5th Cri, 229: A Fresh Order

A Fresh Order
Summary: Eoin visits Ray again, meets Cloe
OOC Date: 05/Apr/2014
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Shire Bakery - City of Stormvale
The interior of the bakery is well lit, and open, a dividing counter running the length with a removable piece to allow passage by staff. In the customer area, four tables, ringed with chairs. This seating area is obviously not the main focus of the Bakery, but is avilable for sitting. In one wall, is a large fireplace, normally kept lit. Next to the fireplace is a rack for tongs and pokers as well as a supply of wood. Before the fireplace is a pair of chairs and low stools to prop feet up on. Behind the counter are displayed the bakery's goods.
Sweet breads and cakes, pies in both meat and fruit, sweet pastries. The selections of bread range from higher quality to rough loaves of good size for the cheap price. There are casks for Ale and Cider to be drawn from. There is a board with a menu on it to view against the back wall, next to a door leading to the rest of the interior of the building.
Doug, a bland looking man who is minding the store when there are no other people who work here about will sell bakery goods to those who pay, will be polite, and has very little interest in anything else. Doug is prepared to sell on command and otherwise encourages browsing.
5th Cri, 229

At the moment, Doug is in the front, making a tally of the stock and scribbling on a piece of paper on a board. boring shop stuff.

Eoin has been out and about more and more these past few days, a sign of continued recovery. In fact, were it not for the end of the scar visible under the hood he has raised against the drizzle it might almost be impossible to tell he'd been hurt. Stepping into the bakery he doesn't lower the hood, but rather scan his eyes across the room taking in both the presense of Doug and the adsence of Ray before stepping over towards the man. "Tell me, is Master Trevens within?"

Doug looks over to the door, tilting his head, and blinks, bowing, "Yes, M'lord." He moves to the back door to the Kitchen, pushing it, "Ray, Lord High Admiral."
Zzzzzzip. Ray is at the doorway, with a smile, moving to greet Eoin, "M'lord. Always an honor, how may I be of service?" He nods to Doug who goes back to his work. Looks like a quiet time for the bakery, which does happen now and then.

Once Ray appears Eoin gives Doug no further thought, focusing instead on the baker infront of him. "Another order for you, if you have time to fill it," he starts, although on initial inspect that doesn't seem like it'll be too much of a push given the apparent lull. "Similar to last time," he explains a he withdraws another pouch of sky weed, or sky herb, or whatever people are calling it this week, "only they'll need to keep longer. A month perhaps, maybe even two. Is that feasible?"

Ray listens to Eoins order and thinks, nodding, "Oh yes, milord quite feasible. They'll be a slightly different bread, more like a flatbread, but that will assist in storage aboardship I'm assuming? I'll have them wrapped in cloth permeated with beeswax." He nods, "I can deliver to your ship or the mansion, at your will."

Eoin gives a single short nod a Ray correctly guesses the reason behind the chance, then confirms it once my by stating simply, "the ship will be fine. I will ensure the coxswain know to expect the delivery." It saves having to move them from manor to docks after all, and removes the temptation to binge before sailing. Passing the herb across he then reaches for his coin purse, "as many as you can from that, and that'll be ready by tomorrow eve."

Ray takes the bag and nods, "Working on having this grown locally, getting local sources, actually, I can investigate the possibility if you like." He offers, sniffing at the bag as he opens it, getting a feel of the herb, "Would vary the price, but." He breaks into a grin, "Milord your word is stronger bond than gold." He looks into the bag, "If I can't, with what I have here, " He names a price. It's a special order with rare ingredients but it's not THAT overpriced.

"I am sure you'd find good business for that should you manage it," Eoin states with a slight smile. "I know there are a fair few about that smoke it." What the merchants of the Sky Forest would thing he doesn't speculate not it would seem, does he give even a moment's thought to the price quoted as he simply digs out the requested amount and hands it over. His own buiness now pretty much concluded he asks, "the King keeping you busy yet?"

Only just coming in, Cloe closes the door behind her, ensuring it was sealed as the weather is cooler than it had been lately. Her cloak is around her shoulders and she looks towards the counter, noting Ray was rather busy with a customer. She wanders over, wearing a friendly smile, as she considers the options on display.

Ray nods in agreement with Eoins business assessment, taking the payment, "The daily castle business does absolutely. I have not yet been called upon by the Crown for anything though I am prepared for the summons." He smiles nervously. Noticing Cloe he smiles, rather having his attention drawn to her, "Cloe." He looks to Eoin, "Milord, Cloe Brody, works with me part of the time and is a remarkable gardener. Many of my ingredients come fresh from her. Cloe, The Lord High Admiral Eoin Haravean." He makes introductions. Doug's busy in the corner staying out of the way. Otherwise the Bakery's Empty. Yes a fabled Quiet moment in the Bakery.

Eoin still has his hood up as he talks to Ray. Perhaps thats because he isn't planning on a long stay, perhaps it's to hide the extend of the scar that can be seen appearing out of his hairline on the left side of his face. Slipping his coinpurse away once more he turn to give the new comer a nod and, once the introductions are made he offers a polite, "Mistress Brody," before he turns back to the baker himself and nods again, "very good."

At the introductions, Cloe bobs her head down and offers a polite curtsey. "My Lord." Greeting him in return to be proper before greeting Ray. "Good day to you, Raymond." Delighted he was pleased with the fruits and nuts she brought over daily from her own farm nearby. "I had some time to spare with hiring of the newest hand so I thought I would pop over for lunch."

Ray nods to Cloe "Of course." He turns back to Eoin, "It'll be on the ship before tomorrow noon, Milord." He says assuredly. "Is there any other way I may be of service?" He's noted Eoin doesn't have the manner of a man idling away the day.

Eoin has nothing else that he needs form the baker and a Cloe mentions lunch he takes that as a reaonable point to make his own departure. "I think that is all Master Trevens, good day to you." Another hint of a nod toward Cloe, "Mistres," and he's making his way back out into the drizzle.

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