Nar 39-40, 229 : A family visit

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Summary: Nylie pays Caedmon a visit and end sup spending the night when a storm rolls in, and ends up being around for a promised breakfast.
OOC Date: 11/Aug/2014 (OOC)
Related: Occurs prior to Cricket and the Book
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Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.

Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.

On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.

Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.

It is day 39-40 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

Time had a way of getting away, always some task that needed looking after. Or some nap thta needed taking after not sleeping to well, especially with that ever growing belly Nylie was sporting these days. Rest was not easy to get. But the need for continued talk was not forgotten, even if it had been delayed. There was that wrap at the door to the residence, and Nylie to be found upon the other side of it. A small bowl in hand….filled and heaping with nuts.

Although the weather is warm, the curtains are drawn to the sides and thje windows are open, allowing any little breeze to waft into the apartments. Caedmon is sitting at a table by the window with a young man of perhaps no more than 17 standing beside the table. Caedmon looks to the door when he hears the sound. "I was not expecting company, but I doubt that the guards would allow an intruder to pass," He says, while he seals a parchment and hands it to the young man. "Pleaes, show the visitor inside on your way out." The young man bows and heads for the entrance. He holds the door open for Nylie and then exits quietly with the letter in hand. Caedmon is not far behind him. He stands stands from the desk and starts across the room. When he sees his sister, he smiles and reaches to offer her a gentle hug. "Do come inside, Nylie!" he invites. "Would you like some tea, and some gingerbread or apple cake?" He glances to the kitchen. "Wenn has taken the girls to visit Aldren."

And the guards would have not had any issues in the least with stopping Nylie, she was getting quite heavy with child….into that waddling stage as it were. Graceful waddling of course! A gentle smile and dip of her head is offered towards the young man when she is let in. A warmer smile given towards her brother and moving to accept that huge, it is managed around that stomach, somehow. "A touch of gingerbread would be lovely. Ah, I am sure they shall all enjoy such a visit. " Giving the little bowl a lift,"And I did see to bring along my gift for your fair protector. I was not certain if he had a touch of a sweet tooth or not." Going on to explain, as she points to a small wrapped package that sticks out of one corner of the bowl,"Honeyed almonds. Though as we are to depart for Lakeshire within a few days, I did wish to see you again before then."

Caedmon carefully hugs Nylie, and in the same movement, accepts the bowl for Gwyliwr. "I douth that he has sampled any sweets unless Lily sneaked something to him, but I will see what he thinks," he answers with a warm smile. "Come," he offers his arm to his sister. "I will help you to the bench. Then I will bring the gingerbread." He eyes her and questions, "Should you travel at this stage? If you need to stay here, I am sure that Wenna would agree to stay with me and see to your needs." He nods to the door and explains, "Merreck left with some correspondence, but when he returns, I can ask him to take a message from you to your lord the Duke, if you decide to stay."

"I was not sure if he had or not, but I figured if he did not care for them, they would yet be of use and snacked upon. All else, you might find at least something of a night time snack to barrow beneathe your pillow," lightly teasing, Nylie rather recalling just where hoarding nut was acceptable for Gwyliwr. Nylie gives a small shrug,"Likely not, but it has been put off to long as it is. Given the traditions of Lakeshire, it would not do well if their newest Duchess does not make some attempt to follow the tradition to see the Duke's children birthed near the Lake. " Then the thunder comes as the stormy rolls in and Nylie gives her brother's arm as he helps her to the bench a fine death grip fashion. Gritting her teeth for just a moment. "Perhaps some of the calming tea might be in order, as I doubt I could make it back to my rooms with any speed."

"You are lower here than you would be upstairs, dear sister," Caedmon remarks after he hears the first low rumble and looks toward the open window. If necessary, you are welcome to stay here, in Lily's room for the night. When Merreck returns, I will send him to the manner with a note to Wenna. I imagine that Lily would welcome an opportunity to stay and visit with her aunts and uncles, and Cricket." When Nylie settles on the bench, Caedmon takes the bowl to his desk and then proceeds to close the windows and the heavy drapes that should squelch much of the noise from outside. "I will bring the gingerbread, and tea with chamomile," he explains. He heads for the kitchen and soon returns with a tray as promised for Nylie. "I do understand your desire to follow the traditions, but if things fall so that you must not travel, then the duke will need to understand that your well-being is more important than traditions."

"Aye, I know, brother, but I know I still fit under my bed up there," Nylie trying to make some light of the matter. "It may be best to rest here thi eve, or if Aldren is set upon putting them out," which from how Nylie says that, she figured Aldren would be more likely ot insist they not go out in the storm,"I can always take a cot in the infirmary as well. " She does pry her fingers off Caedmon's arm once the bench is reached. A few deep breathes, a hand clenching to the bench when another rumble comes. Though there is a thankful look when the drapes are closed to help further dampen the sounds. Even if it surely doesn't help with the summer heat, but hot is simply…hot. "Aye, he does understand, he has been more fretful then you would likely believe. I think if it were up to him, I'd be tucked away and resting for the duration. Somedays, I think he is more fretful and fussy then the healers can be. " The tea is accepted with a thankful nod, giving a small sip to test the temperature before risking a deeper one.

While Nylie samples the tea, Caedmon draws up a chair beside the bench and settles there. "A good husband should fret over his wife if they have any love between them. If I knew that we would have more than rain on this night, I would have urged Wenna to stay here and go to the manor on the morrow, after the storm passed. I would prefer to have her and the girls in one safe place on a foul night." The mention of healers provides another diversion from the talk of storms, and he pursues it. "Have you chosen a midwife to attend you once you are there?" he questions. "If not, again, Wenna and I might be able to assist you with that. One benefit of serving as royal healer is that she has a list of the best candidates for any concerns that might arise."

"I think if he could, Aidan would have me swaddled up to keep me safe. Knowing how I am with storms, I imagine if he thought there was hint of more, he would have seen me remain to our chabers, even if we are all yet here in the castle. " Another sip of the tea is taken, Nylie knows well enough that it'll help calm her nerves some, allow her to not quite cling to the tea cup in a death grip. "Aye, there is a lovely woman, Cathia, who will tend to me once there. Though I have also seen that there will be a healer or two that will accompany. Though I have to say, not just for myself, it seems our new Master Ranger is with child and is in the stage where nothing quite agrees with her stomach. Which if we do go ahead with travel, I do promise to write you so you do not fret to much over me." A nibble of that gingerbread. "Though I believe we had an unfinished conversation as well to continue, which if I recall you were going to tell me more of yourself. " A slight pause,"And considering something that has….occured…since we last met, I have wonder if it was to be about how you are the seer or what it is to be so."

Caedmon sighs. "I might need you to remind me where that conversation was heading, dear sister," he admits while taking up the other cup on the tray. "As for the other, what I saw on that dark day …" He shrugs. "I have seen … many things, both in dreams and waking visions. Some would not be … easy to share with others. I can say this, without doubt. The gods are stirring, and evil beyond what we have known in the past seems to be afoot."

"We had been speaking of that day, what you had seen and Wenna was urging you to tell me more of yourself. But has we had already talked long and the day was fading, it seemed best to rest. " Nylie nods a little,"I do not doubt that brother, I know some certainly would and would seek to explain away everything to some matter of science. And perhaps there is some worth given to such a study, but I know the gods stir. " She pauses…about to say something more when another rumble comes and she closes her eyes, the grip tightening on the tea cup. Deep breathe taken, held then slowly let out. Not under the bed. Yet. "Since then….I have had a dream of sorts," her eyes open slowly as she speaks,"within, the spoke of my brother the seer having already been awaken. It made me think of you speaking of what you saw that day, and thus to wonder if that was what Wenna was encouraging you to speak about."

While Caedmon's hands lift the cup to his lips, he looks over its rim at Nylie. He frowns with worry and sympathy for her lifelong struggle with stormy weather. He nods slowly and confirms, "Aye. They call it 'waking,' although the visits come when they please, whether I am awake or asleep." He lowers the cup and peers at Nylie. "Often, the visions are … unsettling. If any spirits visit you, sweet sister, I pray that they will be more merciful to you."

Everyone struggled with something, Nylie just had her own issues with thunder to manage. Another slow breathe occuring when there was another muted rumble beyond the drapes. She manages a small nod,"I cannot imagine what it must be like, especially if they are so unsettling, such as th eone you spoke of seeing when the sky darkened. " There is a faint smile,"It it yet to be seen if they have been merificul or not, for in the breathe they spoke of my brother the seer, they spoke of how it was time for the siren to awaken. Least, I do not believe, I shall have to worry about something occuring without least some forwarning."

Caedmon focuses on Nylie while she speaks. When she hints at her own experience, he tilts his head in thought. "A siren?" he questions. "I know of ancient legends. In the library are several books of such things." He waves his hand toward the door, suggesting the hallway beyond it and the royal library that is beyond that. "If you are to be here for a few days, I will find the tales again and copy them for you to study." He purses his lips. "Some say that the siren drove men to madness with her song. I do not imagine you doing such things. If anything, your song would sooth."

"Aye, siren." Nylie cants her head a touch,"I would be curious to read the legends. There was some mention of tales, but I admit they were not ones I was entirely familiar with. If you have the time for it, I would like that." A sip of tea is drawn, her eyes looking at the drapes, perhaps more so trying to gauge the storm that cannot be seen and when it's fearsome thunder might next come. "The implication was, that if it was wished, both results could be entirely possible and well within my ability. I admit, I am having some…struggle," her gaze puling back to her brother,"grasping that I would have such ability. It seems like such a powerful thing to harbour. Yet…there seems some truth to it." Perhaps some minor experimentation has occured since then.

"I do not have your gift for music, but I know that without the touch of gods, songs can cheer me or bring them to tears," Caedmon remarks. "I suppose that all people, even those who seem utterly savage, have music. He sets aside the cup and takes a slow breath. "My … visions come when they will. I do nothing to invite them or hinder them. I would urge you to do likewise. Do not seek them, but do not close your eyes and ears when they visit. If they treat you as they have treated me, at least, you will find that you are free to ask questions of them, to seek guidance." Then he waves his hand. "If you need to talk, at any time, I will be glad to welcome my sister."

"Ah, it is true, songs can bring that without the touch of the gods. If the musician is tuned enough to the music itself," the gods know Nylie's reduced Aidan to tears more than a few times. "I would think so, for even nature itselfs has a music all of it's own. Not that most pause to take the time to listen and recognize it. " Nylie dips her head a touch,"I have not though to hinder or turn them aside. Music has always been my gift, and perhaps now even more so, I would not forsake it…even if for a time it was difficult to face. But even that seems to have served a purpose. " Nylie smiles,"I have questions, though I have not found words for them yet. I think I am still working to accept it all. I cannot imagine how it must be for you. And you know, if you have wish to talk, I shall always find time to listen to you, my brother. " A small yawn is cut off only for the thunder that rumbles, even if more distantly outside the windows, a look to there for the moment. "Though perhaps for now, I should take up the offer of that room and get a spot of rest. "

Caedmon listens attentively, and nods when Nylie speaks of the music of nature, and again when she mentions that she needs to ponder further before she will be ready to speak more about her experiences. When she accepts his invitation to stay in Lily's room, he nods and promises, "Then you will have a fine breakfast waiting for you in the morning, and I will send a scribe to copy the material about the Siren for you." He stands and looks to the nuts. "Now that the storm has passed, I imagine that those nuts will disappear soon."

< And so it stormed….some sleep might have been had….but the next morning…. >

The worst of the storm has passed but it is now raining hard. The constant drone of heavy rain drops pounding against open shutters shatters the quiet. It is humid and hot still. The windows in the small apartments have been opened to try and catch some breeze. The fires in the hearth have been laid to rest. The main room is quiet and dark as dawn creep close. Sitting on bench in the darkness listening to the rain is Wenna. She is dressed in plain gown of dark charcoal grey lien and her hair has been pinned up beneath a white biggins. She rubs her right thigh and her eyes are closed. Beside her is a cane.

With being heavy with child and the storm that had rolled in while Nylie had been to visit her brother, she for once had actually taken up the offer to stay over. But as is the way when pregnant, getting comfortable for long just didn't happen and it seemed once she was comfortable, the poor bladder was being kicked and abused by the growing progeny within. Thus the woman was slipping from the room she'd slept in, least as much as any waddling pregnant woman can 'slip quietly', wearing but a simple gown and her hair braided.

Hearing the sound of movement Wenna turns her head "Good Morning." She sounds a bit surprised. "It is going to be hot today. Did you sleep well?" She asks as she removes the biggins from her head before she tugs and und does the ribbon binding her hair up. She stifles a yawn as she rubs her fingers through hair and massages her scalp. "Do you need tea or bath?"

There is a small blink from Nylie as well, a touch surprised, Caedmon had said something about sending a note. Though it isn't storming anymore, and Wenna is a stubborn one! "Good morning," recovering easily enough from the mild surprise. "I slept as well as I could hope. I've always been a bit of a light sleeper, not a trait that seems to work well with storms or pregnancy." Nylie massaging her back a little with her hand, the lower portion, comfort was hard to find these days. "A spot of tea would be lovely, if you've already started some."

"There is always hot water in the kitchen. I will be back." Wenna moves to get her cane and heave herself up. Her long hair falls down to her waist. She smiles at Nylie as she moves into the kitchen area and she is gone for a little bit. When she returns she has tea. "No it does not and not to mention that when you add your poor bladder and if the baby is active to the list, it makes it difficult to sleep. Naps become your friend." She sets the tray down. The cane has been left in the kitchen. She moves to get settled and pours tea for Nylie first and then herself. "If you would like I can massage your back to offer you some relief. It will be temporary but it will help."

There is a soft chuckle," I think this one is always trying to run about in there, sometimes I swear it more like a have litter of rowdy pups with all the activity going on. I do try to get naps as I can, though it does seem this little one could learn to like them as well," a hand faintly rubbing her swollen belly. "That of their are just a restless sleeper as well. " Shifting to take a seat, a maneuver that just isn't entirely graceful anymore, the tea accepted with a soft,"Thank you." Lightly blowing on the heated liquid to help it cool a touch. "That actually sounds like it would be delightful, even temporary relief would be welcomed."

"Let us see what we can do." Wenna offers as she sets her tea aside and pulls herself up into a standing position she then goes towards Nylie. "I just need you to turn so I can reach your back." She smiles when she says this. "You and your brother have a good visit?" She asks.

Nylie shifts around so that her back is exposed to Wenna, having settled on the couch, there is likely room enough for the other woman to sit as well. "Aye, we did. There were some writing he was going to see if he could get fetched up for me before I left." Explaining a touch,"We will be making for Lakeshire soon, in truth we are overdue in departing. Aidan has become quite restless in being away, but with everything that has been going on and the Council meeting not long past, he was required here. And with how he fusses and frets, he would not let me travel on by myself. " There is a soft laugh,"I should imagine not a soul on the Council would believe him the same man with how he fusses over me, I do think if he could manage it he'd has be swaddled up in a room of endlessly fluffy pillows. "

"You should not travel at all." Wenna points out. "Unless you go by ship, but even then there will be issues that can happen." Wenna responds back as she gets into position. Once in position she begins to massage Nylie's back. Pain seems to fade away and there is warmth which seems to radiate from Wenna's finger tips and targets the muscles. Her hands are strong despite the condition of the rest of her. There is a distant look in Wenna's eyes as she works but she is still engaged in the conversation at hand. "Traveling will not be easy, this I know from both knowledge and experience."

"Aye, I know I should not, not at this stage in it all. Not easy or advisable, but there are traditions that some effort must at least be made to see to. " There is a faint sigh, a few ooohs from Nylie as Wenna works on her back and the pain begins to fade, even with the heat the day already promises to bring, the warmth to the muscles is welcome as it and the pressure eases the tension from them. "Caedmon has expressed his concerns as well about my traveling, but I should be in Lakeshire when the child comes. "

"Some traditions need to be frowned upon when you are this far along. Your brother is wise to advise you not to go." Wenna points out. "I cannot make you stay but I can advise against it and I have more knowledge than most." Her fingers continue to massage Nylie's back and all of Nylie's aches and pains will see to have faded. "Here is my question to you, what tradition is so important that you need to be there? You could go into early labor along the road." She adds. "I will not press you as I have voiced my opinion."

Nylie's eyes do close a little as the massage is enjoyed, as there is the draining away of aches and pains. A thing not felt for some time. "Aye, I could go into early labour upon the road, that is a concern. The tradition itself is of when those of Lakeshire are to be born, near the Lake itself. While certainly to be forgiven if it comes not to pass, as the Duchess of Lakeshire…it would not due if I made not attempt to uphold the traditions of the area. " There is a slight sigh,"And while my husband does not press for it, he is a superstitious man, much as any sailor I've ever met has been. " Which is saying something, since the sailors do seem to be the 'worst' when it comes to such.

"For a man who claims to have much knowledge it is a pity that he would bend that way." She says with a shake of her head. "Just be careful and do not push yourself or else both you and the child could be lost." She says gently as her hands continue to work on her. "You may be the Duchess of Lakeshire but your brother would grieve as would the rest of the Kilgours." She then drops the subject and changes it. "I will send baby quilt I am working on to you then so that you will have it when or after the child is born." There is another change in the subject. "You know I just realized that Caedmon left me a note on my desk in my office. I figured at this hour the message could wait. What string instrument do you suggest that Lily pick up?"

"Each of us have our quirks, Wenna, it is why we are loved by those we are. And it is perhaps because he bends in such a way on why he does not fault me for my own traditions and habits, but welcomes them. " Nylie gives a small nod,"Aye, I will be careful. We have seen to having a healer or so to travel with. And I know he would, just as I would grieve the lose of him." The mention of the quilt brings a warm,"Thank you, I shall look foreword to receiving it. " The last of the questions brings some ponderance. "My first response would be to say, which ever she seems most drawn to. For if she has no like of an instrument, learning it will be more struggle then joy. My next consideration would be to what purpose is the learning, for certain instruments are not entirely suited to entertaining in the salon. "

"I know nothing of music as I spent most of childhood in the halls of healing learning as an apprentice should. My knowledge goes only so far as I know what I like to hear when it is played." Wenna tells her after a small awkward silence grows between them. "I will just ask her and whatever she chooses will be what she learns. Her reading has improved as has her figuring of numbers. She is young and there is time before we will allow her to learn more. Your brother and I have a different approach that most of our brethren."

"That is important enough knowledge, knowing what you like. And as Elisabeth and I have been fond in telling Eoin who professes much the same, we musicians do need those who simple prefer to listen and can appreciate our efforts. " There is a faint moment of ponderence,"If there is not something that interests her specifically, I recall you once had interest yourself in learning to play the mandolin a little, perhaps it might be something you both learn together? " There is a slight nod,"There is time, and there is much to learning then of reading and numbers."

"We will see what happens Duchess, I would a poor student and an even poorer example." Wenna confesses. "I may send her to you when you return and see what you think." She smiles and her hands continue to offer ease." She pauses to push back a lock of thick hair that falls into her face as it is now down. She shifts her position and stretches her right leg out. A booted foot peaks out from beneath her long skirts.

"Ah, perhaps so, but the only truly poor student is the one who does not try at all. And I do not believe you are seeking to give up healing for the life of a musician. " Nylie gives a gentle nod,"I would be happy to teach her. But I shall expect you as well, for even if you prove correct in being a poor example of a musician, you can yet provide the example that it is never to late to explore and try something that interests you even if only for you own enjoyment. Plus, it may prove something for you both to learn together, aye? " It was an early morning talk as the pair sits over on the couch, even with the conversation, considering the relief Wenna has brought to her back through the massage in progress….Nylie just might look as contented as a cat in a warm sunbeam.

Even before the door opens, the hight pitch of a chattering squirrel is audible from beyond the door. Someone speaks in a lower voice, probably attempting to quiet the creature. The door opens and %n enters the chambers. Gwyliwr, in a blur like white flame or lightening, launches himself from his master's shoulder and leaps onto the desk where the large bowl sits. The bowl, once brimming with nuts, is now half-empty. The package of honeyed almonds is also gone. Gwyliwr eyes the bowl for a moment as if he is taking inventory of its contents or considering which nut to enjoy next. He snaps his fore-paws around one and begins to gnaw at it while looking toward the door.

Caedmon holds the door open for two servants who enter. One carries a tray with a plate of fruits and berries, and another plate of cheeses, small sausages, and pickled eggs. The second servant carries a steaming pot that must contain porridge. He nods and smiles to his sister and wife. "I would not neglect my promise, dear sister!" he calls. "Also, the scribes are at work already. You should have the tales of the Siren before the sun sets." While the servants deliver the foods to the table, Caedmon heads for the kitchen to fetch bowls, smaller plates, cups, and a kettle that he will hang in the fireplace for tea. When he returns from the kitchen, he questions, "Sweet wife, how is my sister on this morning? She will be leaving soon for Lakeshire. I sent Merreck to the apothecary to buy more willow bark that we can send along with her."

"I told her she should not travel and it is well. She is well this morning I think. You should ask her." Wenna tells him with a laugh. Her eyes come to rest on the white blur. She laughs again. "Yes it will be interesting." She adds. "That is good husband, I will get her other things she will need, and there will be a few that will offer some comfort. Thank you for bringing dinner. How did you sleep and how were the children before bed? Nylie and I were talking about Lily and music. I was going to see if Avi would like to join us for dinner tonight. Nylie you are welcome to join us for dinner either way."

There is a soft laugh after Nylie takes in the white blur that Gwyliwr as he makes for the bowl of nuts to take inventory. Noticing herself just how many are gone from it, as well as that package, Nylie cannot help but be a touch amused. "I see my offering was satisfactory then, Sir Gwyliwr?" Lightly addressing the squirrel on the matter.

"I never thought you would neglect your promise, my dear brother, and you have certainly seen to it on many levels. " Lightly eyeing the platters of food for a moment. "Wonderful, they shall surely make for fine reading while I travel, even if it is not the wisest thing to be doing. But then we cannot claim I always do what is wisest now can we?" Nylie making some gentle humour in it. "But, aye, I am well….certainly with many thanks to Wenna and the fine massage she's treated my poor back to this morning. It is the best it and I have felt in a good month. " There is a slight pause before Nylie does glance to Wenna,"Should you mind to include some of the teas that help settle the stomach, I do fear I am not the only expecting mother in the group to travel. Kaylee, our master ranger, has recently discovered the news herself. And I fear her stomach is being dreadfully uncooperative when it comes to food. "

"If I am able and all things are ready for travel, I shall have to least stop in. For it has been some time since I have seen him, it would be nice to do so again. Though speaking of Avi," Nylie's gaze now goes to her brother,"I hear you may have been spending a fair bit of time with the man yourself. I dare say, the gossip the first time around was a touch entertaining. But for it to send tongues wagging yet again, I dare say it is risking to be a bit of a reputation for you." There is a lightness to her tone and just a hint of sparkle to her eyes, an indication she takes none of it to be serious, but what else is a sister to do with such rumors but to use them to tease her brother?

Caedmon smiles and nods when Nylie asks about a tea for upset stomaches. "You will have that as well, dear sister, and any other remedies that you need, before you leave. If necessary, I will buy a donkey to send with you to bear the additional burden." He jokes. When she mentions Avi, he shakes his head. "Rumors persist only because my lovely wife and I resist temptations in public. Otherwise, we could grace Stormvale with such a performance that no one would doubt our preferences," he smirks. "Avi is a friend and nothing more, and much of that is due to the girls who needed a safe harbor."

"I will make sure there is enough and I will send instruction, tell her also to keep bread by her bed so when she wakes in the morning she can nibble on it. It will help." Wenna offers. "I assure you he is quiet fond of Avi but not that fond of him. He still appears to take pleasure in sharing a bed with me. Why is beyond all comprehension for many, he could have had Caitlin if she had not gone to Logan." Her words are laced with humor. Her loving gaze rests on Caedmon. She stops massaging Nylie's back and she pulls herself to her feet. "Before I eat I need to get cleaned up."

She laughs. "Caedmon, you are funny." She shakes her head and smiles. She then goes to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I will be back."

"I may hold you to that, if only so there is a stubborn donkey for Sir Cian to deal with. Or aperhaps a rather cute and fluffy sort to have along. " Oh the random possibilities! "I shall be certain to tell her that, I have tried to be encouraging. But I recall well how I tired myself to hear of such at the time." Nylie smiles with some measure of amusement,"I know, brother. I have seen you here in your home, I know well enough the untruth to the rumors. As well as how they could occur." Her own husband did not care for such open displays in public either. But her current state did help squelch any rumors….for now. "Aye, but as some may doubt of that, Wenna, just as others would not comprehend where I have ended in such matters. Love and joy do not always prevail to matters of logic. Though do take care, dear brother, that this does not give poor Aldren a heartattack, surely you know how fond of Avi he remains to be. "

Nylie offers a warm smile to Wenna as she gets up,"Thank you for that, truly, I do not think my body has known such contentment in some time. Even if only temporary, it is a welcome change."

Caedmon blushes when Wenna rises to kiss him. "hy might be beyond comprehension for many, but I have had no doubts and no second thoughts, my beloved. As for Caitlin, the quickness with which she fell to Logen speaks better than I could. Cousin Terrwyn brought her here with hopes that she would consider all of her options, and choose well. We see what came of that. My only regret is that my dear cousin, who strove for wisdom in such things, expended her energy on such a lost cause. She deserved better honor for her efforts, and a better legacy than what came." He checks the tea and nods to himself. Then he begins to fill the cups. He frowns for a moment and murmurs, "Both are dead now." Then he brightens, "But my sweet Wenna lives, and I could not be prouder of my choice." He looks to Nylie and adds, "Perhaps we should invite Aldren and Avi to this dinner that Wenna suggested, as a fitting way to bid farewell to you before you must leave us for the lake."

With a smile and nod Wenna slips into the bathing chamber, but before she can disappear she hears the comment and she gets an impish gleam in her eye. "I would adore torturing my brother with night of Avi's company. I will make sure I have some good long and short leaf and hogshead of wine handy." With that said she disappears into the room.

The is simply a soft smile from Nylie when there is that tender little moment for her brother and his wife, plus the blushing is just adorable. "Perhaps our dear cousin saw something there worth expending her efforts upon, her legacy is well served by what she worked for in full. Not just one thing that did not turn out as hoped. " Even if Nylie did not have chance to know the woman as her brother, her life of travel as it were, she knows well enough that the one particular event does not sum up Terrwyn and all she did. Though Nylie does study Caedmon with some quiet consideration, no doubt her own marriage a folly of some sort in his eyes. There is a laugh that comes at the suggestion of inviting Aldren as well,"Oh aye, please do, I think I would find it least as half as entertaining as Wenna. " Poor Aldren.

Caedmon releasess Wenna after giving her a quick but loving kiss on the cheek. "Be quick," he urges. "We seem to have some plans to weave together if we want to host Avi and Aldren at once." He grins at the thought. Then he looks to Nylie and admits, "If not for the war, I would invite the lord admiral to dine with us as well. Perhaps under your influence, dear sister, he would speak more of his enoucnter with whatever they found at sea not long ago."

Wenn is gone for a bit and when she returns she is dressed in a soft silk under gown that sleeveless and loose over the rather sheer fabric she has on a rose colored linen sleeveless surcoat. The surcoat hides a multitude of sins. Her hair is now loosely braided and she has crutches tucked beneath her arms. The scent of jasmine and soap clings to her like an expensive perfume. A few locks of hair around her forehead are wet indicating that she had washed her face hastily. Her movements on the crutches are quick and with ease.

"It would surely prove an interesting time if they are both able to make it, though I do think if there is hope of Aldren to come, that Avi may be present not be mentioned," notes Nylie. She knows well how Wenna can set little traps like that around dinner invitations. Her properly meeting Aidan is still entirely Wenna's fault. Nylie nods a little,"It would be nice to see him before I left, though I know the war efforts do keep him quite occupied." There is a slight pause,"He did speak to me after….of that encounter and more the details of it. With the time that has passed he may be more willing to speak with a number, though I do not know if even I could coax him to speak around Avi. His feelings are similar, even of not quite so volatile, as Aldren's where that man is concerned.

A glance goes to Wenna when she reappears, a soft smile coming. Surely Wenna still fills out a gown better then Avi could, right?

Caedmon lifts his eyes from the table where he has been filling cups, bowls, and plates for Wenna and himself. When Wenna returns, his eyes dance and a warm smile spreads like sunshine over his face. "Just in time," he greets, nodding to her place at the table. He glances to Nylie. "I doubt that all of them will be able to attend, but they will know of our welcome, at least." Then he admits, "I am surprised that the duke has allowed a ranger with child to retain her station. That seems … hazardous for the child, the ranger, and the service that he expects her to offer."

She moves to find her place at the table. The crutches are set aside, the skirts of the surcoat and under gown arranged around her. "Oh Aldren will come if he is able I will not tell him who is coming, and I will just say join us for a night of lively conversation, good wine and pipe smoke." She grins. "Or I will leave it up to you two to decided how the word the invitation, but leave Aldren to me. He and I may fight but he will come if I ask."

It is a slow thing, getting up from that couch, but it occurs at some point and likely when there are not as many chances for her lack of grace to be fully witnessed. Nylie making her way over to the table to see about a plate of breakfast herself, the rowdy critter in her belly demanding some form of food be had. Caedmon's comments about the ranger does have Nylie rising her brows a touch,"The bearing of children is never without its hazards, regardless of station and position held. Though truly, you would rather see her turned from her station simply because she has become blessed with child? " Curious upon the answer to this, perhaps waiting for it before she would offer anything further upon the matter. A light smile going to Wenna,"Oh, I have no doubt you shall manage to get your brother here, if he is able and free to come for the eve. "

"Aldren is most likely of the three to visit," Caedmon confirms while he pulls chairs away from the table, first for Wenna and then for Nylie when she approaches. "The others, being sailors, are to some extent slaves of the wind and waves." He looks to Wenna and urges, "I see no reason why you should not compose the invitation. If you think that inviting either Eoin or Avi will be fruitless, by all means invite others." Back to Nylie, he answers, "As for rangers unless their training is deficient, they know the weight and restrictions of their burdens before they agree to them. If you have a horse ready to foal, do you ask her to draw your cart and thus risk the cart, its contents, the horse, and its foal? She has taken on a weight beside that which she agreed to carry when she became a ranger. By all rights, that could be accounted as a traitor for that, and she could forfeit her title and her life for it. She is not some milkmaid, but a skilled and trusted guard of her master."

"What he means to say is that she should be granted a leave of absence. If she is to remain in your house, then she will have a position to return to." Wenna interjects towards Nylie. "There is other work which she can do that will be not harm her nor the babe. I would almost suggest that she return to her normal duties after the child is born. That is my interpretation of what he is saying." She leans back against her chair. "Husband, we both know that if the invitation comes from me they are more likely not to come. Yet if the invitation is of your hand or your sisters they will. My tongue is barbed and has a bitter sting at times."

A nod of thanks goes to Caedmon when the chair is pulled out for her, Nylie settling into it not quite so smoothly, as is to be expected. Looking to Caedmon,"Of course not, but the ranger in question does not yet even show let alone ready to…foal, if you will. And in truth, she worried just as you have spoken, that she would be turned from her position for having become begotten with child, and I suspect that is why she came to me about the matter. She has time before her duties will be impacted by her condition, and her duties as Master Ranger do include more then physical aspects, the over seeing of training and other such matters. There will be a time when, aye, " Nylie smiles to Wenna," percisely, she will be granted a leave of absence and her position over seen temporarily til she is able to fully take it up again. "

"I should be happy to write an invitation if you would wish of it, though it may seem a touch odd if an invitation to dinner at your home is extended by my hand," notes Nylie. Turning some focus to the plate of food that has managed to settle there in time enough.

Caedmon remains standing, ready to serve Nylie now that she has come to the table. He nods when she explains about Kaylee's situation. He adds, speaking gently, "I simply know that such things are possible and not without precedent. Rangers are important assets, and they should know that from the beginning. It is rather like the priests and priestesses who take certain vows as part of their agreements, and if they break those vows, they face dire consequences. She bound herself to service as a ranger. I still remember the fate that fell, quite literally, to Caitlin's handmaid and guards who neglected their duties. If the duke allows her to retain her post, then she has more favor than many do. As a mother, she might not be able to return to such service for years. That is a lifelong commitment." He turns to smile at Gwyliwr, who is gorging himself on nuts. Then he nods to Nylie. "It should not be difficult for you to offer the invitation if you mention that I have urged you to choose guests as a way of celebrating the immanent arrival of your child."

"Husband but here is where I will counter, a man in that position is allowed to have a family. If she were to take a leave of absence and when she is required to be away from the hold her family can look after them. If the child is not a bastard then her husband and his family can watch out of the child." Wenna says to him and there is a gleam of challenge in her eyes mixed with that impish pot stirring glee that she shares with her twin. "We would are productive to this society though we are still the property of our husband and our husbands family if we are not in the care of our birth family. You can be a commoner and it remains the same, though there are some customs in some provinces that give more rights. Just because we are seen as the brood mares of our species does not mean we are not productive. I might be as barren as desert but I still have life left in me and skills that can be utilized by you and by the kingdom." She then looks to Nylie. "Despite what I have said and my counter I do see his point. There are laws and it will be up to her leige lord." she adds.

"Aye, they are important assets, I have seen that many a time in my travels with those Callem choose to watch over me. Though unlike the priests and priestesses, they do not vow to remain celibate in their service. The Duke and I gave her permission to marry, " yes, Kaylee actually asked, " and thus we also accepted that this might someday come about. She will be allowed to retain her post, simply because I shall make certain that she does, brother. " Nylie gives a slight nod to Wenna's words, noting, "Her husband is a Knight of the Lake, and his family has long served House Kinciad, they would help to see after the child. If she chooses not to, or is unable to fully return to service, I am certain I can see that she still has a position, afterall, new rangers are in need of good trainers as well. " There is to Caedmon,"I recall hearing of that, though one of my own guards received punishment for his own negligence to his duties, specifically not showing up to perform them. " There is a drift of her eyes between Caedmon and Wenna, some flicker of mirth in trying to imagine just how well it'd go if Caedmon tried to treat Wenna as his property…..and who would do the most damage to him in the end…..Wenna or Aldren. Simply noting,"And his wife, as it were in this case. He does have sense enough to listen to more than just her music, or see her as some brood mare."

There is a bemused smile to see Gwyliwr still enjoying the nuts, a glance to Caedmon,"It does seem he might like the selection I brought for him. You might just escape finding them all under your pillow from the looks of it."

Caedmon sighs but an amused smile curls the edges of his mouth while he settles beside Wenna. "I do not deny that men who serve as rangers have families. The duke will handle such situations as he sees fit. I am not his advisor, nor would I desire that role." He looks to Wenna and he adds, "You know, better than anyone, that I treasure you, not as property or slave, but as my wife and my co-laborer. I do not imagine that women find their use solely by providing new generations to the land." He follows Nylie's gaze to the desk and then grins. "Never underestimate him on the point of hoarding nuts, dear sister. No shoe, drawer, cupboard, or cup in this house is entirely safe."

As talk occurs, food is eaten between words and listening. Tea sipped to help it all settle along and appease the growing babe in the swell of her belly. Nylie chuckles softly,"I shan't underestimate him and his hording tendencies, though I do think next time I may need to bring him a bigger bowl to work from. And perhaps it would seem another package of those honeyed almonds." Lightly teasing,"Unless you swiped those before he had the chance to try them. " There is a light smile from Nylie,"Even if you did desire the job, I do think he much prefers me over you in that area, as well as others. To which end, I should beginning making my way back before his worry gets the better of him and he comes to fetch me up himself. " There is a quiet fondness when she speaks of her husband. Pushing herself up from the chair, "Thank you again for that massage, Wenna. I dare say between that and the fine breakfast my brother has seen to, I may just take a sound nap once I get back to our suite." A light touch going to Wenna's shoulder as Nylie makes her way about the table to her brother, to offer least a kiss to the top of his head, or a hug if he should design to get up,"And thank you for allowing me to stay over, brother. I know I am always welcome, but I am still thankful." Before making to waddle (gracefully of course!) her way on out and up to the Kinciad Suites.

When Nylie has eaten her fill and concludes that she should return to her chambers, Caedmon stands, shares a hug, and walks with her to the door. "I think that Gwyliwr enjoyed both," he answers for the squirrel. "I imagine that if you filled this suite with nuts, he would manage well enough to empty it soon." He laughs. "I will send the tea manx other remedies to you as soon as Merreck arrives."

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