Nar 26, 229: A Little Light of the Eight

A Little Light of the Eight
Summary: Victoria brings Maggie to the Glass Lily to buy her a little something to make her life brighter.
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The Glass Lily - City of Stormvale
Above the shop windows through which the sparkling colors of glass can be seen, another set of clerestory windows allows even more light into the shop, over the three quarter wall that separates the furnace and annealing oven from the shelves of completed wares. The wall itself is of a dark, smooth stone, and is occasionally marked with chalk sketches of current or past projects. Gleaming almost as brightly as the glassware are the polished wooden shelves in front of the window and along two sides of the room. A sturdy table down the center displays the larger works of art, lit by the oil braziers, also of blown glass, that hang above.
26 Nar, 229

The furnace is going full blast, with the assistant working at the bellows to keep the heat even and high, while Lilja checks the molten glass melting within. A few pieces sit on the back table, just removed from the annealing oven to make room for the set of goblets Lilja has finished up. Two of them have a cobochon of amber sea glass set into them where the blue cresting wave of the stem cradles the bowl of clear glass. Off to the side, on a shelf near the oven a clear vase with blue and green swirls and a groove along the neck sits. It's different from the others, as the 'bottom' is angled in such a way that the neck of the vase rises crookedly to the side, rather than straight up as is the usual.

Are there bells on the door? If there were they'd jingle as a prospective buyer comes in through the doors, a tall female Ranger led by an elderly old woman who's all aga-ga over this place, "I swear, they are touched by the Eight, look at the beauty all around, made from sand. Can you believe it? Sand! Oh, it's wonderful." So says Maggie, the elderly woman clinging to Victoria's arm. The Ranger is smiling a rather plastered on smile, chin tilting up as she takes a look at everything, nodding her appreciation for things, "Of course, of course …well. I promised you that if something caught your eye it was yours, Maggie, so …do peruse."

Everard stands behind the counter going over the books as he often is while also taking glances at the furnace or rather his wife mostly and her creations. "Those look amazing Lily, they will love them." He glances up as the door opens and will smile warmly to the customer "Welcome to the Glass Lily. Feel free to look around, we also take special orders if you have something in mind that you would like to have made."

Looking up, Lilja smiles to her husband. "Thank you, Ev. That's the last of them, so you can inform the Baron tomorrow that they are ready." She looks up as the customers arrive, giving a little smile. Then she looks to her husband as the salesman.

Victoria glances to the pair, looking between each, smiling as Maggie steps forwards, the frail elderly woman clasping her hands together (ooc: played by the lovely Lynn Cohen), "I've been having terrible, terrible ..oh so terrible dreams, I'm afraid the Eight must be displeased with me, the things they put in my dreams .." Her voice will waver softly, her steps taking her to Everard, "I need something that will …show them my piety, my ever lasting love for them and their ways. There is just so much beauty in here, I can't begin to ..know where to start." Vic will stay back, turning on booted feet to look about, ice blue eyes flickering over various objects with passive interest.

Everard will look to his wife as she speaks and smiles "I will send the notices, they are most lovely Lily." He then will move around the counter giving a small bow to the both of the customers as he does so in respect. He is listening to their words though "I do believe that we can find something which will match what you need. I'm Everard Tessel and this is my wife Lilja." he introduces both as he moves through the displays perhaps having something in mind.

Near the table, there's a small hanging brazier of white glass, with an eight pointed star on the bottom. It's chain suspends it from a stand, but can also suspend it from a hook on the wall or ceiling so that the star can be seen from the bottom. The light it casts is not great, due to its size, it's meant simply to keep one from bumping their shins on furniture in the night.
At the furnace, Dudda, the assistant, calls Lilja's attention to the molten mixture, and she takes a long rod from the table. Rolling it in the liquid, she pulls out a glowing ball of fire, and sets in a dish on the floor. Bending over, she blows gently into the tube to expand the fiery, yellow ball.

"Oh, how lovely, I'm Magda Peabottom." Maggie will state, following Everard around, her light shawl drawn around her shoulders, a backwards glance given to Victoria with a hopeful look. Victoria will grin, shaking her head a bit as she sighs, rocking back on her heels, nodding to both Everard and Lilja, though the latter seems busy, "Master Ranger Skyhawk, a pleasure to meet you both. Well, one of you." Said with a measure of amusement, Victoria looking towards Lilja now and the work she does.

Everard it seems has noticed the piece as it is the one he is moving towards the item which was noted. "We have this lamp has the eight pointed star and is helpful for bringing a bit of light when its dark out." He will nod to each as they return the introductions though he smiles a bit looking to the ranger "Lily is working on a few pieces at the moment takes a lot of concentration, the last time I practiced I failed quite well." he chuckles though will step out of the way to allow them to look over the lamp.

Her husband talking to customers has long been a background to her work, and so Lilja continues on, the globe growing to fill the bowl as she turns it slowly to fit the mold.

Victoria will laugh softly, "I can't imagine having the dexterity and patience as she does for these pieces. They are beautiful, Maggie is right." Victoria will murmur, leaving Lilja to her craft as she moves to follow then to see the lamp that Maggie is moving towards. Oh, how tears spring to the old womans eyes, her hands clasping under her chin, right one prying away to point towards it, "Oh, that's it, that's it." Maggie will state with a tremble in her voice, closing her eyes as she begins to pray, leaving Vic to awkwardly laugh, "Ah …can you wrap that one up for her? I think that's the piece."

"Of course I can i'll place it in a nice box and pack it for travel." Everard says easily as he watches between the two glad they were able to find something they liked. "Indeed, and she is always trying new things with her glass work i've never seen the like of them before." he isn't just saying this as her husband though he is very proud its true. He will move back to the counter setting a box ontop of it big enough for the item lining it he'll place the item in before sealing it. He will move back and write up a payment slip offering it over across to them.

Behind the half wall, the process goes on, the glow fading and leaving behind a clear vessel that still moves slowly in a circle. Lilja raises it to the table and sets it down.

While Maggie finishes up her prayer, tears in her eyes, Victoria will open up her coat, digging into a pocket to draw out some coins as she meanders her way to the counter with a slight swagger to her walk. More like a lazy sway of her hips from side to side, Maggie hovering around Everard until he packages everything. Over to the counter, the elderly woman leaning into Victoria and pressing a kiss to her bicep, "Victoria, let no one say you're as mean as they claim you to be, for you are truly a shining light. The Gods have marked you so." Said with a look up at Victoria and her deep blue eyes, Victoria rolling those same eyes in a good natured way as she cants a glance to Everard, eyeing the slip quickly and paying the appropriate amount.

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