Nar 22, 228: A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness
Summary: As he encounters the Kilgour Princess Caillin at the beach of Darfield Village, Ruthgar is offered an unexpected gift.
OOC Date: 26/07/2013 (OOC)
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Ruthgar Caillin 
Darfield Beach, Darfield Village
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a greyish brown in colour, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.

The sky is clear, and the Sun shines brightly down upon the world. The day is warm, a gentle breeze stirring the air.

Nar 22nd, 228

It has been a hot day already, with the sun shining brightly from above. Ruthgar has taken another break for himself, leaving the castle and wandering about the village, eager to explore, and even more to bring some order to his thoughts. Having arrived at the beach only a few moments ago, the Ruxton knight sits down on one of those boulders surrounding a fireplace, his mien sombre and brooding. As he is outside of the castle, Ruthgar wears a chainmail with a tabard in the red and black of his House, he is alone but with a sword by his side. Leaning a bit forward, his elbows come to rest on his knees, as his grey eyes wander over the horizon of the azure blue sea.

Childish laugh ripples through the coast and bumps straight to the waves. Laugh is so loud and lively. It takes just a few seconds to see the sources of that laugh.
It's two children. Boy and a girl. Very young. Not older than 8 summers. They both are dressed in linen rags. Bare feet bounce on the sand, while their hands clench pale, but soft fingers.
These fingers belong to the princess Caillin herself. She smiles warmly for these common children and tries not to be left behind. Moreover, she can't be left behind. These two children almost drag the princess closer near the sea. Excited voices of children shout "I saw, really! I saw! There were so many little stones! They were so red, and some of them were so russet. Some off them like your hair, princess!" The girl adds: "Yes, princess. they would look so pretty on you!"
Princess just chuckles and stops for a second. Just to toss her golden shoes away. It is easier to run in bared feet. She raises slightly the light skirt of her dress and follows these two children "It's amber, my dears. It's amber. And it would look even more beautiful on you two! I could ask to make two bracelets of it! One would be for you, Megan and another for you Hylian. Nobody would have similar bracelets. Just you two, brother and sister!" chuckles Caillin "You two found it. It must be yours!"
The children grin widely and start running even faster near the coast to find these stones. Caillin does the same, laughing together, letting the wind play with her flaxen curls. Her light blue dress sweeps the dusts of the sand. Blueness of the dress is the same as today's bright sky and the girl looks like the sun in the sky with her gown. For now she does not see anything, just these children.
When they reach that part, where waves swash the coast, Princess lets the waves to tickle her feet and damp the skirt. Her thoughtful look sticks to the horizon, while the children run around looking for that amber.

The laughter of the children seems to stir the Ruxton knight from whatever dark thoughts have been tearing at him. His head turns and his pale grey eyes lighten up a little, one corner of his mouth starts to move upwards slowly, as if he were not impervious to the children's enthusiasm. And so a smile starts to unfold - and freezes as he recognizes the young maiden accompanying them. At once he is on his feet. "Your Highness." he greets, his smooth voice underlined with a hint of a worried grumble. His head turns as he glances here and there, trying to glimpse any Kilgour guards accompanying the princess. "Princess Caillin." he says, ready to bow to her if she should grace him with her attention. "A wonderful hot afternoon it is… but… where are your guards?"

Guards. Guards?! This is the only one word, which will make the Princess flinch and she gets back from floating somewhere in the horizon with her mind. Gets back to the coast and slowly cants her head at the young man close to her. She slightly frowns. Likely, trying to guess, who he is. Obviously, noble. But who? So young and nice. A blush comes to the girl's cheeks. Maybe because of the nice voice. Or maybe because she was caught in breaking one of the royal rules. Guards. Yes. There are no guards.
These all thoughts in caillin's minds just freezes her and she stares at the man in fron of her slightly strange. But with that warm and wide smile in the bright face. Flaxen curls tickles the nose of the young girl playfully and grey eyes forgets to blink.
Megan boldly stands between the man and the princess. Girl stabs her arms to the side firmly and loud childish voice utters "We are her guards! She is safe! She is our light!"
And these are the words, which roust Princess. Caillin's laugh is even braught back by the echo, bringing some more roses on princess' cheeks. She gently touches the shoulder of the girl and whispers to her "Did you find amber my dear?" Girl shakes her head and goes to continue her search togetehr with her brother.

Caillin now raises her gaze to the man "Yes, wonderful afternoon, my lord…" she offers him a curtsy even if she does not have to do that. But, likely, she just wants to be friendly. "Why damage this wonderful afternoon with massive marble shadows?" and she covers her lips to muffle the sound of the chuckle.

The couragious little girl gets a smile from Ruthgar, although he has not been good at smiling lately. "Step aside, guard, so I can speak to the princess." he remarks playfully to the girl, but lacking that certain lightness that comes to some so very easily when dealing with children. Like to Princess Caillin. "My princess," he begins, and noticing she does not know who he is - while he certainly does - he bows once again. "I am Lord Ruthgar Ruxton, second son of the Duke of Weston. You probably know my brother Robben, and my sister Aemy, most certainly. They are both in the Royal Council." While he is certainly not. "Even if I hate to interrupt you in your delightful leisure… I am sure neither the King nor the Queen approve of you, running about outside of the castle, with no guards whatsoever. Your Highness." Ruthgar remarks casually, although his posture suggests he is convinced of the importance of the matter.

The little couragious girl eyes that noble man for awhile, before her brother distracts her, shouting "I found it! I found it!" and they both start fulfilling palms with amber.
The lips of Caillin form the joyful smile "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Ruthgar Ruxton. It is a pleasure!" She takes one of her curls and starts whirling it around her finger. "I feel flattered about your concern. But… I don't think I need guards. If I would walk in the streets with guards, people would be afraid of me. They would think that I am one of these haughty nobles, who feel a huge difference between them and commoners, while, actually, we all are the same and equal in front of the Light. Without these armoured stones behind my back, I am closer near my people. They trust me more. They are not afraid to say something wrong. Not all of them has enough knowledge to know how to adress the princess. But I understand that. They do not have such pleasure as tutors, you know," girl sighs and glances at the sea, when one of the waves tickles her feet once more. But quickly her attention finds Ruthgar again. She just stares at him smiling.

At Caillin's greeting, Ruthgar inclines his head. "A pleasure it is indeed, my princess, alas, I'm not sure that walking the streets of the Village - alone! - is a good idea. Don't forget, these are commoners. And who knows what prowls the streets, might be even people from other parts of the country? I have heard of a Kundari lately, who has showed up here. What about… Laniveerans? Thieves. Scoundrels? Villains? They would all gain in capturing you, your Highness. And let us not try to imagine what harm might come to you." Pale grey eyes rise to meet her gaze, holding it with an intense stare. "Please, your Highness. I would advise you to return with me to the castle. At once. With all due respect."

Caillin gently bites her lip and thoughtfully examines the man in fron of her. "Well… You don't look like armoured stone. You would be a good company, not a man to save me from simple people, who wish no harm for me…" She raises her finger, when she remembers "I know one whore and even one thief! They were lost souls. Just lost souls, who were in need of help, not of condemnation! We spoke a lot. I believe, I was able to help them. I am not sure about the whore. She just gone, but that thief… He left his craft and now is working as a mate!" she sighs quite happily about that man.
The children come closer and extend their hands, full of amber "Princess look!" Caillin gasps "Oh! It's so beautiful! You two will have just amazing bracelets!" and she leans to whisper something to their ears. These two children glance at Ruthgar and whisper something for the princess nodding. She grins "Wonderful! You two have huge hearts. Now, run. You will get your bracelets in a week."

When the children run away, Caillin turns her grey eyes at the Ruthgar. She takes one small stone of amber and takes the hand of Ruthgar, putting that stone into his hand "For the luck. And that you could remember this wonderful afternoon. And that you would remember - there is always the light in the darkness. This type of light, like this little stone. And of course, for the luck, attentive lord!" and she extends her hand for him, giving the permission to escort her to the castle.

"Whores and thieves…", Ruthgar grumbles below his breath, shaking his head only a touch as he hears Caillin's words about the commoners she has been speaking with. Yet. She is the Royal Princess and he would be a fool to meet her with any reproach in his tone. So he decides to utter his disapproval rather unobtrusively. When she suddenly takes his gauntleted hand to place the amber into it, his brows twitch upwards only the tinyest bit, as he surely did not see that coming. Although her words - uttered in all youthful innocence - manage to move him somewhere deep down beneath his facade. "A light in the darkness, I see." the Ruxton knight mutters, coughing a little, as his grey eyes seek hers of such similar colour, trying to find anything in them, some cunning perhaps - maybe she knew him all along and is playing her little games with him? "I thank you, your highness.", he offers, inclining his head to Caillin. Her gesture though reminds him of his duty, and offering her his arm he escorts her all the way back to the castle, his silence maybe not as brooding as before. But rather bewildered.

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