Nar 27, 229: A Meeting of Forresters

A Meeting of Forresters
Summary: Trevian, Cordelia, and Nerissa all met up in the Forrester Suite at Darfield Castle.
OOC Date: 29/07/2014 (OOC)
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Forrester Suite
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
Nar 27, 229

Such oddities going on with the eclipse and all which Cordelia caught out in the garden. Freaked her out just a little! Enough that it's kept her the last few days inside. Some might say that it's left her a little moodier than normal on top of it. Add to that, her sisters were hurt and currently in the infirmary. So, is it any surprise that one finds her curled up on a sofa with a book in hand? She seems to be trying to take her mind off things, but more lost in thought than actually reading at the moment. One of the felines from the stables has followed her inside after a brief check on her horse and is currently curled up at her side, and being petted with light touches of fingertips to fur by the young lady from Horizon Hold.

The door gives a soft squeak as its pushed open and a man walks in, boots tracking a bit of dirt. He has the scent of the wilds hanging on him like a cloud- forests, flowers, dirt and pine trees. He's holding a piece of paper up, seemingly lost in it as he shakes his head- "Its alright, I guess." comes the baritone voice. "But just alright." That paper, a map, is still drying as he walks into the common area and takes a seat, rolling the map up to notice Cordelia there on the sofa. "Oh. Hello." Trevian begins, just giving her a curious once over.

It's not till a voice speaks up that Cordelia turns to peer at Trevian as he walks into the sitting room shared by those from Sky Forest. When he finally notices her, she offers a smile, "Good day to you, milord." Polite and soft spoken, though curious as it would seem he is, "Lady Cordelia Horizon.." She's of course, realizing then how she's seated, and starts to straighten up, drawing out one leg she was sitting on, and straightening her skirts which sends the cat jumping off the sofa to settle somewhere's else. "All is well?" She finally asks, gesturing to the parchment in his hand which he was commenting on.

"Trevian Forrester." The man offers, with a bow of his head. "Oh, just not my best work is all." he says as he offers the paper over. "I can do much better. I was just distracted, I suppose. Good hunting in the area." Should Cordelia unroll the page she'd see a Map- one of quite good quality, and rather lovely to look at. "Its not as detailed as it should be. I missed somethings that I'm only now remembering- its a bit late to add them though. I suppose it won't be a gift, but good enough to give out to someone going to the area."

It's not exactly a whirlwind that enters, as her tread is habitually silent, but the energy exuded flares out around the Lady Nerissa along with her gown as she turns to shut the door behind her. Although her mouth currently says nothing, her eyes flare with a volume of pent up heated words. The two are noticed immediately, and she drops a bit of a curtsy to Trevian, the ire tamping down slightly as she gives him the courtesy of a lord, although her words don't follow suit when she notes him handing over the paper. "More of your scribblings, Ranger?" she asks. The slight emphasis on the title notes a little more jealousy, rather than a slur by not addressing him with a lordly title. The gleam in her eye also acknowledges that she knows his maps are much better than just mere scribblings. "Cordy, I've been looking for you. I've been with Assana in the infirmary, and she can leave the infirmary, but the ship would be too rough for her. Do you think she could move up here with you? I have to go home as soon as the tide turns tomorrow and the Sunrise Dream can sail."

"Oh?" Cordelia questions, and takes up the map when it's offered. Slowly is it unrolled, and she ohs softly then, taking in the area that's been mapped out, "It's quite lovely though.. A general guide, if nothing else?" She offers then, teeth to worry her bottom lip slightly before it fades into a smile as she rolls it up and hands it back to the man, "You're Harmon's brother.." And then enters her sister, the energy that comes with Nerissa's entrance to be taken in. Shifting once again, she starts to frown at Rissa's words, but then sighs, "Assana can stay, yes. I would have it no other way. And… do you /have/ to leave so soon? You both only got here, and now you are leaving again." Might there be a slight pout from the baby of the family?

"Quite." Trevian replies to Nerissa, "Not my best work, but serviceable." Trevian replies, not a hint of upset in his voice as he gives a broad grin over to Nerissa. He leans back, reaching into his pouch to pull a pipe out along with a smaller bag of sky herb. He loads the pipe slowly as he nods then to Cordelia. "That I am, that I am. Where is Harmon anyways? Out drinking?" he asks, as if that seems to be a rather normal spot for Harmon to be. Trevian puffs on the end of his pipe as he pulls a taper near, quieting as the two sisters begin to speak- not one to interrupt, it seems.

The sky herb is given a quick look of yearning, but Nerissa paces instead. "I do. His Honorable Lord, Baron Giantslayer (and the tone that accompanies that sobriquet gives some indication of the person who has put the lady in her temper), was talking with a Priestess of Nar in the infirmary. There have been creatures appearing since the eclipse, ones that the Priestess says are creatures of Inouv. Father must know about it, and I don't trust a bird to deliver the full news."

Cordelia doesn't speak, listening to her sister, and to Trevian as well. Somehow, she follows the conversation. To the man, she offers, "I believe he went out with a group towards the front lines, but I could be wrong on that.." There's some displeasure there, but at her sister's words, she hmms, "Send one of our men back?" Surely they would deliver the words as well as her sister?

Trevian's eyes follow Nerissa's and he simply offers the lit pipe out. He doesn't seem one to stand too much on propriety- likely because he was raised in the wilds. If it weren't for his last name, and the basic knowledge of living among nobles, one would almost be certain he was a common ranger. "Ah, yes. My talents aren't much for the front lines, and honestly, I didn't think Harmon's would be either. He was trained as I was, albeit somewhat less so given his title as count." Trevian offers, looking over to Nerissa at her own words. "If dark creatures are roaming the wilds, there will be twice as many in Sky Forest. Perhaps it would be best to send two." he offers, "It be unwise to travel alone amidst a pack of wolves, as it were."

Nerissa glances uncertainly at Cordelia for a moment, but then… well, she could certainly use it, and Trevian wouldn't be the first Ranger she's passed the sky herb with. Stepping forward, she accepts the pipe with a grateful murmur. She holds it in for a moment as Cordelia voices her suggestion, and Trevian as well. She finally exhales and nods to Trevian. "I will bring extra escort on the return trip overland, that is certain," she replies. "But, the ship is sailing, I may as well be on it so I can deliver the news personally." There's a little more in her tone, that of one who's working a little extra to make it sound logical, someone who has an extra reason to wish to leave, as well.

There's no comment about the herb that is passed between lord and her sister, though Cordelia frowns a little more, "He might have gone to check on the monsters.." The count left without much word to her. Sad to say, and likely whihc has her in a further off mood. Rising from her seat then, she moves towards her sister, "I do not wish you to go. Let another, this time. I…" Something bothers her, that much is for certain. Could there even be tears showing in her eyes? Maybe. Turning away, she walks back to the sofa, though pauses when the feline is spied to bend down to pick it up, holding it in her arms to pet and snuggle.

Trevian, of course, has the good graces to make no mention of tears between sisters. He sits back and lets Nerissa smoke the pipe as long as she wishes. His quiet does not mean he isn't paying attention, however, rather simply allowing the pair as much privacy as possible in the common area of the Forrester suites. For the moment Trev seems happy in silence, allowing the pair to speak their piece between them.

The pipe is not hoarded long, not nearly as long as she would like, but Nerissa blows another puff of smoke before she hands the pipe back with a low-voiced and fervant thanks. "Cordy, I will be fine, and Assana will be here with you. She'll need you to take care of her, because The Eight know what wonderful healer's assistant I am," the last is said drily. She steps up beside her sister, wrapping an arm around the younger woman's shoulders. "Everything will be fine. I swear it. But if I don't have sea air in my hair, or trees around me soon, I will go stark raving mad."

Once Nerissa offers her the hug, Cordelia relaxes if but a little, "I'm sorry. I just.. worry.. I mean.." The usually polite and well-worded young lady seems to not be able to find the words she wants tonight. "I miss the sea as well, but you don't see me rushing off to have some sea monster pull me under!" She almost seems mad now. Shifting away from Rissa, she glances to the quiet ranger, "Surely you agree?" Drawing in the stranger!

The quiet ranger takes back his pipe, smoking quietly in little puffs before Cordelia addresses him directly. He coughs a touch on the smoke from the pipe as he's drawn into the conversation. "Well, M'Lady." he begins, as he looks over to Nerissa with slightly raised eyebrows. He takes another long puff on his pipe… perhaps seeking a bit of help in the situation.

Behind Cordelia's back, when she turns to the Ranger to seek his support, Nerissa bobs her head up and down mouthing an exaggerated 'Yes' for him to agree with her. "That's because you're so sweet, any sea monster for miles around would come to gobble you up. Whereas me, they all know I'd give them indigestion, and they steer well clear," she tells her sister, smiling broadly as she steps closer to her once more.

The cat has enough of the snuggling, and soon lets it be known it wants down from Cordelia's arms. At least she doesn't try to cling to the thing, but lets it go. Looking at Trevian, she arches a brow upwards as he begins to answer her, not noticing her sister's antics behind her for the moment which is a good thing! "You are good and kind and… wouldn't give it indigestion!" How could Rissa think such a thing of herself!?! Clasping her sister's hand, she murmurs, "You should think better of yourself, Rissa. Honestly… "

Trevian watches the bobbing of the head as he begins to nod slowly in concert. "Yes. Of course." he says then with the help from Nerissa. "Completely." Women, it seems, are not one of the creatures Trevian knows particularly well- he could trail a deer for miles through the forest. Make a map of exquisite detail. Survive for months in comfort in the wilds. He then goes back to smoking quietly, puffing away at his pipe.

"Hmmmm, yes. I'm a real treasure," Nerissa replies, her mood falling for a moment, but then she gives a bright smile, and squeezes her sister's hand. "I am also headstrong and run headlong into trouble, and I wouldn't be me if I didn't do so. You don't want to break with tradition by keeping me safe, now do you?" she winks, pulling out the card of keeping things at status quo, the moment of dark reflection banished.

"You are, Rissa, you are…" Cordelia says with a pat to her sister's arm, her tone brooking no argument. But, eventually, she studies her sister, considering the words that follow, and slowly nods her head. "Okay, but you have to come back, as quick as you can. Assana will worry about you, you know it." Not to mention, herself. "You're not the only one who misses home, after all." And she's stuck there, waiting the return of Harmon and all!

"I should go hunting." Trevian announces at seeming random. "With so many men away at war I imagine the castle could use a good fresh bit of meat." he speaks to himself as he looks then to the two women. "Any requests in that regard? Boar? Deer? Rabbit?"

"You know I can't stay away from Assana for long. I'll be back as soon a fleet horse can return," Nerissa replies with a smile. She turns at Trevian's offer, and considers. "Assana's favorite is rabbit. I'm sure she'd be grateful if you could bring one back."

"I know." Cordelia murmurs, then sighs, "I will go and make sure Assana gets moved up here as soon as the healers say she can, and we'll wait for your return." The offer made, she begins to answer as well, nodding, "Rabbit for Assana, if you could? I know she would appreciate it." Knowing that Rissa is going to hurry off now, she offers a quick hug to her, "Return soon, hmm?"

Trevian nods quietly, "Good. I'll see what I can bring back. I'm sure it would raise spirits around here. This rain has to be dampening spirits." Trevian offers with a quiet smile as he smokes the last bit of sky herb in his pipe, ashing it off. "I'll plan a little expedition and see what I can find."

Nerissa returns the hug well, with a little kiss on the cheek. "I will, that's a promise. I do need to head to the docks to make the orders and prepare for sailing." Turning, she gives yet another grateful nod to Trevian. "I do appreciate it, and thank you for sharing. I wish I could join you, I've been cooped up either in a docked cabin or the castle for too long, now. May Cri bless you with a good hunt." Giving a curtsy, she makes her way out, the whirlwind having been subdued a bit by the company of her sister.

Trevian stands after a moment and smiles to both. "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." he offers simply before he moves on to the room he's claimed for himself. "Be well." he offers to both women as he moves on and disappears.

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