through the opening, and turns to look at someone inside. "I know," he grumbles. "I don't plan to leave the courtyard. I'd like some fresh air before I need to sit in that stuffy room for hours on end." The door closes behind him and the Voice begins to amble. He is carrying a cane, clearly as a precaution in case his feet find slippery ground, because he is not using it. He looks around the yard. Spttong the two figures in the distance by the gatehouse, he smiles. "They're fortunate, whoever they are. They'll have a pleasant evening while I'll be waist-deep in …" He shakes his head. "Enjoy the fresh air," he chides himself.

"Then we shall have to endeavour to get the pair of them there too," Eoin replies with a sage nod, "I am sure though that I can rely on the assistance of my lady cousin in that venture." And likely Aldren too, come to that, but if Wenna is set on it he figures Caedmon will listne to her more than the Count. That whole marriage thing. He offer brings another warm smile to his lip and he inclinces his head in a slight bow, "a most generous offer Lady Nylie, and one I have no doubt will be accepted without hesitation." Hearing that oh so familiar voice in the cold air he pauses in his step to turn his head, and in clocking the Voice he grins back to Nylie, "it would seem you are right once again. He can leave his books alone from time to time."

"Entirely possible. Your cousin seems to not give up on a matter once she has set to it in her mind. Though I do not think it will take much to encourage Caedmon to agree to the idea." Nylie smiles softly,"It is the least I can do, Lord Eoin. " Thankfully, Nylie does not embrassass herself by being so attenative to the conversation to fully require Eoin to draw her attention to her brother. For her head i turning but moments after towards him as he escapes the castle for thoe few moments. A grin comes with a amused tone,"Aye, he can. Though many would not believe it, perhaps the day should be marked and rrecorded accordingly?" Though Nylie does raise her free hand in order to wave towards her brother.

By reflex, Caedmon raises his hand to answer their waves with his own, but then he pauses, peering closely through the gathering darkness at the pair. Using the cane to test the path before him, he walks quickly toward the gatehouse. He has not overheard anything, but even their postures cast a conspiratorial. He grins. "My dear sister," he calls in a jovial tone, "are you distracting our heroic admiral from another great naval campaign?" When he comes closer, he nods to Nylie and then Eoin. "I'm glad to see both of you, truly. I hope that this day has been good for you."

"I fear it runs in the family," Eoin replies, perhaps a little sheepishly, especially given the shounting match one of his recent meetings with Tyrel had almost turned into. "I shall ensure the occasion receives the mention it deserves when I write my memoirs," he states with amusement, "I am sure I will have no issue with remembering the time and place." Spotting the Voice approaching he gives a smile and nod in greeting, then offers another smile back to Nylie. "You sister has been good enough to distract me from what is to come," he states, not exactly exagerating, then asks, "did you recieve my note by the way? The item I had for the agendais withdrawn."

There is a quiet smile as Nylie actually isn't the one looking sheepish for a change,"I shall have to keep that to mind then." Though a soft laugh is soon spilling out with his response. "Any who read it shall have a hard time believing it was so." And there is a smile for her brother when he draws closer,"My dear brother, I believe if the weather allowed for it, there is little that could truly distract our heroic admiral from setting to his next naval campaign. And my day has been good, better now that I have seen you, brother. " Nylie adds gently to Eoin's comment,"The Lord Admiral was kind enough to accompany upon my evening walk. "

Caedmon inclines his head. "My page was good enough to bring it to me," he replies to Eoin. "Honestly, I would be glad if the others sent such missives so that I could announce that the meeting is unnecessary. I have had little time for pleasures such as our dinner with my sweet sister, which duty forced me to leave." He looks to Nylie and assures, "I should close the office early soon, and we should have an afternoon free from such duties."

"Would you believe me if I told you that the next naval campaign is precisely the matter I was discussing with Prince Tyrel?" Eoin asks of Nylie, a faintly wry smile on his face as he does so. "Still in the planning stage of course, but soon, hopefully. Although this one would only be short ifit goes ahead, a week at sea at most shoudl all go well." Nodding to Caedmon he then states, "I know the feeling. I had to leave a meal with your Lady Wife just as we were sitting down, I made the mistake of telling one on my crew where they could find me were there a need."

"Ah, but brother, if there was no meeting, then where would those who wish to grandstand and hear themselves speak be able to put on such performances for their peers to delight within?" There is some dry humour to Nylie's tone on the point. She is not entirely lost to her music. She dips her head to Caedmon,"I look forward to the afternoon that happens, Caedmon." Knowing to well how many demands are made upon her brother's time. An eyebrow raises a little at Eoin' words,"Aye, I would believe it. But if it is yet in the planning, then perhaps some minor distraction would be possible, least until the planning and details have been sorted."

"The prince has a head as hard as the castle's walls on some points, good cousin," Caedmon warns to Eoin. "He knows well how to fight on land but I doubt that he has as much experience at sea as one should have to lead a naval assault." Then he grins to Nylie. "Why, they could perform at the Bard's Tale and charge commoners for the privilege of enjoying the hot air," he counters. The heavy door to the castle swings open and a lone guard appears in its frame. He purses his lips for a high-pitched whistle, and Caedmon frowns. "No rest for the weary," he grumbles.

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