1st Cri, 229: A Damp Walk in the Gardens

A Damp Walk in the Gardens
Summary: A Kilgour, a Mowbray, and a Haravean meet in the drizzle.
OOC Date: 01/Apr/2014
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Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
It is a spring morning. The weather is warm and raining. The planet Cri is starting to disappear along the eastern horizon.
1st Cri, 229

The early morning hours were always a fine time for a quiet walk in the gardens, it was emptier then as most yet started their day. Though with the light rain that fell this morning, it did keep most tucked inside yet. Not all, for out in the garden yet, a light cloak settled over her gown, was Nylie. Her guards stoically watching on as was their lot in life, though her maid, a newer face, seemed to be grousing a bit to a near guard and getting no where fast. The Lady herself seemed to not be walking so much as having found a spot, her gaze upon a small white flower as the rain falls around and upon it.

Elisabeth and Eoin are taking a walk together in the public gardens with Oscar in tow. Elisabeth has her arm about her brother's, perhaps supporting him a little. "The excercise will be good for you to get you back to work faster." She says encouraging. As they come upon the gardens, Elisabeth looks around for a moment and notices Nylie and her entourage here and lists a hand to wave to the Lady.

Eoin had made it as far as the practice grounds on his own yeterday, even watched a couple of foreigner's sparring, but the whole task is undoubtably made far easier with the aid of his sister. "I spoke with Wenna on that," he answer, "and she saids she'd be happy once the lat of the dizzy spells stop, but he's also given me a list as long a my arm for other thing to watch out for." A light frown there as some of them are decidably less tham pleasant. Still, fresh air, exercise and the company of his sister, what more could a man want? It seems that Beth spots Nylie first, but as he waves he folows her line of sight and smiles to himself before adding a slight bow to his sister's wave.

While the rain may be letting up, the soaked turn to Nylie's hair perhaps some indication that she had been about in it for some time and that she could stand a lesson in what the hood on her cloak was for. The additional voices to the garden do draw Nylie from what ever deep thoughts she'd taken to, catching sight of her favorite brother and sister pair Nylie does smile. Her hand raising to return the wave as well as sending a bow of her head as her feet set to motion towards them. Offering as she draws closer,"Good morning, Eoin and Elisabeth. It is good to see you both about again." A bit of a tease perhaps for Elisabeth, even if Nylie does look genuinely pleased to see them both.

"I bet she did. Wenna can be quite…elaborate when she chooses." Elisabeth says as she walks along with her brother. "But you are doing so well, better than some might expect." She says softly before their steps take them to Nylie. The teasing does manage to make Lis blush a little. So they may have locked away for a few days, isn't that what newlyweds do? "How fare you today Nylie?" She queries.

All trace of the previous frown is gone as Eoin sees Nylie moving towards them, although he does take the time to answer his sister before the duo become a trio. "So I am told, and so I am inclined to believe. Here's to hoping that everything eventually returns entirely to how it was." Hoping is the word there, for he's certainly not sure it all will. As Nylie arrives in conversational distance though he offers a respectful nod of his head and grins in amusement at the comment to Elisabeth. Word travels when you only move one manor down the road dear sister, word travels. "Good morning," he replies gently, "I'm sorry I have not yet replied to your missive but as you can see, I have been roped into helping exercise the puppy."

"I am doing well, just lost within my thoughts this morning and feeling the need to be outside the walls. I fear sometimes they seem a bit…stuffy." Especially with all the male pride and egos that sometimes reside within them. "I hope you both are doing well this morning?" Nylie gently shakes her head at the apology Eoin takes to offering,"Puppy exercising is quiet important, so please do not worry. While my last query in the missive is something I should have care yet to hear about, I have since spoken with my brother. While we perhaps have some ways yet to come, " for they did spend much time part for much of their lives," the matter of Thursday is settled, he has consented to escort me to the alter." There is a faint smile with the news, good as it might be…well…someone else was not pleased by it.

Oscar starts to tug on his lead as he notes more people to lick and bounce on and Lis is hard pressed to hold him back. "Oscar, settle. I need to talk to that trainer soon I think." Elisabeth says as she gives another tug of his lead and he finally comes back to Elisabeth and jumps up on her instead, muddy paws and all. "Oh Oscar…" She says with a sigh before looking to the others again, "Eoin, you will be better than before. This I know." A sister's enthusiasm. The confirmation of the wedding causes her to look between the pair, biting her lower lip a moment before her gaze settles on Nylie, "I am glad you have settled things between your brother." That at least is surely safe topic in present company.

Eoin nods at the comment of the walls being stuffy, he'd certainly been feeling that in the run up to his release from the infirmary, and that had the luxury of not having a whole bunch of male ego's butting up against each other. Unsure of his sister's views on the old tales he keeps that thread of conversation as oblique as Nylie does and answer simply, "I am sure there will be plenty of time for such discussion. Remind me next time you are at the manor and we can talk on it." Then at the comments about Caedmon he offers a single, shallow nod before answering carefully, "I am glad to hear that." And he is, on one sense. He does though, take the opportitunity for a change of topic that Elisabeth provide and dives stright into, "better than before? One can wish I suppose, but I fear that if I still can not smell the walking scent monster that is Cricket after all this time then the prognosis may not be good." Oscar is eyed at that point, before he glances back at the admitance that she hasn't been to the master of hounds yet. One eyebrow slightly raised and head tilted he does that older sibling trick of an expression that states clearly how much he loves her, but also that he's just faintly disapointed. "Too busy with other thing?"

Nylie does glance after the energetic Oscar, "Aye, I think you might. Though he is a puppy in need of getting rid of energy, and surely finding everything new and exciting yet." Giving a sympathetic look as Oscar muddies up Lis on his return, least it is only mud? "I shall be certain to remind you about it," a light smile given. The topic of her brother is simple left there after giving the update, considering the concern that had been expressed. Nylie does note,There is hope though, aye? Since you are yet recovering, it may return in time. Nothing does ever heal as quickly as we might wish." A slip of a sigh as a messenger comes with some missive, an apologetic smile,"Excuse me a moment." Taking a step away to deal with the matter.

At the look of disapointment, Elisabeth blushes ,"Yes yes, I have been doing wifely things. I will see him this week sometime I promise." About that time Oscar does tug out of her grasp and goes running. "Oh, look after my brother will you Nylie…" She says with a sigh and goes to chase after the naughty puppy.

Eoin watches a the dog dahes off. His instinct is to be the one to chanse after but he checks that with a faint sigh and lets Elisabeth and her entourage deal with it. Since Nylie is busy with a messanger and he's now the sole Haravean present he sticks his thumbs behind his belt and turns slowly to take in the view. Plants, they're more the Countesses thing, but the gardens are pleasant enough anyway.

There is a quick nod to Lis from Nylie, of course she'll look after Eoin. Far easier to do then looking after Oscar, least most days. Not counting banquet misadventures. The matter with the messenger is finally dealt with and Nylie returns those few steps, an apologetic smile given,"My apologies, my brother also saw fit to see for some arrangements with the music store and they are eager to arrange appointments and have me along." How well that'll go…anyones guess. "It is good to see you about, I had missed having your company when I came for walks. "

Eoin watches briefly as his sister disappears from sight, then turn back to Nylie a she approaches once more. A smile and a nod as she gives the explaination, although a faint line of concern does cross his forehead as the details become apparant. "If you are sure you're ready," he notes with a slight air of concern, then, happier, "I am glad to be out and about again as well. It is still quite a walk though, but today wa easier than yesterday so I think that indicates progress." Or of course, that he had help from Elisabeth.

"I am not sure I am, but I can at least see to the comissioning of a few things. Perhaps when they are ready, I might be. " Nylie gives a faint smile,"Or least closer. " A nod is soon coming,"It is a fair distance to cover, but I am glad it is becoming easier. And did I earlier catch there is not quite as much dizziness either?" There is genuine interest and concern for his progress, even if he perhaps tires of people asking after how things are.

Were they at the manor, Eoin might have offered Nylie a reasuring hug at that, but as this is public, and he isn't sure he recognies the maid he offers his arm instead. She is getting married in a couple of days after all. "I am sure Elisabeth would accompany you if you require support," he offers, "I imagine she might find pleasure in such a place." Her query about the dizzynes elicits a faint nod adn he explains, "it was mostly when I moved to quickly, or stood up sharply but seems to be fading now. I still have to be careful, but I think that one at least will leave me given time."

Indeed, the maid is not likely to be a familiar face, far younger than her usual maid and perhaps not as attentive. A thankful smile is given when he offers his arm, Nylie's hand easily settling upon it. "I am sure she would not mind to go, but in truth, I have not spoken to her of what passed. She has much to handle on her own, I did not wish to burden her unduly. " Pausing briefly,"I do suppose it could simply be a trip to the store as well. I will perhaps see if she has time for it, and is not busy seeing to Oscar's training." The wayward puppy did need to some, especially to keep him from becoming like Cricket. A slight nod comes as she listens,"That would make sense, even without, moving to quick can cause dizziness. I am glad to hear there continue to be such improvements. " There is a quiet admission,"I had worried so for you, Eoin." Perhaps a thing already known for how oft she was at his bedside, even if never spoken aloud til now. "I have realized in seeing you so oft with books, I have little idea of what else you might take to in the way of hobbies to pass the time. For even you would surely tire of keeping company, and only so many bottles of milk can be sent."

Eoin winces ever so slightly a Nylie reminds him that not everyone knows of the fate of her instruments, and he dips his head slightly in silent acknowledgement of the fact that he holds privilledged information. "Which ever you are more comfortable with," he answers, lifting his other hand to lay on her' for just a moment, "and yes, I must admit I had thought that she had started with that already, but I suppose things have been quite hectic for her since her return. Now I know though I shall attempt to ensure that it happens." Cricket mark two is definitiely not on his lit of desirable outcomes. As she admits to worrying he gives her hand a gentle squeeze, then drops his again, "thank you. I am glad to be be able to report that progress is good, or so I am told at least. I mut admit though, that I have no great swathe of hobbies or interests to speak of. Music," a faint smile, "although listening only there I'm afriad. Reading passes the time when things are quiet at sea, but I do no paint, or write, or philosophise as I know many do. Archery of course, although even that I am taking teady for now."

There were some whispers now about their destruction, but the truth of the matter was truly only known to a few. A quiet look of thanks is given from Nylie as she inclines her head just slightly inr return. Her hand giving his arm a faint squeeze. "Things have been a touch hectic, but she should have no excuse now as things settle. I imagine Kieryn shall soon be encouraging such training as well." Who would want Cricket mark two? Nylie offers a faint smile at the mention of music," A thing I hope to offer again….in time. " Not yet sure on that and so many things. "They are all popular things for some to pick up. And…ah, I would think that a thing to take slowly to again. Though, I am reminded of need to stop by the royal armory," explaining as she glances to him," Tyrel says he has left a few things there for me. I admit, I am entirely curious and equally nervous of what exactly I shall find. "

"I imagine he will," Eoin agrees, "that or one of his sibling will encourage for them if he start wrecking things about their manor." Not that he truely believes Elisabeth would let it get that far, but there's always the chance of a freak incident. He nod his agreement to her assessment on the archery, adding only, "yes, alowly and carefully I think, although it hould come quickly enough once things start." An eyebrow raises at the mention of thing being left for her in the armoury, it seems he is curious too, but he shakes his head slowly as ideas fail to materialise. "I can not think what he might mean, but tell me, is he settling well? I have not seen him since his coronation and it must be a hard time for him."

"Aye, I should think so as well. And surely, it will prove to be a good thing to practice when the time comes," for tests of coordination and all. Nylie gives a soft smile to see he has some curiosity as well, noting,"I shall let you know what I find." Let all pray that there is not thought to arm the musician, that surely cannot turn out well. "He has been, I know he is finding his way some. As we all are in truth. But he has been busy meeting with those who wish to speak with him. In some ways, the seclusions this past winter helped us all to prepare more fore this, even if we could never truly be prepared for such a thing." The woman did yet wear a band of mourning, even if mostly hidden under that light cloak worn.

Ah yes, that period of seclusion that nearly lead to a war between temple and castle. Hmmm. Not that Eoin mentions that mind, deciding instead to simply nod his head slowly in understanding. "It is good to hear he is coping," he settles for then, "yes, do please let me know, I must confess to being mildly intreagued." With the maid being back with the guards he almost asks about the change of face, but then something in the back of his brain says it's likely to do with the upcoming ceremony and he suddenly finds he doesn't really want the confirmation, so instead he states simply, "Lady Moira's cat has given birth did you hear? So now we have Cricket, a protective moggy and a whole batch of mewing kittens. I think perhap going back to sea will be a welcome rest."

Amongst many other near misses as tempers flared. "I will certainly do so, perhaps I shall have find to discover this before I come to visit next." Nylie's eyebrows rise a little at this news,"I have not heard, I did not even know the cat was expecting. I imagine Cricket is just overjoyed by this development. " She just tries to picture the insanity that must now exist. "I believe you may just be right about that, though perhaps before that is permitted, you may yet be permitted to least seek refuge aboard your ship and spend your eves there. " There is a mild blink before she asks,"Have you yet taken a walk even down to the sea? Or would such a thing be to much?" Though the look given it seems not a question about excretion but more of being so close and yet disallowed to take a ship and head out to leave land behind.

Eoin makes no verbal comment on just how Cricket might be taking the new additions, but the look he give Nylie should indicate that she is about right in her predictions. "I'm not sure exactly how many, I've been staying away, but multiple certainly, and there is nothing wrong with their lungs." He gives a faint smile to the idea of sleeping onboard again then shrugs slightly, "as tempting as that is, I fear it might signal to Kieryn that I feel up to taking on the council duties once more and he might sieze the opportunity to be rid of them," and he couldn't have that obviously. As for heading down to the dock himself he shakes his head slowly, "it was but two day ago that I first made it out of the house, and that was only a far as the Mowbray's. Yesterday to the practice gorund and then today. If the dock are busy then it's bet I stay clear for now, or risk any number of the issues Wenna has asked me to be aware of striking while there which would be conducive to nobodies health." He means that, working environments aren't great for people still prone to dizzyspells, but there is perhap a faint longing for the sea in his voice.

There is a smile that comes, no doubt Aldren is having good fun in it all as well. "Ah, least they are healthy then." Nylie smiles slightly,"I imagine those you will never quite feel to taking up again. But then you have never struck me as one who sought such a position, rather more one who ended up with it because you did your job well." Nylie's gaze takes to part of the garden as she listens to his response, a faint expression of thought coming before she looks back to him,"It does sound like good steady progress though. And perhaps if it continues, yin a few more days, perhaps a walk to the beach rather then the docks might be a thing to consider." There is a faint smile before she adds,"There hasn't been snow for some time." A vague reference if there ever was one.

"No," Eoin replies in agreement, "but there is a lot of sand if I recall correctly." He gives her a faint smile at that, it's almost a challenge, but given what she's been through of late he stops short of that. A nod of general agreement is given at her talk of the council, necessary evil has perhaps never been more truely applied. "I agree though," he continues, "a walk along the beach would likely be a fine idea, provided I could find company willing to put up with me." He's sure Oscar would love it, but his sister is only second on his lift of those to invite. "For now though, I fear I should be heading home once more. I have strayed for a while and people may start to worry if I do not return, especially if Beth has already done so." Moving, almost reluctantly, to pull back from her he offers a shallow bow and repeats the sentiment of earlier, "I am glad that you smoothed things, even if only a little, with Caedmon. For now though, I wish you a good day," and then he's off. Slowly.

There is a bit of a smile that comes,"Aye, there is a lot of sand." Brows rise just a little at his response, Nylie softly offering,"Perhaps if you have such trouble finding company, and would not mind enduring mine further, I could walk with you." She had not quite made it back to the beach since Logen's wedding there. "Of course, I should not have kept you so long, and surely would not wish to have them sending out search parties after you. " Her hand giving his arm a light squeeze as he starts to pull back. Nylie soon offering a smooth curtsy to him,"I would wish you a good day as well, Eoin." Pay no mind if in time, one of her guards just slowly shadows him home, to ensure he does end up there safely.

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