Sess 40, 229 : A Haravean-Mowbray Wedding

A Haravean-Mowbray Wedding
Summary: The Wedding of Lady Elisabeth Haravean and Lord Captain Kieryn Mowbray
OOC Date: 26/3/2014 (OOC)
Related: Anything concerning the courtship and betrothal of Elisabeth and Kieryn
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Garden - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
A garden, surrounded by stone walls, with paths in white paving stone that meander aimlessly about, benches placed here and there should one wish to sit and take in the air and the fragrance of flowers. Rose bushes and other flowers line the walks, herbs line the cracks between the paving stones, that when stepped on lend an additional pleasing fragrance to the air. A gazebo of stone and wood, with delicate arches and holders for small torches rests in one corner, containing a couple of chairs and a small table for refreshments. Small birds and other creatures are seen from time to time, fluttering about: a squirrel scampers for nuts, a bird flits down from a tree to dabble in the small pedestal basin (working also as a sundial) resting in the center of the garden. Small trees are nestled into the corner.
It is day 40 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Perhaps today will not have the most traditional of weddings for the Greenshire folk, but with things being as they are it was decided that a small ceremony with family and friends was enough to satisfy the needs of the couple. The garden was offered as a suitable location and has bedecked to suit the occasion and the amount of guests. Chairs and benches set out in the garden, ribbons and flowers bedecked to give a sense of Greenshire spring festival in this little part of Darfield. The smells coming from the kitchens giving hint to food and refreshment to follow.

Standing off to the side Aldren is dressed quite well for the occasion. Again, sporting a freshly shaved face as is uncommon for him. Talking quietly with Harlik they seem to be discussing something of importance as the Counts face changes with each passing word before ultimately shaking his head and sending the man off. Placing his arms behind his back he starts a slow walk around making sure everything is up to his standards. His face slowly takes the form of a smile as things seem in order for his beloved cousins special day.

Sir Shepard Kerrigan has almost literally just arrived in Darfield. There was barely time to freshen up at the castle after several days of travel, before both Shepard and Lynette made their way to the Manor. They weren't even sure they were going to make it in time, but here they are, and the smiles on their faces are genuine, but so is the underlying hint of travel-weariness. Dressed of course in proper finery, they sit next to each other on one of the benches. Shepard's holding on lightly to one of his wife's hands, leaning over to murmur something to her.

Brendolyn is in attendance too, seated on a bench, hands in her lap. She's dressed in deep emerald green silk and her hair is up, pale eyes fixed on the distance as she waits for the wedding to start.

Kieryn arrives at the Greenshire home on time, well, he was a little nervous, but made sure that he wasn't going to be late. He couldn't make his soon to be wife wait for him, that wouldn't be right. He is oddly leading a horse into the garden with him, he had forgotten about it after the long trip back from Mowbray and everything else that had happened since the trip got cut short, he was poisoned, etc. He leaves the horse tied somewhere nearby, so it doesn't eat anything important as it was a engagement gift he was going to give Lis, though now it will be a wedding gift. He smiles to the others and gives a bow and then goes to take his place as he waits for the bride.

Eoin has been sllowed of of the castle it would seem, as he is currently sat, out of the way, near the door through which the bride is expected to appear. He's still not entirely steady onhis feet, or he'd be standing, but he's been pursuaded to at leat have a cane with him should the need arise. For now though he simple waits quietly, keeping both himself, and his thoughts, to himself.

Most were direct family, or of Greenshire origin or otherwise married to such, except it seems for perhaps for one Nylie Kilgour, who had arrived alone, except you know for her maid and the horde of guards she gets saddled with these days, all but one of which wait ever so humbly outside the manor itself. The woman was dressed in a deep purple gown, silver trimming along the bodice and fine silver embroidery on the sleeves as well, a black band yet worn upon her arm. Her hair had been left loose once again. The woman finding a place some where to sit back behind where all the family would otherwise sit, even for the small event it was to be.

Elisabeth has been waiting for her time to come out into the garden. It has been a wedding short in planning, but for all the people here is all she could want save for her father and other siblings but they all made their blessings in Greenshire when she visited. When she appears in the doorway it is in a grown of green silk, with a white belt and the lining of her hanging sleeves in white as well. Simple embroidery graces the square neckline and cuffs of the gown. She wears her hair loose to her waist and a woven crown of yellow flowers upon her head. The colours of Greenshire. Holding the lead of Oscar as she enters, it seems he will be the 'baby' in this ceremony. Some traditional elements still kept in ways. As she steps beside her brother she smiles nervously to him and holds out her hand.

Lynette may have just came from several days of travel but she doesn't look that tired, putting on a face that proves she can hide her wariness rather well. Her dress is pale blue and silver trim, no wrinkles seen proving she did change it before making it over to the wedding to make sure she was more presentable for such a thing. Her hand rests within Shepard's, fingers entwined with his own while she tilts her head slightly to catch that murmur. She looks a touch amused and sends him a slight glance before leaning up to offer a soft whisper back, pausing though once she has caught sight of movement near the back figuring it is about to start and she does not wish cause any interrupt anything at the moment.

With a smile, fond, for Elisabeth, Moira sits with the Count, waiting for the ceremony to begin. her smile is warm, and her eyes have more unshed tears, her brow furrowing in rememberance of her own wedding. Perhaps all the traditions could not be held now;but as there is always time, perhaps something could be done in the futrue.

And,if one were to look, up in a window overlooking the garden, is a certain small, furry shape giving her feline blessings upon the occaison. Also if one could see, the look of doom in her eyes because she was locked into a room, unable to meander about only able to watch.

Eldan has been released from bondage.. a.k.a. the infirmary, at least for a time. He is dressed in finery for the occassion, as is Cai who is seated nearby. Also near him are the other Mowbrays who are in Stormvale, mainly Eva and Elly. Elly is dressed in her favorite sari, with her tiara settled on her blonde hair, which is currently done in curls. He gives an encouraging nod to Kieryn as he knows his brother is nervous. Upon Elisabeth's entrance he gives her a smile and Elly stands on her chair and gives the woman a wave.

As his sister appears, Eoin pushes himself steadily to his feet and offers her a faint but encouraging smile. He takes a moment to make sure that the world isn't spinning then offers her his arm, eyeing Ocar for an amused moment as he does so. Leaning in a little his gives her a quick kiss on the forehead then mutters something quietly in her ear.

Kieryn nods to his brother and neice and sister and whichever other Mowbrays are there, he is nervous, but that fades a little as he spies Lis heading towards the garden and when she stops beside Eoin. He smiles some to himself and takes a deep breath. Well, its that time and he's finally getting married, well he's been looking forward to it and is glad the time is finally there.

Elisabeth can't help but smile at Elly's enthusiasm and gives Elly a wave in return before her eyes are focused upon her groom, though her hand tightens on Eoin's arm. There is the usual nerves and so large a group here focused on her and Kieryn adds to it. Little Oscar sniffing the ground and going up to one and then the other along the way. New people! Must get their smells and pats! She nods to her brother's words and smiles. "I am just glad you are here beside me." She says softly in return. Finally the steps bring her to the alter and the priestess that will marry them today.

Aldren having found a seat with his wife takes her hand in his and watches as Eoin stands. A smile widens there on the man as he waits for things to get under way. Softly to Moira he speaks now.

Aldren mutters to Moira, "… looks… today…. that… could…"

A smile comes as Nylie sees Elisabeth appear, looking just stunning. Not that Kieryn doesn't look handsome as well, of course. If Oscar comes along her way, the pup is given a good little ear scritching.

There is just a bit of concern in Shepard's eye for Eoin when he rises, but all told the man's looking better than could often be expected, if the tales he heard of his injuries were true. He does spare a few pats for Oscar when the pup draws near, grinning down at the Canine before it heads on its' way. And then his attention turns more fully to the ceremony, watching with a genuine and pleasant smile on his face.

Lynette smiles warmly as she watches Elisabeth make her way along, she does indeed look lovely today, but then what bride does not? It is there day after all! As Oscar comes wandering by she grins and gives the large pup a good pat across the head. With the moving along she leans a bit closer to Shepard as she settles in to watch the ceremony.

Eoin takes the steps from the doorway to the priestess slowly, but then is anyone asks he's just building the tension. Thats it. Keeping half an eye on Oscar to ensure he doesn't trip over the mastiff he stops at the pre-arranged point and glances across to Kieryn, the silent, 'hurt here and you're dead' look mitigated somewhat by the smile on his face.

Kieryn smiles and nods to Eoin as he brings Lis over to the spot, he knows the look, but right now he's too happy and he knows that he isn't going to hurt Lis, so he doesn't have too much to worry about. When Eoin lets her go, he holds out a hand to Lis to take her from her brother. Ok, stop being nervous Kieryn, she's not going to run away.

As she is delivered to her betrothed, Elisabeth turns to her brother and gives him a kiss on the cheek. One might notice some moisture in her eyes as she does so. Thinking upon how she nearly did not have him beside her this day. A seat had been reserved at the front for Eoin so he would not have to stand throughout the ceremony. Elisabeth steps towards her betrothed and Oscar's lead is released so he might meander around the garden, though he for now he remains seated by Lis's side. Elisabeth extends her hand to Kieryn and the ceremony begins. Traditional vows spoken by the Priestess to be repeated by the couple.

Eoin would rather stand, but once Kieryn has Beth's hand he backs of to that seat, pride and stubborness not quiet yet strong enough to win out. He lowers himself carefully and then attempts to summon Oscar to his side. He' roundly ignored, the pp having all these new people to say hello to, but he tires. Once it's clear the dog isn't coming he leaves it be, turning his attention back to the ceremony instead.

The Count watches as Eoin makes his way to sit and promptly turns his attention back to the ceremony more proper when his cousin does. Squeezing his wifes hand a bit he looks on happily as the two get ready to formally enter the bonds of matrimony. Looking over Eldan will get a nod as well.

Kieryn smiles as he turns to Lis once the ceremony had started. He tells the priestess he has a few vows of his own, for after he repeats the ones that the priestess gives. His eyes are on his love's as he repeats the vows after the priestess prompts him to. When the priestess nods for him to speak the words of his own he doesn't stop looking at Lis. "I promise that I will be the best husband that I can be and I do always keep my promises. I also promise not to cause you too much worry and promsie that I will always come back home to you, no matter where I go, or where I am sent." he smiles to Lis once he tells her those things.

Eldan remembers his own wedding, and knows that there is a chance that he will be doing it again… provided that everyone agrees. The whole thought makes him nervous and he gives a sympathetic glance to Kieryn. Once Elly has the waving out of her system, Eldan gets her to sit down quietly in her seat. Eldan returns the nod given in his direction and calmly sits back to enjoy the ceremony.

Elisabeth says her vows in repeat of the Priestess then looks to Kieryn again as he speaks ones he has written himself and she can't help smile at the wording such coming from their first conversations."I will hold you to those promises My Captain." She says softly and then the Priestess concludes her blessings to announce them wed. Bored with all the talking and not the paying attention to him Oscar finally does meander to Eoin and sits at his feet to get all the petting.

Lynette lets her gaze linger upon the two that are saying their vows, she smiles warmly as she listens in. She even gives Shepard's hand a slight squeeze. The words are rather lovely, making her recall that not all that long ago she was saying her own.

Smokey eyes do follow Eoin til he is seat before Nylie's attention returns to the couple and the ceremony that comes. A faint shine to her eyes as the vows are spoken, the added pieces bring a touch of a smile. The woman trying not to think of her own cancelled..postponed..whatever the heck was going to maybe happen wedding. Clapping and if it seems the thing to do, raising a soft cheer when the couple is pronounced married.

Kieryn grins and does as he promised Lis he was going to do, something that'll make her blush in front of her family. Once the priestess announces them wed, he grins and wraps his arms around Lis' waist, dips her and gives her quite a through kissing! He then sets her back upright and whispers in her ear, then pulls back with mischief shining in his blue eyes.
Kieryn mutters to Elisabeth, "… love…"

Elisabeth looks to the priestess with anticipation of the announcement that she is now Lady Elisabeth Mowbray. She hardly has a chance to look back to her husband before she is being grabbed and thoroughly kissed by her husband. By rites of marriage something they no longer need hold back from. Indeed she does blush at so public a kiss but fights it not. Her hands grip his shoulder as he dips her, but does not release him as she is righted. A brightness to her eyes that show tears, but it is clear they are tears of joy. "I love you too." She says softly and leans up to kiss him again.

With Oscar now at his side, Eoin lets one hand rest of the pup's head, alternating between scratching it between the ears and letting it lick his fingers. His own attention though is on the happy couple and he cannot help but smile lightly as Kieryn initiates that kiss. He's tempted to push himself to his feet to cheer, but settles for merely applauding as Nylie does, only it's hand against thigh as he's still keeping Oscar from wandering off and causing chaos.

It -is- hard to believe that Shepard and Lynette were wed only a few weeks ago. At times it feels a lifetime ago (in a good way!) Shepard laughs and applauds at Kieryn's exuberant dip of his new bride, clearly quite amused at the gesture. He puts an arm around Lynette's shoulders, letting her lean against him as they watch the conclusion of the formal portion of this particular event.

The Count and Countess stand with the others and add to the clapping. Both looking quite happy for the couple and smiling all the way. Aldren grins at the kiss and another nod is given to Eldan. Strenghten the bonds between their houses and all that. His cousin seems happy truely though and that warms him thouroughly.

Moira leans ovre after done clapping, leaning her face to press her lips against Aldren's cheek. So nice to be of a similar height to one's husband, no awkward leaning and such. "Oh,s uch a happy day. I'm glad we could have something completely happy after…the other day."

And, the curtains from the window above twitch a little, a shadow beginning to move back and forth as the clapping erupts.

Lynette would certainly hope that it is only in a good way! Though she does have to agree with that thought, it has been nothing but good as far as she can see. A soft chuckle escapes her at that first kiss, (which is always a good one) and she adds in her own applauds with the rest once it is all said and done.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and kisses her again when she leans in for another and then he takes her hand in his and turns towards the people that have gathered for the wedding. He gives them his usual rakish grin that he only uses for certain occasions, well, most of the time when he is happy. He then looks to his wife, "Shall we go and greet our guests, my dear? I think we've made them wait long enough and think they are ready for a little bit of fun?" he raises an eyebrow to Lis, that grin not fading.

Eldan doesn't stand… nope. He refuses to stand… oh wait… that's right… it's not an option. At least he lets Elly stand on her chair again, with Cai ready to catch her should she fall. He does clap at the conclusion of the ceremony, as does Cai. When it looks like Elly might fall, Cai swoops her up and lifts her so she can sit on his massive shoulders. That just causes Elly to squeal and clap more, calling out, "Go Uncle Kieryn and Aunt Lisbef!" Well it's close enough.

Elisabeth smiles up at her husband. Yes it is clear the woman is in love with the Captain and not /just/ an alliance of houses. Her fingers hold tightly to his as the pair turn to the crowd. She finally manages to take her eyes from her husband to greet those gathered. She uses her free hand to remove a broach pin from the shoulder of her dress and passes it over her shoulder in Greenshire tradition. There are certainly little things like that that will mark this simple ceremony as a greenshire wedding. "Thank you for coming on such short notice. We could think of noone else we wished to share this special moment with then our family and friends." She says and about this time tables are carried out laden with food and placed along the edge of the garden. Those feeling the sacrifice of piglets was left out will at least find that upon each of the two tables are cooked piglets with little apples in their mouths.

Eoin keeps hold of Oscar while the tables are being set, but once everything is set out he lets the pup go again, setting him free to cause as much chaos as he's allowed. With the ceremony over he does now push himself to his feet again although he doesn't immediately make a mood for the food, resting a portion of his weight on the back of the chair instead and letting the rush die down a bit.

Moira rises with her husband to wait until the cuple passes by so that she may hug her cousin and /her/ husband. with a sly glance after words of congratulations, "I do hope you have pea salad. Aldren does love it so"

Shepard smiles brightly towards the newly married couple, waiting for Aldren and Moira to make their greeting and congratulations before offering their own. Though he's close enough to overhear, "Oh yes. Aldren would be bereft if we didn't have plenty of peas." He notes with considerable amusement.

With the ceremony completed and the food being brought out, Nylie doesn't make straight for the food as some do. But her way along towards the couple themselves, trying to beat a different rush. Though as the rush seems to be more in that direction for the moment, Nylie hangs back a bit allowing family to offer up their congradulations first. So what if that seems to land her near Eoin to linger a moment. Commenting softly,"I am glad to see you managed an escape again from the infirmary."

Kieryn smiles as people come over to greet them and offer their well wishes. "Yes, as my wife said." yep, his wife, "Thank you all for being here, we appreciate it." he grins to Lis and then bows to Moira and Aldren, "Of course, we even have an extra large bowl of pea salad just for him, I think." well, they probably dont since he didn't know anything about that, but you never know. If he had known there would most definately would have been a large bowl of it. He smiles to Shepard and Lynette.

When the happy couple nears them Aldren offers a shake of the arm to Kieryn, hand to forearm as friends of Granarian and southern descent often do. "YOu have stolen one of our most prized possesions, Captain. We shall never forgive you." He winks at the japish comment before going to hugs his cousin. "Lady Elisabeth. May your days together be long and unending and many wonderful children bestwoed upon you." He will hug her and offer a kiss to her cheek. When released he smirks at Moira and Shepard. "Yes. So long as they have been marinated in wine then I will stomach them." Moira gets a sueeze now with a returned kiss.

Eoin had been keeping too much of his attention on the happy couple, Eoin doesn't spot Nylie until she's really quite close. Offering her a smile he dips his head slightly in a nod to etiqutte but still keeps one hand on the back of the chair to steady himself. "I am glad to," he replies quietly, "and today I do not need to return either. I imagine though that my cousin will be visiting more often than has been her usual want for a while." Especially with Elisabeth now married, Wenna will be wanting to check up on him personally. "It is nice to have a diferent set of walls to stare at at least."

Lynette brushes her dress out slightly once she has stood from the bench. She waits as well for others to give there congratulations, waiting for Shepard's and her turn along the line. A curious glance is sent to Shepard at the talk of peas, a brow raised proving she isn't too sure on that one! Onwards though as she looks to Kieryn and Elisabeth once it is their turn to offer well wishes, both get a warm smile along with a nod of her head. "I am so happy for you both; it was such a lovely ceremony. I wish you both nothing but happiness for all your coming days."

Nylie offers a gentle bow of her head to Eoin,"Oh, that is certainly good to hear. I do imagine the change of scenery and getting to rest in your own room is a welcome change. " A faint smile comes,"Though aye, I can see that she'll be likely to visit much and check up on you personally. But surely you would worry something was amise with her, if she did not. " Giving a small incline of her head towards Elisabeth, the happy couple..and the current wellwishers,"She does lok beautiful and very happy."

Eldan won't pester his brother and new wife about nieces and nephews this early, but he might only give them about a week… maybe two. It depends on his mood. Besides if he doesn't then he can't give them lessons in parenting by sending them off with Elly. Honest it is only lessons in parenting. Cai, with Elly still on his shoulders, heads to the food, making up plates for all his charges… which would be Eldan and Elly. He can get himself something after he has settled Elly down with a plate of food and strict instructions not to soil her sari too badly.

Elisabeth bows her head as first Moira and Aldren make their wishes, Elisabeth looking radiantly happy. "Thank you Moira for suggesting this garden. It is perfect." A slice of home no doubt with many a greenshire grown here that can tolerate Darfield. An embrace offered to Aldren, "I am sure they will. I was warned twins runs in the family." She teases in return,though a blushes rises to her cheek. Then Lynette and Shepherd. "THank you both, I am so glad you could make it."

Kieryn chuckles some as he and Lis walk to people and get their greetings and such, he nods and smiles to his new family members. Well, even though Lis is now in his family, she is stil theirs as well and as her husband he is now part of the family too. "It is nice to be married now. We know it was rather rushed, but still, we are glad you all made it on such short notice." he smiles and then wanders over towards Eoin a moment and he salutes his now brother in law and then he's heading over towards his brother.

"The change is welcome," Eoin admits, "the atmosphere in the castle of late has been… challenging." That and he now has a fair degree of his privacy back which is a definite plus. Turning to look at his sister again he nods slowly in agreement, "she does doesn't she. I'd say I'll miss her, but somehow I doubt she's going to let me." He grins faintly at that then gives Kieryn a short nod too before saying again to Nylie, "thank you for coming. I know it means a lot to her."

"Aye, it has been a bit lately," not that Nylie gets to really escape from that atmosphere herself. It's where her rooms are. "I do believe you are right, she is not likely to get to much missing in. Giving a incline of her head to Kieryn as well when he passes on by on his way to his brother. "I would not have missed it for anything, I have witnessed so much of their path to this moment, it really would have seemed so odd to miss it." She adds with a mildly strained smile,"They have asked me to play as well." Drawing a faint breathe as she glances towards the door briefly, really not sure how exactly…that's going to go.

Moira watches as the couple make greetings to all well wishers, then she smiles watching Elly a moment, a hand going to her stomach. Oh a ltitle girl would be ncie but, for more reasons than one, a boy would be wonderful as well. Soon, the house here or in Greenshire - even Ashenfell - will ring with the happy sounds, hopefully, of many small voices and happy feet trodding the halls, hills and vales.

"I think the folk of Greenshire are getting rather accustomed to rapidly changing wedding plans of late." Shepard notes with a grin, flickering a glance towards Aldren and Moira, who might know a little about that sort of thing. Then he takes Lynette's hand and begins to move over towards where the food awaits, pausing a moment to pull Brendolyn into a cheerful half-hug with his free arm as he passes, "So…welcome back to Darfield?" He smiles to the younger Haravean, "With all that's happened…I hope you're well, Bren. We barely got a chance to speak when you were in Ashenfell."

Eoin nods slowly as Nylie talks of Beth and Kieryn's path to this point, his attention is on the Kilgour but his eyes are scanning around to see where Oscar has managed to get himself to. Her comment about playing draws him back though, his smile turning to a faint frown as her words bring to mind her confession of a few days ago. "Have you..? he starts, but her general demeanour seems to answer that one for him and he reaches to put his free hand on her shoulder for a moment if she'll let him. Dropping hi voice to a whisper, so those around shouldn't overhear he asks, "are you up to it do you think? There are instruments here if you have the need, but I am sure they would understand if not."

Brendolyn is idly watching the wedding attendees, all family, friends, friends of family. She blinks a little when Shep hugs her then smiles, "Oh hey, yes, hello you two," she says, looking to Lynette as well. She nods, "I know. I wanted to see you but, well, it just never happened. I'm fine," she says, with a glance toward Aldren. Yeah, she's fine. Dandy. "I am in healer training with Wenna, on a reading schedule from Aldren, exercise with the bow and blade in the morning, why, it's like someone wants me to be busy all the time.." she murmurs. "Maybe we'll have a chance to talk soon," she says to him. She looks to Lynette, "It is good go see you again too, the wedding was lovely of course, good to have you here," she says with a smile.

As those fit and healthy have made their greetings, Elisabeth follows Kieryn to give greetings to the brothers. She pauses in front of Eldan and smiles warmly to the man, "My brother." She greets before extend arms to embrace the enthusiastic Elly , "My wonderful niece." She says with a brightness to her voice and kisses her on the forehead before she moves along to where Nylie and Eoin are speaking. A quick embrace of the Lady before she spends a longer time in embracing her brother. "I am so glad you could be here this day."

Kieryn smiles as Lis hugs Elly and then he too hugs his niece tightly and gives her a kiss on the forehead. "You being a good girl Elly?" he grins, "Don't forget to eat your vegetables." he chuckles and then grins at Eldan, "You ever think you'd see the day that your brother would finally settle down and get married?" he shrugs some and watches Lis as she goes over to her brother and smiles. He hangs out with his brother for a few moments though.

Lynette smiles softly and nods as she listens to a few conversation, there is a pause as she catches sight of Nylie some ways off. Her gaze drifts over the area for a moment before she glances back to her. She has had little time to speak with many since returning to Darfield, and there are plenty of questions rolling through her mind dealing with questions of her own family though for now that will have to wait. She smiles to Brendolyn while giving Shepard's hand a squeeze and nods. "It is a pleasure to see you again as well." She looks a touch amused as she hears what is keeping Brendolyn rather busy. "Perhaps if the chance arises we could do some exercises together with the bow? I would love to have someone else to practice with." She does indeed know how to use a bow, and what better then with another? She smiles once more. "Thank you very much, it is good to be here."

Eldan returns the hugs, as does Elly, "No, actually I thought I would die with you still a bachelor chained to your ship's sailing mast, declaring you'd go down with her before entering into marriage. I despaired ever seeing you wed." He looks to Elisabeth, "I don't know why you wish him, but he is now all yours. He needs to be kept in check… and be careful with him in civilized company." Eldan is only joking, given the humour in his eyes. As for Elly she wrinkles her nose at her uncle, "I am always good Uncle Kieryn." She pauses a moment, "Oh, I'm gonna have a new Momma, Uncle Kieryn. Princess Nima said she will be my Momma." Eldan sighs softly at his daughter's announcement. He still has a ton of people to speak to… "There's nothing official…" He's pretty sure the rumours will spread now, "I still have to speak to the King and her family."

Nylie draws a faint breathe as she is already shaking her head to the question Eoin only needs to start. The hand is allowed upon her shoulder, a faint smile offered to him for the comfort he offers. His whispered question is something she'd been wondering over since the request was made. Her voice dropping to a whisper in return, quiet little conversation that comes, "I do not know in truth. And…I am aware, I recalled the harpsichord form earlier visits and thought perhaps…it would be best. I have long not needed to think much when playing it." Not thinking being the important part. "I will try, it is the least I can do." But ah, there is Elisabeth approaching and Nylie pulls a smile to her lips, easily embracing the other woman,"You looked absolutely beautiful, Elisabeth. I was just noting to Eoin about how I had made promise to play." Which as the woman moves to hug her brother,"A thing I shall go see about, if you both would excuse me." Stepping away to give the siblings a few moments. The harpsichord is searched up, moved about as needed from that near room. Long years of practice do come in handy, for there are several lovely songs that get managed, a mixture of songs from Greenshire as well as Weston origins. Though things are turned along to others at some point, rather quickly really, the woman managing to slip off.

Eoin still isn't letting go of hi grip on the back of that chair, but he does return his sister's hug with his free arm when she approaches. Letting his head rest alongside her's for a few moments he replies with a wry smile, "I'm a Haravean, I was born with a thick skull." He's half tempted to make a remark about a group of raiders not being enough to keep him down but with Nylie so close and given the kingdom's loses he says nothing, chooing intead to pull back a little from the embrace and kiss his Elisabeth on the forehead once more. "Don't be a stranger though, you hear me? We are yet close neighbours." As Nylie makes to slip away to find the harpsichord he flicks his eyes in her direction, giving her what reassurance he can in his expression given the pain he knows she is suffering.

Kieryn chuckles at his brother's teasing, "I wasn't that bad you know." he grins a little and then blinks at Elly's announcement and he glances at Eldan. "Oh, Princess Nima said she would be your mommy?" he grins again, "That is interesting news, though better not let that get out quite yet." he grins to Eldan, "Good luck with that, never know what will happen." Well, at least Nima would still be in the family, that's a good thing, but he's happy that he's married to Lis now. He smiles to his brother and niece and then heads back over towards Lis to join her again.

"Hm. I think that's a grand idea, my wife." Shepard notes of her invitation to practice archery with Brendolyn. "I would imagine you would both enjoy riding together, as well, should the opportunity arise." He pauses, looking a bit more serious for a moment, "I'm not sure I'm going to have much leisure time in the days to come, otherwise I'd gladly join you."

Brendolyn brightens a smile at Lynette, "Sure, I'd like that!" she practically chirps at her. She looks to Shep and nods about the riding, "Oh we could do that too," she agress. He gets a little frown from her when he says he'll be busy, "Well yes, you're new responsibilities and all, but.. I could use your counsel on something, though now isn't the time or place," she says, smiling as she looks around. Wedding. Happy Day.

"A mere fence could not keep me from visiting my brother." Elisabeth says to Eoin with a warm smile as she offers him a supporting arm if he wished to make way to the food tables though there are glances to her husband now and then as he speaks with his family…now her family as well. She waves to Brendolyn as she passes her cousin on the way to the food tables.

Lynette smiles and she nods to Brendolyn once more, glad to see that the other likes the idea as well. A glance is sent to Shepard on the part on him being busy and she gives his hand a squeeze before letting her arm slip around his. "You will of course always be welcome to join when you are able too of course my dear." She looks to Brendolyn once more. "Merely let me know what time and where and I will make sure to be there."

Kieryn smiles as he walks up behind his wife at the food tables and he glances over the food, "I guess I should eat something, shouldn't I dear?" he asks Lis, well it is his wedding party and not eatting wouldn't be a good idea. "I guess I can't go for the cake first either, can I?" he grins at Lis teasingly and then takes her hand in his, "What shall we try first?"

Shepard nods to Brendolyn, looking curious but sharp enough to notice that now isn't the time to pry. "I will make time if need be." He assures Brendolyn, giving her another brief hug and tilting his head towards the spread, "Come on…it'd be a shame to let all this food go to waste." He grins and starts to lead the ladies over to the table to partake of this fine repast.

Brendolyn smiles at Lynette, "It's a date then, or will be," she says happily. She nods to Shep, "Thanks.." she says of his offer to lend an ear. She grins and walks toward the table with him, smiling at Elisabeth and Kieryn, "You two look wonderful, congratulations," she says then starts to look over the offerings.

With Nylie busy arranging the music, Eoin allows himself to be lead toward the food. It must be said though, that he does at least make some effort to make it look like he's offering his arm to Beth rather than the other way round. He doesn't eat much, more just nibbles on a few things, what with his gut till recoverig along with his head. As Kieryn arrives he gives the captain a brief nod but lets the man's new wife answer for herself.

Aldren and Moira, take a moment, while all the most newly wed newlyweds continue to speak, along with Bren and others, to wander over to one of Moira's rosebushes. Did anyone truly think she would not already have the cuttings she brought from Ashenfell in the ground? for the most part, they seem to be only brown sticks in the ground, safely set, protected by netting, one or two of them looking almost as if they're trying to put forth a leaf or two already. Her head leans on his shoulder, his arm around her waist while his head rests on hers, the picture of domestic bliss.

Eldan nods to his brother then lets him head off with his new wife. He picks a nice spot to sit, Elly in his lap, and he enjoys some of the good food. Cai stands nearby, playing guard and available should Eldan or Elly need anything.

Lynette chuckles and nods to Brendolyn. "Indeed." Is said happly before she turns to follow along towards the tables to check on the food. Which looks oh soo good that is for certain!

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