Thedor 20, 229: A Lovestruck Prince, A Brother's Advice

A Lovestruck Prince, A Brother's Advice
Summary: Prince Cassius Aberdeen seems to have a bit of a crush, his brother Cayden tries to advise him on it.
OOC Date: 21/1/2014 (OOC)
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Cassius Cayden 
Aberdeen Suite, Darfield Castle
Passing through the twin oak and rivet doors, the first area visible is a small sitting room boasting the colors of Aberdeen, the carpeting soft and plush. A small sofa faces the fireplace and four padded chairs are converged around a lovely round wooden table with a shiny surface for use as a dining table or for an elaborate tea. Against one of the walls of the sitting room is a large stone fireplace with a tapestry hung above it depicting the Aberdeen Heraldry. Fresh flowers in a bowl are placed on a side table along with a few other feminine touches, sachets of fragrance filled dried flowers, and candles.
Thedor 20, 2009

Cassius swaggers into the room, looking a little dazed and disoriented. He wonders as though to his room, but then changes course to slump down on the nearest couch. He reaches over to the side table and pulls one of the flowers from the bowl. The young prince occupies himself by examining the bloom.

Cayden sits at one of the tables nearby, apparently going over various missives and a couple of ledgers, likely involved with the naval forces Conall has given him responsibility for managing while they are here. Occasionally he makes a notation with a quill, but when Cassius, semi-staggers in, he looks up, a questioning brow raising as he regards him, though a touch of concern does reach his eyes, as well, "Are you all right, Cassius?"

Cassius lays a hand over his heart to check and see if it was still bating…though to Cayden it might look like he was being melodramatic. "Cay…the Skingaardian princess. Just met her. I am smitten…" He sits up straight and says, "Wait…she have any suitors? Oh, wait…of course she would, she's gorgeous!" He forces a laugh at his own absent mindedness. "When I laid eyes on her I think my mind blanked out. I mean….more then usual."

"Karissa?" Cayden laughs, shaking his head in mild amusement. Bartrem, Cayden's body servant of…well, pretty much Cayden's whole life, pours a couple cups of Ambrosia, which Cayden accepts, moving over to offer one to Cassius, "She's a beauty, it's true. Though I don't truly know if she has any suitors or not." He considers a few moments, "Given that she is here, however, I would think it would stand to reason that she is not betrothed. Unless the Skingaardians are even more different from us than I had already believed, they would have sent her betrothed along with her, I would think. Besides, what better lure for alliance than an unmarried Prince or Princess?" Cayden notes after a heartbeat, "Conall knows her somewhat. Perhaps you could ask him of her."

Cassius nearly spits the words out, "Conall!! He better not think to touch her…well…not physically nor emotionally…" Cassius sighs resolutely and runs his hands through his hair ideal…his lovely hair…but he figured he was not going out again this night soooo what the heck. Accepting the Ambrosia and chugging it down he smacks his lips, "You should have seen me Cay. Normally when I meet a pretty face I will get all quiet at first and then…you know…I'm all man. But not this time. This time the quietness was a curse! She started talking to me and I could barely string two words together!" He smacks his forehead…I made no advances, I did nothing…I just…fumbled around like a stupid peasent might if they met their king!"

"Yes, you did seem to recover at least a bit with Princess Nima." Cayden manages to keep any condescending amusement from his face as he speaks, sipping from his own cup, "Which reminds me to tell you that I've already begun preliminary negotiations with the Kundari delegation for a possible marriage between Princess Nima and myself." Cayden winks, "So take pity on your brother and save some for the rest of us, eh?" He moves back to his chair, sipping his wine and considering, "That does sound very uncharacteristic for you, brother. I'm entirely uncertain as to how a Skingaardian Princess might feel about someone she believes to be the retiring type…"

Cassius doesn't blink twice at the remark about Nima. He waves a hand dismissively, "Yeah, I just have a thing when it comes to Kundari women…they can be…exotic to a fellow like me that likes to keep to the goings on in Fairisle. But Karissa…she…is…something else. Some sort of gift the gods have given the mortal world!" He is silent for a moment as he thinks, "No woman has power like that over me! I am Cassius Aberdeen, gods sake! So why did she…with nothing more than a look…" Cassius turns on the couch so he is laying face up on it, as one might while delievering intimate confessions to a physician, "I don't know if I should see her again…I do not wanna turn into that bumbling fool I just was….but then…to be robbed on the sight of her is just as wretched to me." He presses his hands to his forehead and shakes it vigorously, "Enough enough! No women talk! Gah! Tell me what you are doing, Cay! Get my mind off Karissa!"

"Well, if you'd rather be entertained by tales of shore rotations, supply requisitions, and patrol assignments, I could regale you for hours." Cayden notes, glancing back to the fairly large but well-organized pile of parchments and papers over on the desk. "But if you can't talk to your own brother about your troubles, how can you ever hope to overcome them enough to carry on a meaningful conversation with Princess Karissa?"

Cassius groans and confesses, "Fine, fine. The problem was that the moment…the exact moment I saw that face…those eyes, that nose…those lips. I felt…inadequate. Yeah I think thats the right word."

"And why would you feel inadequate?" Cayden doesn't seem to find the notion outside the realm of possibility, nor is his tone incredulous at the question. "Is there some particular way you felt you might be lacking, or just a general sense of worthiness you felt you did not quite attain?"

Cassius seems be having a debate in his head, "I'm not sure…I am the flipping Prince of Tanara! Of course I'm worthy!! I…I…I just don't know…I felt unclean. Like I need to run away and bathe and then come back. Not literally, of course. I just felt like…there is perfection." He gesticulates by pointing as though pointing at Karissa, "There is perfection. And then I felt dirty…"

"Well, that is a heavy obstacle to overcome." Cayden leans back, looking thoughtful, "Next time, perhaps, recall that for all her beauty, she is a new arrival to these lands, and in many ways we are already somewhat strange to her. Perhaps ask her of her homeland. Her family. These are things you would want to know anyway, are they not?" He adds, "And of course that will open the door for you to speak of yours…topics you should be quite comfortable with." Cayden smiles a bit wistfully, "Our homeland has many virtues. If you're to court her, you should be sure she knows her future home would be a pleasant one."

Cassius nods as though he were scribing notes into his brain, "Right right, smalltalk stuff. Where you from, how do you like it here, how do the Skingaardians do this…how do they do that. Alright…I will try not to faint and try to offer some small talk. Alright then." He sighs and is silent for awhile, "Any news from home? Battles at sea?"

"Nothing so exciting. Piracy remains largely quelled around the islands." Cayden grins just a touch, "Even though I'm not there anymore." That is, of course, where much of Cayden's fame lies. "There will be a few more ships coming in the next couple of months, but for now the bulk of what we will use to fight alongside the Kilgours are here." He glances over to Cassius, tilting a brow, "How's your sailing these days?"

Cassius looks back, "Mother did not want me sailing. I kinda do…I am Tanari. It is in my blood. Father, pushed her to let you and Conall do it. I mean she had to accept it because…well it was more or less expected. But she wanted to keep me from all that." He taps his nose, "Thats not to say I did not go out whenever I could."

"Hm." Cayden frowns a bit, sipping at his wine, "Might have to see about some training while you're here." He tilts his head, "What -did- mother let you do?" He knows Cassius was the baby of the family, but he was largely at sea while Cassius grew up, or fostering with their uncle, the High Admiral Prince Lucas Aberdeen. "Swimming, I hope? Swords?"

Cassius nods, "Yes, swimming, swords…horses. But I was with the tutor most of th time. Sketching, literature, poems, classics. All that mess. I admit, I am good at all that stuff when I wanna be. But sometimes, I just wanted to be on the waves. Its hard not to when everyone else is."

"Well, nothing wrong with scholarly pursuits. Not my strongest point, that's for certain." Cayden smiles, "We'll get you out on the waves before long, Cassius. I'm fairly sure neither father nor Conall have issued any decree preventing us from trying to train you in such things."

Cassius laughs, "No it was all Ma's idea." He closes his eyes and sighs as he tucks his hands behind his head.

Cayden stands up and moves over, giving Cassius a light clasp of his shoulder, "Get some rest, brother. Dream of foreign Princesses and calm seas. We can talk more tomorrow."


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