Sess 17, 229: A Lakeshire Wedding

A Lakeshire Wedding
Summary: The Wedding of Sir Shepard Kerrigan and Lady Lynette Kincaid
OOC Date: 03/03/2014
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City Courtyard - Lakeshire
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Sess 17, 229

The day has at last come, and it seems like all of Lakeshire's capital is abuzz. The marriage of Duke Kincaid's youngest daughter has had the city in quite a frenzy for the past couple of weeks (as of course the ever-forward-thinking Duke Kincaid had preparations underway before the actual announcement was made). Over the past several days, the arrival of visitors and native sons and daughters alike to attend the festivities (along with, of course, their appropriate entourages) has swelled the population of Lakeshire significantly. Being quite accustomed to diversity due to their extensive trade network, the "Lakies" have been gracious hosts, and of course the City of Lakeshire's merchants and artisans have been more than happy to sell their wares to the visitors, often at quite excellent prices as they compete fiercely with each other for the favor and patronage of the visiting or returning nobility.

With the ceremony soon to begin, those who have been invited to attend the service have been gathered in a large public garden right on the shore of the lake, just by the intersection of the city's main canal to the lake itself. It's a well-tended space roughly equidistant from the main temple and Lakeshire Hold. Several long benches have been arranged for the noble guests to seat themselves, with plenty of space in the back and along the sides for retainers and guards (of which there are plenty). Further out, of course cordoned off from the nobles, plenty of common folk crowd plazas and walkways, hoping to catch a glimpse of the proceedings, many of them cheering as they spot nobles of their homeland making their way to the festivities.

Of course, the wedding party is roughly divided into "bride" and "groom" sides of the equation, with immediate family in the front row along with any royalty, foreign or otherwise, that might have chosen to attend the festivities. The decorations for the day do seem to represent both houses being joined in this union equally (perhaps a bit of a surprise given their respective tiers of precedence), blues and reds and whites and blacks can be seen throughout the area, even represented in the flowers of the garden itself. Large banners bearing the Kincaid and Kerrigan heraldry hang on their respective "sides" of the gardens, and of course the heraldry of the Royal Family stands tall and proud in a position of honor, recognizing those who rule over them all, whether present in the flesh or not. At the front, an altar has been erected, where waits the Enlightened of the Lakeshire Temple, a gray-haired Priest of Sheat, ready to perform the ceremony in the traditional Lakeshire fashion, though nothing but the open sky lay above, giving at least one important nod to the traditions of Greenshire. A long red carpet has been unrolled from the altar all the way to the entrance of the gardens, where a small dock…just large enough for just two or three gondolas, rests unoccupied.


Having arrived a moment ago, Hadrian is seen with a few rangers and is settling the last of the patrols and watches for the wedding. This was his little sisters wedding, the night she'll loose her virginity and possible get pregnant with twins or triplets. He nods to the men, "Alright, I want men stationed up high. I want zero issues with this. This is my little sisters wedding and she deserves have a good one." The men nod and seem to leave from around him. He's such a loving big brother. It's not long the man moves in further to stand off to the back, watching and waiting for a certain person to arrive.

Sitting in the front row, due to being the Groom's father, the Lord of house Kerrigan, sits calmly and waits for the ceramony to begin. He is dressed in his best doublet and he smiles slightly as he waits. Leaning back in the chair casually he looks aorund to see whom all is here, and then returns to looking ahead and waiting.

Elisabeth has taken seating with the others of the Haravean clan on the groom's side, with Captain Kieryn Mowbray at her side. No doubt towards the front given the relationship between the houses. Elisabeth looks around with anticipation for the wedding to start.

The Forresters sit on the bride's side of the courtyard with Nimue being the most easiest of them to make out as she sits next to the aisle. Dressed in the recognizable colors of their house, she watches as everyone settles in before the ceremony begins.

Already seated in the front row, Aemy sits at Robben's side, the decorations having already been admired and commented on as they had arrived, albeit slowly, due to the injury Robben had suffered at the joust back in Stormvale. Of course she is already tearing up and her handkerchief is in hand. Her baby sister was getting married, she was allowed to cry! Her hand reaches out and captures that of her husband and gently squeezes, sharing a watery smile with him.

Kierne has a somewhat sleepy-looking countenance by nature. His eyelids habitually hold themselves at a droop, even when he's not tired, bored, or anything of the sort. Now he's been on a several-day hard-paced ride to even get here, and though he was pretty amped up when he first reached the town, high on the adrenaline of completing such a journey on time and with some hours to spare, now he's just about to crash in earnest, and it's a benefit to him that he always looks exhausted, or else he might easily offend someone. He files in in attendance with his Lord Knight, the Duke, and, passing by where Hadrian is giving orders near the back, he gives his cousin a salute and a smile.

Draventa is dressed in a pretty purple dress, her hair pilled high. Next to her is Prince Logen, her betrothed. They seem uncomfortable with each other, but they both seem to be trying, leaving over and whispering to each other. Near them is Sir Benedict from the House Moiwid. Drav looks up to the Knight and gives him a soft smile, glad he's there.

Rozenwyn sits beside her lord uncle Rinder Kerrigan, her hands folded on her lap and dressed in a kirtle of rich blue embroidered with red dogroses. Her brown hair is plaited in two down her back and she sits with uncharacteristic solemnity… perhaps reined in a little by Rinder and the noble company. But the garden is beautiful, and she waits eagerly for her cousin and his bride to be to arrive.

Brendolyn makes her way to the wedding as well, dressed in dark green and seeks out her seat with the rest of her family. She nods and smiles as she passes familiar faces, her skirts aswish, expressoin quite happy for the occasion. She peeks over and around, looking over every detail, smiling brightly up toward the front, awaiting the ceremony to begin.

Ronan has arrived with an escort of several knights of Sutherland, his squire, his man servant, and his wife, the Duchess Roslin. His own attire for this evening are fine garments in shades of blues trimmed with silver and as it is a formal occasion, the Duke is wearing a thick, heavy golden chain draped across his shoulders and chest depicting his House crest, set with precious stones. While he is armed, he is not wearing armour. With Roslin on his arm, the Rioga nephew to the Duke of Lakeshire pauses to inquire as to where he and his are to take seating. Kierne, his squire, is encouraged to go and sit with his fellow Kincaids if he so wishes.

For once Nylie was not dressed simply, it was another wedding and that called for actually looking like a Kilgour properly. Dressed in deep purple silks with silver accents. Her hair drawn up and fashioned with a simple silver circlet. Having found herself seated where ever it is she should be, likely near her brother if he were about.

Cian is standing with other Knights of the Lake at the docks as they wait for the arrival of the Duke and company. He is dressed in his finest plate and newly made tabard. Well the Knights have truely shined up well today it seems. Cian looks towards around at the crowd intently, keeping an eye out for any problems.


It is there by the small dock that the groom awaits. Sir Shepard Kerrigan is certainly every inch the knight today, clad in a positively spectacular suit of full plate mail. It's a suit that has clearly never seen a day of battle, but the trained eye would no doubt mark that it is fully functional despite being fresh from the Armorsmith. It is, no doubt, the Guardian's Heart, won by Sir Shepard in the Joust at the recent tourney in Darfield hosted by Duke Kincaid. He has of course eschewed his helm, and upon his shoulders is draped a blue cloak, embroidered with the red chevron matched within the Kerrigan heraldry, but instead of the three smaller apple trees, the cloak bears only one large one that has been meticulously embroidered in silken threads of brown, green, and red. A gift from his father, Lord Rinder, who had it commissioned upon studying the wedding traditions of Lakeshire some weeks ago. Shepard's smile is quite affixed to his face, as he awaits the arrival of his bride, looking down the canal.

The bride? She's been on a bit of a boat ride for the past couple of hours. This being the daughter of their Duke, the nobles of Lakeshire pulled out all the stops as the gondola glided down the largest canals of the city. Showers of lily-petals and apple blossoms have rained down into the water as they passed the noble estates, and banners of both Kincaid and Kerrigan are unfurled from windows on opposite sides of the canal at regularly-spaced intervals. Gaudily-decorated gondolas bearing musicians and performers have escorted them along their way, singing the praises of Lady Lynette's virtues and songs of love, happiness, and prosperity to the bride. Of course common folk have gotten in on the act too, waving and cheering along the walkways as the procession passes. It seems as though nearly the whole city has turned up in some form or another. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all though, at least to those unfamiliar with Lakeshire's wedding practices, is the identity of the man who guides Lynette's gondola through the canals…no less a personage than Duke Aidan Kincaid himself! One could be forgiven for not recognizing him at first glance, however, as his attire is not that of great noble finery, but rather of a common gondolier.


"It's such a beautiful location for this," Robben offers a bit quietly to Aemy, as he squeezes her hand gently while looking around at the various people present. Making sure the crutches he's using to get around is out of the way for now, as he smiles, studying his wife for a few moments, then looking out to the rest of the people attending, offering smiles and nods to those he knows.

Sitting in well-crafted boulet of dark green is Lord Charles Leask. He sits in a spot fitting for his position, but pity the people behind him being forced to try to look around his large frame. He is being surprisingly quiet as he waits for the ceremony to begin.

As it happens, Ronan is directed to take seating behind the bride's immediate family, she and the Rioga Duke being first cousins. So it is that the Sutherland party begins to move up and take seats quietly, Roslin of course being her ever slender and graceful self.

Hadrian spots the person he was waiting for for and smiles a bit. Kierne gets a nod before he moves swiftly over towards Brendolyn. There conversation earlier still on his mind as he moves to take a seat behind where she sits. He doesn't seem to sit with his family right now. He bends forward and taps her on the shoulder before leaning to whisper, "We're not done talking by the way." He states flatly, "I would ask the pleasure of your company for the after wedding celebrations, perhaps a dance?" He says.

Well aware that they tend to move at a snail's pace, Caedmon and Wenna arrived early and found a bench that is both inconspicuous and at a good location for watching the ceremony. Caedmon is his finest formal clothes that he usually reserves for high ceremonies at Darfield Castle. Tall and wearing a formal gown of amythst silk for the first time since arriving to Lakeshire, Wenna leans against her husband while they sit. They nod to guests whom they recognize, and wave to those who are particularly familiar - close friends and family.

Benedict moves along with the procession of people who enter as things begin. He is dressed more formally for the wedding party, he is just behind his charge and her betrothed still looking out for her it would seem. The lord and knight looks about taking in the scenery but he catches the look and returns the smile in his own turn. "Your highness." It seems he's glad to be able to help where he's able for as long as he's able to remain.

Kierne is of similar relation to the bride as his Lord Knight, as it happens, and so, even when bidden to sit elsewhere, he ends up seated closeby to Ronan, leaning forward and giving the man a keen smile at the coincidence. He's dressed in his squirely kit, rendered as ceremonial as functional by the lily emblazoned on the bit of plate that rests over his off-shoulder. He can hear the gondola approaching by the shouts of the people along the way far before he can see it, and so he knows there's still time enough to each forward to the next row and tap his other Lady cousin, giving her a boyish grin should she turn around. Surprise! Kierne's here.

Rinder looks to his niece and smiles slightly. "You know, one of these days, it will be you in a fine dress." He punches her arm lightly and then leans back in his chair again. He watches as the procession begins.

Brendolyn blinks up at Hadrian a little, surprise apparent on her face though she smiles and after just a moment inclines her head graciously. "Good eve," she says then her head nods again, "Oh certainly I.." then there is the gondola and people are shouting and she quiets, indicating the wedding about to begin, "We shall speak again later," she finishes then puts her attention on the goings-on, hands folding in her lap.

Yes, surprise, surprise. Ronan smiles when Kierne ends up sitting both with them and at the fringe of his family after all. The Duke of Sutherland turns on the bench to better see the bride's arrivla and the strange role her father has taken for the wedding thus far.

"It is," Aemy murmurs, watching as her father brings her sister by way of the gondola, her own wedding with Robben crossing her mind briefly. Her shoulder gently brushes his and she smiles up at him. "Lakeshire is beautiful. I admit I miss it here. Perhaps once your leg is healed we can return for a short visit." Catching sight of Caedmon and Wenna, she lifts her hand and waves to the pair, chiefly Wenna who had delivered her twins several months ago, so she knows the Baroness much better.

It matters not that her brother managed to find such an inconspicious bench to sit upon, Nylie found him and Wenna. Settling to sit with them for the ceremony, a smile for each. Likely some murmurer chatter while waiting for the ceremony itself to start. Before setting up a little when the gondola starts coming into sight and arrives soon enough. Taking in the gondolier for a few moments before glancing towards her brother.

Rozenwyn looks a little starstruck by everything. So much so that a little yelp is surprised out of her when her uncle nudges her arm, though she stifles it and turns beet red, not sure how to feel about that. She suspects, privately, that it would cut dramatically into her beekeeping. A frown tugs at her lips, but then she smoothes it away, straightening again.


The assembled guests would no doubt hear the music of the "escorts" before they see the gondolas come around a corner and into view. Indeed, bits and pieces of that music have been carried on the wind for much of the morning. As they round that corner, however, the escorts begin to allow themselves to fall behind, and even much of the cheering and other pageantry dies down to the low roar of conversation as the gondola bearing Lady Lynette and her father pulls ahead, with only a pair of simple gondolas trailing just behind, bearing a few appropriate guards and servants. After a few more minutes, the lead Gondola finally comes to rest at the dock, and Sir Shepard steps forward, smiling brightly as he offers his hand.

Duke Aidan carries a quiet smile that seems a bit sad and proud all at the same time time, "My daughter," he can be heard saying, offering her assistance to stand, kissing her on each cheek before he lifts her hand to join Shepard's, nodding to the Kerrigan Lord, "I place my daughter into your care, now and forever."

Shepard takes Lynette's hand with a bright smile that's returned by the lovely bride, helping her to step from the Gondola and stand at his side. Duke Aidan steps out a moment later, and a servant waiting alongside Sir Shepard steps forward to help the Duke into a fine robe far more fitting of his station. The other two Gondolas also dock, the guards and servants moving in an orderly, well-rehearsed fashion to pre-arranged positions, though a couple of the latter…a pair of young maids, by the look of them, move down that red carpet, sprinkling lily-petals and apple blossoms along the way.

Once he has assumed his "proper identity" Sir Shepard briefly clasps his free hand with the Duke's own, before giving a slight bow, and turning and with Lynette's hand in his, beginning the procession towards the altar.


Elisabeth glances back at Hadrian as he sits behind her cousin, a curious look on her face for the moment but she lets her cousin deal with him as it is clear things are about to start. There are whispered words for the Captain at her side, pointing hither and tither at the decorations then the wedding party starts to approach and she sits up straighter to see.

It's with the bride's family that Senga and presumably Arlen are seated, though it's not without the former lifting a hand to her brow in order to see the gondola's arrival. In a something vastly more than pleasant mood, given that her niece is to be married, she's openly smiling as she looks on.

Bedressed in silver and black, Bowen is dressed to the hilt. The black velvet doublet is piped in white, with silver lilies down the sleeves. Every hair is in place, not a wrinkle upon his clothes. The youngest son of Duke Kincaid finds his place just out of the spotlight, but where he can see the ceremony with little difficulty.

When the crowd begins to settle, signaling the possible start of the ceremony, Caedmon crooks a finger in the collar of his shirt and tugs at it as if he is already restless. He inclines his head to Nylie when she comes toward their bench, and he waves a hand to indicate that there is room for one more, but only one more. Then he murmurs sincere compliments to both his sister and his wife on the fine clothes that they have chosen for this festive occasion.

Kierne finishes bothering Faerinia and gives his blessed Aunt Senga a brief squeeze of filial affection from the row behind her before tturning around, himself, jaw working sideways a little ways as he pulls a tight, broad smile to watch the proceedings.

Nimue happens to look back as the boat pulls up and the bride arrives and she starts to walk forward with her groom. That immediately gets a softly whispered 'aw' to be given at the sight.

Lynette has found herself enjoying the time she has been able to spend with her father. The two have had plenty of time to talk that is for certain. She lifts her head slightly as the dock is comes into view a soft breath escaping her as the jittery feeling once more settles upon her. Yet she sits tall, holding onto a bouquet of flowers that are made up of lilies and roses from the looks of it. Once the gondola is stopped she takes hold of Shepard's hand to help her from the boat (he does get a warm smile), pausing only a moment to make sure her dress is smoothed out slightly. The dress she wears is rather lovely, white with the faintest of silvery highlights when the light hits it, and a pale blueish purple across her shoulders, sleeves and skirts that mix with the white and look rather lovely. She gives her father a last long before turning to follow along with Shepard down the red carpet and towards the alter that rests there at the end. A few glances are sent towards some people that are there, offering soft smile and a nod of her head at times before her attention is before her once more.

Draventa nods to Sir benedeict, and then watches the ceremony start up. She's doing good about hiding her nerves, except she's gone white knuckled. She'll lean forward to watch, taking in details. A small sad smile at Lord Aidan, but she tries to keep her face smooth, or at least not sad smiles.

All of her family was in one place.. it was a rare feat indeed, and Aemy takes the time to look around at each of them, proud of the turnout for her sister's wedding. Finally her gaze settles on Lynette, and she has to wipe her eyes again with that lacy handkerchief. "Oh Robben," she sighs, "Is she not the most lovely bride?"

Leaning against her husband Wenna closes her eyes for a moment before the cheers begin. The scent of roses and mint is strong and would be noticed by any who are sitting near them. She shifts her weight and places as hand on her abdomen. She then looks over at Nylie and she offers her a warm smile. She murmurs softly to both her and her husband. Her gaze moves to look at the bride and groom as the ceremony begins to unfold.

Hadrian smiles, "Good, I look forward to dancing with you." He says to Bren and then leans back in his chair, most likely someone elses he has stolen. He looks towards the ceremony and then his father and sister. The Lone Wolf was glad his sister was getting married. So far this took pressure of him to get married. He moves both hands to rest behind his head, watching and for now, falling quiet.

"Of course," Robben replies to Aemy to the part about returning later on. "I was thinking we should first come here for a while and then go back home for a bit." Quieting down as things are starting, he offers quiet nods and smiles to Hadrian and Bowen, his brothers in law, before he looks to the bride and groom. Smiling as he nods at Aemy's word, "She is, just like her sister before her," he offers to her now.

Ah, there is his beautiful cousin stepping to shore, handed by her father off to the man who is about to become her husband. Ronan watches, pleased enough with what he's seen of Sir Shepard. His gaze slips from them to watch Roslin's face for a moment before his attention returns to the wedding procession.

Aidan gives a familiar nod and arm clasp shape to Shepard before the young man starts off with his youngest daughter across the carpets laid out. There's a reserved smile for the pair and every father in the crowd would recognize it to be that of mixed emotions of seeing one's little girl all grown up. Then it is his place to follow the bride and groom until a point that he can take a proper seat at the front of the rows, next to his other daughter and his brother's family, closest to the alter on the Kincaid side.

That one, and only one seat is taken, by Nylie without even batting an eye. A smile coming when Caedmon tugs at the collar of his shirt. Lightly murmuring a response to Wenna, commenting on the lovelyness of the bride as well. How handsome the groom is as well. Just a lovely ceremony.

The young knight will move to his usual position where he's not in the way but able to help. Benedict pauses as the others stop in the allotted space, he will stand straight and watch the wedding ceremony go on. He is taking in the others who are here to see who he may know or not. It's a long list its' for sure.

Brendolyn watches Shepard and Lynette and her eyes mist, it's either the setting or Hadrian's breath, but either way she nods softly then dabs her eyes with a pretty handkerchief. She watches the ceremony proceed, paying keen attention, occasionally glancing down the bench at family and friends.

Kierne fights against his jaw wanting to open in a yawn, keeping that tight smile in place even as his eyes water with the strain. Or else the sight of the emotion in Aidan's eyes, the proud and grieving father, is just too much for the sensitive young man and his eyes are watering up. Either way, he lifts a knuckle to jam into one eye, then the other, squeezing away the tears before they can try to fall.

Hadrian could tell Bren was crying a little. He leans forward again, "That could be you one day." He says some and then leans back in his chair one more. His voice soft as his arms fold over his chest. A smile on the foxes face.

Bowen gives his father a nod and a bit of a smile. Surely of all days, he cannot be faulted for giving the appearance of joy - the day of his sister's blessed union. So, the young squire does not have the appearance of joy, he is practically glowing with delight.

Lashes lower over her eyes and a blush rises into her cheeks at the words from Robben and Aemy could not stop the pleased smile curving her lips even if she wanted to. "You always say the sweetest things, love." When Aidan joins, she reaches her hand to brush over his shoulder briefly and offers a reassuring smile. "They look happy."


Shepard and Lynette reach the altar, whereupon Shepard unclasps that fine cloak he's wearing, moving to lay it upon the ground, for Lynette to kneel upon as the blessings and prayers of the priest are made. It's all fairly traditional prayers and blessings, not altogether different from what would be seen and heard at many other weddings across Mobrin. It does seem Lakeshire has its' own spin on certain things though, as rather than the sacrifice of piglets, the couple partakes of a small ritual that involves the pouring of soil from their respective homelands into a larger receptacle. The vows and prayers the couple makes as the pouring is done, however, are quite similar to what would normally be spoken during the sacrifice.

Once this is concluded, rings are exchanged, and further vows and oaths spoken under the guidance of the Enlightened. Through it all, Shepard and Lynette's eyes scarcely leave each other, nor do the smiles upon their faces ever dim. One last addition that seems to be of Lakeshire origin makes its' way into the ceremony, as when the time comes for the Groom to seal the bond with a kiss, Lynette first hands him a white flower…the Lake Lily that is so important to her house. Shepard accepts it with a smile, and -then- leans over to take his bride into an enthusiastic and lingering kiss that -just- skirts the line of propriety before it finally breaks….

And then it's done! The happy couple turns about and Shepard raises his and Lynette's hand high in celebration, now wedded in the eyes of Gods and men. Let the celebration begin!

And what a celebration it shall be….

Servants move to pull down latticework barriers that had been covered over with ivies or flowers to reveal pathways to the adjoining area of the gardens (just off the Bride's side of the ceremonial area), where a massive spread of food and drink awaits, delicacies from across the known world (and plenty from here at home), courtesy of Lakeshire's extensive trading network, cover the table from end-to-end. A company of musicians strike up festive tunes as soon as Shepard and Lynette lead the procession into the now-revealed section. Several small tables and chairs are scattered about the area for the gathered nobles to take their leisure, and an expansive space left open for dancing. Servants move to and fro, attending to every guest's need (within reason, of course). All with a spectacular view of the lake beyond.


Moira smiles, her eyes misting, dutifully dabbing with a handkerchief and leaning momentarily against Aldren. Oh, she may only be a couple years older than her beloved brother but, with the heart of a mother, as she ran the household for her father for so many years, she feels as if she is watching her own child joining the ranks of wedded bliss.

Emma is here, honestly, she has been the entire time, tucked away at the back, watching the proceedings and sniffling like all the rest.

She can't help that her eyes fly wide at Hadrian's comment though she tries to hide the expression with her handkerchief. Dab dab dab. Sniffle. Dab. Oh gods, sniffle! Bren beams a smile when the couple turns and is pronounced, attention on them.

Robben smiles again at Aemy's words, before he bows his head a bit as Aidan joins them. Not saying anything until the ceremony is done now, watching with a smile before he looks to his father-in-law again, "A lovely ceremony, you must be quite proud today."

Aidan looks over toward Robben, answering him, "It's the courtship Robben, you know how it binds the groom and bride together…" Robben should remember, for it's likely they did the very same thing. It's generally all he says, since he's turning his attention toward the alter, following along with the words the priest declares upon the couple. He watches the ceremony with the sand and soil from both houses coming together and the entire time the happiness shared between bride and groom. When it does get to the kiss, he gives a good natured laugh… yes a laugh, at seeing that, before he's the first to rise with a clap and a cheer for the newly weds.

Draventa follows suit, clapping and smiling for the new couple. She can't help a small glance to the Kilgour next to her, but then straightens up, a faint pink to her cheeks.

Having fallen silent as the actual ceremony got under way, the exchanging of vows and prayers. Nylie does pay some interest to the differences that exist in the ceremony to the traditional flares of other areas. Slipping to her feet as well once the ceremony is ended, that kiss shared between the couple. Clapping for the new, happy couple.

Ronan also joins the others to move to stand and clap when the formal ceremony is concluded. "Bravo!" The Rioga smiles and offers Roslin his arm, "Shall we join them? We should offer our congratulations and get you a glass of wine, perhaps." Though likely she'll want to eat something. The Duke looks to Kierne, "Behave yourself. I do NOT expect to see you showing up for arms practice in the morning as I expect you won't be sober enough to get up. Enjoy yourself, Kierne."

Brendolyn rises immediately and turns, looking for someone. Emma, in fact. She peeks around and stretches up on her toes, then finally spies her out and offers an apology to Hadrian, "Do excuse me I really must see Emma," she explains then rushes off, as she is wont to do, ZOOM.

Caedmon sighs when the final pronouncement comes. His left arm is still around Wenna's shoulders, however, and he hugs her from the side for a moment. "This is why I wanted a small, quiet, and /private/ wedding. Ours wasn't perfect, thanks to that troubadour who decided to run and tell half of Stormvale after he overheard our talks about it with Aldren, but it was a memory that I'll treasure."

Lynette is still blushing slightly after the kiss from Shepard, not that she was going to break it mind you, so what if people were staring it was a good kiss, and a good ceremony! One hand still grasps the flowers she carries, minus the one she gave to Shepard, while her other arm curls with her new husband's giving his arm a squeeze while they walk along the little path that leads towards where everything is set up. She looks towards the clapping and well wishes from the guests all receive warm smiles from her along with thanks to boot though she's a bit quiet given that she did just get married here. Though that should change as the night goes on for certain and she gets to speak with others now that the celebration has for certain started.

Hadrian comes to a stand as Bren rushes off towards Emma. This will not do at all. The cunning fox descides it's time to give chase and chase he does. He moves from the row of chairs and then swiftly moves in a step behind her, "Then I shall join you as well. I have not met this Emma you have spoken of but then afterswards, we dance. Assuming you know how of course." It's not that easy to get away from the cunning fox.

Moira rises, gracefully hand on Aldren's arm. A glance to her Father with misty eyes, then to young Rozenwyn. All before she turns to look at Shepard and his beautiful bride. Fingers go to her lips, a happy sob adn, brilliantly glittering eyes watch the two as they begin to mingle with guests.

As the ceremony concludes, Aemy also stands and cheers with the others, still wiping her eyes. Once she has applauded her sister and Shepard, she turns to Robben, collecting his crutches, holding them as she offers him her hand.

The Forresters add to the sounds of congratulations, their applause as enthusiastic as that of the other attendees. Nimue's eyes are misted over as undoubtedly a lot of the ladies are, and perhaps even some of the men, but she does nothing to wipe them from her eyes, seeing as how they are tears of joy.

Kierne found the ceremony a little long to be sitting still, his eyelids drooping more than usual. But when it comes to the kissing part, he shakes his head, once, suddenly attentive, and when they're pronounced, he stands up to cup his hands around his mouth and give his cousin a wild howl to let her know he's there and show his approval. He then grins impishly aside to his Lord Knight, "Which is it to be, behaving myself or enjoying myself?" he jokes playfully, filing out along with him and the Duchess.

Emma has risen up, crutch secured under an arm as she waves off her handmaidens attempt to help her, spotting as Brendolyn comes towards her, the young tall woman curving a wide smile and lifting up a hand to wave after she claps for the couple, "Bren!" Huzzah, she made it! Hopping out from behind the seats she reveals to be wearing a lovely empire waisted gown of a deep red hue with gold embroidery, hair for once brushed back and swept up into an intricate series of curls pinned winsomely, flowers tucked within. And then there is Hadrian with her, "Oh, your escort for the eve, Bren?" Emma will ask with a warm smile for the pair, keeping her weight off her broken ankle as she joins them both.

"I would have been happy just having the contract signed and priest give a small blessing. As it stands the two days locked in a room were grand." Wenna points out to Caedmon as she gently pokes his stomach. She smiles as she watches the bride and groom. "Now for their lives to begin and for the real learning to happen, shall we wait for the crowds to thin?"

Managing to get to his feet a bit slower, Robben also applauds for the happy couple, nodding to Aidan as he does. "It's a quite special perod of time, when bonds are made that will last for life." Smiling as he looks to Aemy again, he takes the offered hand now. "I'm sorry I won't be able to take part in any dancing," he says now.

Nylie glances to Caedmon and Wenna to catch her brother's comment. A quiet sigh of her own slipping as her eyes turn back towards the couple, flitting and searching out someone else. Many a thought running through her mind, though such things are kept to herself in this moment. Lingering there with the pair for the time being, waiting for the crowds to thin a little as they progress towards the reception and overwhelming the new couple with well wishes.

A pair of servants leads Shepard and Lynette over to where they might receive the well-wishes of guests, though for a moment, Shepard is led away, behind another set of screens, where his faithful squire Peyton and a pair of armorsmith's assistants wait to get him out of that armor in near-record time, with another servant quickly helping him into considerably less battle-ready attire. All told, it's only a few minutes until he re-emerges, grinning just a touch ruefully at Lynette for the brief absence, but clad in a doublet much like his father's, with the addition of that fine cloak. He lifts her hand and kisses it when he finally reaches her side again. "Well, my lady wife…shall we see to our guests?"

Ronan lets out a faint huff of breath, "Both. Remember your manners and conduct yourself in knightly fashion at all times, Kierne. Even if you are stupid drunk and can't stand up." It's too much to hope Kierne will simply remain predominantly sober so the Rioga Duke doesn't even try to put that unfair restraint on the youth. "Don't let me hear your Uncle speak ill of you tomorrow! Off with you, scamp."

Brendolyn is startled when Hadrian sidles up to her and on instinct turns with knee lifting, aiming for the groin "Sir!" she starts, mistaking him for someone else, apparently, given her reaction, then she mutters quietly and color rises to her cheeks. It's not her fault she was taught where to strike, blame her sweet Papa, who let her learn such things. She might miss, she's wearing a gown, it could even go unnoticed. Who knows?

As the couple move down the carpet toward where the main reception is to take place, Aidan's clapping draws to a fade out as he turns a look toward Robben, "You took a nasty spill during the Tournament. I didn't even expect to see you make it. I'm glad you did, for Lynette would certainly like to speak with her sister this night of all nights." He moves toward Aemy now and puts his hands out to greet her with an embrace and a kiss to her cheek, "Aemy, you look wonderful. Are my grandchildren in attendance or did you keep them with their nannies?" He asks, while he allows the guests to start to surround Shepard and Lynette with well wishes. It's there moment, so he's taking his moment to reconnect with his eldest daughter.

Rozenwyn wipes at her eyes with a corner of her sleeve, sniffling. "It's so romantic!" She sighs as the bride and groom are finally wed.

He will clap and cheer as the call goes up of course. Benedict is mostly watching and listening though his focus shifts back to the pair in front of him given one half of it is his charge and friend. He will not speak of the look or anything but gladly he'll stay put until deciding if he'd like to move further in with the gathering or what. He looks back to the princess of Moniwid and he'll move up speaking low to her so hopefuly only she hears to cheer her up. "Is it tradition now, we must try to dance and I do so poorly?" he will grin.

"I think that we should, sweet wife," Caedmon answers Wenna while his eyes sweep the crowd. When he sees the new bride and groom taking their places to greet guests, he looks to Nylie, and encourages, "If you wish to offer good wishes to them, go ahead. Don't wait for us. We prefer a leisurely stroll to the maddening press."

Lynette glances to Shepard as he moves off, having an idea as to why so turns her attention to a few guest that have caught up to her. She offers them sot thanks and well wishes before she is able to move on to the spot where she was to meet up with Shepard once more. As her hand is taking hold of she looks to him offering him a warm smile and gives his hand a squeeze. "Of course my dear husband." She'll lean close to them while he guest move to speak with them. It shall be a busy night, though she will not mind any of it in the least.

Hadrian was quick and managed to default the knee to a mere thigh of his, keeping the famaily jewels protected. He grunts a moment before he listens to her whisper. This though was something he had expected a bit. She reminded him of a horse but before you can ride such, a horse must first be broken. He smiles still though feeling the light pain in his leg. He leans over to whispers back to Bren then turns to Emma, "Greetings. You must be the Lady Emma spoke of. I am Lord Hadrian Kincaid, Heir of Lakeshire and yes indeed her escort for the night. Please to meet you." A bow is give some to her.

Draventa chuckles softly, Logen having stepped off for the moment. Looking up to the knight, "If your feet can stand it, yes. that is a good tradition, Sir Benedict." The princess looks about, "I think dancing won't happen for a bit though."

Once Robben is to his feet, Aemy assists him with the crutches, "We have plenty of dances in our future, love. There is no need for one tonight. Perhaps my father will save one for me. Or my brothers." Turning to face her father then, she tiptoes and offers her cheek when he bends to kiss it, the delight in the attention from her father as a smile blossoming across her features. "They are here, though in the room with the nannies. Perhaps before our departure, you could come by and see them."

Nimue leads the Sky Foresters towards where Shepard and Lynette will be meeting their guests. A place in the queue, if there is one, is assumed and they wait their turn.
Hadrian mutters to Brendolyn, "… act as… danger even… wedding. Relax… you…"

Bowen stands and claps for the couple. He joins the flock of people who begin to line up to congratulate the couple. He does however pause at his brother's near painful interaction with Brendolyn. Well, apparently it is not just with their father that Hadrian has problems communicating.

"Yes, sir," Kierne tells Ronan, though, with his constitution where drink is concerned, it's much more likely he forgets his manners before he forgets he has legs. So, uncharactaristically in the extreme, he doesn't take a beeline to the drink, but turns around and makes his exit out the other side of the aisle from that where all and sundry are swarming. He will tackle his cousin with well-wishes later, when she's being less assaulted on all sides by those attempting to do so. He stretches his legs, loitering along the fence where the retainers are standing, reconnecting with some of the stable staff with whom he's acquainted, chatting about the well-being of some of the animals he knows here and getting some fresh air before he joins back into the press to the reception, giving his cousin Faerinia his arm to play escort to her if she'll let him do so.

Green eyes notice the exchange between her youngest sister and the heir of the Lakeshire. Wenna places her husband's hand on her stomach. "My dear could you extract my sister from Lord Hadrian before I find a bow? Or whistle for Cricket?" She then moves to get up and move towards the two.

"Lord Hadrian Kincaid, I've heard so many wonderful things about you." Emma will enthuse with a smile, looking between the pair with an approving nod. She will dip slightly, pulling her crutch away from her to do so, "Please, do not let me stop you both from pressing forwards to greet the newly married Lord and Lady, I plan on staying back until the crowds move onwards."

Horse indeed. Her foot comes down hard toward his at the returned whisper and she smiles, "Yes this is Lady Emma, my dear friend," she says through somewhat gritted teeth. Bren inhales and draws herself up ramrod straight gazing at Emma, "You are lovely as ever, I am so sorry I have not been to see you until tonight, I dearly miss your company and no this is not my escort, we ran into one another here," she explains to Emma, shooting Hadrian a glance. She looks around then grasps Emma's hand, "I will remain with you, and maybe we can have brunch tomorrow?" she asks her friend.

Nylie gives a faint shake of her head to Caedmon,"I am fine to wait a moment, as to stand here or there in line, is little difference." Glancing towards Hadrian and Brendolyn at Wenna's words, Nylie says quietly, so it carries not past the three of them,"Might I suggest finding a bow?" How calmly she says that too!

Benedict will grin and chuckle himself "Aye, but it's m'lady's i'm concerned about." he will say easily enough to the other. Her words about the dancing not starting up just yet gets a thoughtful look from the noble. "That is all the better a little time to practice yet." he will add after a moment still trying to help the other's mood remain light.

Rozenwyn takes a deep restorative sniff and then smiles up at Moira as she passes by, and then at Rinder. "I don't think any wedding could be this nice again, uncle. I'd rather just stay at home and help you." Hearkening back to his earlier mention of her likelihood of one day being married. Oblivious to everything but the beauty of the wedding and the flowers and the music, she sighs dreamily. "What a nice place."

Aidan smiles at Aemy's delight, it's a little infectious to be true. He does offer his hand to Robben to shake however, forearm clasp as seems to be customary for close relations. "I would certainly save you a dance my dear," though to the both, "I appreciate you both finding your way here and I certainly wouldn't mind to spend time with my grandchildren. It's been far too long since our last visit." In Darfield, what seemed ages ago. He completely misses what's going on with the other folks as the mingling begins, speaking with Robben and Aemy now while he can. "Are you two headed back to Weston or are you returning to Darfield? You know my dear, you two are welcomed to stay as long as you like in Lakeshire. I'm likely to remain here for a time, settle some affairs now that the wedding planning has concluded." His own? Yeah, there's no mention of that.

Moira's eyes drift about as she and Aldren make their way toward her brother and her new sister inlaw. A smile touching her lips even if her eyes, lighting on Bren get concerned. Then they also glance towards her father and Rozenwyn. A gentle nudge is given to Aldren as they proceed through the throng.

Hadrian feels the sudden stomp to his feet and well, he couldn't dodge that one. But the pain flies up his leg and he grits his teeth a moment. He looks to Bren and there seems to be a bit of a smile on his lips before looking back to Emma, "Don't mind her, she's just a little shy and all. Not use to the company of a man I feel." He says before looking back at Bren. She's a challenge but she did past his test.

Draventa smiles softly, "If it only took a little practice to get better…" Her pale grey eyes look aournd, scanning the room to see who else is there before turing back to Ben, "Did the Ambassador not come?" If there's a touch of relief in her voice, it's barely detectable.

Emma looks even more pleased as Brendolyn speaks to staying with her, her friends hand given a squeeze gently, "You look lovely as well, Bren, and I'd adore a brunch with you tomorrow, it's been far too long." Though the interplay between the two does raise some curiosity as well as bemusement, her fair brow raising up slightly in question to both. Really, she can go.

Robben smiles, "I wouldn't want to miss it, even if I'm sure I was driving people crazy on the way here." A brief smile again to Aemy, before he takes the crutches, leaning on them for a few moments. "And yes, there should still be many dances in our future…" At the mention of their plans, he shrugs a little. "I'm sure we could stay here for a while, at least." A brief pause as he glances around, and then back to Aidan. "Oh, congratulations are in order to you as well, I believe."

Well then, his squire wanders off and for the moment looks to be heading out of mischief. Ronan watches Kierne depart, then he listens to something Roslin is saying to another lady. When she is free, the Duke begins to move them towards Shephard and Lynette to join the growing reception line. Rosley follows, now carrying gifts of some nature draped in blue cloth. "Lakeshire is as beautiful as I remember. I haven't been here for some while, though Sir Connelly used to bring me often when I was his squire." That to Roslin as they walk sedately to greet the bride and groom.

Caedmon smiles when Wenna takes his hand and rests it briefly on her stomach. He glances toward Brendolyn, Emman, and Hadrian when she draws his attention to the trio. He nods. "I will be glad to help," he agrees. Removing his hand, he bows to Wenna and Nylie, and offers, "Please excuse me." Then he wades into the crowd, making his way slowly toward his good sister, her friend, and their apparent pest. "Lord Kincaid," he greets, "Please excuse me, but my sweet wife asked me to see if I might fetch her sister and the lady, so that she might have a word with them." He looks to Brendolyn.

Aemy looks at her father with concern, though of course she does not ask about his own wedding. "I know they would be more than happy seeing you as well, father." Though she is unable to answer the question of where they would be going from here, she does, however, wear a hopeful smile at the mention of remaining in Lakeshire for a time. When he answers just that very thing, she impulsively hugs him, careful of his crutches, not wanting to topple him in the process. "We will be staying awhile then, father." She does look around for Nylie, just then.

Wenna tall and dressed in amethyst moves at a slow pace after her husband. Her green eyes are narrowed and she does have to move through the throng of people. It is slow going. She looks over her shoulder to see how Nylie is fairing. Before her gaze once more falls on her youngest sister , apprentice and Hadrian.

Lynette has little idea of what is going on across the way with her brother and others. Though honestly it would not surprise her at the moment. Though if she knew about it she would not be that thrilled with her dear brother at the moment. Conversations come and go and greetings, thank you and the like are given and taken with the guests that do speak with the newly married couple.

It is highly likely that Hadrian will never know how much he owes Caedmon for that little intervention. Bren's temper flares at Hadrian's comment and she whips around with an elbow poised to clock him in the mouth but then there's Caedmon and her arm lowers. She nods to him then to Emma, "Do assist Lady Emma as she needs," she says to her brother-in-law then her stormy gaze settles on Hadrian. "I fear there may not be any dance this eve," Or ever. Then she leans closer for a last word before moving toward her sister.

For good or for ill, Shepard is too far away to see what's transpiring with Brendolyn and Hadrian, which all told may be for the best. As it seems the folk of Sky Forest have taken the initiative, it is they who receive the first greeting, "Count Forrester, Lady Nimue…thank you for coming. I dearly hope you enjoy the festivities. Duke Kincaid certainly spared no expense" Shepard inclines his head to to the Sky Forest entourage, tilting his head and smiling to Harmon, "Though if rumor is to be believed, I think congratulations are in order for you as well, Your Excellency?" There are of course small, appropriate gifts to be given to guests, as well. Bottles of Kerrigan spirits for the men, Kincaid-imported chocola for the ladies. Not that there isn't plenty of both immediately available to the guests at the moment!

Nylie bows her head to Caedmon,"Of course, brother." Remaining easily with Wenna as her brother wades into the crowds to extract Brendolyn, keeping to the slower pace that Wenna moves at. Happy to speed up a step to deflect a stray person here or there for Wenna's slow progress.

Rinder sits and watches as all of this transpires. He is quiet, and contemplative, but the elder Kerrigan ahs a smile on his face. It is the smile fo a father proud of his son, and happy at the occassion. His eyes scan the crowd and then return to the ceramony. Then he nods his head again, and sighs contently. All he need now is wait, and all will be well.

Brendolyn mutters to Hadrian, "… ever… speak… me in… a… you'll find… its mark…. won't… again."

Kierne isn't bad at minding his manners, as long as his tongue is not sufficiently loosened by wine to say what he really thinks about things, which is usually some matter of arcane philosophy which comes across rather shocking and scandalous. As for now he takes up a position along the aisle with his cousin, chatting amiably with her about this and that while they wait for their mutual cousin to get down the row of well-wishers with her new husband.

Aidan grins, "Surely not my good son," this to Robben, "I imagine you've kept Aemy good company on the way down. I most certainly see the light in her eyes." A hand lift to give an aside to Robben that Aemy certainly could hear, "I'm sure she doesn't mind the excuse of your injury to keep you at her side." A wink for the couple, hand falling down a bit as he starts to become aware of some ruckus over yonder, glimpsing Caedmon now, whom is moving in for his son. Eagle vision. Or something. For now he remains where he is, hands falling behind his back, "Indeed… so they seem to be." Distractedly mentioning, Nylie no where to be seen near him, a vastly different appearance then the last wedding. A quiet smile then to hear Aemy declaring that she'll stay, "I'm glad for that. Your rooms in the Hold are still suitable for you I hope." Yet, his eyes seem ever distracted toward Hadrian…

If the cover of night could wash over the wedding right now and bring forth thunderous clouds and dangerous lightning, such would be happening right now as the look of irritation shifts to Caedmon, though brief. A smile is given and he nods his head towards the man, "Of course, I would not wish to interfer." A bow of his head is given for now. He shifts his head slightly as Bren whispers something to him. This brings a little bit of a chuckle from him. "I wish you all the fairest of a good nights eve. I am sure we'll see each other again Lady Brendolyn." The Lord turns a bit on his heels and proceeds to head away from them.

Nimue curtseys to Lynette and Shepard both, smiling brightly before moving to offer them both a friendly hug. "That was such a beautiful wedding. Thank you so much for inviting us. We undoubtedly will enjoy ourselves." She leans in and whispers to her brother, something about excusing herself for just a moment, before she says to the newly-wedded, "I will have your gift delivered to you as soon as we can."

At last, Moira and Aldren reach the line where all are waiting to speak to Shepard and Lynnette. As they make their way closer, her eyes glance from time to time towards Bren and others but that situation seems to be well in hand..or foot. Her eyes turn towards Shepard as they draw closer.

Harmon smiles to Shepard, "It will be a dark day indeed when I fail to enjoy a festivity, Lord Shepard, and this is not, I think, a dark day. My Countess Brienne…" He introduces his wife and sister the small talk and gifts exchanged.

Bowen removes himself from the line to the happy couple and walks over to where his brother is hopefully not about to make a scene. He would really hate for Father to have anymore cause to express hsi displeasure with Hadrian. He puts his hand on Hadrian's shoulder, with a wide grin on his lips. "Good day, Brother." His hazel eyes practically glistening with mirth, "Ladies, m'lord. I do hope that this joyous day does find everyone well…"

Emma's eyes widen at Brendolyns demeanor towards Hadrian who will get a look from the tall young woman who tucks that crutch back beneath her arm. A little niggling of a smile at the corner edges of her lips, likely out of embarrassment, though Caedmons arrival does bring welcome relief from the tenseness of Brendolyn and Hadrian. She will watch as Brendolyn stalks away, and then Hadrian, the Lady Emma nodding to Caed, "Well. That was uncomfortable." Said with a deep blush as she then begins to crutch her way with a hand lifting up her dress a little to meander her way there to Wenna and Bren.

Cian notes the convergence upon the Kincaid heir and gives a sigh. A look to the sky and perhaps some whispered prayer before he moves towards the group. He moves through the crowd as best he can to the general vicinity."Milord." He calls to Hadrian, "I do believe there is a break in the line for you to meet with your sister." He offers with a gesture towards the receiving line. Diplomatic? Perhaps. He gives a slightly apologetic look to the ladies here present.

Elisabeth was off talk Kieryn and only now returns to find her cousin in a bit of a pickle, "Brendolyn, is everything alright?" She asks a she moves to join the Haraveans gathering in the area. There is a dip of her head towards Emma in greeting and the others in the circle.

At Harmon's side, Brienne offers a bright smile. "I wanted to offer you my best wishes, to the both of you, and it is lovely to meet you. The wedding was beautiful." There is a touch of wistfulness in her voice, though she does not linger on it.

Wenna stands there and holds her hand out to her Brendolyn. "Sister come hither and come and join Lady Nylie and myself while we wait. Caedmon can help Lady Emma." She says to her sister and makes it so she can be heard.

"I… may have been complaining a bit too much about not being able to ride," Robben admits, before he grins as he hears Aidan's words now. "And I must admit I'm happy to stay at her side as well, although I'm glad I can at least move around with these crutches." Smiling as he's hugged by his wife, he hugs her back now.

Lynette offers a warm smile and not to both Harmon and Nimue, and then Brienne as well. "Thank you all for coming out. I certainly hope that you have enjoyed everything, and will continue to do so the rest of the evening." She looks to Nimue and her smile is seen once more. "Of course, we are most thankful that you was able to come, and thank you for the thoughtfulness of a gift." Her smile stays while she hears Brienne, her hands clasped loosely before her. "Thank you for saying such on it, I am certainly happen that you have enjoyed it."

Shepard smiles and inclines his head to Brienne, "Countess Forrester, it is a pleasure to meet you. May your marriage be a long, happy, and prosperous one." He offers to the woman, before it's time to move on to the next guests in the line, that being his sister and her husband. Shepard leans forward and kisses Moira's cheek, folding her into a brief, tight hug as he smiles to her, "I hope you've enjoyed your time in Lakeshire, dear sister." He tilts a brow, looking bemusedly to Aldren before giving the man a clasp of both hand and shoulder, "Though hopefully not -too- much, eh?" He jokes with Aldren.

Kierne finds Cian offering up a spot in front of him and Rini in line, and, far from minding, he grins broadly and waves Hadrian over encouragingly. Helping? Maybe?

The Duchess of Sutherland, Roslin nee Kilgour, says something to him. Ronan listens and gives a slight nod, not aware of what is transpiring around Hadrian's antics. The Rioga Duke offers a faint smile to the Forresters ahead of them in the greeting line though he doesn't really know Brienne well. Ah, and the Haraveans did come to the Lakeshire wedding? It is good to see them give Shepard their support.
From afar, Lynette keeps looking back at the poses and failing. XD

With the ruckus drawing the attention of her father, Aemy also notices her brother and the goings on over in that area. "Of course, father, the rooms are more than perfect, thank you. I look forward to spending more time with you while I am here, if you have the time." As Hadrian walks off, she places a hand on her husbands forearm. "Forgive me, please. If you both would excuse me, I would like to have a word with my brother, it has been far too long."

"Every wedding my dear Niece," Rinder begins as he watches the couple. "Is beautiful. The trick for your wedding is making it more beautiful for you." He smiles over to his niece and pats her knee fondly beofre looking back to his son and now daughter. "I just want the grand children to fill with sweets and give back to their parents." He chuckles. "This will amuse me."

Brendolyn turns toward her family and smiles a cool smile, "Oh yes, sister, hello," she says and then inhales and nods to Elizabeth. "Oh quite, yes, all fine, just fine," she answers, glancing back toward Caedmon and Emma. "I am so happy to have found Emma, and, glad to see you all, so very glad," she says, meaningfully. What was anger and frustration is now uneasiness and perhaps even confusion.

The duo of Aldren and Moira receive the hugs and jibs of Shepard with good graces, while Moira, takes Shepard's face hin her hands and then kisses him on the cheek, murmuring something to him. Then, she turns towards Lynette, and offers both her hands and a kiss to the cheek as well, murmuring something to her as well.

Moira mutters to Shepard, "I… Mother… think I hae… well and…"

Moira whispers "I know I am not Mother but I think I hae the same thoughts that all will be well and truly happy for you."

Not wanting to monopolize the couple when there were more wanting to greet them, Brienne offers a curtsy, dipping her head demurely, "Perhaps we will have more time to speak later, though if not, I do wish you both my best and thank you for inviting us." She steps aside with her husband and notes the greeting from the Duke, and returns it with a friendly smile as she steps away to leave room for others.

Caedmon inclines his head to Hadrian and answers, "Thank you for indulging this request." Then he bows to Bren when she asks him to see to Lady Emma. While the lady shifts her crutch into position, he extends his arm and offers, "If you would prefer, you may walk with me and spare yourself from the crutch, Lady. I am quite accustomed to lending my support to Wenna. Helping you will be no bother." He waits to see what she will do, and then, if she allows, will guide her carefully toward his wife, sister, and sister-in-law, while being mindful at each step that she does not impose further strain onto her injured ankle.

"Oh… I hadn't thought about nieces and nephews," Rozenwyn comments in a bright tone. Babies! She hasn't had much opportunity to be around infants, and so the horrifying reality of the creatures has never sunk in. Back end realities. /Terrible/ realities. As someone who has never washed a diaper, she loves the idea of them.

Quick as anything and not one to care what others in court say Wenna moves to pull her sister into a protective hug as she places a kiss on her the top of her head. She holds her tightly and whispers softly into her ear. She then releases her and offers her a warm smile. "Come let us join Lady Nylie."

Aidan allows his gaze to draw back away from the ruckus when Hadrian steps away from the group, sighing quietly to himself. Where's the wine? A quick look to see and note that the wine is over there, through the crowd and through the Haravean's and the Crawfords. His eyes flick back to Aemy, "I will -make- the time. You do not visit me enough, so I will ensure there is time for you and your ever dutiful husband." A good pat to Robben's shoulder, inclining his head, "Well, good man, now that she's off to settle her brother's ire, care for a drink? Albeit, you'll have to manage over to the reception area."

Wenna mutters to Brendolyn, "There… my… and if… I… think… would mind dancing… cannot. For that… me a… by… so."

Emma will allow it most gratefully, handing off her crutch to her handmaiden who will tuck it against her chest as she follows Caedmon and Emma along, "Thank you, Baron, you are far too kind." Emma will state earnestly, blue-green gaze turned forwards then as she eagerly awaits rejoining her friend Brendolyn, smile warming considerably for the other woman, each step taken quite easily, she's gotten used to hopping along when impatience overwrought common sense to take it slow, "It was such a beautiful wedding, so many coming in such a short time, spring is such a lovely time for such." And once they've joined the group she will cast all a warm smile save for Elisabeth who will get a somewhat wilting smile, though also a bow of her head, "What a joyous day, yes?" To all.

Lynette with one group of thankyous and welcomes one she looks to Aldren and Moira, a polite nod is offered to the counter, thanking him for being here before she lets her attention rest upon Moria. The other woman receives a warm smile along with a hug while she listens to the murmurings while offering her own back to the other woman.

Wenna mutters to Brendolyn, "We… about what… said… he…"

Robben smiles as he listens to Aemy. "Of course, dear," he replies, before he offers a smile to Aidan at the pat to his shoulder. "Just have a little patience with me on the way over there, and I'll be happy to have a drink," he replies.

Brendolyn smiles softly at Wenna and hugs her in return, answering back quietly to her before she looks to Emma. "Yes, a lovely wedding, I am so happy for Shepard and Lady Lynette," she says, the words softly spoken. She looks toward Shep and Lynette and smiles then looks back to the group, "How long will we linger here in Lakeshire?" she asks, suddenly interested in when they will be leaving.

Once she had been granted her request to be excused from her husband and father, Aemy rushes over to where Hadrian had gone, capturing his hand in his and throwing herself into a warm hug, embracing him quite happily. "Hadrian!" She exclaims, all smiles and happiness. "It has been far too long. How are you faring?"

Benedict watches as his charge gets pulled away on some business. He looks about once more to hopefully find someone he knows. He cant exactly just leave as he'll have to travel along with the others so, well it's time to mingle it would seem. The lord and knight will turn to move further into the gathering.

Brendolyn mutters to Wenna, "I… here… everyone….. to dance then… but.. I… I'd… and… a… of sorts."

As the matter is sorted in drawing Brendolyn and Emma on over towards Wenna and herself, Nylie fades back slightly behind Wenna as the healer addresses her sister. Simply falling silent, her hands lightly folding before her, there wasn't really an instrument for her to go escape to and hide behind as she was so oft want to do. Giving a small bow of her towards Brendolyn and evenutally Emma as well when the two are brought to join the group. Nylie's smokey grey eyes quietly taking in the family group she lingers on the outskirts of, before they look off into the crowd.

Lynette mutters to Moira, "… am… I… over them… as I… can… that."

Hadrian waves off Cian as he comes to tell him the line is open. He wasn't in the mood right now to be too festive. He shifts his gaze suddenly as someone takes his hand and like a snake in the grass, the man recoils it perhaps out of instinct, anger, or reflex from the war. He looks to Aemy a moment like she was an enemy but that quickly fades before a softly smile, "Yes, yes if has dear Sister. I hope you have been fairing well. It is good to see you." He glances back towards the party of people then back to her. "Perhaps we can catch up tomorrow?"

Elisabeth nods to Brendolyn, leaving her to the care of Wenna as she steps back with Kieryn. Upon seeing Nylie she smiles brightly to the woman and approaches, "It was a beautiful Ceremony, was it not?" She asks of the Lady with a glance up to the newly wed couple and the receiving line. "Have you had a chance to give congratulations yet?"

Wenna nods her head. "Soon my dear sister, very soon." She then leans in and murmurs into Bren's ear again as she embraces her warmly. Her words are soft. When she is done she looks over at Nylie. "That was a very lovely wedding and have you met my apprentice Lady Emma?" She motions towards Caedmon and Emma as they approach.

Wenna mutters to Brendolyn, "If… do… stay Caedmon… are more than happy… leave with…"

Shepard smiles to his sister, perhaps just a tiny bit dewy-eyed as he nods to her, and clasps her hands warmly for a moment before it's all-too-soon time to move on to the next guests. Shepard bows deeply to Ronan and Roslin, "Duke and Duchess Crawford. You honor us with your presence. Please let me offer my thanks for attending." He grins a bit to Ronan, "And let me offer an invitation to Ashenfell as well, when matters of war and politics might permit. If you've not seen much of Greenshire, it's marvelous country for the riding of horses. And I'll have to see if being on home soil might offer me any advantage in a good spar."

"Or you could offer your sister a dance, big brother." Aemy laughs, not taking offense to his withdrawal from her. "You see, my husband was injured in the tournament after being thrown from his horse, so he is unable to participate much in the festivities. Would you care to join us this evening or do you have other plans?"

Then, Moira and Aldren take their leave of the couple as there are so many more waiting to give their best wishes. Moira murmurs something about a special gift being delivered on her part to the couple in a day or so, while Aldren does his gruff usual greetings and when they are done, begins to make his way towards the wine table.

Brendolyn smiles at Nylie too then looks to Wenna shaking her head, "All is well.. I am content," she answers. A hand lifts and she rubs her temple briefly before stroking back against her hair, re-smoothing it, exhaling. At least this time she didn't fall on a Prince, though the night is young.

Brendolyn mutters to Wenna, "I… also content to leave… you… don't leave me…"

Rinder smiles to Rozenwyn. "They are fascinating little things babies." he says with a wistful smile. "Little people. Each with their own personality. You can catcha glimpse of who they will be, but usually they're just their own unique person. Unshaped by experience, malice or happiness." He looks over to his niece and waggles an eyebrow. "But they smell an aweful lot when they shit." He winks at her, and that last sentence is said ina whisper.

He offers a soft smile to her as he shakes his head, "I'm afraid that there is some matters of the guard I must tend too but perhaps another time." He offers a slight bow of his head, "It was good to see you." And with that, Lord Hadrian begins heading towards the castle.

Aemy remains standing there a bit longer as Hadrian walks away, though not for very long before she turns and walks back towards her husband, a worried look on her features. Her family was still all broken.

When it's their turn, Ronan laughs softly to what Shepard says, "I have many times been to Greenshire, but not I think to Ashenfell, thank you. I prefered not to miss my cousin's wedding." The Rioga pauses to smile warmly to Lynette, "She was always my favorite little cousin and now she's a woman grown. A very fine match! Please allow us to offer you heart felt congratuations, Sir Shepard, my lady cousin." Roslin of course will want to hug Lynette! Ronan motions Rosley to come forward, "A few small gifts for the bride and groom. I would be very pleased to spar with you again, Sir Shepard. Mayhap we might tilt." Rosley comes forward to offer the gifts, two lovely carved boxes of Sutherland wood beautified with galloping horses. Within the boxes are a lovely gold circlet fashioned of leaves and set with precious gems for Lynette, matched mostly to Shepard's House colors. For Shepard, a neatly folded piece of paper that resembles a horse and when opened it is a letter promisary to provide one fine Sutherland war horse of Shepard's choosing (but not a stallion).

Nylie nods to Wenna,"Aye, I have. She and her brother, Captain Kieryn, were amongst those I traveled with to Lakeshire." Nylie does actually smile when Elisabeth approches, agreeing softly,"It was quite the lovely ceremony. And I have not, I was thinking I best, as I think I may withdraw soon, I am feeling something of a headache forming." Bowing her head slightly to Wenna, Caedmon and company,"If you will excuse me, I do think I'll see about giving my well wishes to the happy couple." A glance to Elisabeth,"Shall we?"

"When you all do leave, may I accompany you back to Stormvale? I'm afraid my brothers travels will take him far off and I do not wish to be gone longer from home than I have to." Emma will ask the group as she nears enough to hear them, though Nylie will get a smile, "I have met Lady Nylie, yes." Nodding to Nylie as she explains, a hand reaching out to Brendolyn now, "Will you be dancing tonight, Bren? Save me one, if so, if you do not mind being seen with me hopping about like a baby bird."

Robben hobbles along with Aidan in the process of getting that drink. It's clear that he's had at least some experience with using the crutches before, although it's still not the fastest movement there is, of course.

Elisabeth nods to Nylie and slips her arm in Kieryn's as she walks up the receiving line with Nylie. "I hope it is nothing too serious." She says as Nylie speaks of a headache. And Soon they are in the line to wish the happy couple well.

Brendolyn smiles at Emma, "I should be proud to be seen with such a sweet bird, of course," she says to her at the mention of a dance. "I am not sure you want to, however, given my history, you might well end up with the other foot maimed as well.." she says with a sort of uneasy laugh. What a night.

Bowen watches from a short distance the fleeting interaction between Hadrian and Aemy, then sighs softly as Hadrian departs. The two brothers could not be more different. He walks up to his older sister, whom he has barely seen in years. "Hello, Aemy." He offers a meek smile. How he could be Aidan's son is a mystery to most, including Bowen.

Kierne is toward the end of the line, and when Nylie, Lis and Kieryn walk past and get in line behind himself and his cousin Rini, he offers his aunt-to-be a pleasant smile and Lis and her beau a chipper nod with a reserved twist of his lips.

Caedmon steps back once he has reunited Emma with Brendolyn Wenna. Before Nylie can leave, he touches her arm. "Dear sister, I am glad to see that you enjoyed this evening. Do your plans call you to travel onward from here, or will you be in Lakeshire for some time?" he questions.

Emma's cheeks will rise in color, a sweet smile curved though her laughter is soon rising up in a bemused manner, "Well then you will have to settle with finishing the dance attempting to carry me, Bren." Says the much taller Lady Emma.

Aidan looks over at Aemy as she returns with that look of concern on her face, his mouth thinning as his eyes watch the retreat of his eldest son. A soft shake of his head, a lost cause that one. He does walk with Robben as they draw near the crowds now, lacking a smile now, for obvious reasons. Though he does manage to draw attention of the stewards who walk around with drinks, nodding them toward Robben and Aemy. "If you excuse me, I best say my well wishes to your sister before I seek out my eldest son," and it all just gives him an excuse to leave the hobbling Robben a few steps behind to inch closer toward someone in particular. Although he's not auspicious enough to get away with sneaking in between everyone, he'll quietly assert his presence behind Nylie, leaning in between all the ladies chit chatting to murmur something to her, pressing a note into her hand, before he boldly greets those around her (which happens to be most of Mobrin at that particular momen), "Evening."

Rozenwyn is startled into a loud, merry laugh which she covers quickly with one hand. "Well, dear uncle if you're going to be like -that-!" She smiles and stands, brushing off her skirts, which have been littered with petals from the earlier fluttering rain of them. There's still some in her dark hair, which she has not noticed. "I will go congratulate them, and out of kindness not tell them what you told me about their sweet little babies-to-be. And then maybe dance."

Aidan mutters to Nylie, "I would ask… save… a… I will… a… in short,… and… the evening…. it so… you."

Lynette turns her attention to Ronan and Roslin. "Dear cousin it is so good to see you again. Thank you for coming." A slight blush rests upon her cheeks at her being his favorite cousin. "I shall remember that Ronan." This said while she smiles before giving Roslin a firm hug back. "I do hope that we will get to speak soon Roslin." She would love to get to meet her cousin's wife at some point after all. The gifts are looked over and she smiles warmly while letting her hands slides across the boxes which she does enjoy. "They are beautiful Ronan." A glance is sent to Shepard and she offers him a warm smile, though one that he gave her will always be her favorite that is for certain. She looks back to Ronan and is all smiles for him once more. "Thank you cousin, thank you dearly for these gifts."

Aemy ceases her progress to her husband and father when she hears her youngest brother. More like Bowen than Hadrian or their father, she offers him a warm smile and a brief and tender hug. "Bowen," she returns gently, stepping back slightly, her smile widening. "It is so good to see you, it seems like it has been forever." Likely, it had. Glancing to her father who is also nearby with Robben, she tries to give him a look of reassurance, though it is brief before her attention returns to Bowen. "Would you care to join Robben and I to greet Lynette?"

Kierne is suitably distracted from the Lady Lis and company by his uncle's effort at note-passing in their midst, which draws a short laugh from the squire. "Smoothly done, uncle," he nods knowingly, teasing, perhaps, but it's a good-natured tease, nothing of cruelty or coldness behind it.

Rinder inclines his head to Rozenwyn. "And the young should dance my dearest niece." He smiles to the girl and waves her off. "Go. Congratulate your cousin, and then be merry." He winks. "I'll congratulate them later. I have much and more time I believe."

Nylie does pause when Caedmon's hand touch her arm, her gaze going to him,"It is a mixture, dear brother. I have need to travel but there are matters I need to see to here. Perhaps, if you are not to vanish straight away, I can come speak to you further about it tomorrow, breakfast perhaps?" Awaiting an answer before she does continue on with Elisabeth and Kieryn to end up in the receiving line, a bow of her head ot Kierne. And there the is Aidan with a murmuer, her hand taking up the note he slips to her. Nodding gently to his murmur before she murmur something softly in return.

Nylie mutters to Aidan, "… would… to… Though I… my… little."

Robben offers a brief nod to Aemy as he sees the look on her face, before he nods again to Aidan. "Of course," he replies, with another nod, as he comes to a stop to catch his breath a bit. Hobbling around on crutches is hard work. Spotting Bowen as well, he offers a nod and a smile as he starts making his way over towards the two of them, he takes the drink offered from one of those serving them, trying his best to hold the drink steady while using the crutches too. Which slows down his movement a bit further.

Elisabeth inclines her head to Kierne at his greeting, though she drops her gaze slightly for a moment only to rise as the group becomes joined at once by Caedmon and Aidan. She offers a smile and a quick curtsey to Caedmon before looking up to Aidan's arrival with a deeper curtsey, "Your grace, it was a lovely wedding." She offers politely at least.

Wenna raises her had and waves at Rinder to gain his attenion. "Lord Rinder." she calls out to him. She then looks between Emma and Brendlyn.

Cian just shakes his head at Hadrian's response and continues his patrolling of the edge of the crowd. He is no guest, just a guard for today. He scans the crowd to keep an eye on other members of the royal family. Not a fun day for people in charge of their safety with so many people about.

Bowen smiles a bit more brightly when his presence seems to be actually wanted by a member of his immediately family. That nearly infectuous grin giving him an even more youthful appearance, "If you would not mind, I would love to join you and Robben." Seeing his brother-in-law's nod and smile, he returns it in kind.

"I believe the Duchess is aware of my sister's talent for the tending of roses. The Gardens at Ashenfell are truly a sight to see as well." Shepard notes to Ronan and Roslin, then nods his affirmation of Lynette's words with a warm smile, "Indeed, your gifts are most generous, Your Grace. Thank you." He holds up the little paper horse, "I've never owned a Sutherland Strider that did not serve me well." He replaces it in the box and closes it, a dutiful servant helping Lynette and Shepard wrangle the gifts in between greetings. And after another bow for the Duke and his bride, Shepard turns his attention to Kierne, though it seems the squire's all but been joined by quite a group of people. "Well, I scarcely know where to begin." He chuckles, shaking his head in amusement.

Brendolyn looks to the receiving line and smiles, "I did want to offer my congratulations.." she says softly. "Anyone else want to go with me?" she asks, glancing around. Then she sees Rinder about the same time that Wenna beckons him and her smile brightens, "Oh wonderful!" she chirps, now waiting to see him first.
Long distance to Wenna and Lynette: Shepard will share his. *snickers*

Ronan looks amused, "It's what's inside of the boxes that I hope shall please you. Now I'm off to drink, dance with however many women my wife will allow me, and reconnect with a few friends." And Gods willing, there will be civility between himself and his uncle, tonight. If they speak. Roslin of course is more eloquent with words and soon the Crawford Duke and Duchess slip away from the reception line to mingle, get glasses of wine and drift.

Rozenwyn smiles, and then makes her way into the line of people waiting to congratulate the newly wedded couple.

Emma will glance over her should and do a little hop to move, "I'll come with." Emma will offer, smiling gamely though Wenna's beckon has her smoothing hands down her dress as she smiles, waiting to meet the man she's only heard of before going to greet the happy couple.

With Robben incapacitated in escorting her, Aemy watches him approach, though when he stops to rest, she looks back to her brother. "I would adore if you did, Bowen. How are things going for you lately?" She glances towards his arm, her smile widening further. "Would you mind offering as escort for your sister, if I would not embarrass you too badly?"

Caedmon laughs and inclines his head to Nylie. He starts to answer, but when Aidan appears at her elbow, eager to speak with her, he simply bows his head and offers, "I will leave you to talk to the duke." While Aidan has her attention, Caedmon slips away and returns to Wenna's side, where he offers his arm to her and murmurs a few words to her.

Caedmon mutters to Wenna, "… that I… troubled your sister. I hope… has… the…"

It takes a few more moments, and a few sips of the drink for Robben to finally find a way to carry the drink with him, before he hobbles onwards a bit faster now, working on making his way over to Aemy and Bowen, offering another grin to the Kincaid Lord. "Bowen. How are you doing?" A brief pause before he adds, "Your sister looked quite happy during the ceremony, I must say."

"A beautiful wedding," Kierne will agreee emphatically with Lis, lest uncle be wroth with him for his teasing, and then the couple are finally coming down the line toward him. He grins broadly at Shepard, and, waiting his turn like a good gentleman, he draws his other cousin (Faerinia), who is on his arm at present, ahead of him to greet the couple. After she's done, he'll step to the couple, giving his cousin a brotherly kiss to her cheek, and then he repeats the gesture for Shepard, who is, after all, his cousin, now. "I won't keep you. Only know that I'm so happy I was able to be here and see the wedding. You look so beautiful, sweet cous," he tells Lynette, "And you do her justice, Lord," he tells Shepard, and will let them go on to the next.

Aidan lowers his chin a bit to catch the murmur from Nylie, sharing a knowing smile on his face, a quick flash of it, since the currently company surrounding her is a kin to walking into a horents nest. His eyes flicker up at once toward Elisabeth for her curtsey, tilting his head so toward her, "Very good of you to come, my Lady." Politeness in return. He no doubt murmurs once again to Nylie, though he doesn't even really acknowledge Caedmon there. He'll allow Nylie to step forward to greet Shepard and Lynette, waiting his turn to eventually come along. He's just the father, he has plenty of time to wait, he'll be here to the last. A last fond smile turned to Nylie as he steps back and away from the hornets nest, walking back toward where he left Robben and Aemy, now along with Bowen.

Bowen grins widely as he takes Aemy's arm. "Embarrassed? I would be too ashamed not to." In response to her question, "Things have been… alright I suppose. The Prince has seen that my training and education have come from some of the best possible sources." He eyes glance in the direction of their father and the smile fades a bit. "I just wish that I could be the son that our father wishes I was… But then again, I am not sure that anyone can truly live up to the hopes and expectations of a parent." With that the smile returns to his lips in full vigor. "Robben… I am doing well, and yourself?" He pauses, "Well, beyond the obvious… And yes, both of my sisters have quite a radiance today."

Lynette chuckles softly and smiles as she hears Ronan. "Of course what is inside pleases me dear Cousin." She offers with an amused tone while she smiles to her good cousin and then turns her attention to Kierne. "Kierne! You was able to make it after all!" This is said while she moves to give this cousin a quick hug. Shepard will just have to wait before speaking with him it seems. The hug will not last for long and she lets him go with a warm smile seen. "I am very happen that you was able to join us and enjoy the ceremony Kierne. I would love to speak with you before too long." It's been far too long since they have last gotten the change to speak to one another after all.

Elisabeth and Kieryn step up in place after Kierne and shake hands with the couple. "It was a beautiful ceremony. The gondolas were delightful to watch." She offers. "I hope you have a blessed marriage." She says softly before inclining her head and letting Nylie and Aidan take their place.

"Ahh, the most celebrated squire in Mobrin arrives." Shepard teases Kierne lightly, clapping the younger man on his shoulder and smiling, "Thank you for coming, Kierne, and for your congratulations. Now go enjoy the celebration." He grins to Kierne, then listens to Lynette's words, "Well, if nothing else perhaps he could accompany the Duke to Ashenfell, should he choose to visit." Kierne seems inclined to get on with that celebrating quickly, so Shepard turns to Elisabeth and Kieryn. "Lady Elisabeth…Captain Kieryn." Shepard clasps hands with each of them in turn, "Thank you so much for coming, and for your blessing." He grins, "Perhaps we'll be returning the favor soon, eh?"

Automatically, Aemy reaches for the drink Robben carries to make it easier for him to walk with his crutches even as she slips her free hand into the bend of her brothers arm as he offers to escort her. "I may not have said before, but I am so proud of all you are accomplishing. I have heard the Prince is rather demanding, so your training must be much harsher than usual, and yet you continue to shine." She is indeed proud of her brother. As Aidan approaches again, her smile is shared with her father as well, with none of the hesitance the others seem to greet him with. "Welcome back, father." Having always adored her father from afar, she apparently finds him much more approachable now.

Turning his attention when he is called upon, Rinder stnads as he sees Wenna and bows his head to her. "My Lady. As always, beautiful and vibrant." He smiles and moves over to her. "Lovely ceramony yes?"

The Count and Countess Forrester, after greeting their hosts and briefly speaking with a few guests, make way towards the more active parts of the party with several shared whispers and stolen kisses.

Roslin slips off to mingle with other ladies she hasn't seen in some while, leaving Ronan to stand off by himself. Rosley has fetched him a glass of wine and after poison tasting it, has given it to his Duke. Ronan tastes of it, enjoying the gardens, the voices, the view of the lake in spring, and the music. His dark eyes slip over those who have gotten free of the reception line in the hope he might find someone to speak with, or to ask to dance. Surely he'll dance with Roslin more than once this evening but they each will mingle with others as well.

Emma will curtsey to Rinder once he's joined the group, "Lord Rinder." In greeting, lifting up then to lightly balance on one foot, reaching for her crutch from her handmaiden and slinging it under her arm, smiling brightly as her gaze is captured by others around, sneaking a glance at various dresses.

Leaning over Wenna kisses her husband's cheek. She then the nods her head, "My sweet sister, I am growing weary, please try and stay closer to Aldren and or others of the party and do not speak with him unless you have Cricket between you and him."

Looking at the Lord as he comes near, Wenna leans forward and whispers into his ear. Then aloud she says. "Yes it is."

Wenna mutters to Rinder, "I am… I… is… than I… over… and… for… I… appreciate… and… forever thankful,… am… my… have no… to ask this…"

Brendolyn gives the man a bright smile, "Uncle Rinder!" she says to him warmly. She looks to Emma and nods, "Lets go say hello to Shepard and Lady Lynette.." she says and then helps her friend in that direction. She looks over to Wenna and nods, "I am going to find my rest as soon as I see the newly wedded couple, I am quite weary and havea brunch date for the morrow," and she grins at Emma.

Kierne is thus discharged from the line, and in the course of heading to the reception loses the cousin on his arm to her parents once more, and he turns up at the reception on his lonesome, much like his Lord Knight before him. "Is the Duchess feeling well?" he wonders of Ronan, keen eyes skirting the crowd for the lady in question and finally spotting her.

Robben smiles as Aemy takes his drink, before he offers another smile to Bowen now. "Beyond the obvious I'm doing quite well, thank you. The first few days was the hardest, though. I was a bit bored those days, not being able to move around much." Another quiet smile is offered, before he smiles to Aidan as well as he returns now.

Lynette she looks to Shepard and nods with a soft smile seen. "I think they would be a lovely idea for him to come for a visit." This said while she looks to Kierne. Onwards though to getting others and she lets her attention turn to Elisabeth and Kieryn whom both get a warm welcome. "Thank you both for coming Lady Elisabeth and Captain Kieryn." She gives Elisabeth's hand a soft shake back. "They are always lovely things that is for certain. I know there will be some for others to try and row if you two are interested in giving it a go." Who wouldn't try such a thing after all?

Emma smiles broadly at Brendolyn as she squeezes her arm as she's given a hand by Brendolyn to head to the lovely couple, "Do not rest too long, Bren, you do owe me a dance." Emma will murmur down to her friend with a teasing nudge, heading towards the happy couple then to give her congratulations.

Bowen blushes just slightly at Aemy's compliments. "I just try my best." His smile fades slightly as Aidan approaches the gather. He bows his head, "Hello, Father, your Grace." He looks over with a sympathetic look to Robben. "I can image… I think I'd be ready to climb the walls if I had been you."

Moira gets seated near a few other wives and others whilst Aldren approaches the wine table and discourses on various affairs with others.

Ronan's attention slips to finding Roslin in amongst the crowd at Kierne's question, "Yes, she's feeling much better now. I had hoped she had morning sickness." Who knows? He finishes off his first glass of wine and hands it to Rosley to refill. "I had delayed coming as long as we did to make certain she was recovered enough for travel. As it's been some while since I set foot in Lakeshire, mayhap you would show me around tomorrow?"

Leaning over she kisses the top of Bren's head. "Remember my sweet sister, and keep an eye on Emma." She then looks to Emma. "Lady Emma be good and watch out for Bren." She tells her. She then looks to her husband and nods her head as she stifles a yawn and she leans into whisper into caedmon's ear.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "My… I… your head is… we… them… wishes… for… I… our… and tuck…"

Aidan looks over at Bowen first, nodding, "Bowen," and there's a faint flicker of … disapproval? It's hard to say, since he's quickly choosing to sip a bit of the wine he's managed to pick up along the way. He does look back at the reception line, apparently waiting for his opening to go back up there.

Emma didn't get a smoochie from Wenna. Awh. Emma will nod her head with a bashful smile, "Of course, Baroness Wenna."

Caedmon waits patiently, watching while Wenna speaks for a moment to Rindeer and then Brendolyn. When she appears to have finished, he again takes his customary position on her right and offers his left arm to her. "That wasn't so bad," he admits. "No one has died … yet." Then he leans to hear Wenna's secret words. He nods to her, and assures, "I will be well once I have some quiet, love. Let us leave the dancing and drinking to those who are more adept at it."

Kieryn smiles to Lyntte and Shepard as he and Lis congratulate them and then wanders off to let others do the same. He smiles at Lis, "We're going to dance when the dancing starts, right?"

Looking over at Emma Wenna leans over and places a kiss on the top of her head. "Good, I will check that ankle in the morning and see how the bone is setting." she then is being led out by her husband and she smiles brightly. "You are a dear my lord husband." With that said they quiely and slowly make their way out.

"Huh? Oh," Kierne gets the morning sickness thing after a second, then blinks. "Already? Wow," he limits himself to saying: "Way to go, sir," and giving Ronan a swat to his shoulder by way of a testosterone-driven congratulations. Then, back to things less likely to embarrass Ronan in front of everyone, "Sure, yeah, sounds good. I'd like to go on a walk about, anyhow."

Ronan looks back to Kierne, "No, I don't think so. It is too soon, but I did wonder." His squire giving him a swat on his shoulder is amusing. It isn't easy to embarass the Rioga so his squire need not concern himself about that, unless Kierne conducts himself miserably enough to shame his knight. That would be another matter. Rosley hands his Duke a secone glass of wine and offers Kierne one as well. "If you are fit enough tomorrow and not wasted in some stall of the stables puking your guts up." Serve him right, if Kierne does.

Aemy holds Robben's drink, though she does not drink from it, pleased to be surrounded by her family. Noting the blush from her brother, she gently nudges his shoulder with her own. "That is all anyone can do, Bowen." Glancing between him and her father. "And be the man you want to be." Soft words of encouragement.

D'awwwww. Emma will blush oh so winsomely as she tilts her head just so to get the kiss atop her head, nodding her head, "Good eve to you, Baroness Wenna." Emma has very little in the way of mother figures or real female figures in her life. The kiss is cherished. Maybe if she had Wenna around a lot more when she was younger she would have thrown a hissy fit instead of kicking a door and breaking her ankle in the process.

Aidan seems distracted and doesn't last long near his kid's side.. he's actually spotted someone he needs to speak with and heads that way. (OOC distraction)

Nodding to Wenna, Rinder smiles to those there. He chuckles to Brendolyn and offers his arm to the young woman. "Come then. Let us go congratulate the happy couple." He smiles to Emma and offers his other arm, "Lady Emma. Why don't you indulge an old man and come with us? I'm sure they'd be delighted to see the two of you.

As Elisabeth and Kieryn are seen through the line, Shepard smiles broadly as he spots who's next. With Aidan hanging back, Brendolyn and Emma make their way to the front of the line. Shepard grins at Brendolyn leaning over to give her a brief, warm hug, before releasing her, "I'm so glad you could be here, Bren." He smiles warmly to her, "I hope you're enjoying Lakeshire, but Lynette and I will be coming to Greenshire just in time for the spring festivals. Perhaps you and she can go riding together and show her some of the highlights of our fair home."

Brendolyn smiles at Wenna, "I will.. we will, we'll stay together, I might even see her back to her lodging," she says to her sister. Sleepover! She smiles at Caedmon too, "Thank you," she says to him then she turns to head toward the newlyweds on Rinder's arm, smiling widely up at him, "And thank you too, it is so lovely to see you." She beams up at Shepard and hugs him, "I think I should be given credit somewhere for this," she says, grinning like a cheshire cat. "Congratulations to you both," she says sincerely then turns to Lynette, reaching to hug her too. "I look forward to spending time with you," she says to Lynette, in answer to Shep's suggestion. "I hope we may be good friends," then she nods to Emma, "And this is Lady Emma," she says, in case she doesn't know them.

Kierne takes the glass of wine he's offered, tossing Rosley an affable smile and a, "Thanks, Rosley," before knocking it back. Yeah, this squire doesn't really sip wine so much as just sort of pour it down into his person as though he were a hollow vessel. "I'll be fine," he assures his Lord Knight. As, indeed, he's proven himself capable after more than his fair share of libations. He twiddles with his empty glass, considering a second, but instead stays by Ronan to keep chatting with him. "So do you have the Duchess' leave to go and dance?" he asks.

Emma will gratefully hand off her crutch once more and take Rinder's arm, looking all too pleased now - this whole wedding has turned out far better than she could have hoped for, "Thank you, Lord Rinder." Another bashful smile, taking the handsome Lords arm with a look to Brendolyn, allowing the man to lead the way to the procession line where she will smile warmly to the couple after lightly bouncing her way there upon one foot, "Lady Lynette, we met at your fathers manse, I'm so pleased for you both." Said most honestly, "You both are absolutely /glowing/, it's such a joy to have been allowed to take part."

Aidan looks at Bowen with disappointment; it must be a Monday, or really any day of the week. That look does little to deter Bowen's mood. After all, it is only disappointment and not open hostility. That's always a good thing. Once Aidan wanders off, he looks to Aemy and Robben, "So how long will you be in Lakeshire? Hopefully we will have time to visit with each other, in a more relaxed setting."

Lynette offers warm smiles to the one that are next in line. She offers a slight curtsey to Rinder. "I'm so glad to see you all. It is a please to see you again Lady Brendolyn, and to meet you again Lady Emma." At the idea from Shepard for going out on a ride she grins a moment and soon nods. "I shall indeed look forward to such things. I certainly hope that we shall be friends, and I see no reason why we should not honestly." She blushes slightly hearing the kind words from Emma about Shepard and herself. "Thank you for such words" She looks to Shepard and offers him a warm smile. "I'm glad that it is seeable how I feel about my dear husband." She has no reason not to say such things.

Brendolyn smiles at Lynette and Shepard, "Congratulations again, I look forward to seeing you at Greenshire," and then she looks to Rinder and Emma, ready to move when they are.

After some time, there's a few words with one or two other guests that he had wanted to speak to, stated and made. Eventually Aidan makes it back to the reception line seeing that it has dwindled and offered the father of the bride some opportunity to wish them well.

Kierne is so amusing, "I joked about it and she did not object. I consider that permission enough." With a Kilgour, one should be a little careful but Ronan is a bold man. All the same he looks pleased enough to be a married man as his gaze for a moment trails back to watching Roslin. "Anyway, tomorrow then. If you'll excuse me I'm going to stroll the garden and see about that dancing."

Shepard grins to Lynette, and leans down and kisses her in response to her comment on how she feels about him. Once it's broken, his attention turns to Lady Emma, and he inclines his head to her, "Thank you, Lady Emma. It means a great deal to us that you have traveled all this way to wish us well in our marriage." And then of course, there's his father, who gets a bow, and then an embrace from the knight as well, "I know I've already thanked you for listening to my request to seek out the Kincaids first. But thank you again, Father." He glances to Lynette and actually winks at her, "Gods willing, you'll have grandchildren to spoil soon."

Kierne grarghs silently to himself, but just nods his head to Ronan once, swiftly, to see him on his way. Without either his cousin on his arm or his Lord Knight at his side, he might well have to be courtly with someone. Or just stand here awkwardly. Or get another drink. That third option sounds pretty good. Social anxiety, meet alcohol. Have fun.

Rinder simply bows his head to his son's. Grasping the younger man by the back of his head for a momnt of father and son embrace before he whispers softly, "May you be blessed as I was with children and a wife who loves you. I see in her eyes that she does, and I see in yours that you do. Take care not to squander it son, it can be long, or it cna be short, and only the divine know whihc it will be." He releases his son and nods once. All the words he need say having been said.

The interaction between her brother and her father is disappointing, but Aemy is careful not to show it. She smiles and nods towards Lynette. "Shall we go meet our sister?" Waiting for Robben to join as well. "I would like to wish the happy couple all of the good wishes we can give." A glance to Robben then Bowen again and she seems pleased as she replies. "We will be remaining in Lakeshire for a short while, Robben has said we could stay and visit."

Robben smiles, "We'll be here for a while longer ar least." Nodding at Aemy's words, before he smiles to the two of them. "Yes, let us go greet your sister," he offers to them now."

Lynette smiles and leans into that kiss from Shepard, her hand moving to rest upon his arm and give is a slight squeeze while she is left blushing for a few moment. As for the rest she blinks, a soft chuckle escapes her and she clears her throat while glancing off a moment. "We shall see. Though of course there grandfather's will be there to spoil them." She looks to Rinder and offers him a warm smile now and soon nods. "Good things to remember." This is sent to Shepard with a soft teasing tone.

Awwwwww. All these feels again today, Emma will tear up rightly so as Rinder congratulates his son so, the young woman turning a bit with a flush to allow them that lovely moment together as she does a bird hop away, moving to look at a vantage point she can sneak into for a table and some food.

Bowen nods, "Yes, let's go greet our sister and our new brother-in-law… " He lightly shoulder bumps Aemy at her reaction to Aidan and his interaction. He says softly, "It's alright. It could have been much worse. That was good."

Brendolyn awwws too, at least her expression says so, then she smiles at Rinder before following Emma toward a table and food. They'll probably light up the dance floor later ending up with the earliest recorded rendering of the chicken dance.. one lame chicken and one awkward chicken.

Aidan realizes that Bowen and Aemy haven't had their turn yet and waves them up before him. Let the father of the bride wrap up this line, first. But he'll be right along with them. One happy family, right? Right? Does anyone believe that?

Kierne is over refilling his drink, and he lifts his chin, peering at the lame girl and her friend who come looking for something to eat. "Hey, uh," he tells them, "Why don't you guys go grab a seat. I'll fix you up a plate and bring it over, 'kay?" he offers.

Aemy is perfectly happy, herself, though she worries about the rest of her siblings and her father. Suddenly grateful for her own close relationship with her husband and children, she offers her father a warm smile. "Thank you," she says softly. A quiet look is given to Bowen, understanding his words, but encouraging him to extend the politeness towards their father as they approach Lynette and Shepard now. "Lyn," she greets, her smile enchanted with the way her sister looks as a bride. "You are so beautiful and look so happy." The smile extends to Shepard. "I fully expect you to make her smile like this every day." Amusement in her eyes at the teasing words.

Ba-bawk! Emma is only too happy to try and find refuge for her broken ankle, hopping along without a care as she laughs, leaning in to murmur a few words to Bren here and there before Kierne gives his awesome greeting, made even more awesome by his offer to fix them up plates and bring it to them. Emma will nod, no doubt Bren does as well, because, well, it's polite, "Really?" Emma will ask, smile brightening even more as she dips her chin in towards Kierne with a grateful smile, "I lost my handmaiden and my crutch, that would be wonderful if you would. We'll save you a seat." Emma promises, and will do just that, three chairs grabbed by the two girls at a table where both sit and wait.

Robben smiles, hobbling along next to the siblings now, as they move to greet the couple. "You both looked quite happy today." he offers to Lynette and Shepard, before he grins at thetwo of them. "Congratulations to the both of you. May your days together be as wonderful as ours have been."

Shepard smiles as Rinder moves away, glancing back to Lynette with another smile, briefly reaching and giving her hand a gentle squeeze, and then it seems a whole group of his new in-laws has arrived. He's briefly made the acquaintance of Bowen, so he inclines his head to the younger man, then looks to Aemy and smiles warmly, "nothing would make -me- happier than to do so, Lady Aemy." He makes the correct connection as to her identity, "And it is a pleasure to meet you at last." He takes her hands in his own, giving them a gentle, warm squeeze, "Thank you and your Lord husband for coming. Not that it was unexpected, but I know it could not have been the easiest journey given your injury, Lord Ruxtony. I hope you are recovering swiftly and well." He smiles to Aemy and Robben, inclining his head deeply, before looking to Bowen, giving the younger man a clasp of his hand and shoulder when he approaches, "Brothers now, eh? And proud to be so, at least for my part."

Lynette smiles as she looks to her sister and is quick to give Aemy a hug. "My dear sister, I am so glad to see you here. I have missed you so much." This said softly while she nods and looks to her after the hug. "Thank you Aemy." A glance is sent towards Shepard and she chuckles softly. "I have a good feeling that he will dear sister. If not I'll just come and tell you of course." This said with a teasing tone at the idea. She looks to Bowen and Robben and smiles before nodding as she looks back to Shepard. "Indeed, you've gained a few extra siblings now. Bowen is a good sport at least." This said with a grin to her brother.

Kierne only has two hands, and is by no wise learned in the arts of servantry, so when it comes down to a plate for Emma, a plate for Bren, and a drink for himself, he's forced to choose. So he downs the drink aforetimes and lifts up the plates, heading over and setting one before each of them, "There you go," he tells them, looking over his shoulder and then settling into the third seat, leaning forward slightly with his clenched fists out between his knees. "So what happened?" he nods toward the lame one's foot, a rather blunt but effective opening move into conversation. A more conventional nobleman might have started with an introduction, of course.

Bowen smiles to Lynette, "Congratulations, Sister. You look magnificent." He looks over to Shepard, "I am proud to call you brother, as well, Lord Kerrigan. This is a joyous day, and I am glad that I was able to be part of it." He grins over at Shepard, "Of course, it goes without saying that if you don't then you'll have to answer to us, and trust me, you do not wish to stand before an angry Kincaid woman… Kincaid men are nothing compared to a furious Kincaid woman."

Allowing her hands to be taken, Aemy smiles in return, taking an immediate liking to her new brother in law. "I am so happy we were able to come, I could not have missed it for anything." Taking her hands back she hugs Lynette, kissing her cheek briefly. "I have missed you more than I could ever express. I am so very happy you have found happiness as well." She laughs softly and pretends a moment to be fierce. "He had better.." Winking to her sister, happy to be here with her family. "Oh Bowen is many, many things and I am very proud of him as well."

Emma will converse with others at the table until Kierne comes back, Brendolyn keeping to the conversation at hand as they're discussing the tournament that passed and the fights. When he's back Emma will shift, sorting her skirts about her legs with a self-depreciating smile for the question, slanting a gaze down to her ankle as she blushes furiously for it, "I was angry and kicked a door in the process of showing my anger." Not one for lying, and truly, not finding much to be embarrassed /for/, she can't believe her kick was that good, hence a slightly proud smile at the telling, "Emma." Out her palm will extend, fingers lightly curled towards her palm, "Thank you for bringing the food, please, do not stay on account of us, drink, eat."

"Like Aemy said, we wouldn't have wanted to miss it for anything," Robben replies both to Lynette and Shepard, before he grins as he hears the talk about the angry Kincaid women. "Let me know if you ever need the tips on how to survive a furious Kincaid woman, Lord Shepard," he remarks, a bit lightly. "Aside from the obvious tip, that is. Which is 'Don't make them angry'." That's offered with a chuckle, as he looks between them all.

Aidan steps forward once his children have seen to their sister, watching respectfully Aemy and Robben and then Bowen make their compliments to the bride and groom and congratulate the pair. He'll linger for a moment, eyes turning toward Shepard, though first appealing to Lynette. For here there is a quiet and subdued smile, once more that father whose watching his daughter grow up too quickly before his eyes. There's a moment where he'll brush his hand over her cheek, probably seeing some of her mother in her then, before he'll draw her into an embrace and murmur quietly against her ear, a whisper as he holds her. The more official words declared for those to hear, is an emotional, "Remember what we spoke of last night. Dream big, dream far, and dream often, but hold onto the reality before you and make it your own to cherish and love." He leans in to kiss her cheek once more, turning now to Shepard, "And you," this said more firmly toward Shepard with a hint of that fatherly protection in his tone, "Keep her safe." Of course he won't show the affection for Shepard as his own father did, as there's that intimidation factor about him that follows him everywhere. He does manage to follow up, a quick smile, "Enjoy this. Enjoy each other." A look between them, nodding, a finality there, some good decision made, and then a clap to Shepard's shoulder. Their gifts not important at this moment as his abrupt acceptance from that most traditional of nods.

Aidan mutters to Lynette, "… always be… little… love… daughter…. as I… know… and…"

"As a man that's grown up with an elder sister, I have absolutely no doubt as to how true your words are, Lord Bowen." Shepard replies with a grin and a bemused glance to Aemy. Then he laughs merrily at Robben's words, "Duly noted, Sir Robben. I'll be sure to send missives should I fail in upholding that particular bit of advice." He grows more somber when Aidan approaches, and gives his commands, though there is a smile at the end. It's still with a certain solemnity in his eyes when he nods back to Aidan, "I will." He replies simply, looking back to Lynette, then to Aidan once more, "She will be cherished." A soft chuckle and another glance to his bride, "She already is."

Kierne is, perhaps needless to say, intrigued by the introduction. He's never been overfond of the use of rank or title, himself, and for someone obviously of noble birth to introduce herself by first name only, without indication of rank or family, well. That's weird enough to catch his attention. "Kierne," he replies in kind, reaching out to take her hand for a brief press and a bow of his head before he's sitting back again. "That door must have been a real jerk," he jokes. "I'm good," he waves off a third drink, just yet. He'd better pace himself if he's going to have to be sober in the morning.

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