Inouv 42, 228: A Doting Father

A Doting Father
Summary: Lord Rinder Kerrigan meets with his two eldest on matters of marriage.
OOC Date: 2/1/2014 (OOC)
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Greenshire Attache Office
The attache office has a freshly painted look. The south, east and west walls are done in a dark green color leaving the north wall in a bright white for an accent. Rich mahogany floors match the crown molding that trims the ceiling. A single window with emerald curtains is open slightly behind the desk that sits in front of the white north wall; on the other end is a wooden chair. The desk itself is a bit cluttered with papers and quills. A large pewter plate that seemingly has the remnants of past pipe smokings sits upon it as well.

To the left of the door when you enter is a over-sized couch with flowered patterns about it. Across from that are two large chairs with a small table between them. Atop the table sets an oil lamp with a dark shade over it. Wall sconces also provide light in the evening and are spaced every few feet from each other. In the corner of the room are a few lavish pillows on the floor that serve for the dog's bed. A steel bowl with a bit of water is there as well. A large banner with the Haravean likeness hangs upon the eastern wall and upon the western are some water color paintings of what seems to be Greenshire lands. A large thick rug lays in the center of the room making a small leisure area. It portrays a setting sun that can be seen through the opening of some trees and fits allmost perfectly between the couch and chairs.

Inouv 42, 228

Lord Rinder Kerrigan has actually barely been in the castle at all since his arrival here. He's been quite the busy little bee, flitting to and fro, meeting with lords of houses Great and Not-As-Great, ironing out new trade agreements, revising old ones, and otherwise being quite diligent about "making the rounds." But he's back now, and he's called both Shepard and Moira to the office to discuss matters. When Moira arrives, Shepard is already there, and Rinder is in the process of embracing him enthusiastically, a bright smile on his face as he Kisses the top of his son's head and pats his cheek, "I knew it! You never fail to make me proud, Shepard." Rinder laughs and moves to sit back in the main chair behind the desk, "What did you say to him? Tell me everything." He moves and pours himself a fresh cup of appleblossom tea, and another for Shepard, and a third for when Moira arrives.

"Father -please-…it's hardly as if a contract has been signed." Shepard protests a bit, cheeks reddening at the exuberantly affectionate actions of his father. Not that he isn't used to them, but…he's a grown man, for the Gods' sake… "There is still much work to be done, and the…greater possibility…may still elude me."

Moira enters, Kayla after seeing that it is 'en famille' , curtsies to Rinder and Shepard and then takes a seat outside the door. It's her Father and her Brother, so if her modesty is not protected then, well…. But, after the door closes, moria enters, a little wan from last evening, but as always, at the sight of her Father, to whom she goes and gives him a hug around the neck and akisson the cheek, tugging as always on the beard "Father!" and of her brother, to whom she goes and kisses on the cheek. "Shepard!" And, then moving towards the provided chair, an amused glance on her face at Shepard's discomfiture, she takes a seat.

Rinder leans over and kisses his daughter's cheek in kind, still smiling quite brightly, and gesturing to the seat next to Shepard's, "Your brother made -quite- an impression on Duke Kincaid last night. It seems he has his pick of he unmarried Kincaid ladies." He leans forward on the desk, the warm smile growing just a touch impish, "Possibly even the Duke's own daughter…"

Shepard rubs his forehead a bit, "I would not go that far, Father. He is in a negotiation for her hand with someone else. I'm sure whoever it is is most likely a more advantageous match." He shakes his head, "And the Duke certainly had his own suggestion. In either case there are still be negotiations to be made."

"No…it will be the Duke's Daughter. Lady Lynette. I know it." Rinder pounds the table twice in his enthusiasm, "You're meant for great things, Shepard, I've always known it."

Shepard casts a glance towards Moira, a look of mild helplessness on his face. They know how their father gets when he's like this. Like the nicest, kindest, gentlest charging bull you'll ever meet. Good luck convincing him otherwise. "I…appreciate your confidence father, but I just think we should not be too hasty in assuming…"

Moira leans forward to take her tea and sip from it, turning to regard her brother with no end of amusement. "We've always known it, Father. Sometimes Shepard does not realize his own charms." She's of no help to Shepard in this matter. When father is assured of something in his own mind, there is little one can do to dissuade him from it. "And," only the faintest of twinkles in her eyes, "Who is this paragon of virtue to whom Shepard might make a match with? I am sure, of course, taht she's quite lovely and decorous." clear in her eyes quite interested, "I have had little interaction with any of the Kincaids before your arrivals so as I pay little heed.." not that she doesn't hear things, of course, " to casual talk, I really know nothing of them. But as Father is quite pleased, I am sure things will go in their own pace" She won't say, *and she'd better like gardening*, she's left charge of her roses to others who know what to do on the *gasp* of chance no one else would love them as she does.

"As I said…the Lady Lynette Kincaid, daughter of Duke Aidan." Rinder sips from his apple blossom tea, "Yes, yes, there are some other matters that must fall into place first, but I am certain it will come to pass. I don't suppose the Duke mentioned who he's negotiating with?"

Shepard gives his father a flat stare at that, and comments in a sardonic tone, "Yes, I'm sure Duke Aidan Kincaid is so indecorous as to openly discuss his negotiations with a potential competitor. No father, of course he didn't." shakes his head, "As lovely as Lady Lynette is, I tend to think that Lady Sorcha is a more realistic proposition, or even the Lady Faerinia. Certainly the Duke was inclined to encourage me in that direction, even if he did not completely rule his daughter out of being a distant possibility." He adds, "And it would bear mentioning that the Lady Nimue Forrester was also in attendance and…a bit flirtatious. Completely proper of course, but flirtatious."

Rinder makes a dismissive gesture at Faerinia and Sorcha, but pauses at the mention of Nimue, "Was she?" He rubs at his beard, "Well, that is interesting news indeed…."

"Father, all it was was the offer of a dance, I don't-" Shepard sees that look in his father's eyes and tries to cut it off before it fully matures, but finds he's the one cut off.

"We must consider all possibilities, Shepard!" There's no anger in Rinder's exclamation, just exuberance. Of course, he doesn't mention that "considering all possibilities" seems to not encompass "possibilities Rinder doesn't seem to like."

Ahhh, was that one of those biscuits that Moira so loves with tea, sitting there on that plate, all alone and unattended? Wel,s eh must remedy that, and not only because she does love them but because it hides a distinct chuckle at her brother's discomfiture as she takes it in her hand and takes a bite. Rinder is implacable and steadfast - an idea once planted, rarely fails to provide fruit, like that apple tree in the courtyard of Ashenfell Manor. "So, Lady Nimue as well. I've met her she seems quite charming. Lady Faerinia seems quite interesting and caring of people" not even mentioning any other attributes others might not find as aesthetically pleasing. "Lady Sorcha and Lady Lynette, well of them I ahve heard little to which I pay credence." Love would be grand and true affection' but in effect, whoever Shepard marries is going to take the role Moira's held since her mother's passing; and she has her own thoughts on some of the more necessary attributes.

Shepard sighs, though the exasperation is truly minimal…he's quite used to his father, "I am trying to consider all possibilities, father. Including the Ladies Sorcha and Faerinia." Shepard sips his tea, still pink in the cheeks, "Lady Sorcha is quite lovely, and Lady Faerinia is…"

"Not an option." Rinder interjects, though Shepard does seem to have gotten through to him a bit now. The older man sits down, sipping at the appleblossom tea and looking thoughtful, "I'm sure she's a fine Lady, but we must consider how our people will react to your prospective bride. They love you, Shepard, but if your bride is too exotic, well…" Rinder sighs, "You know how superstitious they can be, and with so many of the poor folk of Blackforge having moved to other areas of Greenshire…including Ashenfell…we cannot afford to give them any further reason to be wary of their rulers."

Shepard sighs, "I know. I told the Duke as much, but even so…"

Rinder considers a few moments, looking at his son with the utmost seriousness, "You've met all three ladies, Shepard. If your heart is truly set on the Lady Faerinia, then that is the path we will take. -Is- your heart set? Of the ladies in question…which would you choose? No titles. Disregard their parentage. If they were just a woman, and you were just a man…which would you pledge your troth to?"

Rinder actually flicks his gaze to Moira, and despite the seriousness of his words…he winks at her.

Moira, before turning back to look at Rinder, wrinkles her nose at Shepard. Adoring him as she does, she wants him to have as happily made a match as she was fortuitous to have made, and for it not to take ten years. Granted, there was that one in between that ended with the young man's death in battle, and had it ended in marriage, she would have been the true dutiful wife. It simply would have been easier if her heart had been engaged more into it. She waits to hear Shepard's answer, and then, in the manner of most women, gives a discreet yet assessing look at her Father. He never remarried, and while no one could ever take Mother's place, still….

Shepard looks at his father, looks at Moira, then looks back at his father.

Why does Rinder wink? Because he knows his son. And he had occasion to meet at least one of the ladies in question.

"Yes, it would be Lady Lynette. Without question." Shepard finally admits, perhaps looking a touch defeated, not even bothering to add any "buts" as he knows when he's been caught.

Rinder claps his hands once, and rubs them together, smiling brightly once more, "You see? The Duke's daughter. I knew it."

He looks to Moira, "Moira, I think it would be most gracious of you if you were to extend an invitation to Lady Lynette to join you for tea some day soon. Obviously, as wedding preparations permit…." He considers, "And we may well have to see if His Excellency would be willing to add Duke Kincaid and his daughter to the guest list." He looks to Moira and with all sincerity adds, "Provided, of course, that you would wish it as well, my daughter. It is your wedding."

Moira smiles most graciously, "Of course, I would, Father. I want as many people as possible to share in the joy Lord Aldren and I will have. And, I do believe my Lord has dealings with the Duke, so it should in no ways a problem. I had thought, of course, if it meets with your approval, father." of which she has no doubt that it would, "but, I have made the acquaintance of some few members of the Royal Household, and while, i cannot assure you if they would attend, of course, plan to issue more personal invitations to them.

"You could invite the whole of Mobrin if you wish, Moira. I would find a way to give them all a prime seat." An exaggeration, of course, but nevertheless an apt indicator of Lord Rinder's devotion to his family. Indeed he did not remarry after the death of his wife. Not because he was too old or incapable of overcoming his broken heart, but because he had all that he ever wished for in his three children. Rinder sips his appleblossom tea, "So we will have to be mindful of how this negotiation of the Duke's turns out." He considers a few moments more, "And yes…we will consider alternatives…but they won't be necessary!" Rinder shakes a finger at Shepard though his grin is still impish.

"Of course, Father." Shepard replies, just a touch dryly.

Moira smiles. "Ill send Kayla with an invitation to tea , in perhaps a day or two. As to the date of the wedding, I do not know of those other arrangements you two are making," pretending innocence, "…but I believe my lord wishes it to be outside of the castle, not necessarily at the temple I do not know, myself, of an adequate place. Do either of you have any suggestions?"

"I do not know that either of us have been here long enough to know for certain, daughter." Rinder considers, "And I certainly have no idea whatsoever of these "other arrangements" you speak of." Rinder replies with a wholly innocent expression on his face. "Oh, Shepard, have you heard from Drogan today on that completely unrelated matter that in no way has any bearing on the wholly unjustified insinuations of my beloved daughter, your sister, the Future Countess Haravean?"

"I do seem to recall a message from him that may pertain to this completely inconsequential and not at all relevant to any matters of weddings and the like issue, yes." Shepard notes, even managing to keep a completely straight face. "I'll be sure to dig it up and share it with you later. Certainly wouldn't want to bore poor Moira with dreary trade agreement drivel."

Moira says, "Trade agreements, yes." in quite the same wry tone as her father and Brother are wont to do - it must be a family trait, only revealed on Moira's part, when she's alone with her family. "I'm quite sure I'm unaware of any implications either of you feel I am making." reaching to take another biscuit and nibble on it daintily.

"Of course, of course. Certainly we must be entirely mistaken." Rinder notes, the glimmer of an impish grin on his face. "In either case, I think I have nothing further of pressing concern for the two of you just now." Rinder smiles warmly, "But I am glad we're all together here." He actually looks a little misty-eyed, "In a short time, Moira will be the matron of her own family. And while you will never leave our hearts, dear daughter, Ashenfall Manor simply won't feel the same without you there." His sentiment is entirely sincere, but that impish grin returns a few moments later, "I might have to consider seeking a wife…perhaps there's some lovely widow out there that wouldn't mind doting on an old man in his last years…" It's highly unlikely he'd follow through, but it makes for a nice joke!

Especially since it makes Shepard choke on his tea.

Frankly, it makes Moira choke a bit on her tea as well, as there have been no end of widows locally attempting to assuage Rinder's loneliness, even knowing that they would end up being the Dowager's upon Shepard's marriage. "We will always dote upon you Father and then you will hopefully," said with a faint blush, "have many many children who will be the branches of your tree, to dangle upon your knee and call you Grandfather.

Rinder grins, laughing a bit, "What? I've almost finished getting you all married off. Shouldn't I enjoy my time after that's completed?" He considers, "Though there is still Drogan." Rinder gestures dismissively, "Shepard, you can handle that. I'm retiring from matchmaking once you're married." Yes, he's teasing, as evidenced by the merry twinkle in his eye, which grows to a warm one when Moira mentions grandchildren, "Indeed I should hope the Count will permit your future children to spend plenty of time at Ashenfell."

Meanwhile, Shepard's still coughing and pounding his chest, though he's laughing around the coughs.

Moira says, "I would hope that he would, Father. I'm sure he will not, especially since compared to some family relations, we are closer in distance that most. he knows, that while his home will now be my home, Ashenfell will always be a part of me and I do not think he would seek to change that. Besides, it would give you more than enough reason in your 'dotage', to travel more often."Then her gazes goes toward Shepard and quite innocently, "Shep, whatever is the problem? Do we need to pat you on the back like we did when you were small?""

"I'll…*kaff* be fine…" He pounds his chest a couple more times, shaking his head, face reddened, "I should see to some of that other wholly innocent business we were *cough* discussing earlier." Shepard's turn to wink towards Moira now, rising to his feet and leaning over to give her a peck on the cheek. "I will see you later, sweet sister." He bows slightly at the waist, offering a warm smile towards Rinder, "Father…" And then he's out the door.

"Of course, Shepard." Rinder notes with a warm smile, looking back to Moira then, "So, dear daughter….what are your thoughts on your brother's possible marriage?"

Moira waits a moment, to watch Shepard leave before turning back to her Father. "Well, I do think he's attracted to Faerinia. She is quite interesting if, as you say exotic. she does seem to care for people, I saw her working in the healers tent during the Festival recently. Lady Lynette, I am not sure about. I got the feeling one evening…" taking a sip of her tea before continuing, "While with Lady Wenna and the Duke and some others one night, when even Her Majesty made a brief appearance, that there was some issue of conduct. As to what I am not sure, I can speak with Lady Wenna and the Voice about it, unless you'd prefer to do that on your own." She takes another biscuit, she really does enjoy them, perhaps almost giving part of the reason for Muffin's name. "as for the others I know little of them, Father. I'd think though," glancing in the direction Shepard departed, "That he is more engaged, as it were, with the Lady Lynette."

"Hmm. I do think you're right." Rinder considers, finishing off his mug of tea and scooting it aside for the moment, "Do you feel I may be overreaching…a Ducal daughter may not be terribly pleased with the idea of marrying a mere vassal Lord. We both know Shepard is much more than that…but it is not necessarily so for her." Hmm, it seems Rinder is indeed considering other possibilities. Not truly surprising, but perhaps he felt the need to bolster Shepard's confidence about the potential match with Lynette, however remote? "I can say for a certainty that Lady Lynette is exceedingly beautiful, but I do not think Shepard is the type to be so dazzled by beauty that he loses his senses and overlooks grave flaws." He considers, "He is, however courteous enough that he might be hesitant to speak of any such flaws. Even with us." He chuckles and adds in a much put-upon tone, "Sometimes all that Knightly training Sir Alton filled him with does almost become inconvenient."

Moira says, "I cannot say truly, father. I know there are many who feel perhaps that my Lord is marrying far beneath him a mere lord's daughter, he would be marrying up., of course, And Shepard has always been special as has Drogan." Of course, they are - they're her brothers. "I think that my marriage might, for lack of better words, sweeten the deal in some ways. With a Countess for a sister, even if by marriage, wouldn't be an untoward match for anyone. But, I've not paid as much attention to the politics of things as you and Shepard have.""

"You've paid enough. That is indeed something that can be parleyed along with Shepard's heroism in battle and other successes as a Knight." Rinder smiles towards Moira, proud of her astute observation. "Both of which I mentioned to the Duke in our initial meeting. Though I still wonder what Shepard said to him at his party that seemed to earn him such favor." Rinder shakes his head, "Perhaps he simply said the same things better than I did. He's always had a way with words."

Moira says, "I don't know, father. If it was last evening's party, I…I was not in attendance. I was napping, you know how I am during winter months. And then, after that sudden storm, I…could sleep no longer. Fortunately, I woke from a sound sleep - followed by Kayla of course - to enter the drawing room in my dressing gown. No one was present but Lady Rorey and a couple of servants.' her eyes till look a little troubled over that. The ground seems very restless lately, Father."

"No no…I was just musing to myself, Moira." Rinder pauses though, frowning a bit in concern at Moira's words, "Restless? Like the old tales your mother used to tell you?" He glances towards the window and nods, "Yes, I remember the lightning and thunder. Most unusual. And then all the rumors today…" He shakes his head, "There must be some truth to it all, but I do not know where it ends and exaggeration begins."

Moira nods, "Yes, Father like those and those Nurse used to tell us of. There are times, I almost feel as if I can feel what is going on around me, tree and branch, root and leaf, like Mother. And then after hearing of the rumors of what happened in the Temple, I just do not know what to think" as her hands up her cup of tea now and she sips from it.

"Perhaps best not to worry too much over it, daughter." Rinder frowns a bit, pouring himself another mug of tea, "You've always had certain…gifts with the land. Kerrigan women are known for that, but your mother…and you…more so than most." Of course, Moira's mother was only a Kerrigan by marriage, but the bond was undeniable. "And perhaps best to make sure these concerns of yours are not heard beyond the walls of this suite." He worries for her, of course. He takes her insights in stride, but that still doesn't mean he doesn't worry.

Moira nods, smiling at her father. "I do try. But, I fear, after my waking out that sleep last night as I did…Well that can always being put off to being woken from a sound sleep. I haven't save for sleepy musings last night said anything to anyone, not even Shepard really."

Rinder rises to his feet, moving around the desk and reaching down to caress Moira's cheek, before leaning over to kiss the top of her head, "I think it a gift, and I'm sure your brother would feel the same. And perhaps you're correct…that thunder gave even me a bit of a fright." He chuckles, a warm sound.

Moira :takes her father's hand, holding it to her cheek. "You are the best of fathers, I shall so miss taking tea with you, and breakfast, and going through the orchards each spring. But," starting to rise after regretfully, letting go of Rinder's hand, "Is suppose I should let you get back to your "planning.""

"I am sure we will have tea and breakfast and a walk through the orchards in spring again someday, my daughter. It just may include your Husband and Children along with us." Rinder smiles and nods, "Yes, that would do well, I think. I do have a few more letters to write before I retire." Rinder smiles warmly once more, "I hope you sleep more peacefully tonight, daughter." He grins just a touch mischievously, "You'll need your strength in the next few days, I think. And as to the question of location…have you considered the Gardens? Or is that too close to the Castle for the Count's tastes?"

Moira says, "It may be but it is out of the Castle, which will suit him far better. He really does not like being in the city, a cesspool or some such he calls it. And, while I am enjoying my time here, back in Greenshire would be far nicer. And, if you will excuse me," as she makes her way to the door, "I still have some few details to take care of myself."

"Of course. I will speak with you again soon." Rinder smiles, and turns back to seat himself at the desk, pulling out a few pieces of parchment, as well as quill and ink. Time to get back to work…


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