Nar 24, 229: A Garden Picnic

A Garden Picnic
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer discusses hobbies and birdies with Benedict and Draventa.
OOC Date: 26/July/2014 (OOC)
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Castle Garden - Castle Meade
The garden is hidden by trees of birch, yew and lilac bushes. Hanging from the trees are several wind-chimes. Annuals and perennials of every color and type spill out from their beds looking wild and untamed. An ambling flagstone path appears and leads past cultured herb and vegetable gardens.
Trees of peach, pear, cherry and apple grow wild and from the looks of them, they are quiet old. Then the path comes to a natural spring fed stream that cheerfully spills into a small pond that is littered with water lilies, cattails and other water flowers. Fish can be seen swimming about in the cool gray water.
Another flagstone path hidden by blueberry bushes and blackberry brambles can be seen this one leads into another area. This area contains large oaks and maples that stand proudly, like ancient guardians. There is also a small eating area here complete with a stone gazebo; the entire place is covered with ferns and velvet like grass.
Nar 24, 229 2E

It has been an interesting week in Laniveer since the eclipse. Priests and Princes have plagued the Queen. One now she has released and the other she is letting to stew as she decides what to do with him. It has been another warm summers day and the Queen is in the garden with some of her ladies enjoying the cooling breezes that herald the evening. Of course her usual guards are stationed about, but allowing entry to those that may visit.

Benedict has cleaned up a bit from his training earlier in the day here in the garden and now looks refreshed. He is moving through the garden when he spots the guards and the Queen herself not far off from them. The young man will turn course and move towards the guards though at a casual pace hopefuly he's been seen enough to be let through either way he will speak "Greetings, once more your highness you look lovely this afternoon." he says and compliments lightly.

The queen looks up as the new arrival passes near her guards and she gives a little nod to let him through. A smile touches her lips as he approaches, though little do her smiles touch her eyes. Always a reserve about her. There is a nod of acceptance of the compliment and she gestures a hand towards the blanket she sits on with her ladies for him to join them. "How fare you Ambassedor?" She queries of him as she nods for her maid to pour another glass of fresh juice to pass to the man should he join them.

The young man will return the smile more warmly such is his way at least. Benedict will accept the invitation it would be rude not to anyways and he will move to sit lightly upon the blaknet before he will answer her question "I'm very well, it has been a pleasent day. I trained here in the garden a bit and met up with my charge for a while and here I am. I hope all is well with yourself?" he asks easily.

The maid passes the juice to the man while Ophelie waits for him to get settled. The news of his charge seems to peak her interest, "How went her meeting with her ex husband? I thought she had the right to face him at least." Ophelie says as she leans back against the tree she was sitting in front of. "What say you of him? I have given him a suite in the castle and my best healers to tend to him and yet he speaks not well to me at all." She says with a casual tone to her voice, not really surprised but perhaps hopeful of some arrangement.

Benedict takes a drink of the juice after giving thanks to the maid who offered it to him. He smiles but it is a bit more rueful this time at the others words "I am unsure, but I imagine it was conflicting for her I would have wished her spared of it, but it is not my choice." He looks more to her now at the last question. "The situation was bad before and after the marriage got annulled, he is hard to read he was very polite to me but I am unsure of him." he says in honesty.

"A woman wronged should have a chance to face the man who wronged her and take what recompence she can. Perhaps I will talk to her later on the matter. He is well under guard and no harm of her should come of his presence. He speaks quite vocally that he is worth little of a ransom. What say you of the relationship he has with his family?" Ophelie queries casually of the man before sipping of her own juice.

"I would agree, though Draventa I am unsure how she feels about all that happens." Benedict says taking another drink from his juice while she is speaking though the last question gets a bit more silence. "I'm afraid I don't know, he was close to his father I believe the good king. I hadnt met his brother before and only saw him at the coronation." he looks curious "I've seen or well heard of three from Mobrin here are there more? I mean if I may ask Your Highness."

"And he blames us for his father's death, though I assure you we were not responsible for it though well we have faced retribution for it." Ophelie responds with a sad shake of her head. There is a nod to the question, "Three too that I know of as well. The Prince, a Knight from Lakeshire and the Red Priest. Each I have had such…intriguing interactions with. I do not think I could handle a fourth just now." Ophelie says with a touch of amusement in her voice.

Benedict takes another drink "I was there that evening, I fought against the attackers to protect my charge." he explains about the kings death "I have seen none of your people who match the description of those who attacked." his words are true and matter of fact. "I suppose it is the difference in situation that we each find ourselves in at the moment, but i've found you nothing but hospitable. The priest who traveled with us, well I may have my Princess speak with him."

"Perhaps such words you may speak to the Prince. He mistook my words on the matter and will hear nothing more from me." Ophelie says with a shake of her head. "He is naive to the ways of war. There is nothing personal to it, just men fighting for their lands. I hold no personal threat towards the Prince less he causes one to me." The Queen looks over to the presence of Cri in the sky at the mention of the priest, "He is god touched from what I can determine, but still be cautious of him. He is passionate and desperate for his cause and desperate men can be dangerous."

"I am unsure if he would listen to me, but for his sake, and for that of my charge perhaps I should speak with him. His conditions could naturaly be much worse." Benedict says though he drinks more juice while listening to her speak "Of course, the same way I protect my charge nothing personal meant." the priest is another matter. "I dont know what to make of that, but I will be mindful if he causes a threat to anyone I would have him do no harm."

Ophelie nods to Benedict, "Indeed they could. I am sympathetic to him at present, but the sympathy may run out." She says with a sigh before she nods to the words of his protection, "Of course. We treat with people of many lands and not all will be friendly to each other. We would not deny her protection." The words of the priest is met with a firmer nod, "I have given him leave to preach, but he is watched and will be brought back should he cause disharmony amoung the poor."

Benedict listens to her words nodding in agreement. "I would not have him cause you and yours trouble if it can be helped." The young man says over to her watching her a moment though he does continue. "I appreciate the extra protection times are hard most places and war, well i'm sure I am really just repeating things your hearing already given you are helping to run an entire country."

"It is hard to be seen of as the enemy sometimes. This is not a war we want, but do we just let people take our lands and not defend them? Then after the king was killed we suffer furthered attack for retribution over what was not our fault. We were glad for our allies who saw beyond the words of those of Mobrin and continue to treat with us." Ophelie says with a nod toward Benedict.

"I can imagine, the closest i've come is when I joined a tournament while in Mobrin. Of course they didnt want the foreign knight to win, but I had Pri..Lady Emerit there cheering me on even than." Benedict laps into silence. "Of course, we are glad we received the invitation it has been an excellent visit so far."

"I can well imagine. To be bested by a foriegn soldier could well speak ill of your own. Dare I ask if my little Lakeshire Knight fought in the tournament? He seems a gentle sort, but something tells me he has been tested." She says with a curious lilt to her voice before smiling, "I have a mind not to let you two leave, I am enjoying the product of the Princess craft…I would grace more of my walls with her paintings if I could."

Benedict grins slightly and nods "Indeed I suppose I can see that, though it didnt stop me from trying to win out." The knight will say though she could guess this easily enough he will answer the other questions thogh "Ah, yes in fact he was. I think he went on to win." he explains though he chuckles "I'm sure she'd paint you any picture you'd like and have it sent here."

"I thought there was more there…he hides it well behind a studious mind. He is conflicted and maybe could be a conduit of peace between our people. Many knights have a hard time looking past the word Enemy, I think he may be an acception." She dips her head at his last words, "I would love a picture of my children, though such may be hard to do at present."

"Sounds a bit like myself with my art. It is good to have another source of learning beyond just martial ones." Benedict will ponder the question about studying though he glances back towards the castle. "I hope you are correct, I hope i'm not being to forward but from what you've said it seems we all would benefit from peace returning to the lands.

It is early evening in the gardens and Ophelie and a few of her ladies were having an afternoon picnic of sorts and when Benedict arrived he was invited to join. Though a right proper woman, she does at least seem comfortable in this garden. Her garden. One she has planned and overseas the maintaince of. "Everyone must have skills that speak to their soul as well as what is which is expected of them. I have dabbled in a bit of herbalism."

Draventa's been stressed enough that a walk in the garden's after supper seems like a good idea. or at least Alice, Draventa's handmaid believes so. She's walking arm linked with her, whispering softly. The princess is dressed in her pale pink dress, Alice has taken her time and done her hair up rather pretty.

"I agree, and that is a fine skill to have. I've stuck mostly with sketching." Benedict says about skill having beyond primary job ones. He turns back at anothers approach spoting a well known figure moving towards them and he cannot help but smile to see his charge.

Ophelie is sitting on a blanket with a back to a tree and she looks up as another comes into the garden. Her maids at least stand at the arrival of the princess, "Make some space..Please do join us Princess." She calls our warmly to the woman, motioning for one of her maids to pour some more glasses of juice for the new comers. The cool evening air in the garden is a relief from the hot day. She looks to Benedict at his words, "Did you and the Princess have the same teacher then or it is by fate you were matched?"

Draventa steps forward and bows to the Queen, "Only if it is not intruding." Alice will help the princess sit down, near her knight. Her pale eyes study the Queen a moment and then turns to look at Ben, not quite sure what conversation she was invited into.

Benedict will grin though silent as the Princess is seated before he answers. "More the later, though she taught me to sketch while I was training at the castle to become a knight." He says looking over to his charge before back to the Queen "It does help that I was selected as a guard and continue to learn even after knighthood."

"Of course not, it was just a bit hot in the castle today. We thought we would cool down with a picnic in the gardens before we settled in for the night." Ophelie says to the woman, "We were just discussing our hobbies and the Mobrins herein." She says before looking towards Benedict, "The protected is also the teacher. If she is half as good a teacher as an artist, then I am sure your art is worth seeing as well."

Draventa smiles softly, picking up on the teaching comment now. "The Ambassador has natural talent, don't let him down play that." The poison princess smoothes her skirt before accepting the juice with a soft thank you. "It has turned into a pretty evening though." She doesn't mention the Mobrins yet.

Ophelie smiles at Draventa's appraisal, "Few people admit to the talent they have." She cants her head towards Draventa, "How went the meeting with the Prince?" She asks curiously of the woman, "I would wish to speak about him if you are willing. He has presented me quite a quandery."

Draventa nods politely as Benedict departs and then turns back t the Queen. "It went as well as one could expect." She keeps her eyes on her lap, "What do you wish to know?"

Ophelie motions for some of her ladies to leave her as well, leaving the women to talk of such in private. "Could I make an Ally of him? He seems to me someone quite stubborn and a bit naive in the way of the world. I am sympathetic to his losses, but I will not stand for threats too long. Perhaps you can give me more understanding of the young man."

Draventa blinks, and then motions Alice to step away as well. The handmaid seems reluctant, but does. "An Ally? I would that that your definition of Ally would need to be clarified for me to answer that." A small, almost flicker of a smile crosses the young woman's face, "He is…stubborn. What has he threatened?"

"A person who can help put an end to this war between Mobrin and I, yet he speaks as though he has no worth to his family and sees me as his Enemy. I suppose a young fighting man from Mobrin would see the Queen of Laniveer as the enemy, but I could be his friend as well." Ophelie says as she lifts a glass of juice to her lips and looks over Draventa and notes the smile, "Just now, curses to my name and that he will do his best to escape."

Draventa tilts her head, "If you truly want to make him an ally in ending this war, then I suggest you start with not holding him as a captive." Her pale grey eyes hold the Queen's gaze. "It is unfortunate that it seems Laniveer is following in Morbin's footsteps for dealing with the princes of the other." The poison princess's seems steady, "I can speak to him, to calm him some. But I can not guarantee that he will listen to you if he is held here against his will."

"I did not seek him out, he was brought to me wounded and in need of care. For many days I did not even know who he was, but I have provided for his care and placed him in the Mobrin suites. At least understand that first. As for being a prisoner, he has lied and threatened me in my own home. If he were not a prince he would be in a cell below." Ophelie says quite clearly before seeming to soften, "I fear his guards are currently neccessary for his and my own protection. Should he give me some assurances, the leash will be loosened. Is it really a kindness to send him back home when he professes that his own siblings sent him off to die?"

Draventa knows very little of what happened, or who Logen need up here. "Prince Logen has a mouth…. but has very little knowledge of how to use it." She'll nod, "King Eldwin assumes me that the guards on me are for my own protection as well. I do not question the guards." She'll smile, knowing how Logen must have gone on and on as he does. "I think any caged creature will wilt. That is not a kindness either….I did not say send him him. Give him the option."

Ophelie listens quietly to Draventa's words on Logen and indeed looks amused at some of the comments, "He is the same age as my son, young men that age can often speak first and think second. I will endeavor to keep that in mind about him." She nods slightly to the continued words, "Perhaps we might make better headway when next we meet. Thank you for your candor." She says before rising and summoning her ladies again, "Feel free to enjoy the garden." And with those words she departs.

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