Thedor 5-6, 229: A Different Kind of Kidnapping, Part II: The Challenge

A Different Kind of Kidnapping, Part II: The Challenge
Summary: The Greenshire tradition of kidnapping the bride.
OOC Date: 09/01/2014 (OOC)
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Caedmon's Tower/Keep in Albion
A large stone tower that only looks ancient on the outside due to the weather -n the inside, you'll find a fine, cozy dwelling, far less prone to drafts than the old castle
Theodor 6, early morning

"I don't care whose son you are! Keep your hands off of my sister, you puffed-up little peacock!" For those that have heard the tale, much more so those that were there at the time…those are the exact words that played a very direct part in making the impending nuptials of Count Aldren and Lady Moira one of Mobrin's longest engagements (so to speak). Coming down the stairs now is Shepard Kerrigan clad in…a most unusual set of armor. Not even armor really…more like…cushioning, and enough of it that he presents a rather comically rotund figure. It's really quite remarkable that he and his squire managed to get it all put together as quickly as they did…they must have been practicing.

A wooden toy sword clatters to the floor at Aldren's feet, and Shepard makes it down the stairs with more agility than anyone in that getup has a right to, looking quite deadly serious…or he would if he wasn't wearing a quite oversized, rusty old helm that keeps threatening to drop down over his eyes. Still, his voice rings out with all the mock-outrage he can muster:

"Take up your weapon and guard yourself for true! This time I'll give you a thumping you'll not soon forget!"

Rinder stands off to one side, covering his laughter with a hand. Drogan isn't even bothering to hide it, his face is already red and tears are leaking from his eyes as he guffaws. Shepard locks eyes with Aldren, looking for all the world like he's out for blood…and then winks at the man as he brings his own toy sword up to a defensive posture.

The kiss that seems to have brought this on, (not the ten years in making and the ability to enjoy the theatrics) does not escape Aldren. He relinquishes Moira and smiles. The sword is picked up and Aldren turns. With the play thing in hand he heads outside. Over his back he calls, "I will not spill your feathers inside a strangers home.!" The end is spoken amongst chuckling he tries to hide and he winks at his sisters as he goes out the door.

Turning in the snow as he trods through it he wears no /armor/ but he does remove his cloak and toss it to Harlik. The guard will catch it and go to stand next to his most likely new bride when this is done and grin. The two share some words and receive a grin from Aldren. The Count shouts again, "Come then! With all that you have!" He is chuckling but removing his tunic to not impede him in this most informal match that still holds some weight….

Lady Rorey gasps and stifles her giggling, hurrying to follow Aldren outside… and others filter out of the tower as well; she pulls her cloak more tightly around her, and her breath steams on the chilly air. This is going to be a 'battle' nobody will soon forget!

Caedmon has been leaning against a wall, holding a large mug of mulled apple cider and fighting the urge to burst into unrestrained laughter while this satire on heroism and chivalry continues. When Aldren snatches up the wooden sword and accepts the challenge, he looks to Wenna and offers his arm to her. "Come, my love," he invites with a chuckle. "One of them might need a healer before this night has done."

Moira shares a smile with Kayla, whose own eyes seem taken by the goings on as well as by a certain Harlik. Together, laughing and smiling alone with the rest of their kinsfolk, before going to her father, they don their cloaks to head into the weather to watch the battle. The wedding dress under the cloak? As much work as she put into it, it is of no matter as starry eyes look upon Aldren, and laughing eyes regard Shepard. Taking Drogan's arm, and most likely followed by Rinder, they make their way outside, murmuring to no one in particular, "And we will not remind anyone of Shepard and drogan doing this when they were boys and falling off the upper landing."

Limping over to Caedmon and holding the infant in her arm, Wenna moves to walk with him. She places some of her cloak over the child to keep her from the cold. Her eyes are bright with laughter as she looks over at Caedmon and she nods her head. "I think that you are correct my love."

"Outside, inside, it makes no difference to me! My father's paying the bills after all!" Shepard calls out, which makes it Rinder's turn to roar with laughter, slapping his thigh before shaking his hand and "feebly" waving a hand in protest. Shepard does indeed follow Aldren out, playing up the awkwardness of the "suit" to the hilt, waddling considerably more than necessary to get into position, and waiting for Aldren to prepare himself, and then lunging forward with the wooden sword, shouting out a "Have at you!"

Aldren now has his tunic removed and his athletic build shows. At 6'0 he is no steroid freak like Ronan ;) But he is no slouch. The first blow is easily side stepped with a laugh. "I'd think ya'd want ta' lose!" He shouts in the backwoods tongue he fights back in the castle. A swift blow attempted to the pillows that outline the knights funny figure now.

Awkward suit or no, Shepard is still a well-trained knight, and he brings his wooden blade around to parry Aldren's strike, grinning even as he tilts his head back to keep that helmet from falling over his eyes once more, "Ha! When I'm through with you you'll be -afraid- of getting married for the next -twenty- years!" Shepard bellows in mock outrage, lunging forward with another sweep of the flimsy "weapon."

The Kerrigan men's humor does not fail to land and it certainly lends to Aldrens miscalculation after his own parry. The defensive part is executed easily enough but the proper retort is sloppy. Surely lending to its possible inefficiency. Still, as he chuckles he attempts to lend the sword to the man's knee where the padding seems less. He may be a bit hasty to get to this temple that is near and not yet aware of Darfields own and their new restrictions. OR he may have seen rosey looking dark haired woman and sandy colored siblings, still the attack lacks its usual gusto.

Moira stifles a laugh, holding onto Drogan's arm, shaking her head and watching the two of them. Laughing eyes then look towards Wenna and Caedmon and Rorey and Brendolyn, "Tell me Wenna" oh yes and Rorey and Brendolyn, did you see antics such as this whilst you were all growing up? There are times I thought Father," glancing towards Rinder for a moment before looking back at the combatants, "…..I quite thought Father's hair would turn completely grey when they would ravage the 'castle'." Then, chuckling she murmurs something to Wenna, even more quietly.

Moira mutters to Wenna, "Usually though it was… kitchens… getting the Cook…"
You whisper "Usually though it was ravaging the kitchens and getting the Cook to give them sweet cakes." to Wenna.

"Ohhh, I'm sorry Your Excellency…" Shepard notes after having narrowly avoided Aldren's next strike, and those his tone is mocking his smile is mirthful, "Am I inconveniencing your ogling of my beloved sister? Maybe you should stop thinking about the wedding night that will never happen and pay more attention to the fight!" Shepard brings his "blade" up in an overhead strike, attempting to bring it down on Aldren's shoulder, though of course not so hard as to do real damage. Even as he does so he calls out towards Moira, "I heard that! Which side are you on here?!?"

Caedmon side steps closer to Wenna and opens his own cloak to spread to over her back to offer more warmth to her and the little one that she has settled into the sling. While they watch the mock duel, he encourages jovially, "Watch that blade, Aldren, or you'll have Wenna pulling splinters instead of Moira offering kisses!" Then he glances to his wife and grins before he lifts the large tankard of mulled cider offer some to her.

Wenna moves to lean against Caedmon with his cloak around her she looks over at him with a loving smile. "Are you sure you will be alright? It is cold." Her cheeks are red from the cold she looks to Moira and grins. "There was that and lots of honey cakes and berry tarts." She grins. "Now I want something hot in me." She laughs again. "Aye he will have me pulling them and we
will both be miserable."

The younger of the Haravean sisters' eyes widen at Wenna's double entendre, and she fakes being aghast. Then, Rorey's grin returns as she looks at Moira, knowing that gown is so decadent and beautiful beneath her cloak! "Yes, and it wasn't just the boys who were in on the mischief-making too. Wenna and I were quite the rabble-rousers too!" she snickers a little and ribs her sister good-naturedly.

"You inconvenience noth-" The Counts words are now cut off when the wooden play thing purchases. Still hurts! They are men. Punches will become less pulled and this is proved when Aldren charges full force now with that now injured soldier. Good ole' fashioned fun though. Too bad it aint muddy.

Shepard simply sidesteps as Aldren charges, allowing the man's momentum to carry him past him. He tries to give Aldren's rear a swat with the wooden sword as he passes, though, laughter in his voice when he asks, "What's that? I didn't quite catch that last bit…."

The Count does not subside to being spanked, no. Instead he laughs as well. He seems to relax now, but a wink is given to Moira and he screams, "I am sorry my love!" A quick flick of the wrist now sends the wooden object at Shephards wrist.

You say, "You will not fail, my love, I am sure of it" still laughing and then to her brother, "Oh my brother, how the mighty have fallen - you will let me be led away, I shall cry buckets of tears." hiding her face behind her hands, laughter rolling her shoulders"

Shepard yelps as Aldren's thrown sword connects solidly with his wrist, causing him to drop his own weapon to the ground. He leans forward to try to reclaim it, which causes the oversized helmet to slip down in front of his eyes once more. He makes a great show of muttering to himself as he fumbles around, trying to reclaim his weapon and reposition his helmet at the same time, leaving him quite open to attack!

"Ace, brother! Get him, get him!" Rorey eggs on, practically jumping up and down. Rosie quickly takes hold of her mug of hot cider… which has cooled quite a bit out here in this cold weather!

The Count is surprised as the flick catches the man's wrist. He winces himself and after a moment chuckles. A quick rush is given as if to tackle the man. In the bear hug fashion he grabs him…but instead of pushing forward he nudges the helm off his head with his shoulder. A grin given and then a loving embrace. The on-lookers and such give out cheers and laughs and the drink becomes apparent. Most the noble woman probably laugh and such and even Caedmon could be assumed to be grinning. Brendolyn reenacting the account on some poor stable boy in the background as she laughs at the lad with a wine skin in hand. Aldren pulls the man up and with the formalities out of the way now…Well, you can guess how this party goes down.

Caedmon glances to Wenna and grins mischievously after her comment. He murmurs a reply and then he hears the dull thud of wood on flesh. He looks toward the combatants. "You have him on the run. Don't lose the battle now!" he cheers and raises his own mug. "Well done! But save some of that strength for later!" Then he laughs merrily.

Caedmon mutters to Wenna, "… have… heat then… in… my…"

Lifting her head, glancing between her fingers, laughter apparent in her eyes, then lets her hands fall. "I see then, my Lord. You have won and…my brother has lost. I suppose, If I must go with you, I must." Hood falling back from her hair, "However shall I bear it?"

With a wince Wenna rubs her bottom and she then beams at her husband, sisters and Moira. "I should something hot to drink in me, bother." She then laughs. "Be careful brother your will end up in my tender care and not the bed or your love." Then her attention is drawn to her husband and she offers him a playful wink. She leans over to kiss his cheek and she murmurs back to him.

With a wince Wenna rubs her bottom and she then beams at her husband, sisters and Moira. "I should something hot to drink in me, bother." She then laughs. "Be careful brother your will end up in my tender care and not the bed or your love." Then her attention is drawn to her husband and she offers him a playful wink. She leans over to kiss his cheek and she murmurs back to him. When Aldren wins she cheers and cheers loudly. "It would appear he shall be in your embrace." She is grins and those eyes of hers full of emotion and a few tears slide down her cheek.

Snickers come from Rorey, and then she claps loudly and says, "Hurray! Victory to Aldren! Let's inside? Where it's warm and there's plenty to drink!" She's really happy for her brother, and Moira, her new may-as-well-be-sister… She rubs her hands together, and shoos Rosie inward, as the rest of the party follows along. Rosie brings her a cup of mulled wine, which upon tasting, Rorey immediately likes.

"Aaaah I am undone! Woe! Woe!" Shepard laughs as he bemoans his fate, clapping Aldren on the shoulders, and adding with a chuckle, "Now let me get out of this ridiculous outfit and we'll see to the rest of these festivities." Not that Shepard has much to do in that regard, as Drogan and Rinder have already set servants to work, as well as opening up the door to the Tower to allow everyone to warm themselves and get a bit of refreshment before the final formalities of the wedding ceremony are attended to, and then the party will really begin.

After a good laugh at Shepard Aldren says, "Did I do you such harm last time to warrant all that?" A look up and down and a grin. "Surely your sister made sure you came well prepared." Another clasp on the back is given and he says, "Go. You deserve…much…hahahha…better
dress, Sir." He shakes his head and nods to the man. True appreciation for him and what he has helped the Count in achieving.

Approaching Moira he says, "I think the cold does not bother you. Do not hide that hair from me again." A little wink given before he runs a few fingers threw it. Answering her he says, "It will become easier." He chuckles at the /weight/ she must /bear/ now and wraps an arm around her to follow others inside. "Surely we are the guests of honor." IS there a priest or priestess in there. Perhaps.

You say, "Of course not, my lord, I would never dream of it" although with so much of it, it will frequently still remain in a braid."I Shall try my best to bear any burdens with good graces, of course." The arm around her is given a look then a smile as the wishes and hopes of years have come to fruition."

Caedmon grins and cuddles Wenna while the others mob the doors in their press to return to the warmth of that great hall that is the first floor of the tower. One of the servants brings a large, warm blanket for them to share while they wait. "You're closer to having another sister, love," he tells Wenna while they walk slowly toward the door. "Stay close and lean against me as much as you need," he urges. "I was looking forward to a wearing in the spring, I can't blame them for wanting to marry sooner. I remember how torturous our waiting was."

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