Cri 3, 229 : A Kilgour-Kincaid Wedding

A Kilgour-Kincaid Wedding
Summary: The wedding of Duke Aidan Kincaid and Lady Nylie Kilgour
OOC Date: 3/April/2014 (OOC)
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Temple of The Light - City of Stormvale
The temple surrounding you shows brightly it's demeanor; painted primarily in bright whites, light blues and yellows, with superimposed clouds and a chandelier reminiscent of the sun itself, this is a glorious show of the morning in its full bursting splendor. Fading red around the west edge, the hilltops are painted rather ingeniously around the entire scene.
Three archways lead off; one of them the double-door that leads to the street. All around the large chamber are places of worship and offering for the Eight. Each God or Goddess has an alcove with a finely wrought statue and a carved altar. Upon the altars one may set up candles and the leaving of offerings. Places are arranged before each for kneeling and the center of the chamber has pews for listening to sermons.
Alcoves line the right and left walls of the large room. Each of these confessionals can be closed off with a heavy white curtain bearing the symbol of the Eight in large gold embroidery.
It is day 3 of the month of Cri, 229 2E

It was a day that had finally arrived, the wedding that would renew the alliance between House Kilgour and House Kinciad. The Temple in Stormvale was set for the small gathering that had been invited for the event. Invitations had gone to family and close friends. Decorations had been kept to a minimum, a few flowers and a pair of banners bearing the crest of each of the Houses up near the alter before the benches and pews. Upon the alter rested three containers, one with sands of purple and silver, another held sands of black and silver and between them rested an empty container. With some of the recent events, including the attack just the day before, there was a level of security about, that which had been worked out with the Temple and the guards given over to them. A few watched over the space, though most seemed to remain outside in respect to the Temple, giving attention to those who came and went.

A stately visage of Aidan Kincaid stands fixed at the front of the designated point of the reception of his bride; hands settling at either side, fingertips briefly brushing over the elegant and rich black overcoat which bears the silver brocade accents and silvery trim of his House. Underneath he wears a similar matching tunic with the collar and breast piece designed with embroidery of silver against black, weaves of lilies interwoven in design that laces across the garb. A long black cloak with silver satin lining and fur tuffed shoulders settles across his shoulders with a gem encrusted clasp linking the material across the chest. His boots are polished and shined, wearing silver spurs of a Knight of the Lake. His features are impassive as he waits, face clean shaven and hair held back in a knot. His hazel eyes do flicker toward the tribute being paid to those who recently passed, both the late King Callem and Queen Laetitia of Morbin earning their respectful points of homage, to which his eyes linger upon. Yet, they'll swing toward where the guests start to arrive, whom are being greeted by the steward of the House and other selected parties to encourage people to their respective places and check those invitations. The guards are not allowing uninvited guests, to lower security threats in general.

And the fanfare of trumpets sound off at the approach of Hadrian Kincaid…..not really. Hadrian enters into the temple with Lady Emma on his arm. He walks in and sees his father. He offers a smile and a nod to him. As he makes his way passed the servarts and stewards, the man begins to head to a place where he and Emma can sit. He looks to Emma and whispers over, "This will be us one day." He says with confidence. His eyes looks back to his father as he moves up towards the front row of chairs where family sits. Once in range, "It's been a long time coming. My advice, no more sons. I don't need any competition for heir." He muses in a joking manner.

Finding a place to sit up amongst the family as well are the Lord Arlen with his wife, Lady Senga, upon his arm. The man gives his brother a nod before the pair take to their seats.

Along with the others who have come to witness this momentous day is Caedmon Kilgour. The Voice of the King waits patiently behind others until one of the guards inspects an invitation that the man received from his sister. When the sentry returns the small but ornate document, the noble bows and proceeds quietly to the front row of the chairs designated for the bride's side of the family. As her closest living relative, he receives a place of honor, but he does so without flourish or fanfare. With his hands folded in his lap, he sits, waiting patiently for the Enlightened who will preside to signal the beginning of the ceremony.

Emma is wearing a lovely gown of soft golden peach, lovely voluminous sleeves, you know, all fancy, pretty and delicate looking and junk. Super swank. Her hair is partially braided back, tiny wild flowers woven in. Hadrians words have Emma's lips curving widely, blue-green eyes dancing warmly as she gives his arm a squeeze as she walks along, finally sitting down when they reach their seat.

Wandering into the temple for the wedding, along with his wife Elisabeth, Kieryn makes his way inside. They were invited and just had to attend, after all Nylie had attened their recent wedding too. He finds them a place to sit, letting Lis sit first, before he does as well.

Having recovered enough to be out and about again, Robben steps into the temple together with Aemy. "It looks beautiful," he remarks to her. A brief pause as he looks around the room, before he spots Aidan, offering his father-in-law a nod and a smile now, before he looks back to his wife. "Should we get to our seats?"

Lynette would of course not miss this, this is her father's wedding and she promised to come after all. She has on a rather nice silver an blue colored dress, black trim across the square neckline, this also seen in a rather elegant pattern across the bodice. Her hair is pulled back in lose free curls, hair clips made in the form of lilies keeps a few strands of hair from her face. She looks around the room slightly, smiling as she takes it in before she moves along heading towards where the rest of her family can be found. A slight wave is sent towards her father, glad to see his still in one piece after everything that has happened.

Aidan's eyes follow those who are walking in, nodding to those that make it to the front, his immediate family, such as his brother and son, and daughters, yet, his gaze lingers on a particular figure who comes alone and sits on the Kilgour side. Some confusion settles in his gaze but otherwise he doesn't move to remedy said confusion. No time to sort it out now. It is what it is. Only a few minutes later does he drop his head, lifting a hand to wipe a finger over his brow, face seeming a bit hot, adjusting his feet to stand a bit wider.

Being escorted by her husband, Aemy smiles her agreement when Robben mentions the beauty of the temple. "I think nothing would out shine the smile my father will be wearing once he is married." Seeing her brother and sister, she lifts her free hand, including Emma in the greeting, though with the event about to start, she nods to the seats near where Lynette, Hadrian and Emma are seated. "Would you like to sit there?" It would be a good view. Noticing her father and his movements, she offers him an encouraging look and blows him a kiss, tossing in a wink for good measure.

Hadrian sits down with Emma and leans over, "I love the outfits you wear. Always so wonderful. You look beautiful. I bet you would look great just wearing leaves." He teases her softly with a chuckle. Then shakes his head, "But then the land sharks would chase you down if you did that. Little buggers would be hard to get rid of if you did." He continues to playful tease. He smiles to his sisters as they enter and was happy to see them. He seemed a bit in a good mood this time around. It's all Emma's fault!

As the closest living male relative, it would seem Caedmon has other honors that need to be tended to as an attendent comes to tap upon his shoulder, a murmur about him being needed at the back of the Temple. Where he would find his sweet sister in need of an escort, Nylie giving him a faint smile,"Do not think you were going to escape this task, dear brother." A hug being given quickly to him while yet out of sight of the many. A hint of nervous energy, to be expected really. She was nearly mugged the day prior, and today she was nearly married. Her hand settling upon his arm, giving his arm a light squeeze before softly saying,"It's time."

A small breathe was taken as Nylie stepped into the back of the temple upon her brother's arm, taking a moment to take in those who had come to give witness to the day before they would soon take notice of her. Her gaze turning in time to the alter itself, to place of reception before it to find the man she was to marry this day, whom she would soon call husband. A warm smile coming to see him there so handsomely, and a bit nervous himself.

She wore a elegant gown of silver silk, the material flowing and moving like liquid silver with her steps. Purple trim and embroidery worked over the bodice helping to further draw out her form. The silver moves over her shoulders to meet bands of black ribbon tied about each arm, bands of mourning for those who would not be present in anything but spirit that day. The black ribbons are tied with small bows at the back of each arm before fluttery trails of long ribbon move with the flowing turn of her billowy sleeves. Black and purple embroidery create a pattern of vines on each sleeve with small stones of onyx and amyethyst. The vines support an eagle in purple upon her left sleeve, and a lake lily within black upon her right, the symbols of her House, her House-to-be. Her chestnut hair is drawn back and worked within an elegant silver circlet before left to cascade down. While one hand had found place upon her brother's arm, the other carries a small bouquet of ferns with a single white water lily settled amongst them.

Kieryn glances around to see who all is attending the wedding and whispers quietly to Lis, he offers a wave towards his sister and a nod towards Hadrian if they notice him, but mainly he sits there quietly.

After he receives the message, Caedmon nods to the page, stands, and strides quickly to the chambers behind this grand hall. Soon, he has returned with Nylie on his arm. Although he marches with solemnn steps, his smile is broad and warm. When he has brought the bride to her place before the altar, he looks to Aidan and dips his head in a silent acknowledgement to the man. If he notices anxiety's effect on the groom, he does not betray it, choosing instead to stand beside Nylie, still basking in pride for his sister and ready for his part in this grand performance.

"I think you may be right about that," Robben replies, before he nods once more as Aemy nods towards the seats. "Looks like lovely seats," he replies as he offers a smile to the trio there. Starting to slowly lead his wife over to the seats now.

Lynette offers a warm smile to Hadrian an Emma, and then also to Amey and Robben. "Hello hello. Glad we all made it out." Well of course they would, right? She is glad to see her family. She moves a bit to make sure there is plenty of rooms for the others that are moving to sit down as well. There is movement up front and she glances towards her father offering him a warm smile before her attention turns towards the entrance where Nylie and her brother are to be found. "She's so beautiful." This is murmured softly. Though all brides should be considered as such on their special day after all.

Emma will smile to everyone, beaming brightly, her cheeks nice and rose as she turns to watch the bride coming, listening to Hadrians words with a soft laugh, "No one compares to your fathers bride, Hadrian." She'll whisper softly, nodding to her brother and Elisabeth before Lynette is getting a smile, everyone gets smiles! But Hadrians arm will get held still yet and "Landsharks ….I've yet to see one yet." Another amused whisper to Hadrian, Emma shifting to follow Nylie's progress, a glance given to Hadrian.

There's evident nerves showing through normally severe facial expression of the Duke the longer that he has to wait there, with all those eyes on him. Aidan should be used to such a thing, being a leader of a Duchy, but, this was different. Those witnessess here would have a perfect view into the window of his soul. Damn weddings, they do that to a guy. He closes his eyes for a long breath, trying to reposition himself again, weight swinging from foot to foot, hands moving from a clasped position before him to loose and free at his sides. He even rolls his neck some and quickly tugs on his collar. All before the doors swing aside and welcome his bride onto the carpeted aisle.
His eyes flicker over toward Nylie. The transformation is clear, from the anxiety of having to wait and over think, to the entire purpose of his being there coming to light, presented specifically for him. There's even a damn smile that encroaches on his face for those present to witness. Once the pair are over toward him, he dips his head back in return acknowledgement, presenting his arm to Nylie.

"True…" He says to Emma but to which statement he was answering remains hidden incase. A guys way of having a way out should there be some negitive response. Hadrian takes Emma's hand before turning to watch Nylie approaching and then looks back to notice his father. He was happy for the old man. He squeezes Emma's hand softly before glancing back to Nylie who walks down the way. He was glad for them. His father needed a new wife.

Kieryn smiles some as he and Lis watch Nylie walk down the isle, he's glad to see that she seems to be happy. He gives Lis a smile and squeezes her hand as they then look forward, to watch the rest of the ceremony.

The Enlightened over seeing the ceremony appears at the alter as the procession occurs. Giving a solemn bow of thier head when Caedmon brings Nylie forward. Alto tones raising the question,"Who presents this woman this day to be married before the Light of the Eight?"

Aidan and Caedmon so close together, and both were smiling, it was a perfect day for Nylie. She could not have asked the Gods for more from it. A smile of warmth was given to Aidan from Nylie as he presented his arm. Nylie giving a last smile to her brother, as well as a quick kis to his cheek after he would respond to the Enlightened. Before her hand slips from his and moves to take place upon Aidan's, allowing him to lead her forward.

Once seated with Robben beside her, Aemy watches as Nylie enters, her breath catching at the beauty of her fathers soon to be wife. She straightens, sharing an intimate, but brief, smile with Robben in remembrance of their own wedding. As the question from the enlightened, she looks to Caedmon, fully expecting him to give his blessing.

"With the blessings of the gods, on this day and on behalf of my house, I bring my sister, Nylie Kilgour, so that she might join in holy union," he answers in a low, reverent voice. After Nylie kisses his cheek and releases his arm, Caedmon steps back from the altar, so that the duke and his intended bride might have the focus of attention.

Elisabeth is seated by Kieryn dressed up for the occasion as she watches the ceremony take place. As she hears Caedmon's words she grins and looks up to her husband. "It will be alright." She whispers before looking back to the ceremony taking place, her hand taking her husband's.

Robben smiles in return to Aemy, quietly squeezing her hand as he watches Nylie's entrance, and the question from the Enlightened. Nodding as he hears Caedmon's words, looking to Aidan and Nylie now.

Kieryn nods to Lis as she says that it will be alright and smiles to her and then looks back at the ceremony as well, squeezing his wife's hand as she takes his in hers. He does lean over to whisper though, "They look good together."

The Enlightened nods to Caedmon for bringing his sister to the brightness of the days blessed union, alto tones continuing, "And who accepts this woman, Nylie Kilgour, to be married before the Light of the Eight?"

Aidan lets his eyes linger on Caedmon for a moment, something there that isn't exactly hatred or anger, surprisingly - but respect. A tip of his head for the Voice before he smiles over at Nylie when she accepts his arm. His response is bold and carries across the Temple, "It is I, Aidan Kincaid, who accepts Nylie Kilgour to wed." Something like that, right?! The pair step forward to the alter now and as the Enlightened gestures for them to both kneel in prayer to the Eight, Aidan undoes his cloak in the traditions of Lakeshire to present to Nylie so that she may kneel on it as a symbol of her acceptance of his first public act as husband. Then, once have kneeled, the Enlightened will gesture in animated motions to the entire assembly, drawing them all through the rights and sermons of the blessed Eight. A thing that takes a goodly amount of time, as those of the ministry like to do on such an occasion.

Lynette smiles warmly as she watches both her father and Nylie, oh she wishes Shepard could be here but… She is here so thatis what matters of course. She lets her hands rest upon her lap while the rather long sermon goes forth and trickles on for a good spell of time.

"Have you ever seen him so happy?" Emma will whisper to Hadrian, her eyes never leaving the couple up front, listening to the words being said, her chest swelling with emotion that girls get when seeing weddings, their own flashing before their eyes. Hopes, dreams, all that stuff happening in the moment, Emma's hand squeezing a little tighter, "They both look like the world is granting them everything in this moment." Softly murmured, Emma's eyes welling up.

Hadrian sits with his Emma, watching, listening, happy. Things were going well for his family now since the kingdom has come from it's shadow of darkness, this was a moment freinds and family could be together in a cheerful spirit. Hadrian looks to his sisters, to Kieryn and Liz, to Robben and Caedmon. There was no argueing or bickering. Hadrian was getting the understanding of things. This is the life he wanted with his family. One of peace and tranquillity. But war was coming and soon. Hadrian turns to Emma and smiles warmly watching her expressions.

Silken skirts were smoothed as Nylie nealt upon that cloak, having been offered and accepted. It really was just a change of management, wasn't it? Reveerant attention is given to the Enlightened, so animated and skillful in the sermon given. Though there are plenty of glances being snuck towards Aidan as he kneels beside her, that smile never slipping from her lips. Not wavering as the sermon goes on for that goodly amount before. Moving gracefully to her feet with Aidan when biden to do so, vows are being repeated as the Enlightened instructs, Nylie's eyes bright as she draws that pure white lily from her small bouquet of green ferns and offers it to Aidan in that tradition of Lakeshire, a sign she had taken time to learn more of the customs of the lands that she would be Duchess over as well as that symbol of her purity and acceptance of Aidan as her husband. The pair moving to the alter to pour the sands from the separate vases into the center one, together blending the sands in reprecentation of the blending of souls and spirits, to be as one before the Gods.

After the sand is poured and blends together - replacing the tradition of pigs, the Enlightened allows them to speak their own promises to one another. To start this, the Enlightened places their hands together and allows them to face one another. Aidan is first. The last part of the ceremony before they are announced officially. Aidan shows that subtle nervous energy behind him, looking down at their hands, before drawing his eyes up to get lost in that familiar smokey gaze once more. The world could be damned for all he cared now. His voice carries as he speaks to her:
"The first day that I saw you, you caught my eye as you walked on by. You were barely there in the practice field but a moment and it was but a moment that it took for me to love you. In the moments since, you have been the song of my heart and have eased the pains that I could not foresee time ever erasing. Today, the Gods nor an act of man, could prevent me from giving myself to you in marriage. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in the highest regard. These words I will honor you with today, and all the days of our life."

Elisabeth, still shining from the bloom of new marriage, can't help but smile as she watches the union take place between her friend and the Duke. She leans her head against Kieryn's shoulder, fingers tightening with his and whispering soft words to her husband. So many weddings, yet each of them special in their own way.

Elisabeth mutters to Kieryn, "It… happy,… with my…"

Robben smiles as he listens, looking to Aemy for a few moments, then back to Aidan and Nylie. Expression a bit distant as he watches, thinking back at something, it would seem.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and he nods to Lis at her words and at the whisper as well. He agrees with her and turns his head to kiss her on the cheek when she leans her head to his shoulder. He watches and listens to Aidan and Nylie and then whispers to Lis.

Kieryn mutters to Elisabeth, "… good… happy"

Caedmon slipped quietly to that seat that he and taken prematurely before the ceremony began. Now, he sits again, with hands folded in his lap, while the Enlgithened drones through the sermon. Without his precious wife sitting beside him, this is simply a duty to endure.

Nylie's gaze drops to their hands as they are bound together by the Enlightened, a soft breathe is drawn. It was all so very….real now. Her gaze meeting his, those hazel eyes of Aidan's. A slight shine coming to her eyes as she listened to his words, his promise. Perhaps discovering just when it was he had actually taken notice of her and causing her to squeeze his hand. It taking a few moment for her to find her voice to speak after him. Her voice starting softly, but finding it's strength in time,"You have brought me such joy and happiness in the time since the Gods brought me to you. I promise to bring you the hope and light that you have brought me when darkness threatened, to love you in the days that would come before us, those that a full of happiness and more in those that bring sadness and are trying. I promise to support you and honor you. I cannot see a life without you in it, and promise before the Gods and all those here, to honor these words, to love you this day and every day forward."

With all the sugary vows of love and devotion spoken, the Enlightened does go on to present the couple,"With the Blessing of the Gods, I present Duke Aidan and Duchess Nylie Kinciad," and because no wedding seems complete without it,"You may kiss your bride." Pay no mind to the sniffling amongst those attending, or the continuing shine to Nylie's own eyes nor the blush that already starts to rise in her cheeks to hear the last of the Enlightened's words.

As the ceremony draws to an end after Nylie's heart felt words of devotion, Aidan gives a heartfelt laugh of relief and joy at the declaration made. No one could keep him from this now. From her. His eyes never truly leaving her own as he's allowed to kiss his bride, eyebrows raising playfully, "About time…" and he'll sweep on in with arms going around her for that oh so public kiss that all couples have to endure. One really can be left to the imagination here, but it's safe to say that he'll sweep her in the dramatic fashion born of romance and nobility. When the kiss parts, he takes her by the hand and together they'll turn to those friends and family brought to witness their union. Cheers and claps, rice throwing and all other means of approval are to be given and received with a smile, taking their first steps away from the alter as husband and wife, Duke and Duchess of Lakeshire.

Yaaaay! Emma is up out of her seat, clapping hands together to cheer as the happy couple is finally formalized! Her smile is wide, and she'll look to Hadrian, before she'll throw some stuff in the air. Rice, perhaps. Pew, pew, rice all over!

Kieryn stands and begins to clap after Nylie and Aidan kiss, well at least he isn't the first to do so, though he does add in a few whoops near the end of his clapping. He grins at Lis hoping that he doesn't emerass her too much.

Slipping his hand away from Emma, Hadrian comes to a stand and begins to clap and cheer, "About time!" He shouts for the two of them. He looks over to his Emma and smiles warmly at her. He already had an idea for the wedding he wanted and where it will be. He looks back at the two newly weds, "Don't break a hip tonight old man!" He teases his father before he watches Emma throwing rice and chuckles. So cute.

Taking a few breaths as he watches the proceedings, Robben squeezes Aemy's hand a bit extra, before he lets out a cheers with the others, releasing his wife's hand to clap his hands for a little while. Smiling as he looks over to the Duke and Duchess. "Congratulations!"

The playful comment and look from Aidan just cause Nylie to blush more, a blush that just continues to deepen as he does sweep her up in that dramtic fashion and process to kiss her oh so publically, and not entirely chastly in that romantic fashion. The color keeping to her cheeks as he takes her hand and they together move forward from the alter as husband and wife. A smile staying to her lips, happiness and joy filling her heart. It had finally come about. There was a look given towards her brother, warmth and thanks, him coming had meant a great deal. It might be fleeting but it is given before her attention is drawn again to Aidan…her husband. By the Gods, she was married…and Gods help her…a Duchess!

Caedmon joins the others in standing and applauding while the newlyweds kiss. He glances around the room, watching for signs that people will be moving forward to mob the couple and congratulate them. He takes a deep breath and the exhales it in a slow sigh.

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